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[[caption-width-right:300:You, ordinary guy, are a sissy girl in their eyes.]]

->''"Every man ought to be a macho macho man\\
Have the kinda body always in demand"''
-->-- '''The Music/VillagePeople''', "Macho Man"

In most Western media, a man who is CampGay is usually of thin or average build. Not so here. Macho Camp is what you get when a campish character looks large and muscular, most often to bodybuilder level builds. Some are in the TransparentCloset, and vehemently deny their gayness, while others are quite open about it, and [[AmbiguouslyGay sometimes it's just never addressed]], but one thing's for sure: it's ''really'' not something you want to tease them about. They ''do'' have muscles on muscles, after all.

Though the trope usually involves campy behavior, such characters are also often portrayed [[TestosteronePoisoning as being so overly manly that it becomes impossible to take seriously]]. These types tend to be prone to flexing and talking about how macho they are, all the while being a rather obvious gay stereotype.

This stereotype is somewhat more common in East Asian cultures (where it has become the default gay stereotype, as [[{{Bishonen}} fashion-conscious pretty boys]] are more associated with heterosexuals there) than in the US, but is still seen in Western media (Wrestling/RicFlair being a well-know example). Almost always PlayedForLaughs, such characters are often introduced to be PluckyComicRelief, or [[DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale to hit on the straight guy who can do little to stop it]]. In Japan, the stereotype has been named "Hard Gay".

While it's possible to be camp but not gay, combining this trope with CampStraight is difficult to do in a way that doesn't just look like a straightforward case of TestosteronePoisoning or perhaps RealMenWearPink. And while there's nothing really stopping writers from creating bisexual or asexual MachoCamp characters, it's rather uncommon.

See also CampGay. Contrast with StraightGay. If a muscular-looking character is gay, but not a stereotype, then he's ManlyGay. If you're looking for ''works'' that are both campy and macho, see TestosteronePoisoning. May overlap with the BaraGenre in Japanese media.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Scarron from ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero''.
* Muscle Okama from ''Manga/ZettaiKarenChildren''. Besides the leather getup, his psychic ability is crotch beams. As if calling a Macho Camp character [[http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/okama "okama"]] weren't enough...
* Despite the large number of cute PettingZooPeople girls in the show and Keita's clear interest in them, ''LightNovel/{{Inukami}}'' has plenty of manservice in the form of Macho Campers; disturbingly so. Keita is on the receiving end of most of it, and is ''respected'' among the fetish and Macho Camp communities. The show has plenty of CensorSteam in the form of elephants on top of all this. It even goes so far as to give these men their own [[SpecialEditionTitle version of the ending]] once.
* Parodied in the FanService showdown in ''Manga/AoiHouse In Love!''
* Borderline case: Gateau Mocha from ''Manga/SorcererHunters''. More exactly, a ''Macho Bisexual'' who ''loves'' to flirt with not only girls but with his friend Marron, a very girly-looking {{bishonen}}. [[DubText Even more in the dubs.]]
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', one of Barragan's ''fraccion'' is the [[CampGay very flamboyant]], yet very muscular Charlotte Cuuhlhorne. Though there is a small chance he may [[AmbiguouslyGay just be a crossdresser...]]
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'''s Garfiel. Though he might be more of a CampGay character depending on how you interpret him (he even cross-dresses from time to time and has an over-the-top feminine walk).
** Alex Louis Armstrong might count as this, although there's only one incident in the whole manga that goes even as far as innuendo about his sexual orientation. Then again, this trope may [[{{Catchphrase}} have been passed down]] [[RunningGag the Armstrong Line for generations!]]
* It's somewhat doubtful that [[LargeHam Geki Hyuuma]], the comm-crushing, tanktop-spacesuit-wearing, ever-flexing (even in space) Lancer of ''Anime/GaoGaiGar'''s Gutsy Galaxy Guard is actually gay. But it is certain that he takes this trope as far as his {{Hot Blooded}}ness, which is to say that eleven is a good start.
* Hapshiel the Angel from ''Manga/MacademiWasshoi''. Finea, Eneus' little sister, is repeatedly sent to him by Eitarou in episode nine and, despite the scarring she most likely got from seeing a muscular man in very little kiss her multiple times over, ''keeps going back''.
* In the DistantFinale of ''Anime/DragonBallZ'', Trunks is horrified to discover that his opponent (named Otokosuki, or "man-love") looks ManlyGay but ''acts'' CampGay and is positively ''thrilled'' that Trunks is such a pretty young man.
** General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army from ''Manga/{{Dragonball}}'' also comes across as both {{Camp}} and Macho Camp (but calling him gay is his BerserkButton). General Blue, the [[LaughablyEvil humorously homosexual]], yet frighteningly powerful villain who gives Goku a run for his money until he is [[YouHaveFailedMe killed]] by billion-[[GratuitousJapanese zeni]] mercenary Tao Pai Pai.
* Lussuria from ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn''. See also DepravedHomosexual and CampGay.
* Mokoyama from ''Manga/YakitateJapan'' is a big muscle-man who's into crochet and baking pastries, and likes to refer to his rival Ken Matsuhiro as "Ken-chan".
* [[MeaningfulName Alain Delon]] in ''Manga/{{Beelzebub}}'' is turning (maybe {{flanderization}}?) into ''such'' a CampGay, with touches of {{Gayngster}}, working for Hell and all. There may still be ObfuscatingStupidity at work, but nothing's sure.
* France from ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' falls under this - he's got that PermaStubble paired with that long, luscious and high-maintenance hair, for starters. Most art makes him rather muscular, some doesn't. But he's [[ExtremeOmnisexual pansexual]] rather than gay.
* Sugarboy from ''Manga/FairyTail''.
* ''Manga/OnePunchMan'': Pri-Pri-Prisoner. Muscled enough to rip ''[[FullFrontalAssault all his clothes]]'' when he flexes, and gay enough that his superheroing uniform's a cute little sweater with a big red heart in it. And also has... self-restraint problems when it comes to handsome men, which are why he's a prisoner to start with (he put himself there so as to not use his spare time just chasing them).

* ''Film/{{Stardust}}'' has Captain Shakespeare, hiding inside a TransparentCloset. Granted, in private he's very much a CampGay, but it's undeniable that he's badass and a very competent pirate.
* [[spoiler:The black firefighter]] in ''Film/INowPronounceYouChuckAndLarry'' became this once he came out.
* ''Film/{{Phantom of the Paradise}}'' features Beef, a barrel-chested, lisping, makeup-wearing, Music/{{Meat Loaf}}-adjacent glam rocker. Beef is the rare blend of this trope and Trope/{{Camp Gay}}, with an added dash of [[spoiler: Trope/{{Bury Your Gays}}.]]

* [[Characters/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness Laharl]]'s uncle [[Characters/DisgaeaNovels Vesuvius]] from the ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' [[LightNovel/DisgaeaNovels novels]] is a very feminine macho man. He talks like a woman and literally [[RealMenWearPink wears pink]], but it's unknown if he is truly gay because he is married to a woman, a really horrible woman at that. Though it just might be because he is such a [[TooKinkyToTorture masochist]] and she is a TortureTechnician.
* Mua, the huge, muscular valet to the Dancers in "Cata", the Creator/JohnRingo and Jody Lyn Nye story in the Shared Universe book ''Exile: Clan of the Claw''. Interesting twist in that he's a non-human version of this being a [[CatFolk feline humanoid]]. Word to the wise, do not [[BerserkButton hurt his lover Emero]] or he will get Bronze Age on your ass.

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* Music/{{Rammstein}}'s videoclip for ''[[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x131q2_rammstein-mann-gegen-mann_music Mann Gegen Mann]]'' is ''all over'' this trope. Probably {{NSFW}}, by the way.
** More context -- Rammstein has a history of having fun with their status as a generally left-wing band with a right-wing fanbase. In "Mann Gegen Mann" (literally: "man against man" -- in context, "man rubbing up against man man"), they have a bit of fun at the expense of the homophobes among their fans while playing out the usual straight stereotype of "gay men have an easier time looking for sex." The multi-racial man-orgy in the video is an extra {{Take That}} to any racists in their fanbase.
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO43p2Wqc08 Macho Man]]" by Music/TheVillagePeople.
* Music/FreddieMercury, Music/{{Queen}}'s resident LargeHam, enjoyed invoking this trope by mixing homoerotic innuendo and imagery (like cross-dressing in the music video for "I Want to Break Free") with an overload of masculinity (like his PornStache, CarpetOfVirility, and muscular physique).

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestlers with particularly flamboyant stage personalities get accused of this even if its not part of their angle. One of the earliest was Wrestling/RicFlair (who would often make his entrance in floor length sequined coats with fur trimming).
* This is partially because the prototypical example GorgeousGeorge, ''did'' have this as part of his angle (he was not the first ambiguously gay professional wrestler, but was the first one to make it ''really'' big.)

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'''s famous Honeybee Inn sequence, if Cloud chooses the "Group Room", he ends up stuck in a room full of these types, led by a man named Mukki. If he instead picks the "&$#% Room", after having a mild panic attack, Cloud will be woken up rather violently by Mukki... and the preceding text strongly implies that he was ''masturbated'' first.
* ''VideoGame/BreathOfFire'' often tend to feature battles with muscly, oily men in speedos... often with [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere absolutely no explanation whatsoever]].
* An enemy type in ''VideoGame/{{Elona}}''. Despite the name, the Macho Camper has the appearance of a punk or gang member (also enemy types), and [[SuicideAttack explodes on contact]] as their primary and ''only'' method of attack, making them almost no different from the [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Kamikaze]] [[TakingYouWithMe Samurai]].
* ''VideoGame/ChoAniki'' is largely based on this, especially the later games. (It currently provides the illo for this trope.) Nearly nude muscle men fly around space shooting gooey energy out of their phallic heads to do battle with other naked space monsters that are usually conglomerations of big muscular men with fairy wings or something. Please [[http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/sexual-games/10.php see here]] for a comprehensive analysis of this series. It's something that should not be missed. Really.
* ''VideoGame/MuscleMarch'' is about several overly muscular half-naked men running in a row while flexing their muscles in various ways.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_s7iCOj9HU This ad]] shows what the game is about while in itself being a perfect example of this trope.
* ''VideoGame/ViolentStorm'' has Julius, who even ATTACKS BY FLEXING. [[{{Catchphrase}} Beauty Is Power]] indeed.
* Silver and Gold from ''VideoGame/GodHand''. They look Macho Camp/ManlyGay, they act CampGay. It's funny until they start beating the ''ever-loving hell'' out of you.
* Kanji from ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' is afraid of being seen as this, or even stereotypically gay, just because he's, well... confused. Unfortunately for him, his Shadow plays it up for all that its worth, with a boss fight against it in the form of a muscle-bound body, a rose bouquet for a head (which is the [[BaraGenre 'gay male' flower]]), and Shadow-Kanji's naked torso hanging out of it, escorted by two ''VideoGame/ChoAniki''-style minibosses.
* Half of ''VideoGame/KessenII'''s cast is running dangerously close with extravagance piled upon muscles piled upon extravagance. And funny hats.
* ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'': Joachim Valentine and The Great Gama carry a noticeable aura that says basically, "Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't crush your bones." Also, you unlock another character's special modes by paying a CampGay tailor with ''trading cards'' of men.
* In ''VideoGame/SuperGemFighter'', Sakura has a special attack that summons a bunch of Macho Camp men to grab the opponent, run offscreen with him, and... well, [[DiscretionShot whatever it is that they're doing to him]], it involves about 20 hits of damage. And then Sakura's opponent is thrown back onto the screen, looking like s/he actually enjoyed it, male or female...
* The third game in the ''VideoGame/StreetsOfRage'' series had a Macho Camp miniboss named Ash who ran around, bodyslammed you, and then giggled like a little girl. When you beat him, he'd sit on the ground and cry. After beating him, you could use him as a player character. For obvious reasons, he was {{dummied out}} of the US version -- although it's still possible to play him using VideoGame/GameGenie codes.
* A very distinct version of this trope, the often crazy ''VideoGame/GanbareGoemon'' game series. The psychics that tell you where to go to advance the story are wearing very little, surrounded by dancing, buff male statues. Similarly, the game "punishes" you for getting a game over by showing the "Continue?" option surrounded scantily-clad oni hula-hooping at you. If you choose to continue, the oni will start hula-hooping towards the camera. Oh, did we mention that the camera is placed at crotch level?
* Gallacher from ''Absolute Obedience'' is an example, and the only main character to not actually engage in any of the sex scenes. Which isn't all that surprising, given the [[YaoiFangirl target audience]].
* Ryan Yamazaki in ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle''. He's fittingly the owner of a gym and gives Travis TrainingFromHell while also flirting with him.
* ''Mount Your Friends'': You control a muscular athlete whose goal is to climb a pile of similarly muscular athletes. It's as homoerotic as it sounds.
* In ''VideoGame/AbsoluteDespairGirls'', Kurokuma sarcastically asks Nagito if he's this in the Japanese version, referencing the chained SlaveCollar he wears.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Jean Armstrong from ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations'' is a beefy fellow obsessed with aromatherapy, the color pink, and other feminine things. He even refers to himself as a woman (occasionally, he obviously does not believe he is a woman), and flirts with both Phoenix and Godot fairly blatantly.
* Chousen, the {{Genderflip}}ped version of Diao Chan in ''VisualNovel/KoihimeMusou''. [[http://www.tactics.ne.jp/%7Ebaseson/koihime/chara.htm#chousen Enjoy]] the scary, kids!

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Montrose from ''Machinima/TheLeetWorld'' is this ''and'' CampGay, with his character model being with bared, muscled arms and a bandana, being called the best shot on the Terrorist team aside from Cortez by Cortez, and having an unforgettable comeback line -- but he has said something which really make you say "gay." And was the character most pre-concerned with cleaning up the house.
* In the AlternateHistory story ''Literature/MaleRising'', [[spoiler:UsefulNotes/TheodoreRoosevelt]] is this as a result of the butterfly effect. One reader noted that it gives a whole new meaning to the term [[spoiler:"Bull Moose"]]. Still no less badass, though he becomes a noted pacifist instead of a war hawk, and he directs his energies (not ''those'' kinds!) into journalism instead of the military [[spoiler:and the Presidency]].
* The [[PraetorianGuard Adeptus Custodes]] have become [[https://youtu.be/R9w_uoUHgiE this]] in ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice''. It's presented as a [[DeconstructedTrope devolution from their previous mannerisms]], since the Emperor would rather they be out crusading and protecting mankind rather than sitting in the palace working out their boredom through muscle-oiling contests.
* Vineswole, one of ''WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}}'''s mascots, seems to embody this trope.
* This suits Gilmore from ''WebVideo/CriticalRole'' better than CampGay. He's flamboyant and fabulous and full of HoYay to be sure, but in his first appearance he's described as having "big, meaty hands" and a goatee, and he can lift Vax into the air and over a countertop with relative ease.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* He-Man, the eponymous hero of ''WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983'', has often been interpreted as such, as his character design seemed based around revealing as much skin as was legal in a G-rated cartoon, and in his civilian garb he wore a pink shirt. Many camera shots also seem intended to have shown his flesh, but his onscreen behavior sometimes did, and sometimes did not, corroborate the fan theory.
** Ironically, [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse2002 the 2000's reboot]] has Creator/CamClarke as the voice actor for He-Man[=/=]Prince Adam, and he actually is gay.
** Talking about it, Uruguayan WebOriginal parody maker [=ElBananero=] once took this concept about ''He-Man'' and just [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbddbrYZzlw ran away with it.]] Depending on your views, it may be either [[DudeNotFunny offensive]] or [[SoBadItsGood utterly stupid]] and [[RuleOfFunny hilarious]].
* The second ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo'' pilot ends with the titular character getting blown off the Island of Beautiful Women and ending up on "the Island of Beautiful Men". Needless to say, after trying to score with an entire tribe of Amazon women, this was most certainly NOT what he was hoping for.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': "Homer's Phobia"' featured a number of this type at a steel mill. Homer had thought that seeing American Joes hard at work would "cure" Bart of his (believed) homosexuality. It didn't. [[WorkHardPlayHard "We work hard -- we]] ''[[WorkHardPlayHard play]]'' [[WorkHardPlayHard hard!"]]
-->'''Bart:''' Dad, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill?\\
'''Homer:''' I... don't know.
* Shore Leave of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', who combines a CampGay attitude with the kind of physique appropriate to his job as a special ops agent. His first appearance with a group of other agents even looks like Music/TheVillagePeople.
* Mr. Slave from ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', often seen along with (CampGay) Mr. Garrison.
* In the episode "Workin' the Steel" on ''WesternAnimation/SonsOfButcher'', Ricky tries to get advice on how to score with women from two guys who fit this trope. They're fond of calling anything that doesn't fit within their view of masculinity "queer".

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Philippe, Duke of Orleans (1640-1701), younger brother of King UsefulNotes/LouisXIV of France. Openly gay and flamboyantly effeminate, he was also a genuine military hero. In his youth he was recognised for his personal courage at the battles of Tournai and Douai, and he also achieved great success as a commander by defeating the Dutch at the Battle of Cassel in 1677.
* Creator/JohnBarrowman ''loves'' to invoke this trope. Being a LargeHam doesn't hurt either.
* Charles Nelson Reilly, star of the ''Series/MatchGame'' who showed signs of campiness, parodied himself by saying "Yo!" in a manly tone, talked about how "butch" he was, and on an Entertainment Tonight interview in 2002, never purposefully hid his gayness from anyone.