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->''"This is some fucked up foreplay, eh?"''
-->-- '''Bambi "Buck" Hughes''' to Jason Brody while they're knife-fighting, ''VideoGame/FarCry3''

Sex and violence: two great tastes that taste great together.

You got death, and you got life (conception). You have love and you have hate.

Vampires and the CombatSadomasochist are particularly prone to this kind of characterization, especially when {{Hemo Erotic}}ism is involved.

Related to DestructoNookie, where the two scenes become one… well, you know what we mean. May involve a PhallicWeapon.

May take less honest tropes such as BelligerentSexualTension, SlapSlapKiss and KissKissSlap, and TheMasochismTango to a new "exciting" level. Of course, SexIsViolence takes '''''this''''' trope to a new "exciting" level. The violent Older Brother to DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything

This trope can be the result of a character falling [[InLoveWithYourCarnage in love with another character's violence]].

The distinction between this trope and SexIsViolence is quite subtle--this trope is about them mixing together, and becoming one somehow. SexIsViolence is about a character becoming flatly sexually aroused by fighting, to a point where it may stop.

Compare LifeDeathJuxtaposition when the sex relates to a creation motif and the violence relates to a destruction or desolation motif.


[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* In ''Anime/KillLaKill'', Mako gets turned on when firing a heavy machine gun. As many people then said ''"A woman loves a huge cannon."''
* Dreator/{{CLAMP}}'s fond of it, especially in ''Manga/{{X1999}}'', when [[spoiler:Fuuma]] licks Kamui's neck, stabs him, then kills their sister.
* Genkaku towards Nagi in ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland''. What with Genkaku getting turned on by Nagi killing, trying desperately to get Nagi to join the Undertakers, and getting jealous and angry at Karako for giving Nagi a CooldownHug. Not to mention that he tells Nagi that what he says is "cute", and that Nagi's hand has become very cute too (after Nagi's hand was cut off by Hibana) and licking the blood off of Nagi's stump of an arm. Genkaku's obsession with Nagi is eventually shown outright with Genkaku actually coming out and telling Nagi he "loved him" before attempting to kill him.
** The author ended up [[spoiler:killing off both Genkaku and Nagi]]. Later, Mockingbird was introduced, who has a similar sort of BloodLust and kinky way of flirting and fighting with Ganta and Senji.
** Even before then there was Minatsuki. When she first revealed her psychopathic personality to Ganta, she proclaimed that she would kill him, cut up his body, then "cum in [his] formaldehyde".
*** Ganta had just met Minatsuki the day before, and her (deceptive) first suggestion was, "Let's bust out of here and get married."
* ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic''
** Gauron towards Sōsuke. Made especially clear in the novels, where he apparently had some very vile fantasies during and after their fight of killing Sōsuke and raping his corpse. And the way he "consummates" their relationship is by [[spoiler: goading Sōsuke into killing him]]. Yeah, apparently scoring a homerun with him involves death. Gauron is also shown to get sexual arousal from violently cutting up and killing people and breaking their spirits.
** And then there's the evil female scientist from the first arc (in Khanka), who has a... thing for Asphyxiation. As further shown in the novels, it's suggested that she actually ''wants'' to make Gauron angry, so that he'll hurt her and choke her. Apparently she [[TooKinkyToTorture gets off on being abused by him as much as he does doing that to her]].
* Ladd and Lua's relationship in ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' is filled to the brim with this: He's a shameless AxCrazy PsychoForHire that expresses love by telling you that he'll KillYouLast, and she's a disturbingly serene, probably suicidal devotee longing for the day that he sneaks up behind her and murders her. It's a match made in [[strike:a sadomasochist's]] Heaven.
* Creed and Train in ''Manga/BlackCat''--most notably in the anime. Creed is very obviously a masochist StalkerWithACrush when it comes to Train (though he can also be a sadist when it comes to dealing with others). Train, on the other hand, is absolutely disgusted with how Creed seems to keep getting a boner when he beats him up. In one scene, Train is particularly disturbed when, after fighting, Train ends up in a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything rather compromising position on top of Creed]]. Creed acts like he had an orgasm, even creepily calling out, "Oh Train, you're the best!" And then there's the time when Creed begs for Train to shoot him, because once he's shot him, they'll "be bonded forever."
%%** Kyoko also has shades of this, though moreso in the manga.
%%* The anime version of ''Anime/{{Witchblade}}''. No, ''really''.
* Tsukuyomi of ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''. Whenever she fights Setsuna, the bloodlust is literal.
** There's also her line which suggests sexual pleasure that she has at the thought of fighting Negi after witnessing his new badass state. "How utterly delicious he must be!" (she says with her tongue out, while blushing, and a heart in her speech bubble)
* ''[[Anime/QueensBlade Queen's Blade]]'': Nyx's fighting style depends on it, as she quite literally allows her sentient staff (Funikura) [[CoitusEnsues to tentacle rape her]] in exchange for magical power. During which, it empowers her by forcing one of its tentacles into her mouth and makes her swallow several large mouthfuls of what appears to be semen. She's usually left mortified after the effect has worn off, but [[LooksLikeSheIsEnjoyingIt definitely seems to enjoy it]] while it happens.
* Medusa and Stein's fight in ''Manga/SoulEater''. Stein's the one who gets called a sadist, but both are clearly enjoying themselves to the point of this trope.
** In the manga, the longer Giriko's [[spoiler:last]] fight goes on with Maka, the more it descends into this. It gets to the point that you could replace "chainsaw" with "penis" and it would make just as much sense. He even pins her to a bed by her wrists and threatens to rape her at one point, only to remember that he [[spoiler:does not have a penis anymore.]]
* In ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', the amusing SerialKiller Barry the Chopper will reference physical attraction in terms of how much he wants to chop someone up. For example, in a scene where he is telling the heroes about the homunculi, he references a great desire to do this to [[EvilIsSexy Lust]], but expresses disinterest in Envy who he describes as "too stringy".
* ''Manga/GetBackers'' has the fighting between Takuma Fudou and Ban. Don't say that Fudou's "throbbing desire" to force Ban to "give his body to him" isn't an allegory for rape.
* There's lots of this in ''Manga/WolfGuyWolfenCrest''. Pretty much everything that comes out of Ryuuko's mouth has to do with this trope. Kuroda takes a break from blowing up stuff (and students) to try to rape the meganekko with his gun. Fortunately, Inugami interrupts him. And now Haguro decides to up his freakiness by beating up Chiba and then kissing him, taking that opportunity to tear out his tongue, and then rape him. All because Inugami (whom Haguro is obsessed with) happened to run into him in the street earlier. Also, Haguro topped himself after Aoshika got released from her chains, with him fighting Inugami he got to slice two of Inugami's fingers off, then Haguro eats them and gets a boner for managing to injure Inugami.
* DepravedBisexual Shira from ''Manga/BladeOfTheImmortal'' has habits that are sickeningly perverted, twisted, and violent, such as cutting people up while he rapes them.
* Hisoka of ''Manga/HunterXHunter'' is impatiently waiting for Gon and Killua to become strong enough for them to be an enjoyable challenge in a fight at the end of which he would kill them. He also seems to get quite aroused about the whole thing too. His wording of how he can't wait to "pluck the fruit that hasn't ripened yet" doesn't help either.
** This was made explicitly sexual with a SpeechBubbleCensoring incident where, while talking to the two boys, the speech bubble hiding Hisoka's modesty shifts upwards between panels.
** The anime does away with all subtlety and has Hisoka get an erection while fighting Gon in the 200+ floors of the fighting tower while internally commenting that he's "getting hard" and looking down at his crotch.
* ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'': Glo Xinia had quite a bit of this going on with Chrome. Considering how during his fight with Chrome he grabbed her hard enough to cause her pain, kept getting in her face, and told her things like: "You seem to like being touched by men. Your blushing cannot betray your desires." "Give me MORE!" (after hearing her screams of pain) and "It's time to eat... that ring and you!" It's hinted he might've done something to her had Mukuro not shown up, allowing her time to escape. Also, when fighting Mukuro he comes out with this line: "Is that girl so precious to you? Then I'm going to take my share of such a precious girl right before your eyes. This could just be the best situation, don't you think? My appetite for that girl just keeps getting better!" and "Don't worry Chrome, I will take good care of you for MUKURO TO SEE!"
** DepravedHomosexual Lussuria towards Ryohei. It starts getting ever so slightly disturbing when he's hitting on jail bait, and is insinuated to have necrophiliac tendencies as well (in his words his favorite bodies are the "wasted, cold, unmoving" ones). Unfortunately, Ryohei goes topless during their fight and this only serves to make Lussuria his hardcore fanboy. In fact, Lussuria actually openly ogles Ryohei's muscular physique, says that he's "just his type" and promptly decides to take him home and make him a part of his "collection" after he's kicked the shit out of him.
** And Mukuro's fight with Tsuna was pretty much equal parts beating him up, trying to possess his body, and dry humping him from behind.
* ''Manga/HajimeNoIppo'': Bryan Hawk. He pretty much only cares about sex and violence. If he can't get enough violence, he needs sex to compensate for it. It's also implied that he gets sexually aroused from beating up his opponents (or at least Takamura).
* Episode 20 of ''Manga/BlackButler'' features Sebastian chained to the wall and being whipped by an angel decked out in S&M gear and describing the excruciating sweetness of the pain being inflicted upon him in a seductive tone.
** Grelle Sutcliffe is a chainsaw-wielding transsexual psychopath that is very forward about her attraction to Sebastian, within the same five minutes talking about both wanting to cut him into pieces and bear his child.
* ''Manga/AirGear'': Shalott and Arthur's battle with Agito featured Albert in a S&M type relationship with Shalott and both of them getting aroused and excited while beating up Agito and at the thought of killing him. One scene worth mentioning was the one where Arthur caressed the back of Agito's head while pelvic thrusting against him and nibbling on his ear before stabbing him. Another scene worth mentioning was the one where Shalott kicked Agito to the ground before straddling him and threatening to tear out his teeth before saying he could "have a lick" if he wants.
* ''Manga/MakenKi'': Love Espada already has [[ReallyGetsAround an insatiable libido]] to begin with, but as [[BloodKnight a knight]], nothing gets her off quite like a display of raw power and aggression. Such as when she took an attack from [[spoiler: Azuki's newly evolved Maken]], in chapter 79. It was strong enough to [[BloodFromTheMouth draw blood from her]], causing her to smile with a full faced blush as she ''literally squirt''.
-->'''Espada:''' ''(internal monologue)'' "Here she IS ♥! The one who makes me numb... and WET ♥"
%%* ''Manga/SakuraGari'' features this with Katsuragi's rape and torture of Masataka.
%%* ''Anime/LegendOfTheBlueWolves'' features this with Captain Continental's brutal rape of Jonathan.
* The yaoi manga ''Manga/UnderGrandHotel'' features this, as things like PrisonRape are common. The most notable one would have to be Swordfish raping his lover Sen to almost death.
** And in the first few scenes we see Lain Brody he gives Sen a blowjob, strips him, drugs him and outright molests him as he's drugged (including telling him "No way in hell am I letting Swordfish kill you. Because he doesn't love you. I'm the only one that can kill you."), rapes him with a ''mop handle'', ties him up and hides him in a dryer. And when Swordfish finds Sen he gives him CPR. Lain responds to this by stabbing Fish in the arm with a fork and tries to stab him again while screaming at him, "Get off of Sen! He belongs to me!" Immediately after that [[spoiler: Lain is shot and killed by security guards.]]
* Alucard of ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' enjoys doing something of the sort with all his victims/enemies. Special mention goes to his "battle" with Rip Van Winkle. It didn't help that in the manga, it's drawn pretty much exactly like a hentai scene, down to the ridiculously intense blush on Rip's cheeks when Alucard drinks her blood. And her constant wriggling and gasping under his hands as he slowly inserts her musket through her body.
** And there's also Jan Valentine wanting to rape, kill and rape Integra again (in that order).
** Alucard's relationship with Integra can also be interpreted as this. He is excited by her resolve and will for battle, and he always impales his victims when she watches, once even asking if it 'excited' her.
* ''Manga/DGrayMan'' has Tyki Mikk acting rather excited at the thought of killing Allen. Some notable scenes include Tyki "killing" Allen (which resembled a sort of "violation," with Tyki sticking his hand into Allen), the suggestive dialogue with Tyki telling Allen, "Don't be so cold, boy. An Exorcist made a Noah strip down to his underwear. Was that the first time you did it? Do you think it was destiny for it to be us?" and Tyki seeming miffed when Allen tells him that he'd done it to many people before. During their fight later, there's another DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything moment of this nature with Tyki telling Allen, "This is giving me the thrills. I'll break you, one more time, with this hand!"
* In ''Manga/FutureDiary'' immediately after [[spoiler: Yuno and Yukki have sex]] Yuno grabs her axe and [[spoiler: pursues Yukki with it while both are still in their underwear]].
* In one scene ''Literature/{{Paprika}}'' is held captive in her dream by her StalkerWithACrush Osanai. Some brief fondling occurs and then Osanai pushes his hand under her skin which causes Paprika a lot of pain and withdraws Chiba the naked secret-identity of Paprika, but before further molesting can take place his boss tries to kill Paprika/Chiba by wrapping her in his vines and attempts to suffocate her by sticking the vines down her throat.
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'': This trope pretty much sums up Hansel and Gretel's awful backstory.
** A soldier witnesses Roberta killing, beats her and holds her down at gun point. The soldier attempts to get Roberta to join him and she pretends to be sexually aroused by all the violence. She then fools him into thinking she's taking off her pants to proceed with intimacy with him before she hits him with a weapon hidden in her belt. She then smiles a huge SlasherSmile before beating the man to death.
* ''Manga/PeacemakerKurogane'': The old merchant Yamatoya who picked up Suzu off the street entirely for the purpose of raping him meets his end when [[spoiler: Suzu brutally slaughters him in revenge for being raped right after Yamatoya spent a few moments fondling him]].
* The magnificent fight between Casshern and Sophita in episode 4 of ''Anime/CasshernSins'' is quite obviously this, what with Sophita proclaiming her love for Casshern with every other swing of her sword. The look on her face as she slowly impales him is pretty orgasmic.
* ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'': The end of the first Trigun manga dares you to see Knives 'rebirth' scene and not to think of anything involving gynaecology or rape. It actually seems to involve DeathByChildbirth. Then it gets worse when Knives grabs Vash and forces him to deploy his Angel Arm. ''While standing nude behind him and obviously enjoying his pain very, very much'' — which, by the way, isn't the only time he goes full frontal. It's even more disturbing when you know that men who get raped anally by other men get an erection. And that it's his twin brother, of course.
* ''Manhwa/LetDai'': In the first few volumes, Dai and and Jaehee spend as much time hurting each other as they do treating each other romantically. Dai seems to be under the illusion that severely beating Jaehee, tying him to train tracks and then stealing his wallet means he loves him. Jaehee doesn't exactly agree.
* ''Manga/{{Beelzebub}}'': Yolda aims to kill Oga one minute, then kisses him the next. She also renders Aoi unconscious by caressing her cheek.
* Madoka Kei from ''Anime/StarDriver''. Even when you consider that it involves playing around with awesome giant robots in a SceneryPorn-eriffic alternate reality, she enjoys Cybody combat way too much. Episode 21 nearly took it UpToEleven.
* Yami Marik from ''Anime/YuGiOh'' is a bit like this--having been created by the normal Marik as a mechanism to cope with the pain of getting these ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into his back, Yami Marik is a masochist who likes to set up Shadow Games that cause as much pain as possible. It's implied that he gets off on it to a degree, and even worse, that he assumes his opponents are as well...
* ''Manga/HighSchoolOfTheDead'': Saeko ''really'' gets into fighting [[NotUsingTheZWord Th]][[OurZombiesAreDifferent em]] after Takashi accepts her for the repressed BloodKnight she is and grants her a real sword. Complete with still frame of her in combat screaming "Yes!" superimposed with the text [[FanService "I'm wet!"]].
* Like the above example, Hidan from ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' is a bit like this as well. His whole religion (Jashin) is about worshiping his god by causing pain to himself. His jutsu is an extension of that, ingesting another person's blood and then injuring himself to injure the other person. His [[http://www.mangareader.net/93-328-17/naruto/chapter-323.html dialogue]] and [[http://www.mangareader.net/93-332-8/naruto/chapter-327.html expressions]] really accurately show you how much he's getting off on the pain. It's made even more obvious in the anime.
* This is a major theme in ''Anime/SpeedGrapher''. All of the euphorics abilities to kill are derived from their sexual fetishes. Understandable, as the series is a criticism of fetishism and sexual freedom.
* ''Manga/HouseOfFiveLeaves'': In the beginning of the story you never know if Yaichi is going to shiv Masa... or kiss him.
* Occurs several times in ''Anime/PerfectBlue'' like when Mima is raped at a club and when she attacks a guy, stabbing him to death and the scene switches back and forth between that scene and another scene where she's getting photographed naked. And at the end she's stripped naked and almost raped and killed by Me-Mania but Mima knocks him out by slamming a hammer into the side of his head.
* A half human half spider hybrid appears in the first OVA of ''Angel's Feather''. When he appears he wraps Shou up in his web, caresses him, gets close to his face, sticks his finger in his mouth which causes Shou to blush, and licks him before trying to murder him by penetrating his body with his pincher.
* In ''Manga/ACruelGodReigns'' Greg seems to really get off on the fact that before he rapes him, he usually beats Jeremy bloody. When Jeremy tries to not come home from boarding school over the weekends, Greg lashes out and says that since he hasn't come home to be his SexSlave, he's had to physically restrain himself from hitting Sandra--significant in that this is the first time Greg beats Jeremy. Later on, Jeremy tells Ian during a moment of {{Intimate Psychotherapy}} that he wants Ian to hurt him while he is doing it.
--> '''Jeremy''': I'm breaking into pieces! Destroy me more, more! Break me! Kill me!
* ''{{Manga/Bleach}}''
** Bambietta has a violent, passionate personality. Her method of "de-stressing" is choose a handsome, male subordinate and encourage him to expect a sexual encounter. Whether sex actually occurs is ambiguous, but the encounter always ends with her slicing him to pieces. Her female friends are irritated by the frequency with which she does this, and the mess it causes.
** The first ever Kenpachi, the original Yachiru, is Zaraki's idol and role-model. When they fight all-out, the thoughts between them blur the line between excessive battle-lust and sexual attraction. When Zaraki finally defeats her, Yachiru admits he's the only man who ever made her happy. When he realises she's dying, Zaraki screams in grief.
* In ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'', [[spoiler:Kyouji fell in love with Shino because she shot a robber with his own gun. He becomes a SerialKiller out of revenge for being tricked into ruining his character in a gun-based video game/gambling site. He tells all this to Shino while trying to seduce her while holding a syringe full of poison against her skin and planning to rape and then murder her if she doesn't love him.]]
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'' partakes in this trope on occasion, with some Ghouls blurring the lines between intimacy and murder.
** Rize primarily hunted men she found attractive, going on dates or otherwise luring them in with her looks. She goes on a date with Kaneki, and then holds him close while telling him in a seductive whisper that she's interested in him... right before tearing a chunk out of his shoulder. When she sees the shocked and horrified look on his face, she moans and writhes in excitement. Then she breaks out the tentacles and uses them to "gently scramble" his insides.
** DepravedBisexual Tsukiyama lives and breaths this trope, blurring the lines between amorous and murderous intentions. He admits to having found Touka attractive in the past, which is why he wants to decorate the church aisles with her insides. His entire relationship with Kaneki revolves around him being a StalkerWithACrush that wants to eat him, and playing out normal courtship (chatting about books over coffee, bringing him flowers, being his MealTicket) while fantasizing about the day when he'll have his "ultimate ingredient". InLoveWithTheMark, he continues to tangle up amorous intentions with culinary ones.
** In the anime [[DepravedHomosexual Nico]] sees Yamori stabbing him through his torso with his arm as foreplay as he moans and holds his hand afterwards, telling him they should save the rest for when they get home.
** The sequel gives us two more disturbing examples, with the Ghouls "Torso" and "Nutcracker". One decapitates women and keeps their limbless bodies around as "lovers" that he masturbates to, while the other is a Dominatrix that goes from giving her victims a footjob to crushing their testicles and drinking them like oysters.
*** Torso develops a disturbing obsession with Mutsuki which he stated in his diary, which stems from the latter being biologically female and having scars which is his fetish fuel. He ends up stripping and beating up Mutsuki in a manner resembling AttemptedRape and later kidnaps him, telling him that they are getting married, while revealing his limbs that he cut off and he had put a wedding ring on one of Mutsuki's fingers.
** Aside from Eto's suggestive language in chapter 56 Kaneki recognized her as Takatsuki and thanked her following her revealing her feelings for him while trying to both kill him and licking his eye. Their whole battle feels sexually charged, and there's a lot of jokes about how Kaneki is literally eating Eto's you-know-whats. Eto also spends quite a lot of her screen time spreading violence, torture and mind raping people while being flirtatious and completely naked.
** Mutsuki himself is revealed to have [[spoiler: a psychotic attraction to his mentor/teacher Sasaki/Kaneki which stemmed from the latters kindness to him and his jealousy at seeing Sasaki and Touka together. When Uta disguises his face to look like his beloved mentor he stabs Uta/Sasaki repeatedly in the face and neck in a fit of madness while declaring his love for him. He then proceeds to cuddle with Uta/Sasaki while thinking about how Sasaki is his alone and undresses from the top down while sitting atop Uta/Sasaki and acting in a intimately sexual manner or at least grinding his body against his in a manner of forcing his love on him.]]
** Ishida Sui has another comic called "The Penisman" featuring a character even more blatant than Nico: Carnivoreman. He's a monster with a goth Bishonen appearance. While some monsters in the comic have a thing for female victims, Carnivoreman has a thing for male victims. In particular to those men he takes a liking to he has a fetish for eating them and the narrative describes his cannibalism as being equivalent to sex for him.
* The ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts'' manga has a scene where a Soldier Heartless rips out the heart from a woman (who's implied to be a prostitute) while she's flirting with Sora. Then the Soldier crushes the heart within his claws.
* Angel Core. A 2 episode hentai OVA. There's this disturbing scene with some militia guys ready to torture and rape two girls. One of them takes a knife and gouges out the eye of one of them. In pain she begs them to give it back to her, but the soldier simply smash it with his boot and says "oops!". Not happy with that, one of them suddenly gets the idea of raping her through the empty and still bleeding eye socket. Thankfully, it didn't happen, thanks to the other girl begging for her.
* Kusuko's insane father in ''Manga/{{Adekan}}'' is a powder box merchant who enslaves low-born young women and sells them to men to be abused, after murdering his low-born wife for unverified suspicions that she was cheating on him, he then turns around and imprisons his daughter in a Gilded Cage while telling her terrifying tales of the outside world... and having sex with a girl who looks like a carbon copy of her on the side. Not horrifying enough for you? To keep his daughter in line, he tells her scary stories about a monstrous yuurei, Nainai-sama, who haunts their box-maze mansion. Except Nainai-sama is real...
* When girls in ''Anime/YuriKumaArashi'' are about to get violently eaten by bears (who are also girls) it's interposed with what looks like lesbian sex.
** Also, while Yurika certainly loved Reia, the latter did not feel the same. This led to Yurika eating Reia out of jealousy and possessiveness and later trying to do the same along with what looked like AttemptedRape to her daughter Kureha due to the StrongFamilyResemblance.
* A ''very'' disturbing example from ''Anime/DanganRonpa3'': [[spoiler: during Chisa's brainwashing in ''Side:Despair'', she constantly squirms around in her seat as she watches the video of the Student Council's Mutual Killing Game, almost as if she's about to have an orgasm. Not helping matters is that the camera occasionally shows her legs twitching or her breasts heaving. It gets even worse when Mukuro [[ColdBloodedTorture inserts metal rods]] '''''[[ColdBloodedTorture directly into Chisa's brain]]''''', making her moan and twitch even more.]] The implication is that [[spoiler:Chisa]]'s nerves are being directly stimulated, forcing her to conflate the torture with pleasure.
* ''Anime/{{Mnemosyne}}''. The premise of the show is that the main herione is immortal and the show takes full advantage of that. Sex and violence often occur concurrently.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Comicbook/YTheLastMan'' had a few interesting things to say on the subject, too.
* A recurring theme in the ''Sachs and Violens'' miniseries.
* This is one of the main themes of ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}''. Almost every character has some kind of fetish--Silhouette and Hooded Justice were implied to be [[spoiler: homosexual S&M practitioners]], The Comedian [[spoiler: and arguably Silk Spectre I]] apparently has a thing for sexual violence, and Nite Owl I discusses it at length in his book--in fact, the only character you might say is "innocent" is the naked guy with the big blue dong.
** This is most clearly exemplified in the relationship between Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II--they share their first kiss after beating up some thugs in an alleyway, but they aren't physically able to consummate their relationship until they both go out on a rescue mission in Nite Owl's [[CoolAirship airship]], in full costume.
* Also used in ''Comicbook/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen''. [[spoiler: With Alan and Mina screwing for the first time in a cottage while Mr. Hyde works out his pent up aggression on a captured Martian tripod]]
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'': In the recent "Cacophony" mini series the Joker's stated dreams are to humiliate Batman, kill him, and then violate his corpse sexually.
* There's a reason why it's called ComicBook/SinCity. There are two things you'll probably remember: prostitutes and strippers and grizzled anti-heroes killing bad guys by the truckload. This is a [[AuthorAppeal re-occurring trend]] in the works of Creator/FrankMiller. This also appears in ''ComicBook/TheDarkKnightStrikesAgain'', ''ComicBook/AllStarBatmanAndRobinTheBoyWonder'', and ''Holy Terror''.
* ''ComicBook/SavageDragon'' has had plenty of T along with bloody violence. The women have the MostCommonSuperpower and the violence ranges from BlackComedy to horror, depending on Erik Larsen's mood. In fact, there was a Dragon miniseries called ''Sex and Violence''.
* There was an ''ComicBook/XForce'' miniseries titled "Sex & Violence". It was collected in a trade paperback by the same name.
* During the ''ComicBook/SecretSix'' series, Catman and his ex Cheshire are duking it out alongside their respective teams. In the middle of the fight, Cheshire suddenly demands that Catman make love to her... and Catman actually considers it.
* The first sex scene in ''Comicbook/SexCriminals'' is Suzie and Jon trying to enter The Quiet to escape from their latest robbery.
* In ''Comicbook/{{Batwoman}} #4'', the scene of [[spoiler: Bette]] being [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutally]] beaten, stabbed, and left for dead is intercut with the scene of [[spoiler: Kate and Maggie]] having sex for the first time.
* Perhaps the whole point of ''ComicBook/LadyDeath'', and by extension a lot of other "bad girl" comic characters. A DarkActionGirl MsFanservice character, pale as a corpse and dressed in leather fetish gear, hacking up demons and other monsters by the dozens every other issue. The covers will usually make this extra blatant by showing her in a pin-up pose on top of a pile of skulls.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the VideoGame/{{Touhou}} fanfic Fanfic/ImperfectMetamorphosis, Marisa Kirisame experiences this when she uses Yukari's "And the Sun Rises Red" Spellcard on Yuka.
* [[http://oceansex.livejournal.com/39981.html?thread=783405#t783405 This]] (NSFW) response to a Pokemon kink meme prompt contains, among other things, a scene in which Cyrus (yes, ''[[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl that]]'' [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Cyrus]]) manually rapes Cynthia while forcing her to watch footage of him torturing and killing Lucian. Cynthia even has an orgasm while watching Lucian die!
* ''FanFic/HarmonyTheory'': Charisma is sometimes turned on by the idea of others being injured.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' fanfic ''Fanfic/HellsisterTrilogy'', [[EvilTwin Satan Girl]] gets genuinely aroused by fighting, hurting and killing. The actuality or the promise of violence turns her on. After blowing up a starship she had sex straight afterwards.
-->Satan Girl was in a state of excitement that was almost sexual arousal. Her mouth was open and she was sucking in breath, probably trying to curse and not being able to get words out, her hate being so strong. Her lips twitched with the effort. Her arm was raised and it was coming forward so quickly a corona of air friction formed about it.\\
Kara's arm blocked it, parried, as her other hand smashed hard into Satan Girl's mouth.\\
No more time for reflection. No time for analysis. The battle was on.
* {{Fanfic/Hivefled}}'s prequel ''Reprise'' is as literal as the phrase "TorturePorn" can possibly be. This is the Grand Highblood and Condesce's whole ''thing'', played for either NightmareFuel and/or {{Fanservice}}, depending on the reader.
* ''FanFic/RosarioVampireBrightestDarkness Act II'': In chapter 32, the scenes of Moka, Mizore, and Kurumu consummating their relationships with Tsukune, Dark, and Rason, respectively, are intercut with ones of Yukari and Kokoa sparring outside.
* ''Fanfic/AtTheCenterfoldOfTheStorm'': A very rare case of this trope combined with GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex. Apparently thanks to years of rampant {{FoeYay}}, Kim and Shego ''really like'' beating the crap out of each other. And getting their RelationshipUpgrade does little to quell their appetite, as they seem to be just as... competitive in the bedroom.
* ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/3538292/chapters/7786868 Sinners]]'' features this with another FoeYay pairing, [[Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians Percy and Luke]]. Vampirism as a whole retains the traditional ForbiddenFruit subtext, complete with some very sweaty, heavy-breathing, back-scratching bites. Percy's attempts to suppress his bloodlust are distinctly reminiscent of his even less successful attempts to ignore the regular old lust Luke inspires-he even calls the experience of feeding on somebody "seductive" and "almost BetterThanSex". [[spoiler: And his control on both ends fails at the same time, leading to a passionate WallBangHer-style makeout while he's still covered in blood. Luke didn't seem to mind; he considerately sucked the blood off Percy's fingers himself.]] It ''is'' [[KissOfTheVampire a vampire AU]], [[HemoErotic after all.]]
* In the Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire ''[[http://www.alternatehistory.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=256347 The Young Wolf Victorious]]'', Robb manages to arrange an alliance with the Ironborn by marrying Asha Greyjoy (he managed to avert the Frey deal). In their wedding night, they have a brutal row, followed by axe-and-sword fighting, followed by frenzied coitus. Robb's left bruised and scratched up, Asha has a black eye and a scuffed chin.
* The ''It Matters'' collection of ''Manga/DeathNote'' [[http://hemovesmedifferently.co.uk fanfics]] (informally called the "Matti-Canon"), Matt and Mello have a marital relationship like this. It's deconstructed; they are shown to be dysfunctional individually (hence the violence), as well as [[DestructiveRomance codependent on one another to a fault]].
** In fact, it's not uncommon for them in other fanworks to have a DestructiveRomance of some kind, to the point of being a FandomSpecificPlot. (Even though in the {{Canon}} manga, they're nothing if not good to one another.)
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11577216/10/A-Horse-For-the-Force A Horse for the Force]]'', Echani are not only extremely skilled at reading body language, but also value martial ability over almost anything else. As a result, several get turned on while watching Shaak Ti and Ranma spar, referring to it as rather heavy flirting. Several women become interested in Ranma as a result, including a member of the Death Watch.
* Anko in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5207262/1/Indomitable Indomitable]]'' spent years working solo because her mind can't tell the difference between violence and foreplay. Not only does she at times become unbearably aroused during violent missions, but she's often disturbingly violent during sex, having once put a squad into the ICU when a mission went exceptionally badly.

* ''Film/{{Videodrome}}'' has a special film that causes people to hallucinate bizarre mixtures of erotic and horrifically violent content involving a woman (named "Nicki") who is seen being tortured to death in the film. For example, at Nicki's request, a man pulls a gun from a vagina-like cavity in his stomach. The gun fuses to his hand, then he makes sexual thrusting motions with the gun-hand into his stomach!
* The point of the title creatures of ''Franchise/{{Alien}}''. In order to reproduce, they have to impregnate another organism, and their larvae will then murder the host trying to escape. ''Film/{{Alien}}'' (1979) also intentionally features many disturbing sexual motifs. HR Giger himself claims that ''Alien'' was an attempt to personify the fear of rape.
* ''Film/JamesBond'':
** The Creator/SeanConnery era features this heavily.
** The Creator/PierceBrosnan Bond movies also include these on at least two occasions. In ''Film/{{GoldenEye}}'', we have Xenia Onatopp and Bond involved in a physical struggle at the sauna of his hotel. She tries to crush him to death with her MurderousThighs, but there are signs that both are clearly enjoying the moment; Onatopp revels in it so much that her toes visibly curl and she unleashes [[TheImmodestOrgasm loud screams]].
--->'''Onatopp''': You don't need the gun... Commander.\\
'''Bond''': That depends on your definition of "safe sex."
*** And once 007 wins the fight, he counters Xenia's previous cries of "Yes! Yes! Yes!" with:
---->'''Bond''': No, no, no. No more foreplay.
*** Even before Bond meets her we see her very obviously [[TheImmodestOrgasm get off]] shooting up a room full of people.
** The second example occurs in ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough'', where Bond is being tortured by Elektra King during the penultimate confrontation. She indulges in kissing and taunting her former lover as she gradually breaks his neck. She then straddles his lap and asks sensually:
--->'''Elektra''': [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Do you know what happens when a man is strangled?]]
*** Just when it seems like she is about to kill him by turning the wheel of the torture chair, he quips:
---->'''Bond''': [[DoubleEntendre One last screw.]]\\
'''Elektra''': [[{{Irony}} Oh, James...]]
* Basically the entirety of ''Film/MrAndMrsSmith2005'', which revolves around the relationship issues of a married couple who kill people for a living.
* In ''Film/ShootEmUp'', Smith [[CoitusUninterruptus continues to have sex with Donna]] while gunning down the {{Mooks}} sent to kill him. Donna certainly seems to [[TheImmodestOrgasm enjoy the experience]], while Smith quips, "Talk about shooting your load!"
* Sex and death are always closely related themes in the films of Creator/AlfredHitchcock. It's probably most obvious in ''Film/{{Rope}}'', where the first line of dialogue (after our {{Villain Protagonist}}s have just murdered a classmate) is "Don't open the curtains. Let's... stay like this for a while." Promptly followed by the [[SmokingHotSex lighting of cigarettes]] after they conceal the corpse.
* A scene in ''Film/EmpireOfTheSun'' had a couple quietly making love whilst the bombs went on outside the camp.
* ''Film/TheManWhoFellToEarth'' has a very graphic sex scene in which the two shoot blanks at each other from a revolver during intercourse.
* ''Film/OttoOrUpWithDeadPeople'', which is a gay zombie film with what appears to be unsimulated sex scenes. Particularly near the end when there is a (fake) zombie orgy.
* It's more an interplay of sex and surgery, but the, er, [[IncrediblyLamePun climactic scene]] of ''Film/RepoMen'' definitely counts.
* The interlude in "Zydrate Anatomy" in ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' features an interplay of sex and surgery.
* Arguably, the entire ''Franchise/{{Hellraiser}}'' series of films. At least, insofar as Pinhead's description of things to come for the protagonists.
%%* ''Film/RagingBull'' has elements of this.
* ''Hostage'' (1993). Creator/SamNeill plays a British intelligence officer--in one scene he stabs a female guerrilla. As she gasps when the knife goes in, there's an instant flashback to him having sex with another woman earlier.
* Yukio Mishima's ''Patriotism'' '''is''' this trope, being the exquisitely filmed story of a young army officer and his wife who have sex and then [[DrivenToSuicide kill themselves.]]
* ''Film/BigTitsZombie'' is half T&A and half zombie mutilation... but all funny.
* Lampshaded big-time in ''Film/DemolitionMan'', with elements of DoYouWantToCopulate added.
--> '''Lenina Huxley:''' "John Spartan, there is, of course, a well-known and documented connection between sex and violence. Not so much a causal effect as a general state of neurological arousal. And after having observed your behavior this evening and my resultant condition, um, I was wondering if you'd like to have sex?"
** Even funnier when we discover that Huxley and Spartan have two completely different understandings of the word "sex."
* Played up in the movie ''Film/AClockworkOrange'', where the violence and rape is played out among images of nudity. You know the bit in the book where Alex beats the woman to death? He uses a plaster penis as the weapon in the movie.
* For the most part, the violence in ''Film/{{Munich}}'' is presented very bluntly and not at all artistically. There is, however, a sex scene juxtaposed with scenes of violence.
* In ''Film/SeedOfChucky'', Chucky and Tiffany bring the spark back into their love life when they decapitate a prop guy with a piece of wire.
* ''Film/SuckerPunch'' is entirely about violence (the fantasy action sequences) as a metaphor for sex (working in the brothel), and sex (Babydoll about to be deflowered in the brothel) as a metaphor for violence (Babydoll about to be lobotomized in the asylum).
* In ''Film/WildThings'', about halfway through Suzie and Kelly have a physical fight in which Kelly almost drowns Suzie. It ends with them making out in the pool.
* ''Film/AmericanMe'': Santana's first time with a woman after he's released from prison is intercut with a brutal gang rape perpetrated on his orders against a rival mafioso's son in prison.
* ''Film/DallasBuyersClub'' opens on the main character having a threesome while watching a man get gored to death in a bullfight.
* Definitely at work in ''Film/KillersKiss''. Vincent gets turned on by watching Davey the boxer take a beatdown on TV, so he starts pawing at Gloria.
* ''Film/TheDevilsRejects'': Otis Firefly is seen laying in bed with a dead cheerleader at one point. Later, the Firefly family has two couples hostage at gunpoint. Otis makes sexual comments about his sister and orders the hostage Gloria to strip to her underwear. She does so to which Baby comments appreciatively ("She's got a tight little ass on her!") and Otis sticks his gun in her bra revealing her chest and into her underwear and Baby smacks her on the butt as they threaten her and her companions with death. Later, Otis says his gun smells like Gloria's vagina and he makes comments about threatening to rape Gloria to her husband before killing him.
* In ''Film/BringMeTheHeadOfTheMachineGunWoman'', Santiago threatens the Machine Gun Woman with a replica pistol. She responds by performing fellatio on the gun barrel.

* Anything by Creator/YukioMishima.
* ''Literature/BlackIris'': Laney compares [[spoiler: Armin stopping her NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on Zoeller]] to being interrupted while masturbating. Later, she observes the results of her work "rapturously".
* In the backstory of ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'' Keifer liked hurting his wives during sex. It's one of the reasons why no one is sad he's dead.
* ''Literature/TheActsOfCaine'' looks at this a lot, perhaps best personified by Count Berne.
* In the ''Literature/HyperionCantos'', Kassad and Moneta slaughter a group of soldiers while the readers are treated to a description of just how much they're both turned on. Then they have sex on top of the bodies. In fact their entire relationship is like this.
** The Shrike, a being made entirely of sharpened blades, appears and brutally attacks during two different sex scenes.
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' Literature/EighthDoctorAdventures novel ''[=EarthWorld=]'':
--> Your body is so beautiful. I am going to run my hands over your smooth pale skin, softly, so softly, so you shiver at my every touch. Your body will be mine and I will hurt it, beautifully, you will feel every caress of pain. I will hurt you and hurt you, and when you think there is no pain left I will hurt you again. I will take you far away, to pain you could never dream of. And then you will bleed for me, a trickle, a torrent, a stream, until the last drop of your life falls to the floor and I can taste it. And I will, finally, feel whole and fulfilled, through you
** The above quote is coming, [[ToMakeALongStoryShort basically]], from a [[TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior thirteen-year-old girl]], and is apparently directed at the Doctor, who's a thousand-year-old ChasteHero who looks like a handsome forty-year-old man. ''And'' his companion, who has no intention whatsoever of ever either hurting him or boinking him, is being made to say it. Basically, [[SickAndWrong it's just gross.]]
* Vampires in ''Literature/DoraWilkSeries'' live this trope, coming from one to another in blink of an (human) eye.
* ''Literature/LightInAugust'' by Creator/WilliamFaulkner
* ''Literature/AClockworkOrange''
* In the ''Literature/{{Outlander}}'' series, the DepravedBisexual Captain John Randall is ''very'' much [[BondageIsBad into this]]. He's shown to be incapable of getting hard unless he's beating or torturing the person he's raping.
* The [[DarkIsEdgy dark]] [[TheFairFolk fey]] court in ''Literature/WickedLovely''. Particular mention goes to how Niall's rape/torture was laregly treated as 'entertainment' by all except Irial (and Niall himself) and the whole 'shadow girl' thing. Melissa Marr has described it as both 'the court of temptation' and 'a place of cruelty'. Leslie describes Irial, their former king, as "Every horrible thing she shouldn't miss, every nightmare she shouldn't crave." Yeah, they're made of this trope.
* In the ''Literature/ParrishPlessis'' series, the [[TheCorruption Eskaalim parasites]] feed on both sex and violence. Parrish, in an attempt to prevent her Eskaalim from driving her AxCrazy, learns to substitute sex when it tries to drive her to violence. This ends up backfiring, as the Eskaalim gets fed either way; her efforts merely end up teaching it that she is less averse to sex than to violence, allowing it to get better at manipulating her.
* In ''Literature/{{IT}}'' Patrick suffocates his baby brother and is described as being turned on while doing it.
* In the short story "The Screwfly Solution" by James Tiptree, aliens exploit the connection between sexual arousal and violence. A chemical agent is spread over the earth that causes men to become insanely, homicidally violent when aroused. It doesn't end well (for us).
* In the ''Literature/{{Hurog}}'' series, many of the villains are also (implied to be) sexual sadists. Most of this happens offscreen and/or is only hinted at, but the characters often lampshade it, or flat-out state that someone is known to be turned on by violence.
* In ''Literature/NikkiHeat: Heat Wave'', Nikki has a casual relationship with her hand-to-hand combat instructor, a retired SEAL. Sometimes they even sleep together ''without'' beating each other up first.
* Notably averted in the punishments of the lustful, the sodomites, and the pimps in ''Literature/TheDivineComedy''. All of these punished for sexual sins do not suffer sexually charged tortures universally employed in other depictions of {{Hell}} from the time of medieval tapestries to [[VideoGame/DantesInferno video games by Electronic Arts]].

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Oz}}'':
** There's the Keller/Beecher relationship, conjugal visits in the first season, and transvestites strutting their stuff. Not to mention all the sexual slavery that goes on.
** Lee Tergersen and Christopher Meloni won GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) awards for their troubles. Did GLAAD actually watch the show?
** Jefferson Keane's execution also counts, what with the actual execution part interlaced with scenes of [=McManus=] and Wittlesey getting it on in the prison.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' played with the "violence turns the Slayers on" trope a couple of times. Faith basically embodied it.
** And then there was Buffy's entire relationship with Spike--most notably in the final scene [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Sf2wDrCMc in the episode Smashed]]: fighting starts at 4:51, proof that VampiresAreSexGods starts at 7:57
** When Buffy and Riley have sex for the first time, the rather tender love scene is intercut with the two of them fighting a demon.
** Spike fantasizes about fighting the Slayer while having sex with Harmony.
* ''Series/{{Angel}}''. In "Waiting in the Wings" Angel and Cordelia are KissingUnderTheInfluence and are [[InterruptedIntimacy about to have sex when masked lackeys burst in on them]]. Angel kills them simultaneously, stabbing one while killing the other with a dagger thrown OffhandBackhand. Cordelia says they need to get out of there right away as, "You looked ''really'' hot doing that."
* ''Series/{{Spooks}}'' season seven: [[spoiler:Lucas North has a brutal fight with a guy in a Moscow bar, which ends with him drowning the guy in the sink. During this fight, shots of a pole dancer upstairs appear frequently).]]
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'': Most female demons, especially Ruby, Meg, and Dental Hygienist!Lilith, love macking on the boys while smacking them around.
* The final filmed episode of ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' has the crew transporting the [[spoiler: supposedly]] dead body of one of Zoe and Mal's former squad mate. Jayne and Book end up talking about how everyone on the ship seems to act differently around the body, with Jayne admitting that seeing/being near a dead body makes him need to do something, work out, kill someone, get some tail (although he is quick to point out it's not because death makes him randy). And Book telling him it's a completely natural feeling, that the reminder of mortality, simply makes him want to experience life while he can. And then there's [[CloudCuckooLander River]], who straddles the coffin and rubs herself against it.
* Fiona, Michael Westen's trigger-happy HeroicComedicSociopath ex-girlfriend in ''Series/BurnNotice''.
-->'''Michael''': "Violence may be foreplay for you, Fi. Not for me."
* ''Series/{{Leverage}}''
** Elliot Spencer's fight with Mikel Dayan in "The Two Live Crew Job" episode ends with them kissing.
** In a different episode, Eliot begins to pound on the team's mortal enemy Sterling in a bar. What does [[CloudCuckoolander Parker]] do? Stands there with a smile on her face. It was ''intended'' to be Parker enjoying watching Sterling get his comeuppance, but Beth Riesgraf's smile was a little too gleeful (she's almost licking her chops.)
* The first episode of ''Series/{{Caprica}}'' contrasted scenes of a couple having sex to a violent mafia assassination.
* The death of [[spoiler:Marian]] in the second season finale of ''Series/RobinHood'' was described by the writers as "the consummation of [[spoiler:Guy and Marian]]". The scene in question has her running up to him, declaring her love for another man, and then getting impaled in the lower abdomen. Guy draws her toward him, she throws her head back, and then slides down his body as a fountain in the background spurts water from his direction toward her.
* The scene in ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' where Jack and John Hart suck face and then, practically without pausing for breath, proceed to [[SexIsViolence beat the hell out of each other.]]
* ''Series/TrueBlood'': In "It Hurts Me Too" after Bill pins Lorena against a wall and tells her that he'll never love her, she kisses him. He does not react well to this, first going for her throat with his fangs, then responding to her urging him to make love to her by doing so extremely violently to the point that he leaves several cuts on her chest and twists her head around 180 degrees. Lorena loves every second of it, and dreamily says "Oh William, I so love you."
* The first episode of ''[[Series/SpartacusBloodAndSand Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena]]'' features a montage cutting back and forth between Gannicus having sex with two women and the other gladiators outside sparring. Then later in the same episode, Gaia and Lucretia's drug-fueled girl-on-girl action is intercut with Batiatus receiving a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown from a rival.
** Indeed, Spartacus is built heavily on this trope. Many scenes are intercut with sex and violence, with plenty of both littering the series. You could be forgiven for thinking this is [[InterplayOfSexAndViolence Interplay of Sex and Violence]]: {{The Series}}.
* King Henry had six beautiful wives as portrayed on ''Series/TheTudors'', but it was Anne Bolyn and Katherine Howard who were portrayed as the most sexualized, with plenty of nude and sex scenes. These are the two wives who are eventually beheaded. In fact, Katherine Howard goes so far as to practice putting her head on the block in the nude. Perfectly demonstrated: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNn5F2jC-qc here]]. Catherine did that in real life too--the practicing part, although presumably she was clothed.
* ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'': Worf explains Klingon [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITmnIY_H24o mating rituals]].
** Which perfectly leads to ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' and Worf finally only understanding that Jadzia's been coming onto him for an entire episode after challenging him to a bat'leth fight. (The two then end up one of the series' official couples.)
* ''Series/ABitOfFryAndLaurie'' has a section where the pair apologise to the audience because MoralGuardians have banned them from performing a sketch involving sex and violence. Apparently it involved Stephen beating Hugh with a cricket bat very sexily, and ended with them going to bed together... violently.
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'' had an episode open with intercutting scenes of someone being brutally murdered and Catherine having mad passionate sex with Vartann.
* A fourth season episode of ''Series/{{Bones}}'' opens with the gang watching Booth playing hockey and beating the crap out of some guys on the ice (he's the team's enforcer). Cam says she likes it... a little too much. Then she has a DidISayThatOutLoud moment.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** In a deleted scene from season 2, Doreah, an ex-prostitute, strangles [[spoiler:Irri]] to death while giving her a lecture on EroticAsphyxiation.
** And then there's Margaery setting up for [[TheCaligula Joffrey]] to [[HandsOnApproach show her how to use a crossbow]], interesting him as much from a (deliberate) subtle sign of bloodlust as from the close contact.
* Crosses with HemoErotic in ''Series/{{Being Human|UK}}''; Mitchell admits that with [[OurVampiresAreDifferent his kind]], sex and violent death end up being rather difficult to disentangle.
* In ''Series/{{Vikings}}'', Lagertha attacks Ragnar to get him to take her with him to raid England. He tries to turn it into foreplay.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** River Song's sexuality is based around this. She literally uses sex as a weapon, once murdering the Doctor by kissing him with poison lipstick.
** For a more benign example, Idris in "The Doctor's Wife" enjoys biting people because "it's like kissing, only there's a winner!"
* ''Series/OrangeIsTheNewBlack'': Alex and Piper's lesbian relationship is described as "psychotic" and is comprised of Piper manipulating Alex and being involved with getting her sent back to prison because she wanted them to be miserable together. When Piper confesses the truth to Alex she insults her and proceeds to have hate sex with Piper after Alex slaps her.
* In one episode of ''Series/CriminalMinds'', the [=UnSubs=] are a young couple who travel around the country going to convenience stores and alcohol support programs. They then shoot everyone present until they know they're all dead, grab some nearby booze, and return to have sex in their car. This keeps going until they return to the guy's house. [[spoiler:The girl then shoots the guy's father, which causes their relationship to start faltering, ultimately resulting in both of them dying.]]
* ''Series/TheHonourableWoman'': Ephra and Atika's having sex in interspersed with scenes of the buildup to the bomb going off in episode seven. The blast itself coincides with Atika's orgasm.
* In an episode of ''Series/BlakesSeven'', [[AntiHero Avon]] is having a life-and-death struggle with a female VillainOfTheWeek, including her hitting him in the groin. When he finally subdues her, he says to the other men present, "You better get her out of here, I really rather enjoyed that."

* In Myth/CelticMythology, the Morrigan is goddess of both fertility and war. Sex and death, right there, what more do you want?
** Astarte of Phoenician, Syrian, Canaanite and later Myth/EgyptianMythology was also a goddess of fertility and war, parallel to Ishtar.
*** She may (or may not) also be Anat (though she might also be her sister, at least according to Egyptians) who is an ancient Semitic goddess, for whom it is said that calling her violent "is like calling a tsunami wet". She is a goddess with dominion over love, sex, war, battle, fertility, maternity and death--to the point it is said she ''killed'' death for crossing her. Despite that, she's said to be a benevolent goddess, if an easily enraged one.
* Myth/ClassicalMythology had ''intercourse'' of sex and violence, what with the god of war Ares always running off and having affairs with the goddess of love Aphrodite.
** Eros, the God of Love, ''was'' this trope. Ancient Greek soldiers would pray to him before going into battle; sex and violence were understood to be two sides of the same coin.
-->'''A seer:''' ''(describing Eros to [[ArrangedMarriage his fiancée]])'' ...[he's] a monster whom neither gods nor men can resist...
** Aphrodite actually ''[[{{Bowdlerization}} once]]'' was this, before the Greeks got uncomfortable with the idea. How much was she this trope? She was associated with Astarte ''and'' Anat. This explains her relationship with Ares very well...
* [[Myth/MesopotamianMythology Inanna/Ishtar]]: Sumerian/Babylonian Goddess of love, fertility, and war.
* The Voodoo god of death is also the god of sexuality... in addition to being a great healer, [[FridgeLogic which seems a little at odds with the "death" thing...]]
** ItMakesSenseInContext--if he decides not to dig your grave, you'll recover... instead of simply not actually dying.
* Freyja as well was a goddess of love and sex, who had more than her share of martial aspects. In fact, she received the half of the battle-dead not claimed by Odin.
** By some accounts, she gets first pick of the slain, and Odin gets the half she didn't claim.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The [[EldritchAbomination Chaos God]] Slaanesh in ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' and ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' is the personification of this trope. Pain and pleasure, love and hate, beauty and suffering, all in one easy mindfucking package. Its followers are {{Sense Freak}}s and TooKinkyToTorture to the utter screaming extreme, considering any experience, win or lose, to be one to savour, regardless if said experience is, say, evisceration with a chain-axe or immolation with futuristic napalm. It's all good.
** Slaanesh's opposite is Khorne, the Blood God, who is a WarGod to the extreme.
* All over the ''TabletopGame/WorldOfDarkness'' games, especially Werewolf and Vampire, and ''especially'' in the art direction.

* The musical ''Theatre/LesMiserables'' illustrates this trope beautifully with the song "Red and Black". It connects Enjolras' hopes for revolution with Marius' love of Cosette.
-->'''Enjolras''': ''Red!''\\
'''Marius''': I feel my soul on fire!\\
'''Grantaire''': ''Black!''\\
'''Marius''': My world if she's not there!\\
'''Ensemble''': ''Red!''\\
'''Marius''': The color of desire!\\
'''Ensemble''': ''Black!''\\
'''Marius''': The color of despair!
** Also [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the intro to the song.
-->'''Grantaire''': You talk of battles to be won\\
and here he comes like Don Juan.\\
It's better than an opera!
* Artistic portrayals of ''Theatre/{{Othello}}'' often indulge in this trope, with Desdemona suffocated by her lover in their bed.
** This [[http://calgary.cityguide.ca/othello_calgary_ballet-20070926114637.jpg ballet adaptation advertisement]] features a rather [[ILoveTheDead interesting composition]].
** The trope page includes a painting by Alexandre-Marie Colin, which portrays a non-canon example of DropDeadGorgeous.
* Stanley and Stella's entire relationship in ''Theatre/AStreetcarNamedDesire''.
* ''Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'', so much that it could easy be referred to as "Interplay Of Sex And Violence: The Musical". This was especially drawn on in the 2012 production with Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton; as she opens the trunk to discover Pirelli's body, Mrs Lovett emits a series of increasingly... ahem... [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything ''titillated'' groans.]]

* Music/TheBeatles: The song "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" on ''Music/TheWhiteAlbum'' has Lennon singing about holding a gun in a tongue-in-cheek erotic manner: "When I feel my finger on your trigger/I feel nobody can do me no harm".
* Some early Visual Kei works were this, and it spun off into the ''entire'' VisualKei subgenre of Eroguro Kei, featuring bands such as Music/DirEnGrey and Music/TheGazette, In fact, to some MoralGuardians with no knowledge of the variance within Visual Kei, or to others who see the most popular and well-known bands as representing the entire scene, Visual Kei ''is'' Eroguro Kei--which poses problems for artists who prefer lighter and more positive themes such as the [[UsefulNotes/LolitaFashion Lolita]] Kei and [[LighterAndSofter Oshare]] Kei subgenres in trying to find/appeal to audiences (because the sort of fans looking for Eroguro generally do not like them, and if MoralGuardians have been outraged by something an Eroguro band has done, the backlash is likely to hit the cleaner, softer bands just as hard)
* The music video for Music/LadyGaga's song "Alejandro".
** Lady Gaga in general, via her music and their corresponding videos. Some examples are Bad Romance, Monster, I Like it Rough (though that might be taking it a bit literal), Teeth, etc.
* The Music/TwistedSister song "Sex and Violence" talks on this point.
* Howl by Florence + The Machine is about this it would seem.
* Music/TheMagneticFields' song "Heather Heather:
-->Heather Heather\\
We belong together\\
Like sex and violence\\
Like death and silence
* In Music/JayZ's "Meet The Parents" he describes Mike and Isis:
-->Hangin out the window when she first seen him fight\\
She was so turned on that she had to shower twice
* Every song on Music/{{WASP}}'s album ''Kill Fuck Die'' is a different take on this theme.
* The animated music video for Music/CaravanPalace's Lone Digger take place at the strip club where a bloody fight ensues, and the stripper continues to dance with blood on her body.
* Music/NinjaSexParty's "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f99njZJod2c Party of Three]]" is a serenade Danny writes for his hot date as they go through an astoundingly romantic night, all while Ninja Brian murders everyone in their vicinity.
-->''"Do you see what I mean?\\
Nothing's more romantic than a murder in the second degree!"''

[[folder:Video Games]]
* One of Noh's endings in the first ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors'' games begins with her apparently trying to murder UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga... then, while still straddling him, she throws the knife away and gives him a passionate kiss instead.
** Her storyline in the third Xtreme Legends version takes this to another level. She seems to be split between a twin desire to either kill or schtupp him.
* Alma's [[StalkerWithACrush relationship]] with Becket shows definite signs of this in ''[[VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon Project Origin]]'', as [[spoiler:all of their encounters involve at least one trying to kill the other at the same time.]]
* In ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle'', Travis' [[AwesomenessMeter ecstasy meter]] is filled up by butchering mooks and finding porn magazines.
* Leona in ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters''' Orochi Saga seems to enjoy herself ''quite'' a bit while beating the tar out of her opponent while in Blood Riot mode--including a SkywardScream which many players pointed out didn't sound... quite like a scream of rage.
** In ''KOF XIII'', Shen Woo shamelessly admits that he's into this when he fights either [[spoiler: Mature]] or [[spoiler: Vice]].
-->'''Shen''' (paraphrased): For some reason, [[TheVamp women]] [[CombatSadomasochist like]] [[BloodKnight you]] [[SexIsViolence really turn me on!]]
* One of the Tsviets in FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, Rosso, seems to apply to this trope. She gets pleasure from killing, calls Vincent 'darling' during their fights, sweetly apologises after injuring him and gets downright frustrated when she can't finish him off.
* Likewise, Juri in ''Super VideoGame/StreetFighterIV'' only seems to find enjoyment in fighting, complete with licking her lips when she's about to do something particularly nasty to the other character.
* Morrigan in ''[[{{VideoGame/Darkstalkers}} Darkstalkers]]''. Justified as she shares the name with the mythologic Morrigan seen below.
* I-No in ''Videogame/GuiltyGear''. "What the hell is wrong with I-No?" is a common question when the players see some of her victory quotes.
* Mileena in ''Franchise/MortalKombat''. Specially in her "kiss" fatality in [[VideoGame/MortalKombat9 MK9]].
** Skarlet takes it even further, with both fatalities involving her bathing in her opponent's blood.
* Jane, one of the soldiers in the RPG ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'', clearly enjoys killing Imperial units a bit too much.
-->'''Jane''': Mmmm... scream for me.
* It's implied in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'''s Citadel DLC that a Shepard romancing Kaidan is, to an extent, aroused by violence.
-->'''Shepard:''' I was watching you fight back in the skycar lot. It was... pretty hot.
** A romanced Garrus admits that a [[AmazonChaser significant chunk of his initial attraction to Shepard is based on his respect for her combat and leadership prowess]]. In addition, the initial start of the romantic relationship is kickstarted by his account of a sparring match that ended in a draw between him and a female crew member when he was in the turian military, followed by a [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow tie-breaker in her quarters]]. Shepard then comes on to him by suggesting first that they try sparring, and then saying they should "skip to the tie-breaker".
* ''VideoGame/HauntingGround'': If Fiona is killed by Daniella's [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything impalement attack,]] the player is treated to a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHn8i7qOqgg game over screen]] filled with the sounds of LaughingMad, ImmodestOrgasm, and the cutting of flesh, because this is just that type of game.
* This is one interpretation of the effect of Brongaa's blood on Gulcasa and Emilia in ''VideoGame/BlazeUnion''; [[spoiler:when Emilia goes insane in the B route, quite a bit of AccidentalInnuendo and OrgasmicCombat ensues; after having to [[HumanSacrifice kill a soldier with Genocide or die himself]], Gulcasa's state has been compared both to a drug high and immediately post-orgasmic afterglow, and he is shown as unable to think straight and describes the sensation as feverish and pleasurable]]. This is played as rather disturbing with Emilia in particular, as she's eleven years old.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGear'':
** This is the basic point of the first ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'', which mixes violence with sexual imagery about as much as it can while remaining relatively subtle, although it mostly eases off after that, when Snake gains control of his squicky fetishes.
** Comes back in full force in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'', though, perhaps to underline his sexual frustration.
** There's the fight between Vamp and Raiden in [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty the fourth game]] which has some extremely, though somewhat disturbing homoerotic imagery: the grappling, the almost rutting-like motion when Raiden stabs himself to nail Vamp — and don't forget the white blood and the crotch-knife licking.
* ''VisualNovel/TogainuNoChi'': One of the endings has Keisuke ripping out Akira's guts while proclaiming that he loves Akira. He's also sporting a look that seems similar to an orgasm.
** [[spoiler: Takeru]] kissing Akira during their fight and the two Punishers' BadEnd, especially the one involving Gunji, where he slashes and rapes Akira as he bleed to death.
* VisualNovel/FateStayNight. Gilgamesh and [[LadyOfWar Saber]]. Well, from Gilgamesh's POV. Saber just wants to kill the bastard.
* ''{{Manhunt}}''. In a game about [[SnuffFilm snuff porn]], it's kind of to be expected.
* ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}''. The scene where Shiki first sees Arcueid in the street and stalks her home. The ambiguity of what he's stalking her home to do is stretched as far as possible before he finally [[spoiler:kills]] her. There's also a few scenes that follow a serial killer and note he apparently gets off sexually whenever he claims a new victim.
* A very disturbing example in ''VideoGame/FarCry3''.
-->''[[KnifeFight This is some fucked up foreplay, eh?]]''
* In VisualNovel/SteinsGate, Okabe's fight with [[spoiler: Moeka]] plays out like an attempted rape, and he is the good guy!
* In ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series, the Morag Tong is a legal (at least within Morrowind) [[MurderInc assassin's guild]] sanctioned by the [[OurElvesAreBetter Dunmeri]] government who operate in service to Mephala, a [[OurGodsAreDifferent Daedric Prince]] associated with [[ManipulativeBastard manipulation]], murder, [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder betrayal]], and sex. As devout followers of Mephala, members of the Morag Tong are encouraged to mix sex, betrayal, and murder together. This makes them excellent FemmeFatale and LadyKiller assassins.
* The infamous "You're thinking about how much you want to **** 2B, aren't you?" line from ''VideoGame/NierAutomata''. [[spoiler:Aside from the obvious takeaway, Adam's HannibalLecture to 9S before he speaks that line gives the impression that it could also mean that 9S wants to ''kill'' 2B.]]
* ''VisualNovel/MonsterProm'': The FIGHT ending. [[spoiler:Damien gets so pissed at the player they have a huge brawl at Prom Night. The fight however, turns both of them on enough to suddenly turn into a make out and then rough sex in the bathroom, which even causes the player to break their ribs]].

[[folder:{{Webcomics}} / WebOriginals]]
* ''WebAnimation/BrokenSaints'' plays with this a lot. Best example: the fight scene in Mars' strip club, mostly due to Mars' compensating for something with his conspicuously long handgun. Also, WordOfGod states the line "When the urge comes to you again... think of me" is supposed to refer to both violent urges and sexual urges, due to their all-too-connected nature in context.
* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', the succubi of the [[HornyDevils Eastern Horde]] are all about combining pain and pleasure into the ultimate experience through combat and sex.
* K'seliss from ''Webcomic/{{Goblins}}'' has stated that in [[LizardFolk lizardman]] culture, fighting, eating and mating are considered different forms of the same thing. In one scene he expresses disgust over fighting a swarm of metal monsters because they're inedible and fighting them would be a sexual perversion, and he also considers eating the fingers and limbs of potential mating partners to be an acceptable display of affection.
* ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'': It's strongly implied that there's "something going on" between Eglamore and Jones. So when they have a practice spar, Jones' partial disrobing is [[http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/archive_page.php?comicID=378 rather suggestive]], and one onlooker describes the match as such:
-->'''Andrew Smith:''' What's going on?\\
'''Parley:''' Elgamore and Jones are having a quickie!\\
'''Andrew Smith:''' Ah. Clever.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' has a little bit of this with trolls: Trolls have four different kinds of romance: platonic love, platonic hate, sexual love, and sexual hate. While it isn't stated outright, one could pretty easy that the sexual hate in particular could lead to a great deal of this. There's even a case of SlapSlapKiss at one point.
* ''Webcomic/MenageA3'':
** The comic features something that originally appears to be a classic SlapSlapKiss scene between Yuki and Sonya (see strip #908, July 05, 2014, borderline NSFW), but which [[http://www.ma3comic.com/strips-ma3/goodie-goodie_facade later turns out]] to have been even weirder than Sonya realized...
--->'''Sonya:''' Oh you're into kinkier stuff than your goodie-goodie facade lets on. ''I'' had never been "fisted" before.\\
'''Yuki:''' Oh, ''that!'' Actually, [[GroinAttack I punched you in the vagina]] and my hand got caught. Sorry 'bout that, I guess.
** Later, Yuki (who does have some self-control issues) gets into a relationship with Matt (who’s an adrenaline junky with masochistic tendencies), despite (or because of) Yuki’s tendency to turn violent during sex with men. It starts out essentially pragmatic, but they eventually recognize that it’s become downright romantic.
* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'': Yahtzee lampshades this during one review, stating "And here comes Titties! [Violence's] lovely wife and business-partner."

* The show ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' has alot of this in the episode "For Whom The Sleigh Bell Tolls", but in the name of comedy. For example comparing sticking a magazine into a gun with the act of penetrating a woman. Also, apparently, Stan and Francine occasionally pull guns on each other and it always ends with "nobody got shot" sex.
-->'''Steve''': (''As they fend off an elf army'') Is it weird that I have a boner?\\
'''Stan''': It'd be weird if you didn't!
* Cheryl Tunt in ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' is turned on by physical and emotional violence.
* In the ''WebAnimation/SethMacFarlanesCavalcadeOfCartoonComedy'' sketch "Sex with Dick Cheney", Cheney's idea of sex is punching the woman in the face several times.