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->''"Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right... I don't remember the rest!"''
-->-- '''EVA''', ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater''

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start (mix and match as desired).

The '''Konami Code''' (known in Japan as the '''Konami Command''') is a specific version of the ClassicCheatCode, and is one of the most popular variants in video game history.

While the code first appeared in Konami games on the UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem, as the NintendoHard games couldn't be properly debugged if the programmers couldn't even get far.

The typical form is the directional combination followed by two buttons and then start and/or select, though most of the time, start is just pressed to start the game and not part of the cheat code proper. As the code is used on games of various systems, the actual buttons will vary. For the examples listed below that include a select before the start, in ''Contra'', select was used to select a 2-player game after entering the code.

Though being well known, this has rarely been used as an outright cheat code since the early 16-bit days (as is the case with cheat codes in general). More often these days it's an EasterEgg that gives a cute effect. The code doesn't even have to use a standard controller as long as the directions can be pressed in some way.

This code was introduced in games by Creator/{{Konami}}, hence the trope name.


* The NES version of ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'' is the [[TropeMaker first game to use the code]].[[note]]Mr. Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the guy in charge of the port, did it for debugging, and forgot to remove it from the final release[[/note]] Entering the code while the game is paused gives you all power-ups except Speed Up, Double and Laser. In later ''Gradius'' games, this code [[NoFairCheating instantly]] [[SelfDestructSequence destroys your ship]], but variant versions of it will provide the original benefits.
** In the SNES version of ''Gradius III'', replacing Left and Right with L and R (the shoulder buttons) will grant the ship four options and the selected powerup. The original version, with thirty lives, is also in the game - it's activated by pausing, then pressing B, B, X, X, A, Y, A, Y, Up, Left, and Start. The observant will note that this is the button sequence you'd hit on the SNES controller if you held it upside down while entering the original code.
** ''Gradius V'' accepts both the left-right-left-right and shoulder trigger versions (in the case of the latter, L1, R1, L1, R1). One version gives you full power plus Laser, the other is full power plus Double. The amount of times it's used is recorded in the high score table under "Konami Command".
** ''Gradius [[MarketBasedTitle Galaxies / Generation / Advance]]'' gives you about three seconds after inputting the classic version of the code and unpausing before your ship explodes. The shoulder button version carries no such penalty.
** ''Gradius [=ReBirth=]'' uses the traditional version of the code (with 2 and 1 in place of B and A, respectively) to give the player four Options but no extra lives or other powerups. It's especially helpful toward the end of the game since ContinuingIsPainful.
** The NES version of ''VideoGame/LifeForce'', a spinoff of ''Gradius'', uses the Konami Code as a 30-live cheat similar to ''Contra''.
* ''VideoGame/{{Contra}}''
** In the NES version, the code increases the [[VideoGameLives starting number of lives]] from 3 to 30.
** Oddly enough, none of the ''Contra'' sequels featured the code until ''VideoGame/ContraShatteredSoldier'' for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation2 (they used different cheat codes). For the code to work in ''Shattered Soldier'', the player must input the code using the second controller and substitute the left and the right on the d-pad with each successive L and R button (L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, and R3). Of course, all this did was make it really easy to get the worst ending.
** It's used again in the CosmeticallyAdvancedPrequel ''VideoGame/HardCorpsUprising''. Inputting the code during the loading screen of the first stage replaces the music of that stage with a metal remix of the first stage music from the original ''Contra''. Inputting a different version of it with LS and RS replacing B and A in the title screen unlocks the ability to buy an upgrade that gives you 30 lives without beating the game with that character first.
* ''VideoGame/YuGiOhTheFalseboundKingdom'' as a code for getting bonus money.
** Using it in either ''Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force'' games would unlock a Konami themed booster pack, featuring Gradius cards, which was carried over in the second and third games. A nice nod, but fairly impractical, as the cards themselves aren't that great, and the cost for just one pack is ''several times that'' of the others.
** It got a revival [[UpToEleven and then some]] in ''Tag Force 5''. To unlock the Konami pack, input ''Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L, R, L, R, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle''.
** Anime got in on this too. Episode 129. Kaiba's code to control one of Yugi's monsters went as follows: '''Left right A B'''. It has been said to be an homage, but it's possible the connection was unintentional. WordOfGod hasn't confirmed whether it was a coincidence or if Kaiba's input was designed as a ShoutOut to Konami.
** Later, in Kaiba's duel with Jonouchi, Jonouchi uses his Graverobber Trap Card to take the the card from Kaiba's Graveyard, and then inputs a different code to use its other effect: "Up, Left, Down, Right, A." (Note that the effect was not consistent with the second effect of the OCG/TCG version of the card.)
* Using this code in a certain room in a certain bonus dungeon was the only way to get OneHundredPercentCompletion in the first ''VideoGame/{{Boktai}}'' game.
* ''Franchise/SilentHill'':
** In ''VideoGame/SilentHillOrigins'', where one of the bonus costumes has to be unlocked in this way. The game itself refers to the cheat as "an ancient and powerful spell".
** A few years earlier in ''VideoGame/SilentHill3'', you could enter the KonamiCode... to remove Douglas' ''pants and shirt''. Why couldn't they have done that for Henry in ''VideoGame/SilentHill4''?
* In ''VideoGame/SpaceQuestVIRogerWilcoInTheSpinalFrontier'', the Stooge Fighter game has the less than flattering code, ABBACACA.
* On Normal or less difficulty mode, the [[ThatOneBoss notoriously tricky]] boss The End in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'' could be seen on the Map screen with the help of the code (with Square and Triangle substituing for B and A). When your rank is displayed in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'' after you beat the game, enter the code and Solid Snake will make fun of you for trying to cheat so late. Entering UUDDLRLRAB as your name on the [[AnyoneYouKnow Dog Tag]] has an interesting effect, too.
** Enter it as your name before starting a VR Missions save on ''VideoGame/{{Metal Gear Solid 2|Sons of Liberty}}: Substance'', and it will unlock all the characters and their missions for you, so that you can skip tricky levels and come back to them later.
** [[CrowningMomentofHeartwarming Adorably enough,]] Snake and Otacon designed a secret handshake friendship hug sometime before ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'' that's a physical representation of the Konami Code. Otacon's a [[{{Adorkable}} huge dork,]] and Snake's a PopCulturedBadass, so it fits.
** Enter it on the title screen in ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'' (with Circle and X substituing for B and A; Circle and X are the Western UsefulNotes/PlayStation game menu equivalents of B and A) to unlock Very Hard and Revengeance difficulty levels without beating the game on lower difficulty levels first. In the PC version, entering the code also immediately unlocks Jetstream, Bladewolf, the VR missions, and all codecs and cutscenes.
* In the NES and FDS versions of ''VideoGame/{{Gyruss}}'', you have to enter the Konami code ''backward'' (A, B, A, B, right, left, right, left, down, down, up, up) in order for it to work properly.
* ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution'' has never used the Konami Code as a cheat, but the directional portions of the code has appeared as part of the steps on several songs, such as "30 Lives" (a pop song making references to the ''Contra'' example), "VideoGame/{{Twinbee}} ~Generation X~" and "Make A Jam!" (which is in fact, a remix of the classic 90's Konami jingle too)
** The original versions of DDR (not including the American [=PS1=] version, which was based on [=3rdMIX=]) require directional codes to turn on other difficulty levels and options. Sure enough, the eight directions of the Konami Code make up one of them (Double Basic).
** In the [=PS1=] version of ''Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix'', highlighting the correct picture in the gallery and entering the code, replacing B and A with X and O (which are in the same respective positions on the [=PS1=] controller as the B and A buttons on the SNES controller), unlocks the last four pictures in the gallery.
* ''VideoGame/{{beatmania}} IIDX 22 PENDUAL'' invokes the Code as part of the requirements to unlock the FinalBoss of the CHRONO SEEKER event. Among other things, once you've earned the right to unlock the final Crystal, you must input the following on the song select screen: Effect, Effect, VEFX, VEFX, 1P Start, 2P Start, 1P Start, 2P Start, any black key, any white key.[[note]]The Effect and VEFX buttons are arranged in a column between the 1P and 2P Start buttons, with the Effect button on top.[[/note]]
* In ''VideoGame/ZoneOfTheEnders the Second Runner'', it was possible to get Zoradius mode by entering a shortened version of the cheat code: Up Down Left Right Start at the pause menu during the boss battle with Vic Viper. Entering the code again in the minigame itself gave you full powerups just like a real ''Gradius'' game.
** In the first game, entering the full code in reverse at the title screen would unlock Versus mode without needing to complete the game.
* In ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaHarmonyOfDissonance'', the code unlocks 8-bit Simon Belmont (complete with the NES Castlevania's unfair JumpPhysics) for use in boss rush mode.
* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'':
** The second Game Boy ''TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' game has one of the code's least useful appearances: it refills your health meter, essentially giving you an extra life on command, but can only be used once per playthrough.
** ''Videogame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesTheManhattanProject'' for the NES uses a variant of the code with the A and B button presses reversed to unlock a stage select / options mode.
** ''VideoGame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesTurtlesInTime'' for the SNES: Entering the code on Controller 2 awards ten lives.
* The ''International Superstar Soccer'' series uses this code in several of its games, although some require the second controller while others switch the up/down and left/right commands (in the case of the N64 version, C-triggers). The original gives you "happy players," ''Deluxe'' gives you a dog referee, and the 3d games give the players big heads.
* In ''[[VideoGame/GanbareGoemon The Legend of the Mystical Ninja]]'', a villager helpfully informs you: "Just between you and me... if you use the command 'Up Up Down Down L R L R B A', nothing will happen."
* In ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaLordsOfShadow2'', you find a scroll on a dead soldier who went mad from reading a TomeOfEldritchLore in the castle library, said scroll details the soldier's attempts to [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall gain power that could bring God low]], when he gets to "jump", he apparently [[TooDumbToLive crashes into a railing and falls to his death.]]
* Inputting the Code on the title screen of ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaBloodlines'' unlocks Expert difficulty without the need to complete the game once on Normal.

[[folder:Other Games]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Insaniquarium}} Deluxe'' uses this code to open up the Sandbox, which not only lets the player do whatever the hell they want within said Sandbox, but also gives him/her/it a shiny new trophy and lets them put a whole batch of extra pets into their Virtual Tank.
* In the English version of the game ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptunia'', Neptune invokes her EX-Skill with the quote "Up, Up, down, down, left, right--aww, whatever... Secret Code entered!"
* The game ''[[Franchise/GundamExpandedUniverse Gundam SEED Destiny: Generation of C.E.]]'' features the "SEED Sense" effect, where starting to watch an attack animation had the chance to prompt you to push one of the [=PS2=] controller face buttons. Doing so had the chance to improve any number of things, and even prevent death automatically at low health an unlimited number of times, as long as you hit the right button. However, starting an attack animation locked you into viewing it, so the game took longer to play and got stale more quickly. How do you get out of the attack animations after using your "SEED Sense," you ask? Push Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, R3, L3, and Start. An inverted Konami code.
* In the online game ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'', the code was the answer to a puzzle in the Naughty Sorceress' Tower until a revamp of the tower in January 2015 removed it.
** Ditto in ''[[http://www.dumbthegame.com/ Dumb: The Game]]''.
* In ''VideoGame/SuperMonkeyBall Jr.'', entering the code on the title screen changes "Monkey Ball" on the title screen to [[NoFairCheating "Nice Try".]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'' has a logbook that encourages you to try the Konami Code on the start menu. If you do, a dialogue scrolls across the screen chiding you for beating tired old memes to death.
* In ''VideoGame/SamuraiZombieNation'', entering the code while the game is paused refills your life, but unfortunately it doesn't work on bosses.
* Entering the code in ''VideoGame/AchievementUnlocked'' (a Flash {{Platformer}} where the ''only'' object is to collect enough {{Cosmetic Award}}s to get OneHundredPercentCompletion) gives you the achievement "Too Much Contra".
* Tengen's NES version of ''VideoGame/{{Tetris}}'' uses the Konami code to activate a precursor to later ''Tetris'' games' "hold piece" feature. Inputting the code while the game is paused replaces your current piece with an I piece, as seen in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjaRPjgVLU0 this video]]. It only works once per 30-line section.
* ''VideoGame/StarOceanTillTheEndOfTime'' does a weird thing with this. Somewhere in the middle of the game, you can pick up a special trophy if you allowed Roger to join your party. Entering the code with it equipped on someone ''killed that character'' and dealt damage in a large area equivalent to one-half the HP of that person. Upgrading the effect merely swapped the last two buttons (X and Circle) that would do this.
* Creator/EightingRaizing's shooters (particularly ''VideoGame/BattleGaregga'', ''VideoGame/ArmedPoliceBatrider'', and ''VideoGame/BattleBakraid'') have a variant of this: entering Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, C at the title screen after inserting your coins will trigger extra features, usually [[GuestFighter Guest Ships and Characters]] from past Raizing games (in ''Garegga'' and ''Batrider'') or all-new ships (in ''Bakraid'', and you must input the code at a rate of 1 button press per second).
* Entering the Konami Code in the main menu of ''VideoGame/ResetGeneration'' opens up a Space Invaders-esque minigame.
* Seen in the console versions of ''VideoGame/QuakeIV'', where the Konami code gives you all weapons, armor, and health.
* Seen in a slightly truncated form in the Creator/{{Sega}} arcade game ''Manx TT Superbike'', entering Gear Up, Gear Up, Gear Down, Gear Down, Left, Right, Brake Accelerate would allow you to... ride a sheep instead of a motorbike.
* A puzzle in ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia'' has the party hitting floor switches in a precise order. The order is "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right"
* If you enter the code on the title screen of ''VideoGame/VivaPinata Party Animals'' on the Xbox 360, you will get the Classic Gamer achievement. The instruction manual even has the code spread out over most of the pages.
* Entering up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, square on the title screen of ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot3Warped'' unlocks a demo of ''VideoGame/SpyroTheDragon''.
* ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'': It's available during the continue screen in the [[UnexpectedGameplayChange shmup homage]] just before the 4th ranked fight. Using the code will grant you a free continue while pressing any other button/combination will result in the Game Over countdown going faster.
* ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'': Mad Moxxi's first husband was a cheat. No points for guessing what VisualPun appears in the background when she says this.
** In VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}, entering the code on the start screen activates the ability to toggle "Extra [[{{Dubstep}} Wubs]]". As the game itself states, it does absolutely nothing.
* ''Burai Fighter Deluxe'' on the original Game Boy used this code.
* Used by Mylandah in ''Anime/BattleAthletes'' to confuse a robot in a three-legged race.
* Used by ''VideoGame/ThreeDDotGameHeroes'' to make your shield invisible.
* Entering the code on the title screen of the WebAnimation/HomestarRunner game ''TROGDOR!'' will give the player 30 lives instead of 3.
* ''VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet 2''
** "Set Controls for the Heart of the Negativitron" has an EasterEgg where if you use a Controlinator to enter it on a seemingly broken arcade game, it will explode displaying an 8 digit code on the wall behind where it was.
** Inputting the Konami Code early in the level "Got the Hump" makes [[GratuitousDiscoSequence disco music play and makes the camel and miniboss wear sunglasses]].
** One player-made level recreates the first stage of Contra, and has stickers with images of the buttons involved in the code hidden throughout. Finding them all and affixing them to a board at the start activates infinite lives.
* In ''[[VideoGame/ScottPilgrim Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World]]'', holding L2 and R2 (or the two triggers in the Xbox 360 version) and entering the code will cause your character to explode into a pile of coins.
* Using the code on the title screen of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?'' activates Pen Ward's "secret screen".
* In a cutscene in ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankUpYourArsenal'', Al uses the code "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square" and unlocks [[FanDisservice Captain Quark in a tutu]] in the in-game Captain Quark vid-comic. [[{{Squick}} It really works.]]
* The Xbox port of ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' adds the code as a way to regain 25 health.
* In ''VideoGame/The3DBattlesOfWorldRunner'' and ''Cosmic Epsilon'', entering the code would merely produce the message "I am not Konami."
* In the [[UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16 SuperGrafx]] version of ''[[VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins Daimakaimura]]'', the code allows the player to add up to nine credits.
* In ''Arnold Palmer's Tournament Golf'', after missing 100 shots on a single stage, the code can be entered on the GameOver screen to play a MiniGame version of ''VideoGame/FantasyZone''.
* In the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis version of ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog1'' pressing up, down, left, right, A, start on the title screen brings the player to a menu where all the levels in the game are accessible.
* In ''VideoGame/AbobosBigAdventure'', continues in the "Contrabobo" level require entering the "code for more lives," which can also be used to unlock a two-player mode.
** The Amazon also references this code in the Balloon Trip section of the "Pro Wrabobo" level if you attack him.
-->'''Amazon:''' "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, FART!"
* In ''VideoGame/BillyVsSNAKEMAN'' there's a 1 in 10 chance executing these movements will save you from an otherwise fatal Phase attack (Phases are the {{Kaiju}} which attack villages, fought one on one in their home ground). ''Knowing'' this sequence in-universe is the reward for the quest "Thirty Lives", which consists of supporting the rooftop concert of several female {{NPC}}s, whose instructions to the crowd reference it.
* Entering the Konami Code in ''VideoGame/{{Mari0}}'' activates the cheat codes without having to complete the ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros1'' levels first.
* The Konami Code is used as the input code for Luna's Reiki skill in ''VideoGame/PonyFantasyVI''.
* In ''VideoGame/BioShockInfinite'', entering this code unlocks [[HarderThanHard 1999 Mode]] without beating the game on lower difficulty levels first.
* ''VideoGame/OrderOfTwilight'' has the Ascend spell, which is activated by inputting the directional part of the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right). It just gives Twilight wings that she can't even use. Since you can't use this spell until after you finish the game, this is somewhat of a BraggingRightsReward.
* In ''VideoGame/JustDance 3'' for the Wii, [=PS3=], and Xbox 360, Barbra Streisand Extreme Mode is unlocked by using the directional part of the Konami Code.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Grandia}}'', a character mistakenly quotes the directions of the Code when trying to remember a password to open a necessary door in the enemy fortress and progress in the game. The actual password is a slightly reshuffled version. Entering the correct code without finding the password in-game results in a brief scene where a flustered Justin tells the others he was just pushing random buttons.
* One type of loading screen in ''VideoGame/GhostRecon: Future Soldier'' shows a diagram of your controller which, when any buttons are pressed, will list all the actions performed by that button in gameplay. Enter the Konami Code on this screen and the loading icon in the corner will spin around in place.
* Entering the code from the title screen of ''VideoGame/BravelyDefault'' will unlock the SequelHook video (although much of it won't make sense until well past halfway through the plot).
* In ''Hands On! Tangrams'', performing the Konami Code at the title screen results in a fanfare with a message telling you that you have been granted 30 lives. ([[DontExplainTheJoke The joke is]] that the game doesn't ''have'' lives.)
* In the arcade cabinet "Ms. PacMan & VideoGame/{{Galaga}} 20 Year Reunion", keying in "Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, Left, Right" after inserting enough credits, and then pressing the Ms. Pac-man start button starts a game of the original Pac-man.
* ''VideoGame/{{Mercenaries}} 2'' uses the directional pad inputs of this code to give you twenty-five [[NukeEm nuclear bunker busters]].
* The Konami Code is quoted in ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 3|AbsenceOfJustice}}'', known for its many references; in need of power, the main character tries it.
-->'''Mao:''' Games have cheat codes, too! What was it already? Up, up, down, down...
* Elder Xelpud in ''VideoGame/LaMulana'' makes a reference to the Konami Code in one of his 'guy ranting about old video games' dialogues. He doesn't know what it is, though, as he's an NES-hating MSX fanboy, and MSX games don't use the Konami code.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Jardinains}}'', the {{cheat code}}s "uuddlrlrba" and "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" turn your balls into powerful Brickplow Boomers. Oddly enough, there's a different cheat code[[note]]"gomomgo"[[/note]] that'll give you 30 lives.
* In ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIII'', after summoning a turkey by whistling from a corner at the Davenport Homestead, you can enter the Konami Code to give the turkey a hood just like Connor's. Technically, it's only the actual Konami Code in the Xbox version because it's the only one with all the appropriate buttons (and even then lacks use of the Start button): on the [=PS3=], it's Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, '''O, X,''' and on the PC it's 2, 2, 4, 4, 1, 3, 1, 3, E, Space.
* After selecting the "Enter Code" option and entering the Konami Code in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBrosCrossover'', all cheat codes are unlocked. The ''Contra'' title theme plays as a hint to this (and in fact the code must be entered while this is playing).
* Putting the Konami Code into the start menu of ''VideoGame/JusticeLeagueHeroesTheFlash'' will cause all of the enemies in the game to become gigantic.
* ''EA Sports UFC 2'' lets you unlock Joe Rogan as a fighter by entering the code at the title screen (substituting "B" and "A" for "O" and "X" if on [=PS4=]).
* Inputting the Konami Code on the title screen of ''VideoGame/TheAngryVideoGameNerdAdventures'' will trigger a fake Blue Screen of Death, advising the player to be more creative [[LampshadeHanging as that cheat code is too obvious]].
* In the Nintendo Switch version of ''VideoGame/SonicMania'', holding Y on the title screen and performing the code with an extra "left, right" will unlock a level selection mode that looks almost identical to the one in ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2''.
* In the original ''VideoGame/MarioParty'', entering it with Controller 1 after pausing the game during Player 1's turn with Controller 2 will trigger the debug menu, which can subsequently be opened by pressing C-Left.
* In the game ''VideoGame/TheEscapists'', entering the directional component at the prison select screen unlocks all the levels up to [[TheAlcatraz HMP-Irongate.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheDarksideDetective'', [=McQueen=] finds a newspaper with the headline "Computer Stock Goes Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start". He adds that he regrets having read it out loud, because it feels like a magical incantation to him and now he's going to worry about what it did.

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[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* Used in ''Manga/SoulHunter'' as an order from Taikoubou to his steed, Suupuushan. At first, Suupuu doesn't understand it and does nothing. Many chapters later, after Suupuu's [[spoiler: upgrade to a dragon]], Taikoubou says the command again and Suupuu executes a very complex evasive maneuver that would make [[Anime/MacrossPlus Guld Bowman]] proud.
* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' references the Konami code in [[CrossesTheLineTwice its usual fashion]]. During the first attack on the Hellsing manor, Jan Valentine finds himself at a four-way hallway intersection with Hellsing troops coming from each direction. His response is to start firing his machine guns vis-a-vis the Code.
-->'''Jan:''' Up Up! ''(fires both machine guns down north hallway)'' Down Down! ''(fires both machine guns down south hallway)'' Left Right Left Right! ''(points one machine gun down the east and west hallways respectively and alternately fires them)'' Bringin' the motherfuckin' death by ''Konami!'' [[SexIsViolence Aaah, I'm so fuckin' hard right now]]...
* At one point in ''Manga/Yuria100Shiki'', Yuria becomes convinced she has a "cheat code" to unlock some kind of special abilities. She imagines this cheat along with a ''Gradius'' spaceship.
* Skuld from ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'' uses a very similar code (leaving out the B A start in favor of the "set" button twice) to reverse the expansion of her space doubler.
* ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'': during the opening for the MagicalGirl Spoof, Meru's [[ImprobableWeaponUser phone]] is using this code (must be [[GameBreaker Game Breaking]]). [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsyydNv4iq8]]
* Used in the third episode of ''Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows'' anime to help Keima to dance with Mio.
* In-universe example in ''Manga/ShamanKing''. Apparently putting in the Konami code on the Oracle Bell pulls up information on all the competitors in the tournament.
* ''Manga/SoredemoMachiWaMawatteiru'' [[http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/6512/soredemomachiwamawatteiq.jpg it shows up in the most random places.]]
* In the anime ''Anime/PaniPoniDash'', an ancient civilization's language is deciphered as this code. A news bulletin mentions that "Professor [[VisualNovel/TokimekiMemorial Tokimemo]]" believes that it is incomplete and will cause an explosion.
* One of Amelia's over-the-top ForGreatJustice speeches in ''Manga/{{Slayers}} NEXT'' actually has the code scrawled over the bottom of the screen during her DramaticFingerPointing.
* In ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', you can see the Konami code on a post-it on a door, just in passing, in Fuery's cache (vol. 11 or 12)
* Umino mutters part of it in episode 32 of ''Manga/SailorMoon'''s Viz dub.
* In an episode of ''Anime/GalaxyAngel'', Vanilla uses this in a DatingSim to unlock an option for 'praying' when asked about her interests.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* In Matt Fraction's [[ComicBook/TheDefenders Defenders]], Black Cat is trying to activate an artifact while in freefall.
-->'''Black Cat''': Come! on! stupid! claw! Up Up Down Down B A Start? [''claw activates''] Oh, you gotta be kidding--
* In the ''Divergence: Comicbook/{{Batgirl}}'' teaser comic, Batgirl is trying to rescue people from a DeadlyGame created by insane video game designers. Towards the end, she's told one of the designers always includes cheats, and enters the code in a direction pad on the wall.. A panel slides open to provide her with an energy mallet.


[[folder: Fan Works ]]

* In the ''Fanfic/EmpathTheLuckiestSmurf'' story "Inside The Game", Pixel the Gametronian uses the code to activate the Skimmer.
* Referenced by Root in ''Fanfic/HoliDaze'' when she's stuck in a simulation. She asks Shaw if reciting the code out loud will grant her more ammo. Shaw tells her no.


[[folder: Film ]]

* Featured in a plot relevant manner in ''Disney/WreckItRalph'', where King Candy uses the Konami Code to get super-user privileges to ''Sugar Rush'', rewriting it to his advantage.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* In the ChooseYourOwnAdventure book ''Literature/CanYouSurviveTheZombieApocalypse'' by Max Brallier, you at one point fight off a zombie at ComicCon using an old NES - smashing the console up into the zombie's jaws twice, then down on his head twice, then two quick left-right combinations. You then give yourself a B for originality and an A for execution before '''start'''ing to push the Zapper through the zombie's brain. [[spoiler: You still die. Cheaters never win.]]
* Creator/JessGulbranson's story [[MeaningfulName "Extra Lives"]] in [[http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Stories-Flying-Spaghetti-Monster/dp/1936383977 the ''Amazing Stories of the Flying Spaghetti Monster'' anthology]] features a crazy cult who [[spoiler: use the code as [[MadnessMantra their worship chant]]]]


[[folder: Live-Action TV ]]

* One of the characters in a ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' sketch on a ski lift, played by the host, skier Jonny Moseley, references the code.
--> Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start
--> Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
* ''Series/LastWeekTonightWithJohnOliver'' has John discussing the inability to have a same-sex marriage in Nintendo's ''VideoGame/TomodachiLife''. He jokes that you can use a civil union cheat code, "Up, Up, Down, Down, Be, Gay, Be, Gay, Start", but it's just not the same.
* ''Series/Blindspot'' has this referenced by Rich in the episode "City Folks Under Wraps" when he tries to help Patterson escape via air vents in the New York branch office. He got his code wrong though.


[[folder: Music ]]

* The band The Motion Sick created a song, "30 Lives", inspired by the Konami Code. The music video features a cheerleader and a polar bear mascot (it's set in a high school) doing a cheer based on the Konami Code. As noted above, the song was recognized by Konami, who put it in ''Dance Dance Revolution X''.
* Music/LinkinPark has a fake DVD menu that looks like the the main menu on their oldest DVD. Entering the Konami Code (the directional part, anyway) unlocks a secret chapter.
* Seattle Geek Rock band KirbyKrackle has a song called "Up, Up, Down Down" which uses the code as part of the chorus. It's about a geek guy flirting with a girl who looks to share his interests [[spoiler: She turns out to be a HumanoidAbomination and eats him though]].
* Of all things, the band The Moldy Peaches.
** In "Anyone Else But You":
-->Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
-->Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart.
** It's slightly more relevant in Kitsune^2's song [[http://vulpvibe.bandcamp.com/track/noise-channel-rocker "Noise Channel Rocker"]]:
--> Now punch in Up Up Down Right Left Right Left Right B A Start,
--> But I don't have to tell you, it should be down to an art.
* One of The Gothsicles' most popular tracks is "Konami Code."
* One of the tracks on Music/{{Deftones}}' Saturday Night Wrist album is named 'U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start'
* In the Doomtree song "Final Boss", resident gamer P.O.S. raps ''"99 lives, living by the Konami code/Fold 'em all, origami mode"''.
* From nerdcore rapper ytcracker's song "n.e.s.":
--> ''Up up down down left right left right,''
--> ''Then B A Start, the screen goes white…''
* Electronic musician Savant has [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6rJo6tsYvU a song]] about it.
* Referenced and shown on the music video "Geek and Gamer Girls" by Team Unicorn.
* The Ataris have a song titled "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start" on their 2001 album End Is Forever.


[[folder: Professional Wrestling ]]

* Wrestling/RingOfHonor [[ProfessionalWrestling wrestler]] Wrestling/JimmyJacobs used to have a FinishingMove called the Contra Code, before he had a FaceHeelTurn and got way DarkerAndEdgier.


[[folder: Theatre ]]

* Theatre/BeMoreChill: In the musical, the code "Up up down down left right A" Is used to sync Squips.


[[folder: Webcomics ]]

* In ''Webcomic/{{PHD}}'', the Konami Code is spoofed [[http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1325 as the secret magic dance]] to make lab equipment "start?"
* [[http://www.duelinganalogs.com/comic/2006/05/17/so-dark-the-contra-of-man/ This]] Dueling Analogs comic.
* Appears in the ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel'' spin-off ''Analog & D-Pad'', used by Lucas and Ethan to activate their TransformationSequence into the titular superheroes.
* In ''Webcomic/DarthsAndDroids'', when the ''Millennium Falcon'' fails to go into hyperdrive, part of the code is called out as suggestions for button presses in order to activate it.
* [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Konami]] from ''Webcomics/{{Consolers}}'' wears the code on her shirt collar.
* High Priestess Raisin from ''Webcomic/DragonMango'' often phrases her skills as button combinations, and the Konami Code is one of them. According to her it gives her infinite lives.
* Like the ''Team Fortress 2'' wiki, the ''Webcomic/MSPaintAdventures'' [[http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com wiki]] employs ENTER as a substitute for START. Typing the code redirects the reader to the article on ''Webcomic/ProblemSleuth'''s Code Machine.
* Used in reverse in ''Webcomic/LsEmpire'' as a cure for Memeic Syndrome Type 1.
* Referenced in ''Webcomic/SilentHillPromise'' when the protagonist encounters a directional pad on an electronic box.


[[folder: Websites ]]

* Website/{{Google}}:
** [[http://www.google.com/reader/view/#directory-welcome-page Google Reader]] recognized the Contra Code and unlocks a ninja theme when it is used (before it was discontinued, of course).
** When creating or editing a Google Word Doc, entering the Konami Code will enable Mirror Mode, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin which lets you view and edit word docs]] ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin backward]]''.
** Google Play Games: Swiping the code directions in the mobile app opens a popup with buttons for the final three entries of the code, giving an "[[Memes/VideoGames All your game are belong to us]]" achievement, though it doesn't show up as a regular Google Play Games achievement.
* For reasons that are as yet unexplained, entering the code on espn.com causes unicorns to appear every time you hit enter, and inserts adjectives like 'sparkly' and 'wonderful' into all the story titles. Quite possibly their web designer is about to get fired. This started, so far as we can tell, on the 27th April 2009. No idea how long it'll last.
** It was fixed later the same day, unfortunately. A website with similar code is [[http://paulirish.com/2009/cornify-easter-egg-with-jquery/ here]] ("enter", then the code through A, then "enter" again).
* Believe it or not, this used to work on ''Website/{{Facebook}}'' of all things: entering the code finishing with Enter ''enabled {{lens flare}}''.
** In the Facebook [[WebGames Game]], NinjaWars it unlocks a relic and an award.
* Using the code on the Creator/MarvelComics website brings up [[ComicBook/{{Deadpool}} squirrel]].
* Typing ''upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart'' into the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palm_Pre Palm Pre]] will unlock the Developer Mode, which is required to install third party software.
* Entering the code anywhere at Gamespot will bring you to the page for Contra.
* Entering the code (with Enter instead of Start) on the comedy site [[http://eggplant-news.com The Eggplant]] will bring up a modified version of the Contra NES main screen
* Inputting the Konami Code on any story or chapter on ''Website/FimfictionDotNet'' summons an interactive Rainbow Dash who follows the cursor.
* Inputting the Konami Code on any page on http://www.ukoakdoors.co.uk takes you to one of a selection of fake fantasy door product pages, including the Tardis Door and Bilbo Baggins' door.
* If you enter the KonamiCode on the website for British Vogue ([[http://www.vogue.co.uk/ http://www.vogue.co.uk/]]), it shows a dinosaur wearing a very stylish hat (or wig or hair-ribbon or...).
* On Gene's Journal, a special interview between Gene Roddenberry and Bill Shatner is unlocked with the code through [[http://www.genesjournalcomic.com/2009/10/27/unlock-the-gene-roddenberry-bill-shanter-interview/ this news post]]. (This obviously used "Enter" rather than "Start.")
* Domain registrar [[http://www.gandi.net Gandi.net]] uses the Konami Code to unlock a [=JavaScript=] FPS, where you blow up the site to reveal a door, which opens to deliver a message.
* Using the code on ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'''s [[https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/ official website]] causes miniature D.Vas (originally Hanzos) to start raining down. In the actual game itself, [[GamerChick D.Va]] herself says out loud the code in one of her voice lines.
* Typing in the Konami Code on the website for ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'' causes [[spoiler: Fun Girl]] to appear.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* In the ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether'' episode "A Tale of Two Cows", Toot inputs the Konami code, only ending in "B, A, B, A, Start", on a PlayStation controller.
* The Konami Code is featured in an episode of ''Film/{{Spaceballs}} [[AnimatedAdaptation The Animated Series]]'' where Lonestar and Vespa are trapped in a video game.
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/CoconutFredsFruitSaladIsland'' has the heroes turned into video game characters. Fred uses the Konami Code for summoning a Mario pipe needed to escape from a monster (that looks similar to Triclyde from ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2''). [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNXQlQToj7A#t=3m20s See for yourself]]
* Knowledge of the code and the ability to estimate his height are apparently all that is necessary to pass the [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Trial of the Shadowhog.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'': It appears on a page from Journal 3 [[http://i.imgur.com/iG8wN.jpg (look to the right)]]. The page itself is something of an EasterEgg, appearing for a brief moment at the end of the show's opening sequence. [[spoiler:Even when the opening is corrupted during Weirdmageddon, the code is still there, though it's very hard to see and is only onscreen for one frame.]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' episode "The Tape", Ocho uses the Konami code in reality to summon money for a vending machine, write a test, and easily pass gym. When Gumball does it, it results in a [[GameBreakingBug Reality-Breaking Bug]].
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SonicBoom'' episode, "Let's Play Musical Friends", [[ThoseTwoBadGuys Orbot and Cubot]] activate [[TheWallsAreClosingIn a closing wall trap]]. Orbot asks Cubot if he has any [[LastWords last words]], and Cubot recites the Konami code, which stops the two walls.
* The Code is used to dodge bottles thrown by an angry crowd in an [[{{Retraux}} 8-Bit]] ''VideoGame/GuitarHero'' clone in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''.


[[folder: Real Life ]]

* {{Creator/Netflix}} uses a variant to reset Instant Play on the Nintendo Wii. Lacking some buttons, they use U U D D L R L R U U U U
** The same code is used for a number of other Netflix-capable devices, including game consoles, smart [=TVs=], and set top boxes.
* The Cobra Lounge in Bellingham, Washington featured the Konami Code on its membership cards before it shut down (God rest its soul)


* When one of the hosts said the code out loud on Escapist News Network the watermark suddenly changed color.
* The second ED theme of ''LightNovel/SeitokaiNoIchizon'' is "Ue Ue Shita Shita Hidari Migi Hidari Migi B A".

* The Konami Code is how the Hero activates invincibility in ''Webcomic/RPGWorld''.
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* Used in the beginning of the fourth ''[=KissXSis=]'' OVA by Riko. On her breasts.
* Using the Konami Code at the [[http://www.newsweek.com Newsweek]] site (use the Enter key for Start) used to yield reports of zombie apocalypse.

* Used in, oddly enough, [[http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Main_Page the official wiki]] of ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' (ENTER substitutes for START.)
* Ep 1 of the ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'' has what is most probably a reference to it as when Rudolf pulls Battler's ear exactly as the code (except "a, b, start" which would be difficult to do with an ear).
* The Petitte Project's ''99 Lives''
--> ''Up up down down left right left right B A select start''
--> ''Now I'll play you all night''
* In the song "[[Film/{{Juno}} Anyone Else But You]]", it's the basis for one of the verses.
* Repetitions of the code form the chorus in Music/BrentalFloss's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76ley2v2s9w&feature=relmfu rendition of the first Contra's Jungle theme.]]
* In the first episode of ''LightNovel/LoveChunibyoAndOtherDelusions'', Rikka uses this code on a soda machine with arm gestures. She gets a free drink.
* The WebVideo/DesertBusForHope [[https://desertbus.org/live Live page]] uses the Konami Code to unlock a new hidden data panel, which plays a relevant memetic video. Example videos include Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star, Music/{{Caramelldansen}}, Music/GangnamStyle, etc.
* The introduction to ''[[Magazine/NGamer Nintendo Gamer]]'''s Konami history lesson:
--> ''When they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down, and when they were left they were right, left, right, B, A. Sorry.''
* The official website for ''VideoGame/FarCry3BloodDragon'' has the code scribbled in the upper right corner. Entering it and hitting enter will make the images on the page wobble for a second, and then the user is allowed to make every last item on the page explode in a cheesy gif fireball by clicking on it. [[http://fc3blooddragon.us.ubi.com/shop.php See for yourself.]]
* Referenced in ''MLB The Show'': If you strike out a batter with two pitches up and then two pitches down, color commentator Dave Campbell may remark: "Up, Up, Down, Down...[[{{Kayfabe}} my producer]] is telling me that sounds a bit like a video game code!"
* ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'' has Kaiba use the code when he uses his Enemy Controller magic card, allowing him infinite cards. Yugi points out that this will make it harder for him to draw the card he might actually want. he then inputs the Mortal Kombat Genesis code to activate [[VideoGame/{{Goldeneye1997}} DK mode]].
* On ''Website/DragonCave'''s ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}'' layout, if one enters in the Konami Code, the colors in the theme will change.
* In ''[[UsefulNotes/MicrosoftWindows Windows 10]]'', typing Konami or Konami Code in Cortana will reveal the Konami Code.

''"Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right..."'' \\
No, don't! [[VideoGame/{{Gradius}} That's the wrong code!]] \\
''"...B, A, Sta--"'' \\