->''You won't believe the things I can do now!''
-->-- [[AuthorCatchphrase A great many characters written by]] [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Furmanism Simon Furman]], ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}''

Occasionally, a character will either see fit to train, or, in some cases, be forced to train. This will take them away from their core group for a while, but they'll [[TookALevelInBadass Take A Level In Badass]] and come back stronger than ever.

Usually, during their absence, the core group will have to [[DeusExitMachina undertake a perilous journey or fight a group of enemies without Character X]]. One bad guy will give them trouble, and just when all hope seems lost, [[BigDamnHeroes Character X will appear and brutally manhandle the foe.]]

Character X likely went through TrainingFromHell to acquire this new strength, or had someone tell them TimeToUnlockMoreTruePotential. Compare TookALevelInBadass, which doesn't require leaving the core group, and BigDamnHeroes which doesn't require a training arc.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Yuusuke from ''YuYuHakusho'' goes away for six months between arcs to train with his new mentor Genkai, and returns with lots of nifty new techniques that he immediately has to use, since the second main story arc begins the same day he gets back.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''
** Kurosaki Ichigo; first when he unveils his brand new bankai in battle against Kuchiki Byakuya, and then when he uses his [[SuperPoweredEvilSide hollow mask]] against Grimmjow for the first time.
--> '''Ichigo :''' I can see you now, Kuchiki Byakuya !
** [[spoiler:Ichigo has a second instance after training in Dangai where he then proceeds to curb-stomp OneWingedAngel [[BigBad Aizen]].]]
** [[spoiler:A third instance after completing his Fullbring and a fourth when he regains his Shinigami powers]].
** This also happens with [[AloofAlly Ishida Uryu]] after he [[spoiler: loses his powers, then gets them back some eighty episodes later,]] finally showing them off almost twenty episodes after ''that.'' Fortunately, it's a pretty BadAss return.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''
** Lan Fan reappeared [[spoiler:after losing her arm]] by making mincemeat of Gluttony with her new [[ArtificialLimbs Automail]], saving Ed and Lin[[spoiler:/Greed]].
** Scar with his newly-revealed ability to [[spoiler:deconstruct AND RECONSTRUCT]]. WHAM!
* ''MahouSenseiNegima''
** After learning [[spoiler: Evangeline's Black Magic]], Negi gets a chance to show off just how powerful he's become, ripping through a group of bounty hunters after Kaede and Setsuna.
** He does it again later after perfecting his Thousand Bolts spell, this time beating the crap out of [[spoiler: Jack Rakan]]. In every chapter of the fight so far, barring the flashback-heavy ones, Negi pulls out one or two never-before-seen techniques. [[spoiler: Somewhat subverted in that he ''still'' can't beat Rakan. They end up fighting to a draw.]]
* In the final segments of ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaSoundStageX'', which is set three years after the events of the third season, Teanna reveals Nanoha's parting gift to her which she had been working on since we've last seen her and [[DungeonBypass helps Subaru escape from the burning Marine Garden]] by [[LockAndLoadMontage using every cartridge she has]] and uttering two words: [[spoiler: [[WaveMotionGun Starlight. Breaker.]]]]
* In the ''Manga/{{Shaman King}}'' manga, it is said that a shaman can only increase his spiritual power after a close encounter with the spirit world (i.e. death and resurrection and/or near-death experience). The closer the shaman gets to death, the larger the factor of the ability increase. We still get examples of this trope through old-fashioned TrainingFromHell, such as when Yoh emerges from the Hole of Yomi.
* Manga/{{Naruto}} does it ''in the first episode/volume'' when he first busts out what will become his signature move, not to mention twice first [[spoiler: when he shows up against a nigh-immortal opponent to backstab him with a newly-developed technique that seems to function like a blender crossed with an artillery shell]], and second when [[spoiler: he is summoned back to the village and starts wiping the floor with the seemingly-invincible Pain using his newly-learned "[[SuperMode Sage Mode]]". Then later after taking control of Kyuubi's power he can among other things make Mini-Rasenshuriken and ''BeamSpam'' them, turning him into a [[OneManArmy One Man]] BadassArmy]].
* ''SoulEater'': Black Star's return in the Baba Yaga arc. He left after a series of defeats led him to find a different way to train and figure out the Nakatsukasa Purpose. He comes back knocking aside every Arachnaphobia mook unfortunate enough to be in his path (his presence enough that Kid can sense his soul from the middle of the castle), and arrives in time to fight [[spoiler: Mifune with an impressive new set of techniques and lend a hand in taking down the pseudo-Kishin Arachne by, typically, sheer force of will]].
* ''KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'' combines this with MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours, but with an (anti-)''villain'' instead of the hero. Tsuji Shinnosuke (a.k.a. "the crazy-haired one") of the Ragnarok gang, after being defeated by Kenichi, withdraws into wilderness and trains hard to become stronger. When he eventually returns, he is appalled when finding out that his former gang has been disbanded after their key members had all been defeated by Kenichi.
* ''{{Dragonball}} Z'' did this four times:
## When Goku came BackFromTheDead and made a fool of Nappa.
## During the [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Ginyu Force]] arc, when Goku returned to the fray and mopped the floor with most of Ginyu's subordinates.
## When he comes back from Training [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: IN SPACE! ]]
to demonstrate his "[[TeleportersAndTransporters Instant Transmission]]" and
## When Vegeta showed up after some training, revealed himself to have become a [[SuperMode Super Saiyan]], and destroyed Android 19.
## And a psuedo-fifth if you count his return from Otherworld in the Buu Saga. Even though he never defeated anybody with it, he surprised everyone when he revealed that he discovered and mastered Super Saiyan 3. And actually didn't use it during his fight with Vegeta so that he wouldn't invoke this and embarrass him. (When Vegeta found out that Goku was holding back during their fight, he was ''pissed''.)
** Note that all four examples involve Saiyans. The race has a biological ability to come back from severe beatdowns and/or [[DeathIsCheap death]] much, much [[CameBackStrong stronger than before]], leading to heavy use of this trope.
* ''CodeGeass''
** Both Suzaku and Kallen get this when they get the final versions of their personal mecha. Kallen shows off the Guren SEITEN's energy wings and wired radiant wave arm in its debut battle, as well as effortlessly destroying a Knight of the Round and handing Suzaku his ass on a platter. The debut of the Lancelot Albion has Suzaku facing off against [[spoiler:''four'' Knights of the Round, killing two without breaking a sweat and performing a DiagonalCut on his former boss Bismarck.]]
** Lelouch gets this with the debut of the Shinkirou, showing off its battleship-level BeehiveBarrier and its scattering laser weapon at the climax of the Chinese Federation story arc.
* ''OnePiece'' doesn't do this too often--especially considering its LongRunner status (Usually because the characters learn the new moves as they go), but it does have a few points to note:
** A few instances in the Water 7 arc, most notably Nami's Perfect [[WeatherControlMachine Clima-Tact]] and Luffy's Gears.
** Coby, returning after taking a few [[TookALevelInBadass levels in badass]].
** The entire Fishman Island arc is this. The crew essentially one-shotted a group of [[BigBad Big Bads]] that seemed to be a perfectly logical next step in the series' SortingAlgorithmOfEvil by showing off their new skills honed during the two-year TimeSkip.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'' sees the strongest mages in the guild PutOnABus over a seven-year-long TimeSkip, and [[TheBusCameBack return]] to find that their minor-character friends have grown so strong, they can actually give the main character Natsu, one of the strongest members of the guild, a run for his money. Later on, [[spoiler:Ultear]] gives a PowerUp to the main cast so they can have a fighting chance for an upcoming tournament, and they're suddenly able to do twice as much as they've been able--most prominent is Lucy, who is known to succumb to fatigue after summoning multiple spirits one at a time and one after the other, but can now summon two at once without breaking a sweat.
* The finals arc of ''GGundam'' has this crossed with HonorBeforeReason, when Chibodee and George show Domon the new techniques they developed during the Guyana Highlands arc (the Machinegun Punch and Roses Hurricane respectively). They do this '''right before their scheduled matches against Domon''', allowing him to invent the God Shadow and God Slash Typhoon specifically to counter their new moves. Averted by Sai Saici[[note]]He gets into a sparring match with Allenby and starts to use his new move, but holds off partly because it's a DangerousForbiddenTechnique[[/note]] and justified by Argo[[note]]we see him using his new Gaia Crusher move against the opponents he fights before his battle with Domon[[/note]].
* Allen Walker from ''DGrayMan'' does this after the Fallen One / Deletion Ark. He comes back in Japan and seems to fight nearly on par with [[spoiler:The Millenium Earl]]. Perhaps arguable as the reason he left was because [[spoiler:his Innocence was 'destroyed' and he had to fight to even get back to his former level (which he surpasses).]]
* ''SenkiZesshouSymphogear G'' basically has its first two episodes as one long extended version of this, with all of the girls showing off their new looks, each using at least one new move, and Hibiki demonstrating her increased control over her armor, culminating in ''[[CrowningMomentofAwesome S2CA Tri Burst]]''.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* {{Transformers}} who get upgraded make a habit of doing this, especially in ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars''.
** In an issue of the [[ComicBook/TheTransformers Marvel comics]], this happens to Grimlock ''right before a fight breaks out'', immobilizing him in a sort of chrysalis, and just as the good guys seem to be on the ropes, the new Action Master Grimlock breaks free of his cocoon and goes to town.
* ''ComicBook/AllStarSuperman'' has a couple of these. When Superman is powered up by intense sun exposure in the first issue, he immediately extends a bioelectric aura around Quintum's sunship. Later he performs a number of super-feats employing newly acquired super-intelligence (although this is sort of a power that Superman has had on and off over the years.)

[[folder:Film -- Animated]]
* Played straight in ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'': the Furious Five take on Tai Lung and are soundly trounced all while Po is off training to be a true master. After it appears that [[spoiler: the Dragon Scroll is blank]] Shifu takes on his former pupil all alone. [[spoiler: It doesn't work.]] Finally, Po shows up and [[spoiler: demonstrates the wisdom he's gained from Shifu and the Scroll.]]

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* This is pretty much the standard way to break up a ProfessionalWrestling tag team; one partner will turn on and injure the other, putting him out of action for several months. He'll then run rampant through the midcard until his former partner returns from injury out of nowhere and beat him.
* On the fifth of March in 2010, Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards in the finals to crown Wrestling/RingOfHonor's Television Champion. The next year, Davey Richards, after training with Dan The Beast Severn, defeated the Now Ring Of Honor World Champion Eddie Edwards at ''Best In The World'', taking his championship and then successfully defending it against him at that year's ''FinalBattle''. This was mostly a straight example in that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards remained friends and continued to team as The American Wolves.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* This also appeared in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV''. Golbez appears and wipes the floor with Cecil's group, until Rydia returns and effectively destroys Golbez's summon.
* It happened in ''VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}'', when Poo returned from training and demonstrated his new power on a boss creature, obliterating it with PK Starstorm.
* In ''Project Justice'', the sequel to ''VideoGame/RivalSchools'', if you should lose as Batsu early in the Taiyo High storyline, he'll go away from his core team for a while, and then come back battle-scarred, but stronger than ever.
* In ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' games where there are route splits with different major plot events that give a particular character/mecha a new ability or a character gets an entirely new mech, this trope is often invoked if you field the unit you just got back.

[[folder: Web Original]]
* After a few months of video upload hiatus and borrowing ''Mario Party 4'', Clel of the ''LetsPlay/MarioPartyTV'' group returns to one of his weakest minigames, Revers-A-Bomb, and utterly dominates it.