->''"That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded and one that's not."''
-->-- '''Bryan Mills''', ''Film/{{Taken}}''

The victim manages to get hold of his opponent's weapon and points it in his face, but the opponent isn't afraid - [[YouWouldntShootMe he might even egg the victim on]]. The victim pulls the trigger and... nothing. The opponent has disarmed the weapon while nobody was looking.

Sometimes used as part of a SecretTestOfCharacter for a villain to test [[IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten how evil the undercover hero really is]] without risking the possibly-undercover hero simply turning the gun on the villain.

Depending on how this is used, it can be a case of research failure that takes advantage of the audience's [[RuleOfPerception inability to conceive of what's not visible on screen]], as most handguns without loaded cartridges will have a noticeable imbalance and difference in weight when compared with a fully loaded weapon. (This is {{lampshade|Hanging}}d quite often in most modern-day usages of the trope - a professional who is familiar with the weapon being used can immediately notice the difference.) In addition, the lack of a magazine in a pistol or of rounds in revolver chambers is clearly visible. Most automatics have the slide lock back on an empty magazine as well. Additionally, many automatic and semi-automatic weapons pre-load one cartridge into the chamber before firing, so removing the magazine still leaves one live round in the chamber. A few handguns are designed so that removing the magazine disables the trigger, however, most notably the FN Five-[=SeveN=] and most versions of the Browning Hi-Power.
To be entirely honest, the chambered cartridge may be manually extracted and slide lock disengaged with but a thumb. More accurate works will actually display that. Ironically, the supposedly wacky comedy ''Film/TheBigLebowski'' has it right in the single only-10-seconds-long gun scene of the movie, while many action flicks are epitome of research failure here despite having at least one firearm present in each and every frame. Generally, the empty magazine is what activates the slide-lock feature. When the last round is fired from the magazine, the slide will automatically lock back.

A modern variant that avoids the obviously-lacking-ammunition problem is that a character will reveal that they've removed the firing pin from the weapon. This is, of course, a more time-consuming procedure that requires disassembly of the gun. Stories set in the near future might also have guns that [[LoyalPhlebotinum lock out anyone except the designated user(s) from firing them]]; such "smart gun" technology actually exists in real life (''sort'' of), but is not yet commercially available (and may never be that viable of a technology, as it has a number of downsides that all boil down to "one more thing to go wrong").

Compare NotWithTheSafetyOnYouWont. Often coupled with WeaponForIntimidation. Also see CountingBullets where people, er, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin count the bullets fired]].


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Manga/BlackCat'': Train Heartnet pulls a version on himself - in order to test Sven's resolve, he hands Sven his gun, which has one bullet in it, in a random slot. He puts his hand on the table and tells Sven to shoot it. Sven, figuring that it's not loaded, shoots without hesitation. Turns out it ''is'' loaded... with a fake, harmless bullet.
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'': The end of the Nazi arc has Revy toss one of her Cutlasses to the neo-Nazi leader to do with as he likes, and tell Dutch "I bet on black." He agrees. The guy initially points the pistol at his own head, but then screams in rage and levels it at Dutch. Cue Revy laughing her ass off as the pistol clicks on an empty chamber: the bet was on which of them he'd try to shoot first ("black" being the African-American Dutch).
* Happens in ''Manga/BreakBlade'', in an unusually realistic case. The gun-pointer was a) a mech pilot, the wrong type of soldier entirely; b) using an unfamiliar model (and it probably helped that it was a quartz-firing gun, not a lead-firing one); and c) twelve years old. Her hostage (the queen, natch) played along, just to see how far she was willing to go (which happened to be all the way to pulling the trigger at an enemy she recognized).
* Played with in ''Anime/CastleInTheSky'': In the depths of the flying city the young hero Pazu is facing down the villain Muska (one of the slimiest villains in film, right up there with Mother Iselin). Pazu has his big grenade launcher, had been given two shells, which we know he has already used. So Pazu's bluffing. Muska has his handgun leveled at Pazu, however, he lowers it, apparently falling for the bluff. But why? A real close look will show Miyazaki's attention to the details. The shot is looking over Muska's shoulder and we see his handgun with the hammer pulled down ... and it's obvious there's NO bullets in the chamber -- having run out of bullets too!
* A ''magnificent'' example in ''Manga/CatsEye'' (from the same author as ''Manga/CityHunter''): [[OhCrap a criminal has just discovered the guys who egged him to brag about his crimes were]] ''[[OhCrap cops]]'', and to escape he produces his gun... At which point one of the cops produces ''the gun's magazine'' he had stolen from him earlier that day.
* {{Subverted|Trope}} in a chapter of ''Manga/CityHunter'', when Ryo faced a rival sweeper calling himself the Bat. The Bat believed that his early defeat was due Ryo's gun having been improved to become more accurate by a legendary gunsmith, so Ryo, to free the gunsmith's daughter (who was just as good as her father), accepted to duel him with switched guns, with the Bat handing Ryo an unloaded gun... And getting beaned when Ryo outdrew him and ''threw the gun at him'' because he had noticed it was unloaded.
* Happens in the very first scene of ''Manga/TheDaughterOfTwentyFaces''. Chiko herself manages to pull it off by the end of the second episode.
* During a bus-jacking incident in ''Manga/DetectiveConan'', Jodie plays up her FunnyForeigner [[ObfuscatingStupidity antics]] to get close to one of the jackers and secretly disabling his gun. When his accomplices are taken care of, he tries to fire it, [[NotWithTheSafetyOnYouWont with predictable results]].
* Subverted in ''Manga/EatMan'', when a bad guy gives Bolt a gun belonging to another character. When Bolt pulls it out on him later, he brags about having removed all the bullets first. Bolt shoots him with [[OneBuwwetWeft another bullet]] he caught in his teeth earlier.
* ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'': Fouquet steals the Staff of Destruction, a legendary artifact, from the WizardingSchool. But she can't figure out how it works. So she arranges for it to be recovered by the main characters and attacks them with a golem. It goes according to her plan: Saito destroys the golem with it, showing her how to use it, then she steals it back and points it at him. He's not especially worried, since [[spoiler:the "Staff of Destruction" is really just a LAW -- a one use, disposable rocket launcher -- and he had just used its only rocket on the golem]].
* ''Anime/GalileiDonna'': The Ferrari family is being threatened by a group of {{sky pirates}}. Then there's a lot of rumbling and general chaos brought on by [[spoiler:the youngest daughter breaking her goldfish-airship out of the basement]] and the eldest child manages to grab the leader's gun... which was never loaded in the first place.
* ''Manga/GhostInTheShell''. In ''Human Error Processor'', Section 9 have removed MoreDakka from a suitcase as they're expecting an imminent attack, only to be startled by their former colleague Motoko walking in on them. After they reflexively point their guns at her, Motoko points out that the weapons wouldn't be transported with a round in the chamber.
* ''Manga/GunslingerGirl'' has Henrietta doing this with one of the handlers' guns in order to reenact Elsa's tragic murder/suicide scene, [[MoeGreeneSpecial aiming the gun at her eye]] as Elsa had done before pulling the trigger. This serves to scare the living hell out of her own handler, Giuseppe (and the audience, as the way the scene is intercut leads us to believe that she's trying to kill herself for real), until she opens her eyes and shows him the bullets, revealing that she had unloaded the weapon before pulling this stunt.
* Subverted in the anime of ''Manga/GunsmithCats'', when Rally was given a gun [[ShootYourMate to prove her loyalty]]. Since she was a firearms expert, she could tell the gun was unloaded…and played as if she was going to shoot the cop anyway. But only after [[CrowningMomentOfFunny angrily asking if they wanted her to club him to death]], provoking them to give her a bullet.
* In TheWestern ShoujoDemographic manga ''Manga/{{Miriam}}'', protagonist Douglas is menaced by an enemy who stole his gun. The villain, who isn't particularly familiar with firearms, lets out an EvilLaugh and starts speechifying, before pulling the trigger several times to find an empty gun. When Douglas picks up the other guy's gun and turns the tables on him, he weakly insists that that gun, too, is empty, and Douglas knows he's bluffing because he can feel the difference.
* During a scene in the second season of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'', Flay (left in Rau's office after he [[spoiler:rescues her from being killed in the Alaska fiasco on a whim]]) gets a gun out of his desk and tries to attack him when he comes back in. Rau's response is to lecture her that attacking the one person with any interest in keeping her safe is ridiculous, especially when the gun's not even loaded in the first place.
* ''Manga/TriGun'' has a CrowningMomentOfFunny involving this in the beginning of episode 5 "Hard Puncher". A bunch of bandits burst into a cafe and unload on Vash the Stampede. It's only later we learn that the whole scenario turned out to be ATeamFiring and the only thing that got hit was his bottle of [[ABloodyMess tomato juice]]. He then demonstrates he's very much in control when he headshots all of them...with a suction cup gun. One of the bandits gets ticked and decides to go shooting again. Vash basically says, "Go nuts." He does. *''click''*
--> '''Vash:''' I'm afraid you've used up all your bullets already.\\
(The bandits leave town in their skivvies.)

[[folder:Comic Book]]
* In ''Comicbook/BatmanNoMansLand'', in an interlude called "The punk and the nomad", a punk threatens to shoot a guy for batteries. But the nomad points out that there's no way the gun's loaded, not because he knows, but because if the punk had a bullet, it would be worth more than the batteries. The nomad walks away unharmed.
* There's a ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'' story where [[ImprobableWeaponUser Bullseye]], who can kill you with anything, is hired to kill someone and decides to take no chances whatsoever by using a gun. After he's fired it (and killed his target), Daredevil is so pissed that he gets the gun and turns it on his foe. The problem? [[MeaningfulName Bullseye]] only needed one bullet. And only brought one bullet. Happened again with Bullseye, where Karen Page picks up a revolver he had tossed aside and tries to shoot him in the head. "First rule of the 'cleaning' business: Never discard a ''loaded'' weapon." However he does admit he's impressed she had the guts to [[YouWouldntShootMe pull the trigger]].
* In an early ''[[ComicBook/GIJoeARealAmericanHeroMarvel G.I. Joe]]'' comic, expert mercenary Kwinn disarms all of the Joes with his ImprobableAimingSkills except for Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes thinks he caught a lucky break and tries to bluff him, and Kwinn seems to buy it at first. Eventually, though, Kwinn reveals he's just playing around; he can tell from the way the bolt on Snake Eyes' Uzi is locked back that he doesn't have any ammo left.
** A bit of a break from reality, since the Uzi fires from an open bolt. In other words, the bolt is locked back when it's ready to fire.
** It wasn't the first time Snake Eyes menaced Kwinn with a gun that couldn't shoot -- in their first meeting, Kwinn ambushed the Joes and forced them to give him their guns. Later, Snake Eyes managed to grab one while Kwinn was distracted, and even inserted an emergency magazine into the clearly unloaded gun, but depressing the trigger only resulted in "click click click". Turns out Kwinn took out all the guns' firing pins.
** In an issue of ''Franchise/GIJoe: Special Missions'', Roadblock finds the guns that the terrorists have smuggled aboard a plane in order to hijack it. He disassembles the guns, removes the firing pins and reassembles them. When the terrorists attempt the hijack, they discover they have non-functioning guns.
* In the "Palomar" series within ''ComicBook/LoveAndRockets'' (the ''Duck Feet'' collection, by Gilbert), the trope is doubled: Chelo, the town sheriff, gives Tonantzín a pistol so she can sheriff while Chelo is sick. Tonantzín realizes Chelo wouldn't trust her with a loaded gun, and takes the town's other pistol from Chelo's desk instead. In a later standoff, Chelo reveals she knew this would happen, and had left the pistol in her desk unloaded too.
* ''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'': During the GrandFinale of ''ComicBook/SupergirlCosmicAdventuresInThe8thGrade'', Lena aims her Arm Cannon at Supergirl, pulls the trigger… and discovers that the ammo has been magically turned into flowers by Mr. Mxyzptlk.
* In the Comicbook/XWingSeries, this happens twice in one arc. [[http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/6130/blz19cx4.jpg Here]], the Sullustan pilot tells the student that it's no use threatening anyone with an empty blaster - see the diode flashing? [[http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/6171/blz13cb8.jpg Here]], the Sullustan pilot and the students are on the same side and pull the trick on someone else. Perfectly legitimate in the first case, not so much in the second. Gade may not have been a soldier or anything, but he was a bit more familiar with weapons. But hey, RuleOfFunny.
* ''ComicBook/{{Whiteout}}''. The British spy taunts a killer using a HumanShield into pulling the trigger because she knows the extreme cold will prevent the pistol from firing. At least, she hopes it will.
* Derek Almond gets caught with a bullet-less revolver against the title character in ''ComicBook/VForVendetta''. Whether V knew it was loaded or not is [[TheChessmaster debatable]].
-->'''Almond:''' "Because you're standing over there with your bloody fancy knives and your bloody fancy karate gimmicks...and I've got a gun." ''*click*''
* ''Franchise/{{Tintin}}''
** In ''The Blue Lotus'', drug baron Mitsuhirato tries to shoot Tintin with an unloaded gun, and then stab him with a tinfoil knife. Before that, he tried to poison him, only the poison had been switched out too.
** In ''The Black Island'', two goons only remember that the gun that Tintin has turned on them isn't loaded after he ties them up. They start calling for help, thinking that he can no longer threaten them with an empty gun. He simply clubs them silent with the butt.
* Happens to Comicbook/ThePunisher while attempting to infiltrate a drug cartel. The boss hands him a rifle and orders him to execute a captured DEA agent. The Punisher turns the gun on the boss only to discover that the gun is unloaded. It was a test of Frank's loyalty.
* The ''Comicbook/SinCity'' story, ''Hell And Back'' shows the main character sneaking into the house of a corrupt cop. When he reveals himself to the cop, the guy grabs the gun under his chair and squeezes the trigger. The main character then shows him the handful of bullets he had previously removed.
* Expecting a double cross, Robidoux does this to Sasha in ''[[ComicBook/WynonnaEarp Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars]]''. It ends badly for her.
* ''Franchise/TheFlash'' does a variation in ''ComicBook/BatmanGothamAdventures'' 25 which opens with a mugger demanding money from his victim and she asks "Weren't you holding a gun just a second ago?" while looking at his empty hand positioned as if he had a gun in his hand. [[spoiler:Batman appears and chastizes Flash for interrupting a police sting.]]
* ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine'': In "Interstellar Overdrive 2", Fluke pulls a raygun on one of his bandmates, only to find that the Doctor had removed the power pack from the gun after detecting a psychosis-inducing agent in the band's curry.
* The Lawgiver pistol from ''Comicbook/JudgeDredd'' will not fire for anyone but its assigned user. [[StuffBlowingUp Anyone unfortunate enough to try this...]]
* In one ''Hombre'' story, the hero is asked to prove himself to a young and rather bratty warlord, who gives him a gun and tells him to shoot anyone in the camp. He momentarily points it at the warlord before trying to fire it at some old people (obviously with no effect), and the warlord says a guy with his priorities can be useful. The hero thinks to himself that he can tell perfectly well when a gun's not loaded.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* "Fanfic/SolaereSsiunHnaifvdaenn": In an {{homage}} to a scene in the ''Series/BabylonFive'' episode "[[Recap/BabylonFiveS03E03ADayInTheStrife A Day in the Strife]]", Tovan tr'Khev quells an incipient riot by handing a gun to the instigator, who had accused him of hiding behind his weapons, and daring him to use it on him. The tough is too scared to try it and things calm down. Only afterward, when his second-in-command asks him if he's lost his mind, does he reveal he removed the gun's power cell before giving it to the other guy.
* ''Fanfic/DidntExpectThat'': Eleya's first instinct on waking up out of a sound sleep to discover there's a Section 31 agent in her quarters is to try to shoot him. Unfortunately her phaser was hanging in plain view and he had removed the power pack, which she doesn't discover until the she pulls the trigger. So she throws it in his general direction.

[[folder:Film -- Animated]]
* Played with in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanAssaultOnArkham'' when The Joker pulls a gun on Deadshot. Deadshot calmly says he's out of ammo. Joker protests that he isn't and fires into the ceiling to prove it. Deadshot then uses the opening to punch him.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyondReturnOfTheJoker'': Joker pulls the trigger on a scared mook and a bang flag pops out of the gun. Joker says he was only kidding and the mook relaxes. [[spoiler: Then he pulls the trigger again, which shoots the bang flag into the mook's chest. "Oops, no I wasn't."]]
* One of the villains in ''WesternAnimation/BigTopScoobyDoo'' attempts to shoot Scooby with a tranquiliser gun, only to discover that Shaggy has taken the darts out of the gun.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Rango}}'', [[spoiler:The Mayor]] holds Beans hostage and orders Rango to surrender his gun. Shortly afterward, he suddenly turns on [[TheDragon Rattlesnake Jake]], claiming he [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness doesn't need him anymore]], and tries to shoot him with Rango's gun. It clicks empty, as Rango reveals he removed the bullet before handing the gun over.
* During the climax of ''Disney/{{Zootopia}}'', [[spoiler:we learn that Night Howler serum is blue and is encased in a small spherical pellet delivered by an air gun. The pellet happens to be the same size as a blueberry, which Nick and Judy conveniently exploit in the climax by swapping the serum pellet with blueberries before Bellwether gets a hold of the gun.]]

[[folder:Film -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/TheAbyss''. The medic reveals he removed Coffey's ammo clip when Coffey is about to shoot Brigman. Justified because Coffey was suffering from a severe case of [[ShownTheirWork High Pressure Nervous Syndrome]] and most likely would not have noticed.
* ''Film/TheArtOfWar'' (2000). After holding an FBI agent at gunpoint, Shaw calmly hands him back his Glock buttfirst, but presses down the magazine release catch as he does so, so the magazine falls out and bounces under the car. As he drives off, Shaw holds up the chamber round as well.
* At the beginning of ''Film/TheATeam'', a Mexican drug cartel has captured Hannibal Smith. They go to shoot him with his own gun. Click. Click. [[spoiler:Hannibal had removed the firing pin. He uses it to pick his handcuffs, then puts the pin back in place in enough time to shoot his way out.]]
* Twisted gloriously in ''Film/BallisticEcksVsSever'', After Gant's kid is stolen by Sever, the agent who was watching over him was handed a gun and told to blow his brains out. He decides it'd be better used to shoot Gant. It doesn't work because [[spoiler: the gun's been modified to shoot backwards, so if he'd actually tried to suicide he would have been okay. Instead he got shot in the face.]] One of the (very) few good moments in the movie.
* ''Film/BattlefieldEarth''. The humans raided Chief of Security Terl's weapons room. When he shows up, they pull out Terl's guns and start making demands. He laughs at them, lets them fire, then reminds them that [[LargeHam he NEVER stores loaded weapons]] before overpowering them.
* ''Film/TheBeach''. [[spoiler:The Thai marijuana farmers pull this trick on Sal -- they hand her a gun which they say has a bullet in the chamber and tell her to execute Richard; if she does her community will be allowed to stay. She pulls the trigger and nothing happens, causing her VillainousBreakdown and the instant disintegration of the community, which is what the farmers wanted in the first place.]]
* ''Film/BigGame'' uses it as a variation, as the Uzi ''is'' loaded, but Moore doesn't know that you should ''cock it'' before you pull the trigger. Morris takes the gun out of his hands and point it out. Doubles as ChekhovsSkill.
* Played with in the film ''Literature/BigTrouble''. The bad guys have Creator/TimAllen's son and others held hostage in the living room, and Tim sees a water gun in the sink. He removes the water cartridge, leaving it looking surprisingly realistic, and walks out of the kitchen, pointing it at the second mook's head. He almost has them convinced, too, until the first mook (slightly smarter than his partner, which isn't saying much) sees water dripping from the muzzle of the 'gun'. He then grabs the gun from Tim's hands and squirts the remaining water from it.
* ''Film/{{Blackwood}}''. Eduardo has Blackwood at gunpoint until Blackwood holds up a handful of bullets. Subverted later when it's revealed that those were Blackwood's bullets and Eduardo's gun was loaded the whole time.
* ''{{Film/Blade}}'' has a "works better with your hand" variant. Blade's katana has a mechanism in the handle that horribly mangles the hand if its timer isn't disabled. It's only used to comedic effect by a vampire mook (who'll regenerate his hand anyway), however.
* Employed in ''Film/{{Bloodfist}} VI'' when the hero hands his gun to TheMole and then turns his back to her.
* ''Film/BoggyCreek2TheLegendContinues'': Professor Lockhart reveals he removed the ammo from Crenshaw's shotgun.
* Jason Bourne pulls this on a fellow assassin in ''Film/TheBourneSupremacy''. The victim even mentions that the weapon "felt a little light."
* ZigZaggingTrope in ''Film/BrokenArrow'', another John Woo movie. After being forcibly ejected from his plane, [[TheHero Captain Riley Hale]] finds himself in a standoff with [[ActionGirl Park Ranger Terri Carmichael]], during which he gets ahold of her gun -- except she says she doesn't keep it loaded. A minute later, when she reclaims the gun and points it at him, he reminds her that it's not loaded -- until she fires a shot in the air and says, "ILied."
* Used by {{guile|Hero}} [[AntiHero type III antihero]] Carlito Brigante in ''Film/CarlitosWay''. His former attorney Dave Kleinfeld [[spoiler: has murdered Tony "T" Taglialucci and his son, and tried selling Carlito out to the district attorney]], with Carlito also implicated in the crime. Kleinfeld is stabbed by an assassin and hospitalized. Carlito visits Kleinfeld in the hospital, where Kleinfeld clumsily pulls a revolver from under his pillow, fully expecting that the mafia intends to finish the job. He lowers the weapon when he sees it's Carlito. Carlito delivers a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech and briefly takes the weapon away, then tells Kleinfeld the weapon should be on his tray, not under his pillow. Carlito leaves. Shortly afterwards, Tony T's other son Vinnie enters, dressed as a police officer, to assassinate Kleinfeld. Kleinfeld lifts his revolver, pulls the trigger first...only to [[OhCrap realize]] that Carlito removed all the bullets. Carlito [[BatmanGambit knew]] Davey was an academic with no street sense, and the mafia would send someone to finish the job. Vinnie shoots Kleinfeld in the head without much more difficulty.
* ''Film/{{Clue}}'': In the [[MultipleEndings first ending]], after [[spoiler: Miss Scarlet]] is exposed as the killer, they threaten to shoot Wadsworth with The Revolver. Wadsworth, however, claims that the gun is now empty, leading to a [[OverlyLongGag somewhat brief]] debate over how many times the gun's been fired in the movie. [[spoiler: Scarlet was right about there being one more bullet.]]
* ''Film/{{Commando}}'': Cooke got John Matrix on a gunpoint after losing a fist brawl, and...
-->'''Cooke''': Fuck you, asshole! (attempts to shoot, but the gun has no ammo)
-->'''Matrix''': Fuck '''you''', asshole! (punches Cooke)
* In the 2002 version of ''Film/TheCountOfMonteCristo'', after the villain accidentally confesses to murder, the policeman loads him into the wagon with [[LeaveBehindAPistol a single shot pistol as "a courtesy for a gentleman".]] The disgraced villain, facing a lifetime of slow torment in prison, puts it in his mouth and... click. Cue the protagonist's final taunt:
-->'''Dantes''': You didn't think I'd make it that easy, did you?
* During the long cat-and-mouse battle that makes up much of ''Film/CrackerJack'', the hero's gun is wrestled from him by one of the bad guys, who predictably taunts him with "Any last words?" The hero's response: "Only eight bullets per clip, son." ''Click.''
* ''Film/TheCrimsonRivers'' : Max Kerkerian, cop, dramatically puts down his gun and badge to goad an aggressive skinhead into a fistfight. "There, no more cop." As the fight starts going badly for him, the skinhead tries to threaten Max with his own gun, only to get his face thoroughly broken. Max then shows him the magazine, which was in his pocket the whole time.
* Morgan does this to a bounty hunter who is after her at the start of ''Film/CutthroatIsland''. After bedding him, she steals the balls from his pistols.
* ''Film/DejaVu'': played with at the climax: agent Carlin takes the magazine out of his gun and when it slide-locks, [[spoiler: he sticks a single bullet into the chamber, making his gun look empty to the terrorist and allowing him to get close enough for a single BoomHeadshot.]]
* ''Film/DieHard'': John [=McClane=] loans a gun to an escaped hostage who is really the BigBad Hans Gruber masquerading with an American accent. When Gruber tries to shoot [=McClane=] with the gun and finds it empty, [=McClane=] waves the magazine at Gruber and mocks him.
-->'''John''': Aw, no bullets? What, you think I'm fucking stupid, Hans?\\
''(elevator shows up with Hans' subordinates, all armed)''\\
'''Hans''': You were saying?
* Harry's infamous line from ''Film/DirtyHarry'' uses this to intimidate his opponent. [[spoiler:The first guy backs down and lets himself be arrested, though it turns out Harry ''was'' out. [[BigBad Scorpio]], on the other hand, ''does'' feel lucky. He really wasn't.]]:
-->'''Harry Callahan:''' I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking "did he fire six shots or only five?" Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow you head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?
* Another instance with Bruce Willis is in ''Film/TheFifthElement'', where he convinces an incredibly jumpy mugger that he first has to press the glowing yellow button on the side of his weapon (otherwise very flashy, including being double-magazined, spike-encrusted, and endowed with an extra wide Muzzle of Doom) to load it. After the mugger does so (which actually ''disables'' the mugger's weapon), Korben Dallas draws his own pistol and takes the mugger's weapon away to add it to his collection.
* ''Film/FugitiveAlien''. The Captain never keeps bullets in his gun, which makes it easy for him to overcome Ken when he grabs it out of his holster.
* In ''Film/FXMurderByIllusion'', the BigBad takes the hero Rollie's SMG, only to discover that Rollie had emptied the gun and applied superglue to the handles. Rollie throws the villain out the door to face a squad of cops, who order him to drop the gun or they'll fire. It doesn't end well.
* In ''Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly'', while they're waiting in the small dugout for the soldiers to leave the area where the bridge used to be [[spoiler: Blondie, while Tuco is asleep, empties the bandit's gun, so that in the final showdown, he shoots Angel Eyes without Tuco interfering]].
* In ''Film/HouseOnHauntedHill1959'', [[spoiler:Nora]] is baffled that [[spoiler:Frederick]] is still alive after she shot him. He calmly explains that he had loaded her gun with blanks.
* Subverted in ''Film/InBruges''. Ray disarms the man trying to rob him and he finds out it's only loaded with blanks. He still manages to [[spoiler:blind him by firing a blank into his eye, though]].
* A subversion of this ends badly for a cop in ''Incident at Raven's Gate'' when a mysterious government agent pulls a gun on him.
-->'''Cop''': You dumb fuck! I unloaded the gun!\\
'''Agent''': *shoots him* I guess I must have reloaded it.
* In the film ''Film/InTheLineOfFire'' Clint Eastwood's character while working undercover is told to shoot his partner who's been identified as a Secret Service agent. He does so, knowing from the pistol's weight that the gun is empty. Afterwards his partner asks: "What if there'd been a bullet in the chamber?" Clint has no answer to this.
* ''Film/JamesBond'':
** In ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'', the black-and-white opening sequence sees a corrupt MI6 section chief draw a pistol out of his desk drawer. Bond shows him the magazine before [[BoomHeadShot terminating him]].
--->'''Dryden:''' Shame. We'd barely gotten to know each other. ''[click]''\\
'''Bond:''' ''[holds up magazine]'' I know where you keep your gun. I suppose that's something.
** Reversed in ''Film/DieAnotherDay'', when Bond pulls out his gun, and [[spoiler:Miranda comes in, reveals that she has been working with Graves all along and that she had sabotaged the firing pin of Bond's gun after sleeping with him. Otherwise, we would have ''James Bond'' not realizing that his gun was empty.]]
** In ''Film/DrNo'', Bond knocks Professor Dent's pistol out of his hand and holds him at gunpoint. As Bond looks away, Dent gets his pistol back and tries to fire, but it's empty, leading Bond to remark [[PreMortemOneLiner "That's a Smith & Wesson, and you've had your six."]], and shoots him.
** In ''Film/LicenceToKill'', Q issues Bond with a signature gun that will only fire when it verifies Bond's palm print on the stock. This saves Bond's life when a ninja snatches it off him and tries to fire it.
** In ''Film/{{Skyfall}}'', Q issues a weapon similar to the one from ''Licence to Kill''. During the fight with Silva's thugs in the Macau casino one of them gets the gun away from him and levels it at him. Bond goes, "Good luck with that," and climbs out of the komodo dragon pit as one of them chomps the thug from behind.
** In ''Film/{{Spectre}}'', Bond discovers too late during a car chase that his car's built in guns are not loaded and must find a different way to win. [[spoiler:M calls out Denbigh on his carelessness, after the latter tries to shoot him without checking if his gun is still loaded (the bullets are all in M's hand).]]
** A deleted scene from ''Film/GoldenEye'' had a variant between Valentin Zukovsky and an inept Pakistani arms dealer. The dealer tries to sell a Glock pistol, but Zukovsky quickly identifies it as a Chinese knockoff. Things quickly escalate to Zukovsky holding the dealer up with his own merchandise, but when he pulls the trigger nothing happens -- the knockoff's firing pin was too short.
* John Woo's ''Film/TheKiller'' has the title character doing this to his handler Sidney Fung in an awesome scene in which he demands the money he was promised in order to have Jenny's eyes fixed and the name of the guy who had him ambushed at the beach following the job he did to raise that money. Sidney has been persuaded by Johnny Weng to kill him rather than give him the money, and the briefcase that was supposed to hold the money has nothing but worthless paper inside. When he puts his weapon down to open it, Sidney grabs the gun and points it at him, at which point the Killer starts laughing. Sidney pulls the trigger, only to have it click on an empty chamber, and the Killer reveals that he unloaded it when he shows Sidney the bullets, just before pulling his ''other'' gun on him.
* In ''Film/KingsmanTheSecretService'', Eggsy pilfers a mook's rifle and tries to turn it on some other mooks, but the magazine is empty. Fortunately, Merlin's is loaded. When Eggsy does this again later, he makes sure this one is loaded.
* Subverted in ''Film/LastActionHero'' when the BigBad Benedict tries to shoot Jack Slater (Ahnuld), only to hear the familiar *click*. Slater and the BigBad have had [[GenreBlindness trouble adjusting to the real world]]; Slater thinks he's forgotten that guns don't have unlimited ammo here, and calls him out on it. Benedict tells him that he simply left one chamber empty and shoots him.
* ''Film/LawAbidingCitizen''. The gun is not only unloaded, but pulling the trigger releases needles in the grip injecting the firer with a paralysing neurotoxin.
* An interesting variation on this trope is in ''Film/LockUp''. Leone straps Drumgoole into the antiquated electric chair and then straps his own hand to the switch, so that if the guards shoot him, he'll fall and throw it. Since Drumgoole had the chair restored, everyone believes it will work if Leone throws the switch. [[spoiler:After Drumgoole confesses to setting Leone up, Leone pulls the switch down anyway. Drumgoole screams like he's being electrocuted, but nothing happens. Then Frank holds up the fuse he'd removed from the fuse box earlier. "Works better with this," he says.]]
* In ''Film/TheLostWorldJurassicPark'', Nick shows his displeasure with hunting by pulling the bullets from Roland's elephant rifle ammo while he's not around. When Roland attempts to kill the T-Rex that attacks the camp, he finds that his rifle is useless and the dinosaur proceeds to [[NiceJobBreakingItHero kill a number of men.]]
* In ''Film/MadMax2TheRoadWarrior'' the gyro captain is held at shotgun-point for a considerable part of the movie, only to find to his disgust that Max's shotgun was empty all the time. [[spoiler:In a further irony, the shotgun cartridge which Max eventually finds turns out to be a dud.]]
* ''Film/TheMatrix'', during the final fight of the original movie between Neo and Agent Smith.
-->'''Agent Smith:''' You're empty.\\
'''Neo:''' So are you.
* ''Film/{{Mitchell}}''. Subverted, in that baddie Walter Deaney claims he randomly keeps guns loaded in the gun locker, trying to disguise the fact ''none'' of them were loaded.[[note]]Although he shouldn't have had to make up something so preposterous when you keep in mind that the burglar he shot ''was'' brandishing one of his pistols, and it's exceedingly dangerous to assume that a gun someone's holding isn't loaded.[[/note]]
* In ''Film/MrBrooks'', Earl pretends he's going to let "Mr. Smith" shoot him. But there's a dry click when Smith pulls the trigger. Earl then informs Smith that earlier he'd bent the firing pin on Smith's pistol, just in case Earl changed his mind about letting Smith kill him.
* ''Film/MuppetsFromSpace'': K. Edgar Singer threatens the Muppets with an intimidating alien laser gun... only for the device to cheerily say "Please load weapon". Bobo the Bear [[StolenMacGuffinReveal reveals he removed the ammo]] from Singer's {{BFG}}.
* Used in reverse [[spoiler:as part of a ''suicide pact'' no less]] in ''Film/MurderByNumbers''. [[spoiler:Richie's gun doesn't have any bullets -- but Justin's does. He realises the betrayal and... is not happy.]]
* Following Poirot's LeaveBehindAPistol moment in ''Film/MurderOnTheOrientExpress2017'', [[spoiler:Mrs Hubbard]] takes the pistol and attempts to commit suicide, only to discover the gun is not loaded.
* In ''Film/TheNet'', after Jack takes his gun from Angela, yet doesn't realize that it's empty (she removed the magazine) until he tries to shoot it, again, begging the question of why he didn't notice the weight difference.
* ''Nevada Smith'' (1966). Creator/SteveMcQueenActor tries to rob a passing traveler using a rusty abandoned revolver. The man turns out to be a gunsmith, and readily identifies several faults with the gun that makes it unlikely to fire, not least being the chambers are empty.
* Something like this happens in ''Film/NinjaCheerleaders'', where it's noted that the crossbow Kinji holds has a single bolt... which is promptly used on Det. Harris. It's unexplained how the titular cheerleaders got past Kinji, given their sudden drop in skill later on.
* Happens offscreen in ''Film/NorthByNorthwest''; the villain's housekeeper holds the hero at bay with a gun she's picked up. Unfortunately for her, it's the same gun the heroine used to fake shooting him earlier; it's only loaded with blanks, and he knows it.
* In ''Film/{{Parker}}'', Parker breaks into Melander's hideout and bends the firing pins on all of the gang's hidden guns he can find. This proves a vital precaution during his final confrontation with the gang.
* Early in ''Film/PointOfNoReturn'', the still rebellious reluctant hero (Bridget Fonda) attacks her handler (Gabriel Byrne) and disarms him. She points the automatic at her unflinching handler, who merely looks at her calmly, and pulls the trigger. After [[spoiler: the pointless click, he takes the gun away from the stunned hero, and punches her, causing her to fall down. He then says something like "Lesson one: Never chamber the first round," and shoots her in the leg.]] Much the same thing happens in ''{{Film/Nikita}}'', the movie that ''Point of No Return'' is a [[TheRemake remake]] of.
* Played for laughs in the third ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' film. One exercise for the recruits is to kick open a door and shoot the target behind it. Tackleberry's brother-in-law shoots out the doorknob, kicks open the door, and tries to shoot the target. Click.
* Reversed, and combined with YouHaveFailedMe, in ''Film/{{Push}}''. The BigBad makes one of his minions shoot himself in the soft palate by telepathically convincing him the gun is empty.
* ''Film/RedSun'' (1971). The prostitute Cristina pretends to seduce Creator/CharlesBronson's character, only to grab his revolver and try to shoot him instead. The revolver is empty because as Bronson quips, "You never know [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar which gun Cristina's going to reach for]]."
* In ''Film/ResidentEvilTheFinalChapter'', Alice and Doc find some guns and arm themselves, but Alice secretly removes the bullets in Doc's gun after deducing he is a traitor. Eventually, Doc tries to shoot her and fails.
* In ''Film/{{Shooter}}'', Bob Lee Swagger demonstrates that his rifle (planted by the bad guys, and seized by the FBI) could not have been the one used in the assassination because, before he left his home, [[ProperlyParanoid he replaced the firing pin with one that didn't work as a security precaution.]]
* Double subverted in the second ''Film/SmokeyAndTheBandit'' film. Justice tries to stop the Bandit from leaving a shipping yard and the Bandit tricks him into using up all of his bullets. Anticipating this, Justice asks Junior for his gun. However, Junior's gun is also empty. His excuse: [[TooDumbToLive "When I put bullets in it, daddy, it gets too heavy."]]
* In ''Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome'', Chekov is captured by 1980-s US naval officers (who think he is a spy because of his accent), and while they are trying to get him to 'tell the truth' he grabs his phaser, points it at one, and threatens to stun them if they don't let him go. Of course, the phaser doesn't work, and he is forced to use the simple expedient of throwing the phaser at the guy and running.
* Lampshaded and averted in ''Film/SuicideSquad2016''. The first thing Deadshot does upon being issued a .45 pistol is point it at Griggs, the prison guard he promised to kill earlier. But Deadshot doesn't believe anyone would be stupid enough to give the best sharpshooter in the world a loaded gun, so he assumes it's full of dummy rounds and fires it in the air. To his shock, the pistol goes off. He then joyfully fires the rest downrange (killing Griggs would get him nothing, after all).
* [[PlayingWithATrope Played with beautifully]] in ''Film/SupportYourLocalSheriff''. In the jail, the baddie has recovered his revolver, and points it at James Garner's sheriff character. Garner points out that he's long since removed the bullets from the gun. The baddie slumps and hands over the pistol, whereupon Garner opens the cylinder and removes the bullets. Seems he'd neglected to actually do that before trying this stunt.
* ''Film/{{SWAT}}'': When the hero, Street and the big bad [[spoiler:Gamble]] are fighting over a gun, the magazine falls out. Street gets control and aims it at the villain, who taunts him holding the magazine, and Street remarks "one in the chamber" before racking it to get rid of the bullet and [[ThrowAwayGuns throws it away]] so he and the BigBad can continue beating the crap out of each other. While it might count as a subversion for the viewer because the audience would be expecting more typical Hollywood gun rules, its pretty doubtful that the villain would think the gun is empty given that the pair are both former Special Forces and SWAT. It is likely that the villain was trying to throw off his opponent by convincing him it was empty.
* Near the end of ''Tag: The Assassination Game'', a doomed security guard shows why it's a good idea to have your gun loaded before you need to use it when the villain shoots him while he's loading his gun.
* In ''Film/{{Taken}}'', Liam Neeson's character Bryan points out to a {{Face Heel Turn}}er that he's been out of the field too long, since he should have been able to tell the difference in weight between a loaded and an unloaded pistol.
** In the climax of the first sequel, [[spoiler: Bryan, tired of the CycleOfRevenge, offers to spare [[BigBad Murad's]] life if he promises to drop his vendetta against Bryan and his family. When Murad promises, Bryan puts his gun down and walks away. [[TooDumbToLive Murad immediately grabs the gun and tries to shoot Bryan in the back]], but it's empty. Angry, Bryan shows him a bullet he palmed, then [[FacepalmOfDoom grabs him by the face]] and rams him into the wall, killing him.]]
* In ''Film/TerminatorSalvation'', Blair Williams leaves her gun unattended while resting at an abandoned building. A bunch of thugs steal it and threaten her with it. She then tells them it would help if it was loaded, before attacking the guy holding it.
* In ''Film/TheTexasChainsawMassacre2003'' remake, the (evil) sheriff gave his gun to one of the good guys in order to demonstrate the suicide they saw in the beginning of the movie. When he stuck the gun in his mouth as a demonstration, the sheriff told him to pull the trigger. The victim instead, not wanting to commit suicide, pointed the gun at the sheriff and pulled the trigger. The gun was unloaded. The sheriff got him for attempted murder.
* In ''[[Film/TheThinMan The Thin Man Goes Home]]'', the doctor who murdered two people whips out the Japanese rifle that was displayed prominently on the table, pointing it at Nick. Oops, "I forgot to tell you, they removed the firing pin from that gun."
** In ''Film/ShadowOfTheThinMan'', after the climactic 'whodunnit' reveal, the BigBad grabs the gun from Nick's waist holster and threatens to shoot him. Nora jumps on him to keep him from being able to pull the trigger, but when the Lieutenant picks it up he says 'Nick, this gun isn't loaded!' Turns out, Nick had kept it unloaded for the sake of his son to prevent any accidents.
* ''Film/{{Tremors}}''. The Not So CrazySurvivalist refuses to give a gun to JerkAss kid Melvin Plug ("I wouldn't give ''you'' a gun if it was World War Three!"). Minutes later when Melvin balks at making a run for safety, he apparently relents and hands the kid a revolver, much to his delight. Melvin is less overjoyed when he pulls the trigger and finds out it's empty. Bonus points -- after taking said gun back, he checks it again to make sure it is '''still''' unloaded, averting ArtisticLicenseGunSafety as hard as possible.
* Tommy Lee Jones does it in ''Film/USMarshals'': he checks [[spoiler:his villainous partner]]'s gun and gives it back to him. When he comes to use it on him, there's no bullets. Since it wasn't his normal gun, this also addresses the "different weight" issue.
* Inverted in ''Film/{{Utu}}''. Te Wheke tosses the preacher a loaded gun, knowing full well that his victim would hesitate to use it. This gives Te Wheke enough time to decapitate the minister with an axe.
-->"Would I give you a loaded gun? Of course I would!"
* In ''Film/WeekendAtBernies'' the trope is technically played straight and the protagonists avoid death at the hands of a mook because his gun is empty. However, the mook points out immediately afterwards that although his gun is empty, he has dozens more rounds in his jacket, and chases the protagonists as he reloads.
* In the old Creator/HumphreyBogart movie ''We're No Angels'', three convicts (the main characters, long story) are being threatened by [[BigBad the villain]] who tries to pull a gun on them - but one of the convicts (a thief and safecracker) hands him the gun, saying "Here, I cleaned it for you." The villain snatches away the gun and crows with victory. The same convict then says "Oh, I'm sorry... I also cleaned the bullets," revealing a handful of same.
* Smith (Richard Burton) confronts TheMole at the end of ''Film/WhereEaglesDare'', but TheMole has a gun pointed at him. No problem: it was arranged he would have that gun, and the firing pin has been removed.
* Occurs in the Creator/JackieChan film ''Who am I?'' when Jackie's character hands his gun over to the treacherous BigBad. Upon having it turned on him he says "I may have amnesia, but I'm not stupid!" and knocks his ass to the floor.
* In ''Film/TheWolfman2010'', Laurence sneaks back into his home and borrows the Loyal Servant's cache of silver shotgun bullets. He finally confronts his father and pulls the trigger... [[spoiler: only to have his father smile and say "I removed the powder from those cartridges years ago."]]
* Billy the Kid does this to a bounty hunter in the first ''Film/YoungGuns'' movie. Pretending to be awestruck by the bounty hunter's boasts, he asks if he can touch the gun with which the hunter plans to kill Billy the Kid. The bounty hunter hands it to him, and Billy secretly unloads it before handing it back. Billy then reveals his true identity. The bounty hunter tries firing several times with the empty gun before Billy shoots him down.
* PlayedForDrama in ''Film/RedSparrow''. [[spoiler:While torturing Dominika to find out who tipped off the Americans about Charlotte Bouchet, the mole SVR was developing on a senator's staff, the female officer in charge shows her a video of her station chief being asked if he sold out Bouchet and then being shot in back of the head when he denies it. The officer then puts a gun to the back of her head and asks her the same question. She denies it, and her torturer pulls the trigger on an empty chamber. Dominika promptly throws up in shock.]]

* Subverted in the following well-known classic: A man wants to join the CIA. The recruiter: "You fulfill the physical demands, but we have to do a character test too. Here is a loaded gun. Go into room 23B and shoot the person inside, and ask no questions." The man goes into 23B...just to find his wife gagged and bound to a chair. ''beat'' After ten minutes he comes out again, bangs the gun angrily on the recruiters desk and shouts: "It was loaded with blanks, you idiot! I had to break off a leg of the chair and club her to death!"

* In [[Creator/IainBanks Iain M. Banks]]' ''Literature/TheCulture'' novel ''Literature/UseOfWeapons'', an assassin arrives at a king's house, while he's being taunted, the king pulls a gun and tries to fire. The assassin off handedly shows him the bullets and says "It works better with these."
* Banks [[PlayingWithATrope plays with this]] in ''Literature/AgainstADarkBackground''. The villain steals Sharrows gun and spare ammo, removes the magazine and gives it back. Sharrow realizes that gun has been unloaded, however she doesn't know if he remembered to check the chamber until she tries to fire [[spoiler:he didn't]].
* Creator/TomClancy's ''[[Literature/JackRyan Executive Orders]]'' subverts this: The Secret Service agents guarding the President want a sleeper agent to try and kill him, but ''don't'' replace the bullets with blanks, as he'd notice the difference in weight. They switch out the magazine in his weapon for one loaded with real bullets that have had the gunpowder removed. They explain it, and even ''mock him'' by pointing out the cute little noise the primer makes.
* In Creator/JohnScalzi's ''Literature/OldMansWar'' series, the standard weapon of the Colonial Defence Forces - the [=MP35=] - will only fire if held by the soldier it's been programmed to be used by [[spoiler: as discovered by an unfortunate recruit and an even more unfortunate Rraey]].
* ''Literature/ArtemisFowl'': In the third book, when Loafers [=McGuire=] has Artemis at gunpoint, Juliet disarms him by removing the slide from his pistol.
* The ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'' novel ''Dark Destiny'' features an example at the end of Phelan's last Bloodname duel. Having shot his archrival out of his 'Mech, he dismounts himself to settle things ''mano a mano'' and even drops his gun...which Vlad goes for at the first opportunity, of course. Too bad that earlier supply problems had made Phelan decide that he, as primarily a 'Mechjock, needed the bullets less than one of his friends in the infantry...
* Happens in Simon R. Green's ''Literature/{{Nightside}}'' a lot. The main character, John Taylor has a gift that enables him to find anything: an often neat trick is to find the bullets of a loaded gun in his hand. Whilst the mook is pointing said gun at him. When confronted by multiple mooks carrying assault rifles, his hands literally pour bullets. On occasion, he has threatened to do the same trick; but with their ''internal organs''.
** He does this with a couple of guys' filling and bridgework while investigating the loss of the Hawkwind.
* In Mickey Spillane's ''The Twisted Thing'' a murderer pulls this trick on Literature/MikeHammer, no less, by slipping out the magazine of his Colt .45 when giving him a "welcome back" hug. Mike didn't have the chamber loaded for safety reasons (though this is contradicted by his QuickDraw in other books).
* Many ''Franchise/StarTrek'' novels have used a depleted phaser for the same effect. For example in the Double Helix novel featuring Picard and [[Literature/StarTrekNewFrontier Calhoun]], Picard steals' the BigBad's energy weapon and points it at him; the BigBad goads him to shoot...and the blaster has no power. Cue jailing sequence.
** Often, phasers or disruptors can be deactivated by remote, as a security precaution in case the wrong person ends up with them.
** In the novel The Case of the Colonist's Corpse, Daniel Latham's wife pulls a phaser on him, he hesitates for a moment before laughing in her face and during her confusion he snatches the phaser out of her hand. He then proceeds to insult her as he says that the phaser isn't charged and never has been charged.
* ''Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse''
** In ''Literature/{{Allegiance}}'', four Hand of Judgment stormtroopers have been told that Governor Choard is guilty of high treason, and have been authorized to kill him. Choard happens to be the uncle of one of them, and none of the others have any desire to kill in cold blood, so they try to arrest him. Then Choard's nephew threatens the other three troopers with his E-11, reveals who he is, and forces them to put their blasters down before handing his to Choard. Choard then incriminates himself, and when his nephew protests threatens to shoot him, the trooper says, "No, uncle. Because you made one final mistake. You think that blaster is loaded." He'd taken out the power pack, and while it turned out there was one shot left, it didn't do him any good.
** Happens twice in ''Literature/LukeSkywalkerAndTheShadowsOfMindor''. Han Solo sort of rescued a band of armed guerrillas he doesn't know or trust, and told them to stow their weapons in a compartment before he came to talk to him. When he did, he found that their leader was very impressed with him, wanted to see his blaster, and showed him hers. Then she decided to trade. Moments later, Han found out about their plan to kill him and take his ship, and when he aimed at the leader he found that she'd removed the power pack. However, as ''she'' found a page or two later, he had also removed his. Unfortunately for Han, her friends had hold-out blasters.
* A variation happens in ''[[Creator/MatthewReilly Area 7]]''. The resident DumbMuscle ambushed Book and Juliette; but he stopped for a [[PreMortemOneLiner one liner]], which gave Book enough time to eject the magazine. He still didn't notice.
* In Creator/DanAbnett's TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Literature/GauntsGhosts novel ''Blood Pact'', [[spoiler:Wes Maggs]], under the influence of BloodMagic, first tries to shoot [[spoiler:"the old dam"]]; when he turns his gun on [[spoiler:the prisoner]], he tries to fire it, but he had spent all his ammunition. [[spoiler:When the witch realizes it, she has him go for strangulation instead.]]
* Subverted (?) in the ''Literature/ManKzinWars'' novel ''Cathouse'', by Dean Ing (a collection of earlier MKW short stories). The human protagonist has acquired a Kzinti rifle, and had been using it enough for the "insufficient charge" indicator to light up. A while after covering the light with some blood to make it look unlit, he confronts the BigBad, pointing out specifically the indicator is off. Later, after the BigBad has surrendered, Rocklear points out that he had just covered the light up, and goes to fire what he thinks is an empty weapon at the ceiling of the hut they were in to demonstrate. As the Kzinti commander points out, after the characters present get out of the hut set on fire by a partially charged shot, "insufficient charge" isn't the same thing as "no charge".
* At the climax of Desmond Bagley's thriller ''The Vivero Letter'', the hero faces a mob boss armed with a revolver at close range, and notices there are no bullets in the chambers on either side of the barrel. Though not experienced with firearms, he thinks that the cylinder turns when the trigger is pulled, and bets his life on there not being a variety of revolver in which this ''doesn't'' happen. He ignores the mobster's gun, and attacks him with a machete, leading to a [[SwordFight hand-to-hand duel]] in which his [[ChekhovsSkill training in sabre fencing]] gives him [[{{Pun}} the edge]].
* Played with in ''Discworld/TheTruth''. After successfully threatening SmugSnake Ronnie Carney with a springgonne (a crossbow reduced to a powerful spring in a gun-shaped body), Sacharissa fires straight at him. ''She'' knows it's unloaded, but he doesn't.
-->"I must have forgotten to put the pointy arrow bit in" she said as Carney fainted dead away. "What a silly girl I am."
** In ''Discworld/{{Snuff}}'', Vimes gives the river rat Brassbound a crossbow, after assuring all others present that "I know a killer when I see one." He was right, since "Brassbound" is really [[PsychoForHire Stratford]], and the crossbow Vimes gave him doesn't have a working trigger.
* Played with in one of the ''[=SERRAted Edge=]'' novels by Creator/MercedesLackey. During the final fight scene, an evil elf casts a spell on one of the heroes that deactivates the ammo in his gun. She then ignores that hero, because his only weapon is the gun, and, well, see the trope name. Too bad she'd never learned about speedloaders.
* In S.M. Stirling's ''Literature/IslandInTheSeaOfTime'', Walker breaks into the town arsenal and steals all the firearms when he makes his run for Europe. But when he gets out to sea, he finds out that Alston had removed all the firing pins and stored them separately.
* In ''The Cow Thieves'' by Creator/JTEdson, Ella manages to wrestle Calamity Jane's gun away from her and attempts to shoot her with it, only to discover that Calamity had not had time to fit the percussion caps to the nipples.
* The "removed the firing pin" variant is used in Lisa Gardner's ''The Third Victim'', but it fails. The killer checks the gun before his confrontation with Rainie. He on the other hand, did not remove the firing pin because he knew she would catch it. Instead, he filed the pin back just enough that the gun would be useless for shooting.
* In the Literature/{{Parker}} novel ''Comeback'' by Richard Stark, the ProperlyParanoid Parker unloads the shotguns of his partners while they are sleeping after the heist. This proves to be a sensible precaution when Liss attempts to shoot him and steal the loot.
** In ''Flashfire'', Parker breakers into Melander's hideout and misaligns all the firing pins in the gang's automatics, and drains all of the powder from their shotgun shells. This comes in handy later when Melander takes him prisoner.
* ''The Alchemist'' by Ken Goddard. A criminal abducts a rival, who wakes up in the back of a police car in Mexico, [[FrameUp with a dead police officer in the front seat]], surrounded by horrified Mexican police. Knowing he's facing a FateWorseThanDeath, the man grabs the dead officer's revolver and puts it to his head, only to find all the rounds have been fired. It's implied this was done as a final MindScrew by the criminal who set him up.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Near the end of Season 5 of ''Series/TwentyFour'', Jack gives Christopher Henderson an unloaded gun when they [[EnemyMine work together to take down Vladimir Bierko]] because he knows Henderson will betray him once Bierko's dead. Sure enough, this ends up saving Jack's life when Henderson does turn on him.
** Something similar happens at the end of Season 8, when Jack gets [[TheLancer Cole Ortiz]] to defect and assist him in saving TheMole. After agreeing, Cole demands a weapon, which Jack provides him. Then, upon preparing to [[StormingTheCastle Storm The Warehouse]], Cole goes to chamber a round, and... Jack does actually give him bullets though.
** In Season 4, Dina Araz agrees to work with CTU to bring down [[Film/TheMummyTrilogy Imho]][[FanNickname Terrorist]] [[BigBad Habib Marwan]] by pretending to hold Jack Bauer prisoner so that Marwan will bring her (and Jack) to him. Marwan gives Dina Araz a gun to [[IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten shoot Jack Bauer with]]. Dina turns the gun on Marwan and--click, click. [[spoiler:One of Marwan's men shoots her offscreen.]]
** Season 3: [[IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten The Salazars order Jack to kill his partner]], Chase (who has no idea what's going on). Jack pulls the trigger, but the gun is empty. Jack never reveals if he could tell the gun was empty or not.
* DoubleSubverted in a scene at the end of an ''Series/AdamTwelve'' episode. Malloy and Reed get separated responding to a warehouse robbery, and Malloy gets the robbers they haven't shot cornered at gunpoint with an intimidating expression. Reed catches up, and Malloy asks him to take over covering the suspects while he reloads his revolver.
* In ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'', a BrainwashedAndCrazy Ward tries to shoot May in the head, only to discover that she removed the magazine during their hand-to-hand fight. This one is ridiculous in retrospect given that Ward is a combat specialist, and has been specifically established as the kind of person who would notice the missing weight (such as telling Fitz "You removed the ounce!" when he tried the new version of the tranquilizer pistols)
** May shows her savviness towards this trope when [[spoiler:Gonzales, one of the leaders of the "real" S.H.I.E.L.D.,]] hands her a gun and tells her to shoot him if she thinks it's really necessary. They talk a bit, and she hands the gun back, telling him she's not stupid enough to believe he'd hand her a loaded gun. He then picks it up, ejects the magazine, and clears the slide to show that he was telling the truth.
* ''Series/{{Andromeda}}'': At the end of the pilot episode, Big Bad shoots Captain Hero and... click. Turns out that Plucky Young Engineer had nicked the power cell from Big Bad's blaster during an earlier encounter. Captain Hero commences to knock Big Bad into the middle of next week with his Combat Staff.
* ''Series/TheAndyGriffithShow''. Barney Fife never keeps bullets in his gun. Because Andy won't let him.
* On ''Series/{{Angel}}'', Faith took this trope to the next level. She tricked Angel into shooting her with a revolver, but the gun was loaded with a blank. Then she took the gun back and shot Angel, gloating that the bullets weren't all blanks.
* In a tv comedy sketch called ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj1jLAHWQWA&feature=related Ashes to Midsomer Murders]]'', [[Series/LifeOnMars2006 Gene]] [[Series/AshesToAshes Hunt]] pulls a gun on the suspect and fires. The gun does not go off because, as the suspect says. "I've taken the trouble to fill your gun with cake." But that's okay. Gene filled his cake with bullets!
* ''Series/BabylonFive'': During some heated negotiations with the Transport Association in "[[Recap/BabylonFiveS03E03ADayInTheStrife A Day in the Strife]]", a heckler challenges Sheridan, calling him a coward for hiding behind his security. Sheridan takes a PPG from one of his security men and shoves it in the heckler's pocket, telling him to go ahead and shoot. The heckler doesn't reach for the gun and backs down. He retrieved the gun and returns to the table. His second, Ivanova, calls him nuts for doing this. He smirks and toys with the power cap he'd palmed.
-->'''Ivanova:''' You are going to give me an ulcer.
* ''Series/BurnNotice'':
** Sam Axe does this to an enemy with his own gun, working under the (correct) assumption that the enemy would steal his gun and turn it on him. This is also why Sam brought two guns.
** The series also did the tampered-firing-pin version when Michael handed a gun to a mark to convince the mark to kill the hitman he'd hired to kill Michael's client-of-the-week. Mike had damaged the firing pin with liquid nitrogen and the gun fails to fire, prompting the two to turn on each-other.
** And yet a third time, a variant was done to Michael in "False Flag". Explained in Michael's voiceover:
---> "Remove the trigger bar spring from a Sig Sauer P228, and you get a nine-millimeter semiautomatic doorstop."[[note]]He then comes up with a temporary fix, but points out that ItOnlyWorksOnce, like realistic jury-rigging attempts. Being Michael Westen, that's all he needs.[[/note]]
** Another time Michael simply gave the villain a gun loaded with blanks and tricked him into trying to kill the client, with their ex-GangBanger boss listening from the next room.
* In the first episode of ''Series/ByAnyMeans'', the villain the team are trying to put away levels a shotgun at two of them and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks empty and the undercover man they had placed in the gang holds up the shells he had removed from the gun.
* A ''Series/{{Castle}}'' episode plays the SecretTestOfCharacter version pretty straight: mob boss tells Ryan to [[ShootYourMate shoot his ex-girlfriend]], hands him a gun. Ryan says he can't shoot her, but has no problem shooting him instead. Gun was jiggered so it wouldn't fire.
* Shows up in an episode of ''Series/{{Cheers}}'' when an upset Frasier Crane confronts Sam in his office with a revolver. Sam is quick to point out that "...there are no bullets in those little holes there." after Frasier tries to prove his resolve.
* In the ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode "[[Recap/CommunityS1E23ModernWarfare Modern Warfare]]" Jeff removes his magazine before having sex with Britta, predicting her betrayal.
** In ''[[Recap/CommunityS2E23AFistfulOfPaintballs A Fistful of Paintballs]]'', [[spoiler: Pierce does it to Jeff.]] [[NiceJobFixingItVillain It actually helps Annie escape the Black Rider.]]
* In ''Series/CrisisOnEarthX'', Oliver Queen infiltrates the Earth-X Nazis by impersonating his Nazi counterpart. Eventually, he is handed a gun and urged to execute his love interest Felicity's counterpart. Enraged, he turns around and tries to shoot them, but it clicks empty as they gloat now they know who he really is. Oliver then proves he doesn't need it to kill them all and rescue her.
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'': In "Forget Me Not", Ronald Basderic attempts to shoot Sara only to find that Detective Crawford had swapped the clip from his gun for one loaded with blanks when he searched him earlier.
* ''Series/CSICyber'': In "Ghost in the Machine", [=Viper75=] pulls the gun he had stashed, points it at Avery and squeezes the trigger. However, Avery and Elijah had got there first and unloaded the gun. They now have him on attempted murder of a federal agent as well as the other charges.
* Subverted in ''Series/{{CSINY}}''. A serial rapist has captured Jo, and makes a show of pushing each bullet out of the magazine of her gun before tossing it to her. She then says, "They always forget the one in the chamber," and shoots him. He gets back up, and she picks a second bullet up off the floor, chambers it, and puts him down for good.
** Used when Mac catches up to the gangsters who [[spoiler:kidnapped Christine]]. He kills one[[note]]mind you, it was a good shoot[[/note]] and plays a game of Russian roulette to get the other to talk. [[spoiler:We find out at the end that the gun was empty and that he'd used sleight of hand to make the gangster, and us, ''think'' he was loading it.]]
* ''Series/{{Daredevil 2015}}'':
** John Healy, a hitman working for Wilson Fisk, goes to a bowling alley to assassinate a target. After physically overpowering the target's bodyguards, he pulls out a gun he freshly bought from [[HonestJohnsDealership Turk Barrett]], and it jams ([[GilliganCut in spite of Turk's promise that it wouldn't]]). Turk is established throughout ''Daredevil'' and ''Series/LukeCage2016'' to be very shady, so it's likely he sold Healy a knockoff gun that had a missing or faulty firing pin.
** James Wesley has kidnapped Karen Page and is threatening her into backing off in her pursuit of Wilson Fisk. He's left his gun on the table within reach. When he is distracted by an incoming phone call from Fisk, Karen takes the opportunity to grab the gun and point it at him, reminiscent of the above mentioned example from the comics of Karen pointing a gun at Bullseye (the cinematography even being very similarly staged). There's just a much different ending, though:
-->'''James Wesley:''' [[FacingTheBulletsOneLiner Come on. Do you really think]] [[TooDumbToLive I would put a loaded gun on the table where you could reach it?]]
-->'''Karen Page:''' I don't know. ''[cocks it]'' '''[[PreMortemOneLiner Do you really think this is the first time I've shot someone?]]'''
-->'''James Wesley:''' [[KilledMidSentence Miss Page—]] ''[Karen shoots him in the right shoulder. As he stares at her in shock, she puts six more rounds into his chest, killing him instantly]''
* Subverted in ''Series/DeadliestWarrior''. Pistol-whipping was chosen as Jesse James's "special weapon", and it ended giving the edge to him as it was proven to be deadlier than his rival [[spoiler:UsefulNotes/AlCapone]]'s [[GoodOldFisticuffs brass knuckles]].
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': In [[Recap/DoctorWhoS32E8LetsKillHitler "Let's Kill Hitler"]], [[spoiler:Melody]] attempts to shoot the Doctor several times, only to find he took the trouble to disarm all the guns in the room. Or swap them with a banana. [[spoiler:Not that she needs a gun to kill him, though . . .]]
* In ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'''s 13th episode, "Epitaph One", [[spoiler: Iris has an unknown other person inside her head - she sees the machine as the way to get out into Mag's body, and pulls the gun that she was given earlier by Zone, trying to kill him. Turns out the gun was empty, and since she's in the body of an 11- or 12-year-old, Zone and Mag have a pretty easy time restraining her and wiping her.]]
* In the pilot film for ''Series/DueSouth'', Constable Fraser mentions early on that due to legal complications (Canadian law enforcement officer working in Chicago, with no authority or jurisdiction in the city outside of the Canadian Consulate), he carries a [[ChekhovsGun sidearm]], but no bullets. During a fight with a hitman later on, the bad guy grabs Fraser's gun and immediately tries to shoot him with it, only for the hammer to click down on an empty cylinder.
* Happened at least once in ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', on an asteroid with a bone-eating girl and a mushroom-covered biologist. Also on the episode where John returns to Moya to find pirates have taken over and Scorpius is the only one who can help him save the day. So, John sets up an ambush on one of the pirates with Scorpius and gives him a huge rifle to do so. Not surprisingly, Scorpius discovers the rifle isn't loaded. His reaction is priceless: [[SarcasmMode "Thank you, John."]]
* ''Series/FatherBrown'': In "The Sins of Others", the murderer snatches Sid's gun off him and attempts to shoot him with it. Father Brown then hold out his hand, showing a handful of bullets. Father Brown had unloaded the gun when he took it off Sid earlier in the episode, and no one had ever checked if it had been reloaded.
* ''Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond''. Ian Fleming keeps badgering his boss Admiral Godfrey about being sent to command a frontline commando unit. To prove he has what it takes Fleming agrees to do the K Protocol, which turns out to be: go to a room and kill a man. "Now you know what the K stands for." Fleming hesitates at the moment of firing and is disarmed by his intended victim, who pulls the trigger on Fleming's revolver...of course, [[SecretTestOfCharacter the bullets are duds]]. Admiral Godfrey tells Fleming not to feel too bothered, as he didn't pass the K Protocol either.
* ''Series/FrontierCircus'': In "The Balloon Girl", Katie points her rifle at Ben when he catches up with her to try and return her to the circus, only to discover that he had taken the precaution of removing the shells from it the night before.
* ''Series/{{Gotham}}'':
** Moroni pulls this on Penguin in "The Fearsome Dr. Crane". Penguin pulls a gun he stole from Moroni on the crime boss. Moroni tells him the gun is loaded with blanks. Penguin doesn't believe him and pulls the trigger. Moroni wasn't lying.
** Taking a leaf from Moroni's book, in "The Anvil or the Hammer" Penguin sends a group of assassins to hit Moroni. However, he has removed the firing pins from the guns he supplied them, so that the hit will fail and spark a mob war between Moroni and Falcone.
* ''Series/HarpersIsland'': [[spoiler: Henry removes the bullets from Sully's shotgun before revealing that he's the killer, then taunts him to get him to pull the trigger. He then stabs Sully to death. It's a very cruel moment.]]
* On ''Series/HumanTarget'', Chance and a Russian spy are [[MexicanStandoff holding each-other at gunpoint]]. Previously, they both bumped into each-other before Chance revealed he knew she was a spy.
-->'''The Spy:''' ''"--why don't you just go ahead and shoot me?"''
-->'''Chance:''' ''"Because I don't like to shoot unarmed women. Company policy. Feeling a little light there by the way?"''
-->'''The Spy:''' ''(checks her gun) "Took my clip but put my gun back. Impressive. Didn't even notice. Did you?"''
-->'''Chance:''' ''"(checks his gun) Nicely done."''
* ''Series/InspectorMorse''. In "The Day of the Devil", a vicious serial rapist has his psychiatrist hostage, claiming the house is wired with explosives and demanding to speak to Morse. [[spoiler:When Morse appears, he draws a pistol only for it to be empty, and is shot dead by police. The psychiatrist then walks out of the house and calmly hands over the bullets. Turns out she was one of his former victims, and had arranged the whole thing to get revenge.]]
* On ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'', the normally-infallible Detective Goren informed a the murderer that her gun was empty. She responded by firing a shot into the air. Unfortunately for her that one in the chamber was the only one left.
* In the ''Series/{{Leonardo}}'' episode "Dogs of War", Piero [[spoiler: aims the cannon of Leo's tank at Leo, Mac and Rocco, presses the trigger, and nothing happens. At which point Tom casually wanders up carrying the flint (the Renaissance equivalent of removing the firing pin)]].
* On ''Series/{{Leverage}}'' Parker does this fairly often by taking out the magazines, which given her extremely proficient skills as a pickpocket makes sense, though it generally ignores the problem of the bullet in the chamber or the weight issue.
* ''Series/LoisAndClark'' episode "Stop The Presses" - bad guy Ethan has kidnapped his brother Eric to make him help kill Superman. At one point Eric fights back and grabs the weapon they stole from the Pentagon and points it in Ethan's face. Ethan keeps telling Eric he's not man enough to do it. Eric pulls the trigger and, as in the description, nothing happens. Ethan gloats, "I disarmed it" and shows Eric the part he removed.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'' has done this a couple of times: once, Sayid stole Rousseau's gun, unaware she'd removed the firing pin. Another time, Jack took a gun from Locke and attempted to shoot him, to which Locke replied, "It's not loaded."
** Subverted in another episode. A lackey encourages Michael [[spoiler: to go through with committing suicide by gun. It doesn't work, multiple times; the lackey claims because the island wants Michael]] alive.
* In an episode of ''Series/MacGyver1985'' [[BigBad Murdoc]] removes the shells from a shotgun and takes the person who later tries to use it on him hostage.
* ''Series/MajorCrimes'': In "Hindsight, Part 5", the killer, when confronted with evidence of their guilt, grabs a pistol and attempts to commit suicide, only to discover that Sanchez has swapped their pistol with an unloaded one.
* ''Series/TheMentalist'':
** Subverted in the first episode. Jane has confronted the killer, outlined how he's proved his guilt, and the killer pulls a gun. Jane just smiles and says "Oh, please, did you really think I'd [[BatmanGambit set up such a brilliant trap]] only to leave you a loaded gun?" Then he pats his pocket, and you can hear the bullets clicking. The killer goes to check the mag...and Jane throws something at him and runs away, since he did ''not'' manage to empty the gun before the killer got to it.
** In another episode Jane has given the killer a weapon, the killer turns the weapon on Jane and... click. No bullets. The killer smiles and pulls out a knife instead. Thankfully the rest of the team burst in and arrest him.
** In one incident Jane provokes a man he suspects is going to go on a rampage into starting early. And he'd had the team replace all the guy's ammunition with blanks.
---> '''Agent Cho''': Hey. How you doin'? You're under arrest for the attempted murder of- ''[Gestures around at the terrified guests]'' -everybody.
* One episode of ''Series/{{Monk}}'' has Monk, Stottlemeyer, and Stottlemeyer's fiancee held at gunpoint by a suspect. Stottlemeyer tricks her into firing a shot into the air, then reveals he took the bullet magazine. The shot she fired was the one in the chamber.
** In one episode when Monk was working at a wal-mart like store, Monk needs to get a gun to stop the bad guy from leaving. The two idiots working the gun section give him a gun, but not the bullets. Monk then points the (unloaded!) gun at them and orders them to give him the bullets. Fearing getting shot (again, what idiots!), they give him the bullets.
* ''Series/MurderSheWrote'': Dennis Stanton pulls this trick in "Suspicion of Murder". He comes up with a theory of how the murder could have been committed, but it hinges on proving the suspect could have fired a gun. Stanton pulls a BluffingTheMurderer moment by pretending to have more information than he has, and attempts to blackmail him. When the murderer pulls a gun and fires it, Stanton then reveals that he broke in the night before and switched the shells for blanks.
* In an episode of ''Series/NCISLosAngeles'', the villain of the week gives Sam Hanna a gun and tells him to [[ShootYourMate shoot a captured Saudi prince]] to prove his loyalty to the villain's cause. Sam handles the gun briefly before handing it back, telling the villain that a loaded gun would work better.
** In another episode, a DirtyCop tries to shoot Sam with a revolver. Sam drops the bullets he removed from the gun and punches the guy.
* ''Series/TheNewAvengers'': In "The Tale of the Big Why", TheMole draws a gun on Steed, Gambit and Purdey and plans to shoot them so they cannot reveal his secret. Steed orders Gambit to disarm him and Gambit moves forward. TheMole fires but his gun merely clicks as the hammer falls on empty chamber. Steed had spotted the gun in TheMole's pocket and - suspicious of why an undersecretary would be carrying a loaded pistol - had removed the clip.
* In ''Series/PersonOfInterest'':
** After they have [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness outlived their usefulness]], [[spoiler:the leader of a group of robbers sabotages the firing pins on a set of guns so he can pick off his men in the street.]]
** Super-hacker Root pulls off a BatmanGambit against a lawyer while she's tied him up and interrogating him about the machine. The lawyer talks Harold into helping him free himself, gets the drop on Root, reveals what he knows to Harold and tries to [[YouKnowTooMuch shoot Harold with Root's gun]]. After the customary 'click, click', Root hits him with a taser.
** A mobster forces the main characters to play RussianRoulette. However, the [=PoI=] is a CardSharp and he managed to secretly remove the last bullet from the gun.
* ''Series/RizzoliAndIsles'': In "What Doesn't Kill You", a DirtyCop attempts to shoot Jane with a pistol that had been taken from evidence storage. It doesn't work because, knowing that someone was taking guns from the evidence, Jane had removed the firing pins from all the guns.
* In the ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' episode "[[CharacterTitle Roulette]]", Roulette, or rather, [[spoiler:[[TheDogWasTheMastermind Chloe Sullivan]]]], tries to get Oliver to shoot her, only to reveal that [[DisguisedHostageGambit it is Lois dressed up as her]] and [[spoiler:Chloe]] reassures Oliver that the gun is not loaded.
* In the ''Series/TalesFromTheCrypt'' episode "What's Cookin'", [[spoiler: Gaston tries to eliminate Fred and Erma with the gun he filched from Erma's purse, only to find out Erma doesn't keep it loaded because Fred won't let her.]]
* In the first season finale of ''Series/TrueBlood'', the killer does this with Sookie's shotgun. Sookie manages to get some use out of the gun, hitting him in the head with it.
* ''Series/{{UFO}}'' episode "Survival". While on the surface of the Moon, Paul Foster is captured by an alien. He manages to grab his gun back from the alien, only for the alien to open his hand to display the weapon's ammo clip.
* In ''{{Series/Wallander}}'', the eponymous character pulls this on himself: after the trauma of shooting a dangerous suspect dead, Wallander removes the bullets from his magazine. Then a [[DepravedHomosexual psycho suspect]] takes [[spoiler: his daughter Linda]] hostage at gunpoint.
* Subverted in ''Series/WhiteCollar''. Neal tries this by pickpocketing the magazine from the suspect's gun, but she points out that there's still one bullet already in the chamber.
-->'''Neal''': [[DoesntLikeGuns Dammit. I've never been a gun guy.]]
* Conrad does it to Mad Dog Morgan in an episode of ''Series/WildBoys''. Morgan has another pistol, but it does buy Conrad enough time to make a bolt for it.
* In ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', the [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Demon]] Crowley trades the Colt, a magic weapon that can kill almost anything, to the Winchesters in exchange for [[spoiler:their promise to use it on his BadBoss Lucifer]]. As soon as they get the Colt, they try to shoot him with it, whereupon he asks if they'd like the bullets from him too.

* Comedy pair Radio/HudsonAndLandry had a skit with a pair of old prospectors. One assumes he caught his partner cheating him and draws his revolver. The partner is unimpressed as they ran out of bullets decades ago.

* In William Gillette's ''Theatre/SherlockHolmes'' play, after Billy takes Moriarty's concealed revolver and places it on the table, Moriarty watches the boy leave, and Holmes takes advantage of Moriarty's distraction to surreptitiously remove the cartridges from his revolver. This prepares Holmes for the moment where Moriarty suddenly grabs the revolver and quickly fires it at Holmes's head. Holmes is unperturbed for a moment, then takes the cartridges out of his pocket.
* Subverted at the end of ''Theatre/TheBat''. The Bat, with HandyCuffs on, grabs a revolver from another character and tells everyone to put their hands up. Cornelia refuses to do so, and says that she took the bullets out of it. The Bat throws the revolver down, and is quickly covered with a different revolver while Cornelia picks it up, breaks it and lets the loaded shells fall on the floor. "The first lie of an otherwise stainless life!"
* Creator/IraLevin's ''Deathtrap''. One of the two protagonists has [[JustBetweenYouAndMe announced his intention to kill his co-conspirator]], pulls the trigger and gets a loud BANG! Turns out the other guy had already anticipated his betrayal and loaded the gun with blanks. The movie adaptation leaves out the blank and has Creator/MichaelCaine's character clicking the revolver's trigger with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater''. Ocelot fires multiple times into the air to catch Snake's attention, then points the gun at him. Snake tells him "You don't have what it takes to kill me." Ocelot pulls the trigger, but finds that his gun was already empty; he had switched to a six-shot revolver, when he had been used to his ''eight''-shot service pistol.
** In ''[[UpdatedRerelease Subsistence]]'', they included an out-take reel where Snake says the same thing in one scene. Turns out, yes, he did have what it takes.
** There's also a scene where [[LadyOfWar The Boss]] and Snake quickly begin CQC fighting each other, and just as quickly The Boss knocks Snake down. When Snake sits back up and aims his pistol at her, he finds out The Boss stole the entire upper half of it.
** In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'' and every game in the series since, you can point your gun at a guard to shake them down for items. It works just as well whether you're fully loaded or out of ammo for the gun, but if you try to pull the trigger in the latter case, shit quickly hits the fan.
* Variation in one Paragon version of [[LoonyFan Conrad Verner's]] appearance in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3''. An assassin turns up and tries to kill Shepard, only to have Conrad [[TakingTheBullet dive in front of the bullet]]. [[spoiler:Then it turns out a quick-thinking bystander you helped in ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'' sabotaged the assassin's heat sink with her omni-tool, and the "gunshot" was really the sink bursting.]]
* A random encounter in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' can have you end up being held up by a nervous, stuttering man named Mel armed with a sawed-off shotgun. In a parody of the ''Mad Max 2'' example, one of your options for getting away from him is, with a high enough Perception, to note that his shotgun is unloaded.
* Sure, you can hold a cashier at gunpoint in ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV Grand Theft Auto Online]]'' even if you don't have any ammunition, but if you happen to pull the trigger, the gun clicking on an empty chamber may cause the cashier to pull a gun of his own and return fire.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* In the first arc of ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'', when Natsuhi challenges the Golden Witch Beatrice to a DuelToTheDeath and loses, we're at first [[UnreliableNarrator led to believe]] that it's because Beatrice is ImmuneToBullets. However, the manga reveals that [[spoiler:Natsuhi lost because Sayo Yasuda (Beatrice's true identity) removed the bullets from her gun beforehand, and Natsuhi didn't know enough about guns to be able to tell]].

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In one scene of ''Webcomic/MegaTokyo'', [[DarkMagicalGirl Miho]] repeatedly disarms Dom first by stealing his gun from his hand, then by stealing the bullets. ''From the gun in his hand''.
* In ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'', Gordito's father is believed to have died during a shooting performance because his guns were unloaded. Gordito [[SurvivorGuilt feels responsible for this]], thinking he should have checked to see if they were loaded. [[spoiler:In a subversion at the end of the plot arc, Dark Smoke Puncher reveals the actual cause of his death was ''jammed'' guns (intentionally so by PETA), and notes that an experienced gunslinger would be able to tell the difference between a loaded and unloaded gun]].
* In ''WebComic/{{Homestuck}}'', Andrew Hussie remembers far too late that Doc Scratch only ever loaded one bullet in his deudly gun. [[spoiler:Unfortunately for Hussie, Lord English's super-deudly machine gun has plenty of bullets.]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Rhapsodies}}'' Fedya gives a boarder guard pointing an AK 47 at him some [[http://rhapsodies.wpmorse.com/?p=647 friendly advice.]]
* In ''Webcomic/LeftoverSoup'', after Cheryl and Jamie return a stolen gun to its owner, are held up by said owner, and Jamie bluffs him into letting them just leave, Cheryl reveals that [[http://leftoversoup.com/archive.php?num=498 she swiped the firing pin]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' the Joker goads Harley Quinn into attempting to shoot him, but it turns out the gun is of the stick-with-a-'bang'-flag variety. The Joker is still impressed that she pulled the trigger. (It should be noted though that the Joker didn't know the gun was a fake, either.)
* Subverted in the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode "Turkey Guys", when Peter and Brian, attempting to return home with a new turkey for Thanksgiving, are mugged by a man in a car in the same dilemma. Brian is understandably shocked, but Peter tries to bluff him, claiming "I bet that thing's not even loaded!" He takes a bullet to the foot for the trouble. He continues anyway, now assuming "you just used your last bullet!", and takes another one to the other foot. When he tries to bluff a ''third'' time, and takes a third bullet to the arm for it, is when he finally gives up and tells Brian to hand over the turkey.
* A variant of this trope happens in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' when the Flash uses his SuperSpeed to take the power supply off the Ultra-Humanite's DeathRay while he wasn't looking. Since Franchise/TheFlash [[SmugSuper enjoys being a dick to villains]], he'll find a way to use this when there's no actual ammo. In an early episode, he super-speed pats on [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys Gorilla Grodd's]] mind control helmet, then goads Grodd into using it. Fortunately for Flash, and unfortunately for Grodd, he [[ReversePolarity reversed the polarity]] while he was tapping on it. A predictable fate ensues for Grodd. A similar thing happens in ''[[ComicBook/DCTheNewFrontier Justice League: The New Frontier]]'' with Captain Cold. Flash had rewired Captain Cold's ice gun whilst falling into a fountain after Flash snatched him out of a helicopter.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' short "Daffy Duck Hunting", WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck empties the buckshot out of WesternAnimation/PorkyPig's shotgun shells, then allows Porky to blast away at him to no effect.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', Homer is holding Snake at gunpoint. He looks away to apologize to Marge for not getting rid of the gun, at which point Snake snags it out of Homer's hand and takes aim. Homer then holds up a box of bullets and taunts Snake with the knowledge of the gun being unloaded. Snake then aims again and demands that Homer hand over the bullets. Homer promptly forgets his taunt and surrenders the ammo…. also saying "Okay! Don't shoot!"
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'': In [[Recap/StarWarsTheCloneWarsS1E16TheHiddenEnemy "The Hidden Enemy"]], Cody and Rex are looking for a traitor. Cody leaves a blaster on a table, and the traitor grabs it and points it at Cody -- only for Cody to hold up the charge pack, revealing the weapon to be unloaded.
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'': In [[Recap/StarWarsRebelsS1E10VisionOfHope "Vision of Hope"]], [[spoiler:Hera gives Senator Trayvis her pistol and asks him to "watch [their] backs" while she and Ezra try to find a way to shut off a giant rotating fan in their way. Trayvis turns out to be TheMole, and holds them at gunpoint -- only for Hera to reveal she'd figured him out and had removed the charge pack beforehand.]]
-->"A true rebel would know if he's holding a charged blaster."
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'': In "Drop Zone", Bane attempts to set of a series of explosives planted around the team, only to find that Kid Flash is now holding the detonator that had been in his hand a second earlier.

[[folder: Real Life]]
* It is standard operating procedure when dropping prisoners at a jail for patrol officers to leave their guns unloaded for this very reason (for the reason that they are generally alone). Corrections officers that are involved in transport however have numbers and shotguns on their side, as well as the fact that the prisoners are better secured than with standard handcuffs.
* There's a kind of gun with a grip that senses how you hold it and can recognize its owner. [[LoyalPhlebotinum If anyone else pulls the trigger, it won't fire.]] Biometric-based safeties are a long way from being practical yet, but a there are pistols made by Armatix that will only fire if the pistol is being held by someone wearing a wristwatch that is paired to the firearm. They have partnered with Anschutz to release a line of target rifles that use this technology as well.
** Heckler & Koch used to market a variant of their P7 pistol that had a manual safety catch operated by a small key, but it wasn't a great success.
** There's also a ring that disengages a magnetic safety on a revolver. Without the ring the revolver won't fire.
* The LifeEmbellished book ''Literature/MyFamilyAndOtherAnimals''; Gerry's oldest brother Larry, a bossy writer, insists to the next-oldest brother Leslie, a keen hunter, that Larry can hunt just as well as Leslie can. They go hunting together, and when the birds appear, Larry enthusiastically pulls the triggers, proving that he forgot to load the gun.
* Display guns at stores generally don't have firing pins in them, so they can't be used [[BallisticDiscount against the owners]] even when fully loaded.
* Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme learned this the hard way during her assassination attempt on Gerald Ford. She attempted to kill the president with a Colt M1911, but she did not know that she needed to rack the slide to chamber a round after loading the magazine.
* The whole reason for the "Israeli Draw" technique was that a soldier might be using an unfamiliar firearm, so when drawing their own or picking up another's sidearm to cock the weapon immediately. Then again, if there's only OneBulletLeft, this will unload the gun entirely.