This a superindex is for works originating in Japan. Examples that already have their own subindex belong on the appropriate index, not on this page.

Compare to GermanMedia and KoreanMedia, as well as RussianRelaxing. See also JapaneseMediaTropes.
* {{Anime}}: Japanese AnimatedShows
* JapaneseFilms: Live-Action Movies
* JapaneseGames
* JapaneseLiterature
* JapaneseMythology
* JapanesePopMusic
* JapaneseSeries: Japanese LiveActionTV
* {{Manga}}: Japanese Comics and Graphic Novels
** {{Doujinshi}}: Independently published fan manga
* LightNovels

!!Additional Categories


[[folder: Genres ]]

* JidaiGeki: Japanese PeriodPiece set during or prior to the Edo period.


[[folder: Theatre ]]

* {{Takarazuka}}


[[folder: Toys ]]

* Toys/BusouShinki