[[quoteright:247:[[Franchise/{{Superman}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/actioncrisis.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:247:"You killed my wife!"\\
"[[CarFu You broke my car!]]"]]

->''"There's something very familiar about all this."''
-->-- '''Biff''', ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII''

When a series deliberately references an event from its own past. This goes a bit deeper than a CallBack or ContinuityNod: An internal homage recreates images, lines, or even entire scenes from the franchise's past. These homages are generally not recognized by the characters in-story (save for, perhaps, a DeadpanSnarker or other FourthWallObserver [[AsideGlance making it clear for the audience]]). Similarly, it's distinct from HistoryRepeats in that the recreation of the scene isn't important to the plot (the scene itself may be important, but not the fact that it's happened before). In general, an internal homage is a treat for longtime fans of the series to catch.

A subtrope of MythologyGag. {{Bookends}} (and by extension, HereWeGoAgain) are a manifestation of Internal Homage. {{Exp|y}}ies, especially of the GenerationXerox variety, can be used to this end as well. {{Continuity Reboot}}s and otherwise alternate-continuity stories will often use Internal Homages to appease fans of the franchise's past. Extreme cases do this OncePerEpisode.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' [[SacrificialLion kills]] [[TheyKilledKennyAgain off]] at least one Leomon or otherwise lionlike {{mon}} in every continuity from ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' onward (thus exempting the earlier ''Manga/DigimonVTamer01''). The degree of relevance or tragedy varies. [[spoiler: Adventure 01: A Leomon that was friendly to the main characters -- tragic; Adventure 02: a generic [=SaberLeomon=]; Tamers: Jeri's Digimon partner, murdered by Beelzemon - Most tragic of all of them; Frontier: A twofer, an [=IceLeomon=] was part of Sakakkumon's internal defense, defeated by Takuya: Koichi was killed (again) at the end by Lucemon, and his Beast Spirit was called [=KaiserLeomon=] (in the original Japanese, anyway); Savers: A villainous [=SaberLeomon=] was killed while attacking the human world; Xros Wars: [=MadLeomon=], a member of the Bagra Army was taken out by Xros Heart in episode 3 (though he was later [[BackFromTheDead revived]] as [[RedemptionEarnsLife a regular Leomon]]).]]
* The beginning of chapter 424 of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' is a reversed {{homage}} to the beginning of the first chapter. After we again are given Ichigo's "profile" altered [[spoiler:to note that he cannot see ghosts anymore]] we're then shown a color spread which is like the first one except [[spoiler:Rukia]] isn't there and all the people with portraits in the background are ''[[TearJerker turning away]]''.
* The first Sound Stage of ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'' involved a dispatch mission that was a homage to the early episodes of Season 1, what with it involving a Lost Logia that landed on Earth which created a MonsterOfTheWeek that the rookies had to defeat via sealing, much like Nanoha did on her first outings as a MagicalGirl. Given a LampshadeHanging after the mission was over, with Fate mentioning to Nanoha how the entire thing reminded her of the past and Nanoha thinking of sending an email to Yuuno about the entire thing afterwards.
* Following the [[spoiler: mid-series time skip]], ''Manga/OnePiece'' returned with a color spread mirroring the very first, only with added crew members and [[spoiler: post-time skip designs]], as well as a volume cover mirroring also the very first, with updated crew members.
* In ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'', Star Platinum, the [[FightingSpirit Stand]] of Jotaro Kujo, combines elements of previous story villains Bruford and Tarkus: specifically, it borrows elements of Bruford's appearance and mixes his speed and precision with Tarkus's overwhelmingly destructive power.
* In ''Franchise/YuGiOh'', the signature card of the hero will always have 2500 ATK, and, after the original, will also have 2000 DEF. Likewise, TheRival will always have an ace monster with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF.
* ''Anime/OsomatsuSan'' pulls out a parody of the pilot episode "''Osomatsu-kun'' Returns" whenever something that looks like a season opener happens. Episode 18 had "Hijirisawa Shonosuke-san" as the opening segment after Shonosuke wins the race for main character status, and the season 2 opening episode is a full-scale homage to "Returns"' plot.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'':
** Quite a few ''Superman'' covers reference the cover of the Action Comics issue in which Supes first appeared (the page image is from ''Comicbook/InfiniteCrisis'', with [[AlternateSelf Superman from Earth-2/Kal-L]] striking regular Superman/Kal-El). ''Film/SupermanReturns'' even staged it in live action.
** ''Superman'' vol 2 #178, written by Creator/JephLoeb, opens with three teens heading down to Smallville General Store, in exactly the way the teenage Clark, Lana and Pete did in the opening of Loeb's ''Comicbook/SupermanForAllSeasons''. As a further gag, the counterpart to Pete is black and Lana's is Asian, reflecting the actors from ''Series/{{Smallville}}''
* In ''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' story arc ''ComicBook/{{Bizarrogirl}}'', when the titular character is created, she floats upwards in a position which mirrors Supergirl's one in the cover of ''ComicBook/ActionComics'' #252 -her origin story- and spouts her same lines.
* Similarly, ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'' #1's cover is homaged a lot at Creator/MarvelComics.
* As is the one for ''Amazing Fantasy #15'', Franchise/SpiderMan's first appearance.
* Creator/DCComics character Comicbook/BlueBeetle II, Ted Kord, died in ''Countdown to Infinite Crisis'' on his knees, with a gun to his head. In ''Blue Beetle #24'' (2006 series), Blue Beetle III, Jaime Reyes, breaks out of an alien prison and scavenges clothing and equipment off the aliens he dispatches that end up putting him in something that greatly resembles Ted's costume. Then he's re-captured by the BigBad, who puts him on his knees and puts a gun to his head in an obvious callback to Ted's fate. The cover made it explicit, showing the scene with Jaime repeating Ted's last words ("Rot in Hell!").
* In the ''Comicbook/{{Flashpoint}}'' miniseries "Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown", the title character's first lines upon awakening are almost exactly what he says upon awakening in the present day in his ''Comicbook/SevenSoldiers'' miniseries, even though history's been changed in ''Flashpoint'' so that, among other things, he wakes up 60 years earlier.
* Rainbow Dash's nightmare in ''ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW'' #6 is basically a re-telling of the events of her micro-series comic if she failed to stop the Cloud Gremlins. They even make a cameo!
* ''Detective Comics'' Vol. 1 #387 (the 30th anniversary issue), ''Detective Comics'' Vol. 1 #627 (the 600th issue since Batman showed up) and ''Detective Comics'' Vol. 2 #27 (the 75th anniversary issue) all contained updated versions of "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate", the first Franchise/{{Batman}} story from ''Detective Comics'' Vol. 1 #27.
** The covers of the first two issues also homage [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20060513004817/marvel_dc/images/thumb/a/a8/Detective_Comics_27.jpg/242px-Detective_Comics_27.jpg the original]]--[[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081218192133/marvel_dc/images/thumb/c/c7/Detective_Comics_387.jpg/300px-Detective_Comics_387.jpg Vol. 1 #387]] shows Batman holding up the first issues of ''Detective Comics'' and ''Batman'' while [[BreakingTheFourthWall asking Robin if he's ready for another thirty years]], while [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081219131732/marvel_dc/images/thumb/d/d1/Detective_Comics_627.jpg/300px-Detective_Comics_627.jpg Vol. #627]] is a little more direct. Vol. 2 #27, for its part, instead decided to have a number of covers drawn by significant artists from Batman's history, none of which homage the original.
* ''Comicbook/IncredibleHulk'' #393, another 30th anniversary issue, revisited the site of Banner becoming the Hulk, and answered the question of [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse what happened to Igor Drenkov, the undercover Commie agent who didn't call off the test explosion of the gamma bomb when Banner ran out onto the field to rescue Rick Jones]]. The [[http://images.wikia.com/marveldatabase/images/4/47/Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_393.jpg cover]] was also an homage to the [[http://images.wikia.com/marveldatabase/images/f/fa/Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_1.jpg first issue's cover.]]
* The opening scene of ''[[Franchise/TheMuppets Muppet]] Snow White'', in which Gonzo as TheNarrator introduces himself and Rizzo as Creator/TheBrothersGrimm, and Rizzo/Wilhelm doubletakes at the idea, is an internal homage to the opening scene of ''Film/TheMuppetChristmasCarol'', in which Gonzo as TheNarrator introduces himself as Creator/CharlesDickens, and Rizzo doubletakes at the idea.
* Kathryn O'Brien in ''Comicbook/ThePunisherMAX'' has it mentioned that a previous married name of hers was [=McAllister=] and that she was previously romantically interested in "''the truly, irrevocably doomed... that stupid bastard Tommy''"... just like Kathryn [=McAllister=] of ''Comicbook/{{Hitman}}'', both penned by Garth Ennis.
* ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'' #264, "Baby Boom". In the middle of a gritty, emotional story arc about the fall of Daredevil, corruption on the streets, and all hell breaking loose (literally, as it was an Inferno tie-in), the book's regular artist took time off to get married. Marvel got the legendary Creator/SteveDitko to fill in, and for one issue the book became a goofy throwback to the Silver Age, with artwork and coloring that could've been unearthed from the '60s, a light, frothy plot about a missing baby being hunted by bee-bopping baby boomers who speak hippie slang, and a remarkably cheerful Matt Murdock temporarily ditching the angst and gloom that had hung over him like a stormcloud. Then, the next week, it was right back to a crumbling society and Black Widow fighting demons.
* ''Thunderstrike'' Vol 1 #13 has the "Everyman Comicbook/{{Thor}}" battle Loki with the help of Comicbook/SheHulk, Comicbook/AntMan (Scott Lang), and ComicBook/WarMachine. The cover is an homage to ''Comicbook/TheAvengers'' #1, with the heroes in the position of the original Avenger they're a counterpart to (Erik = Thor, Jen = [[Comicbook/TheIncredibleHulk Bruce]], Scott = Hank and Rhodey = [[Comicbook/IronMan Tony]]).

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'':
** ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory2'' has several homages to the first movie, including a recreation of the shot of Woody discovering Buzz Lightyear, but with Buzz and the newest version of himself.
** ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3'' contains an updated remake of Andy's "One-Eyed Bart" game. This time, it's expanded to feature the new characters and [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome takes place from the toys' point of view]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartIII'' recreates the famous spinning licence plate shot [[spoiler:as the De Lorean is destroyed.]]
* ''Film/QuantumOfSolace'': Fields' death is a homage to the beginning of ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}''. The agent Bond kills by hitting his own tie is an homage to ''Film/TheSpyWhoLovedMe''.
* In ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness'', [[spoiler: Spock's death in ''The Wrath of Khan'' is inverted - this time Kirk is the one sacrificing himself in the reactor. And once he dies, Spock {{s|ayMyName}}creams Khan's name, just like Kirk infamously did in the other movie.]]
* In ''Film/GodzillaMothraKingGhidorahGiantMonstersAllOutAttack'' there is a scene where Godzilla leers down on a gathered group of people from behind a cliff that is almost shot-for-shot from the first film.
* ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'' features several homages to the original movie. For example, during the T-800's first battle with the T-1000 many shots are intentionally angled to recreate shots of Reese's battle with the T-800 in the Technoir bar from the first film.
* The first live-action ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' film had a scene where Jazz speeds towards Brawl, times his transformation so he lands on Brawl, and starts bending Brawl's tankmode's cannon so he cannot shoot. It's almost a shot-to-shot replica of Kup doing the same to Blitzwing in ''Film/TheTransformersTheMovie''.

* ''Literature/HarryPotter'': Ron to Hermione, Book One: [[ForgotICouldFly Are you a witch or what?]] Six books later, Hermione says to Ron: Are you a wizard or what?
* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000: Literature/GauntsGhosts'', in the book ''The Guns of Tanith'', had Gol Kolea rescuing Tona Criid [[spoiler:and getting shot in the back of the head afterward, losing his memory and personality]]. In ''Sabbat Martyr'', the same thing happens. One of the Ghosts who had been present the earlier time recognises this happening [[spoiler:and pulls Kolea to safety before history fully repeats.]]
* Gregory [=McDonald=] has sections from earlier books in ''Literature/SonOfFletch'', mostly to emphasize the difference in character attitudes towards racism.
* In ''Literature/EndersGame'', Ender instructs his {{Space Cadet}}s that, in the zero-gravity environment of the Battle Room, the enemy's gate is down. In ''Literature/ChildrenOfTheMind'', Peter and Wang-mu are trying to disable the Little Doctor, and he helps her orient herself by telling her: "The device is down. You're falling toward the device."
* In Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''Literature/SpaceCadet'', Matt Dodson is part of a group of freshman cadets reporting aboard the Patrol school ship ''PRS Randolph'', where they are met and escorted by a senior cadet. Later in the book, the scene is repeated - including much of the dialog - with Matt as the senior.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The first episode of ''Series/HomicideLifeOnTheStreet'' begins with Detective Lewis and his partner searching for a shell casing in an alley, followed by Bayliss entering the homicide department, full of wide-eyed naivete, with his possessions in a file box. In the final episode, Bayliss repacks his possessions into the same file box and leaves the department (having just murdered a suspect), at which point we cut to Lewis and his current partner in the same alley, again looking for a shell casing. They exchange exactly the same dialogue.
** Then, in the reunion/finale movie, when Gee dies, he finds himself in an afterlife police station, where he plays cards with the two regular characters who had been KilledOffForReal (allowing all the previous regulars to appear for the reunion) as a number of past victims of unsolved crimes from the show's history wander the department.
*** In "Nearer My God To Thee" (episode 14), Munch issues a cynical monologue about TV and technocracy; in "Kaddish" (episode 73), a Whole Episode Flashback, a younger John Munch delivers the same monologue, but with a hopeful tone.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** "Robot", the Fourth Doctor's first story, contains a sequence directly reprising "Spearhead From Space", the Third Doctor's first story, as the recently regenerated Doctor sneaks off in his pyjamas and unlocks the TARDIS with a key in his shoes. The primary difference is that the Third Doctor's escape was a lot less effective - the Fourth Doctor manages to launch the TARDIS and ([[WordOfGod apparently]]) go on the [[NiceJobBreakingItHero disastrous]] adventure that caused "The Face of Evil" before he rematerialises to talk to Sarah Jane.
** In the 1996 US-made MadeForTVMovie, the newly regenerated Doctor, after waking up naked in a morgue, looks through several lockers for clothes, finding several items which were associated with previous incarnations of the character, such as a long striped scarf. Similar scenes followed the regenerations of the fourth, seventh, and tenth Doctors, although these all take place in the TARDIS's wardrobe room and it is consequently rather less remarkable that the Doctor should encounter clothing similar to that worn by his earlier incarnations.
** Also in the movie, one of the other characters, while trying to cover for the Doctor, claims that the Doctor's name was "John Smith", unaware that the Doctor had used this as a pseudonym previously.
** Seeing as [[PromotedFanboy everyone who works on New Who is a childhood fan]] (including the [[Creator/DavidTennant Tenth Doctor]]), there are many, many internal homages to Classic Who across the series, some subtler than others.
** "Day of the Doctor" opens with an HomageShot to the very first episode of ''Doctor Who'' ("An Unearthly Child"), displaying the old logo and showing the shadow of a policeman against a brick wall in black and white. It then fades into colour and we cut to the current assistant working at the same school that the two first companions, Ian and Barbara, taught at.
** There's a blink-and-you-miss-it shot in a TimeCompressionMontage in "A Christmas Carol" where the Eleventh Doctor shows up wearing a garter-stitch scarf very similar to the Fourth Doctor's, but adjusted for Eleven's general colour scheme (it's grey, plum and green).
** "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" is an overt homage to the very earliest seasons of the show - much of the episode is spent simply exploring the environment and trying to work out what's going on, the villain is very evil but is a threat only to the regular cast instead of a whole planet or universe, and the Doctor displays a ruthless PayEvilUntoEvil streak.
** "The Power of Three" is a detailed and affectionate Moffat-era homage to Davies-era Earth invasion stories, right down to the US newscaster Trinity Wells making her only Moffat-era appearance.
** The ending of "Asylum of the Daleks", when the Dalek [[spoiler: Oswin]] attacks the Doctor, uses an HomageShot to the famous cliffhanger from "The Dead Planet" where Barbara is cornered at the end of a passageway by a ShakyPOVCam Dalek represented only by its [[SpecialEffectFailure plunger]].
** When the Ninth Doctor is being tortured via AgonyBeam in "Dalek", there's a direct HomageShot to the VictimOfTheWeek who was being tortured in the Sixth Doctor story "Vengeance on Varos".
** The opening shot of "Rose", of the Earth hanging in space, is an HomageShot to the Third Doctor serial "Spearhead From Space", which has a lot in common with "Rose" (both the first stories after a hiatus, both presenting a dramatic increase in production values as compared to the show before, both starting with a new Doctor, new companion and new setting, both being written as entry points for newcomers, both being about [[AttackOfTheKillerWhatever the Autons]]).
** The creature on Donna's back in "Turn Left" is revealed in a shot very similar to the spider on Sarah Jane's back in a famous promotional photo for "Planet of the Spiders".
** There's a funny sequence in "Mummy on the Orient Express" in which the Doctor offers someone a cigar case of jelly babies. This is a reference to a FunnyBackgroundEvent in "The Face of Evil" where the Doctor is amusing himself eating jelly babies out of a cigarette case while miming with them like they are cigars (tapping the end on the case, biting the end off...)
** The Twelfth Doctor's yelling at Clara "In the TARDIS, ''now'', do as you are ''told''!" is a repeat of the Second Doctor barking the same thing at Jamie when everything begins to go [[OutsideContextProblem absolutely catastrophic]] towards the end of "The War Games".
* Used again for the [[Franchise/StarTrek 'Trek verse]], though in different series'; amusingly, both had Scotty present.
--> '''Alien:''' What is it?\\
'''Scotty:''' -looks at liquid- It's...it's, uh... -sniffs it- It's green!
** And then again...
-->'''Scotty:''' What is it?\\
'''Data:''' -looks at liquid- It is...it is, ah...-sniffs it- It is green!
* In the ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' episode "Mystery Spot", Sam repeats Dean's mumbled, little-boy-lost line of "He's my brother" to The Trickster. In "All Hell Breaks Loose", Dean thought nothing of the fact that Sam might be in a better place and in this episode, Sam thinks nothing of the fact that Dean was (from his point of view, anyway) was getting tortured in hell. Both of them just wanted their brother to be with them again. Oh, ''boys''. Selfish, co-dependent, fucked up boys.
** The pilot episode gets a host of specific homages. Sam recreates the 'Take your brother outside...' line in 'Home'. His final line in the pilot is repeated by Dean at the end of series 2 and a twisted version used at the end of 'Lazarus Rising', and in 'What Is and What Should Never Be', Dean, after they've just recreated the fight, cheerfully repeats his lines as well.
* The end of the season 4/volume 5 of ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' has Claire ONCE AGAIN killing herself on camera, complete with the [[ContinuityNod line]], "My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number..." [[spoiler:She is doing this to a whole bunch of news cameras though, in an attempt to [[TheUnmasquedWorld bring the truth]] out in the open.]]
** She also jumped off the same structure earlier in the series, to bring her memory-wiped friend back up to speed. "As far as you know, this is attempt number one."
* ''Series/TheColbertReport'''s 100th episode saw the return of the show's first guest.
* ''{{Series/Jeopardy}}'''s 3,000th episode's first round features the clue categories from the first episode.
* ''Series/GrangeHill'' opened its 26th season with a new batch of first year students...who all bore vague similarities to the first year students of its very 1st season, including their names and general behavior. Plotlines and characterizations diverged significantly after that first episode, however.
* It is very common for the Heisei ''Franchise/KamenRider'' series to have one monster who is grasshopper-based (scarves are optional), and an obvious tribute to the original [[Series/KamenRider Kamen Rider 1]]. Examples include the Arch Orphenoch from ''[[Series/KamenRiderFaiz Faiz]]'', the Batta (grasshopper) Yummy from ''[[Series/KamenRiderOOO OOO]]'' and Zu-Badzu-Ba from ''[[Series/KamenRiderKuuga Kuuga]]''.
** The Grasshopper Yummy was an even bigger homage than just having the design: Yummies are spawned from the desires of the VictimOfTheWeek. In this case, it was the desire for justice (which was warped into a KnightTemplar sorta thing.) So you had a grasshopper monster who fights for "justice" and makes a "toh!" sound when jumping like any good {{Toku}} hero from TheSeventies.
** Interestingly, the Hopper Dopant from ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'' was ''not'' a homage to the old-school Riders. ''She'' was a scarily psychotic villainess whose monster form was disgustingly insectoid. However, her belt does have a prominent red circle that ''could'' be seen as a homage to the fan design on Rider-1 and Rider-2's drivers (which collected wind energy to power them up.) But she sure wasn't the expected "oldschool rider but a bit monster-y."
** Then there are the more subtle ones. ''Series/KamenRiderKuuga'', the first series of the revival, has a spider and a bat as the first [[MonsterOfTheWeek Monsters of the Week]], like the first series overall. ''Series/KamenRiderAgito'', the second series of the revival, has a trio of feline monsters and trio of turtle monsters as the first Unknowns seen, homaging Turtle Bazooka and Scissors Jaguar, the first monsters of ''Series/KamenRiderV3'', the second series overall. ''Agito'' also has a scorpion monster with a design and weaponry very similar to the crab-based Doktor G, TheDragon of ''V3'', and both debuted in episode 13.
*** In fact, having the first MonsterOfTheWeek be bat- or spider-themed has become a common Internal Homage in and of itself. A few shows change it up: ''Series/KamenRiderKiva'' has the Spider Fangire as a recurring annoyance and the Bat Fangire as the BigBad, while ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'' had the Bat and Spider Dopants menacing the main character's mentor in a movie set ten years before the series -- meaning they really ''were'' the first antagonists. ''Series/KamenRiderDrive'' takes it a step further, by having the {{Mook}}-level Roidmudes possess a bat, spider, or cobra motif in their base forms before they evolve into stronger ones.
** ''Series/KamenRiderDenO''[='s=] first few [[MonsterOfTheWeek Monsters of the Week]] were deliberately modeled after several of the Riders from ''Series/KamenRiderRyuki''. As a result the Bat Imagin from the first two episodes is a two-fer, a reference to the original series '''and''' to Kamen Rider Knight at the same time.
** TheMovie took it a step further: not only was there a Cobra Imagin inspired by Kamen Rider Ouja, but they even cast Takashi Hagino (Ouja's original actor) to voice him!
* Any time a Franchise/SuperSentai team destroys a monster by kicking a sphere at it, it's a sure nod to the Goranger Storm from ''Series/HimitsuSentaiGoranger''.
** For a specific example, in ''Series/UchuuSentaiKyuranger'', the debut of the Ryu Voyager heavily resembles the StockFootage for ''Series/GoseiSentaiDairanger'''s Ryuseioh; both are [[DragonsUpTheYinYang Chinese dragon]]-themed HumongousMecha.
* The one-hundredth episode of ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' starts off the same way as it's first episode, with Sheldon and Leonard having a SeinfeldianConversation while going up the stairs, then seeing Penny move things around in her apartment.
* The first season finale of ''Series/LethalWeapon2016'' has a scene where Murtaugh is tortured with a defibrillator in a utility tunnel, an updated version of Endo torturing Riggs in the original film.
* ''Series/RedDwarf XII'':
** At the end of the episode "M-Corp", Lister has his personality reset from his hologram disc. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since he was 23, and it will take a few months to fill in everything that's happened since then. The episode ends with Lister and Rimmer recreating the first scene of "The End".
** And the following episode sees Rimmer jump through parallel universes, one of which turns out to be shortly ''before'' the accident that wiped out the crew. Holly has considerable difficulty convincing him that "Nobody's dead, Arnold."

[[folder:Print Media]]
* The cover of the [[GrandFinale final issue]] of ''Magazine/NintendoPower'' [[BookEnds is a homage to the first issue's cover]].
* ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine''
** The 400th issue homaged the subscription ad at the back of the first issue of ''Doctor Who Weekly'', showing Creator/TomBaker reading that very issue. The [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/staticarchive/135c8d86f49d357a489dfc56f43defeef036ae3e.jpg new image]] showed Creator/DavidTennant reading #1 and, with the magic of image manipulation, Baker reading #400.
** Similarly, the [[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CjNp-aIWEAA14E5.jpg cover]] of the 500th issue was an exact duplicate of [[https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/31/Doctor_Who_Weekly_1.jpg the cover]] of that first issue, with Creator/PeterCapaldi replacing Creator/TomBaker, and a modern Dalek.
* ''[[UsefulNotes/AmericanNewspapers New York Daily News]]'': The front page headline for October 30, 1975 was "FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD", in response to President UsefulNotes/GeraldFord announcing that he would veto any bill suggesting a financial bail-out for New York City. Four decades later, the headline for June 2, 2017 was "TRUMP TO WORLD: DROP DEAD", in response to President UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump announcing that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation.
* ''Magazine/TVGuide'': The October 9-16, 2005 issue (the last to be printed in digest size) had a series of nine [[VariantCover variant covers]] depicting contemporary stars in recreations of classic covers from the magazine's 52-year history.

* Music/TheBeatles recreated the cover of ''Music/PleasePleaseMe'', using both the same location (the EMI headquarters) and photographer, for their "GloryDays revival" ''Get Back'' -- that ultimately became the post-breakup album ''Music/LetItBe''. The picture still saw some use: once EMI released two {{Greatest Hits Album}}s, ''1962-1966'' and ''1967-1970'' (aka Red and Blue albums), the former got the ''Please Please Me'' picture and the latter the recreation.
* The back cover of Music/{{Metallica}}'s ''Garage Inc.'' [[http://eil.com/images/main/Metallica+Garage+Inc+-+140gram+533166b.jpg is a crudely updated version of]] ''[[https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/7b/Metallica_-_The_$5.98_E.P.-Garage_Days_Re-Revisited_cover.jpg Garage Days Re-Revisited]]'' (as not only it's another CoverAlbum, but ''Garage Inc'' includes said EP in full).

* The West End musical ''Theatre/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' is a fresh adaptation of the [[Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory eponymous Roald Dahl novel]] with songs by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, but it does have a few homages to -- and one song from -- the [[Film/WillyWonkaAndTheChocolateFactory famous 1971 film adaptation]].
** When Mr. Wonka first appears for "It Must Be Believed to Be Seen", he briefly feigns being [[ObfuscatingDisability far more feeble than he actually is]] -- referencing Gene Wilder's famous entrance as Wonka. (Instead of a somersault, he performs an InstantCostumeChange.) As in that version, this immediately establishes that he is TheTrickster.
** The 1971 Wonka's tendency to mix up his words, followed by the phrase "Strike that, reverse it", is retained here (as in [[Literature/CharlieAndTheGreatGlassElevator the novel's sequel]], which made it RetCanon) to the point that "Strike That, Reverse It" is the title of the Act Two opening number. Since this Wonka can be a MotorMouth when he wants to be, such mixups are common for him. Also, during the number he makes the parents sign an elaborate contract...
** The movie's BootstrappedTheme "Pure Imagination", is repurposed as TheElevenOClockNumber in this version, used for the flight in the Great Glass Elevator and the revelation that Charlie has won the factory.
** There is also at least one homage to [[Film/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory the 2005 film]], as Augustus Gloop finds his Golden Ticket the same way in both versions: Noticing that a Wonka Bar he's eating tastes odd, he realizes it's because he's chewed off a corner of the ticket with his first bite.

* The first Franchise/{{Barbie}} and Ken dolls came with a zebra stripe swimsuit and red swim trunks, respectively. As an homage, Barbie's 50th anniversary saw the release of a doll with a zebra stripe bikini. Ken's 50th anniversary a few years later coincided with Mattel's announcement that he and Barbie finally decided to become an OfficialCouple again, so a giftset of the two dolls in updated versions of their original swimsuits became available.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Happens quite often in console {{role playing game}}s (which admittedly don't last as long): the background music of climactic moments, such as TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon and the AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield, can [[BossRemix incorporate elements from previous tracks or games]]. This is another possibly coolest thing ever.
* Some ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'' games have repeated references to past games in the series and even the original ''Literature/{{Dracula}}'' novel. A specific example comes from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaDawnOfSorrow'', at the end of Julius Mode. When the player confronts [[spoiler:Soma Cruz]], he throws his wine glass at the player after taking a sip and starting the fight, which is what Dracula did in the previous games before the final battle. In addition, the song played during the fight and the boss' second form are both from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaRondoOfBlood''.
** In ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia'', before Shanoa goes to enter Dracula's castle, she declares: "I am the morning sun, here to vanquish this horrible night!" This a homage to the infamous day/night cycle message in ''Simon's Quest''.
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaTheAdventureRebirth'' was released on UsefulNotes/WiiWare in Japan exactly twenty years after the release of [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaTheAdventure the original Game Boy game]], retelling the story of Christopher Belmont using design decisions that were more consistent with the rest of the pre-{{Metroidvania}} series. And putting Death back in.
* ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006'' has several of these, as the game is a MilestoneCelebration. The first level (Wave Ocean) is an homage to the first level from Sonic Adventure (Emerald Coast).
** ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations'', being another MilestoneCelebration, also features a healthy amount of these, though not the fact that the entire game is levels from previous games (the plot explicitly states this as time travel and is technically not an example). Instead, the levels get several redesigns, causing them to homage levels and songs from other games either by visual appearance or by recreating actual segments of gameplay and level design.
* Frequently seen in some ''[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]]'' games, with special mention going to the final world of ''SuperMarioGalaxy2'', which is mostly recreations of levels from [[VideoGame/SuperMario64 the]] [[VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine previous]] [[VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy 3D]] games.
* The ''Franchise/MetalGear'' games love doing this; ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2'' and ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'' are full of them. In fact, much of the "point" of ''[=MGS2=]'' was that the entire hostage situation was a recreation of the events of ''[=MGS1=]'', in an attempt to control history itself.
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'', Princess Zelda is one of seven sages who are responsible for placing a seal on the Sacred Realm. In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast'', Princess Zelda (a different one) and six other girls are descended from the seven sages who sealed that realm -- but the twist here is that ''Link to the Past'' came out first. In addition, five of the other sages are named Nabooru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, and Rauru. These are also the names of towns that Link visits in ''VideoGame/ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink'' -- which was the second game in the series, but chronologically after both OOT and LTTP.
* ''VideoGame/ThunderForce VI'', being a tribute to the series, has this in spades. One of the unlockable ships is an updated version of the Rynex from ''Thunder Force IV'', and one of its weapons is the Blade, also from TFIV. Stage 2 borrows many elements from ''Thunder Force III''[='=]s 2nd stage, even going so far as to have a 1-up in a very similar fireball obstacle. For Stage 5's boss, depending on what ship you're using, the music will be a remix of either Cool's theme from ''Segagaga'' or the Cerberus's theme from ''Thunder Force III''. Right after that boss, you fight {{giant|Mook}} versions of the player ships of past ''Thunder Force'' games, which comes with even more remixes. Finally, the first part of the last stage has the same box obstacles from ''Thunder Force V''. There's so many references to past ''Thunder Force'' games that many believe that this game pushes them [[TropesAreNotGood a little too far]].
* Franchise/SamAndMax drive to the Moon in their [=DeSoto=] in all iterations, though how they accomplish it each time changes due to the different natures of the continuities. In the comics, they fill the tailpipe with matchheads, which somehow gets them to the moon. In the cartoon, they effectively rocket jump to the moon with their car. In the game, they simply drive offscreen and reappear on the moon.
* Sector Z in ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'' is filled with references to Creator/DanielRemar's earlier games, and Hero 3D is a reference to one in particular. ''VideoGame/HeroCore'' pays ''Iji'' back with [[spoiler:Annihilation mode showing you Ciretako]].
* In ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'' Memory Sequence ''Bonfire of the Vanities'', you have to kill nine subordinates of the current villain [[spoiler: who has the Apple]] before you can vanquish him. Sound like the first game to you?
* ''VideoGame/RidgeRacer'' has the tracks plastered with homages to previous games by Namco. ''Type 4'', to begin with, has a Pac-Man animation on the starting line's big screen and ''Pac-Man World'' sculptures on one track, as well as ''VideoGame/{{Klonoa}}: Door to Phantomile'' ads on the track called Phantomile. The fifth game, meanwhile, has the logos of the megacorporations from ''VideoGame/AceCombat 3: Electrosphere'' out there.
* ''VideoGame/{{Super Robot Wars Z}}2'' gives one to the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack Nu Gundam]]. Its [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWEKrTKhrCs final attack]] is a direct call-back to the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam the original Gundam's]] famous [[http://www.animenation.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Last_Shooting2.jpg Last Shooting.]] No wonder the community agrees that they blew the animation budget on Nu Gundam.
* ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon'' celebrated its tenth anniversary with two games. One of the two games, ''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoonMagicalMelody Magical Melody]]'', featured various characters from the original SNES game.
* ''Disney's Magical Mirror Starring MickeyMouse'', and later ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'', recreate the scene from the cartoon "Thru the Mirror" where Mickey crosses over into the mirror world. ''Magical Mirror'' also recreates the scene where Mickey grows and shrinks.
* ''VideoGame/GhostbustersTheVideoGame'' starts with an update of the "Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?" commercial from the first movie. At the end of the commercial, Peter says, "Franchises available soon...call for details!"
* In Team Sonic's story in ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'', Dr. Eggman claims that his plan to conquer the world will come to fruition in three days. In ''VideoGame/SonicForces'', he says the same thing about his plan to defeat the rebellion.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'''s 10th Anniversary saw the re-creation of the children's book the Flash-animated web series was based on (''The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest'') as an episode of said series.
* The first episode of ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' ("Why Are We Here?") featured Grif and Simmons of Red team talking, and Simmons asks "Why are we here?" Grif answers with a monologue about life, God, and the universe, while Simmons ''meant'' "why are we stationed here?" In the last episode ("Why '''Were''' We Here?"), Caboose asks Church the same question in a similar situation, and Church launches into a speech about love, hate, and taking orders, while Caboose simply meant "Why are we here in the sun when we could be over there... in the shade?"
** In the first episode, Simmons and Grif were talking on top of their base while Church and Tucker were spying on them with a sniper rifle. In the final episode, Church and Caboose are talking on top of their base while Simmons and Grif were spying on them with a sniper rifle.
** A bit earlier, in the last episode of the first season there was another homage to the opening of the first episode: Grif and Simmons are talking on the roof of the base. Simmons asks, "You ever wonder why we're here?" and Grif replies, "''No''. I never, ''ever'' wonder why we're here. Semper fi, bitch."
** Another homage to the opening scene comes near the end of ''Revelations'' when Sarge is convincing Grif and Simmons to [[spoiler:help him save Church and Tex.]] He asks them if they've wondered why they're here, with the camera then panning to show the two in the ''exact'' same position. Grif admits it something they've discussed, but Sarge instead stresses that he's asking why they ''choose'' to be here when they could have easily left a long time ago if they wanted.
* ''WebAnimation/BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse'' includes the following visual nods to Franchise/{{Barbie}} toys:
** "Ken-Tastic, Hair-Tastic" briefly shows Ken sporting a bowl cut made of molded plastic, similar to the "hair" of Ken dolls from TheEighties.
** Episode "Closet Clothes Out" has Barbie dress in a black and white one-piece bathing suit, the first apparel she ever wore since her debut to the world.
** The dress Midge wears during her first day in Malibu looks not unlike an actual 1960s Barbie/Midge dress.
** "Doctor Barbie" seems to have a diagram of the first Barbie doll hanging in Barbie's doctor office.
** "Dream a Little Dreamhouse" has Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and Stacie try to rebuild the ''original'' Barbie's Dreamhouse,[[note]]essentially a cardboard box that resembles a one-room suburban home[[/note]] for Chelsea to use as a playhouse.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel's'' [[http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20021023 Nice Melon]] and [[http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20070720 One Thousand.]]
* ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'' [[http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=40 does]] [[http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=873 this,]] with [[YourHeadAsplode mind blowing]] ArtEvolution.
* The 10th anniversary ''[[Webcomic/{{Walkyverse}} Joyce & Walky!]]'' comic was a redrawn version of the first two ''Roomies!'' comics, keeping the dialogue in place until the surprise twist at the end.
* For ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'''s 10th anniversary, it celebrated with [[http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/?date=2012-01-21 a filler comic]] that mimics the setup and dialog of [[http://egscomics.com/?date=2002-01-21 the very first comic]] but is in color, features transformations, references the anniversary and has a different ending.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'': Linkara's anniversary episodes always have to do with Franchise/SpiderMan's ComicBook/TheCloneSaga, because that's what his very first video review was about. He also celebrates the anniversaries of the show proper (the anniversary of his text recaps as opposed to video reviews in general) by reviewing an issue of ''ComicBook/{{Youngblood}}'', his first text recap.
* The third RP of ''Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers'' [[http://z7.invisionfree.com/thegangoffive/index.php?showtopic=7319&view=findpost&p=9212704 references]] the scene where Cale gets shorted-out by saline solution.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** In the season 2 finale, the sequence where Aang briefly wakes up from his brush with death is staged nearly identically to the sequence in the first episode of season 1 when he and Katara meet.
** Less significantly, both the first and last episodes of Season 1 have Iroh offering Zuko the sage advice "A man needs his rest."
** Much later, Sokka attempts to surprise Suki with a kiss while wearing a local guard uniform (as she did him when last they met). [[spoiler: Of course he failed to consider that while she did so while working security for a ferry terminal in the unoccupied Earth Kingdom, he was trying the same thing while disguised as a guard in the Fire Nation's [[TheAlcatraz most secure prison]]. Suki bounced him off the wall of her cell before his helmet came off.]]
* In its sequel spin-off ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', the ending to GrandFinale is a major homage to the original's ending. [[spoiler: [[BiTheWay Korra and Asami]] stare longingly at each other while holding hands while music swells in the background right before the camera swoops up to The End in Chinese. [[HideYourLesbians All that's missing]] is TheBigDamnKiss between Aang and Katara.]]
* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' is forever homaging lines from the 1980s animated movie. "One shall stand, one shall fall" is popular. We get that one (at least in part) and more in ''Anime/TransformersCybertron,'' with "Why throw away your life so recklessly?" and "Such heroic nonsense!" Sometimes it's used in a twist. For example, the first time a Megatron [[SayMyName yelled STARSCREEEEEEAM!]] at the top of his vocal processor, it was begging Screamer not to throw him off the ship in deep space. Every other Megatron since has yelled it upon discovering Starscream's betrayal - before embarking on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge over said backstabbing.
** Similarly, the first use of "I still function!" was part of Megatron's plea in that scene. Every other time, it was a damaged {{Determinator}} disproving "NoOneCouldSurviveThat."
** Some of the tragic ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' Waspinator's dialogue is a DarkReprise of wacky ButtMonkey ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' Waspinator's dialogue.
** Sometimes, it's subtler. Ironhide's trainees in a live action movie-based comic are Strongarm, Signal Flare, and Skyblast. In ''Anime/TransformersEnergon,'' those were the names of the three varieties of Omnicons, and a ''very'' different Ironhide led a team consisting mostly of Omnicons.
*** The [[Wiki/TFWikiDotNet Transformers Wiki]] has a "Transformers References" section for every episode or issue. Much of it is simply "Starscream mentions last issue's events" but you'd be surprised how many sly homages there are. After all, it's a franchise that's been going across ''multiple'' media with ''several'' countries producing original fiction almost continuously since 1984, and everything, however obscure, is some fan's favorite and some author's favorite, and some of the creators just like throwing in obscure homages for fun. The result is ''every single member of any crowd scene'' in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' being a past character, though it may be as obscure as "That off-white Bumblebee repaint sold briefly and only in Brazil." (Aka Sedan.)
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'' is all over this, especially in regards to the episode featuring Superman. In that episode alone, they are mostly homages to various comic cover shots (such as Jimmy Olsen's death trick, Superman becoming King of Earth, "Jungle Jimmy" complete with his gorilla bride, etc.), but two in particular come from the [[Film/{{Superman}} first Superman film]] -- one where Superman [[http://supermanfan.nu/main/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/bnb-cat.jpg puts a cat in a tree]] (an inversion of the scene in the film where he rescues a cat from a tree), and one where he calls Luthor a "diseased maniac".
* ''WesternAnimation/ThunderCats2011'' contains numerous {{Mythology Gag}}s, but the most iconic scene ([[BattleCry Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HO!]]) is a shot-for-shot remake of the original.
* What was intended to be ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'''s 100th episode (it was actually the 97th) starts out with the events of the first episode repeating exactly as before.
* "WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Rule!!", the tenth anniversary special of... well... guess, takes its ''VideoGame/MarioKart''-homage sequence almost directly from the first ''Whoopass Girls'' short, in which the Girls race Him.
* Twilight Sparkle's first meeting with the human Fluttershy in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls'' plays out very similarly to her first meeting with the original Fluttershy in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E1MareInTheMoon the first episode]] of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', including Fluttershy's CutenessProximity reaction to Spike.
* When Robin added to the title sequence of ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'', he's shown bursting through a paper hoop. This is how he appears on the cover of his first appearance in ''Detective Comics'' #38.
* In ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', the phrase "Eenie, meenie, miney, you" is used three times, once by Stan and twice by {{Bi|gBad}}ll. The first two times it's directed at Dipper, but the third time, in an {{iron|y}}ic twist, [[spoiler:it's directed at Bill almost [[WouldHurtAChild killing]] [[KillTheCutie Mabel]].]]
* In the final episode of ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated'', the animation of the gang running from [[ArcVillain the Nibiru entity]] is styled like their stock run cycle from ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooWhereAreYou''.

[[folder:Cross Media]]
* In ''Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron'', a vision of Captain America's broken shield references a similar event in the comics continuity. Captain America's shield is broken in ''Comicbook/FearItself''.
* In ''Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar'', Captain America blocking a blast from Iron Man is a reference to the cover of ''ComicBook/CivilWar'' #7.
* The POV sequence in the ''Film/{{Doom}}'' movie is an homage to the [[FirstPersonShooter FPS]] view of ''Videogame/{{Doom}}''.
* The panel and cover of ''ComicBook/{{Knightfall}}'', with Bane holding up Batman, about to smash his spine against his knee, is referenced when Bane shows up in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'', and ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises''.
* In ''Film/SpiderMan1'', the Green Goblin letting Mary Jane fall to her death is a shout-out to Gwen Stacy's death in the comics, but Mary Jane is saved in time, avoiding Gwen's fate. Gwen Stacy appears in ''Film/SpiderMan3'' and almost falls from a building, but the scene isn't recreated like the first movie.
* Logan's cage fight in ''[[ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} Wolverine: Origin]]'' references the cage fight in the first ''[[Film/XMen1 X-Men]]'' film.
* In ''Film/TheWolverine'', Logan surviving a nuclear blast is a reference to a similar event in the ''Logan'' mini-series.
* ''ComicBook/XMen'': ''Deadly Genesis'' ends with a funeral with three caskets in the ground, just like ''Film/XMenTheLastStand''.
* In ''Film/XMenTheLastStand'', Wolverine impaling Jean Grey with his claws is a reference to Wolverine impaling Mariko Yashida in his own comic series.
* In ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine'', the childhood of Wolverine as the young James Howlett is taken directly from the ''Origin'' comic, including James sprouting claws for the first time and accidentally killing John Howlett, until groundskeeper Thomas Logan reveals he is the real father.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The UsefulNotes/MacysThanksgivingDayParade is no stranger to this. They usually break out internal homages when they're celebrating an anniversary.
** Twice (2004 and 2006) the parade has started with three inflatable elephants carrying "Macy's 2004/80th Parade" banners. This is what they would do, with real elephants, back when they had live animals instead of balloons.
** A new WesternAnimation/FelixTheCat balloon was introduced for the parade's 90th anniversary in 2016, Felix being the first character balloon to appear in the parade back in 1927. The new balloon is even being carried on poles like the first Macy's balloons were.[[note]]This mainly happened due to a bizarre sequence of coincidences: The Macy's Parade is largely organized by NBC Universal, which had just bought Dreamworks Animation, which itself had bought the character rights to Felix two years before. The creative team was probably aware of this, and when given the chance to make a new Felix balloon decided "sure, why not?"[[/note]]