->''"With the clock under my control, I'll be able to wrong all the rights in the universe! Every villain who has ever stumbled will get a do-over; every protagonist's triumph will be '''reversed'''! Until finally, a new present is created, in which the heroes always '''LOSE!'''"''
-->-- '''[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Doctor Nefarious]]''', ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime''

Most time travelers have a motivation. Usually, they're trying to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong. But there are many who are out to do the exact opposite: Make Wrong What Once Went Right. They could be anything from a time-traveling StupidJetpackHitler to a nefarious ConquerorFromTheFuture, a (not necessarily but usually) MagnificentBastard who wants to rearrange history in his favor, or a JerkAss who decides to mess with time [[ChaoticNeutral for his]] [[ItAmusedMe own entertainment]]. Sometimes a traveller with these goals is a protagonist: in this case, they are generally of the third kind. When paired up or teamed with a more ethical time traveler [[HilarityEnsues hilarity can ensue]].

Note that it does not need to be 'setting wrong' from the point of view of the traveler himself, e.g. a time-traveling Neo-Nazi from the year 4242 would have no qualms with making the [[GodwinsLawOfTimeTravel Nazis win WWII]].

This sort of activity is often [[TerminatorTwosome opposed]] by the TimePolice, although sometimes they are guilty of it themselves. Usually fits with VillainsActHeroesReact.


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* The villain trio Ojamaman of the ''Anime/TimeBokan'' series, ''Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman'', does this under the instructions of Tomomot, the BigBad os the show. Fortunately they always stopped by the heroes.
* On ''Anime/FlintTheTimeDetective'', the main characters travel back in time to fix the problems caused in the time line when the Time Shifters were scattered. However, the villain, Petrafina, usually planned to use the Shifters' power for her own gain in whatever particular time period she was in.
* The ''Manga/RaveMaster'' world is a case of SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, the late-story villains are doing everything in their power to undo that and restore the "True" world, [[AfterTheEnd a barren wasteland]].
* Yugi, Judai and Yusei view Paradox's goals as this in ''Anime/YuGiOhBondsBeyondTime''. Paradox's endgame plan is to go back in time and murder Pegasus, preventing Duel Monsters from existing.
* The spin-off of ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDxD'' called ''D x D EX'' is about Loki, the BigBad of volume 7, going back in time to rewrite history in which he wins against the Occult Research Club. His actions result in the [[FanonDiscontinuity very unpopular changes]] to the plot seen in [[MetaFiction Season 3 of the anime]]. Unfortunately for him, Issei's kids are involved.

[[folder: Card Games]]
* It's possible to do this in ''TabletopGame/{{Chrononauts}}''. While some of the changes players can make to history are beneficial, they can lead to some undesired side effects. Most notably, sabotaging the Manhattan Project and Sputnik opens the door for the Cuban Missile Crisis to transform into a full-blown, humanity-annihilating World War 3...which is just fine as far as Squa Tront, the hyperintelligent cockroach from a fallout-mutated future, is concerned.
* In the MMO Game, ''VideoGame/{{Urban Rivals}}'', the Vortex Clan are a group of time travelers who have traveled 10,000 years into the past to eliminate all the threats to their plan to take over Clint City.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* Bedlam, the kid-villain who was responsible for ComicBook/YoungJustice coming together, uses Impulse's [[MesACrowd time-traveling clones]] (a power he had at the time, but which was later ignored) to mess up everyone's origins, creating a universe where, for all intents and purposes, Superboy and Robin don't exist, and the remaining members of the team are a dangerous mix of amoral and incompetent.
* The ultimate objective of [[TheSyndicate The Organization]] in ''ComicBook/PaperinikNewAdventures'' is to create a future where they rule uncontested from the shadows.
** In his first appearance, the Raider, their best agent, attempted to do it. Being GenreSavvy enough to know how difficult is to pick the right event to alter [[ButterflyOfDoom without accidentally creating a future that is even worse for their goals]], he tries by assembling a device that would take the timeline off the rails and let him choose the new one, but is stopped at the last moment.
** The Organization later succeeds ''by chance'': in a timeline where [[HeroicSacrifice the Raider died saving Paperinik]], the Gryphon (actually [[spoiler: the Raider's son, raised by the Organization and convinced it had been Pk's fault]]) destroys Paperinik's reputation and nearly kills him, accidentally setting off a series of events ending with the TimePolice replaced by a front of the Organization. This timeline is erased by Odin Eidolon taking Trip (the Raider's son) just before the Raider went in the mission that killed him and brought him back in time, resulting in the Raider suspending the mission to search for his son (and annulling it after he learned what would happen to Trip if he went through it) and Trip [[spoiler: swearing he'll never become like the Gryphon]].
** In another occasion it's the ''TimePolice'' trying to do it. What went right? [[spoiler: Duckburg ''not'' being destroyed by a cold fusion]] experiment gone awry, as in the original timeline the experiment [[spoiler: ''did'' destroy Duckburg]]. In the end, after too much interference from Paperinik [[EnemyMine and the Raider]], they settle for making sure the experiment fails [[spoiler: without the explosion]].
** In the reboot a group of Evronians led by Zondag get their hands on Kronin (a CompositeCharacter of the Raider and his predecessor) and his TimeMachine, and uses it to prevent the formation of their enemies, the Guardians of the Galaxy ([[Comicbook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy No, not those guys]][[note]]Though considering now Disney owns Marvel...[[/note]]). [[ButterflyOfDoom This results in the destruction of the militaristic Evronian Empire and its replacement with pacifist Evronians]], to their immense horror and Kronin's hilarity ([[GenreSavvy as he smugly explains, there was a good reason if Kronin never tried to change the past: the danger of something like this happening]]).
* ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine'':
** In the comic "Time and Time Again", the Black Guardian, AnthropomorphicPersonification of Chaos, creates a timeline where the Doctor became President and never left Gallifrey, meaning various monsters are fighting over Earth.
** In "The Glorious Dead" the Master gets involved with a man who got made immortal thanks to one of the Doctor's adventures; with the Master's backing, [[spoiler:he takes over the world, turning Earth into a religiously fanatic xenophobic spacefaring empire by the 20th century.]]
* ''ComicBook/TheFlash'': The first Reverse-Flash's ''modus operandi'', screwing over Barry Allen's entire life in the name of petty revenge, and conveniently giving him an updated, DarkerAndEdgier backstory. And if not Barry, then anyone who ever remotely annoyed him.
* The ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' mini-series ''The Last Generation'' had [[spoiler:Braxton, a Starfleet captain from the 29th Century that once ran into the crew of the ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]'' prevent the [[Film/StarTrekVITheUndiscoveredCountry Khitomer Accords from being signed in 2293]] as there was a great catastrophe that would destroy the Milky Way if the Federation continued to exist. That catastrophe? [[Film/StarTrek The Hobus supernova]].]]
* ''ComicBook/LokiAgentOfAsgard'':
** The BigBad, [[spoiler:a once-again evil Loki from the future]], does this on occasion, such as altering the meeting between Thor and Angela so that they fight. Subverted when it alters several events in such a way that they turn out better than [[spoiler:Old!Loki]] remembered, such as Odin admitting he is actually proud of Thor and Loki. So, NiceJobFixingItVillain!
** The guy's grand plan also turned out to be this, or from [[spoiler:Old!Loki]]'s point of view SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong. You see, this BigBad is a FallenHero, who believes that the fall is inevitable so might as well cut the hero thing altogether. [[spoiler:Loki]] was never big on self-awareness so the plan failed because [[spoiler:Old!Loki]] didn't account for their own stubbornness and contrarian nature, and that the [[NiceJobFixingItVillain meddling actually helped]] [[spoiler:Teen!Loki]] build human relationships.
* In ''Comicbook/GothamAcademy Annual'' #1 [[spoiler: Derek Powers has traveled back in time to kill Warren [=McGinnis=] as a child, thereby preventing [[WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond Terry McGinnis]] from existing]].
* The premise of Creator/WilliamGibson's ''Archangel'' is that in an alternate timeline, the United States used their second atomic bomb not on [[AtomicBombingsOfHiroshimaAndNagasaki Nagasaki]], but in a sneak attack on the Soviet port of Arkhangelsk, taking out Stalin and most the USSR's chain of command. With the USSR crippled, the resulting timeline leads to the United States becoming TheEmpire, and the planet eventually becoming a radioactive husk. The comic itself is about the remnant of America's leadership fleeing to the critical juncture point in 1945 - and they want to make sure their history repeats itself.
* The ultimate example of this trope would be the Anti-Monitor's attempt to seize and destroy the newborn universe at the moment of its creation in ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths''. He gets as far as to actually begin [[GotTheWholeWorldInMyHand closing his colossal hand's fingers around the small cosmos]], before the Spectre sucker-punches him, drags the hand back through the time portal and closes it, averting the trope.

* Doctor Who Fanfic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9824830/1/The-Battle-of-Actium The Battle of Actium]] has the Trickster try to hypnotize Mark Anthony and alter the title battle to prolong the Roman civil wars.
* In ''Fanfic/MementoVivere'', a VideoGame/FinalFantasyX fanfiction, Rikku figures out she’s probably in danger of doing this.
* The ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'' has [[spoiler:[[BiggerBad Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox]], whose plan is to have each [[BadFuture Dark World]] time loop end with Twilight [[SuperPoweredEvilSide going Nightmare]] and [[FutureMeScaresMe becoming her]] to perpetuate the GroundhogDayLoop. If any other outcome occurs, including Twilight saving the world without doing that, Paradox herself interferes in such a way to ''force'' Twilight to, even if the end result would've been a good outcome or actually SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong and prevent Discord's reign. This is especially notable because her original motivation was to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, but she allowed herself to be consumed by vengeance on Discord, [[TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget forgetting why she started in the first place.]].]]
** In the Shining Armor Arc, it eventually turns out that [[spoiler: the [[TheEmpire Hooviet Empire]] was supposed to have imploded decades ago, but [[BigBad General-Admiral Makarov]] -- in actuality a [[RealityWarper reality bending]] imagination demon called the Shadow of Chernobull -- influenced and manipulated events to prevent that, thus having the ripple effect of making the world a much darker place than it would be without Makarov's influence. It thus becomes the goal of Shining Armor and the [[LaResistance Anti-Hooviet Rebels]] to RetGone him from existence.]]
* In ''FanFic/QueenOfAllOni'', Drago comes back in time from some unspecified point in the future in order to eliminate Jade and other potential threats to his own rule in the future.
* In ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/129187/chapters/189618 The Western Sky - Series 1]]'' Ginny uses a ritual requiring the death of twelve innocent people to go back in time and kill Sally-Anne Perks and her mother, then spends the following month giving instructions to her past self. Why? So she ends up [[StalkerWithACrush married to Harry Potter]], of course...
* Another ''Series/DoctorWho'' fic, ''Fanfic/TheRoadToShalka'' has a villain whose main motivation is to retroactively turn a PleasurePlanet into a grimdark industrial powerhouse. The Doctor notes this ''will'' result in a small-scale TimeCrash, though, if not fixed.

[[folder: Film - Animated]]
* The whole plot of ''Disney/CinderellaIIIATwistInTime'' is the Evil Stepmother gaining control over the Fairy Godmother's wand and using it to travel back in time to erase Cinderella's happy ending.
* In ''Our Friend, Martin'', [[spoiler:Miles tries to prevent Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination by bring him as a child to the present day. It causes the UsefulNotes/CivilRightsMovement to fail and racial discrimination to be still all over the place. Of course, King returns to his time period, so the messup could be fixed.]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/ShrekForeverAfter'', Rumpelstiltskin removes the day Shrek was born to prevent him from existing so that, in a case of ForWantOfANail, he can become the king of Far Far Away.

[[folder: Film - Live Action]]
* ''Film/StarTrekFirstContact''. The Borg go back in time to try to prevent the first contact between Vulcan and Earth that led to the formation of the Federation.
* In ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII'', Biff goes back in time to make his younger self rich. This might not be a Make Wrong What Once Went Right, at least not from his perspective, but it does turn the city into a hellhole. The only person who benefitted in any way is Biff, who just about owns everything. Plus, according to {{Word of God}}, even Biff might have lived to regret it: the reason why he's clutching his chest as he gets out of the [=DeLorean=] in 2015 is that he was so awful that [[spoiler: Lorraine shot him dead sometime in the 90s]], so he's no longer alive in that timeline, which is now in the process of changing the world around him into a dystopian 2015.
* ''Film/TheTerminator''. Evil cyborg gets sent back in time to kill the mother of the leader of the human resistance. See also TerminatorTwosome.
** Note that in the case of the first film, it's more this trope than usual. Skynet had in fact lost to the humans, and sending the Terminator back was a last-ditch attempt to save itself.
* The villain in ''Film/BillAndTedsBogusJourney'', De Nomolos, seeks to prevent the future CrystalSpiresAndTogas utopia the protagonists paved the way for in the first film.
* The movie ''Film/{{Primer}}'' has its two main protagonists engaging in a war to determine which of them will be in control of the timeline that their particular brand of time travel has created. Not only are they fighting each other, they're also fighting, drugging and manipulating ''multiple copies of themselves'' that were inadvertently (and sometimes purposely) created during the course of their time travel experiments.
* In ''Film/TheUndead'' Professor Quintis originally goes back in time to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, but out of nowhere he suddenly decides to screw around with the timeline just for the hell of it.
* In the film version of ''Film/PrinceOfPersiaTheSandsOfTime '', this is the villain's big plan; when he was a boy, he saved the future king (his older brother) from being killed by a lion, so he wants to use the time-warping powers of the Dagger and the Hourglass to turn back time to that moment and let his older brother die, so that he would become king.
* In ''Film/MenInBlack3'', the main antagonist travels back in time to save his arm, which was shot off by Agent K. And the reason K did that was to stop the guy's planet-devouring species, the Boglodites, from devouring Earth. In the original timeline, K's actions lead to the near-extinction of said aliens; the antagonist changes this so that, years later, the Boglodites are back and hungry.
* ''Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself With Tea'' deals with a group of aging Nazis who attempt to present Hitler with a [[NukeEm hydrogen bomb]]. They bribe a corrupt time machine pilot to send them back in 1944. [[spoiler:The machine takes them back to 1941 instead, when the Germans are standing in the gates of Moscow. They end up getting executed by Hitler, but not before showing him the future (the fall of Berlin and the subsequent Nuremberg Trials).]]
* ''Film/GodzillaVsKingGhidorah'': [[spoiler:The film's antagonists, the Futurians, have come back in time to try and destroy Japan to prevent them from [[JapanTakesOverTheWorld becoming a global superpower]].]]

[[folder: Literature]]
* Creator/DeanKoontz's ''Lightning''. Nazis try to change history so they can win UsefulNotes/WorldWar2. Although there's a twist: [[spoiler: They're not Nazis from the future traveling to the past, as one might expect. They're Nazis from the past (i.e., a Nazi scientist in 1940 or so actually invented the time machine) traveling to the future to figure out how they lost and bring back information and other stuff to help them win.]] That twist feeds into an interesting case of SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, where the protagonists tells Winston Churchill about the Cold War, an action that means the Allies keep on pushing east, driving the Soviets of the map in Eastern Europe, preventing that long conflict from ever taking place.
* Creator/HarryTurtledove's ''Literature/TheGunsOfTheSouth''. Time traveling racist Afrikaners aid the Confederacy so it wins UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar, hoping to create a strong ally that advocates white power. It starts going OffTheRails when they can't arrive until 1864 (after the first black regiments distinguished themselves), prominent Confederates like Robert E. Lee begin moving to take steps to weaken slavery, and then enters into NiceJobFixingItVillain when they try to use blackmail and violence to get what they want, turning the Confederates completely against them.
* Creator/HarryHarrison's ''Literature/TheStainlessSteelRat Saves the World''. The arch villain "He" tries to change the past to eliminate the Special Corps, the only organization capable of thwarting him.
** One of the changes he seemingly makes is to give Napoleon's army advanced artillery. Since Napoleon was already an artillery genius, this allows him to easily beat all the nations allied against him. Then it turns out "He" created this pocket universe specifically to lure the protagonist and trap him there as the universe collapses.
* This was once a plot point in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'', with a villain getting hold of the Time Matrix and trying to alter human history so Earth would be easier for the Yeerks to conquer. The book in question starts in a version of Earth where he succeeded. He did, however, sometimes suffer a minor inconvenience during his travels when changes he had already made prevented him from being in the right place at the right time - like when he went to kill Einstein, but Einstein had never come to America, or give the Nazi's a victory at D-day, but only to find out that Nazi Germany never even existed.
* In ''Literature/SoonIWillBeInvincible'', Lily started out trying to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong. Then she succeeded, realized she liked things better the other way, and became a supervillain in the past to try to mess things up again. [[spoiler:At least, that's what she ''tells'' people.]]
* Creator/JackChalker's ''Literature/DowntimingTheNightside'' is about a temporal war where conditions in the present whipsaw back and forth as victories alternate between the side that wants to Make Wrong What Once Went Right and the side that wants to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong.
* As one might expect, many of the antagonists in Simon Hawke's ''Literature/TimeWars'' series have this motivation.
* Most of the books in the ''Literature/WarlockOfGramarye'' series are a fight between two time-traveling political factions, [[TimePolice the ones who want to foster democracy all over the galaxy]] and the ones who oppose it. Sometimes, as in the case of Rod's oldest son, the bad guys win.
* In ''Literature/BearingAnHourglass'', Satan tries to trick Chronos into stopping Zane from attempting suicide, which would undo the events of the previous novel. Then, demons follow Chronos on his trips through time and screw with history.
* In Creator/PoulAnderson's ''Literature/TimePatrol'' stories, the villains often are after this. Once, the heroes have to do, and Manse realizes that they are not protecting the "real" history but the history that leads to them.
* In ''Literature/TheExtraordinaires'', the last surviving Neanderthals plan to travel back in time and wipe out ''homo sapiens'' before humans become numerous and powerful enough to challenge the Neanderthals.
* JamesPHogan's ''Literature/TheProteusOperation'' has this, with malevolent time-travelers from the future giving Hitler nuclear weapons. The book begins in the 1970s, with the US, Canada, and Australia as the only parts of the world still resisting Hitler. They then find out about the whole time travel thing, and build their own machine to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong. [[spoiler:It turns out that in the ''original'' timeline, Hitler never even came to power. The Americans don't stop Hitler from starting World War II, but they do stop him from getting nukes. The end result is ''our'' history, where Hitler rose to power, but was defeated]].
* In Creator/BarbaraHambly's ''Franchise/StarTrek'' novel ''Literature/{{Ishmael|1985}}'', the Klingons time-travel back to the 1800s to kill a man who prevented an alien empire from taking over the Earth. Due to the intervention of Spock and the ''Enterprise'' crew, all they end up doing is alerting the man that aliens exist and [[YouAlreadyChangedThePast thereby creating the event they were trying to stop]].
* [[Literature/{{Dragons}} The Last Dragon Chronicles]]: Oh, Gwilanna. Why does this always crop up whenever you appear?
* In Alex Scarrow's ''Time Riders'' series, the line between this and SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong is ''very'' blurry regarding the villains.
** Kramer did the classic plan of going back to deal with Hitler [[spoiler: but instead convincing him not to invade Russia, hopefully steering the 20th Century in a completely different direction to avoid the extinction of humanity in 2070]].
** Howard Goodall attempted to [[spoiler: assassinate Edward Chan, thus preventing the one-of-a-kind prodigy from creating the theory that would enable time travel]].
** Project Exodus planned on [[spoiler: hijacking the Roman Empire to redirect 2000 years' worth of history. It ends catastrophically, to say the least]].
*** A lot of this is 'justified' by being ForTheGreaterGood.
* The ''Literature/{{Relativity}}'' villain Phanthro likes to alter history in devastating ways [[ForTheEvulz for his own amusement.]]

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/BigWolfOnCampus'' had a [[DirtyCommunists Russian agent]] go through a time portal to make his country win the UsefulNotes/ColdWar.
* Played for laughs in the ''Series/{{Blackadder}} Back and Forth'' special. It ends with 21st Century!Blackadder as the King of England, and he was able to sabotage the roundheads to make himself an ''absolute'' monarch...because he manipulated history to put himself on the throne, also giving Baldrick the figurehead position as Prime Minister.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS2E9TheTimeMeddler The Meddling Monk]] wanted to mess with history just to see what would happen. He planned to wipe out the Viking fleet with atomic bazookas, thereby leaving King Harold and his troops fresh when they fought the Norman invasion in 1066.
** This is the Trickster's whole shtick -- change the universe in tiny, little ways, and completely alter history. Notable examples would be making young Sarah-Jane Smith die instead of her friend, or making it so Donna never met the Doctor, who then died because she wasn't there to shock him out of his HeroicBSOD.
** The Daleks' entire motivation, right behind universal genocide.
** The Tenth Doctor may have done this when he had Harriet Jones [[Recap/DoctorWho2005CSTheChristmasInvasion ousted from office]] over killing the retreating Sycorax, thus averting the GoldenAge of Britain that she was meant to preside over, mentioned by his previous incarnation. The next Prime Minister we see in power is [[Recap/DoctorWhoS29E12TheSoundOfDrums Harold Saxon]], aka TheMaster - although he was a time traveller himself, who got into office through mass brainwashing.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS33E13TheNameOfTheDoctor "The Name of the Doctor"]]: The Great Intelligence attempted this as a form of revenge, using [[spoiler:the Doctor's grave]] to simultaneously ruin every effort the Doctor had made to save people. Entire star systems vanished before [[spoiler: Clara]] was able to put things right.
* In ''Series/{{Eureka}}'', in the season one finale, it's revealed that the reason why history was starting to unravel in 2010 was because Henry used MentalTimeTravel to go back to 2006 and save Kim from an accident. Carter is forced to go back and stop him, causing her death and erasing the last four years of his life, including his marriage to Allison.
* Done in the ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' episode "...Different Destinations" inadvertently. At first, Crichton and the crew believe that their actions are meant to reset the timeline to its original form but their actions lead to a massacre rather than a truce in one battle.
* ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'' has an interesting variation in the two-part episode "Armageddon Now" when villain Callisto is sent back in time by Hope to kill Hercules' mother to prevent his being born. While this is clearly an example of Make Wrong What Once Went Right, Callisto agrees to commit the heinous act in exchange for the chance to [[spoiler: [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong prevent her parents from being killed by Xena's army]].]]
* ''Series/{{Krypton}}'': The premise is that Brainiac travels 200 years into the past to try to destroy Planet Krypton much earlier than normal, so that Superman and his ilk would never have existed. Adam Strange must travel back and convince the skeptical Kryptonians, including Superman's ancestor Seg-El, of the impending attack.
* In a ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'' ChristmasEpisode, Al's {{guardian|Angel}} [[Creator/SamKinison angel]] comes to Al and shows his family's life would have turned out if he had never been born [[ArtisticLicenseBiology with Peg having the same kids even if she married a different man]], [[ScrewTheRulesIHavePlot screw genetics!]]), parodying the movie ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife''. Peg and the kids turn out to be ''happier, richer, smarter'', and probably kinder. Al however, being upset by the sheer happiness in which his family would live without him, demanded to return out of sheer spite. And they all lived again in their hell tormenting each other ever after.
* In ''Series/QuantumLeap'' there was a story arc with an "Evil Leaper" whose job was to set wrong what once went right. Eventually the first evil Leaper [[HeelFaceTurn gets redeemed]] by Sam, leading to a second evil Leaper sent to retrieve her.
** Also, in one episode, ''TheDevil himself'' manifests and admits this trope to Sam (though it ended up being [[spoiler:[[AllJustADream just a dream]]]]).
* The ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" has disgraced Klingon spy Darvin travel back to the time of Kirk, when Darvin's attempt to sabotage a colony's grain shipment resulted in failure and unmasking. Because of the tribbles. Sisko and his crew have to go back disguised as Enterprise crewmen to prevent Kirk from being killed by the bomb that Darvin put in a tribble.
* ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' is full of this, what with their [[spoiler:Temporal Cold War]] and all. [[spoiler:The entire third season is riddled with malicious time travel]]. Subverted, though, in the Season Four pilot, "Storm Front". At first, it looks like Nazi aliens came back in time and helped Nazi Germany defeat Britain and invade the US. [[spoiler:It turns out that these aliens had nothing to do with it - the altered timeline was the result of some other time traveler killing Lenin in 1916, preventing the rise of the Soviet Union. The current crop of aliens, while having their own Nazi-esque ideology, are just using our Nazis as pawns to help them build their own time machine so they can take over history. The Nazis do get some [[StupidJetpackHitler Stukas with plasma cannons]] out of the deal, but they get into a dogfight with the ''Enterprise''.]]
* ''Series/{{Timecop}}'': In this short-lived [[RecycledTheSeries television spin-off]], recurring bad guy Ian Pascoe is an evil time traveler who has committed many crimes throughout history, from supplying Al Capone, taking part in assassinations, killing Jack the Ripper to take his place, and causing the Chernobyl and Hindenburg disasters. It's so extreme that the time agents note that they can't even correct all of Pascoe's previous meddling with the timestream, because they're already living inside one that was fundamentally shaped by his actions.
* The premise of ''Series/{{Timeless}}'' is that terrorist Garcia Flynn steals an experimental time machine in order to go back and alter key moments in American history, seemingly for the purpose of destroying America itself. Though he sees it as SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, as he's trying to break [[AncientConspiracy Rittenhouse's]] control over America, [[WellIntentionedExtremist by any means necessary]].
** Rittenhouse themselves are apparently planning to use time travel to change history in such a way as to create a perfect PoliceState that they can control.
* In ''Series/TruCalling'', Jack Harper, Tru Davies' EvilCounterpart has this ability. Tru goes back in time 24 hours to save someone who died in the "original" reality, while Jack tries to make sure reality doesn't change. Which one is "good" and which is "evil" can be argued.
** Unbeknownst to Tru, this ability also belonged to [[spoiler: her father]], who murdered her mother to prevent her from saving people.
* ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'': After making himself immortal, Paracelsus uses a combination of Artifacts to travel back in time to assassinate the Regents of Warehouse 9 who originally [[AndIMustScream bronzed him]], seizing control of the Warehouse and dedicate to his [[PlayingWithSyringes scientific]] [[MadScientist views]], a position he holds to the present day. And, it's implied, he's using all this power to run the rest of the world too.
* On an episode of ''Series/TheWildWildWest'', [[FakeNationality Ricardo Montalbán]] plays a Confederate colonel who lost his legs at the Battle of Vicksburg and plans to use his new TimeTravel powers to go back and assassinate General Grant, thus changing the course of the battle and, he hopes, the war.

[[folder: Radio]]
* ''AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho'':
** In "The Architects of History", the TARDIS has been stolen by a Nazi scientist from an alternate timeline where the Axis won World War II. Originally her goal is to restore her own timeline, but instead she ends up creating a new alternate timeline, where she uses time travel to enforce Nazi rule by preventing rebellions before they can happen.
** [[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWhoFDAS1E4EnergyOfTheDaleks "Energy of the Daleks"]]: The Daleks have travelled back to 2025 to wipe out humanity before they can threaten them.
** This is the Master's plan in Big Finish's [[MilestoneCelebration 50th anniversary special]] "The Light at the End". A conceptual bomb causes the TARDIS to be RetGone, meaning the Doctor never left Gallifrey.

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
* Pacesetter Games' ''TabletopGame/{{Timemaster}}'' game. The alien Demoreans are trying to change humanity's past to bring their twisted schemes to fruition.
* In TabletopGame/{{GURPS}} ''Time Travel'', two possible futures (represented by the Timepiece and Stopwatch organizations) try to prevent each from coming into existence by manipulating past events.

* In ''Theatre/TwiceCharmed'', Lady Tremaine's Wicked Fairy Godfather sends her and her daughters back in time to break both of Cinderella's shoes.
* In ''Theatre/HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild'', the BigBad's goal is to go back in time and prevent Voldemort's fall and death. This is nearly successful, when Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy's attempt to save Cedric Diggory (by humiliating him during the tournament) backfires and results in him becoming a Death Eater, leading to Harry's death and Voldemort's rule, but the protagonists manage to restore events to their proper course.

[[folder: Video Games ]]
* An elementary offensive tactic in ''VideoGame/{{Achron}}''. Usually leads to your victim [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong making defensive maneuvers]].
* ''VideoGame/FreedomForce Vs The Third Reich'': the supervillain Blitzkrieg uses Timemaster's comatose body to go back in time and give [[MetaOrigin Energy X]] to the Axis forces, causing them to win WWII.
* ''Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox'': Nazi future, atom bomb plans, WWII.
* In ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', [[spoiler:Archer wants to [[GrandfatherParadox kill his past self]], hopefully causing a TimeParadox that could erase himself from existence. Failing that, at least he'll keep his past self from having to live through what he did, prove to himself (both past and present) that what he did was the wrong thing, and express some of his own self-loathing by beating the crap out of the very epitome of the naivety that caused him to get that way]]. It should also be noted that from said time-traveler's point of view, this is a perfectly valid, nay, ''merciful'' thing to do -- the future that waits down that path is ''that'' crappy.
* The ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlertSeries'' is about many attempts to mess with the timeline in order to prevent the other side from getting their secret weapons (such as the atomic bomb and Time Travel itself.)
** Interestingly, when Emperor Yoshiro finds out that his Empire of the Rising Sun was never supposed to exist in [[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3 the third game]], he has a VillainousBSOD (or HeroicBSOD, YMMV) about the destiny of the Japanese people. Fortunately for him, his son Tatsu doesn't have such ideals and is willing to continue the fight.
* An interesting (though poorly implemented) variation in ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006''. Silver tries to go back in time and prevent the release of the demon Iblis, but he very foolishly gets his information about the past from Mephiles--a monster who ''wants'' Iblis freed, and who lies so that Silver, acting on this advice, causes the very calamity he's trying to prevent. (Or, would have caused, if Silver's target were anyone other than Sonic the Hedgehog.)
* This trope happens again in ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations'': The Time Eater starts messing with the timeline of Sonic's life in ways too specific and precise to be random chance. [[spoiler:This is because Dr. Eggman is harnessing the Time Eater's power to travel through time, teaming up with his younger self and repeatedly trying to off Sonic. He is apparently unable to prevent Sonic from existing, so instead he sends Sonic into a gauntlet of dangerous moments in his life to try to get rid of him then.]]
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', the Infinite Dragonflight pretends to be trying to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, once to prevent the first orc invasion and another time to stop then-prince Arthas from slaughtering the citizens of Stratholme, his first step to becoming the Lich King. However, as they also try to kill [[MessianicArchetype Thrall]] before he can reform the Horde and help save the world, it becomes clear that they are not as altruistic as they say. Their true goal is actually to cause a series of events that would lead to the end of the world, of time and of ''[[OmnicidalManiac everything and everyone]]''. [[spoiler:Though according to their leader, this is ''still'' better than the alternative. But he's insane, so nobody knows for sure.]]
--->'''Chrono Lord Deja''' (referring to Medivh opening the Dark Portal): Why do you aid the Magus? Just think of how many lives could be saved if the portal is never opened, if the resulting wars could be erased...
--->'''Chrono Lord Epoch''': Prince Arthas Menethil, on this day, a powerful darkness has taken hold of your soul. The death you are destined to visit upon others will this day be your own.
** According to ''Literature/ThrallTwilightOfTheAspects'', the Infinites have a much more specific goal than the more broad end of the world: [[spoiler:Erasing Thrall from the timeline, as he is the one who stops Deathwing. both Deathwing and the Infinite Dragonflight serve the Old Gods and so are loosely allied.]] Though what the Culling of Stratholme has to do with that isn't exactly clear.
** The plot of ''Warlords of Draenor'' happens because of this. Garrosh Hellscream, sent back in time to Draenor [[spoiler: by the bronze dragon Kairozdormu]] prevents the Horde from drinking the blood of Mannoroth and instead arms them with the technology of present day Azeroth, creating the Iron Horde. Though in a twist, he was sent to an AlternateUniverse instead (so his making wrong doesn't affect present day Azeroth until the Iron Horde make a Dark Portal and start trying to invade).
* In ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime'', Dr. Nefarious's ultimate goal is to use the Great Clock to go back in time and not only undo his previous defeat at Ratchet and Clank's hands, but make it so that, after sufficient meddling with the time continuum, a universe has been created where heroes have ALWAYS lost and will ALWAYS lose to the villains. He proclaims this with his usual [[LargeHam hamminess]], of course.
* The premise of the popular ''VideoGame/HalfLife1'' Timeline mod trilogy. Scientists at Black Mesa discovered time travel as a corollary to the dimensional portal technology they were working on... and gave it to the Nazis, allowing the Nazis to win WWII, build a [[StupidJetpackHitler timeship fleet]], establish bases at key points in history and even invade parallel Earths.
* Atropos in ''VideoGame/GodOfWarII'' goes back to when Kratos and Ares are fighting to attempt to destroy the sword that allows Kratos to win the fight, thus having him die to Ares.
* The player actually does this inadvertently at the start of ''VideoGame/{{Singularity}}'' due to time travel. Instead of the BigBad dying in a fire, we save him, which results in the USSR taking over the world... oops. The player then spends the rest of the game trying to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, but in the end, the game designers give the player the choice to TakeAThirdOption in addition to the usual Paragon and Renegade choices.
* The BigBad of ''VisualNovel/TimeHollow'' does this a lot, as a plot for revenge against the Kairos family, who he (falsely) believes [[spoiler:killed his mother]]. He is ''extremely'' persistent. [[spoiler:Apparently it's InTheBlood -- his mother was actually killed by ''her own future self'', and no matter what you or Irving do, you can't stop her directly. Naturally, part of the problem is that Irving doesn't ''believe'' that.]]
* The BigBad of ''VideoGame/TimeQuest'' does this even more often. Just about the whole game is about undoing the tampering he's done (unless you want to leave the plot and use your time machine as a replicator instead).
* Conversely, in ''{{VideoGame/Jigsaw}}'', the BigBad Black is trying to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong. Unfortunately, doing so would screw up the timestream, so you are forced to do this trope instead, causing major disasters throughout the twentieth century.
* [[BigBad Specter]] used a time machine to go back in time and make primates the dominant race in the original ''VideoGame/ApeEscape''.
* ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'' has a bit of a GreyAndGreyMorality example: A future version of Nemesis, one of the Big Bads of the game, prevents Rularuu, the Biggest bad, from being completely destroyed by the Midnight Squad (the preeminent good guys) in the past, as he believes that keeping Rularuu alive will help against the Battilion (who are apparently even a bigger bad that Rularuu, if that's possible). Whether Future!Nemesis can be trusted in this, only time will tell...
* A lot of the plot of ''VideoGame/RadiantHistoria'' is caused by [[BigBad someone]] doing this to try to bring about the end of the world. Most of what [[TheHero Stocke]] does throughout the story is to counteract the effects of their actions.
* The "Origin Crisis" DLC for ''VideoGame/DCUniverseOnline'' can have you (if you're a bad guy) mess around with the origins of various superheroes.
* The main enemy faction of ''Videogmae/DragonBallOnline'' are the Time Breakers, who are purposefully trying to ruin Earth's history, particularly if it relates to anything good Goku did, as they want to turn him evil.
* ''VideoGame/DragonBallXenoverse'' reveals the time-travelling ne're-do-wells Towa and Miira, the leaders of the Time Breakers, are out to change events in ''Manga/DragonBall'''s history for the worst, such as allowing Raditz to evade Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, or reviving Nappa, because Towa was Dabura's brother, whose brainwashing and eventual death seems to have given her [[MisplacedRetribution a vendetta against the heroes and timeline itself.]]
* In ''{{VideoGame/Undertale}}'', [[spoiler:you, the player, do this if you choose to start a new game after achieving the GoldenEnding, ''especially'' if you are planning to complete a Genocide run afterward. The game explicitly tells you that you are ripping the cast away from their happy lives on the surface to be once again trapped in the Underground, which even [[BigBad Flowey]] pleads with you not to do.]]

[[folder: Webcomics ]]
* ''Webcomic/{{Chainsawsuit}}'' has the recurring Time Ruiner, whose antics are all [[http://chainsawsuit.com/comic/archive/2009/10/26/strip-316/ fun]] and [[http://chainsawsuit.com/comic/archive/2010/01/11/who-ruins-the-time-ruiner/ games]] until someone gets hit in the [[http://chainsawsuit.com/comic/archive/2010/03/10/ruination/ chest]].
* In ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' Dr Irving Schlock went back in time just to hide out. Although his presence helped avert a zombie invasion he still made things worse when he reduced all of humanity to a drugged out single city constanty under threat of destruction by mutants in [[AlternateReality 4UCity]]. His prime reality counterpart is on the same path.
* One ''Webcomic/{{Subnormality}}'' strip has two Nazi time travelers traveling back in time to kill President Roosevelt. Unluckily for them, they picked ''[[UsefulNotes/TheodoreRoosevelt the wrong damn Roosevelt]]''.

[[folder: Web Original ]]
* The Warlord, from the ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'', is a [[TimeTravel traveler from the future]] who came back to the present because he was bored. He and he changes historical events at a whim and with no regard for the normal course of history.
* A variation in ''WebVideo/CelebrityBricABracTheater'', where Cupid spends his first day on the job trying to [[LoveMakesYouCrazy make two]] [[RomeoAndJuliet Italian teenagers fall in love with each other...]]
* In ''Theatre/AVeryPotterSequel'', Lucius Malfoy and the Death Eaters go back to Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, to kill him before Voldemort is defeated.
* In the ''Podcast/ThrillingAdventureHour'', Colonel Tick-Tock and Amelia Earhart face off against threats to Earth's timeline. Amelia fights [[StupidJetpackHitler the Nazis]] while the Colonel fights more general time-based supervillains like the Greenwich Meanie.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' special ''A Sitch in Time'', the [[HarmlessVillain main villains]] try to use time-travel to prevent Kim from becoming a [[ActionGirl hero]] by undermining her self-confidence during her early childhood years.
** [[HypercompetentSidekick Shego]] accomplishes this by [[spoiler: sending [[BumblingSidekick Ron]]'s family to Norway, effectively breaking up Team Possible]].
* A recurring skit on one episode of ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' featured a time traveler causing all sorts of chaos across history, aptly titled "[[{{Jerkass}} Dicks]] with Time Machines." Until he ends UsefulNotes/WorldWarII [[http://www.webscene.eu/video.aspx?sr=1&vid=a-X6Cw78dE2-LK0qGP0kUA by publicly humiliating]] UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler, whereupon the skit is instead titled "''Heroes'' with Time Machines."
** Oddly enough, this was in keeping with HitlersTimeTravelExemptionAct, since Hitler wasn't ''killed'', just humiliated.
* In ''[[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Transformers: Beast Wars]]'', Megatron's ultimate goal is revealed to be this trope, as he used Transwarp energy to travel to prehistoric earth to assure that the Predacon's ancestors, the Decepticons, win the war against the Autobots. In the final part of the three-parter ''The Agenda'', it all leads to Megatron [[spoiler: unleashing a full-powered blast at Optimus Prime's head.]]
** Tarantulus also has this reason for following Megatron. He wanted to kill all the Autobots and Decepticons aboard the Ark. This would wipe out their descendants, the Maximals and the Predacons, but since Tarantulus [[spoiler:has a different origin, he'd be fine. He is killed before his plan comes close to fruition though.]]
** Megatron also tried to exterminate the ancestors of humanity, since humans helped the Autobots defeat the Decepticons. He actually tested whether or not he was stuck in a StableTimeLoop by blowing up a mountain. When the image of the mountain on the Golden Disk changed appropriately, Megatron realized that the future wasn't set in stone. Fortunately, [[spoiler:Dinobot]] shattered the Golden Disk to prevent Megatron from freely manipulating Earth's history [[spoiler:though a big enough fragment still revealed the location of the Ark.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SuperFriends'':
** In the ''Challenge of the Super Friends'' episode "Secret Origins of the Superfriends", the LegionOfDoom interferes with the [[SuperHeroOrigin origins]] of Franchise/{{Superman}}, Franchise/WonderWoman, and [[Franchise/GreenLantern Hal Jordan]] to erase them from existence. The rest of the Super Friends find out about this even though they don't remember the three because the Legion's records of them remained unchanged, allowing them to go back and save them.
** In "Return of the Phantoms", after an innocent and ignorant alien rescues three Kryptonian criminals from the PhantomZone, they steal his time machine and go back to try to kill Superman back when he was the weaker and less experienced Superboy. The alien finds Superman and Green Lantern and sends them back as well to stop them. When the two heroes help Superboy fend off the three, they attempt to blow up Smallville itself out of spite before being taken down.
* This is [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Bowler Hat Guy]]'s motivation for his time-travelling villainy in ''Disney/MeetTheRobinsons''. He isn't too good at it, but unfortunately his "[[TheDogWasTheMastermind sidekick]]" Doris the robotic hat ''is''. The protagonist manages to fix the timestream, though.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/AladdinTheSeries'', Abis Maul goes back in time to help his own ancestor found Agrabah and in turn become Sultan rather than Jasmine's family. Ironically, this seems to have helped ensure the actual timeline came to pass, since it was a vision of Agrabah that convinced the caravan leader to settle down and build the city.
* The Israeli satire series ''Animation/MK22'' featured an episode in which the resident BigBad, a Bedouin who is secretly a terrorist, goes back in time to try and drive the Jews away from Palestine and prevent the establishment of the State of Israel in several different points in time: he tries to kill [[Literature/TheBible Moses]] [[TheresNoKillLikeOverkill with a bazooka]], King David (before his coronation, during his fight with Goliath) with a rifle, and King Solomon with a thrown axe, and to convince Theodor Herzl not to found a Jewish state. All of his attempts [[NiceJobFixingItVillain have the opposite outcome]], accidentally causing a StableTimeLoop: the bazooka hits the rock in the desert that produces water for the people,[[note]]The story of Moses hitting the rock to produce water is much more famous among Jews; in the original story, however, Moses hit the rock in frustration instead of asking it to produce water, as God told him, a sin for which God [[DisproportionateRetribution told him he would not be allowed into the Holy Land]], which he has been wandering towards for ''forty years'', but this is naturally glossed over for the sake of RuleOfFunny.[[/note]] making Moses, who was planning to flee with his brother, a hero; the bullet hits Goliath instead of David; the axe cuts the baby from the JudgmentOfSolomon in half, portraying the inattentive King Solomon as a hero; and Herzl had never thought about founding a Jewish state beforehand.
* This is the plot for the season 5 finale of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'': Starlight Glimmer, the insane "Equalist" defeated in the opening episode, decides to get revenge by traveling back in time and preventing any of the Mane Six from getting their Cutie Marks, thus preventing them from becoming the Elements of Harmony and thwarting her plans to create equality by [[WellIntentionedExtremist removing Cutie Marks from ponies everywhere]]. This turns out to be ''[[DidntThinkThisThrough a bad idea]]'' when it turns out that the Mane Six are ''incredibly integral to the history of Equestria'' that Twilight has to drag her butt through a time portal to show her what her actions are doing.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheRaccoons'' episode "Time Trap!", Cyril Sneer gets a time machine. Cue the ContinuityCavalcade as he travels back to past episodes and, knowing how his schemes failed the first time, manages to own just about everything. [[spoiler: It's AllJustADream, though.]]
* Butch Hartman's first two cartoons each have a movie whose plot centers on this; both play with the trope in the same way, so that they could more accurately be called Make Wrong What Was Once Set Right:
** In ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'': ''WesternAnimation/ChannelChasers'', Vicky has become an EvilOverlord in the future and, after stopping Chester and A.J. from going back in time to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, sends a henchman back in time to make sure her future still happens (fortunately, [[spoiler:said henchman is actually TheMole who still intends to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong]]).
** In ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'': ''WesternAnimation/TheUltimateEnemy'', Danny and co. time travel to the future where Danny has turned evil. His evil future self traps Danny in the future, then goes back in time to make sure ''his'' future still happens. ([[spoiler:Danny's able to return and stop him with the help of a DeusExMachina courtesy of a TimeMaster.]])
* ''WesternAnimation/PennZeroPartTimeHero'': In "Back to the Past of Future Balls", Rippen used a TimeMachine to create a timeline where he accomplished his evil goal in "Balls!" [[spoiler:After Penn's first attempt to restore the original timeline fails, he tries to go five minutes back in time but overshoots and goes back to the day the feud between the balls (Penn's side) and the racquets (Rippen's side) started and changes history to create a timeline where both sides keep a peaceful co-existence.]]
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'' has Zim attempt this trope, tossing little squishy pig toys through a time portal to disrupt the life of his arch-nemesis Dib, who has always thwarted Zim's plans to TakeOverTheWorld. This backfires on Zim in a big way, however, as he discovers that the more he permanently injures Dib in the past, the more powerful Dib's MadScientist father's life-support battlesuit becomes, and Zim is unable to actually kill Dib in this way.