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[-[[caption-width-right:242:[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto "Don't mess, sunshine. Or I'll kick yer bloody 'ead in. Understood, ponce?"]]]]-]

->''"TheMafia? Hah! I've shit 'em."''
-->-- '''Harold Shand''', ''Film/TheLongGoodFriday''

Since BritainIsOnlyLondon, London Gangsters are the British criminals we know best.

The London Gangster is a hard man in a sharp suit with a fondness for {{Cluster F Bomb}}s and CountryMatters. He'll tend to prefer roughing people up with his bare hands to using guns (gun control being very strict in the UK)[[note]]Whilst it would be possible for guns to be smuggled in, in certain cases acquired legally, or via the black market, the other reason these gangsters don't use guns is that gun crimes in the UK are extremely low compared to the US. Whilst a gun-based homicide could be common in the US, and therefore not looked into as thoroughly, British police don't get as many shootings as stabbings, and so investigate shootings more thoroughly, as there is a higher chance the gun was acquired illegally. Not using a gun also helps these characters keep the heat off.[[/note]], but ColdBloodedTorture isn't at all out of the question and the '''really''' nasty ones in fiction have a tendency to be {{Knife Nut}}s. He speaks in a working class East London, Cockney or South London accent, and his dense slang may feature a little [[YiddishAsASecondLanguage Yiddish]].[[note]]The East End of London traditionally had a large Jewish population, and some London Gangsters, like Jack Spot and the fictional Harry Stark, are [[KosherNostra Jews]].[[/note]]

TheDon of a London gang is usually a ShoutOut to the Kray twins, a pair of famous British gangsters in the [[TheFifties 50s]] and [[TheSixties 60s]]. He's a SelfMadeMan and/or NouveauRiche who's fiercely proud of having worked his way up from the gutter -- even if that "work" involved scaring other people into giving him money. He's [[AffablyEvil charismatic and generous]] when you're on his good side and a [[AxCrazy terrifying psychopath]] when you aren't.

Occasionally a particularly transparent ShoutOut to the Krays will go as far as featuring tropes from their lives, like BigBadDuumvirate, SiblingsInCrime, CreepyTwins, EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas, and {{Gayngster}}. As you might have gathered, the Kray twins are iconic in the UK -- Britain's answer to UsefulNotes/AlCapone.

We almost never see gangsters from OopNorth, despite [[UsefulNotes/FootballPopMusicAndFlatCaps Manchester and Liverpool]] having considerable levels of organised crime in real life. TheYardies, however (Afro-Caribbean gangs, originally from Jamaica) are bound to get a mention.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* Parodied in ''ComicBook/LeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen: Century: 1969'', which features [[MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover several fictional London gang bosses]], [[spoiler: all of whom were based on Ronnie Kray]].
* Creator/WarrenEllis' ''ComicBook/SwitchbladeHoney'' stars a deliberate {{Expy}} of Ray Winstone's London Gangster as ''captain of a [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries starship]]''.
* The Coopers in ''ComicBook/{{Hellblazer}}''. The gay brother (Norman) is almost harmless, Harry is the Krays TurnedUpToEleven and the demonically possessed CreepyChild Little Ronnie...Yikes! Their rivals are an Irish gang and a bunch of [[TheYardies yardies]].
** Later on in the series, Terry Greaves.
* Parodied with the AxeCrazy "Big Vern" in ''ComicBook/{{Viz}}'', who ends every strip by massacring everyone around him through a [[HairTriggerTemper paranoid misunderstanding]], and [[PinkMist blowing his own brains out]] so "the bastard cozzers" won't get him.
* Alistair Harper from ''ComicBook/VForVendetta'' fits most of the stereotypes (superficially charming, KnifeNut, has no problem torturing people), despite being [[FunetikAksent audibly]] Scottish.


[[folder: Film ]]

* The works of Creator/GuyRitchie are overflowing with London Gangsters. Often they have Kray-clones as the BigBad, such as Brick Top in ''Film/{{Snatch}}'', Hatchet Harry in ''Film/LockStockAndTwoSmokingBarrels'' (which does at least include Scouse burglars and upper-class drug dealers as well), and BaldOfEvil hard man "Miami Vice" in spinoff series ''Series/LockStock''.
* Creator/BobHoskins as Harold Shand in ''Film/TheLongGoodFriday''. He actually got a letter of congratulations from Ronnie Kray for his portrayal.
* Creator/MichaelCaine in ''Film/GetCarter'' plays a London Gangster who returns home OopNorth for a RoaringRampageOfRevenge. The film is slightly atypical for showing English organized crime outside of London, but the locals are clearly no match for Jack Carter.
* Michael Caine in ''Mona Lisa''.
* The real life brothers [[NonActorVehicle Martin and Gary Kemp]] of Music/SpandauBallet portrayed the infamous doppelgangsters in perhaps their most famous biopic, ''The Krays''.
* Most of the characters in ''Film/TheFootballFactory'', who partake in anti-social behaviour towards rival fans of their favourite soccer teams, with leaders that act like they're The Mafia.
* The next major open Kray Twins biopic was ''[[Film/{{Legend2015}} Legend (2015)]]'', with Creator/TomHardy playing both Ronnie and Reggie.
* Creator/RalphFiennes plays a foul-mouthed London Gangster in ''Film/InBruges''. Interestingly, his two subordinates are Irish.
* Many characters in ''Film/LayerCake'', with the notable exception of Creator/DanielCraig's character, who takes a lot of crap for not being as "manly" as the rest of them. It's deconstructed - [[NoNameGiven XXXX]] specifically states that he hates the standard stereotype, ' loud, attention-seeking, wannabe gangsters'. The standard example, known as the Duke, causes the entire plot [[spoiler: of stealing drugs from ''war criminals'' and saying he's working for XXXX's boss]] because he's a fucking idiot! And things quickly go down the drain for XXXX the second they run into each other. [[spoiler: It will also get you killed in the end, as the Duke, Jimmy and Crazy Larry all found out the hard way.]]
* Creator/GaryOldman (and several others) in ''Film/TheFirm'', about rival football firms (semi-organised gangs of FootballHooligans).
* This character is Creator/RayWinstone's bread and butter:
** In ''Film/TheDeparted'', he plays a London Gangster in Boston.
** In ''[[Literature/{{Ripliad}} Ripley's Game]]'', he is presented as an uncouth thug with pretensions to class who is pretty much the ButtMonkey of Creator/JohnMalkovich's DiabolicalMastermind take on Tom Ripley.
** In ''Film/SexyBeast'', he plays a ''former'' London Gangster who doesn't want to come back for OneLastJob.
** In ''44 Inch Chest'', he plays a gone-to-seed tough guy clearly going through some kind of crisis of masculinity in reaction to [[YourCheatingHeart his wife's infidelity]]. His crew meanwhile are egging him on to take revenge on her lover, who they've kidnapped and tied up in his living room, and they're watching carefully to see [[ARealManIsAKiller if he's still got what it takes]]. Other variations on the trope include Creator/JohnHurt as a DirtyOldMan and Creator/IanMcShane as a quietly menacing {{Gayngster}}.
* Vic Dakin in ''Villain''.
* Narcy in ''Film/TheyMadeMeAFugitive''. He runs a black market racket and has [[WouldHitAGirl no problem beating women]] to get what he wants.
* Much of the cast of ''Gangster No. 1''.
* The main characters of ''Film/NunsOnTheRun'' want to leave their gang after their new boss turns out to be too much like this.
* Despite being an arty hallucinogenic MindScrew, ''Film/{{Performance}}'' has been praised as a very realistic depiction of the London Gangster at work. Some of the minor parts were allegedly played by [[CastTheExpert the real thing]]. (The main gangster character was played by James Fox, very [[PlayingAgainstType Against Type]].)
* Fanty and Mingo, the twin smugglers from the beginning of ''Film/{{Serenity}}''.
* Darryl in ''Film/CockneysVsZombies'' is apparently a ''retired'' example, although between his prosthetic leg and the fact that he's outlived all his former "associates", his threats fall a bit flat now.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* 'The Firm' in ''Series/EastEnders'' was based on this, and directly named after the Krays' gang. ''[=EastEnders=]'' also features Tough Cockney Twins Phil and Grant Mitchell, (although they aren't affiliated with the proper gangsters) as well as the more obviously Kray-namesaked Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell.
* The Piranha brothers from ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'', who are a deliberate spoof (with surprisingly little exaggeration) of the Kray twins.
** Not to mention their nemesis, Police Inspector Harry "Snapper" Organs -- in turn a spoof of Insp. Leonard "Nipper" Read, who brought the real-life Kray brothers to justice.
** The Piranhas' beloved habit of nailing people to furniture (or vice versa) was the Pythons' [[BlackComedy humorous]] but ''understated'' take on [[BasedOnATrueStory the real exploits of the Richardson brothers and their not-too-merry men]]. Yes, they really did nail people to the floor ([[TortureTechnician as a prelude to what would follow]]), and it was not quite as amusing as in the Pythons' version.
* A regular feature of ''Series/TheSweeney''.
* "[[IronicNickname Genial]]" Harry Grout from ''Series/{{Porridge}}''
* On ''Series/TheBill'', set as it is in an East London police station, you can't throw a truncheon without hitting a London Gangster. One episode from 1995, "Mitigating Circumstances", featured Ray Winstone playing the London Gangster of the episode.
* Most of the characters in ''Macbeth On The Estate'', a modernisation of Macbeth into a gangster story with most of the original script. In particular, Duncan, a gang boss played by Mr Winstone himself.
* The Driscoll Brothers in ''Series/OnlyFoolsAndHorses'' and ''Series/TheGreenGreenGrass''.
** Also Freddie The Frog.
* Comedy Duo Hale and Pace's "Da Management".
* Badger from ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' is a London Gangster [[RecycledInSpace IN SPACE]]! Complete with [[UsefulNotes/BritishAccents East London accent]], [[NiceHat bowler hat]] and dreadlocky [[TheYardies Yardies]]. More of a cheeky Cockney sparrow than the usual scary psychopath, though.
* In ''Series/{{Leverage}}'', one of Sophie's recurring personae is a London Gangster; admittedly, a female version.
* The second series of Creator/{{ITV}} drama ''Series/{{Whitechapel}}'' is all about London Gangsters as the apparent sons of Ronnie Kray, Jimmy and Johnny, attempt to take over the criminal underworld.
* ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'': [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/215177 Don' You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro']] is a can't-miss London gangster film, if you like movies you cannot understand.
* Featured occasionally in ''Series/{{Hustle}}'', they are often portrayed as bumbling, such as Dexter Gold, the crooked gold-merchant who despite being referred to as "one of The Chaps", is utterly unthreatening, incompetent and even sets himself up for a second con. Typically, [[RuthlessForeignGangsters the truly brutal psycho-killers are foreigners]]. The earlier seasons had the more traditional East End villains who despite appearances of being rich and respectable, used brutal violence to get where they are. The cast however do go out of their way to avoid being on the receiving end of even the less threatening gangsters' radars.
* Benny Barrett from ''Series/OurFriendsInTheNorth'', a Soho porn baron who's involved police corruption.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* The 8th [[Literature/CherubSeries CHERUB]] book, ''Mad Dogs'' featured this nearly exactly. The [[TheYardies Afro-Caribbean gang]] (primarily from Jamaica) called "The Slasher Boys" fighting a gang war against the titular Mad Dogs ([[FootballHooligans fronted by a Football Club]]).
* Most of the novels of Martina Cole.
* Harry Stark in Jake Arnott's ''Series/TheLongFirm''.
* A family of these show up as allies and occasional employers of AmnesiacHero Nate Garrett in the first book of the ''Literature/TheHellequinChronicles'', with the father being a PintSizedPowerhouse who plays the traditional AffablyEvil variant to the hilt, while his wife is equally friendly and, when required to be, terrifying, and the son is absolutely psychotic. However, when they encounter the magical world they wind up very much out of their depth, and when Nate himself (a ludicrously deadly nigh immortal master assassin prior to his amnesia) has some of his muscle memory back and is confronted by the father, he has to remind himself not to kill the man on reflex.
* These show up whenever someone from Literature/TimeScout goes downtime to VictorianLondon.
* Joe Spork, the protagonist of Creator/NickHarkaway's novel ''Literature/{{Angelmaker}}'' is the son of Mathew "Tommy Gun" Spork, an infamous one of these. Early in the novel, Joe muses about the likelihood of there being makeshift graves and [[FedToPigs pig farms]] that his father had a hand in.
* Rob Toshack, in ''Literature/ShadowPolice'' book 1.


[[folder: Music ]]

* Music/WarrenZevon's "Werewolves of London".
* Music/TheClash's "The Guns of Brixton"
* Music/{{Madness}}'s "Drip Fed Fred", and more seriously "[=NW5=]".


* An episode of ''Podcast/TheMagnusArchives'' centres on one who turns to supernatural means to seek revenge on a fellow criminal who double-crossed him.

[[folder: Radio ]]

* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 serial ''G.F. Newman's The Corrupted'' is set in the 1950s, as control of London gangland is moving from [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Hill_%28gangster%29 Billy Hill]] to the Krays and Richardsons. The protagonist's uncle with a HairTriggerTemper moves from failed boxer, to Hill's heavy, to "protecting" his own patch from the Krays.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* The stereotypical mob family in ''ProfessorLayton and the Unwound Future'', [[SarcasmMode creatively]] named "The Family". Though, this could be a subversion, since they act more like an Italian mafioso family than a British one.
* ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoClassic Grand Theft Auto: London 1969]]'' is filled with these types, including Albert and Archie Crisp, a suspiciously familiar BigBadDuumvirate of Cockney twins.
* ''VideoGame/TheGetaway'' series features plenty of these, as well as TheYardies and the [[TheTriadsAndTheTongs triads]]. The PSP-exclusive spin-off ''Gangs of London'' along with the traditional London gangsters, also contains some more exotic examples for a London setting, including Italian, Turkish, Russian and Chinese gangs.
* In ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity'', the Penguin has been re-imagined as a Guy-Ritchie-ish English gangster with a thick East End accent and brutal means of enforcement. If you read his backstory you will learn that he comes from a prominent American family, but was sent to England for his education. Unfortunately he preferred hanging out with the rough crowd in seedy parts of the town over school.
* The Penguin in ''Videogame/BatmanTheTelltaleSeries'' also has a similar background of being an English gangster, but is in far better physical condition and thus far more brutish and hands-on.
* Delvin Mallory in ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'', one of the senior members of the Thieves Guild, has a voice fitting one of these and he oversees distribution for "more personal" Guild jobs.
* Billy Kane of ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' is an expatriate Englishman working as TheDragon to an American crime boss, so he fits the trope at least in spirit if not to the letter.
* There are two gangs vying for control of London in ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedSyndicate'': the villainous Blighters and the heroic Rooks, controlled by the Templars and the Assassins respectively. The Blighters are brutish thugs who threaten and harass the general public, while the Rooks tend to act more like NeighbourhoodFriendlyGangsters. Jacob and Evie Frye, the leaders of the Rooks, are generally benevolent figures whose main reason for forming a gang was to bring down the oppressive Templar regime, whereas the leader of the Blighters, Maxwell Roth, is a more traditional portrayal of a London gangster, being a charming yet violent SelfMadeMan whose tactics grow increasingly more ruthless as the game goes on.


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* Terrence of ''WebVideo/KateModern'', in his earlier 'gangster' persona.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* In ''WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks'' episode "The Fundraiser", after Riley starts an illegitimate chocolate bar business, he gets harassed by the World's Ultimate Chocolate company, which turns out to be a British crime syndicate that [[ItMakesSenseInContext sells chocolate bars]] [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything like they were drugs]]. In the climax, [[spoiler:the WUC get into a deadly shootout with {{the Mafia}} and the UsefulNotes/{{FBI}}]]. There's also this {{shout out}} from the episode:
-->'''Riley:''' ''(while insulting the WUC boss)'' "[[ClusterFBomb Fuck]] Creator/GuyRitchie!"