These are the works of Russian ScienceFiction / SpeculativeFiction {{Literature}} writer Creator/KirBulychev.

* Literature/AliceGirlFromTheFuture: Kir Bulychev's most famous cycle, about the adventures of a schoolgirl who lives 100 years in TheFuture and travels around the galaxy with her father, meeting many strange creatures. Several movies and games have been made, the most famous one being ''GuestFromTheFuture''.
* Literature/GreatGusliar: MundaneFantastic events in a city that is visited by aliens.
* Literature/DoctorPavlysh: {{Space Opera}}s about an ActionSurvivor starship doctor.
* Literature/AndrewBruce: The adventures of an agent of the SpaceNavy, who uncovers conspiracies on alien planets. The Andrew Bruce adventures were written with more focus on moral dilemmas, and were based on the author's time in the Orient.
* Literature/IntergalacticPolice: A series about Kora Orvat, a SpacePolice agent who is a tougher SheIsAllGrownUp version of Literature/AliceGirlFromTheFuture. The Intergalactic Police would eventually CrossOver into the main "Alice, Girl from the Future" continuity.
* [[Literature/InstituteOfExpertise Institute of Expertise]]: A small series about an ExtranormalInstitute, whose heroes later appear in...
* [[Literature/TheaterOfShadows Theater of Shadows]]: A series of three books in which people visit and study an AlternateUniverse.
* Literature/RiverChronos: AlternateHistory Detective Drama novels in which the heroes use TimeTravel to change events. They save the Tsar from assassination, develop the atomic bomb ten years early, and resurrect Lenin.
* Literature/{{Veryovkin}}: SpeculativeFiction set in a CrapsackWorld city that is a sadder version of Literature/GreatGusliar.
* Literature/{{Ligon}}: Adventure series set in a FictionalCountry based on the author's experiences in [[UsefulNotes/ThatSouthEastAsianCountry Burma]].

!Other books
* [[Literature/CraneInTheHands Crane in the Hands]]: A war in an AlternateUniverse begins to interfere with our world.
* [[Literature/AbductionOfTheSorcerer Abduction of the Sorcerer]]: [[TimeTravel Time travellers]] from TheFuture abduct geniuses to save them from death. A girl named Anna ends up as a spectator of one such operation.
* Literature/StrangeMemory: Professor Rzhevsky clones himself. [[CloningBlues The clone begins to investigate his purpose and the life of the professor]].
* Literature/TheCityAbove: AfterTheEnd of a devastating war on a planet, archaeologists discover the survivors living in an ElaborateUndergroundBase that has become a brutal tyranny ruled by military and industrial oligarchs.
* [[Literature/DeathOnTheFloorBelow Death on the Floor Below]]: [[RippedFromTheHeadlines The Soviet government covers up an environmental disaster]]. Written as a critique of UsefulNotes/MikhailGorbachev around the time of TheGreatPoliticsMessUp.
* ''Literature/TheMysteryOfUrulgan'': A young English woman arrives in pre-RedOctober Siberia to search for a missing explorer and finds that a meteor is actually a crashed alien spaceship whose occupants are still frozen inside.
* Literature/APet: A few hundred years after an AlienInvasion by the LizardFolk placed the Earth under the alien yoke, humans are treated as animals, while LaResistance fights to liberate the conquered planet.
* Literature/{{Asylum}}: Intended to be the first book in a series that would have been a Russian response to Literature/HarryPotter. The boy Seva has to save the fairy-tale characters by finding them a place to live. But AuthorExistenceFailure prevented the series from taking off.

* Literature/PeopleArePeople
* Literature/SummerMorning
* Literature/CoralCastle
* [[Literature/WhoNeedsIt Who Needs It?]]

!Other works
* Literature/HalfALife: A ShortStory anthology.
* [[Literature/EarthAndElsewhere Earth and Elsewhere]]
* Literature/ThoseWhoSurvive -- in Doctor Pavlysh series, partially adapted as [[ animated]] [[ film]]
* Literature/TheLastWar -- in Doctor Pavlysh series