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The Instant Costume Change is an ability of SuperHero characters to change from their [[SecretIdentity street clothes]] into their hero costumes, well, instantly. This doesn't include characters who [[DressedInLayers wear their costumes under their normal clothing]]. The Instant Costume Change is usually accomplished by some bit of AppliedPhlebotinum that automatically transforms the character's clothing with little action; often a button push or just a thought.

Virtually all {{Henshin Hero}}es perform an Instant Costume Change when they transform into their powered modes. But other characters can have this ability as well. The exact mechanism by which the trope operates varies from character to character, but some common methods are include nanotechnology, morphable cloth, magic, and alien tech.

See also ToTheBatpole, FlungClothing and InstantArmor. Sometimes involves a TransformationSequence and often a way to justify TransformationIsAFreeAction.



* Kathy Smith [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-YmX09r2uA in this]] Babe commercial.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'', mages summon their "barrier jackets" with their intelligent devices (or armed devices).
* Many more examples at ''HenshinHero''.
* In the ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'' anime episode "The Light Fantastic" Jesse and James instantly change from their regular Team Rocket costumes into archeologists' garb.
** Heck, Jessie and James usually start out disguised as workers or sellers to lure Ash and the gang. And then, when the heroes are surrounded, they remove their disguise to show that they're actually Team Rocket. It doesn't make sense in some factors, though... for example, when they don't wear gloves in their disguise, but do wear them in their Team Rocket uniforms.
* ''Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman'' (AKA ''Anime/{{Battle of the Planets}}''). G-Force had wrist band communications devices which also allowed them to change between their team uniforms and civilian clothing.
* ''Anime/CuteyHoney'' has a special device built into her BoobsOfSteel that allows her to instantly reconfigure her clothing and even her appearance; beyond the normal HenshinHero effect, she can change into a number of alternate forms with unique skill sets, such as BikerBabe Hurricane Honey and Scoop Honey.
* In ''Manga/ArataKangatari'', Sarae, the Hayagami of one of Yorunami's Zokushou, has the power to instantly change its targets clothes to whatever its wielder is imagining.
* Duke Fleed from ''Anime/UFORoboGrendizer'' is able to generate a pilot suit from his own body in order to pilot [[HumongousMecha Grendizer]]. The suit also provides protection from different types of hazards, such as lasers.
* In ''Anime/DragonBallZ'', when Gohan starts attending high school, he has Bulma create a device that let's him instantly change between his school uniform and a superhero costume so he can fight crime in Satan City as Great Saiyaman while protecting his identity.
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' originally had the characters' MagicalGirl costumes simply appear in place of their normal clothes, though later episodes gave them a very brief "clothes disappear, momentary BarbieDollAnatomy and then new clothes appear" TransformationSequence. (''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheMovieRebellion'' gave them fuller and very trippy sequences.)

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* A Franchise/GreenLantern Ring can do this. When a Lantern is separated from their ring, they usually undergo an involuntary Instant Civilian Clothes, due to NoOntologicalInertia.
* In the Franchise/SpiderMan mythology, the ComicBook/{{Venom}} symbiote can alter its appearance to that of any clothing the host wants.
* ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}:
** Pre-Crisis Supergirl often took advantage of her SuperSpeed to do this. In ''[[ComicBook/Supergirl1972 Supergirl Vol 1]] #1'' she changes clothes in a split-second when someone opens her dorm's door. In ''[[ComicBook/Supergirl1982 Supergirl Vol 2]] #20'' she again instantly strips off her costume and puts her civilians clothes on when her friend Joan knocks on her door.
** Being a shapeshifter, the Post-Crisis Matrix version of Supergirl could transform from regular clothes into her Supergirl uniform by altering her clothes telekinetically.
** ''[[ComicBook/Supergirl2005 Post-Crisis Kara]]'' also used her SuperSpeed to change clothes instantly. In ''Comicbook/{{Batgirl 2009}}'' she comes to visit her friend Stephanie Brown -alias Comicbook/{{Batgirl}} III- and does this to avoid to be caught by Steph's mother.
** In ''ComicBook/SupergirlCosmicAdventuresInThe8thGrade'', Belinda Zee instantly change clothes when she first becomes "Superior Girl".
* In the Franchise/MarvelUniverse, Reed Richards invented an "unstable molecular fabric", which some characters can morph using their powers.
** This was done a lot in the ''WesternAnimation/XMen'' animated series from the 1990s, by ComicBook/{{Storm}} and Phoenix.
* The children from the comic ''ComicBook/PowerPack'' could change into their costumes by saying the words, "Costume on!"
* The Wally West version of Franchise/TheFlash could create his costume from Speed Force.
** And any version of The Flash effectively pulls this one off just by being fast enough to change clothes in the blink of an eye.
** In addition to his speed, the Barry Allen version of the Flash was further aided by the use of a ring that stored a costume chemically treated so that it could be packed into the ring's compartment for this trope.
* Averted in modern Franchise/{{Batman}} comics and film adaptations. Bruce's costume is too bulky to be worn under his regular clothes, so when an emergency pops up he has to travel to the Batcave (or somewhere where he has a spare costume in storage) to suit up.
* ComicBook/TheMightyThor: Thor or anyone with similar powers like ComicBook/{{Thunderstrike}} or beta Ray Bill, can change from costume to street cloths by stamping their uru weapon against the ground. (In some cases, the user's powers are activated this way, and in some, the weapon itself changes into a walking stick.) This was lampshaded in one comic with Thunderstrike where he asks ComicBook/{{Spider Man}} to talk over lunch, but has to switch to get money. He says he has no idea where his clothes go, "but at least my wallet's safe."
* The ''ComicBook/HeroicAge'' version of Comicbook/IronMan. His armor is entirely part of his body and emerges from his bones when needed.
* The members of ''ComicBook/{{Gen 13}}'' could do this for a period of time, thanks to high-technological bracelets. Grunge once grabbed Rainmaker's bracelet by mistake and didn't realize it until after he had used it to change costume.
* ComicBook/MsMarvel when she was first introduced could instantly change between her normal clothing and costume instantly, although it was never explained how she could and the ability (along with her combat sense) was never demonstrated by Rogue after she permanently drained the powers from Carol Danvers.
* Comicbook/JeanGrey: When Marvel Girl originally became Phoenix she would instantly restructure the clothing she and the other ComicBook/XMen were wearing into their costumes by telekinetically rearranging the molecules, her divergent future daughter Comicbook/RachelSummers also demonstrated this ability once she acquired the same powers.
* The Ray Palmer incarnation of ComicBook/TheAtom has a costume that is only visible and tangible when he uses his shrinking abilities. This eliminates the need to change into (or out of) it entirely -- he's basically ''always'' got it on. There's still the question of what happens to his civilian clothes when he shrinks, though...
* ComicBook/BlackPanther can do this thanks to having a ''very'' high-tech costume, starting around Creator/{{Christopher Priest|Comics}}'s run.
* Ever since ComicBook/PatsyWalker returned from Hell, [[http://68.media.tumblr.com/773882ef82bb7c327f48d0e2ff61adf3/tumblr_nz74rgnIoO1ukbl5ao1_500.png she can summon the Hellcat costume at will.]]
* The Morrigan from ''Comicbook/TheWickedAndTheDivine'' is a triple-aspect goddess, who swaps seemingly at will between Macha, Badb, and Gentle Annie, all three of whom are still visibly ''her'', but with radically different hair, clothes, and personalities (though of course, all versions of her aesthetic are [[RunningGag None More Goth]]).
** Persephone also runs through a number of barely discernible but clearly elaborate costume changes during her time spent catatonic in the Underground. Admittedly, it's unlikely she was ''literally'' laying on the same spot on the ground for a month, but one does nevertheless wonder where a homeless orphan fugitive gets such a variety of haute couture...other than Creator/JamieMcKelvie's always fashion forward imagination, that is.
* The classic version of Comicbook/TheCreeper has an implant which makes his costume (originally worn to a costume party) appear and disappear. The ComicBook/PostCrisis version also recreates the drugs that were in his system at the time, explaining why the Creeper acts so erratically.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Parodied in ''Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove''; villainess Yzma and her lackey Kronk reach her lab by riding down a {{Mayincatec}} roller-coaster that fits them into lab-coats and goggles en-route. When the heroes later sneak into the lab, they also get stuffed into the very ill-fitting costumes.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/UndercoverBrother''. Undercover Brother jumps out of a window while dressed in what can be best described as a nerd disguise. On the other side, he comes out in his normal attire, complete with afro.
* Creator/BusterKeaton did the same thing '''for real''' in ''Film/SherlockJr'', entering the window in evening clothes, and emerging dressed as an old woman in a dress and shawl.
* Jason in ''Film/MysteryTeam'' has shades of this.
* Typically done by ninjas in the Film/GodfreyHoNinjaMovies.
** And due to this, appears frequently in ''WebVideo/NinjaTheMissionForce'' as well.
* Creator/JeremyIrons does this in ''Film/{{Lolita}}'' (1997). Entering the motel room's bathroom in his suit, a JumpCut has him instantly opening the door dressed in his pyjamas, no doubt to show how eager his character is to [[ThereIsOnlyOneBed get into bed]] with a [[DudeShesLikeInAComa sleeping Dolores]].
* In ''Film/SkyHigh2005'', this is apparently a skill all heroes and sidekicks learn by default. All they have to do is walk [[OffScreenRealityWarp out of sight behind a tree]] a civilian, and walk out the other side a superhero. There's one point during the climax where Stitches changes from dress clothes to his villain garb in the time it takes for the camera to cut away from him in back. To top it off, he was surrounded by nearly a dozen people while he was doing it.
* ''Film/AntMan'' has Scott Lang being given ten seconds to put on the suit. He starts a 9, and the time he's done the counter's at 4. He put on a full body suit in ''five seconds''.
* Subverted in ''Film/DeadpoolNoGoodDeed''. He spots a mugging while in his civvies, and takes so long to get into costume that when he returns the perpetrator is long gone and the victim is shot dead. [[BlackComedy He just starts talking to the body and helping himself to the victim's groceries.]]
* In ''Film/SupermanTheMovie,'' Clark does the iconic opens-shirt-to-[[DressedInLayers reveal-Superman-suit]] thing, flies off...and the rest of his clothes just sort of fade away while he's flying. ''Film/{{Supergirl}}'' also shows the title character walking through a forest, and her outfit (and hair color) magically change while she's momentarily obscured by some trees.
** ''Film/SupermanReturns'' tries to fix this at one point: Clark opens his shirt, flies off and lets his suit flutter off as he goes...[[FridgeLogic except what about his pants]]? Did he somehow take them off in that one motion? The angle makes it hard to tell there.
* In ''Film/{{Hook}}'', once Peter Banning takes his first flight [[ForgotAboutHisPowers after remembering he is Peter Pan]], his clothes change from a pirate’s outfit to Pan's traditional green leaves and tights … in midair.

* {{The Swineherd}} does this behind a tree in the Hans Christian Andersen story, also featuring in ''The Yellow Fairy Book'', there being no believable way he can change into a Prince costume which it isn't mentioned he has, or clean himself of the muck he is covered in.
* In ''Literature/TsarGorokhsDetectiveAgency'', Nikita ends up doing this by accident when he gets too close to [[CoolHorse Sivka-Burka]]'s ear. Somehow, the horse sucks him into the ear and out the other, with him dressed as a typical prince from Russian fairly tales. His police uniform and bag are nowhere to be found. Those are later somehow retrieved by Baba Yaga. The horse later ends up defeating the BigBad this way, whose frail body can't support itself without his massive armor. Later, Nikita learns to avoid the horse's ears while riding it, even when he's holding on for dear life, as the horse is flying.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Series/WonderWoman could basically do this too in her TV show by twirling around a few times. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ecux9dlr-I&feature=related Nobody spun it like Lynda Carter.]] But what happened to her purses?? Not to mention the glasses, hats, etc.
* In ''Series/{{Smallville}}'', Clark naturally does this a lot in SuperSpeed. However, it gets ridiculous when Oliver changes into his complicated ComicBook/GreenArrow uniform in about five seconds.
* The Adam West ''Series/{{Batman}}'' TV series had Batman and Robin changing into their costumes while [[ToTheBatpole sliding down the pole]] into the Batcave. They must have a heck of a contraption down there.
** ''Webcomic/QueenOfWands'' [[http://www.queenofwands.net/comics/20051016b.jpg has a suggestion.]]
** Possibly similar to the one Mr. Incredible had in his car in ''The Incredibles''?
** In TheMovie between the first and second seasons (think "shark repellent bat-spray") we see that there is a switch marked "Instant Costume Change Lever" that they pull on the way down.
* ''{{Shaktimaan}}'', a famous Hindi serial from the 1990s deserves a mention. The superhero's alter-ego, Pandit Gangadhar Shastri could change into Shaktimaan (and back), simply by spinning around like a top.
* ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' has a few examples outside the usual morphing. All ninja-based characters are adept at FlungClothing to ''completely'' change their wardrobe, and in ''Series/PowerRangersMysticForce,'' the unmorphed wizard robe uniforms appear when they enter the dimension their base is in. Another dimension gave them more medieval garb upon arrival.
* On ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'', {{Sufficiently Advanced Alien}}s had a thing for putting female crewmembers into feminine clothing using their StopTrick powers.
* Series/{{Ultraman}} and his M-78 teammates can transform [[InvertedTrope from fully clothed human form.]]
* Naturally, Barry can do this by virtue of being extremely fast in ''Series/TheFlash2014''. In one episode, he doesn't even go anywhere, since he has brought his suit in a gym bag, and it looks like he just spins around in place at superspeed. Additionally, [[spoiler:Eobard Thawne is able to put on his yellow Reverse-Flash suit in the blink of an eye, since it's somehow stored in his ring. Barry asks Cisco to figure out if he can use the ring to the same effect, but nothing has come of that so far, despite the ring trick indeed being his comic counterpart's method]].

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The superhero RPG ''TabletopGame/MutantsAndMasterminds'' has a feat called Quick Change, which allows a character to change between his street clothes and hero uniform [[ChangingClothesIsAFreeAction as a free action]].
* Earlier editions of ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' had the Instant Change power, which did just what you'd expect. Recent editions have replaced that power with a limited form of Transformation (defined as Transforming one's clothing).
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' 3rd Edition has the Charm Flashing Ruse Prana, which allows a disguise to be donned in an instant - including wardrobe. Perhaps closer to this trope conceptually, the Charms Whirlwind Armour-Donnig Prana, Armoured Scout's Invigouration and Hauberk-Summon Gesture can be used in combination to allow the Solar to change from ordinary clothing into his armour in an instant.

* In ''Theatre/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' (2013), Willy Wonka initially appears dressed in a long black coat...suddenly, with a single struck pose, the coat ''vanishes'' to reveal his true, much more colorful suit. Between how quickly this happens and the contrast in the colors, it appears as if the whole outfit turns itself inside-out.
* ''Theatre/{{Cinderella}}'': On Broadway, both the Fairy Godmother and Ella spin to transform their rags into gorgeous gowns. Demonstrated [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcP1cV3nBZI here]] in their Tony Awards performance.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' characters don't need to do much in order to change their clothes. In the original Gamecube/[[NoExportForYou N64]] version they'll change clothes by doing a little spin, and in all subsequent games they'll do a flip instead. When Wild World introduced accessories and new hats for the player character to wear, they started doing the flip in order to put those on (and take them off) too. Everyone in the game is well aware of how instant everything is; you can change clothes anywhere, even ''in the middle of town'', and it's not uncommon to see villagers suddenly change their clothes while talking to another villager.
* [[VideoGame/{{Prototype}} Alex Mercer]] can switch between his ShapeshifterDefaultForm and his disguise form in about a second.
* In ''VideoGame/SecretAgentBarbie'', {{Franchise/Barbie}} performs these when changing between Stealth, Action and Adventure modes, sometimes in broad daylight, in a public area, while surrounded by other people. This is never mentioned or explained.
* ''[[Franchise/TheSims Sims]]'' spin around whenever they need to change (or take off) clothes. They can do it anywhere, but you can also make them go to a dresser in order to have them change in a slightly more traditional way ("traditional" in terms of location only; they will still change by doing the spin). If they change their hairstyle, it just appears on them automatically without any spinning needed.
* Every character in ''VideoGame/SuperCosplayWarUltra'' has the ability to instantly change into different cosplay outfits, [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman gaining the abilities of the character they're cosplaying.]]
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' has always allowed instant changes of clothing/armor/weapons/etc. while not in combat, and there have long been add-ons to help with organizing sets for quick switches. Quick-changeable item set have become a built-in feature of the game client in Cataclysm.
* ''VideoGame/Persona5'': When characters awaken to their GuardianEntity, their clothes changes from their casual outfit or school uniform to a PhantomThief outfit. They can then switch between their regular and thief clothes at will in a flash of blue flames.
* Athena has been known to do this with her psychic powers in ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters''. Mai does something similar in a few of her win poses, but without any supernatural explanation (given that she's a ninja, it's likely just her MasterOfDisguise skills).
* In ''VideoGame/Injustice2'', one of ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'s openings starts with her dressed in her civies before zipping off with SuperSpeed and returning in costume.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebAnimation/BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse'' sometimes shows Barbie and/or her companions wearing clothes that can change appearance and function through such actions as pulling a cord or turning a knob.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Subverted in ''Webcomic/{{Sunstone}}''. The comic touches on how difficult it is to get in and out of latex (especially when sweat is factored in) we even see Ally having to wrestle latex stocking off of Lisa.
* In ''Webcomic/AliceAndTheNightmare'', Rougina manages to get to the Phanty U's back entrance, get out of her usual garb, remake her hair, put on make-up and get into this wonderful dress in the time it gets Alice to reach the main hall, find a sit and open the uni flyer.
* Queen Albia of England from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' can go from gardening clothes to mourning garb to a Skifandrian outfit over the course of five panels. While having a conversation.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Actually explained and played with in the ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse''. We first see Generator and Shroud using their powers to change clothes, although Shroud's first demonstration is to use her cloak to turn into what looks like a Japanese schoolgirl. Fey not only uses her magic to change her own clothes, but starting around "Boston Brawl 2", she is using a spell that enables her to change the entire team into their uniforms (with them holding the packaged uniforms at the start).
* Wiki/SCPFoundation:
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1156 SCP-1156]] is a talking horse with the ability to change its clothing at will.
** SCP-040-1a is a polymorphic jumper that acts as clothing for [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-040 SCP-040]] and transforms into clothing appropriate for the environment.
* In ''Series/{{Noob}}'', Ystos has a mask that he wears only in battle. When he puts it on, it tends to just appear on his face in a split second. May be justified by the fact that the series is mostly set in a MMORPG.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The animated series ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManUnlimited'' gave Peter Parker a wrist device containing nanomachines that rebuilt his street clothes into his Spidey suit.
* Occurs frequently on ''WesternAnimation/TheMagicSchoolBus''. When the bus transforms, Ms. Frizzle and the kids' clothing will often change along with it. For example, if the bus turns into a submarine, everyone will instantly be wearing scuba gear.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes'' has Janet shrink to shed her civilian clothes, then suddenly emerge as ComicBook/TheWasp.
* In keeping with its vague video-game theme, [=SwaySway=] and Buhdeuce of ''WesternAnimation/{{Breadwinners}}'' can make new costumes blink onto them by jumping and shouting, "L-l-l-l-level up!"
* When Joey transforms into the eponymous WesternAnimation/AtomicPuppet, his green coat, white t-shirt, and brown pants are instantly replaced with his superhero costume, and vice-versa when he powers down.