-> ''"Nothing really happens, but in a really good way."''
-->-- '''Creator/SayakaOhara''', voice of Alicia in ''{{Manga/ARIA}}''

Iyashikei (癒し系) is Japanese for "healing", a term used for {{anime}} and {{manga}} created with the specific purpose of having a healing or soothing effect on the audience. Works of this kind often involve alternative realities with little to no conflict, emphasizing nature and the little delights in life. If anybody talks about a "{{Moe}}" genre about cute girls doing cute things, it may very likely be in this genre.

Even though many iyashikei creations seem to have a strong escapist basis, the goal is not only to offer a means of getting away from daily worries, but to let the audience embrace a calming state of mind. As these works tend to involve normal people in normal situations, this trope often overlaps with SliceOfLife. Other tropes often associated with iyashikei are {{Arcadia}}, GhibliHills and SceneryPorn.

Iyashikei often involves the subtler kind of CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming. Compare and contrast WarmAndFuzzyFeeling, TastesLikeDiabetes, SweetDreamsFuel, and HappinessTropes. Contrast {{Utsuge}} (the closest genre to its diametric opposite in Japanese media), {{Glurge}}, NightmareFuel and ParanoiaFuel. Works adhering to this trope might function as RealLife BrainBleach. See also {{Escapism}} for very similar concept.
!!Works in this genre:
* ''Manga/AChannel''
* ''Manga/{{Aiura}}''
* ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'': Two very caring people fall in love, as their friends and family members have wacky harmless hijinks in the background. In particular, Skuld's subplot about learning to ride a bike is devoted to showing that just living a normal human life can be pretty sweet.
* ''Manga/{{Amanchu}}'' is a story of a high school girl who befriends a scuba diving enthusiast and joins the school diving club. It's a story of their friendship while learning how to scuba dive, accompanied with beautiful visuals.
* ''Manga/AmeIroKouchakanKandan''
* ''Manga/{{ARIA}}'': A woman practices to be a gondolier in a futuristic Venice. Gorgeous visuals and an easygoing storyline makes it ideal for those who just want to relax.
* ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' [[SliceOfLife Slice of life]] story of a group of high school students and some of their teachers. Full of gags and cuteness.
* ''Anime/{{Bananya}}''
* ''Manga/{{Barakamon}}''
* ''Manga/{{Bartender}}''
* ''Manga/BinbouShimaiMonogatari''
* ''Manga/BinchouTan''
* ''Manga/BunnyDrop'' A man without much purpose in life impulsively adopts a grade school girl. This is a story of how they interact and become a family.
* ''Manga/FlyingWitch''
* ''TabletopGame/GoldenSkyStories'' is a TabletopRPG that tries to emulate this.
* ''Manga/GourmetGirlGraffiti'' is a series about a few girls enjoying good food.
* ''Anime/{{Haibane Renmei}}''
* ''Manga/{{Hanayamata}}''
* ''Manga/HidamariSketch''
* ''Manga/IkokuMeiroNoCroisee''
* ''Manga/IsTheOrderARabbit'' embraces the "cute girls doing cute things" idea, as it is about five girls and their friends/relatives living in a beautiful European-style city with BunniesForCuteness everywhere and the focus is their friendship and working in various cafés.
* ''Anime/{{Kamichu}}''
* ''Manga/KiniroMosaic'': A SliceOfLife series about cute girls in school.
* ''Manga/KOn'' is in essence a {{Moe}}-fied, GenderFlip version of ''Music/TheBeatles'' set in school. The main characters however spend a lot of time drinking tea, eating cake and having fun just about as much as they practice music or play on concerts.
* ''Manga/{{Mahoraba}}'' is a relaxing harem-esque series where any drama is very light-hearted or played for laughs, and all girls in the "harem" are really [[SplitPersonality all the same girl]].
* ''Anime/MakuraNoDanshi''
* ''Manga/{{Mokke}}''
* ''Manga/{{Mushishi}}'' is a strange example. Despite having a fair share of [[BittersweetEnding bittersweet endings]], [[TearJerker tear-jerkers]], and even [[NightmareFuel horrors]], the overall tranquility makes it soothing to watch.
* ''Manga/MyLovelyGhostKana''
* ''[[Manga/NatsumesBookOfFriends Natsume's Book Of Friends]]'' The Feels never end!
* ''Manga/NonNonBiyori'' Arguably the king of feel-good anime. Quoted by Anime News Network as, "... the animated equivalent of a security blanket."
* ''Anime/OnlyYesterday''
* ''Manga/{{Sketchbook}}''
* ''Manga/SomedaysDreamers''
* ''Anime/SoundOfTheSky''. In its most SliceOfLife, ''Manga/KOn'' [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets]] ''Literature/AllQuietOnTheWesternFront'' moments, it manages to be both healing and quietly thought-provoking.
* ''Anime/SuperSonico'' is a SliceOfLife story where any potential drama only turn out to have warm and fuzzy endings, and with a fair amount of FanService.
* ''Anime/{{Tamayura}}''
* ''Manga/TanakaKunWaItsumoKedaruge''
* ''Anime/{{Tsuritama}}''
* ''Anime/UmiMonogatari'' is about accepting your inner darkness. Marin, Kanon, and Urin have to go through a lot while fighting Sedna, including facing their own fears and sorrow. In the end they don't destroy Sedna, but accept her and their sorrow back into their hearts.
* ''Manga/WifeAndWife'' is a story about a lesbian married couple moving in together and how they adjust to their new lives.
* ''Anime/WindyTales''
* ''Manga/YamaNoSusume''
* The MagicalGirlWarrior ''Anime/YukiYunaIsAHero'' is according to WordOfGod a "new type" of this anime. It doesn't contain much "healing" until the literal end. In fact, it's the complete opposite--it's dark and depressing once [[AwfulTruth certain revelations]] come out.
* ''Manga/YokohamaKaidashiKikou'' An [[AfterTheEnd After The End]] manga focused on a female android minding a cafe in the middle of nowhere. Despite the post-disaster world that has left humanity in decline, it's a soft and easygoing story about the android's life. Much of the story is told through pictures versus words.
* ''Manga/{{Yotsuba}}'': A [[SliceOfLife Slice of life]] comic about a preschool girl and her discovery of the world around her. ''Today is always the most enjoyable day!''