-->''Among men, Lu Bu. Among horses, Red Hare.''\\
-- The ''Cao Man Zhuan''

Style name: Feng Xian. Japanese name: Ryofu Housen.

One of the most well-known names from the ''RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'', Lu Bu (呂布 or 吕布) is well known as one of China's most powerful warriors, but also known in the novel for being [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder a backstabbing traitor]].

!Lu Bu in other media:
* ''VideoGame/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' by Koei, in which Lu Bu is a mainstay and usually well known for his impressive WAR stat. His only drawback is his dumbass INT, which makes him suspectible to ploys.
* ''DynastyWarriors''. Lu Bu is usually an antagonistic super boss, serving Dong Zhuo before striking on his own. There is a saying: "[[MemeticMutation Don't pursue Lu Bu.]]" You'd be best to heed that when you hear that being said. Although in your hand, he's usually a GameBreaker.
** This carries over in ''WarriorsOrochi'' where Lu Bu sided with Orochi to find worthy opponents throughout the ages. He finds two: Honda Tadakatsu in the first game, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune in the second game. Poor Orochi didn't take account of Lu Bu's backstabbing record, so he ended up betraying Orochi at one point.
* As with the genderflip ''IkkiTousen'', Lu Bu's counterpart is Ryofu, a troubled buxom girl who served under Toutaku (Dong Zhuo), but ended up betraying him and dying together with her lover Chinkyuu (... Chen Gong!?). She came back temporarily for the 3rd season.
* And again with genderflipping, in ''KoihimeMusou'', Lu Bu/Ryofu is instead an EmotionlessGirl who likes animals. This is really contrasting to the historical/novel impulsive and hotheaded Lu Bu.
* ''VideoGame/WorldHeroes'' features 'Lu Bu' as a playable character, here named Ryofu.
* In ''FateExtra'', Lu Bu becomes a Berserker-class Servant under Rani VIII.
* In ''{{Tekken}}'' although Lu Bu doesn't appear in person, Feng Wei has a move called 'Spear of Lu Bu' and he can be customized to look like he's wearing Lu Bu's attire.
* In the Panda Entertainment fighter/strategy game series ''SangoFighter'', Lu Bu is a rather unremarkable ''Dragon'' to CaoCao in the first game(having more moves than everyone else helps though), but gets a BadassUpgrade in the second. For starters, he has 3 bars(300HP) compared to everyone else's 2 in the strategy mode. For another, if you can't kill him in a single "round"(defined as every faction taking a turn), he completely heals up by the next, even if he was down to a single HP. Everyone else has to settle for 20/25/30 HP healed per turn. For gameplay balance, that's justifiable, since he's the only faction that has no backup generals, so if he loses, it's game over for his owner(CPU or player). He also has 3 different ways to use up his super bar(projectile/uppercut/grab), compared to most others' 1 or 2. Those with projectiles get upgraded projectiles, some have super grabs, others, like Xu Ju(the fat guy with the yellow do-rag) have ONLY the super grab(which makes him dangerous up close, as he won't accidentally use up his bar on anything else).
* ''The Manhua/RavagesOfTime'' has quite the subversion of the novel in its depiction of Lu Bu: [[spoiler:he's [[GeniusBruiser brawn ''and'' brains]], though just as backstabbing-prone... [[CreatorsPet not that the author minds that]]]].