Children tend to take after their parents in one regard or another and stories often drive home this point by saying LikeFatherLikeSon, or like mother like daughter, or like any relative like any other younger relative. This causes everything from comedy to {{angst}} to dramatic tension. This trope is TruthInTelevision.

Obviously, often happens to any character with a TrulySingleParent.

A SisterTrope to LikeParentLikeSpouse. Contrast LikeFatherUnlikeSon. Not to be confused with LoveFatherLoveSon.

A SuperTrope.
!!Subtropes include:

* DaddysLittleVillain
* EvilParentsWantGoodKids
* FollowInMyFootsteps
* GenerationXerox
* IAmNotMyFather
* InTheBlood
* LamarckWasRight
* LineageComesFromTheFather
* LoserSonOfLoserDad
* NotSoDifferent
* OverlordJr
* PursuingParentalPerils
* SecretLegacy
* SharedFamilyQuirks
* TurnOutLikeHisFather