->''"Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight."''
-->-- '''Wallace Hartley''', ''Film/{{Titanic|1997}}''

Honor, loyalty, camaraderie. Some people swear by it, others quietly live by it, many ignore it altogether. When you are ready to say your LastWords to a friend or ally, what would be the most appropriate words to say between two {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s, or, really, anyone who's feeling honorable and doomed at the moment? "It has been an honor... to fight beside you." Often followed by a response like: "The honor has been mine."

There is a simplicity in this statement that you rarely find; saying this will usually be the only thing you need to say, then you can make your HeroicSacrifice or face your BolivianArmyEnding. Of course, this statement is frequently followed by the arrival of TheCavalry. Often a part of a PreSacrificeFinalGoodbye.

Sometimes spoken to an enemy by the WorthyOpponent. May be the demonstration of {{Fire Forged Friends}}hip, even if they left it to the last minute to acknowledge it.

Often a cause of ManlyTears, both for the characters involved and the audience.

Note that only one character has to be certain of death for this trope; in the face of an impending HeroicSacrifice (where MoreHeroThanThou is clearly ridiculous), the other characters may say it to the sacrificing hero, or the hero may say it to those who will survive. However, there is a chance that any hero who says those kinds of words might end up surviving the ordeal if DeusExMachina comes into play such as getting outside help from someone else.

May feature in the FinalSpeech.

Compare SoProudOfYou, IDieFree, DoNotGoGentle, FaceDeathWithDignity, ObiWanMoment. One way to subvert this is to set up for It Has Been An Honor and have the character deliver a DyingDeclarationOfHate instead.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'': Coloring the trope with romance, Hyuga - one of the male bridge crew members - says to Misato, "Dying beside you wouldn't be a bad way to go out."
** [[spoiler: [[AbstractApotheosis His personal Rei turns into]] [[TogetherInDeath Misato and]] [[FirstKiss kisses him]] [[LastKiss during]] [[AssimilationPlot Instrumentality.]]]]
* ''Anime/IrresponsibleCaptainTylor'' has the WorthyOpponent variety. Tylor and Dom, commanders of their respective ships, spend a good deal of time exchanging the sorts of pleasantries that come with asking for an honorable, die-fighting death, including compliments and a toast. Then, at the last moment, plot elements that were set in motion early on break the surface of the story and a massive semi-riot ensues out in space. In the end, nobody gets killed and Dom's mini-fleet is utterly paralyzed by a massive field of debris.
* Treize Khushrenada in ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Gundam Wing]]'' does this in the WorthyOpponent way.
-->'''Treize:''' It was an honor to fight with you pilots. Milliardo, I'll be waiting on the other side...
* The last time Ed and Mustang meet before the climax of [[Anime/FullMetalAlchemist the 2003 anime version]] of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', they make it clear that while they had fun pissing each other off, they really did respect each other. They then depart separately to what they both believe to be their destinies.
* ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs'': Chrono's father's (Admiral Lindy's husband) last act before activating the self-destruct to stop the Book of Darkness is to salute Admiral Graham.
* In ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'', a [[NormallyIWouldBeDeadNow critically injured]] Kuwabara gives this speech to his teammates when he is prepared to use up his life energy to end his match with Risho. Then Yukina shows up and ThePowerOfLove kicks in.
* In ''Anime/YuGiOh'', Yami routinely ends duels with "It's been an honor dueling you" if his opponent is a friend. (Or at least, not an outright enemy.) Usually this is a sign that [[CurbStompBattle he's about to kick their ass all over the place.]]
* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'': Shortly after Frieza transforms into his second form, Gohan and Krillin, while [[OhCrap terrified]] of Frieza's transformed state, give this exchange.
-->'''Gohan:''' Well, it's been nice knowing you, Krillin.
-->'''Krillin:''' Yeah... Nightmare city.
* ''Manga/TheLuciferAndBiscuitHammer'' may well be the king of this trope as far as manga goes. The war the knights are involved in has a fairly high body count, and each knight's animal familiar sticks around just long enough to say goodbye upon the event of their counterpart's death, so this trope tends to come up a lot. Nonetheless, every time it does, you can count on a stirring yet heartbreaking scene.
** Pushed right into SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome territory when [[spoiler: Muu the Crow Knight says goodbye to Mikazuki after the war ends.]]
* One of the best scenes in ''Manga/DeathNote'': "[[spoiler:Well, it was good while it lasted. We killed some boredom, didn't we? and did some various and interesting things...]]" This one is quite ironic because when the speech ends he [[spoiler:kills the guy he is saying it to]]. On the other hand, the speaker ''is'' [[spoiler:a god of death]], so normal standards don't apply here.
* ''Manga/HighSchoolOfTheDead'':
** Just before Soichirou and Yuriko Takagi [[spoiler: charge into battle against the zombies]]:
---> '''Soichirou''': Yuriko. You... are a fine woman!
** Strange example, but when the group are searching the police station's evidence locker, Takashi finds a modern semi-auto shotgun and elects to leave his older, pump-action shotgun behind. He salutes his trusty old weapon before leaving.
* In the second ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' anime, Seras says this to [[spoiler:[[FaceHeelTurn Nazi-Walter]],]] while thanking him for everything he's done for her. This causes him to show the first emotions since he [[spoiler:vampirised himself]], flinching as if struck.
* ''Anime/SailorMoon'': Sailor Mars delivers a variant of this to Sailor Moon, [[spoiler:after the deaths of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus]], because she quickly realises that this will be her only chance to do so. [[spoiler:She dies a minute later.]]
* ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'': Often implied in the series between characters, but the most obvious one is between [[spoiler:[[WorldsBestWarrior Teresa]]]] and [[spoiler:Cassandra]] before the former strikes the latter down as a MercyKill so that she can [[DyingAsYourself die as herself]].
-->'''[[spoiler:Teresa]]:''' [[SincerityMode Thank you for fighting with me.]] It was fun, [[spoiler:Cassandra]].

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The Comicbook/{{Ghostbusters}} get another of these moments in the finale of the IDW miniseries "Displaced Aggression," as they face down an entire demonic army to save the planet. One of them isn't having it this time though.
-->'''Ray:''' Gentlemen?\\
'''Egon:''' It's been an honor.\\
'''Winston:''' It still is! ''We aren't dead '''yet!!!'''''
* In the classic ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'' story "This Man, This Monster," Reed gets one of these moments with Ben (or rather, a scientist posing as Ben) when he thinks the two of them are minutes from hitting the atmosphere of an anti-Earth.
* ''Comicbook/ImmortalIronFist''; As Iron Fist and his former adversaries the Immortal Weapons team up to stop Hydra's plan to destroy K'un-Lun, Iron Fist says, "Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an honor to fight you, and to fight alongside you."
* ''ComicBook/{{Buck Godot|ZapGunForHire}}'' says this to 12-Zinc, before entering Shift Space. [[spoiler:As it happens, he does come back, but still, the sentiment is the same.]]
* In the ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse story "Scrooge's Last Adventure" miss Quackfaster (Scrooge's secretary) and Battista (Scrooge's butler in the Italian stories) say this to each other word for word after Glomgold and Rockerduck took over Scrooge's empire and they quit their jobs, [[UndyingLoyalty as they valued immensely working for Scrooge and with each other]]... And when Scrooge takes back his empire they're back working for him.
* ''[[ComicBook/TheXFilesSeason10 The X-Files]]'': At the climax of Season 10, [[spoiler: the Elder]] says this to the rest of [[spoiler: the cloned Syndicate]], right before they all die [[spoiler: [[FinalDeath for the final time]]]].
* During Robert Kirkman's run on ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'', FutureBadass versions of Franklin and Valeria Richards jump into a time portal in a risky move to change the future by meeting with the present day Fantastic Four team. As they make the leap, this exchange occurs:
-->'''Valeria''': Hey, just so you know...you've always been my favorite hero.\\
'''Franklin''': Well...mine's still the Human Torch. ''(Valeria laughs)''
* ''ComicBook/Batman66'': In Issue #25, under the belief they'll soon die, Robin says it's been an honor to fight evil with Batman.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''FanFic/ThePrivateDiaryOfElizabethQuatermain'', Quatermain has a conversation of this nature with Captain Nemo, who essentially serves as her foster father, telling him that "It has been an honor to live as your daughter."
* In ''Fanfic/TheTSABActurusWar'', [[spoiler:[[VillainousValor DRA Rear Admiral Vaina]] says this to the crew of the ''Sacred War'' during their LastStand.]]
* The protagonist of ''FanFic/DragonAgeTheCrownOfThorns'' tries this on his soldiers, for their own good. It [[spoiler:fails, because they see through it and had come to trust and like him too much to let him go off without their protection.]] He settles for saying, "Then I consider it a fine honor and privilege to be your commander" and proceeds to the task of [[spoiler:pulling off a ZeroApprovalGambit of epic proportions.]]
* In Roleplay/DCNation's version of ''Blackest Night'', Monsieur Mallah and Robotman are trapped in Codville (the small town the original Patrol died protecting), surrounded by Black Lantern versions of their allies and enemies. When it's clear that [[LastStand they are completely screwed]], Mallah admits that, despite Robotman being a long-standing enemy, it's been an honor under the circumstances.
* In ''Fanfic/AceCombatTheEquestrianWar'':
** Firefly says this to the other members of the Mirage squadron. She's not dying however, she only [[spoiler: resigns as a leader and designates Rainbow Dash as the new one]].
** In the epilogue, Rainbow Dash says it to [[VideoGame/AceCombat04ShatteredSkies Mobius]] as he leaves Equestria with Sky Eye.
* ''FanFic/TheImmortalGame'': Just before the final charge in the [[FinalBattle Battle of the Everfree]], which she isn't entirely convinced they'll win, Twilight says this to her friends. Well, in the roundabout, slightly messed up way that fits her [[BrokenAce new personality]], anyway.
* In the ''FanFic/PonyPOVSeries'', just before pulling off a CrazyEnoughToWork plan to escape a [[TheEmpire Hooviet]] attack squad, Shining Armor says this to the Griffin special forces group helping him, since failure would get them killed.
* In ''Fanfic/ChristianGreyVsPepperPotts'', Hawkeye and Gambit give this to each other [[spoiler:when it looks like they're going to die in a lab explosion. Fortunately, She-Hulk and Hulk save them.]]
* In ''Fanfic/TheWrongReflection'' a Klingon-Cardassian Alliance vessel is about to go down fighting against some Terran Empire ships. The first officer and viewpoint character for this segment says the StockPhrase to the gul commanding the vessel, and he returns the sentiment, saying there's nobody he'd rather have with him. Of course right after that, one of the Terran ships opens fire on the others, as it's actually a ''Federation'' starship from the prime universe commanded by the fic's usual viewpoint character.
* Subverted, in ''Sunshine'', in that while she doesn't die a HeroicSacrifice or anything of that nature, Satsuki does say something along these lines, as she's dying of leukemia, where she smiles and thanks her friends for staying with her, stating it has also been a privilege.
* Twice in rapid succession in ''Fanfic/MGLNCrisis''. [[spoiler: From Griffith to Chrono, and then Lucino to Griffith. In both cases, it is followed by MoreExpendableThanYou. They all survive.]]
* During the epilogue of ''Fanfic/TheVow'', this is said by [[spoiler:Zhan the Wolf Boss]] to Lady Lianne and [[spoiler:Lord Shen]] about his servitude to them before he [[ButNowIMustGo departs to the West]].

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* The penguins in ''{{WesternAnimation/Madagascar}}'', before battling the fossas.
* The Green Army Men say this at the beginning of ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3''.
** One of the many things that can be interpreted when Woody and Buzz [[spoiler:look at each other one last time after [[FaceDeathWithDignity joining hands to face possible death by incinerator]]]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/MonstersVsAliens'', Gallaxhar's ship is falling apart and is about to crash...along with The Missing Link, B.O.B. and Dr. Cockroach:
-->'''The Missing Link:''' It's been an honor knowing you, Doc.
-->'''Dr. Cockroach:''' The feeling's mutual, my friend.
-->'''B.O.B.:''' I'll see you guys tomorrow...for lunch.
-->'''The Missing Link:''' That's right, Bob.
-->'''Dr. Cockroach:''' There'll be candy and cake...balloons.
* In ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'', before his battle with Tai Lung Shifu says to Po and the Furious Five "I am '''very''' proud to have been your master!"
* Implied, if not spoken, between Stoick and Gobber in ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon'' when facing the Green Death:
-->'''Stoick''': I can buy our people a few minutes if I give that thing something to hunt!\\
'''Gobber''': ''(taking Stoick's hand in his, warrior-style)'' Then I can double that.
** Later, before Hiccup and Toothless face the Green Death, Stoick makes up for his earlier IHaveNoSon moment by telling Hiccup, "I'm proud to call you my son."
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheRoadToElDorado'', Miguel and Tulio have this conversation when they are about to die, stranded in a rowboat with a horse:
-->'''Miguel:''' Tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?\\
'''Tulio:''' [[DeadpanSnarker The horse is a surprise.]]\\
'''Miguel:''' Any... regrets?\\
'''Tulio:''' You mean besides dying? Yeah. I never... had enough... gold.\\
'''Miguel:''' My regret, besides dying, is... our greatest adventure is over before it began, and no one will even remember us.\\
'''Tulio:''' Well, if it's any consolation, Miguel, you... ''[sob]'' made my life... ''[sob]'' an adventure.\\
'''Miguel:''' And if it's any consolation, Tulio, you made my life... ''[sob]'' rich.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/{{Battleship}},'' with one last shell left on the USS ''Missouri'', Hopper tells Captain Nagata it was an honor, who responds that the honor was his.
* ''Film/DeepImpact'' sports both versions (pleasure and honor):
-->'''Andy:''' It's been a pleasure serving with you, Commander.\\
'''Fisher:''' The honor's all mine, Andy.
* ''Film/StarTrekNemesis'', in the scene between Riker and Picard at the end of the film.
-->'''Riker:''' Serving with you... has been an honor.\\
'''Picard:''' The honor was mine, Captain.
** Apparently [[RealitySubtext the feelings extended beyond the screen]] - while filming this scene, Creator/PatrickStewart admits that [[ManlyTears he broke down crying]] and fell into Jonathan Frakes' arms.
* ''Film/TheMatrixRevolutions''. Just before Neo leaves on his trip to the machine city to make his Heroic Sacrifice, he has a final exchange with Morpheus, in a callback to their original meeting.
-->'''Neo:''' It was an honor, sir.\\
'''Morpheus:''' No. The honor is still mine.
* ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' trilogy:
** Boromir dies and accepts that he shouldn't try to usurp Aragorn's rightful throne:
-->'''Boromir:''' Our people? ''Our'' people... I would have followed you, my brother... my captain... my king.\\
'''Aragorn:''' Be at peace, Son of Gondor.
** Also Gimli and Legolas get over their FantasticRacism:
--->'''Gimli:''' I never thought I'd die fighting side-by-side with an elf.\\
'''Legolas:''' How about fighting side-by-side with a friend?\\
'''Gimli:''' ...Aye. I could do that.
* ''Film/TheRock'' has [[TheDragon Major Ted Baxter]] say this to [[WellIntentionedExtremist Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel]] during a MexicanStandoff with a couple mutineers. Before [[FakeDefector drawing his gun on Hummel]]. [[HeroicSacrifice And then opening fire on the mutineers.]]
* One of the few serious moments in ''Film/GalaxyQuest'' was Quellek saying this to Alexander Dane -- whose TV character ([[CannotTellFictionFromReality that he thought was real]]) he greatly admired and modelled his lifestyle after -- while [[spoiler:he bleeds to death from his wounds]]. Dane then recites his character's CatchPhrase -- which he utterly ''despises'', mind you -- with utmost sincerity and conviction for the first time in the film, rather than the half-assed way he had said it up until this point.
-->'''Dane:''' By Grabthar's hammer... by the suns of Warvan... you shall be... '''''[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge avenged]]'''''.
* ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}'' has the [[TruthInTelevision bandleader say it to the band]] as they [[WhileRomeBurns keep playing while the ship goes down]].
** Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie'', when the floating stage Music/GreenDay is on begins to sink from the corrosive pollution in Lake Springfield.
** Also parodied in ''Film/OsmosisJones'', where when it appears the body of Bill Murray's character is dying, a group of white blood cell musicians show up in one shot after repeating the phrase.
** And again parodied in Don Rosa's [[http://disneycomics.free.fr/Ducks/Rosa/show.php?num=17&loc=D93288&s=date Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck in the 11th episode]].
* ''Film/{{Troy}}'': The Trojan captain: "Soldiers of Troy! To fight with you has been my honor. On the other side of the river, the Boatman waits for us... I say we make him wait a little longer!"
** And Eudorus to Achilles: "Fighting for you has been my life's honor, my lord."
* ''Film/{{Apollo 13}}'', just before the (potentially fatal) reentry:
-->'''Lovell:''' Gentlemen, it's been a privilege flying with you.
* Optimus delivers this line in the 2007 ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' movie before the Autobots storm Hoover Dam.
* As they lie dying at the climax of ''[[Film/ThreeHundred 300]]'':
-->'''Stelios:''' It is an honor to die by your side.\\
'''Leonidas:''' It was an honor to have lived by yours.
* In ''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}}'', just before [[ForbiddenChekhovsGun crossing the streams]]:
-->'''Dr. Peter Venkman:''' See ya on the other side, Ray.\\
'''Dr. Ray Stantz:''' Nice working with you, Dr. Venkman.
* An unusual variant appears in ''Film/{{Aliens}}''. Gorman and Vasquez are about to be slaughtered together by the killer aliens, and Lt. Gorman whips out a grenade so he can at least take the monsters with them. Vasquez remarks "You always were an asshole, Gorman," before holding the grenade with him until it explodes. In this case she meant what she said, but seeing how the only reason Gorman is about to die too is because [[HeroicSacrifice he went back to try and save her]], there's definitely some mutual respect in there. She does, after all, refer to him by name rather than rank.
** ''Film/{{Prometheus}}'' has a straighter version of this near the end. While joking about their previous bets, one of the remaining crewmen makes a remark along these lines [[spoiler: while flying ''Prometheus'' in a kamikaze route toward the alien ship- he and the others on board die shortly after when their ship explodes from the impact, leaving Shaw and David as the only survivors]].
* In ''Film/ForceTenFromNavarone'', when Barnaby (Harrison Ford) and Mallory (Robert Shaw) realize they've run out of time (and in case anyone doesn't understand, Barnaby says so) to blow the dam, they shake hands, Mallory says, "It's been a pleasure serving with you, Colonel," and they stroll calmly away from a large pile of plastique with an absurdly short timer on it. Subverted because Miller "forgot" to tell them the dam would take some time to collapse, allowing them to escape.
* In ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanTheCurseOfTheBlackPearl'', [[ThoseTwoGuys the two British soldiers]] about to climb on the ship and fight the immortal pirates don't even have to say anything. They shake hands, and let out twin wordless battle cries.
* In ''Film/TheReplacements2000'', just before the last play of the game, Falco says to his teammates, "It's been an honor to share the field of battle with you."
* In a slightly unusual context, when Captain Staros is removed from command in ''Film/TheThinRedLine'' he says goodbye to his friends.
-->'''Staros:''' You are like sons to me. ''(pause)'' [[AFatherToHisMen You are sons to me.]]
* In ''Film/IndependenceDay'', Creator/WillSmith and Creator/JeffGoldblum are trapped and decide to launch their nuke anyway. They smoke cigars and shake hands first -- "It's been a pleasure." "Steve, you too."
* Joe Gould in ''Film/CinderellaMan'' says this as Braddock is going into the ring to face a boxer that has killed two men in the ring before.
* At the end of the big chase scene at the end of ''Film/TheBluesBrothers'', when their car is plummeting off an incomplete highway, one Nazi looks at the other one and goes, "[[ArmoredClosetGay I've always loved you]]," just before crashing.
* Soichiro Yagami says this to L at the end of the second ''Manga/DeathNote'' movie, shortly before [[spoiler:L dies]]. Yuruga also says it to L in the third movie.
* Spock's final words in ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'':
--> "I have been, and always shall be, your friend. Live long... and prosper."
** Spock and [=McCoy=] have this scene in ''Film/StarTrekBeyond'':
--->'''Spock''': [[IWillOnlySlowYouDown Leaving me behind will significantly increase your chances of survival, Doctor.]]\\
'''[=McCoy=]''': Well that's damn chivalrous of you, but completely out of the question!\\
'''Spock''': It is imperative that you locate any surviving crew.\\
'''[=McCoy=]''': Here I was thinking you cared.\\
''[Three of Krall's drone ships approach]''\\
'''Spock''': Of course I care, Leonard. I always assumed my respect for you was clear. The dialogue we have had across the years has always...\\
'''[=McCoy=]''': It's okay, Spock. You don't have to say it... Well, at least I won't die alone.\\
''[Spock is beamed away from behind Bones]''\\
'''[=McCoy=]''': Well that's just typical.
* Just before they begin their apparently suicidal quest in ''Film/{{Clash of the Titans|2010}}'', Perseus says something akin to this to the companions who chose to remain with him. He remarks that his father was, at least initially, the only great man he knew. Now, he could say he knew ''four'' great men. He then directs his attention to the only female and supernatural being in the group, amending his statement with: "And one woman. .... and whatever the hell you are."
* ''Film/{{Flash Gordon|1980}}''. As Flash is about to pilot War Rocket Ajax into the teeth of Mingo City's defenses:
-->'''Prince Vultan:''' Goodbye, Flash, it's been...\\
'''Flash:''' I know. For me too, Vultan.
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries'':
** ''Film/XMenFirstClass'': The commanders of the American and Soviet fleets both say this to their crews when [[spoiler: Magneto redirects their missiles back at them]].
-->'''American commander''': Gentlemen, it's been an honor to serve with you.
-->'''Soviet commander''': Comrades, thank you for your service.
** In ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'', [[spoiler:Future Magneto and Xavier have such a moment as Magneto lays dying while the Sentinels are closing in and expresses regret that they spent so many years fighting each other.]]
* In ''Film/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon'', Wheelie tells Brains this after [[spoiler:sabotaging a Decepticon Vessel]].
-->'''Wheelie:''' We had a good run Brains, me and you.
-->'''Brains:''' Yeah, but we're gonna die.
* Duane the Secret Service agent in ''Film/{{Dave}}''.
-->"Dave? I would have taken a bullet for you."
* A brutal and sarcastic take on this comes from ''Film/DayOfTheDead1985''. Bub, having seen Rhodes murder Dr. Logan, chases him through the laboratory with a Colt .45, shooting him several times. Just as they reach a zombie horde, Bub blows out Rhodes's knee, causing him to fall into the zombies. As they begin to devour Rhodes, Bub salutes him.
* A variation in ''Film/ThePostman'': Ford and another captive (whom he has never even met before) invoke this trope and shake hands when facing the villain's firing squad.
* The Horsemen say this to each other near the end of ''Film/NowYouSeeMe''.
* ''Film/PacificRim'': Spoken by Chuck Hansen to Marshal Pentecost right before [[spoiler: they have to make their HeroicSacrifice]].
* ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay''. While Sarah Connor doesn't say it, when she shakes the T-800's hand at the end of the film, that handshake carries the weight of this trope.
* ''Film/TheMonumentsMen''. As he's about to [[LandMineGoesClick step off a mine]], Granger says this to his fellow soldiers who refuse to leave in case they all get blown to bits. [[spoiler:He survives however because the mine is a dud.]]
* ''Film/TheEagleHasLanded''. After seeing the writing on the wall, Colonel Steiner plans to escape the church via a secret tunnel. His men refuse to follow him, insisting they stay behind to cover his escape. Steiner salutes his men and tells them "it has been a privilege to have served with you."
* ''Film/PowerRangers2017''. The Rangers [[HoldTheLine make a last stand]] against Rita and Goldar to prevent them from reaching the Zeo Crystal, but their power proves too much for the heroes and their zords get pushed into the pit, overwhelmed by the heat and pressure of Goldar's attack. As the Rangers make peace with their fate, Billy thanks them all for being his friends. [[spoiler: Thankfully things take a turn when they fuse into the Megazord]].
* ''Film/BeautyAndTheBeast2017''. As the objects turn inanimate, Lumiere and Cogsworth manage to exchange this sentiment.
* ''Film/MaidInManhattan''. When Marisa is fired for her actions--wearing a guest's clothes, using her identity, etc--the hotel's butler quits in disgust and tells her it has been an honor to have worked with her.

* ''Literature/GoodOmens'' does it right before Satan himself comes up to give the Antichrist a piece of his mind.
-->'''Aziraphale:''' I'd just like to say, if we don't get out of this, that... I'll have known, deep down inside, that there was a spark of goodness in you.\\
'''Crowley:''' [...And] I'll have known that, deep down inside, you were just enough of a bastard to be worth liking.
* Also subverted in the brilliant "Discworld/TheScienceOfDiscworld". When it appears the newly constructed Magical Reactor is about to blow up and destroy the universe, the Dean tells the Arch-chancellor of the Unseen University...
-->"I'd just like to say...."
-->"Yes, old friend?"
-->"I'd have made a much better Arch-Chancellor then you."
** [[HilariousInHindsight Later]], in ''Discworld/UnseenAcademicals'', they get to find out.
* ''Literature/ArtemisFowl: The Arctic Incident''. Holly (to Butler and Root): "Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure." They respond with "likewise."
* Pulled off with flair in the first of the ''Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant'' series.
-->"Valkyrie Cain, it has been an absolute pleasure knowing you."
* Oh so subverted in ''Literature/TheBartimaeusTrilogy''.
* In Creator/GrahamMcNeill's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/{{Ultramarines}} novel ''The Warriors of Ultramar'', after giving the (futile) order to abandon ship (escape pods can't escape the blast, but he has to try), Admiral de Corte says, "It has been an honor to serve with you all."
** In ''Dead Sky Black Sun'', in the [[{{Mordor}} Eye of Terror]], Uriel and Pasanius see an atrocity about to committed on helpless prisoners and decide they can't pass by, though they are heavily outnumbered.
--->''If we do not survive, then it has been an honor to call you my friend.''
** In ''The Killing Grounds'', Uriel inverts this. [[FireForgedFriends After the battle]], he tells Leodegarius that it had been an honor to fight beside him; Leodegarius says that the honor has been his.
* From the second book of Creator/DavidDrake's Literature/{{RCN}} series, just before their '''corvette''' attacks a battleship, a heavy cruiser, and four destroyers:
-->"Captain.... We won't have much time after we exit for observations so I thought I'd say this now. Goddam little in my life went the way I'd have liked it to, not till I met you. I guess on average I've come out ahead."
* ''[[Literature/{{Quiller}} Quiller's Run]]'' by [[Creator/EllestonTrevor Adam Hall]]. The protagonist is listening to a black box flight recording of the last moments of a Thai airliner as it's about to crash, killing everyone on board.
-->'''Translator:''' He's saying... Jesus can you beat these guys... he's telling the captain it's been an honor to serve with him...
* ''Literature/OutboundFlight'': Before their HeroicSacrifice, Lorana and Thrass clasp hands and have this exchange.
--> '''Thrass''': "I've known you and your people only briefly, [[FullNameBasis Jedi Lorana Jinzler]]. But in that time, I've learned to admire and respect you. I hope that someday humans and Chiss will be able to work side by side in peace."
--> '''Lorana''': "As do I, [[FullNameBasis Syndic Mitt'ras'safis of the Eighth Ruling Family]]."
* Elven soldiers, who go without a name, in Salvatore's [[Literature/TheLegendOfDrizzt The Hunters Blades]] saga of Drizzt. They are surrounded by orcs and know that they will die, they all come to this realization together and share an unspoken moment, served with just a nod, and then they HoldTheLine. Very touching.
* In Suzanne Collins's ''[[Literature/TheHungerGames Catching Fire]]'', the only member of Katniss's prep team who manages to avoid crying (and so leaving to avoid upsetting Katniss) finishes the job and tells her that it has been a privilege making her look her best.
* ''Off Armageddon Reef'', the first of the Literature/{{Safehold}} saga, has this as a dying king's last words as his galley is stormed. That he says it to an eleven-year-old (really 10 year old thanks to the difference between Safehold and Earth years) midshipman for whom the king just [[TakingTheBullet Took The Bullet]] pushes it towards TearJerker territory.
* When the T'swa face their LastStand in John Dalmas' ''The Regiment'', the officer commanding what's left tells them, "All right, T'swa, on my signal we will charge the enemy. Each of you has my admiration." Then he orders the trumpeters to, "Sound the dirge, then the attack." And then they get wiped out.
* In ''Literature/TourOfTheMerrimack'', two different characters say this to Captain Farragut. One of them survives; the other does not.
* ''Literature/TheHost'': Doc says a variant of this [[spoiler:to Wanderer, right before her HeroicSacrifice]].
* In Creator/BernardCornwell's ''Literature/{{Sharpe}}'s Tiger'', when they are found out, Sharpe tells Gudin that it was an honor to serve under him.
* Near the end of ''Literature/TheElenium'', Sparhawk thinks his only option is a HeroicSacrifice. He tells the other knights with him:
--> Let's not get sentimental about this. We don't have the time. I'm honored to have known you -- all of you. Now get out of here. That's an order.
* In the final book of Andrew Clements's ''Benjamin Pratt & The Keepers of the School'' series, ''We Hold These Truths'', [[spoiler:the janitor Lyman says this to the Keepers after they manage to succeed in saving the school. Though he'd be working against them, it was only a job and not personal for him.]]
* ''Literature/WatershipDown'': Hazel and Dandelion's parting at Nuthanger Farm, during Hazel's desperate attempt to save their warren from the Efrafan assault.
--> '''Dandelion''': If we ever meet again, Hazel-rah, we ought to have the makings of the best story ever.
--> '''Hazel''': And you'll be the chap to tell it.
* Played with in ''[[Literature/CiaphasCain The Emperor's Finest]]'', when Cain thinks he and Mira are about to be either killed or implanted by genestealers.
-->'''Cain:''' It's been an honour to serve with you, colonel.
-->'''Mira:''' We both know that's a big fat lie, but I appreciate the thought.
-->''SpaceMarine Terminators [[BigDamnHeroes teleport in and kill all the genestealers]].''
* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'' Whitestorm says these words to Firestar, just before the battle with [=BloodClan=], knowing that he will not survive the battle.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In Film/HighlanderEndgame the exact words are never spoken but the final, tearful smile [[spoiler: Connor]] gives to [[spoiler: Duncan]] before he forces him to take his head and his quickening carry the unspoken sentiment of this trope.
-->Goodbye, [[spoiler:Duncan]], my true brother.
* In ''Series/BandOfBrothers'', this appears in the German general's speech at the end. Although they aren't facing death, just surrender, it serves to humanize the German troops. Liebgott, who speaks fluent German, translates his speech to the Americans. His facial expression implies the former enemy is, after all, NotSoDifferent.
* In ''Series/{{Smallville}}'', "Salvation", [[spoiler:Clark says this to the Justice League before he intends to lock himself and all other kryptonians in another dimension.]]
* ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'', "Balance of Terror". After Captain Kirk defeats a Romulan captain in space combat, and before the latter activates his self-destruct to avoid capture:
-->'''Romulan captain:''' I regret that we meet in this way. [[NotSoDifferent You and I are of a kind.]] [[WorthyOpponent In a different reality, I could have called you friend.]]\\
'''Captain Kirk:''' What purpose will it serve to die?\\
'''Romulan captain:''' We are creatures of duty, Captain. I have lived my life by it. [[HonorBeforeReason Just...one more duty...to perform.]]
* In ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', Troi says this to Riker while he's considering accepting his own command.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''. In "Armageddon Game" a dying Chief O'Brien says this to Julian Bashir, only to clearly wish he could take it back after they've all been rescued when Julian claims this makes them FireForgedFriends. As this is only Season 2, O'Brien is still at the "working with you is a pain in the ass" stage.
* Spoofed in ''Series/RedDwarf'': "Over the years, I have come to regard all of you as... people I met."
* ''Series/{{Bones}}'':
** Hodgins says this to Brennan when they're BuriedAlive in a car, right before implementing an escape plan that could either free them or kill them instantly.
** This exchange between Brennan and Cam when the team was [[BreakingTheFellowship heading their separate ways]] in "The Beginning in the End"
--->'''Cam''': I've ... really enjoyed working for you, Dr. Brennan.\\
'''Brennan''': In fact, Dr. Saroyan, I worked for you.\\
'''Cam''': [[TheAllegedBoss We both know better.]]
* ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'' when Capt. Cragen begins his temporary dismissal after the DownerEnding of the past season finale:
-->'''[[SixthRanger Chester Lake]]:''' It was an honor serving under you, sir.\\
'''Don Cragen:''' I'm not dead yet, Detective Lake.
* ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'':
** Ironically, Adama's crew keep saying this to him in the mini-series, as he's due to retire. As it turns out, his retirement gets postponed somewhat.
** Done during the Battle of New Caprica. ''Galactica'' has taken heavy damage while desperately trying to hold off three Cylon Baseships so the civilians can jump away. When he learns the FTL drive can't be brought back online and ''Galactica'' is beyond hope of escape, Adama delivers this line to his bridge crew. Just before the Battlestar ''Pegasus'' arrives for a GunshipRescue.
** Adama does this ''again'' in when [[spoiler: he and Tigh face the rebel Marines in "The Oath".]]
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** When it looks like the Doctor will have to sacrifice himself stopping the Sontarans, he thanks Donna and Martha for all they've done for him - and advises [[NerdInEvilsHelmet Luke Rattigan]] to do something clever with his life. [[spoiler: Luke does - he takes the Doctor's place.]]
** In "The Stolen Earth", [[spoiler:Harriet Jones (Former Prime Minister) says this just before she dies.]]
** Another potential example: In David Tennant's last episode, in reference to a previous comment by the Master, Doc tells Wilfred Mott that [[spoiler:he would be proud to have Wilf for a father.]] Considering the hostility and mortality faced in that episode alongside the fact that one of them is carrying a gun for the other to use, it sort of works.
*** In the same episode, the Doctor's last words before [[spoiler:sacrificing himself for Wilfred]] are in fact, "It's my honor."
** During the Creator/TomBaker era, in ''The Pirate Planet'', when the Doctor drops the TARDIS's defensive shields in an effort to defeat the evil Queen Zanxia, Romana simply says, "It's been a pleasure working with you."
** In "Flesh and Stone"
-->'''Doctor:''' I wish I'd known you better.
-->'''[[spoiler:Bishop Octavian]]:''' I think sir, you know me at my best.
-->'''Doctor:''' Ready?
-->'''[[spoiler:Octavian]]:''' Content.
** In ''Day of the Doctor,'' before [[spoiler: the War Doctor]] leaves, he tells the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, "it has been an honor, and a privilege," to which Ten says "Likewise."
* ''Series/{{Blackadder}} Goes Forth'':
** First parodied by Edmund with the line "If I should die, think only this of me... I'll be back to get ya," and then played straight in the final episode with his quiet "Good luck everybody" as they go over the top.
** Also alluded to in the final episode when Captain Darling is ordered to the front. Blackadder and Darling had always been bitter enemies but now that they've both facing the same fate, they cease their fighting.
* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'':
** Used by [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Ronon Dex]] to John Sheppard in the fifth season opener. They didn't die.
--->'''Ronon''': All right, how do you want to play this?
--->'''Sheppard''': Shoot till we can't shoot anymore.
--->'''Ronon''': All right.
--->'''Sheppard''': Been a pleasure.
--->'''Ronon''': Same.
** Invoked (sorta) later on by Rodney [=McKay=], who starts to tell Daniel Jackson that he's always respected him, before the latter dies. After they're rescued, Rodney denies that this was what he was going to say.
---> '''Daniel''': You can only give compliments to the ''dying''??
* ''Series/StargateSG1'':
** In the episode "Solitudes", O'Neill tells this to Carter as she tries to make her way to the surface. After she discovers that it's an ice planet, she comes back down, snuggles up to him, and tells him "It's been an honor serving with you too." [[spoiler: As a matter of fact they're on Earth, in Antarctica - but it might as well be an Ice Planet given their condition and lack of equipment.]]
** In the episode "Meridian," where Daniel Jackson dies ([[DeathIsCheap the first time it stuck]]), Teal'c has a tearful moment where he tells Jackson that if he succumbs, the battle against the Goa'uld will have lost one of its greatest warriors...and he will have lost one of his greatest friends.
* Lisbon gives one of these to Cho when she thinks she and Jane are going to die in ''Series/TheMentalist'' episode Code Red.
* ''Series/BurnNotice'':
** Sam delivers the Miami version of this in an episode, while defusing a very dangerous bomb: "It's been real."
** At the end of the forth season, Michael says, "Jesse Porter, for what it's worth, I'm sorry I burned you." Jesse's a little broken up.
* ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' loves this trope, but likes to mix up the words. Just a few examples:
** John to D'Argo in the season 1 finale.
--->'''Crichton''': I love hanging with you, man.
** Before John blows up a nuke in season 4.
--->'''John''': Love you.
--->'''Aeryn''': Love you, too.
** Bittersweet goodbye in The Peacekeeper Wars.
--->'''John''': You're the closest friend I have.
--->'''[[spoiler:Ka D'Argo]]''': You could have done better.
--->'''John''': Not in the entire universe.
* Dean from ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' does not appreciate this, (in season one, I think).
-->'''Sam''': (winding up a long speech) I just wanted to let you know, just in case.
-->'''Dean''': Are you kidding me? Don't say 'just in case something happens to you'! I don't want to hear that freaking speech, man! Nobody's dying tonight. Not us, not that family, nobody.
* Zane tries to give Carter one of these in Series/{{Eureka}} before activating a device that will [[OncePerEpisode either save or destroy the town]], but Carter will have none of it.
-->'''Zane''': Whatever happens, it's been fun.
-->'''Carter''': No it hasn't! Push the button!
* An unspoken one that adds to the SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome in the finale of ''Series/PowerRangersInSpace'' when Bulk and Skull lead the charge against Astronema's forces. Just before they rush in, the two shake hands, clearly expressing this trope.
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest''
** A variant when Reese, suffering a gunshot wound and pursued by the [=CIA=], thanks Finch for giving him the chance to help people.
** Another variant in "Asylum". Reese and his FriendlyEnemy Elias have been captured by the Brotherhood with no apparent escape. Elias says, "You're an honorable man, John. It's been nice knowing you."
** A subversion occurs in "Bad Code". A member of the government discovers Finch is the hidden genius behind the Machine, so he says this to Finch [[HeKnowsTooMuch as he's about to kill him]].
* ''Series/HoratioHornblower'', "Retribution": These are Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower's and Lieutenant Archie Kennedy's parting words [[spoiler:just before Archie Kennedy dies]]. Each character reassures the other about their biggest insecurities: Horatio tells Archie that he's honored to have ''served'' with him as Archie doubts that he's a good officer, and Archie tells Horatio that he's honored to have ''known'' him because Horatio doubts he's worthy as a person.
-->'''Horatio:''' Archie... I'm honored to have served with you.
-->'''Archie:''' And I to have known you. [[spoiler:See? Better already. ''(dies)'']]
-->'''Horatio:''' My dear friend.
* {{Series/Mythbusters}} has a congratulatory example in the second Alaska Special, with the newspaper-pykrete speedboat.
-->'''Adam Savage'''(To Jamie): It's been an honor building strange crap with you.
* ''Series/{{Rome}}'':
** After his defeat by Marc Antony at the Battle of Philippi, Brutus' soldiers urge him to flee. Brutus replies, "It has been an honor and a pleasure leading you. I am sorry we could not do better. You must look to yourselves now. Save your skins." He then strips off his armor and walks into the advancing enemy formation, attacking with his sword to goad them into killing him.
** A bittersweet touch when Marc Antony orders Vorenus to kill him after the failure of his rebellion, and is surprised when Vorenus says goodbye to him with those parting words.
-->'''Antony''' Has it? I hope so.
* ''Series/TheOfficeUS'': Dwight says this to Michael in the episode "Branch Closing", thinking that the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is being shut down.
* Combined with SoProudOfYou: Implied in the final episode of ''Creator/AgathaChristie's Series/{{Poirot}}'' ("Literature/{{Curtain}}") when, during a conversation at dinnertime, one of the guests, Toby Luttrell, tells Literature/HerculePoirot that though he is very old [[{{Determinator}} he still never gives up on solving cases like this]]. Poirot answers in front of everyone that he has enjoyed being here with them and that "I do not want to miss every single moment. [[{{Foreshadowing}} But the clock, it ticks. Such is the will of God.]]" (implying that he has a few days left to live) Luttrell's response to Poirot: "Oh, we'll miss you, old chap, but you won't be forgotten." [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments So]] {{t|earJerker}}ouching.
* In the ''Series/{{Defiance}}'' season three finale, facing up to sacrificing herself to save the Earth...
-->'''[[DrJerk Doc Yewll]]:''' An artificial person is a tolerable loss. \\
'''[[AntiVillain Datak Tarr]]:''' No. You're a real person with enormous honour and infinite soul. \\
'''Yewll:''' [[MoodWhiplash Just stick it in me, sailor]].
* ''Series/{{MASH}}''
** In the finale episode:
*** Hawkeye and BJ give Col Potter a silent one by standing at attention and saluting him, something that they did very rarely throughout the course of the series.
*** Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan tells everyone in the 4077th that it has been an honor serving with them.
** Hawkeye salutes Radar in "Good-bye Radar Part 2", while in the operating room to top it off, as well as when [[spoiler:presenting him his Purple Heart]] at the end of "Fallen Idol".
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}''. In "Detour", Jimmy and Ducky have been abducted by terrorists. They devise a plan to escape, but before putting it into action, Jimmy declares, "Dr. Mallard, I just want to say, in case your plan, brilliant as it is, doesn't work. . ." His voice trails off before he can finish, but Ducky realizes what he's trying to say and replies, "Likewise, Jimmy."
* Stinger/Sasori Orange of ''Series/UchuuSentaiKyuranger'' says this at the end of message he leaves for the team [[spoiler: before heading off to die fighting his brother.]]
* ''Series/Daredevil2015'': James Wesley is prepared to help Wilson Fisk oppose Nobu's organization if necessary (though it's implied he's vastly underestimating them), but when Leland Owlsley suggests to him that Madame Gao has decided to turn against them, Wesley simply says to Leland that in that case, it's been an honor working with him.

* A "less is more" version in the Music/GarthBrooks song "Ireland":
-->''And there are no words to be spoken,\\
Just a look to say "Goodbye".\\
I draw a breath and night is broken,\\
As I scream our battle cry.''
* In Gordon Lightfoot's "The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"
-->''When supper time came the old cook came on deck, \\
Saying fellows it's too rough to feed ya. \\
At 7PM a main hatchway caved in, \\
He said fellas it's been good to know ya.''
* The Smiths' "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
-->''If a ten-ton truck\\
Kills the both of us\\
To die by your side\\
Well, the pleasure - privilege is mine''
* Voltaire's "This Ships Going Down" has this as the chorus:
-->'''Cause this ship's going down\\
All on account of the weather\\
Though we'll drown\\
There's no need to frown\\
'Cause we're all going together\\
And I won't say "Woe is me"\\
As I disappear into the sea\\
'Cause I'm in good company\\
As we're all going together''

[[folder:Other Sites]]
* ''Wiki/SCPFoundation''
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1936 SCP-1936 ("Daleport")]]. In a transcript of a speech by Reverend Hawshore, he tells the other members of the Victory Society that it has been an honor to work with them in their attempt to summon and trap the {{Eldritch Abomination}}s.
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2069 SCP-2069 ("AEGIS")]]. When the E-3 Sentry plane monitoring the NOVA bomb attack on the alien invaders is hit by the aliens and is going down, the pilot tells the rest of the crew "It has been an honor".
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2461 SCP-2461 ("Aftermath")]]. Two of the GOC (Global Occult Coalition) agents who stole the [[StupidJetpackHitler Nazi UFO]] apparently didn't like each other very much, but their last words indicated their true feelings.
-->'''VAV-2''': For what it's worth, Fritz, you weren't so bad for a stuck up German ass.
-->'''VAV-1''': I feel the same way, you headstrong Ami bitch.

* Used verbatim by the Ice Warrior Lord Zaarl to the Doctor in the AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho audio play "Red Dawn", as he prepares to sacrifice himself by standing in the path of the radioactive Martian sunrise.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/StarFleetBattles''. ''Captain's Log'' magazine #47, short story "Into the Eagle's Nest". As a group of hostile Romulan warships approaches, the executive officer of a police ship (a Coast Guard cutter, essentially) tells his captain, "It's been an honor to serve with you." The captain survives, the executive officer doesn't.

* The song "For Good" in ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' is this trope in music form. Preceded by this exchange;
-->'''Elphaba''': You're the only friend I've ever had.\\
'''Glinda''': I've had so many friends. And only one that mattered.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[spoiler: Ravio's]] last words to Link in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds,'' spoken [[spoiler: just before Hilda sends Link and Zelda back to Hyrule]].
* ''VideoGame/WorldInConflict'': Sawyer says this twice. [[SoProudOfYou Once]] to Bannon as he does his HeroicSacrifice, then a second time to Parker at the end of the campaign.
* Similarly, in the ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}: VideoGame/DawnOfWar - Winter Assault'' Imperial Guard ending, Chaplain Varnus says it's been an honor to have served with General Sturnn and his men. While those two certainly survive that particular battle, it is almost certain that they will never happen to fight alongside each other again. In return, Sturnn delivers his "[[CannonFodder We die standing]]" speech.
* Spoofed in ''VideoGame/UnchartedDrakesFortune'': Nathan Drake and Eddy Raja, the leader of the pirate gang who have been trying to kill him for most of the game and an apparent old rival of his, are surrounded by [[spoiler:freakish mutants]]:
-->'''Eddy:''' Drake... In case I don't make it, I just want to say... I hate your guts!\\
'''Nathan:''' Yeah, likewise, pal!
* In ''VideoGame/{{Resistance}} 2'', after being pretty hostile to him throughout the course of the game, Capelli says this (more specifically, "''Forgive me sir. It was an honor''") to the lead, Nathan Hale, before [[spoiler: shooting him in the head, as Hale has been taken over by the Chimeran virus]].
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** Used during the end cutscene of ''VideoGame/{{Halo 3}}''.
-->'''Cortana:''' If we don't make it...\\
'''Master Chief:''' We'll make it.\\
'''Cortana:''' It's been an honor serving with you, John.
** And again in ''VideoGame/HaloReach''; these are Emile's last words to [[spoiler: Carter, who is mortally wounded and later sacrifices himself to destroy a Scarab.]]
** And in ''VideoGame/HaloWars'', spoken by Jerome-092 to Sergeant Forge, after Forge tells the Spartans to let him detonate the FTL-drive manually.
-->'''Forge''': Son, I have a feeling before this is over, we'll need every last Spartan in the fight. I can do this. Report back to the ship.\\
'''Jerome''': Good luck, sir. It's been an honor.
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'':
-->'''Dr. Cid:''' Let him by, Venat. It is done. Ah, how I have enjoyed these six years.\\
'''Venat:''' The pleasure was all mine.
* In at least the UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance version of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'', [[NobleDemon Rubicante's]] last words are, "Farewell, valiants."
* Done as part of the DownerEnding for ''VideoGame/UnrealIITheAwakening'': [[spoiler:your entire crew is proud of you and having served you]].
* Spoofed in ''VideoGame/ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlrevis''. [[BoisterousBruiser Flay]] had to find a replacement for [[TheHero Vayne]] during the TournamentArc. Who did he recruit? The ''referee'' (the Master of Ceremonies didn't mind, he allowed it for the entertainment value). When Vayne returns, the referee responds with the quote.
* In ''VideoGame/PerfectDark'', Dr. Caroll says this as he bids his farewell to Joanna, [[spoiler:before triggering a self-destruct that will take with him the entire Cetan spaceship on the seabed.]]
* At the very end of ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'', Morte tells the Nameless One "It's been a pleasure, chief." Interestingly, this is '''after''' the final battle, but just before the Nameless One [[spoiler:finally dies and goes to hell]].
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'':
** In the first game, either [[spoiler: Ashley or Kaidan]] says something to this effect ("I don't regret a thing") to Shepard before their [[spoiler:imminent death by either a nuke or an army of geths]].
** All over the place in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3''. Various members of the crew (both current and former) say it to Shepard as they prepare for the final mission towards Earth. Definitely a tearjerker moment.
** [[spoiler: Mordin's death in particular, sacrificing himself to cure the krogan of the genophage.]]
--> [[spoiler: '''Mordin''': Had to be me. [[MeaningfulEcho Someone else might have got it wrong.]]]]
** In a less tear-jerking example, at the end of his RomanceSidequest in the first game, Kaidan tells Shepard that, whatever happens, it has been a pleasure serving under her. One of her possible responses is "Kaidan, I don't think I've had the pleasure of you serving under me yet."
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', if the player's approval rating with Oghren is high enough but you leave him at the city gates before the final battle, it's possible to make this your farewell to him, or he may say it to the player first.
** Teyrn Loghain invokes this towards the Warden, if they defeat him in a trial-by-combat and decide to execute him for his crimes. Resigning himself to his fate, he calmly states he that was wrong about them and that he's glad that his beloved homeland of Ferelden will be left in their capable hands.
** In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOriginsAwakening'', should the PC decide to defend Vigil's Keep during the final battle, [[spoiler:Seneschal Varel is mortally wounded in combat, and will say this to the PC before dying in the thick of battle]].
* Parodied in Episode 4 of ''VideoGame/StrongBadsCoolGameForAttractivePeople''. As Uzi Bazooka shuts down, he suggests that, perhaps, in another life, he and Dangeresque could have been friends; Dangeresque tells him no dice, but Uzi Bazooka has gotta be the coolest robot name he's ever heard.
* ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'': Episode 2 at the end of the chapter "Freeman Pontifex": The Vortigaunt who helped you through Victory Mine says this after you retrieve the car and prepare to go your separate ways.
* '''ALL''' protagonist deaths in the ''VideoGame/DigitalDevilSaga'' games involve this in some way shape or form. Even more epic since at the start of the first game, no one knew what honor was.
* Near the end of the ''VideoGame/GalacticCivilizations II'' campaign, as things take a turn for the worse, you get this line from the [[ProudWarriorRace Arceans]].
-->[[LastStand Our backs are against the wall, friend.]] There is nothing more to do but try to take out as many Drengin and Yor fleets as possible before we're overwhelmed. We are proud to have fought alongside the humans, [[HelloInsertNameHere [=YourLeaderName=].]]
* General Leang in ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerGenerals''
--> "This has been an interesting contest. Perhaps you will challenge me again?"
* Near the end of ''[[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater Snake Eater]]'', Snake essentially tells EVA this when they are (almost) shot down by two [=MiGs=] while escaping on a WIG.
-->'''Snake:''' You were great, EVA.
-->'''EVA:''' Huh?
-->'''Snake:''' Thanks.
* At one point in the penultimate level of VideoGame/StarFox Assault, Peppy Hare states "Fox, Krystal, Falco, Slippy... I'm proud to have served alongside you.", although when asked what he means, Peppy claims he was just babbling. Turns out, it was foreshadowing his attempted HeroicSacrifice where he rams the almost-Aparoidized Great Fox into the shield generator of the planet.
* At the end of ''VideoGame/Jak3Wastelander'' [[spoiler: Damas]] tells Jak he is very proud to have been by his side in the end.
** You also get a moment like this between Jak and Daxter when they're cornered by three Dark Maker drones...before Damas [[BigDamnHeroes crashes through the wall and runs over all three of them]].
* ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'' opens with captured Stormcloak rebels being lead to the headsman's block.
--> '''Imperial Captain:''' Step towards the block when we call your name, one at a time!
--> '''Hadvar:''' Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm.
--> '''Hadvar:''' Ralof of Riverwood.
--> '''Ralof:''' It has been an honor, Jarl Ulfric.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'': Wakka delivers this as his contribution to the party's collective Crowning Moment of Awesome just before the fight against [[spoiler:Yunalesca]]:
--> '''Wakka:''' I can't believe we're gonna fight [[spoiler:Lady Yunalesca]]! Gimme a break!
--> '''Lulu:''' You could always run.
--> '''Wakka:''' Hah! I'd never forgive myself - no way! Not if I ran away now. Even in death, ya?!
* In ''Videogame/{{Dishonored}}'', if you are in a [[MultipleEndings low chaos run]] [[spoiler: Samuel]] will not only tell you the following, but he will also be [[spoiler: one of the characters drinking with Corvo in celebration during the Outsider's ending montage]]:
--> [[spoiler:'''Samuel:''']] All I can say is it's been a pleasure serving with you. Maybe after all this is settled, we'll see each other again. Good luck Corvo, [[EarnYourHappyEnding If anyone deserves it, you do]]. Give my best to [[spoiler: Emily]], after she is on the throne, she won't have time for an [[spoiler: old man]] like me. I knew you were sharp Corvo, but somehow you managed to get through all this mess without losing sight of what really matters. For that, I respect you. This city is going to pull itself up, I believe, [[HopeBringer too many good people to let it all turn to ashes]]. I best be going, the battlefield's no place for an [[spoiler: old sailor]] like me, that time is long past. Good luck, my friend.
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'': Nazgrim says this to you when you defeat him (as a Horde player) in Siege of Orgrimmar. He didn't support what Garrosh was doing, but fought for him anyway due to a mix of HonorBeforeReason and MyCountryRightOrWrong.
* Near the end of ''VideoGame/GhostTrick'', [[FireForgedFriends Sissel and Lynne]] have this moment just before he and [[spoiler:Missile leave the sinking submarine and]] are sent to the place where [[spoiler:Detective Jowd]], their last hope to [[spoiler:come out of the bottom of the ocean]], is:
-->'''Lynne:''' ''(sad)'' Sissel?\\
'''Sissel:''' Yes?\\
'''Lynne:''' We never found out who you really were... but that doesn't matter right now. All I know is, I'm truly glad I met you tonight. ''(openly grins)'' Thank you... for everything.\\
'''Sissel:''' And I'm glad I met you, Detective.\\
'''Lynne:''' I'll never forget you... no matter what happens.\\
'''Siseel:''' Here goes, then...\\
'''Lynne:''' Good luck... friend!
* In ''VideoGame/Destiny2'' the last mission features [[spoiler: the powerless Vanguard and Guardians launching an attack to retake the city from Ghaul, stop him from stealing the light, and achieving godhood.]] As Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde are being slowly overrun they start saying their goodbyes just in case...except Cayde, who's...well...
--> '''Zavala:''' Ikora. Cayde. If we don't make is out of this alive...know that I have never been prouder to be part of your fireteam.
--> '''Ikora:''' If we have to die, at least we'll die in the shadow of the Traveler, old friend.
--> '''Cayde-6:''' We're about to die, and you're still making speeches!?
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemEchoesShadowsOfValentia'', some of the characters' FamousLastWords are his or her thanks to their companions:
-->'''Jesse''': "Thanks for having me along this far...See you... on the other..."
-->'''Tatiana''': "Zeke, my sweet Ezekiel... thank for you coming into my life..."

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Another spoof from ''Machinima/RedVsBlue''.
-->'''Church:''' Tucker... I just wanted you to know... I always hated you. I always hated you the most.\\
'''Tucker:''' I know. Now hurry up and die, you prick.
** Grif and Simmons pulled a spoof of it off during Reconstruction, when they were on the firing line for selling ammunition to the enemy. You think it's gonna be played straight, but of course Grif ruins the mood, making Simmons lose the will to say his presumably positive things.
** It is actually played straight in Season 9. Well... sort of.
-->'''Sarge:''' Men, it's been an honor to serve with you. And I say that using the loosest possible definition of the words 'honor' and 'serve'.
** Played straight in the Season 10 finale, when [[spoiler:F.I.L.S.S. says this to the Director right before she deletes herself at his command. He commits suicide shortly after.]]
** Played straight again in the Season 13 finale, when [[spoiler: The Reds and Blues prepare to face Hargroves forces.]]
-->'''Sarge:''' Gentlemen, looks like this is it.
-->'''Simmons:''' Sir, it's been an honor.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Played straight [[http://www.faans.com/index.php?p=1223 in]] the webcomic ''WebComic/{{Fans}}'' when Rikk is struck by a intensely realistic vision of all of his friends and family dead or dying.
* Mocked in ''Webcomic/ExterminatusNow'' the same way as in ''VideoGame/WorldInConflict'':
-->'''Eastwood:''' Guys... just in case we don't get out of this, I want you to know... You're all wankers and I hate you.
** It's spoofed again in a [[http://exterminatusnow.comicgenesis.com/d/20080119.html later episode]].
* In ''Webcomic/SamAndFuzzy'', [[http://samandfuzzy.com/792 parodied]].
* When Tagon's ship is facing imminent destruction in a ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' arc, this is one of the things he considers as his final message to the crew (who don't know about the ship's peril). In the end, he decides to [[LetThemDieHappy lie to them instead]].
* [[spoiler: Siegfried]]'s death in ''Webcomic/DominicDeegan''. Dominic is actively crying while he sincerely gives him his last rites, which are in the form of a ritual benediction in-setting...and then the guy goes to Hell. And Karnak shows up to personally gloat over it. Owch.
** It goes:
-->[[spoiler:'''Siegfried:''']] You would have made a v-very noble knight...[[CallBack I'm...sorry if I w-was rash earlier]]...farewell, Dominic Deegan...I...hope you...you do not...forget me...
-->'''Dominic:''' May you know the glorious joy of heaven, [[spoiler: Siegfried.]] Your soul will shine [[CallForward as the brightest star]]. May you know peace and happiness forever and-- [[[spoiler: Siegfried]]'s spirit vanishes from his arms on the metaphysical plane.]
** We know these are last rites rather than a spontaneous (wrong) seer speech because Dominic got Jayden to do it for Gregory back in the first Barthis arc. Dominic never got to the [[HoYay forehead-kissing part]], though.
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'':
** Subverted in [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0284.html "Shattered Expectations"]], where the party leader Roy thinks they've been found guilty of a capital crime, only to realize [[WontTakeYesForAnAnswer that he's misheard]].
** Played straight by Blackwing in [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1020.html "Scroll Left"]] as he's [[SwarmOfRats swarmed by rats]].
--->'''Blackwing:''' I just want to say that it's been an honor and a privilege serving as animal buddies with all of you.
* ''Webcomic/SkinHorse'':
** Tip [[http://skin-horse.com/2009/captain/ tries to do this]] after being bitten and infected by a werewolf; Sweetheart just tells him to stop being melodramatic.
** Later, [[http://skin-horse.com/2013/as-it-turned/ a cute robot unicorn says it]] to a BrainInAJar teleoperating a female robot body. This ''might'' be classed as {{parody}}.
* In ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel''[='s=] Console Wars, the Xbox One saboteurs [[http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20141210 realize]] they can no longer time-bomb the bridge and a [=PS4=] platoon is advancing on them, so they decide to manually detonate the bomb.
* ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'': When Sigrun starts getting doubts about Lalli's capacity to find a safe path in Chapter 8, her response is to tell the rest of the crew that is was nice knowing them and that she hopes she'll be able to have a chat with them in [[Myth/NorseMythology Valhalla]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* [[Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses In Part 2 of]] ''WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}'', Benzaie has strapped explosives to Beary, his stuffed bear. During the invasion of Molossia, Benzaie bids farewell to Beary, who replies, "It has been an honor to serve you, ''mon ami''," and the two hug. [[spoiler:Beary explodes before Benzaie can throw him, though.]]
* In ''Literature/GreekNinja'', Yamauchi-sensei starts his final speech to Sasha with ''"It was an honor to have you as my student..."''.
* In the ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries 3D'' movie, Yami says it was an honor to play card games with Yusei and [[ThrowTheDogABone even with Jaden.]]
* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'': Piccolo (fused with Nail and Kami, still existing as voices in his head) gets his neck broken, a blast through his chest, and then tossed into the ocean by Cell. As he's sinking, there's this little heartwarming gem despite all the times the three constantly bicker and pick at each other:
-->'''Kami''': Well, that's it then, isn't it?
-->'''Nail''': Gentlemen, it's been a privilege fighting with you.
* Not many of these speeches include a [[GroinAttack knee to the crotch]] or a statement that the listener should kill himself if the speaker does not return. Manwhores Randy's does. Only in WebVideo/{{Manwhores}}.
* The DownerEnding of WebVideo/DemoReel has Donnie forced to separate from his friends (he'll get erased to be someone else and they'll fade into the PlotHole so KillEmAll yay), and badass closed-off Carl tries to make him feel slightly less terrified by giving him a salute.
* Along with [[CallBack remembering their former reviews]], this happens with the crew in WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee when it looks like [[spoiler: the PlotHole is going to absorb them all.]]
* In ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', when Weaver's team is cornered by [[spoiler:The Irregulars]], Lung, who is firmly convinced of his own likelihood of survival given enough time to power up, has his own unique twist on the concept:
-->'''Lung''':For your sacrifice, I will grant you a favor. Tell me if you want me to kill someone, an enemy you want gone.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'':
** ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'': Rattrap did this to Dinobot in the famous "Code of Hero" episode. Made even better that it was a CallBack moment too. The beginning of the episode had him snidely say peripherally to Dinobot, "You know, I used to figure I had you pegged: 'Oh, yeah, he's a slag-spoutin' saurian, but at least you know where he stands'. Guess we live and learn." Made even more hurtful that Dinobot felt the truth in the statement. At the end, Rattrap said while fighting back the tears, "Like I said, you're just a slag-spoutin' saurian. ''[{{beat}}]'' But it's nice to know where you stand."
--->"[[VitriolicBestBuds Upwind of you, for preference, vermin.]]"
** Shows up in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'''s first season finale. In a desperate stand against the Decepticons, Optimus tells his crew that he wouldn't want anyone else by his side. ([[KidAppealCharacter Bumblebee]], on the other hand, replies that it'd be nice if they were backed up by the Elite Guard.)
** In the [[WesternAnimation/TheTransformers G1 episode]] "The Core", we get this from the Constructicons when they face a challenge that even [[CombiningMecha Devastator]] might not survive.
--->'''Scavenger:''' Look, guys, if we don't make it, it's been great being part of the team!\\
'''Bonecrusher:''' Hey, we're not scrap-iron yet. So don't get drippy! Now, let's transform!
** ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'':
*** Arcee says this to Optimus in an episode where they believe they were going to freeze to death in the Arctic.
*** [[spoiler: Repeated in "Evolution" with Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack after receiving a vicious beating from Predaking]]
*** In "Thirst", when Knock Out and Starscream are cornered by Terrorcon zombies.
* Franchise/{{Batman}} in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' to Franchise/TheFlash and ComicBook/MartianManhunter, while preparing to make a HeroicSacrifice the only way Batman knows how (which is to say, awesomely): [[spoiler:[[ColonyDrop Kamikaze piloting the Watchtower]] into a doomsday device]]. Superman saves him at the last minute, though.
** Also, the Justice Guild, heroes of an alternate reality who discover that their world was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust, and that they were only the memories of a telepathic man-child given life. When they realized that they would cease to exist in order to save what was left of humanity in their world, they silently nodded and shouted their [[BadassCreed battle-cry]], "Let Justice prevail!"
--> "We gave our lives once to [[HeroicSacrifice save this world]]. We can do it again."
* Played straight in the ''[[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers Galaxy Rangers]]'' episode "Queen's Gun." After destroying the Queen's super-weapon and blasting off from the explosion, the Rangers realize their getaway ship has about ten minutes of air left. [[TeamDad Zachary's reaction is to tell his crew that he is proud of them, no matter what.]]
* Subverted in ''WesternAnimation/MegasXLR'', when an out-of-control Megas is on a collision course with a Glorft starship, one pilot looks at the other one and goes, "I've always hated you." Seconds later, Megas plows through the ship's bridge, and the ship explodes.
* Early on in ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003'', when the turtles are facing down an army of mousers, Raph says this.
-->'''Raph''': This is it—it's been fun, guys.
-->'''Mikey''': Even me, Raph?
-->'''Raph''': Even you, Mikey. 'Specially you.
* In one three-parter of ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'', R2-D2 is placed in command of some reprogrammed battle droids for an infiltration mission. When the mission starts to fall apart, the battle droids stay behind to hold off the Separatists and one of them tells R2 "It has been an honor serving with you, Commander."
* Parodying "serious" cartoons and the action medium in general, Beast Boy says this in the "Let's Get Serious" episode of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo''.
* At the near end of ''WesternAnimation/TheTick'' episode "The Tick vs. The Big Nothing", before going off to stop the Heys, Tick and Arthur have this little exchange while shaking hands:
-->'''Tick''': Arthur, if we don't make it, it's been really nice knowing you.
-->'''Arthur''': You too, Tick.
* Also happens in the ''WesternAnimation/DefendersOfTheEarth'' episode "Call of the Eternals". The Defenders have defeated two out of the three Guardian Robots, but the third (which has [[KillOneOthersGetStronger absorbed the life forces of its comrades, making it too powerful to defeat in battle]]) has most of them cornered inside Monitor, as Flash tries to lure the Guardian to its doom in a black hole. However, if this plan fails, the Defenders are the ones who will be doomed:
-->'''Lothar''': If the Guardian isn't summoned back to the Beacon soon . . .
-->'''Mandrake''': If he isn't, then all I can say is it's been a honour working with you, Defenders of the Earth.