Bob hands Alice a gun. "Do you know how to use this?" he asks. To answer, Alice goes through a little routine with the gun. This may involve checking the safety, unloading, testing the action, and reloading. It will almost always involve lots of exaggerated clicky noises and shoo-shoo sounds.

The idea is to show that yes, Alice knows how to use one.

May be part of a LockAndLoadMontage. Not to be [[Creator/RLeeErmey confused with the show]].


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Kirika does this with her eyes closed in ''Anime/{{Noir}}''.
* Parodied in Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann during episode 3. Yoko tosses Kamina a pistol and asks if he knows how to use it. He [[DramaticGunCock cocks it]] and acts like he does. Then he uses it as a bludgeon, acting surprised when it him because he was holding it backwards.

[[folder:Fan Fic]]
* In the FanFic ''Fanfic/NeonExodusEvangelion'', DJ hands a pistol to Shinji Ikari and asks him if he can use it. Shinji ([[spoiler:who was thoroughly trained by the villains earlier in the story]]) promptly performs the full routine to DJ's utter bemusement.
* Realistically subverted in the second story of ''Fanfic/StreetsOfRageSaga'', ''Origins''. When Axel has to temporarily leave Blaze by herself, he leaves a pistol with her. She admits she's never held one before, so he shows her how it works. The explanation goes over her head, though, and when the time comes for her to use it, she tries to pull the hammer back...and ends up spilling all the bullets out of the clip instead. She has some difficulty reloading the bullets, but manages to work the gun correctly on the second try. Later on, she gets some gun-training from Adam.

* In ''Film/GoldenEye'' Film/JamesBond tosses a gun to Natalya and asks if she can use it. She promptly checks if everything is in working order and answers "Yes."

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Every character on ''{{Series/Lost}}'' has done this at least once. Even ''Shannon''.
* Both played straight and subverted in the fourth season of ''Series/{{Buffy|the Vampire Slayer}}'', when Xander tries to do this with a flare gun and totally fails. Giles then demonstrates how to do it properly.
** At other points he -can-, due to a 'CursedWithAwesome' that hit him with military knowledge. It faded in an out later on.
* Used in the second episode of ''{{Series/Dollhouse}}'', when Boyd gives a gun to Echo:
--->'''Boyd''': You know how to use this?
--->'''Echo''': I have three brothers, none of them Democrats.
* In ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'' episode 2.12 "Alpine Fields"
* Happens in ''Series/{{Unforgettable}}'', where Carrie uses it to intimidate a mobster when he tells her to put the gun down because she ''obviously'' doesn't know anything about guns (insert prejudiced reason here). Carrie almost contemptuously ejects the mag then slides it back in place and puts it back on target.

* Appeared in ''Webcomic/GeneralProtectionFault'' when Nick and Ki was visiting his family. Nick's father turned out to be a cop, and when he showed off his new service sidearm to his son, Nick -who is otherwise a stereotypical nerd and had never been shown handling any firearm before- goes through this routine before checking the sights and commenting "Nice..." Ki is somewhat intimidated. Apparently, growing up in a house with guns taught him how to handle them.