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The DistaffCounterpart of the LockAndLoadMontage. The heroine puts on her makeup and clothes while preparing for the Big Event. The key to the trope is that she's being just as methodical and {{serious|Business}} as a soldier -- she's all business, and her business at the moment is looking good. May count as MundaneMadeAwesome.

Often juxtaposed with a standard LockAndLoadMontage. A FemmeFatale might even do both simultaneously.

Female examples of this trope, as of so many other AlwaysFemale tropes, may be FetishFuel. The rare examples of a male doing this tend to be PlayedForLaughs.



[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* TheBaroness gets one at the start of IDW's ''[[ComicBook/GIJoeIDW G.I. Joe: Cobra]]'' #1 before she infiltrates an enemy mansion in Ecuador. It is contrasted with a more standard LockAndLoadMontage later in the issue.


[[folder: Film - Animated ]]

* Used in ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'' when the soldiers are applying drag to infiltrate Shan Yu's guard in the royal palace (set to a brief reprise of "[[IronicEcho I'll Make A Man Out Of You]]", no less!).


[[folder: Film - Live Action ]]

* Shoshannah before the premiere in ''Film/InglouriousBasterds'', including putting her rouge on like warpaint, followed by loading a gun, and then fixing her hat.
* In the film adaptation of ''Film/VForVendetta'', Evie does this while V gets his gear ready to fight.
* In the reprise of "Tonight" in ''Film/WestSideStory'', Anita has a L&LM verse while the gangs prepare for the rumble.
* Early in ''Film/PrettyWoman'', when Vivian and her roommate are preparing to work the street.
* During the closing credits of ''Film/SuckerPunch''.
* In ''Film/TheHairyBird'', the girls are shown getting ready for the St. Ambrose boys to visit.
* ''Film/TetsuoTheIronMan'' shows the antagonist changing his hairstyle, painting his lips, and putting on eye makeup before his confrontation with the protagonist.
* Elle Woods in the opening credits of ''Film/LegallyBlonde''.
* Gender-flipped during the opening credits of ''Film/ToWongFooThanksForEverythingJulieNewmar'', with Creator/PatrickSwayze and WesleySnipes performing it, ''fabulously'' of course. Clip is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-aUj4dRm-o here]]
* In the opening sequence of a Thai movie ''Film/BeautifulBoxer'', juxtaposed with a LockAndLoadMontage of a boxer preparing for a fight. Played with in that both sequences are performed by [[spoiler: [[{{Transsexual}} the same person.]] ]]
* Done several times during trips to the salon in ''Film/YoungAdult''.
* The opening credits to ''Film/TheDevilWearsPrada''.
* The opening credits to ''Film/DangerousLiaisons'' has a montage featuring both the main male and female characters. It looks like they are dressing for battle, and [[TheRenaissance they were]]
* The montage where Literature/BridgetJones prepares to impress her boss Daniel at the upcoming book launch, she does the following: brushes up on conversational skills, studies up on current events, [[FashionHurts shave and wax]], uses a body brush, rolls up her hair, picks out a [[LittleBlackDress sleek black dress]] and weighs the options between a [[OfCorsetsFunny control-top]] [[OfCorsetsSexy panty]] and a thong before deciding on the former.
** The second film has a montage that includes more FashionHurts and the inclusions of such tropes as OfCorsetHurts in addition of a haircut that has to be ravaged by the damage done by a deluded hairdresser.
* Andie in the opening credits of ''Film/PrettyInPink''.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* In the ''Literature/DaughtersOfTheMoon'' series, (at least in the first two) before the big showdown against the Atrox, there's a sequence of the main character putting on beautiful clothes and makeup -- but rather justified in the first, ''Goddess of the Night,'' because the character is 1. Going to a club, and oughta look good anyway, and 2. Describes it as battle paint -- the psychological preparation is as important as anything else.
* A straight male example when Miles Vorkosigan does this in ''[[Literature/VorkosiganSaga Memory]]'', cleaning up and donning his house uniform and all his medals before going to the Emperor.
* Another male example in ''Literature/TheKalevala'', as an entire chapter is devoted to Ilmarinen the smith bathing and dressing up to go court the Maiden of Pohja.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* Belle in opening credits for ''SecretDiaryOfACallGirl''.
* The opening credits of ''Series/PrettyLittleLiars'', and it's a ''corpse'' that is [[DarkerAndEdgier dolled-up]].
* On ''Series/{{Chuck}}'' [[ActionGirl Sarah]] often does both simultaneously.
* PlayedForLaughs with Tim's 'getting ready for the disco' montage in ''Series/TheGoodies'' episode "Saturday Night Grease".
* The opening credits of ''LingerieFootballLeague''.
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'': Irene Adler goes through one as she is waiting for Sherlock to arrive in "A Scandal in Belgravia". Juxtaposed with Sherlock's own, more unorthodox, preparations, which involve getting Watson to punch him in the face.
* The four girls get one as they prepare for their night on the town in ''Space_''.
* ''Series/{{Angel}}''. Gunn asks what type of equipment they'd need to burgle an auction house. Angel suggests repelling hooks, flashlights, aerosol spray -- all against a montage of these items being prepared. Lockpicking tools, rope, a knife and...lipstick? Turns out it's a female ClassyCatBurglar who's after the MacGuffin as well.
* One is seen at the start of episode 1x02 of ''Series/ByAnyMeans''. The twist is that it turns out to be Charlie preparing to go undercover as a transsexual.
* ''Series/{{CSINY}}'': "Cavallino Rampante" opens with a montage of a beautiful young woman getting ready for what appears to be a night at a club. She is actually a car thief getting ready to boost a Ferrari.


[[folder: Manga and Anime ]]

* Done in ''Manga/{{Kuragehime}}''.


[[folder: Mythology ]]

* The Canaanite goddess Anat is said to do this. She anoints herself with henna and ambergris, puts on saffron and murex (purple) clothing...and then proceeds to slaughter her brother Ba'al's enemies so badly and messily she ''wades up to her thighs'' in the blood and gore. While laughing. Then she cleans herself off and reapplies.


[[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]

* Done in a ''{{Foxtrot}}'' Sunday strip that apparently shows Paige putting on her make-up getting ready to go out. The last panel reveals it to actually be a grounded Peter trying to sneak out of the house disguised as Paige.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* Parodied in ''VideoGame/ZackAndWikiQuestForBarbarosTreasure''. When we first see Captain Rose, we see her glitzing herself up so she can look her best while defeating the Sea Rabbits. At one point she puts on her signature lipstick... and then puts some on her cheek to make it look like [[TribalFacePaint tribal face-paint]].
* Seen in the intro to ''VideoGame/FistOfTheNorthStarTwinBlueStarsOfJudgment''. The catch is that [[VillainousCrossdresser it's Judah]].


[[folder: Webcomics ]]

* ''[[Franchise/{{Bobbinsverse}} Giant Days]]'': [[WrittenSoundEffect FIF! BLUST! ZIIIIIP!]] "[[http://scarygoround.com/gd/index.php?date=20101104 One hour, thirty one minutes!]] A new record!"


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* During the "Linkara Lost" arc of ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'', [[RealLifeRelative Linkara's real-life girlfriend]] Iron Liz replaces him for an episode. We see her suiting up in a near shot-for-shot remake of Linkara's own LockAndLoadMontage... save for one shot of her applying lipstick.
* Primping up to get ready for a review is serious business on ''WebVideo/ThePhilosofan''.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* In ''WesternAnimation/SymBionicTitan'', Ilana, Lance and Octus all go through this prior to the Homecoming Dance in "Under the Three Moons."
* SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker gets this in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold''. Course he's fueled by RuleOfFunny.
** ComicBook/{{Huntress}} [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktUhed7K3SA&feature=related changing into her costume]] (including applying dark lipstick) counts as a more practical example.
* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated'': Daphne undergoes one - instructing the other girls to "turn her into a rock star" - when she joins the Hex Girls in "In Fear of the Phantom".