An instrumental is a musical composition or recording without lyrics or any other sort of vocal music; all of the music is produced by musical instruments. This term is used when referring to popular music rather than to other musical genres such as European classical music. In commercial music, instrumental tracks are sometimes renditions of a corresponding release that features vocals, but may also be compositions originally conceived without vocals. An instrumental version of a song which otherwise features vocals is also known as a −1 (pronounced minus one).

Most opening themes for TV shows and films tend to be instrumentals.
!!Notable instrumentals:


[[folder: Film themes ]]

* This tends to be the case with most film soundtracks which aren't musicals.
* ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'': The nervous instrumental theme song was composed by Creator/JohnCarpenter himself.
* ''Franchise/IndianaJones'': The adventurous theme music just screams ''epic!''.
* ''Franchise/JamesBond'': Horns, guitar and drums make up the iconic theme track. Though it's also been a tradition to let a famous pop singer create a song to start every new installment.
* ''Film/{{Jaws}}'': The music caused the film's box office success, according to Spielberg. It dwells heavily on the power of suggestion. Take it away and you basically see a lot of shots of the ocean, with nothing there.
* ''Franchise/{{Rocky}}''
* ''Franchise/ThePinkPanther'': Composed by Henry Mancini, also used for the stand alone cartoons.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'': Entirely scored with any songs.


[[folder: Live Action Themes ]]

* ''Series/TheATeam'': After the opening narration everything is instrumental music.
* ''Series/{{Bonanza}}'': The theme is plucked on a banjo.
* ''Series/{{Dallas}}'': An instrumental theme track.
* ''Series/FawltyTowers'': The theme was played on violins.
* "[[ Miami Vice Theme]]" - Jan Hammer (1985)
* ''Series/MissionImpossible'': Lalo Schrifin composed this iconic instrumental theme.
* ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'': The Creator/JohnPhilipSousa composition ''Liberty Bell'' was used as theme music, with only BlowingARaspberry added when the iconic feet came crushing down.
* "[[ Peter Gunn]]" - Music/HenryMancini
* ''Series/OurMissBrooks'': The instrumental theme song was created by composer Wilbur Hatch.
* ''Series/TalesOfTheUnexpected'': Also instrumental.
* ''Series/TheTwilightZone'': Not counting the OpeningNarration by Creator/RodSerling, the theme was entirely instrumental.
* ''Series/TwinPeaks'':
* ''Series/TheXFiles'': The haunting theme music was instrumental.
* In the 1970s and 1980s, nearly all the 15-minute instructional programs had instrumental themes. If there were voices, they were frequently narration introducing the title and the show's production company and/or sponsors.


[[folder: Music Albums ]]

* ''Music/TheCompleteHotFiveAndHotSevenRecordings'' by Music/LouisArmstrong is a compilation box set of four CD's with all the recordings of his bands between 1925 and 1928. Historically important as being the progenitor of all jazz and popular music that would follow. Almost all tracks are predominantly instrumental, with some occasional scatting, singing or talking.
* Music/OrnetteColeman: ''Music/TheShapeOfJazzToCome''.
* Music/JohnColtrane: All of his albums were instrumental, including ''Music/BlueTrain'', ''Music/GiantSteps'' and ''Music/MyFavoriteThings''.
* Music/DickDale: On his album ''Music/SurfersChoice'' several tracks are instrumentals, including the iconic "Let's Go Trippin'" and "Misirlou".
* Music/MilesDavis: Most of his albums were jazz instrumentals, including ''Music/KindOfBlue'', ''Music/SketchesOfSpain'' and ''Music/BitchesBrew''.
* Music/DeepPurple's LiveAlbum ''Music/ConcertoForGroupAndOrchestra'' (1969) with the London Symphonic Orchestra is mostly instrumental, save for a few songs.
* Music/EmersonLakeAndPalmer's LiveAlbum ''Music/PicturesAtAnExhibition'' (1973) is also mostly a straightforward rock performance of Music/ModestMussorgsky's famous score, though it does feature some singing here and there.
* Music/BrianEno: Many of his albums are instrumental, including ''Music/Ambient1MusicForAirports'' and ''Music/ApolloAtmospheresAndSoundtracks''. Many of his other albums only have vocals on a handful of songs (''Music/AnotherGreenWorld'' is a good example of this).
* Music/{{Gong}}: All but two of Pierre Moerlen's Gong (1976-1982; 1986) albums were all instrumentals, and on the other two, Moerlen provides vocals.
* Music/HerbieHancock: ''Music/HeadHunters'' is entirely instrumental, ''Music/FutureShock'' too, save for two sung tracks.
* Music/CharlesMingus: ''Music/MingusAhUm''.
* Music/TheloniousMonk: ''Music/BrilliantCorners''.
* Music/StGermain: ''Music/{{Tourist}}'', save for the tracks "Rose Rouge" and "Sure Thing", which have a few sampled lyrics.
* Music/FrankZappa: Also released a couple of albums with predominantly instrumental compositions, including ''Music/HotRats'', ''Music/WakaJawaka'', ''Music/TheGrandWazoo'', ''Music/OrchestralFavorites'', ''Music/ThePerfectStranger'', ''Music/FrancescoZappa'', ''Music/ShutUpNPlayYerGuitar'', ''Music/{{Guitar}}'', ''Music/LondonSymphonyOrchestra'', ''Music/JazzFromHell'' and ''Music/TheYellowShark''.
* ''Music/SwitchedOnBach'' by Music/WendyCarlos features compositions by Music/JohannSebastianBach played on a Moog synthesizer.
* ''Music/{{Oxygene}}'' by Music/JeanMichelJarre is an entirely instrumental electronic music album, most famous for the melancholic hit track "Oxygène IV".
* Nearly all of Music/JohnZorn's music, including ''Music/{{Radio}}'' with Naked City, is instrumental.
* An interesting case with progressive sludge metal band [[{{Music/TheOcean}} The Ocean]]. Pelagial was originally going to be an entirely instrumental album as Loic's throat was recovering. When he recovered, the band felt that as the frontman, he was needed, and recorded vocals. The album usually includes both a version with vocals and an instrumental version.
* Music/PinkFloyd's last album, ''Music/TheEndlessRiver'' (2014), is entirely instrumental, save for the last track, "Louder Than Words".


[[folder: Music Singles ]]

* Most of the music on Music/OverClockedRemix is entirely instrumental. This is a mix of the fact that people who frequent the site prefer it and that singing talent is in short supply compared to what's put into the rest of the remix.
* "[[ Popcorn]]" - Gershon Kingsley (1972) - Perhaps the most covered instrumental ever with about 72 different versions.
** "[[ Popcorn]]" by M&H Band.
** And of course [[ Hot Butter's hit version]].
* "[[ Music Box Dancer]]" - Music/FrankMills (1974, rereleased in 1978) - To many, this is the tune that plays when the ice cream truck passes by their homes.
* "[[ The Hustle]]" - Van [=McCoy=] (1975)
* "[[ A Fifth of Beethoven]]"- Walter Murphy (1976)
* "[[ Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band]]"- Meco (1977)
* "[[ Chariots of Fire]]" - Vangelis (1981)
* "[[ YYZ]]" - Music/{{Rush}} (1981)
* "[[ Bad Horsie]]" by - Music/SteveVai
* "[[ Surfing with the Alien]]" and so many others that there are too many to list - Music/JoeSatriani
* " [[ Eruption]]" - Music/VanHalen (the band's first albums have plenty of these, such as "[[ Spanish Fly]]", "[[ Cathedral]]", [[ Intruder]]", and "[[ 1984]]"; in later days, there's also "[[ 316]]")
* Music/{{Metallica}} have one of each of the first four albums ("Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)", "The Call Of Ktulu", "Orion" and "To Live is to Die" - though the first opens with StudioChatter, and the last, has a short spoken part), and ''Death Magnetic'' revived the tradition with "Suicide & Redemption".
* "(Christmas Eve) Sarajevo 12/24" - Music/TransSiberianOrchestra
* Music/{{Queen}}'s "[[ Procession]]"
* "Jessica" and "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" - Music/TheAllmanBrothersBand.
** A remix of Jessica serves as the theme song to ''Series/TopGear''.
** Covered by Music/TheyMightBeGiants
* "Cause We've Ended as Lovers" - Jeff Beck (from the instrumental album ''Blow by Blow'')
** Ditto for any covers of the tune, like those made for ''SpyHunter'' games.
* ''Music/{{Californication}}'' by Music/RedHotChiliPeppers had two singles recorded during its sessions - appropriately titled "Instrumental #1" and "Instrumental #2" - both of which, unfortunately, didn't make it onto the album but were released as B-sides.
* "Frankenstein" by Music/EdgarWinter
* "Foreplay" - Music/{{Boston}}
* Pretty much the output of The Art of Noise
* "D.N.A." by Music/AFlockOfSeagulls.
* Music/{{The Microphones}} had several instrumentals entitled "Instrumental".
* "Jordan" by Music/{{Buckethead}}
* Music/PinkFloyd has [[Music/TheDarkSideOfTheMoon "On the Run", "Any Colour You Like"]], "[[Music/TheDivisionBell Marooned]]", "CarefulWithThatAxe Eugene", "Music/AtomHeartMother", and several others.
* "Bron-Yr-Aur" by Music/LedZeppelin
* "Last Ride In" and "Espionage" by Music/GreenDay
* Music/DreamTheater has plenty. ''The Dance of Eternity'' is one of them.
* Irish band And So I Watch You From Afar and Japanese band té are outstanding bands both doing nothing but instrumentals.
* Post-rock bands Music/ExplosionsInTheSky and Music/{{Pelican}} are entirely instrumental. Music/{{Mogwai}} only have a handful of songs with singing. Music/GodspeedYouBlackEmperor sometimes use SpokenWordInMusic (and in one brief and almost inaudible case {{Scatting}}) but are otherwise entirely instrumental.
* "[[ Something for the Ages]]"- Hammerfall
* "[[ Misirlou]]": Music/DickDale's badass SurfRock version from ''Film/PulpFiction''.
** Not to mention the other equally badass SurfRock instrumentals on the ''Film/PulpFiction'' soundtrack: "Surf Rider" by the Lively Ones, "Bustin' Surfboards" by the Tornados, and "Bullwinkle Part II" by The Centurions.
* Even older and a masterpiece by Music/JoeMeek: "[[ Telstar]]" by the Tornados.
* "[[ 1980-F]]" by After the Fire, [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff at least in Germany]].
* "[[ Oxygène 4]]" from ''Music/{{Oxygene}}'', "[[ Equinoxe 4]]" [[ and 5]], and "[[ Magnetic Fields 2]]" by Music/JeanMichelJarre.
* "[[ Magic Fly]]" by Space (no, not ''[[Music/{{Space}} that]]'' Space).
* "[[ Samba Pa Ti]]" by Music/{{Santana}}.
* "[[ Fanfare for the Common Man]]" by Music/AaronCopland. [[ And by Music/EmersonLakeAndPalmer]].
* "[[ Cinema]]" by Music/{{Yes}}.
* "[[ Behind My Camel]]" by Music/ThePolice.
* "[[ Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us)]]" by Music/LacunaCoil
* {{Music/Savatage}} is fond of instrumental tracks:
** ''Music/HallOfTheMountainKing'': "Prelude to Madness", a RockMeAmadeus metal arrangement of Music/EdvardGrieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King", and "Last Dawn".
** ''Music/GutterBallet'': "Temptation Revelation" and "Silk and Steel".
** ''Music/EdgeOfThorns'': "Exit Music".
** ''Music/HandfulOfRain'': "Visions".
** ''Music/DeadWinterDead'' features "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)" which was arguably their most popular song and the smash hit of their spin-off project the Music/TransSiberianOrchestra.
** ''Music/TheWakeOfMagellan'': "Underture" and "the Storm".
* Chimaira's 13-minute [[ Implements of Destruction]] mixes this with EpicRocking.
* Music/EmilieAutumn has a double album called ''Laced/Unlaced'', which has both electric violin instrumentals and classical covers and one or two songs she wrote herself on Violin.
* Music/{{Nightwish}} has [[OnceAnEpisode at least one instrumental per album]].
* Music/{{Apocalyptica}} does almost entirely instrumentals. It helps that they don't actually have a vocalist in their lineup and all of their songs with lyrics are sung by guest vocalists.
* "[[ Classical Gas]]" by Mason Williams.
* "[[ From Skin to Liquid]]" by Music/CannibalCorpse.
* "[[ Theme for Great Cities]]" by Music/SimpleMinds. And that's only their really popular instrumental!
* "[[ Patricia's Park]]" and "[[ Colours]]" by Alphaville.
* All of Music/{{Celldweller}}'s ''Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head'' and Music/BlueStahli's ''Antisleep'' albums.
* {{Music/Revocation}} has seven instrumentals among its five albums; the Teratogenesis EP is their only release without one.
* Music/ToddRundgren did a lot of instrumental songs, of which the most blatant example is the thirty-five-minute "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" from ''Initiation''.
* Music/GaMetal mainly does instrumental songs, excluding [[SuddenlyVoiced two]]. {{Justified|Trope}} because the songs are all remixes of songs from VideoGames, which are for the most part instrumental.
* Music/{{Cormorant}} have "[[ Voices of the Mountain]]", "[[ Confusion of Tongues]]" and "[[ Eris]]".
* "[[ Nenia]]" and "[[ Phantoms (Of the Oath)]]" by Music/{{Dismember}}.


[[folder: Western Animation Series ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/{{Tintin}}'': The orchestral theme music complimented the adventure of the albums.
* ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'': Each episode started off with some heavy metal guitars playing a riff, with only their grinning laughter added as sound effects.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Duckman}}'': Also an instrumental theme track.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'': The instrumental theme music is based on Pierre Henry's ''Psyché Rock''.
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'': The opening theme song performed by The Refreshments is instrumental, although a "yahoo!" is added for season finales.
* ''WesternAnimation/RenAndStimpy'': Had a rollicking rock 'n 'roll instrumental theme and ending track.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': The theme song composed by Music/DannyElfman is entirely instrumental music, recorded by a huge orchestra.