[[http://www.logoonline.com/ LOGO]] is a LGBT-themed cable channel launched in 2005 out of the ruins of the MusicVideo channel VH1 Mega Hits (which seemed to solely exist to air {{Nickelback}} and MatchboxTwenty videos on a never-ending loop), outlasting the similarly themed Q Network that came out (pardon the pun) around the same time. The channel features a varied line up, including news and original programming, though travelogues, talk shows and stand-up and sketch comedy seem to beare significant parts of the schedule.

Currently, the most successful show on the channel is ''[[Series/RupaulsDragRace RuPaul's Drag Race]]'', a RealityShow where drag legend [=RuPaul=] crowns "America's Next {{Drag|Queen}} Superstar". ''Drag Race'' is responsible for saving Logo from NetworkDecay, as it revitalized interest in the channel after the cancellation of ''RickAndSteve'' (a raunchy cartoon animated with Lego bricks) and ''NoahsArc'' (a soap opera featuring primarily gay men of color).

The channel also includes repeats of shows popular with the GLBT crowd, such as ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', ''Series/{{Roseanne}}'', and ''Series/GoldenGirls''. Logo also owns the popular blogs [[http://www.afterellen.com After Ellen]] and [[http://www.thebacklot.com The Backlot]] (formerly "After Elton").