[[caption-width-right:302:Larry and Mrs Leadhead debate useful and practical ways of spending $30]]

''Larry Leadhead'' is a long-running Web cartoon strip from Canada, aimed at the tabletop wargaming community, jointly devised by long-time gamers Doug Hamm and Eric Hotz. To a lesser extent, it gently parodies and highlights the eccentricities of those strange people who sit down at night with toy soldiers, plastic model kits, glues and paints, seeking only to get the most accurate scale models of the real thing, and who will then subject their creations to the thrills of simulated warfare where the dice are king.

This is Hamm and Kotz's definition of Larry Leadhead:-

"LARRY - is young (ish), and has been an avid gamer for many years. His collection of miniature figures is, well... huge, with armies, units and models of virtually every description. He games in both historical and fantasy with some sci-fi. He also has a very large collection of board games and computer games. He is married, with no kids (his wife says he is child enough for her!). His hobby takes up much of his time and mental efforts. He will never get around to painting all the tabletop gaming stuff he buys -- this is physically impossible, although he will never admit it, or perhaps, may not even be aware of this fact. Larry is easy going, patient, and rarely looses his cool -- he lets his friends do most of the fussing and fretting. In short, Larry is your typical gamer and will probably remind you of someone you know (perhaps he will even remind you of yourself)."

All the details of life out of the toy soldier collecting and boardgaming community are laid bare ''[[http://www.larryleadhead.org/ here]]''.

!Tropes that appear in this work:

* PlayerArchetypes:
** TheRealMan: Tim
** TheRoleplayer:
** TheLoonie: possibly everyone. Dave stands out.
** The {{Munchkin}}: Dave, who is something of a [[RulesLawyer Rules Rapist]].
* TheScrub: Brian.
* SportsWidow: Cindy and the other club wives, who are in various degrees resigned to coming second to their husbands' obsessions with toy soldiers and models.
* The Tomboy: Sandy, the token girl player.