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->''"I started playing ''Peggle'' around noon, and emerged from my room sometime later to find that the authorities had declared me legally dead."''
-->-- ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' reviewing ''Videogame/{{Peggle}}''

''[[DescribeTopicHere Describe Just One More Level Here, as soon as you beat that boss... Just one more level after that... Now just beat this boss... You just want to fiddle about with the new weapon the boss dropped... Crap, is the sun coming up already?]]''

Basically this is when people stay up way later than you should because they're having so much fun with a game. After all, most games aren't designed to be over quickly, so they encourage long play sessions if the player is interested enough.

Now while this can be an occasional thing, this can be caused by being addicted to a game, and in fiction often is a form of CompressedVice.

Some games deal with this by AntiPoopSocking. Some encourage it by [[SaveGameLimits restricting saving]] or, in the worst cases, [[BladderOfSteel pausing]].

Compare EarWorm (the music equivalent), CrackIsCheaper (the hobby equivalent), TVTropesWillRuinYourLife (the equivalent for Wiki/ThisVeryWiki), ArchiveBinge, BrowserNarcotic, WikiWalk.

Not to be confused with TheTetrisEffect (which is an effect of this trope, not the trope itself).

'''Now even though this is TruthInTelevision, examples are limited to InUniverse, since all but the shortest games can do this in RealLife. There's no point to listing a game that merely can do this.'''

'''Also examples are about games only, not other media websites or books.'''


* Having never picked up a videogame before, the dad in ''Film/TheWizard'' gets this in a bad way. He even gets distracted from searching for his sons by compulsively trying to beat [[VideoGame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles TMNT]] and ''VideoGame/ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink''.

* In ''[[Literature/ThePendragonAdventure The Reality Bug]]'' the world of Veelox is slowly crumbling because most of the citizens are residing in an alternate-world fantasy game, and dying off in the game, one by one.
** The game was basically intended to cause this--it lets people live out their fantasies while eliminating needs like food and drink.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Chandler in ''Series/{{Friends}}'' spends an episode addicted to Ms. Pacman, to the point where he can no longer move his hand.
* Gordo from ''Series/{{Lizzie McGuire}}'' becomes addicted to Dwarflord, a BlandNameProduct fantasy game with, from what we see, elements of ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'', ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' and {{TabletopGame/Warhammer}}, causing his friends to administer [[ColdBloodedTorture amateur therapy]] on him to cure him.
** It's also apparently a case of ICantBelieveItsNotHeroin, as Gordo looks absolutely ''exhausted'' due to not having eaten or slept for days because he's too busy playing Dwarflord, and when Lizzie and Miranda ask if he's feeling okay, he angrily brushes them off, too busy looking for things he can sell (or steal) so he can buy more Dwarflord cards.
* An episode of ''Series/{{Psych}}'' has Shawn's father discovering ''VideoGame/{{Crackdown}}''. Cue them returning the next day or so, and the father hasn't slept and has to be prompted to stop, and even threatens Shawn when he tries to take the console away.
-->'''Shawn's Dad:''' ...it lets you feel like a cop, without all the guilt after you shoot someone.
* In one episode of ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', Penny gets addicted to ''VideoGame/AgeOfConan''. At one point Leonard asks why she's not at work, and she says she doesn't work on Mondays. He then points out that it's ''Thursday''. She finally says "Okay, I need to stop" when she gets hit on by [[CasanovaWannabe Howard]] in-game and actually responds positively.
* In the penultimate episode of ''Series/{{Angel}}'', Spike leaves Illyria guarding Drogyn and offers them ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot1996'' to pass the time. This leads to:
-->Illyria: "I play this game. It's pointless, and annoys me. Yet I am compelled to play on."
* In an episode of ''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Star Trek TNG]]'', a woman shows Riker a small video game which gives the user a direct endorphin rush when they complete a level. Riker plays it, quickly becomes addicted, and spreads it to rest of the TNG crew.
* ''Series/{{Frasier}}'': Niles becomes addicted to his nephew's videogame, though it's because he can't beat the tutorial level.
* Dave from ''Series/NewsRadio'' retakes his [=SATs=] on a dare from Lisa, but unintentionally stays up all night before the exam playing an arcade game that was recently installed on the building (an old favourite, no less). When the results come in, he reveals he did the same thing when he originally took the tests.
* In ''Renegadepress.com'''s "Alternate Reality", Sandiís increasing addiction to a video game causes him to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In the comic strip ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'', Jason's video game obsession transfers to his mother who plays for days and days before realizing she has a problem/is getting cut off.
** One series of strips had Andy getting addicted to ''{{VideoGame/Nintendogs}}''; when she finally returns Jason's DS, he (rightly) guesses that it's only because the battery died.
* One ''ComicStrip/GetFuzzy'' strip had Rob come into work looking like crap after spending the whole night playing ''VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront II''.

[[folder:Video Games[softreturn](must be referenced by the game in some way)]]
* The ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}}'' series lampshades this trope. The advertisement surrounding ''Civ 4'' use the phrase "one more turn" as a MadnessMantra, including starting a fake site for Civilization-holics called "[[http://www.civanon.org/home.shtml No More Turns]]". When you reach the "end of history" (win or lose), the options given to you are "End game" and "Just...one...more...turn!"
** ''Civ 4'' also included, in the options menu, an ''alarm'', that you could set to go off at a set time or after a certain number of [[strike: minutes]] hours had elapsed. How effective it is is doubtful, but bless them for trying.
** ''Civilization's'' sci-fi brother, ''VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri'', is just as bad, complete with the options after you've beaten the game consisting of "Good, I'm done, now go away!" and "C'mon, lemme play a couple more turns!" And if you try to quit, you hear the immortal plea: "[[GuiltBasedGaming Please don't go. The drones need you. They look up to you.]]" This game's acronym is SMAC for a reason.
** [[VideoGame/GalacticCivilizations A few more turns wouldn't hurt, would it?]]
** The game company's convention, Firaxicon, gave out T-Shirts with "One More Turn" on the back.
*** Also shows up in ''VideoGame/ElementalWarOfMagic'' which despite some growing pains shortly after launch still proved itself to be ridiculously addictive.
* [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] In ''{{VideoGame/Stronghold}}'', If you play for hours (or days, or weeks, or months...) The Scribe says things such as "How about a snack, sire?" "You haven't slept for days sire!" "It's getting late, sire, Aren't you tired?"
* ''VideoGame/DungeonKeeper'' displays messages to the user reminding them to take a break. Unlike some of the other examples listed, these are based on the system's internal clock instead of play duration.
* ''VideoGame/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness'' spoofs this once Laharl becomes overlord.
--> ...do you want me to give human kids an addictive video game that will deprive them of their sleep?
** ''Disgaea 3'' gives a trophy for leaving the game on long enough.
* ''VideoGame/{{Tales Of Vesperia}}'' has an Achievement which you earn by having a save file over 100+ hours long.
** ''{{Tales Of Graces}}'': There are three titles you get from your overall playtime. One notes that if the party knew how long you've been playing they'd tell you to take a break.
* Part of the {{backstory}} of strategy game ''This Means War!'' is a somewhat post-apocalyptic setting caused by a dangerously addictive videogame that players were so hooked on that they neglected their duties (for instance, maintaining nuclear power plants) to keep playing.
* The developer of ''VideoGame/DesktopTowerDefense'' has admitted to ''tweaking the game to encourage more play''. He regularly gets emails from people asking to "please ban me from the game, I can't stop playing".
* ''VideoGame/SinsOfASolarEmpire'' is advertised on the box as something like "all the 'just one more turn' addictiveness of a TBS like Civ, but with no turns so you never know when to stop!"
* Referenced in ''VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet 2'', where playing after 9 PM earns you the "Just... One... More... Go..." trophy.
* ''VideoGame/TheSims'' addressed this in the first game's strategy guide, when referring to "Winning the Game". ''Don't be absurd. This is a Maxis game! What's to win? You and your sims can play unto perpetuity, getting into entanglements and trying to get out, and by the time you know it, it will be 3am your time, and you don't even have your teeth brushed...''
* ''VideoGame/{{Snood}}'' has a "Just One More Game" option that automatically closes the program on your computer after your next attempt, but not before a pop up window says, "You said one more game. Snood will now quit. But no one will know if you start again". Evil!!
* There is a shirt on the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Store that says "Just One More Block" four times in a row!
* Lampshaded in ''VideoGame/DungeonsOfDredmor'', where it asks if you try to quit: "Just one more game wouldn't hurt, would it?" while playing a parody of ''VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri'''s voice clip:
--> "Please don't go! The [[MascotMook Diggles]] need you! They look up to you!"
* Lampshaded and inverted on the menu screen of ''VisualNovel/AoiShiro'', where, depending on the time and day of the week your computer is set to, the character will tell you to go do your homework first, your house chores, go to school, or even to go to sleep.
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' has a few loading screen tips discussing this:
--> Remember to take all things in moderation (even ''World of Warcraft''!)
--> Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don't forget to go outside Azeroth with them as well.
* The confirmation prompt for exiting ''VideoGame/AValleyWithoutWind'' has buttons labeled "No" and "Yeah, I should probably eat or sleep or something."
* The citizens of ''Brainville'' make comments concerning the lateness of the hour and your need for sleep if you play past a certain time of night.
* The Korean region client of ''Videogame/LeagueOfLegends'' has warnings telling players how long they've been playing. "You have been playing for 4 hours.", etc. For players outside of Korea, one can witness this by watching the livestream of a Korean professional League of Legends player.
* A loading screen tip in ''VideoGame/BaldursGate II'' reminds the player that (s)he needs to eat once in a while:
--> While your character does not have to eat, please remember that you do. We don't want to lose any dedicated players.
* There is an upgrade in ''Videogame/CookieClicker'' with FlavorText that outright asks "You've been up all night, haven't you?", unlocked by clicking on [[LuckySeven 77 golden cookies]], which are on a (slightly variable) timer. A simultaneously-unlocked achievement says "You should really go to bed". The minimum time between golden cookies is five minutes without spawn-rate upgrades, which are mercifully unlocked at 7 and 27 cookies, otherwise getting to that number would take over six hours even with the best of luck.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* [[http://fanboys-online.com/index.php?id=128 This strip]] of ''Webcomic/{{Fanboys}}'' shows this effect when Sylvia plays ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' games for the first time.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Bobwhite}}'', Marlene receives a video game as a present from Cleo. She doesn't even like video games, [[http://www.bobwhitecomics.com/?webcomic_post=20091230 but she decides to try it out for five minutes.]] 72 hours later, she's completed the game, and she vows to get her revenge by giving Cleo the complete filmography of Creator/AkiraKurosawa, hoping to induce Cleo to go on an ArchiveBinge.
* ''[[Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal SMBC Theatre]]'' gives us [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD69PAIqiYo The MMO]]. A playable version is [[http://mmo.smbc-comics.com here]].
** That's scarily similar to a flash game on Kongregate called anti-idler. One of the minigames is to click a button to get rewards.
* ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' has a [[http://www.sluggy.com/comics/archives/daily/20080723 plot line]] where '[[http://www.sluggy.com/daily.php?date=080802 Years of Yarncraft]]' completely consumes the attention of most of the main characters for dangerously long periods, getting in the way of eating, sleeping, and other such [[http://www.sluggy.com/comics/archives/daily/080806 minor pursuits]].
* In one year of ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'''s "The Annual 'We're Right' Awards", they gave ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance'' the "Just One More Turn Wow Is It Really 4 AM?" Award.
** They have quite a few strips about this subject, such as the time Gabe is introduced to ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'', or how he had to quit ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' because it was "a job that was fucking killing me!"
** "One win, and then bed." [[https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2015/11/18/duration Except not.]]
* Summed up neatly in ''[[http://www.collectedcurios.com/HTP_011_Tetris.jpg How To Play Tetris]]'' by the gentleman who brought us ''Webcomic/SequentialArt''. Also given a nod in the last panel of ''[[http://www.collectedcurios.com/HTP_012_Team_Fortress_2.jpg How to Play Team Fortress 2]]'', where the titular ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' ultimately takes its toll on the player's sleep cycle, dietary intake, and various unsavory bodily functions.
* In ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', Grace gets addicted to ''Videogame/BlackAndWhite'' and has to be [[http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=46 dragged away from the computer]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/AngryJoe'' initially scoffs at ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'' as a boring game about "reading shit" and "looking at statistics". 16 hours and one GilliganCut later, he's sweating, slightly foaming at the mouth, twitching constantly, and mumbling swears at Montezuma, all while murmuring "Just one more turn..."
* [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] noted this in [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/7-Peggle his review]] of ''Videogame/{{Peggle}}''.
** Using the appropriate song "Stay (Just a Little Bit Longer)".
** He has also noted that he kept playing so much of the first ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare'' that he [[ForgetsToEat forgot to eat]], and when he tried to play 'a bit of the next mission' in ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'', he couldn't resist playing three ''entire'' missions before he could make himself stop.
* The WebVideo/{{Wiiviewer}} noted this in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v70WCaeqP0M his review]] of ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon''.
* Website/{{Akinator}}, according to his backstory, is addicted to the Twenty Questions game, hence why the website was created.
* Website/{{Cracked}} compared the estrategy in VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii like "potato chips" as that the levels are so small, that it doesn't take much convicing to get another one.
** [[http://www.cracked.com/article_18461_5-creepy-ways-video-games-are-trying-to-get-you-addicted_p2.html Somewhere in that bag is an angry dinosaur and a kidnapped princess.]]
* ''WebAnimation/ButtonsAdventures'': Button stays up all night playing a game, becoming partially delirious in the morning to the point of speaking in WordSalad.
* In the {{pilot}} episode of ''WebAnimation/GEOWeasel'', Nar is addicted to video games, going to a handheld game when the power goes out and eventually going out in severe weather to get batteries.
* [[Creator/TheCynicalBrit TotalBiscuit]] has always said that his ''[=WTF=] Is'' series is all about first impressions. When it came to ''[=XCOM=] 2'', however, his 'first impressions' for the game just so happened to be after ''72 hours and a completed campaign''.
* ''WebVideo/PlayStationAccess'' brought this up in "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbZm5ATgOqw&t=475s 7 'One-More-Go' Games You Can't Stop Playing Until 4am]]".

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' jokes about this.
** In the episode "Towelie", the boys get the new game system "The Okama Gamesphere". They make up excuses to keep playing.
---> '''Stan:''' Uhh... we can't go to baseball practice because... Kyle has cancer.
** In the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft", the boys did nothing but play ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' for weeks, becoming grotesquely fat and acne-ridden as a result.
*** This one is a double-example: they did all of this so that they could level up enough to beat someone who ALSO did this, literally having never once logged off since launch, and somehow had developed the ability to kill player characters, even when not flagged for PVP and ''on the same side'' no less. So what do they do once they achieve this godly status along with [[InfinityPlusOneSword the Sword of 1000 Truths]]? Go back to playing the rest of the game like nothing happened...
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': This happened once to Lisa Simpson ó she wasn't prepared for playing with a ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot'' CaptainErsatz for whole week. She started playing when she was sick and didn't have anything else to do, but by the time she recovered she was hooked.
* This happened to Hank in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' when he plays a [[UltraSuperDeathGoreFestChainsawer3000 GTA-esque]] game called "Pro-Pain". It's actually based on his life, being made by a couple of nerds.
* During an episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Brandy and Mr Whiskers}}'', Brandy tried to keep Mr. Whiskers from pestering her by giving him a handheld game to keep his mind busy. He got so into it, that he was even worse than before.
* A similar thing happened in the ''WesternAnimation/MikeLuAndOg'' episode "A Boy's Game", with Og getting addicted to a BambooTechnology GameBoy that he made himself, even so far as to keep playing it even while a ''hurricane'' was destroying the island.
-->'''Margery:''' Why, where ''is'' the dear boy?
-->'''Mike:''' There's his body, but good luck finding his mind.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'' wins a videogame system from a store, and then spending the next few days playing games while not doing his homework and nearly being late for school.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' episode "Arcade Mania", Steven introduces Garnet to a rhythm game. She quickly becomes so hooked that she stops being aware of anything else in the world, to the point that the only way to break her trance is destroying the game.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'', Arthur becomes addicted to a game on his mother's computer. When he shows his mother how to play the game, she becomes addicted too and stays up all night trying to finish it.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'':
** Stumpy is addicted to video games despite being horrible at them. The addiction is so bad that when Kaeloo temporarily takes away his console in "Let's Play Simon Says", all he can do is crawl on the floor while weakly saying "My console..." until she gives it back.
** Kaeloo herself becomes a victim of this trope in [[spoiler: Episode 100]] after Stumpy shows her how to play one of his video games, to the extent that she plays it for ''one whole year'' without stopping.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* {{Creator/Nintendo}} actually had a T-shirt printed with the phrase. Repeated dozens of times.
* {{Music/KISS}} frontman Paul Stanley got addicted to ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros'' on the ''Hot in the Shade'' tour, as revealed in a tour video from ''Revenge''.
--> '''Paul:''' When I first learned this damn game, it's like a drug, right? The sun's coming up, everyone else is in their bunks snoring, and I'm like "Just one more game!"
* In an interview with ''Magazine/ElectronicGamingMonthly'', singer Mya said that fellow musician Sisqo had such a tendency for this for any game that he was playing that he would literally forget to eat unless someone told him to.
* Knitters have a similar phrase. "Just one more Row!" until the project is done.


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