Jonathan Franzen is a widely lauded author of American literary fiction who has written four novels. His third book, ''Literature/TheCorrections'', launched him into the stratosphere in terms of popularity, although more people [[OvershadowedByControversy may be familiar with Franzen's "feud" with Oprah]] than the actual novel. Regardless, ''The Corrections'' became a best seller, won the 2001 National Book Award for Fiction, was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, and is considered to be the best book of the [[TurnOfTheMillennium 2000s]]. His fourth novel, ''Literature/{{Freedom}}'', was met with similar praise.

In addition to his novels, Franzen has published a collection of essays, ''Literature/HowToBeAlone'', a memoir, ''Literature/TheDiscomfortZone'', and, most recently, ''Literature/FartherAway'', another essay collection. He has also published various short pieces, fiction and non-fiction, throughout his career, along with a [[SurprisinglyGoodForeignLanguage translation of the German play]] ''Frühlings Erwachen'', perhaps better known as ''SpringAwakening''.

Franzen was a close friend of Creator/DavidFosterWallace; he at times [[WordOfSaintPaul interprets/fills in the blanks on Wallace's work]], which is at times divisive but is also at times impossible to ignore (being a confidant of Wallace, he is well-positioned to talk about Wallace's quasi-autobiographical short fiction).

His books include:
* ''Literature/TheTwentySeventhCity''
* ''Literature/StrongMotion''
* ''Literature/TheCorrections''
* ''Literature/{{Freedom}}''
* ''Literature/HowToBeAlone''
* ''Literature/TheDiscomfortZone''