'''La Caida De Edgar''' ''(Edgar's Fall)'' is a video that was uploaded to YouTube in March 2006 from Mexico. This internet meme has been one of the most popular videos in YouTube, with 33,192,446 viewings as of August 14, 2012.

The video clip features a young Mexican boy named Edgar, with his cousin, Fernando, hiking in a ranch near their home town of Monterrey; Raúl is the cameraman and tour companion. The video starts with Edgar expressing fear when using a makeshift bridge made from two long branches for the purpose of crossing a small stream. Fernando then makes a joke about pushing Edgar off the bridge into the water. Fernando assures Edgar that nothing bad will happen, which temporarily consoles Edgar, and he commences the crossing. Once Edgar is at the middle of the bridge, Fernando starts moving one of the branches, causing Edgar to curse angrily in a Mexican norteño (northern) accent. After Edgar calls Fernando an "idiota" (idiot), Fernando drops the branch and Edgar finally loses his balance and plunges into the stream. Edgar curses more intensively as he emerges from the water, whilst Fernando asks for forgiveness.
* JerkAss: Fernando.
* LaserGuidedKarma: In ''La Vengaza de Edgar'', a viral commercial made by Cookie company ''Gamesa'', the same situation plays out with a small twist: Edgar summons Roman legionnaires to throw Fernando and the cameraman in the stream.