[[caption-width-right:324:Why does his mother even know that?]]

''Linear RPG'' is an AdobeFlash game by Sophie Houlden that reduces linear "role-playing" games to their simplest components.

It can be played [[http://www.sophiehoulden.com/games/thelinearrpg/ here]].
!!''Linear RPG'' contains examples of:

* AllJustADream -- A ''wet'' dream to be precise...
* BigBad -- [[spoiler: the Alphabetti Spaghetti]]
* TheChosenOne -- Kliche
* ContemplateOurNavels -- One example: "Kliche considers the fact that destiny and fate are really the same thing, but perhaps the old man was referring to a deeper truth in the causality of the universe and the phenomena that make up his life..."
* CoolHorse -- The [[WingedUnicorn pegacorn]], so cool that Chuck Norris has like eight of them.
* DoomedHometown
* EmergencyTransformation -- [[spoiler: The pegacorn transforms into BruceLee mode.]]
* ExcusePlot -- You don't even have to read the plot to complete the game.
* GoodMorningCrono -- As seen in the page image.
* LevelGrinding: ... No, seriously.
* MeaningfulName -- Lots
* NoEnding
* OneWingedAngel -- [[spoiler: the later forms of the Alphabetti Spaghetti]]
* RunningGag -- Kliche always wakes up feeling wet.
* SdrawkcabName -- Tseret Nievol
* StuffedIntoTheFridge -- Kliche's first girlfriend.
* TreacherousAdvisor -- [[spoiler: The Alphabetti Spaghetti.]]
* UnexpectedGameplayChange -- A stealth minigame
** Of course, it's only mentioned in the ExcusePlot while you just keep on walking to the left and right.
* WingedUnicorn -- The mysterious Tseret Nievol has a pet pegacorn, supposedly so awesome that Chuck Norris has eight of them.