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The titles of these tropes seem like they belong in NudityTropes or SexTropes, but they aren't (no, RuleThirtyFour doesn't make them so).

Often it's because the title seems that way as a joke (especially JustForPun titles), and often because the name uses a word that has multiple meanings where one is well known to be about sex. For others, it's a case where the object of affection is given the same amount of drool and adoration as actual porn might be.


* AlternateHistoryWank: As "wank" is slang for [[ADateWithRosiePalms masturbation]], it's understandable that you'd think this was sexual, but it's not. It's the trope for when a single aspect of an alternate history is singled out and advantaged.
* Administrivia/AutoEroticTroping: A policy page about creators who are trying to use the TV Tropes platform to stroke their ''ego'', not some other parts of theirs.
* BananaInTheTailpipe: Neither of these nouns are [[UnusualEuphemism euphemisms]], this is VehicularSabotage using a literal banana (or similar blockage) in a car's tailpipe.
* CanonWank: Nope, not when a character masturbates in canon! This is going on a long rant trying to explain that something non-canon could be canon.
* CarPorn: A scene that focuses on a CoolCar, not AutoErotica or a risque HoodOrnamentHottie.
* CherryTapping: Because "tap" can be a slang for sex, and breaking the hymen (which can happen during sex) can be called "popping the cherry", this can sound sexual. Its actual definition, however, is when somebody is defeated with a weak attack to embarrass them.
* ChoreographyPorn: Describing a dance in great detail, not when the sex scenes in a porn are carefully planned out and practiced.
* ContinuityPorn: A story that focuses more on continuity than the actual story.
* CostumePorn: No, this isn't porn film where the actors are wearing FanserviceCostumes. It's about extremely detailed clothes.
* CunningLinguist: Because the phrase itself sounds like the word "cunnilingus", which means oral sex on a woman, people joke with that phrase. The trope, however, literally means a linguist who's cunning.
* DescriptionPorn: The use of a detailed description of anything... which can include sex, but usually it's about things that are clean.
* DesignStudentsOrgasm: A visual image that is artistic and nonsensical.
* FanWank: A [[EpilepticTrees fan theory]] designed to explain plot holes.
* FoodPorn: Actually means really interesting, delicious-looking food.
* ForeignCultureFetish: A character really likes a culture of a country they're not from, but it's not necessarily a sexual fetish.
* GangBangers: Because "bang" as a verb can be slang for sex, this sounds like {{polyamory}} or group sex -- but it's not. It's members of a gang who commit crimes.
** WhiteGangBangers: Same as above, except they're neither black, nor Latinos.
* {{Gorn}} (being a {{Portmanteau}} of "gore" and "porn"). It doesn't mean [[Franchise/StarTrek a giant lizard-like alien]] either. It means over-the-top violence.
** SceneryGorn: The scenery is described a lot, in a negative way.
* GunPorn: A scenario with a whole lot of guns.
* HotSubOnSubAction: This is about submarines, not submissives.
* MakingUseOfTheTwin: No, it's not about twins being used in ''that'' way (you're looking for TwinThreesomeFantasy there), but about actors' twins helping out as body doubles.
* MoneyFetish: This doesn't necessarily involve someone who's ''sexually attracted'' to money. It's just a term for someone who likes money because it's money, rather than because they're greedy or need profit or whatever.
* MythologyPorn: A work with a lot of MythologyGag's, not about how many myths involve a lot of sex.
* NightmareFetishist: This means someone who likes scary things, but they might not actually have a {{Fetish}} for them.
* OrgyOfEvidence: People do have sex a lot in orgies, but this is not even about a real orgy. It's when evidence is spotted as fake because of the absurdly large amount of it.
* RealMenTakeItBlack: It's about black coffee as a sign of manliness, not an innuendo for someone with a [[RaceFetish fetish for black people]] aka "jungle fever".
* SceneryPorn: Describing the scenery in great detail, though some porn films themselves may have elaborate sets.
* ScriptWank: Something that's outright said to the audience after being implied.
* TechnologyPorn: A scene with heaps of emphasis on how cool a machine looks, not anything that might be {{Robosexual}}.
* TerminatorTwosome: Two characters are sent back in time, one to change history and one to make sure it stays the same. The reason why it sounds sexual is because the suffix "-some" added to the number of people in a group has been used in a sexual sense (think of the word "threesome" for example).
* TorturePorn - ZigZagged due to InterplayOfSexAndViolence, but mostly it's just the intersection of PsychologicalHorror and SplatterHorror.
* VenusIsWet: This isn't about the goddess being aroused, this is about the (proven wrong) theory that the planet's clouds are perpetually raining water.
* WithAFriendAndAStranger: The main cast is two friends and one person who doesn't know them. Not as sexual-sounding as the others, but some tropers have dirty minds when it comes to the word "with".