This is the reviewless sub-show of the NetCourt. The whole purpose of this is to do a series that has a storyline and plot without having to worry about reviews. The basic premise is that Judgment, the Mad Judge, wants to TakeOverTheWorld, of course, via taking over Netopia, which is the hub of the reviewer-multiverse. He does this by ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem and IAmTheNoun, holding mock trials, finding all reviewers guilty and sentencing them to bad reviews.

Judgment is the BigBad who has read his EvilOverlordList and become GenreSavvy.

!!List of Defendants
** TheShades
** Hazard
** The Navigator
** The Blockbuster Chick
** The Man in Black
** Irritated Film Critic

!!The show contains the following tropes:
* {{Crossover}}
** Lord Fail's show, ''Set2Fail''
** The DJ Report
** Irritated Film Critic
* TheRival: Net Judge