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[[caption-width-right:350:[[YouAreNotAlone "And know that I am with you always. Yes, until the end of time."]]]]

->''"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."''
-->--'''[[Literature/BookOfIsaiah Isaiah 9:6]]''' (KJV)

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Yeshua, supposed son of a carpenter (or joiner) named Youssef and a young woman (possibly a virgin) named Miriam, born in Nazareth (or Bethlehem) in Roman Judea, some time between 8 BC/BCE and 6 AD/CE[[note]]Almost always listed as being born before 4 BCE, as tradition dictates he was born while King Herod I was still alive[[/note]]. He excelled in Torah study, became a rabbi, and began preaching in Palestine aged around thirty. His message was mainly of love, peace, mercy, kindness, charity, forgiveness, and compassion (all of which were considered signs of weakness in AncientRome, to one degree or another). He also gave some [[WhatTheHellHero trenchant criticisms of the religious Powers that Be]] on the subject of [[HolierThanThou their corrupt practices]], and he is said to have performed many miracles. Accused of defying Mosaic law and challenging the authority of Rome, he was sentenced to crucifixion by Roman procurator Pontius Pilatus and executed in Jerusalem around 30 AD/CE.

[[Literature/TheBible The New Testament of the Christian Bible]] says He was arrested and, [[ConvictedByPublicOpinion despite being innocent of any wrongdoing]], crucified after being betrayed by Judas Iscariot (Yehudah of Kerioth/Yehudah the Sicarius), but returned BackFromTheDead [[RuleOfThree 3 days later]]. He appeared before his Disciples (minus Judas, who was dead by that point) and many others before ascending to Heaven. The New Testament is mostly about Him, His life, His sayings, and His deeds, and is the second part of [[Literature/TheBible the Bible]]. It concludes by prophesying He will [[SecondComing return a second time]] to defeat {{Satan}} once and for all and set up His kingdom on earth.

[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sources_for_the_historicity_of_Jesus While Jesus' existence has been historically confirmed]], there are numerous views and speculations about Jesus' nature and deeds. Jesus is probably best known as the founder of UsefulNotes/{{Christianity}}. Most Christians believe that Jesus Christ (from ''Christos'', "anointed", from the Hebrew word ''Mashiach'', "[[MessianicArchetype Messiah]]") is no less than the Son of {{God}} as well as being [[GodInHumanForm the incarnation of God on earth]] [[note]]not all Christians do, although more than one council tried to get everybody in line about it; there are still traces of Jesus either being completely divine or completely human in smaller Christian denominations; the [[WordOfGod Man Himself]] said He was both[[/note]]. Needless to say, this makes Jesus the BigGood of the Christian faith.

[[UsefulNotes/{{Islam}} Muslims]] acknowledge Jesus (whose name they translate as Isa) as the second-greatest prophet after [[UsefulNotes/TheProphetMuhammad Muhammad]] himself. However, they dismiss the idea that any human can be the Son of God or an aspect of God, but do believe that Jesus was born of a virgin mother and will someday [[SecondComing return to Earth]]. They also believe that Jesus did not die on the cross, as God intervened to prevent it, carrying Jesus's physical body to Heaven. [[UsefulNotes/{{Judaism}} Jewish]] teachings vary on whether they acknowledge Jesus or not (and of course the Jewish version of the Bible-- the ''Tanakh''-- doesn't include the New Testament at all), but almost all would argue that, despite any good qualities, he's not the Messiah. [[UsefulNotes/{{Gnosticism}} Gnostic]] teachings maintain that Jesus was a spiritual being sent to teach us how to AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence, but these are considered unorthodox by most Christians. And even people who don't fit into any of the above religions may still believe JesusWasWayCool.

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Also directly inspired the following tropes:

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And, indirectly:

* TheAntichrist
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Many books, movies and so on have been made about Him, among them:

* Literature/TheBible, of course.
** In particular Literature/TheFourGospels, which are specifically about Jesus' life.
** And Literature/TheBookOfRevelation, which predicts Jesus' SecondComing.
** He makes a [[TheCameo cameo]] in Literature/ActsOfTheApostles, appearing to Saul (Paul) on the road to Damascus.
* Literature/TheQuran. Jesus is considered a great prophet of Islam, second only to Muhmammad himself, and his life and teachings constitute a significant part of the Qu'ran.
* Literature/TheBookOfMormon, climaxing with his post-resurrection visit to the American continent.
* ''Literature/BenHur'', the novel and films.
* Some episodes of Creator/TheHistoryChannel's ''[[Series/TheBible2013 The Bible]]''.
* Some episodes of Creator/{{NBC}}'s ''Series/ADTheBibleContinues'', a follow-up series to the above.
* ''Film/FromTheMangerToTheCross'' (1912), one of the first feature films ever made.
* ''{{Theatre/Godspell}}''
* ''Film/TheGospelOfJohn''
* ''Film/TheGreatestStoryEverTold''
* ''Music/{{Hero}}''
* ''[[Film/{{Jesus1979}} Jesus]]'' (1979)
* ''[[Series/{{Jesus1999}} Jesus]]'' (1999)
* ''Music/JesusChristSuperstar''
* ''Film/JesusChristVampireHunter''
* ''Series/JesusOfNazareth''
* ''Film/TheKingOfKings''
* ''Film/KingOfKings''
* ''[[Literature/LambTheGospelAccordingToBiff Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal]]'', a very AffectionateParody.
* ''Film/TheLastTemptationOfChrist'', the novel and film.
* ''Radio/TheManBornToBeKing''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMiracleMaker''
* ''Film/MontyPythonsLifeOfBrian'' gives him a bit part in the beginning, and features a man whose life parallels his to an extent.
* ''Anime/MyLastDay''
* ''Film/TheNativityStory''
* ''Film/ThePassionOfTheChrist''
* ''Film/{{Risen}}''
* ''Manga/SaintYoungMen'', [[PalsWithJesus pals with Buddha]]
* ''Film/SonOfGod'', a CompilationMovie adapted from the History Channel's ''The Bible''.
* ''[[Film/TheVisualBibleMatthew The Visual Bible: Matthew]]''
* ''Film/TheYoungMessiah''

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Not to be confused with the manga ''Manga/{{Jesus}}'', about a hitman-turned-teacher.