A Maid is a female house servant. Often in the Kitchen, or perhaps the cleaning staff. There are Chambermaids, all sorts of maids. But in fiction there is usually something special about them.

Some of the specific types of maids in fiction:
* FrenchMaid: The HotterAndSexier version.
* MaidCorps: Having so many maids they practically count as a private army.
* {{Meido}}: The [[{{Moe}} cute]] version.
* NinjaMaid: When a maid is also skilled at various forms of combat.
* RobotMaid: The maid is also a robot.
** SuperPoweredRobotMeterMaids: A robot made to look and act similar to the real thing and has way more power than expected, regardless of original intent.
* SculleryMaid: The realistic version; maids who are "just there to do work". May be more important than appears, though.

Also, see MaidRPG for the game.

Not to be confused with maidens- which are simply young women, limited to virgins.