Sometimes living in close proximity to an attractive person of the opposite sex can lead to more than just borrowing a cup of sugar. All too often, protagonists will end up falling in love. This can often lead to a minor character having a more significant role, or it could just end up as trouble.

Not to be confused with a 1970's British TV sitcom [[ValuesDissonance of the same name]] which was unremarkable for its time but so monumentally politically incorrect by today's standards that it could never be screened today. There was anything ''but'' love between a white racist and his West Indian next door neighbours and this was frequently expressed in interesting words of few syllables...


[[folder: Advertising]]
* The long-running ''Nescafe'' ads in both Australia and the UK where a man moves into the neighbourhood and is offered a coffee by his pretty neighbour. The Australian version was very sweet and the couple ends up married. The UK versions were a bit steamier.

[[folder: Live Action Television]]
* {{Desperate Housewives}}. Susan and Mike would be the main example of this one.
* {{Everwood}}. Andy and Nina.
* Monica and Chandler from {{Friends}} lived across the hall from each other.
* {{McLeods Daughters}}. Tess and Nick. Alex and Claire. Alex and Stevie. Kate and Riley. Taylor and Patrick.
* {{Neighbours}}. Enough said.
* Juan and Aurora from Series/SolamenteVos