''Jumbor Barutronica'' is a {{shonen}} manga by Hiroyuki Takei (''{{Shaman King}}'' and ''{{Karakuridouji Ultimo}}'') that is currently running in ''Ultra Jump''. It has had several different versions, all with different storylines, but similar characters.

Baru Crow is a 36 year old construction worker, who leads a team of fellow builders who travel around doing different construction jobs. At the same time, a robotic looking man named Genber Diode has appearred on the news, talking about a world construction plan, and fixing all [[{{HumansAreBastards}} the problems humanity has caused]]. He summons more robotic creatures called jumbors that are all over the world to destroy everything, and start rebuilding a new world. As the chaos starts Baru and the gang get caught up in everything as well.

Despite the army's efforts the world is wiped clean in the end. Genber finds Baru buried in the rubble, and due to his construction skills, decides to use him to create a the eleventh jumbor.

Ten years pass, and and Jumbor Baru has been stolen by the old world's leader's daughter, Rivetta, who plans to use him to stop Genber and return the world to normal. But Baru is less than enthusiastic, wanting to find his missing wife and kids, and find a way to get his old body back. Baru ''sort of'' agrees to help Rivetta, only in hopes that it will help him find his family.

The series was cancelled due poor popularity, but its small but loyal following managed to get the series revived (not unlike [[{{ShamanKing}} another]] one of Takei's stories). The new series continues as a {{reboot}}.

Arguably the {{Spiritual Successor}} to ''{{Karakuridouji Ultimo}}'' due to [[{{Expy}} similar character designs]] and battle styles.

!!This manga provides examples of:

* AdultFear: Baru is pretty much told not to bother looking for his wife and kids since they probably died with the other 90% of the world.
* AfterTheEnd / EndOfAnAge: It takes place in year 10 of the new world.
* BarbieDollAnatomy
* BigEater: Baru
* {{Expy}}: Just like ''[[{{KarakuridoujiUltimo}} Ultimo]]'' is filled with {{Shaman King}} expies, Jumbor is filled with ''Ultimo'' expies.
** Baru is like an older Yamato, while Jumbor Baru is a grumpier, black haired, Ultimo.
** Vice is an expy of, well Vice.
** Kili is basically a white haired Machi.
** Rivetta is like a blonde, female Miryuu.
* GagBoobs: Occasionally Rivetta.
* HotScientist / NerdsAreSexy: Rivetta
* HumansAreBastards: Genber pretty much states it's humanity's fault for all the world's problems. (Hunger, overpopulation, war, ect,)
* KidHero: Subverted with Baru. He has the mind of an adult, but his new body is aged to that of a 10-year-old boy.
* MaleGaze: Rivetta has gotten a couple of these moments.