[[caption-width-right:350: [[CaptainErsatz A ripoff]] of a [[MickeyMouse ripoff]] of a [[WesternAnimation/OswaldTheLuckyRabbit ripoff]] of a Creator/CharlieChaplin [[WesternAnimation/FelixTheCat ripoff]][[note]][[WesternAnimation/BoskoTheTalkInkKid Who just happened to have yet another ripoff.]][[/note]]. '''[[MemeticMutation Rip]]''''''[[{{Film/Inception}} ception]].]]'''

->''"[[TitleDrop Lady, Play Your Mandolin!]]''
->''Lady, let that tune begin!''
->''When you sing that song of sin,''
->''I'm a sinner, too!"''
-->-- The theme of the short.

'''''Lady, Play Your Mandolin''''' is a [[TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation 1931]] theatrical cartoon, the first of the [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Merrie Melodies]] series of short subjects, and the solo directorial debut of [[HarmanAndIsing Rudolf "Rudy" Ising]]. It was intended to be the first of a series of animated music videos that Creator/WarnerBros would use to promote its newly acquired music library. The short has a strong Creator/{{Disney}} influence in its animation, not surprising since Harman and Ising were former employees of Creator/WaltDisney (and would, indeed, work for him again on one occasion as independent contractors).

The fairly loose plot takes place in a desert speakeasy set during Prohibition, where the patrons have a massive beer party and sing "that song of sin". MickeyMouse lookalike Foxy promptly arrives and the fun really begins! Light on plot, but heavy on gags and sheer audacity (with a dose of swinging music), ''Lady'' was a smashing debut for the Merrie Melodies, helping launch it forward as a flagship series for decades, up to its end in 1969.

The short is in the [[PublicDomainAnimation public domain]] and can be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJMlruV2RD4&fmt=22 viewed here]], and while only a time-edited version was included in a documentary on the WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Golden Collection Vol. 1, the uncut version has made its way onto the ''Little Caesar'' DVD, as well as the Thunderbean DVD collection "Attack of the '30s Characters".
!!This short provides examples of:
* AlcoholHic
* AnimatedMusicVideo
* AnimateInanimateObject: A hat rack, a cactus, some tables, and even the bar itself. However, they don't fit any of the three types.
* BadGuyBar: Considering that they're having an illegal beer party and proudly proclaiming themselves as sinners.
* CaptainErsatz: Foxy. He's such a shameless copy of MickeyMouse that Walt Disney quickly got wind of Foxy and asked Rudy Ising to stop using the character after two more shorts.
** Also, Merrie Melodies? The Disney cartoons were "Silly Symphonies"
*** This makes Foxy the first CaptainErsatz of a [[WesternAnimation/OswaldtheLuckyRabbit Captain Ersatz]] [[RuleofThree OF]] [[OverlyLongGag a]] [[WesternAnimation/FelixtheCat Captain Ersatz]].
* HaveAGayOldTime: When Foxy sings "A Gay Caballero". [[IThoughtYouMeant No relation]] to ''Disney/TheThreeCaballeros''.
* {{Jerkass}}: Foxy's horse was about to enter the bar himself, but Foxy, with a pissed off look on his face, drags him by the tail to a nearby cactus and ''wraps his neck around it''. The horse later frees himself and brays into the bar. Foxy, again with an angry look on his face, comes out and smashes a bottle of beer over the horse's head.
* LooneyTunesInTheThirties
* PublicDomainAnimation
* RefugeInAudacity
* RuleOfFunny
* ShoutOut: When Foxy says "[[Film/TheJazzSinger Mammy]]" during the climax.
* StockFootage: Used five times. The first two times while the gorilla was dancing during the opening song, the third when the gorilla walks over to Foxy, and the last two times while Foxy's horse walks around the bar.
** Some footage of this cartoon would later be recycled for the [[Creator/VanBeurenStudios Van Beuren]] Cubby Bear short "The Gay Gaucho" that Harman and Ising worked on.
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: Roxy, the "Lady" of the title.
* WrapAroundBackground: While Foxy is singing "A Gay Caballero".