'''Continued from MadeOfWinArchiveEarly2011.'''
Tropers/ILoveDogs: A shiny Made Of Win to whoever wrote the page header for DirtyHarriet.
{{Tropers/Digitrev}}: A made of win goes out to {{Tropers/Merseyuser1}} for [[PotHole pot holing]] [[JerseyShore The Situation]]'s [[DroppedABridgetOnHim transsexual]] incident to NoodleIncident.
Tropers/{{Madrugada}}: A MOW for {{Tropers/Rick777}}, for making NoShitSherlock redirect to CaptainObvious.
Unknown recipient for the current (29/12/10) caption for SnicketWarningLabel. [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/torio20071203_1190.jpg This is the image]] and the caption is "Eh. It's not so bad if you're allergic to cats."
@/{{Deuxhero}}: One to UT for this line in [[Characters/DeusEx the Deus Ex characters page]] (emphasis added)

* DarkIsNotEvil: JC is '''as dark and serious as his brother''', but he's good.

Out of context quotes FTW.
@/{{Zadia}}: One Made of Win to whoever made the Laconic page for AustralianWildlife. I laughed quite a bit at that.
** @/SgtFrog1: I love how the EverythingIsTryingToKillYou page has a special section ''just'' for Australia.
*** That would be [[@/{{Quanyails}} my]] doing. :) Thank you.
@/{{Sweet Madness}}: One to @/{{wikkit}} for finding a ''much'' better picture of Cyd Charisse for the ShesGotLegs page than the one I had originally placed. A round of applause for top-notch image sleuthing!
@/{{Jack5}}: One for whoever wrote the page on ACaseOfSpringFever as a horror story. Note: To fully appreciate the humor of this page, make sure you first watch the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngBNklagsHQ MST3K video]] on this short film.
** @/SgtFrog1: Agh, that was the Narmiest article I've ever read. "The heart is like a spring"? That's like saying the knee is like a door because they're both hinges.
*** @/{{Malchus}}: Well, to be fair, in certain sex positions you could grab the knees to spread the legs open--and I'm gonna shut up now.
** @/{{Madrugada}}: When you're dealing with a JerkassGenie, that's not too much of a reach...
** @/{{Civanfan}}: At last, another delicious win...soon I shall have all the win, yes....
vicnog: As a ''HomestarRunner'' fan, I applaud the (now sadly made anonymous by the sands of time) tropers who chose the page quotes for CluelessContributor and YouFailLawForever. [[HomestarRunner Combolations, Elizagerth!]]
[[Tropers.ReikoKazama Reiko Kazama]]: Whoever made {{Yandere}} a SelfDemonstratingArticle. I was waiting for that to happen!
** [[Tropers/ILoveDogs]]: -bows- I started it. And made a line (the private-impaling one, I believe) in there.
@/{{Latia}}: {{Tropers/AceOfPlanes}} for {{Tangled}}'s entry under BeyondTheImpossible. Because...it's so true:
** "Parts of the climax of {{Tangled}} seem determined to outdo their predecessors at all costs. Look at yourself, Flynn. Now back to me. Knees apart. Now look around. Where are you? [[TheManYourManCouldSmellLike You're on a horse]]. Back to me. [[SoCoolItsAwesome The horse is now doing]] LeParkour. *[[EarWorm Old Spice jingle whistle]]*"
@/{{Madrugada}}: To the unknown editor at, who put this hottip in the LegoGenetics page:
"This is also how it's portrayed in movies with CG[[hottip:*:or GC, or possibly AT or TA]] effects showing the double helix spinning around, taking out one rung and putting another in, with the whole thing glowing to show how it's been affected."

@/{{SimonNormally}}: That is brilliant. -applauds-

@/{{SpiriTsunami}}: Seconded. Puns are always better with science.
@/{{SonicLover}}: One to peccantis for this gem of an addition to PlayingWith.EigenPlot (pothole mine, the rest his):
->* '''Conversed''': "That show's antics got so ridiculous that I stopped watching it. I mean, if I were an evil overlord, I'd make it damn sure to [[ItMakesSenseInContext have some asexual or gay guards as well!]]"
It counts because although it makes ''perfect'' sense in context, it is ''absolutely hilarious'' either way.

@/{{Kalle}}: That line's good, but this one made me crack up:
->* '''Discussed''': "Darkie, your security stinks! It's a cakewalk for guys like those pesky heroes! Go change it immediately!" "Yes mother."
MirageKnuckler: I'd like to give one to whoever created the [[Laconic/BeigeProse the laconic page]] for {{BeigeProse}}. So awesome, as is the one for {{Wiki Vandal}}.

@/HydroGlobus: Even though it was given a MOW, I changed [[Laconic/BeigeProse the Beige Prose one]]. For the record, it said "Brevity."
@/SgtFrog1: One for whoever created the {{Danbooru}} page. I have been ''waiting'' for someone to set up a page for it! (I'm not sure how to do it myself.)

@/PhoenixFire: Easy-peasy. Go to the url (for example, "[=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MadeOfWin=]"). Erase the part after the last slash ("[=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/=]"). Type in the title you want ("[=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TitleOfTropeOrWork=]"). Go to your shiny new page, hit "Edit page," and start typing away. If you want to do it in a namespace other than "Main," change it to, say, "[=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/SugarWiki/TitleOfTropeOrWork=]" instead.

@/{{Citizen}}: I never thought of adding a page for that on here...


@/SgtFrog1: Okay, I tried creating my first page today...the Laconic entry for ShotgunWedding. I think it came out alright.

@/PhoenixFire: That's a ''terrible'' pun. I wholeheartedly approve. (*surreptitiously changes link to go to LaconicWiki instead*)

@/{{Renagade}}: I hereby grant a MadeOfWin to you messer @/SgtFrog1 for the aforementioned Laconic page. I laughed rather hard.
@/{{sgrunt}}: One for @/{{SonicLover}}'s glorious image on PlayingWithATrope.

@/SonicLover: Another one? Seems I really know how to work the audience around here. Any favorite panels?

@/DragonQuestZ: I like how you found a way to illustrate the difference between InvokedTrope and ExploitedTrope, and how DefiedTrope contrasts with InvokedTrope.
Iaculus: Big MadeOfWin to @/{{carla}} for her sterling work on the FanFicRecommendations pages. Nicely done.
@/{{Willbyr}}: One very overdue MOW to @/{{nombretomado}} for the volume of work he (she?) has done and continues to do on the PagesNeedingExampleSorting page.

@/{{emeriin}}: [[CaptainObvious She's a she]] (I talk to her a lot), and seconded. Organization fetishes must be rewarded when they end in productivity.
@/{{Tannhaeuser}}: I have been very remiss in not mentioning the bit about [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Richard,_Duke_of_Gloucester Prince Richard]] from the RichardOfGloucester page, which makes me snicker every time I re-read it. I'm very sorry I couldn't find out who the original poster was, but kudos to an inspired snark nonetheless.
@/{{Thnikkafan}}:One to whoever came up with the name for {{Kevlard}}.

@/{{Malchus}}: Reading that name, and remembering an old joke about fat guys having boobs, I now have difficulty keeping the pun "Kevlard Breast" out of my thoughts.
@/{{Zadia}}: One shiny Made of Win to whoever put the picture on OhTheHumanity. *applauds*

@/{{Malchus}}: Seconded. Mostly because I will now have nightmares involving giant, flying manatees that explode crashing into my house. Which, as far as nightmares go, would be pretty awesome.
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: To whoever put the image/caption/pothole combo on [[SuddenlyAlwaysKnewThat I Know Kung Fu]]. L. O. Freaking. L.
@/ROBRAM89: I don't even know if it was intentional, considering the deceptive tone of the "series" itself, but I have to congratulate whoever [[PlayingAgainstType saw fit to put]] the genuinely frightening CandleCove article on SugarWiki and put the straightforward one explaining it on DarthWiki.
From the LampshadeHanging It Just Bugs Me page:
-->'''Troper #1''': Now saying THAT bugs me. Can reality match, say, a demonic creature that defies belief being made of the souls of the damned and is the personification of all sins in existence, with the creature in turn actually being an angel that was corrupted by said souls joining its body, with the very sight of said creature driving people mad? If so, then, um, well, yeah...\\
'''Troper #2''': Yes. One of the many things that happened during summer camp.

@/SonicLover: I for one would like to know the context behind that line.

Tropers/AnonymousMcCartneyfan: The beginning of the thread was a troper stating that the act of LampshadeHanging bugged him. Another replied that LampshadeHanging works because truth can be much stranger than fiction. The immediate reply to that was the exchange above.
@/{{Pykrete}}: No idea if it's been mentioned or not, but the image on FriendlessBackground made my day.

@/{{Earnest}}: Thank you Pykerete, it's been a rough day so far, but this makes it a good day. ^_^
@/DRoy: This HypocriticalHumor line at the opening of BeachEpisode made me giggle.
-->'''[[Webcomic/SequentialArt Art]]''': Why does every anime series under the sun have to have a fan-service episode? An episode in which the cast all wander around in swimwear or less for no real reason? It's so low-brow.\\
'''[[Webcomic/SequentialArt Pip]]''': Shall we confirm that by watching it again?\\
'''[[Webcomic/SequentialArt Art]]''': Absolutely.


@/{{Haven}}: [=Lambda77=] on the TroperTales for TroperTales/BewareTheNiceOnes, for his [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome suitably]] [[TheDarkKnight epic]] reply to the infamous "He broke 33 pencils in his life, and had a good friend break two of those pencils because they were too hard."

@/SonicLover: There were multiple replies to that line. Which one is it?

@/{{Haven}}: Thought the potholes cleared it up, but the fourth one, beginning with "I actually shit myself".

@/{{thatother1dude}}: This reply post on ShapedLikeItself:

* DavidBowie's "Changes" has the line "Strange fascination, fascinating me".
** Perhaps the latter two words were Bowie's narcissistic self-description, whereas the previous two words were describing (from a '''slightly'''-less self-absorbed viewpoint) how he felt about his fascinating self. In which case, there should have been a colon after "fascination". Uh...that's not particularly less tautological than any other interpretation, is it?
@/{{Kalle}}: Re: the page image for TertiarySexualCharacteristics -- I was completely fooled until I read the {{Pot Hole}}s in the caption. ''Well played.''
@/{{Zadia}}: A Made of Win for whoever made the Laconic entry for {{Catch22}}.
Arutema: Whoever did the Thanksgiving logo.

ComputerSherpa: Seconded! [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Do not mess with Lampshade Turkey! ]]

HighOctaneAwesome: Kinda looks like it says "Tv ropes".

@/PhoenixFire: No, see, it's a '''T'''-urkey! ...er, sorry, I'll shut up now.
@/ChrisX: Whoever wrote this in the [[Laconic/EverybodyHatesHades the laconic version of Everybody Hates Hades]] deserves a win:
* '''Parodied''': Tuoni possessed Joel Schumacher into making BatmanAndRobin so people commited mass suicide.
Heh heh heh! So that's what happens to Schumacher!

@/PhoenixFire: You mean the PlayingWithWiki [[PlayingWith/EverybodyHatesHades version]]?

@/ChrisX: Oh, right. My bad.
@/OneMore: Whether it was intended or nor, but this bit from [[{{Characters/Touhou}} Touhou characters list]], Luna Child's entry:
->Luna can manipulate '''sound''', dampening it so she can sneak '''around'''. She is at her strongest when the moon is '''out''', but is weakened if the weather is '''cloudy'''.
It's a freakin' POEM!
@/{{Madrugada}}: Another one for a troper who will never be known by name unless they step forward to claim it; this entry on AGoodNameForARockBand:\\
* Crosby, Stills, Nash, and sometimes Young
@/HydroGlobus: Another one (to a troper lost in time) regarding TheBible: Whoever decided that the rename of Paul on the [[Characters/TheBible Character Sheet]] for The Bible is an example of [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Spell My Name With]]'''[[SpellMyNameWithAnS out]]''' [[SpellMyNameWithAnS An S]] is a genius. Or, well, has great ideas. Anyway, is eligible for the hug.

@/AlirozTheConfused: That was me. Thanks for the MOW.
@/DRoy: Two of them.
This bit from TwentyBearAsses. I did not know that discussion related to TheBible could make me laugh, out, loud.
* ''TheBible''. King Saul: "Sure, David, you can marry my daughter, just bring me a hundred [[GroinAttack Philistine foreskins]]." Worst. Quest. Ever. At least the drop rate is 100%...
** David apparently got caught up in the "farming" and brought in ''two hundred'', by the way. Thus proving that LevelGrinding and CollectionSidequest (not to mention BraggingRightsReward!) is indeed OlderThanDirt.
*** This is a good place to point out that Saul was trying to get David killed. Again. Just think of it. "Sure, David. Just bring me evidence that you've mutilated the penises of a hundred Philistines." Left unsaid: "Yes, mutilated. The boy aint a rabbi, I'm sure his 'circumcisions' won't be exactly neat. As soon as the Philistines figure out what he's up to, they'll start fighting not only for their lives but for their junks against this mad genital-chopping serial killer I've just unleashed. Have fun, boy!"
* Also, the caption for HighSchoolAU. Lol!
@/ShayGuy: Took me a minute reading the MerlinSickness page before I realized what had been done with it. Clever.
@/{{KooriRenchuu}} - I want to give a big MOW hug to {{fzzr_miller}} for the puntastic title to the article [[DateCrepe Date Crepe]]. I actually laughed when I saw that, it takes a lot to make me laugh anymore.
@/HighOctaneAwesome: One for whoever rewrote the TheSlenderManMythos page as being nonfictional.


@/{{Malchus}}: I, on the other hand, thank you for alerting me to the existence of that. It's delightfully creepy.

@/PhoenixFire: [[CreepyAwesome Ain't it just? ^_^]] I, for my part, failed to notice the rewrite until it was pointed out (this is the problem with just skimming articles you visit a lot), but approve heartily. [[supersecretspoiler:He cost me a couple nights' sleep; it's the least I can do to inflict it on everyone else.]]
@/{{batfan}}: I can't find who posted it, but this post from the OneMoreDay page has in my opinion one of the [[AvertedTrope best]] [[IncrediblyLamePun puns]] I have seen on this wiki:
-->ExecutiveMeddling: JMS really didn't want to put his name on the last two parts, and shortly jumped ship to the [[DCComics Distinguished Competition]].

@/ROBRAM89: Bzzt. Marvel has been using that term as a sometimes-playful-sometimes-antagonistic jab at DC for decades.

@/{{batfan}}: It's still a better pun than one generally sees in this wiki. I also think it's a great example of how ExecutiveMeddling is a really good way to antagonize your best talent. Marvel lost GrantMorrison the same way.
@/{{Medinoc}}: To @/UknownTroper for the page picture of SuperDrowningSkills.
@/{{SpellBlade}}: I found [[Laconic/GodNeverSaidThat this]] amusing.
@/{{Dracosummoner}}: To whoever turned BrokenAesop into an IncrediblyLamePun on the CluelessAesop page (D.A.R.E. entry).
@/ThinksTooMuch: I can't find the author, but I'd like to award one point to whoever, on the NiceJewishBoy page, referred to Jesus as "not a ''tame'' carpenter."
@/SonicLover: It's a shame that natter is generally frowned upon on this wiki, because it tends to be quite the crack-up. This little gem buried in TertiarySexualCharacteristics (identity of author unknown) made my day:
->* Averted in ''[[ThreeInThree 3 in Three]]'': the title character (a ''talking digit'') is addressed as "Ms. 3" despite having no TertiarySexualCharacteristics.\\
** Well, yes, but that's because of her primary and secondary sexual characteristics. I mean, look at those curves!

@/DragonQuestZ: Natter is arguing. A reply can often be just something funny instead, which is clearly not an argument.

@/PaulA: Natter is any response that results in [[ConversationInTheMainPage the main page looking like a conversation]] instead of a properly-formatted description. Funny replies are funny, but they don't belong on the main page. You want replies, that's what the Discussion pages and the [[TakeItToTheForums Forums]] are for.

@/{{Fyrewyre}}: You see, that's where we differ, yes, I can see the need to trim long conversations that take away from the page and are genuinely distracting, but if it's just a quick comment or two that make for a great joke, then what's the harm?

@/{{Micah}}: Wikis don't do things in small doses; [[BizarreAndImprobableGiraffeHerdingTechniques the giraffes]] won't go that way. If you like the joke, be creative and find a non-conversational way to rephrase it.
@/MrDeath: One to @/{{hoodiecrow}} on RapeAsComedy, for the simple "not cool" footnote when discussing a story from the Bible of a woman randomly grabbing someone's penis during an argument. It made me giggle.
->* If you want to know more, that commandment is found in Deuteronomy 25:11-12. It may seem like a BigLippedAlligatorMoment or even DisproportionateRetribution (highly doubtful), but chances are, as with everything else mentioned, that it was designed to avert AintNoRule.
@/{{Zadia}}: A Made of Win to whoever added the picture for PermanentRedLinkClub.
@/{{sgrunt}}: @/{{Rhyme Beat}} gets one for putting in a lot of the work in getting the AceAttorney pages split.
@/{{Renagade}} Whoever is responsible for the laconic version of AsLongAsItSoundsForeign. The return to article link gave me a good chuckle.
@/WillyFourEyes: As much as many of us Tropers don't like the idea of having pages locked, I find it [[HilariousInHindsight quite hilarious]] that the ProtectionFromEditors page is, well...[[SelfDemonstratingArticle protected from editors]].

@/{{Pykrete}}: As is OrwellianEditor.

@/{{Muninn}}: Nah, the great part about OrwellianEditor is that there's no edit history (well, one edit that made no changes [[hottip:*:or did it?]])

@/{{thatother1dude}}: I think locking the page ''was'' the edit, it's just that it doesn't show on the markup and you obviously can't do it if you're not @/FastEddie.

@/PaulA: Sorry to spoil your fun, but the one edit does actually involve a tweak to the grammar of the last sentence in the first paragraph; and the reason all the other edits are missing is plain old non-sinister archiving procedure, same as every other page whose visible history doesn't stretch back to its creation.

@/{{Citizen}}: Amusing nonetheless.
@/{{Pykrete}}: A MOW to whoever made this line in NoAntagonist:
* ''{{Armageddon}}'': The closest thing this movie has to an antagonist is Bruce Willis' acting.
[[Tropers.ReikoKazama Reiko Kazama]]: One MadeOfWin to whoever did the caption for [[FullmetalAlchemist the picture]] on [=~Actually That's My Assistant~=]. Sounds almost ''exactly'' like something Ed would say.
@/{{Balrog1911}} : In case this hasn't been awared already, I'd like to award one to whoever came up with this on {{Samuel L Jackson}}'s fate as Ray Arnold in {{Jurassic Park}}, with a thumbs-up to everyone who kept it going to its illogically awesome conclusion.

* Although this troper maintains that Samuel Jackson only lost the one arm to the pack of raptors (which were much more numerous in the book), and was able to kill near all of them before getting away. He then ran into the T-rex and went (mind you at this point, he only has one arm) on to best the Rex in single combat. The Rex was impressed and vowed to avenge Jackson, thus supplying the Deus Ex Machina scene at the end of the movie where the T-rex saves the day and saves Jackson's rep.
@/FeoTakahari: I don't know if this has already gotten an award, but the picture caption for ''{{Oddworld}}'' is surprisingly clever.
@/{{Rogue 7}}: To whoever added the theory to EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory, that [[TheEagles Hotel California]] is about TabletopGame/ChangelingTheLost, thank you. I think you've just given me inspiration for my next Changeling character.
@/{{Noaqiyeum}}: A MadeOfWin to whoever is responsible for the line on top of [[FanficRecs/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Fanfic Recs/Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni]] - "Proof that [[SturgeonsLaw the remaining 10% is worth dying for]]. ''[[GroundhogDayLoop Repeatedly]]''."
@/{{SapphireBlue}}: It's probably been there for ages without me noticing, but I'd like to give a Made of Win to whoever put that picture on the EvenEvilHasStandards page. It's just...perfect.

@/{{Madrugada}} According to the page history, it was put up in August by someone editing anonymously.
@/{{thatother1dude}}: I don't care if it probably is taken out of context, that page quote for PowerCreepPowerSeep is just hilarious:
->So the LORD was with Judah. And they drove out the mountaineers, but they could not drive out the inhabitants of the lowland, because they had chariots of iron.
-->-- [[TheBible Judges 1:19]]
@/{{BlackWolfe}}: It's lost to time now (and I did a google search for '''[=site:tvtropes.org "made of win" writers block=]''' to see if it had been awarded). But whoever made Laconic.WritersBlock. Yeah. MadeOfWin.
@/{{Draco234}} I'd like to thank the guy who made the fanfic page for Spellbinding Radiance.
@/CrypticMirror: A MadeOfWin to @/{{Willbyr}} for managing to almost single handedly convert the behemoth that is the NeonGenesisEvangelion fanfic recommendations page from the old comments system to the new reviews system.
@/{{guardyanangel}} would like to give one to all Tropers for dealing so well with TheSituation. We may get knocked down, but we'll get back up again. May TV Tropes ruin our lives forever!

@/LadyNorbert: Seconded. I would like to further nominate the estimable {{Linkara}} -- yes, ''that'' Linkara -- for jumping in with both feet to try to find a way to help. His Twitter feed lit up with the news and despite not being an "official" troper, he urged his followers to do what they could to save the site by donating or purchasing items from the new store.
@/{{BlackWolfe}}: One to @/{{Madrugada}} for seeing my AskTheTropers comment about ''StanFrebergPresentsTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'' [[NeedsAnIndex needing an index]] and just up and creating the RecordedAndStandUpComedy index apparently so it would fit somewhere.

@/{{Madrugada}} De nada, dude. When I went looking and found we didn't have an index for it, well, it seemed like the thing to do at the time.
@/{{Zadia}}: One to everyone who contributed to the Overly Long Running Gag on the page for TheRockyHorrorPictureShow, because it's just frickin' hilarious.
{{Chihuahua0}}: Do pages count? Because the Laconic page for Laconic/NothingIsScarier is the best Laconic page I ever seen.
@/{{Fyrewyre}} Speaking of TropesThatWillNeverHappen, a MadeOfWin to everyone who contributed a Trope idea or sarcastic comment to that page, but one in specifics:
* List Of Writers Who Are Neither [[MostWritersAreMale Male]], [[MostWritersAreAdults Adults]], [[MostWritersAreHuman Human]] Nor [[MostWritersAreWriters Writers]]
** ''MyImmortal''
** List Of Writers Who Are [[EldritchAbomination EldritchAbominations]]
*** '''''MyImmortal'''''

@/ROBRAM89: ''MyImmortal'' is not a writer.[/pedant]

@/SgtFrog1: Okay, fine then. "Tara Gilesbie" is neither male, adult, human, or a writer.

@/{{Malchus}}: So, basically, [[IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream she has no talent and she must write]]?

@/{{Fyrewyre}}: [[IncrediblyLamePun Boooooooo!]]

@/{{Haven}}: "''MyImmortal'' is not a writer." But note it's in the category of writers that aren't writers.

@/ShotgunNinja: Whatever you want to call it, THAT should not be considered writing.

@/Shygirl: Rather, it should be considered beating the keyboard with a dead snake.

@/AnOtherT: ...and going through spell-check; half asleep.
{{@/maledicted}}: I would like to award a sincere Win each to:
* Whoever put the "Chekhov's Custom .50 Cal Desert Eagle" gem on TropesThatWillNeverHappen. With games like ModernWarfare being so popular nowadays it just makes it ROFL-worthy.
* The long lost troper who added this to {{STALKER}}'s BadassBookworm example:
** "During one playthrough this troper gave the good doctor an AS Val assault rifle scrounged up during earlier escapades, and then could only follow in awe as Kruglov ascended to Headshot Godhood and single-handedly took out every aggressor in his way."
* Everyone who's edited [[TroperTales/FunnyAnsweringMachine the Funny Answering Machine Troper Tales page]]. You people are great, I haven't laughed that hard in ages!
@/{{Augustine}}: I'd like to give a collective made of win for everyone involved in cleaning up the MemeticMutation pages. You all know who you are. It's a ton of work and you guys are doing a great job.
@/{{shiro_okami}}: One for whoever put up the samurai comment on ''{{Trigun}}'' for EqualOpportunityEvil. I LOLed.

@/{{thatother1dude}}: Fairly certain that was already nominated.
@/DougSMachina: One to the creator of the TV Tropes Halloween logo. I love it, and I really didn't expect it.

@/{{Madrugada}}: That would be @/{{Tangent128}}

@/{{Bronzethumb}}: To whoever decided to kick off that new editing agreement page with "Don't panic". Great touch.

@/DougSMachina: Agreed!

@/{{whitetigah}}: Thirded, and an additional one to whoever put the "maybe" button into the new content warning page.

@/{{Madrugada}}: In both cases, it was @/FastEddie who actually put them there, but @/SpainSun deserves the kudos for suggesting the "Maybe" button, and @/BlackWolfe suggested the line about humming "The Girl from Ipanema".

@/{{Koveras}}: One MOW to @/SpainSun for the Maybe button from me, too!

@/MrDeath: What's the Maybe button actually do? I didn't think to try it out before I hit Yes.

@/{{Madrugada}}: It produces this message:

--> "Cool. We'll wait for you to think it over.\\
We would play some soothing 'hold' music for you now but there were licensing issues. Hum "The Girl from Ipanema", if you like."\\

@/SchizoTechnician: [[http://wilstar.com/midi/ipanema.htm here's]] a link to the music, if providing a link is allowable...

@/DarkSasami: What, no [[TheElevatorFromIpanema pothole?]]

* @/{{Madrugada}} I think @/FastEddie wants to get folks through the gate and on their way wiki-walking as soon as possible. That's just a guess, though...

* @/{{BlackWolfe}}: I put the pothole in the suggested text and @/FastEddie stripped it, so I assume that's the case. I'm still floored he used it, it's such a cheesy line.
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: To whoever is responsible for this tidbit from the {{Bishonen}} page, Anime folder:

* {{CLAMP}}, [[CardcaptorSakura CLAMP]], [[TokyoBabylon CLAMP]], [[{{X1999}} CLAMP]], [[{{Wish}} CLAMP]], [[MagicKnightRayearth CLAMP]], [[TsubasaChronicle CLAMP]], [[{{xxxHOLiC}} CLAMP]] and - for a change of pace - [[CodeGeass CLAMP]]. The last one is a change of pace because they didn't write it, they just drew the characters. They drew them very girly.
@/{{Kriegsmesser}}: Which troper is responsible has been lost to time, but... from MagicalNativeAmerican.
* "I AM [[{{VideoGame/Turok}} TUROK]]!" His magical power, of course, was the ability to carry enough firepower to kill half the planet.

I admit, I lolled.
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: To whomever put up the first guess and the responses to it on the ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'' [[WMG/{{Animaniacs}} Wild Mass Guessing]] page.
@/{{Madrugada}}: To whoever wrote the FatalFlaw entry on ''{{Hamlet}}'s'' page, succinctly summing up 400+ years of lit-crit in 16 words: "FatalFlaw: It's widely agreed that Hamlet has one. There's rather less agreement on what, specifically, it is."

@/{{TheInferno}}: Seconded. That's good.

@/{{LadyNorbert}}: Thirded.
@/{{SpiriTsunami}}: A MadeOfWin to @/{{mjcabooseblu}} for using "[[AWorldwidePunomenon Holmage]]" in the trope listing for ''{{House}}''. Well punned, my friend.
@/{{BlackWolfe}}: A MadeOfWin to '''@/{{SonicLover}}''' for creating PlayingWith.PeopleSitOnChairs. Yes, @/{{SonicLover}}, it ''is'' a fun page.

@/{{sgrunt}}: He already has one for that page, courtesy of me. :)

@/{{SonicLover}}: Thanks. You know you've done something when two people ''independently'' decide to praise you for it on this page.

@/{{Dracosummoner}}: You definitely deserve it. ^_^ That's one of the funniest things I've read on this site. I also want to give a MadeOfWin to BlackWolfe and sgrunt for mentioning this, because I sadly would probably never have found it otherwise.

@/{{LadyNorbert}}: Seconding @/{{Dracosummoner}}'s nomination. I had no idea PeopleSitOnChairs was even the name of a trope.

@/{{SonicLover}}: It's not. It's a PredefinedMessage.
{{Chihuahua0}}: I like to thank @/{{feral}} for adding a good amount of tropes to the page FanFic/KiraIsJustice.
@/{{Dante668}}: One MOW point to the contributor to OddJobGods who defined Anonymous as [[{{Troll}} The God of Being Retarded on the Internet]] (pothole his).
@/{{Medinoc}}: If the history of Characters/MahouSenseiNegima is accurate, we now have an automatic ptitle unpotholer. Thanks! That "ptitle uselessly put in a pothole" format was irritating me.
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: For whoever put the picture of SexSells, how bad is it that my first instinct was to click "Play"?

@/{{Malchus}}: *sneaks in behind Fyrewyre and imitates Fyrewyre's voice* ...[[ADateWithRosiePalms WITH MYSELF.]] *sneaks out*
{{Tropers/NKSCF}}: This one goes out to the troper who put this on the EnforcedMethodActing page, just because it's an awesomely lame pun: During the dubbing of Gundam SEED, Kira's voice actor Matt Hill actually asked the vocal director to kick him in the crotch to make his crying sound authentic. Say what you will about the man, but you have to admit, [[IncrediblyLamePun he's got balls.]]

@/{{thatother1dude}}: I have to also include this line about ''Aliens'' and the scene with the cat:
* Not telling the animal what will happen next was already an established director's technique at the time, but Ridley Scott used it to great effect.
@/MegaMagikarp: Whoever chose the page picture for AndNinetyNineCents. That's got to be the first time something has made me laugh and cry at the same time.
@/MrDeath: One to @/{{dRoy}} for making a couple edits to the JustBugsMe/{{Deadpool}} JustBugsMe page to make it hilarious.[[hottip:*:Said edits being to change a troper complaining about Deadpool's portrayal in the Wolverine movie into ''Deadpool'' complaining about it.]]
@/{{Scialen}}: I give a MOW to whoever snuck this little gem on the ''{{Ghostbusters}}'' page. The reason is because I had forgot the association and was quite merrily reading the whole page until this point:
* EarWorm: If there's some damn song / runnin' through your head / who ya gonna call?
** [[{{Dragonball abridged}} Ghost nappa!]]
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: Oh, fuck yes. Seconding this like whoa.
@/PhoenixFire: Whoever put the potholes to {{Brainwashed}} and TheVirus in the first paragraph of the ChickFlick trope description. As a woman who tends to respond to RomanticComedy movies with something between boredom and outright nausea, it made me laugh very hard.
@/{{Lightflame}} A made of win to [[{{Tropers/TorchicBlaziken}} TorchicBlaziken]] for this on the Scribblenauts page:
* FridgeHorror: The ending of the sequel. [[spoiler: The Starites are destroyed, Jeremiah Slazcka, a baby, a deer and Barack Obama all die and Maxwell is stuck on the moon. The time machine shows that the future is apocalyptic and people have already left for Mars. Hopefully a third game will clear things up.]]
** Wait... how the hell did they manage to give ''Scribblenauts'', a game with no remarkable plot, a DownerEnding? ...as depressing as that is, it's kind of impressive.
@/{{JewelMaiden}}: The anti-Frodo/Sam post on the NoYay page. It's just ... perfect.
@/{{NewtonTheNewt}}: This AndZoidberg moment on the AngstWhatAngst page:
-->Arthur Dent watches as everyone he ever loved or cared about...plus the entire human race destroyed right before his eyes.
@/{{KaeozCrimson}}: One for the person who made the caption to the image of PlanetEater. Horrible pun or not, that made me laugh.
@/{{SpiriTsunami}}: Just saw this description on the {{Literotica}} page: ''It's the "America Online" of porn stories in that most people start there, some never leave, and [[VocalMinority lots of them are idiots.]]'' Absolutely hilarious, and as far as the description of AOL users it's perfectly apropos. [[OrSoIveHeard I wouldn't know about Literotica, of course.]]
* {{Tropers/SlvstrChung}}: Hee. Thanks. (I, sadly, ''would'' know about Literotica, so I speak from experience. slvstrChung: spelunking the depths of online depravity so you don't have to.)
@/JKRoo: One to @/ChrisX for his... ''alteration'' to {{Peachi}}'s page, ButThouMust included. Wish I'd thought of it first.
@/GGCrono seconds this!
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: Another one (I'll stop soon, I swear) to all the contributors for the, what is sure to become a, OverlyLongGag pertaining to {{Saw}} on IntentionallyAwkwardTitle.

@/{{Medinoc}}: Seconded, the [[HurricaneOfPuns hurricane of]] WhosOnFirst jokes is great.
@/{{Fyrewyre}}: One to whoever put this groan-worthy pun on the [=~Jennifer's Body~=] page:

Describe [=~Jennifer's Body~=] here.


@/{{SgtFrog1}}: I laughed out loud at that. I have been ''waiting'' for an excellent DescribeTopicHere joke like that!
@/{{sgrunt}}: I have no idea why, but the picture and caption on JusticeWillPrevail cause me to [[GigglingVillain break out in giggles]].
@/{{Chabal 2}}: I was extremely pleased to discover someone had beaten me to putting up the new page image for TheMovie. Kudos to that person and especially its creator, may Trope-Tan smile upon him/her.

@/{{Madrugada}}: It's probably going to be moved from that page, since it's not an example of that trope at all. But it's on NotableReferencesToTVTropes too, and it's a perfect example of TitleTheAdaptation.

@/{{TheNerdyNinja}}: While we're on the topic, one for @/AgentCoop, the one who created the image and won the Cracked photoshop contest with it.
@/{{sgrunt}}: @/UnknownTroper must have had a lot of fun turning TheBackwardsR into a SelfDemonstratingArticle

@/{{Citizen}}: Went too far; now it's a pain to read.
@/{{GhostLad}}: The article for TheBible has already gotten a lot of love, but I just wanted to tip my hat to whomever listed the Book of Revelation as a GainaxEnding.

@/{{Deuxhero}}: Going to have to disagree, Revelation is a pretty straight example of the trope (It starts with an albino bronze footed flaming eyed Jesus with a sword in his mouth revealing the future to a missionary, the rest is ever odder), nothing really clever.

@/{{KaeozCrimson}}: Besides, it's more of a GeckoEnding [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs on crack, weed, meth, and acid]], honestly.

@/{{SchizoTechnician}}: Wow this feels weird for me, atheist who identifies as a Jew, to be the one to say, but I'm pretty sure its just really heavy metaphor, allegory, and cultural reference, none of which we in this era have any context for, turning something mildly odd and vaguely cosmic. Very roughly speaking, its like if people from the year 3000 tried to understand the English dub of BoboboBoBoBobo going by the martian translation of said dub. It didn't ''originally'' fit, changing cultural context around what was a ''very'' topical book made it so.

@/{{ThinksTooMuch}}: I'm going to disagree with the agreement. It's clever ''because'' it's very true, but we wouldn't necessarily normally see it like that.

@/{{Haven}}: Of course not, and it's that very dissonance that makes it a joke at all.
@/{{macroscopic}}: A [=MoW=] to whoever added this line to the ''WhaleWars'' article. It's been a while since I've laughed out loud reading the wiki.
-->In case you are wondering, the whales do not actually war with each other.
@/PhoenixFire: Whoever added ''the English vowels'' to the FiveManBand: FiveManBand/{{Other}} page with "Y" as the SixthRanger is a wonderful person.
@/Travis: Whoever the hell Wiki Magic'd the [[{{Amazing}} "A*mazing"]] article, you are the best person ever and deserve a MOW. I wrote it not knowing whether anyone else on the site actually knew it existed, and you have proved me wrong. Thank you, truly, for fixing what I couldn't, and reminding everyone that WikiMagic is a beautiful thing, as is this kids' game show.
@/ProgenyExMachina: All controversy about the page itself aside, I have to award one to @/ARandomSerf for their rendition of [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} "Still Alive"]] on the [[Quotes.MyImmortal My Immortal quotes page]]. [[strike:(Granted, I don't know the original song, but it sure ''looks'' like an awesome parody.)]] I just youtubed the song, and it '''is''' an awesome parody.

@/PhoenixFire: That is... beautiful. I guess now we know why GLaDOS went AxCrazy.

@/LeChuck4: Holy shit thirded. One of the most awesome things I've ever read here.

@/{{Grimace}}: Wow. That's really nicely done.

@/DougSMachina: That is brilliant.
@/{{Zadia}}: I give a MadeOfWin to whoever put the picture and caption on EpicFail, because that was frickin' hilarious.
@/KaeozCrimson: An enormously hilarious MadeOfWin to the one responsible for the image and caption of ParentalFavoritism. I lol'ed.

@/HydroGlobus: Seconded. Great image!
@/RitiTroll: I would like to give a made of win to whoever managed to properly pothole Akira in my recommendation on the FanFicRecommendations page for Pokemon.

@/{{Reflextion}}: I would like to give one Made of Win to (@/{{Fyrewyre}}, according to the edit he/she made) for starting the TroperTales.ThisIsGonnaSuck page, and putting the traditional main page link / clever comment at the '''top''' of the page, rather than the bottom - a design aesthetic that seems entirely appropriate for ThisIsGonnaSuck:
-->It's a good thing thing's aren't so bad in ''[[RealityIsUnrealistic real]]'' [[RealityIsUnrealistic lif-]] There's a TroperTales page for this? [[OhCrap Aw crap]], ThisIsGonnaSuck.

Tropers/{{Fyrewyre}}: My first MoW... Thank you for giving it to me. *Bows* *Disappears in a puff of feathers* *Pops back in* 'She', by the way. *Disappears in a puff of feathers*
@/Loyal2NES: I would like to give a [=MoW=] to whomever came up with the title for WhatTheFuAreYouDoing. That is just ''gold.''
@/DougSMachina: One to "JCCyC 2" wrote this in the Real Life section of EnsembleDarkhorse:
* [[IncrediblyLamePun Nobody expected the Spanish national team]] to win a [[TheWorldCup World Cup]] anytime soon. [[MontyPython Their two weapons were fear and surprise and a ruthlessly efficient defense.]]

(Extra points for setting up the gag, too.)
@/SgtFrog1: One shiny, new MadeOfWin to an unknown troper on the LargeHam page. Sadly, I can't find his/her handle on the edit history.
* When this is narm, the large hams are likely to have come from [[JustForPun Hillshire Narm]] (Go {{Keet}}!).
@/KaeozCrimson: An enormous (and sadly rather late) made of win to the person who made the Ascending Toad entry on GoodBadBugs.
* "{{Crysis}} features some extremely amusing bugs, but none are as awesome as the mighty Ascending Frog. By picking up a harmless frog from the ground and lofting it heavenwards, you will be awed as it proceeds into the stratosphere, unhindered by your puny gravity. Ascending Frogs can be seen in the wild in the cave immediately before the alien ship, where they cheerfully levitate, jumping vertically every time their hop animation cycles and staying that high until they hop again. Vicious brutes who shoot the noble Ascending Frog and subject it to gravity will pick the slain creature up and find it levitates above their hand, rotating slowly in righteous fury at their vile conduct and no doubt dubious sexual morals."
@/{{Deuxhero}}: To FigmentJedi for this bit on PokemonBlackAndWhite
* GenieInABottle: Finally a series that enjoys trapping [[{{Disney/Aladdin}} PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER]] inside itty bitty living spaces brings a trio of djinns into the mix.

To whoever added the WMG to the Series/DoctorWho page saying [[spoiler: the Doctor's real name is Jelly Baby.]] You made me laugh for about five minutes.
@/{{Pykrete}}: Between the laughs and the taste in music, whoever added the stinger at the end of BoomHeadshot deserves one:
* ''[[BonJovi Shot in the face, and you're to blame! Darling, you give bullets—a bad name!]]''

@/{{Haven}}: I added that a while ago. Glad you liked it!

@/{{BlackWolfe}}: Atrocious. Horrible, horrible pun. MOW well-deserved.
Whoever added this to the PrettyCoolGuy page:
* I think CompletelyMissingThePoint is a pretty cool trope.
** ti fights lgoic and doesn't afraid of anything?
@/RainNormally: To @/ConnExclamationMark, for this ''thing of beauty'' (last line) in NerdsAreSexy:
* DolphLundgren has a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering, and one of his most famous roles was playing ''HeMan'' in an 80s movie adaptation.
** And he was also part of the Kustjägarna, Swedish Coastal Rangers.
** So ... he has a [[{{IncrediblyLamePun}} Master's of the Universe]]?

@/{{Malchus}}: Seconding again. Two [=MoW's=] for {{Incredibly Lame Pun}}s in a row. I am most pleased.
@/DougSMachina: The [[VisualPun page image]] for AccentuateTheNegative. Oh God, [[IncrediblyLamePun it hurts]].

@/{{Malchus}}: As a lover of painfully bad puns, I wholeheartedly second this.

@/{{Zadia}}: That is one of the most awesome puns ever. Thirded.

@/{{Dracosummoner}}: Fourthed.

@/TripleElation: Ooh, that was me! Thanks.
@/VanHohenheim: Whoever added this little bit on the HighOctaneNightmareFuel page for {{Bleach}}:
* I choose to believe that Kubo created said monstrosity by wondering what would happen if Barragan's Hollow form had sex with Minazuki, [[{{Naruto}} Orochimaru]] and a giant bat whilst in a vat of black ink and the resulting mutant baby spawn was filled with dopamine to give it [[NightmareFace that special pinch of nightmare.]] Sweet dreams, fellow tropers!
** Thanks, I thought that was pretty good too. -g3m1n1
@/{{Korval}}: I give props to whomever added this to the {{Misery}} page: "HilariousInHindsight: Paul's ''Misery'' series is focused on a pretty but flighty young woman who is the focus of two guys who do all the cool stuff. The series is obscenely popular. Fans, but especially middle-aged women, adore it. Critics everywhere skewer it. [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Almost twenty years later...]]"
** @/{{Latia}}: Ah, thank you. :D It was too perfect not to mention.
@/{{sgrunt}}: The header on [[Narm/MetalGear Narm/Metal Gear]] gets funnier every time I read it.

@/WillyFourEyes: [comes out of cardboard box] Thank you. I try. ([[CluelessContributor Sometimes not hard enough, though]]...)
@/PhoenixFire: Props to @/{{Reika}}, for replacing the {{Narm}}y picture on HighOctaneNightmareFuel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi with something ''actually scary''. Also, the PotHole on the caption made me laugh.
@/{{sgrunt}}: to whoever made {{Tsundere}} and most of its other namespace pages (at least mildly) [[SelfDemonstratingArticle self-demonstrating]]. It's hilarious.
@/{{Nightsky}}: Attention, whoever named AdiposeRex -- I love you.

@/{{sgrunt}}: [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=pndup0tduyy505w8jv6kkc8j Looks like that was]] @/UnknownTroper
@/{{Vifetoile}}: A delayed MadeOfWin to {{rupert}} - who took all of my examples of {{Hammerspace}} on ''TheColbertReport'' page, and ''provided a link to every single incident''. That is dedication, right there.
@/KaeozCrimson: I give a big MadeOfWin to whoever was responsible for the image and caption of EmotionlessGirl. It really made my day.

@/{{Malchus}}: It would be creepy if someone actually won. [[spoiler:Or, y'know, it turns out that the image is a gif with a really slow animation cycle making said pic "blink" once every several minutes or so. *nudge-nudge, hint-hint*]]

@/{{L}}: Animated Gifs aren't allowed on pages anymore.

@/{{Malchus}}: Oh. Well, there goes that idea.
@/{{Quanyails}}: I give a MadeOfWin to @/{{Omamus}} (sorry, no contributor's page) for his comment on the back-and-forth editing on what's classified CompleteMonster on the ''KingdomHearts'' character sheet. In his words: "Behold. These pages used to be full of power. United with the hearts of their editors, on this barren site editors of light and darkness were locked in combat as a great edit War raged..."
@/{{Murex}}: One to @/{{T-bone61}} for describing Sosuke Aizen as "pretty much a superhuman aggregate of dickery" (AKA {{Troll}}) on the {{Bleach}} main page. So funny, so true.
@/IronLion: A belated [=MoW=] to @/{{Tannhaeuser}} for providing the self-demonstrative text to MajorGeneralSong.
* @/{{Latia}}: [[{{SoCoolItsAwesome}} Holy shit seconded.]]
* @/{{Roxor}}: Best SelfDemonstratingArticle Ever. Singing it, however, is NintendoHard.
* @/{{Dracosummoner}}: That was amazing!

@/{{Tannhaeuser}}: [[TheYeomenOfTheGuard Forbear, my friends, and spare me this ovation: I have small claims to such consideration.]]
@/MrDeath: One to @/{{Azaram}} for coming up with "[=TreeCP/IP=]" to describe the neural interface/global network of Pandora on the [[JustBugsMe/{{Avatar}} Avatar Just Bugs Me]] page.
@/{{Pykrete}}: Whoever suggested on the FinalDestination page that Death manifests through primal forces like "wind, fire, gravity and [[TooDumbToLive elemental stupidity]]". You made my night.

@/{{Grandy}}: To the ones who had this conversation on the Discworld JustBugsMe page.

** Also please note that the UU's staff is so large and bloated that in Last Continent, several years after he arrives, there are professors who have never even seen Ridcully.
*** Are you kidding? UU's staff is so large and bloated that there are professors who haven't seen their feet in decades.
*** Zing!

@/{{Deuxhero}}: To L, for thinking with portals on the VideoGame/{{Portal}} page (the "currently" at the start).

@/{{thatother1dude}}: That's some nice PaintingTheFourthWall.

@/{{sgrunt}}: Now complete with [[DescribeTopicHere Describe]] BrickJoke [[DescribeTopicHere here]].

@/{{Silver2195}}: One to Oonerspism for cleaning up the massive amounts of {{Natter}} on the WantonCrueltyToTheCommonComma page.
@/SgtFrog1: One MadeOfWin to Gilgameshkun for his line on the SnarkBait page. You may or may not like FindingNemo, but I thought that line, at the very beginning of the page no less, was hilarious.
@/{{Mokyn}}: One to whoever organized the [[Funny/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses TGWTG-Funny]] page into seperate folders for each contributor. I've been meaning to do that myself, but never got around to it. Hooray for proper organization!

@/{{T-Jack}}: I'm gonna claim part of that for myself, since although I didn't do the "folders for everyone" bit, I'd sorted the page into subfolders and lumped every contributor's entries together already some time ago.
@/{{Myles}}: To whoever brought WikiMagic to the UsefulNotes/{{Guyana}} page. Feels good to see I'm not the only Guyanese troper here.
@/{{thatother1dude}}: Whoever named/renamed {{Zipperiffic}}.
@/FeoTakahari: To @/DeVos, for an entry on PoisonOakEpilepticTrees drawing detailed parallels between the protagonists of ''{{Animorphs}}'' and the gods of ''[[WarhammerFortyThousand Warhammer 40K]]''.
@/{{Geargrinder}}: To {{RainyDayNinja}} for the name for {{One Stave Limit}}. Seriously man, clear, concise, witty, everything as [[IncrediblyLamePun Father Ed]] teaches.

@/{{Grandy}}: As the one to create the YKTTW in question, let me second that and show my jealousy in not thinking it first.
@/{{Haven}}: One to whoever added [[TheBeatles the first two sentences]] in NoEnding.
@/TheYeti: To whoever added the note about onions in the "other" section of [[TearJerker/RealLife the Real Life Tear Jerker page]]. This troper felt better after reading it.
@/SweetMadness: To unknown troper for the [[Laconic/JohnDiesAtTheEnd Laconic]] ''JohnDiesAtTheEnd'' entry. I literally spit soda out of my nose.
** I SO need to check that book out.
@/{{Madrugada}}: To whoever added "Useful Notes: I-88 in Illinois Between Mile Markers 42 and 43" to DarthWiki/TropesThatWillNeverHappen. You couldn't have picked a better stretch of road.
* That entire page is hilarious! Somebody start the "Complaining About Legend Of Zelda Enemies You Don't Like-Like"
@/{{sgrunt}}: to @/{{SonicLover}} for the [[LiteralMinded literal version]] of [[PlayingWith/PeopleSitOnChairs PlayingWith/People Sit On Chairs]]. Got to love [[PlayingWith/TropeName playing with]] PlayingWithWiki.
@/{{DRoy}}: The page picture for YouKillItYouBoughtIt. Lol.
@/{{Yinyang107}}: One to the genius behind this line on CuteButCacophonic:
* The Tribbles from StarTrek: ridiculously cute, but if you introduce them to Klingons, they make an unholy racket. And so do the Tribbles.
@/ThePaintedMaypole: One each to @/{{cassius335}} and @/{{Carth}} for the image and caption to VomitIndiscretionShot. It really needs no introduction.

@/{{Cassius335}}: Thank you. When I saw it, I knew it was perfect for the page.

@/{{Haven}}: Poor [[{{Runaways}} Molly]].
@/{{Koveras}}: One to @/LeeM for his reply in [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=wueytqk0tpdc617yza6aa8vo this YKTTW]] to the question "Then why have a RealLife section at all?":
->"^ Beats me. If we had real lives what would we be doing here?"
This joke never grows old for me.
@/shiro_okami: I cracked up at this exchange in TheWarHasJustBegun.

* Comes off as a party pooper? Gandalf has an explicit reputation for this, it's even one of his many names.
** One of his names is "Party Pooper"?
** Not literally, but one of his names is "Stormcrow", indiciating he meddles with the affairs of others and brings trouble with him.
@/ProgenyExMachina: I cracked up at @/SchizoTechnician's response to my point on JustBugsMe[=/=]LegendOfZelda.

* Gorons are made of rock. Gorons only eat rocks. [[ImAHumanitarian Am I the only one who finds that a little disturbing?]]
** Mammals are made of meat-goro. Carnivorous mammals only eat meat. [[ImAHumanitarian Am I the only one who finds that a little disturbing-goro?]]

@/SchizoTechnician: All things are incomprehensible when viewed through [[HumansThroughAlienEyes alien eyes]]. Although I really wish there was a shorthand way of saying "carbon based life forms as opposed to sillicon-based ones". Or at least a biological classification for Gorons (are they technically animals, in which case the sentence is good as is, or are they a separate phyla entirely, in which case either Animals or Eukaryotes would be more accurate)? Oh, well, I suppose its not like Goron biological science is terribly advanced..
@/{{DRoy}}: This little jem from BigEater page. This troper lol'd a lot.
*** Saber's excuse is pretty thin too, considering how ''much'' she eats. In the fan-disc sequel ''Hollow Ataraxia'', almost every scene with her will bring up food, if not actually involving eating. Other characters bribe or taunt her with food at several points.
**** Let's be honest here, Saber's options are being a BigEater and being a [[DeusSexMachina raging nymphomaniac.]]

@/{{bluepenguin}}: Considering the way Nasu writes sex scenes, the latter possibility is... [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel a little frightening]].
* @/DRoy: Aaaaaaand you just earned yourself a MOW.
@/{{shiro_okami}}: One for each of the too numerous to list here Buzz Aldrin jokes on TalkToTheFist.

Paranoid Android: Doubly so for the MassEffect one: how often do you see a meme like that in a context that actually fits?
@/{{Kalle}}: Finding this on OptionalSexualEncounter made me snicker like a twelve-year-old. Win for you!

* Each ''GodOfWar'' game has one of these. You get a decent amount of red orbs for doing them, although this is useless in ''God of War 2'' since you lose all your red orbs shortly after, before you have a chance to use them.
** Could be worse - you could get [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean blue orbs]].
@/ChevalierMalfait: I'd like to acknowledge @/{{Rebochan}} for the much-needed tidy-up and expansion of the ''PennyAndAggie'' page, with particular appreciation for zir objectivity and balance regarding this often controversial webcomic.
@/DarkHunter: One to an unknown Troper for the most epic response to an ItJustBugsMe question I have ever seen. Fittingly, it's from the ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' [[JustBugsMe/TengenToppaGurrenLagann IJBM page.]] It is really, really long, so it's been foldered. Beware spoilers, open at your own risk.
[[folder:The speech that shall pierce the heavens]]
It's all part of the drill metaphor, you see. Drills create holes. They move away from the starting point. You can't use a drill to 'un-drill' something[[hottip:* : Unless it's an electric screwdriver attatchment, but that's besides the point]]. Spiral Energy can be used to pierce and [[spoiler: create]] the heavens, and everything that can be stretched out to mean, including creating and destroying mass. You can't fill a hole with a drill. You can put something in the hole, or move things through the hole, and that's really the whole point. Simon believes his purpose is to make way for generations to come. Spiral Energy should not be able to bring back the dead. The people who are gone are gone, just like where the dirt goes after it's been dug in Episode 1.\\
'''They LIVE ON! ON OUR BACKS! AND ''IN OUR HEARTS''!''' Their deaths are what allow us to '''[[CharacterDevelopment MOVE FORWARD, TOWARDS THE HEAVENS!]]''' If [[spoiler: Kamina]] could be brought back, nobody would have escaped the LotusEaterMachine. He would be there with them, and the Anti-Spirals would win [[spoiler: again]]! If [[spoiler: Nia had survived]], it would set a [[RunningGag precedent]] for people to start bringing back the dead. Evolution, the very nature of Spiral Energy would slow down, even more than it already has. People wouldn't ''fear death''! Remember Episode 9? Simon lost his very will to live, and ''he couldn't access his Spiral Power''! Same deal for [[spoiler: returning Nia to human form]]. Changing things back and preventing the natural order of things is against evolution, both in the Darwinian sense and in the 'improvement of oneself' sense. It's against ''the very nature of Spiral Power''! The Anti-Spirals, [[NotSoDifferent much like]] [[FlameBait yourselves]], believed that going back, preserving the state of the universe, would have been the best decision. If the Anti-Spirals had their way, the universe would have suffered an early heat-death due to its expansion. If the [[spoiler: Spiral Nemesis]] had occured, the universe would have been able to start anew. See below on this page. The Anti-Spirals were/are LawfulEvil {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s in a universe powered by {{Chaotic Good}}ness. Yes, they were well-intentioned, but they could never achieve what they wanted to, as long as Spirals kept evolving and fighting against them[[hottip:* :Hence, FIGHT THE POWER]]. You can't ever restore that hole[[hottip:* : Yes, I'm still on the drill metaphor]]. Trying to fill it in by spinning your drill in the opposite direction is stupid. Any idiot could tell you that. You can drill all that rock away and replace it with a new rock, but you lose the old rock. You can meticulously glue all the pieces back into place, but the rock will still never be as strong as before. You ''can'', however, ''use'' the hole. You can dig in a quarry for precious resources. You can tunnel through a mountain and build a road! If there is no path for you to take, '''''YOU CAN CARVE ONE YOURSELF!''''' It was spelled out in the climactic speech! I [[Quotes/TengenToppaGurrenLagann quote]]: [[hottip:Long speech pasted here for reference:"Even when trapped by Karma's cycle, the dreams we left behind will open the door! Even if the Universe stands in our way, our seething blood will determine what will be!"[...]"Mark my words! This drill will open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who've fallen! The hopes of those who'll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together in a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow!...My drill is the drill...THAT CREATES THE HEAVENS!!!"]]Paraphrased and dramatized to go along with the drill metaphor, that's: (Cue [[ThemeMusicPowerUp Sorairo Days]]) "Even when we are locked in an eternal cycle of renewal and defeat, spinning endlessly where we stand, we will drill our way out, for the sake of everything we went through to get here! No matter what stands before us, be it a humble stone or a towering mountain, we hold the power to drill our path through this wall![...]Mark my words! This drill will drill through the Earth itself! I am not a man, drilling to get to the surface! I am a drill, drilling this hole so people to come will be free to explore the other side! That is the nature of progress! Of ''evolution''! Of '''DRILLING!'''\\
'''''THIS DRILL IS MY SOUL!''''' This drill ensures the future for us all! It insures the past was not in vain! My drill, no, my soul, My unquellable raging spirit to break through this defiant mountain...this boiling in my veins...this soul...\\
This '''* DRILL* ''' [++'''''IS THE DRILL THAT REVEALS THE HEAVENS!'''''++] That is the nature of Spiral Energy! Those who have died died not in vain! Their deaths have fueled our fighting spirit, our raging desire to break through the walls that hold us in! [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic In their deaths we have life anew!]] The Spirals knew this, and it led to their ultimate victory! Their fallen comrades and their ultimate sacrifice allowed Spiral races everywhere their long-deserved victory! Their lost brothers and sisters '''''LIVE ON WITHIN THEM''''' and in the world as they know it! The Spirals don't need to look back at the past! No matter what happens, [[ScrewDestiny no matter what destiny says we can or can't do]], I can only move forward! And I have something that will pierce this mountain, destiny, and the UNIVERSE!\\
It's a '''SOUL!''' A '''''SPIRAL!''''' A [+'''''DRILL!'''''+]\\
[++''' JUST WHO THE ''HELL'' DO YOU THINK ''' ++] [+++'''''I AM?!!'''''+++]
** I WILL ALSO ADD tl;dr here, so you don't have to. It pretty much boils down to "Spiral Energy does not work that way! Goodnight!"
* LeChuck4: Good god, give that guy an award. Thats pretty much a wiki-intern CMOA.
ZarbiNerada: One for this comment on the CompleteMonster page for {{Monster/Literature}}, r.e. [[HarryPotter Fenrir Greyback]]:
* He'll kill you, rape you, and eat you. And, if you're ''really'' lucky, he'll do it in THAT order.

@/{{Haven}}: You know that's a quote from ''{{Firefly}}'', right? (On the other hand, the [[{{FATAL}} completely unexpected yet all-too-appropriate pothole before that]] made me chuckle.)
@/{{Kriegsmesser}}:One MOW and several lawls to whoever's responsible for this bit of snarky gold on IKnowMortalKombat
** Note that Grossman is not talking about learning specific techniques. He's talking about aquiring the ''will'' to kill. That is, his research shows that many people - possibly ''most'' people - tend to flat out refuse to take human life, even in combat. This resistance can be overcome, though, and sufficiently realistic video games are one of the things that can help break it down. Actually the video game thing is a pretty tiny corner of his larger project.
*** That's why there were almost no casualities from ancient wars to world war 2 and everyone came back home and everyone was happy :3
@/PhoenixFire: Many, many awesome points to @/TheRichSheik for taking my NinjaPirateZombieRobot joke on the main CodexAlera page and [[WMG/CodexAlera running with it]]. My chest still hurts from laughing so hard.
@/{{Sweet Madness}}: Congratulations are in order for Ghilz and all the other tropers who added the official fanart for ''FinalFantasyDissidia'' to the character page, and for including captions that made me laugh until I nearly cried.
@/{{thatother1dude}}: The picture and caption for UranusIsShowing are just hilarious.
Duke: A Pog-shaped MOW goes to the Tropers who wrote the [[AllInTheFamily "Those Were The Days"]] parody in TheNineties page. Those were the days, indeed.
@/{{Earnest}}: One to the writer of the laconic entry for Laconic/BlackSpeech. Not the description itself (which is fine), but what's under it.

@/{{Yinyang107}}: Concurrence.
Rothul: @/HonoreDB for the last bit in the Game Theory TakeAThirdOption (emphasis mine):

* A classic from Mathematics: the Truel, a duel with three participants. Mr. White has a one in three chance of hitting his target, Mr. Grey a two in three chance, and Mr. Black is a perfect shot. To make things fair, Mr. White has the first shot. Who should he shoot?
** If he shoots at Mr. Grey, he might kill him, then Mr. Black has the next shot. [[OhCrap "Oops"]].
** If he shoots at Mr. Black, seemingly the best option, he might kill him, then Mr. Grey has the next shot. Oh dear.
** If he takes a third option and shoots into the air, Mr. Grey and Mr. Black shoot at each other until one dies, then Mr. White has the first shot in a * duel* . Note that the odds are still against Mr. White, so he may want to look into an '''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_(number) even thirdier]] option''' like running away and changing his name.
LeChuck4: One Made of Win to LobsterMagnus for TheStinger on the DieSendungMitDerMaus page. Perfectly fitting.
szaleniec1000: truteal, for the pair of quotes in DracoInLeatherPants that sum up the trope beautifully.
** I just moved the quotes from the DracoInLeatherPants quote page to the main DracoInLeatherPants page.
Bokor: It must have been mentioned before, but whoever put the "CRAB PEOPLE" line on GushingAboutShowsYouLike. Probably the first time I've laughed out loud reading this wiki.

Dante668: The troper responsible for the following line on the OhCrap page:

** In ''The Last Crusade'', after Indy has beaten Vogel to a pulp on top of the tank, he looks up to see it moving right towards a very tall cliff. He's so stunned ''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere his hat blows off his head]]''.

The pothole conjures a mental picture of Indy's hat gaining sentience and deliberately bailing on him, the disloyal bastard. I laughed for a full minute.
Tropers/AcrossTheStars: One big, fat MOW to Tropers/Zephyr7, who did the long, hard and frankly boring work of reformatting the CrowningMoment/WorldWarII CMOA page. Bless you and all your work.
[[{{Tropers/Loyal2NES}} Loyal2NES]]: I'd like to nominate the guys and/or gals responsible for this little exchange in ElitesAreMoreGlamorous:

* Whenever the word "Navy" is mentioned in any context in any kind of war film or video game, it is followed by "[=SEALs=]" about 98% of the time. The other 2% is Top Gun or some other variation of Navy piloting.
** Make that 98%/1.5%/[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InBXu-iY7cw 0.5%]]

@@/{{thatother1dude}}: From that same article:
* In {{Warhammer 40000}}, [[SuperSoldier Space Marines]] get most of the glory for any battle that they participate in, while the [[RedshirtArmy Imperial Guard]] really does most of the actual fighting; if the Space Marines were the tip of the spear of the Imperial military, the ImperialGuard would be the rest of the spear head, the shaft, and ''the person holding it''.
{{Tropers/Zadia}}: I give a Made Of Win and several cookies to everyone who put all the snarky comments relating to {{Filler}} on the AmericanIdol page. You guys made my morning. * distributes cookies*
{{Tropers/ChaoticBrain}}: When shown a picture of [[DextersLaboratory Major Glory]] in the article for Captain Geographic and asked "Can you guess where he's from?", s/he replied [[http://www.flags.net/LIBE.htm#LIBE0001 Liberia?]] I give up.

@/LooneyToons: ...Um... What?

@/MrDeath: I ''think'' it's referring to the picture on CaptainGeographic and its caption.

@/LooneyToons: Ah! Yes, I think you're right. The lack of a link to the actual page threw me.

@/{{Specialist290}}: Honestly, that one would work better if he were black. Still, it's pretty clever.

@/{{Dracosummoner}}: When I saw Liberia, I got confused and thought of [[UnfortunateImplications Action Hank]].
Tropers/MasterTMO: One Made of Win to the '''entire''' TV Tropes site, for crashing right as I clicked on the UnwinnableByDesign link.
* Apparently my comment came across as complaining or being a jerk and got deleted. It was not meant that way. I thought it was funny/ironic that the site chose that moment to crash. Certainly not worth complaining over. Site crashes happen. Timing like that doesn't always. :)
@/{{T-Jack}}: It was certainly not [[{{Irony}} ironic]].
* Tropers/MasterTMO: * twitch* Somehow posting this has gone from a light-hearted fun thing to something akin to presenting my thesis before a hostile review board.
** Tropers/DougSMachina: Attempting to be lighthearted and getting slammed? You can't win.
*** Tropers/MasterTMO: UnwinnableByDesign here too, eh? Ah well, such is life. At least I didn't spend $50 buying a new copy of this site from the store. ;)

Tropers/LadyNorbert: I'd like to nominate Tropers/MasterTMO for a Made of Win based on his responses throughout the above exchange.
* Tropers/MasterTMO: I cheerfully and happily accept this MOW statue .... they mispelled my name on the plaque. Figures. :)
{{Tropers/Haldo}}: To whoever summarized the plot of RomeoAndJuliet on its JustBugsMe page.

{{Tropers/Zadia}}: Seconded so very much.

{{Tropers/RavenGrave}}: Thirded with passion.
@/{{SgtFrog1}}: One Made Of Win to Twentington for his/her haiku on ''ThePriceIsRight''. I watched that show for the better part of nine years (and still watch it occasionally) and I never realized that the lines near the beginning of every show can form a haiku.
@/{{Specialist290}}: One to @/{{Solle}}, for the image on DiscreditedMeme. Sums up what so many of us have been thinking.
* Already deleted by @/{{AlirozTheConfused}}. [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/cut_that_meme_out_4579.jpg here]]'s what it was, for future reference.
* DragonQuestZ: I put it back. There was no reason to delete it, as it's a perfectly good example of this.
* I was the one who deleted it. It's just one meme (Batman Being Badass) overriding another meme (Candlejack).
@/{{RegalStar}}: Whoever made/found the image for WithCatlikeTread.
{{Tropers/Jordan}}: To whoever wrote the Laconic page for {{Gundam 00}}: "A Middle Eastern ex-terrorist and his friends fight Gender-Queer androids with giant robots." It's funny because it's true.
{{Tropers/Digamma}}: One to slvstrChung for pulling together this huge, comprehensive entry on TheTrojanWar.

{{Tropers/Zadia}}: Seconded. That's one epic page.
{{Tropers/Haven}}: One to Tzetze for cleaning up ''{{Homestuck}}''. It looks a lot nicer now; let's try to make it last.
{{Tropers/Glowsquid}}: One to Warron for fixing the self-demonstrating BrianBlessed page.
DRoy: a MOW for whoever responsible for The NEW [[TheStinger Stinger]] of [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel/DoctorWho Doctor Who High Octane Nightmare Fuel page]]. Haha, really brilliant. [[supersecretspoiler:[[HighOctaneNightmareFuel in a really horrifying way.]]]]
* Seconded by Mariecat: Ha that's fantastic!
MiracleWhipHipster: A made of win to whoever stuck a sad-face emoticon linking to TheWoobie after the story of the manga author trapped in an AndIMustScream type scenario. Brilliant.

{{Tropers/Egak}}: Uh... where, exactly?

{{Tropers/Geoduck}}: It's after the entry for Kyouko Okazaki under Real Life on AndIMustScream. (I assume that's what's being referenced.)
* One huge made of win to everyone who has been helping clean up after the vandal blanking troper pages.
* If this hasn't already been [=MOWed=]: to the writer of [[{{WMG/Avatar}} the first WMG for the Avatar movie]], [[Tropers.DavinValkri This Troper]] sends his thanks and "F*** YEAHS!" across the tubes. It turns what this troper thought was an uninspired high-budget film into a wonderful subversion of cinema tropes that leaves him grinning stupidly.
* Tropers/{{Deuxhero}}: Whoever put the picture on OurAngelsAreDifferent. FINALLY! People who portray angels as winged humans have obviously never read the bible (Seriously, we get our first description of their nightmare inducing appearance in '''Genesis''', the '''first''' part! how do you miss that?). Where exactly is the picture from though?
** Tropers/HydroGlobus: Just chirping in to add a seconding, and that the first thing angels say to anyone they come to meet is "don't be afraid". Guess why.
** As best I can find out, the page image is a scan from [[http://store.white-wolf.com/Night-Horrors-Wolfsbane-P5626.aspx this book]]. It's not anywhere else on the web except our Angels page, at least according to TinEye.

* Tropers/ROBRAM89: Second, and second to wanting a hi-res version of the picture.
* Tropers/{{Reflextion}}: Everyone who contributed to the SugarWiki ''SugarWiki/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' page (sadly, the edit history only shows two contributors, Tropers/{{bjt71988}} and Tropers/{{urutapu}}).
* Tropers/{{Specialist290}}: I'd like to nominate the following (from the HighOctaneNightmareFuel/{{Warhammer 40000}} HighOctaneNightmareFuel page) for showing how Troper humor can shine through even the GRIMDARKNESS of the far future:

* Um... he once built one of those "solely as a token of worship" cathedrals by working the entire population of a planet to death, and then crowning it with their skulls.
** To be fair, it was a really awesome cathedral.
Tropers/DragonQuestZ: Don't know who added this, but whoever added the second bullet point in the trope example in ''CodeGeass''. It got my first genuine groan from any pun I read on TVTropes.
* ProductPlacement: Pizza Hut and, less [[MemeticMutation memetically]], the Japanese ISP BIGLOBE.
** Wouldn't it make more sense for them to use [[IncrediblyLamePun NetZero]]?
@/{{Cassius335}}: A [=MoW=] to whoever came up with the groan-inducing title DidNotChooTheResearch.
** @/{{Taeraresh}}: Seconded. GrievousBottleyHarm is still my favorite bad pun trope name, but this is really close.
** @/{{SgtFrog1}}: Thirded, even though my personal favorite is the sun-based index, {{Heliotropes}}.
** @/{{thatother1dude}}: None of those rival "MorallyAmbiguousDucktorate" for horrible puns.
@/{{Malchus}}: As a fan of silly word play, good or lame, I wholeheartedly third this [=MoW=].
* @/TheFan: One for whoever added this to CompensatingForSomething " Alternatively, if your accuser is female, simply say the following: "Well, you know what they say about women who accuse men of having small penises. They have CAVERNOUS vaginas!" then sit back and watch her shut the hell up.
** Somebody watches ''CurbYourEnthusiasm.'' "These big vagina ladies are getting away with murder!"
* @/{{Merton}}: One to whoever wrote the ElSanto page. That thing's awesome.
Tropers/DragonQuestZ: To {{Tropers/Soliferrum}} for the new {{BFG}} picture.
* Cobra: One MOW to @/UnknownTroper for the comment in RonTheDeathEater in which the (absurdly appropriate) name for any MarySue to be found in a Tolkien fanfic is defined and set in stone: Marisuthiel.
** Credit probably goes to [[http://msgboard.snopes.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=15;t=002279;p=2 Cactus Wren]] from {{Snopes}} discussion board.
* @/{{Enlong}}: Whoever came up with the idea of the Edit Tips, thank you very much. They're all great suggestions that should hopefully cut down on some very common problems.

* @/{{Cassius335}}: I dunno. Someone may want to take the guy who wrote Edit Tip #0 aside and explain the very nature of a wiki to him. "Look like they were written by the same person"? Who's he trying to fool?

* @/{{Rothul}}: I love the concept that we want someone to come to this site, and be thoroughly convinced that the entire thing was written by a singular demi-god of media.

* @/{{Grimace}}: I call him "Trevor".

* @/{{BLOODPOUCH}}: What the tip means is that we don't "I" or "ThisTroper" on a Main page. And @/{{Madrugada}} is a woman.

* I like the EditTips and commend their creator. Even better, Tip #0 makes me imagine that the Main author and "This Troper" are [[ArchEnemy arch-enemies]].
** @/{{Moocow1452}}: So who is ThatTroper then?
*** @/TripleElation: There's no "ThatTroper", it was the Main Author all along! He turned us against the BigGood! [[UnwittingPawn We've been played for fools]]! Can't you see? CAN'T YOU SEE?!

* @/{{Haven}}: #0 is actually the most helpful, IMO. There are a lot of really terrible edits that keeping that in mind could alleviate.

* @/SchizoTechnician: Indeed. Our biggest problems, stylistically, are WordCruft complaining about lack of notice from other tropers (e.g., "I can't believe nobody has mentioned x yet..." instead of "x is an example because..."), and JustifyingEdit stuff that turns the page into a ThreadMode conversation (e.g., Character X doesn't really count, because FreudianExcuse #327. Character Y, on the other hand, is the very epitome of this trope", instead of eliminating the reference to character x and adding a reference to character y). By reminding people that we want to be Trevor and not our individual selves, we remind them to cut back on those faux pauxs.
** Also, I propose that we officially begin referring to the Hive Mind as Trevor from now on.
*** [[HomestarRunner TVTropes is a vampire and]]
*** '''''JOIN ME IN THE TREVOR'''''
* @/{{Metalitia}}: I'd like to give a MOW to Tropers/PhoenixFire for fixing up my Laconic/FullmetalAlchemist entry and making it actually sound awesomer than my original post. :)
** @/PhoenixFire Thanks. It just sounded a little awkward to me, so I fiddled with the wording. (Also, I'd like to give some kudos to the anonymous editor who added [[TheNapoleon the short joke]])
* @/{{Rothul}}: A MOW to the writer(s) of the randomly appearing editing tips. Useful ''and'' snarky. Can we get a collection of them on one page?
** @/{{Micah}}: Seconded, to both halves.
** @/{{Erkhyan}}: Thirded. I certainly appreciated comparing a ''partially subverted trope'' to ''a partially pregnant woman''.
** @/{{BLOODPOUCH}}: I think @/{{Madrugada}} was responsible for them.
** @/{{Madrugada}}: Thanks for the compliment, but in fact it was @/DragonQuestZ who first suggested short editing tips on the edit page. I ''did'' write a bunch of them, though, including the "partially subverted = a little bit pregnant" one (which I was quite proud of, so knowing someone else appreciates it feels really good). So I'll accept that MOW. And all of the tips in use, plus many more that have been suggested but may or may not be added are on the TipsWorksheet
* Marcella: A MOW to whoever put the image and caption on the page for BillClinton. First time this troper both laughed ''and'' groaned at something she saw on here.
* Tropers/{{Ingonyama}}: To Tropers/{{DracMonster}}, who potholed, on the EveryoneIsSatanInHell page, the discussion of the disagreement between all the various Christian sects to BrokenBase. Incredibly apt, and the image of each denomination acting like disgruntled fans and going off to make their own "one true church" because they don't like another group's doctrine/character interpretation/revelation/way of running things/reliance or lack thereof on Scripture/falling into sin etc. etc. etc. is fricking hilarious. And a special honorable mention to Tropers/{{Moogi}} for "It's Satanically delicious!"
** @/{{Madrugada}} Seconded. The little ditty ''"If it's longer than it's wide, then it's phallic. ..."'' is also a gem.
Tropers/{{Gorank}}: This exchange in ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill (note the links):
* Take a Lv.100 Heatran (highest special attack of all fire types), give it Choice Specs (boosts special attacks), boost its natural special attack all the way up, change the weather to sunny, activate Heatran's Flash Fire, and attack the above Paras with Overheat, the strongest Fire-type attack Heatran can learn. ''Put that through a damage calculator, and the damage reaches the millions.'' That would essentially erase that Paras from existence.
** [[NightmareFuel THANK YOU.]] I did the proper calculation. A Level 100 Heatran at max Sp ATK with his ability active, in a sunny field, wearing Choice Specs, using Overheat and getting a Critical Hit with Helping Hand added in against the weakest Level 1 Paras, has the potential for...wait for it...[[OverNineThousand 6]][[KillItWithFire ,]][[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill 2]][[BeyondTheImpossible 5]][[DeaderThanDead 5]][[NeverFoundTheBody ,]][[StuffBlowingUp 2]][[MurderByCremation 0]][[ImpressivePyrotechnics 7]][[HighOctaneNightmareFuel .]]

@/{{thatother1dude}}: Are you sure about that? Does that take in account that a stat can't be raised higher than 999 (which max Special Attack Heatran would reach by just having it's Special Attack raised by 6 levels), or does Choice Scarf allow for stats to go higher than that like Thick Club does?
@/{{thatother1dude}}: Whoever put the ''OnePiece'' example and accompanying links in StepThreeProfit.

{{Fyrewyre}}: To whoever changed the {{Deadpool}} page to be in first person. L. O. Freaking L.

DRoy: Darn you! You beat me to it!

Tropers/ChrisX: Thank you, but while I spurred the first change, this win doesn't completely belong to me. It should be shared by many many tropers that continued after me.


{{Kizor}}: My thanks to the troper who added this to BlackoutBasement. It shouldn't rock, yet it's hilarious and one of the better examples of our prose.
* ''Bioshock'' has the rather alarmingly black segment involving you and the shotgun you've just managed to find. You know you want it, you've been waiting for it, it's the barrel of laughs that discharges lead plugs into people! Here you go, here's thirty rounds on the house. Now I'm gonna kill the lights and send screaming crazy people at you from all directions. There is nothing more disconcerting in this game than voices from the dark howling about their lost and/or exploded babies, quests to find Jesus, dead husbands/wives or a bizarre mixture of the three.

@/DrMutton: I bestow one Win to whomever the Simpsons picture/caption on JerkWithAHeartOfGold belongs to.
@/TheJackal: I give one to everyone on PleaseNoNatter. Because, like all this wiki's greatest moments, it serves a serious purpose and is absolutely hilarious at the same time. Bravo.
@/{{Zadia}}: I give a Made of Win to the troper on the Lady Gaga Wild Mass Guessing page who did a track-by-track breakdown of how ''The Fame Monster'' is a TakeThat to ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''.

@/DocMatthews: Appreciated. It started off as a joke between me and one of my friends, so I decided to turn it into a full-blown satirical essay. The people on the official Lady Gaga forums didn't get it, so I thought my sense of humor would be more appreciated here. Haha.
DRoy:One for whoever created [[WMG/RealLife Real Life Wild Mass Guessing]].
@/{{Zadia}}: Seconded so freakin' much.
Tropers/ChrisX: I am an Indonesian. However, reading the satirical entries of the Useful Notes of [[UsefulNotes/{{Indonesia}} Indonesia]] just... made me laugh. Props to the Indonesian tropers who did this!
'''Continued in MadeOfWinArchiveEarly2010.'''