Originally standing for London Broadcasting Corporation (later standing for "London's Biggest Conversation", and subsequently "Leading Britain's Conversation"), LBC has been going for over 40 years and is London's biggest talk radio network. Early in 2014 it went national via the DAB digital broadcast system. It has call-in shows and entertainment shows, as well as a dedicated news station (LBC News, 1152 AM).

LBC has the distinction of being the oldest legal commercial radio station in the UK (not counting the Isle of Man[[note]] Which is a Crown Dependency of the UK, rather than strictly being a part of it; it has had a commercial station, Manx Radio, since 1964[[/note]]), launching in October 1973 -- eight days before CapitalRadio.

Presenters include:
* Nick Ferrari, who is the closest thing Britain has to a ShockJock. Though he's not nearly as controversial as most, he ''did'' get a rap from Ofcom over immigration. Ferrari is considerably right-wing (he's also a [[Main/BritishNewspapers Daily Express]] columnist), and had a spat with Mayor Ken Livingstone for a while (which seems to have been resolved, since "Red Ken" comes on Ferrari's show every so often and is now a host on the station). Does the weekday morning slot.
* Clive Bull, who originally started from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Nowadays he only works on Sundays from 7:00PM to 10:00PM though he does sometimes fill in for absent hosts when the occasion arises.
* Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London. He hosts the 10AM to noon slot on weekends with Dave Meller.
* Nick Abbot, hosts the 10PM to 1AM slot on weekends. He's notable for using movie soundbytes (such as "[[FullMetalJacket Me love you long time!"]]) and StockSoundEffects for comic relief, uses VaderBreath when referring to GordonBrown and refers to TonyBlair as "Tony Blergh" out of disdain.
* Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, hosts ''Call Clegg'' on Thursday mornings [[note]]except when there's a by-election. Elections are traditionally held on Thursdays, and as an MP he's not allowed to broadcast on an election day so on those occasions his show moves to the preceding Wednesday[[/note]].

The station can be picked up online, across the United Kingdom via satellite, cable and (since 2014) DAB digital radio. If you live in the Southeast of England, turn your radio to 97.3 FM.