Full title ''Klub Vesyolykh i Nakhodchivykh'' (Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted people)

Soviet (later Russian) Comedy Programme. Part GameShow, part amateur comedy (mainly StandUpComedy and covers of popular songs with lyrics replaced). Teams of college students compete to be the funniest.

Started in 1961 to replace a similar live-air show with AudienceParticipation which got canceled for causing a riot.[[labelnote:details]]Organizers promised a large prize to the one who comes to the studio in winter clothes with last December's newspaper (it was in July). The bit about the paper somehow got lost and too many people came. The studio couldn't work for the rest of the day.[[/labelnote]] Enjoyed great popularity. Got canceled in 1971 because the increasingly strict and bizarre censorship demands[[labelnote:e.g.]]banning beards for similarity with Karl Marx[[/labelnote]] made the program unfunny; the organizers' attempts to loosen the demands resulted in a lengthy and unpleasant investigation. Resurrected in 1986 by members of the original crew and some of the former participants, continues to this day. Outside USSR (and post-Soviet countries) attracted sizable attention in Israel, Germany, USA, Canada, Britain.


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