Kurt Weill (1900 1950) was a German composer. He's best known for his work with Creator/BertoltBrecht, particularly on ''Theatre/TheThreepennyOpera''. He also composed many songs for IraGershwin.

He was married to Miss LotteLenja. Lenja's correspondence with Weill was published in book form, titled ''Speak Low (When You Speak Love)''. A play based on the collected letters, ''Lovemusik'', opened on Broadway in 2007.

Notable works include:

* ''Theatre/KnickerbockerHoliday''
* ''LadyInTheDark''
* ''LostInTheStars''
* ''OneTouchOfVenus''
* ''Theatre/StreetScene''
* ''Theatre/TheRiseAndFallOfTheCityOfMahagonny''
* ''Theatre/TheSevenDeadlySins''
* ''Theatre/TheThreepennyOpera''
* ''WhereDoWeGoFromHere ''
* ''YouAndMe''