Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ {{Industrial}}, HeavyMetal
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ ThrashMetal, AlternativeMetal, HardcorePunk, PostPunk, Synthpop (some modern examples)

Also known as "[[OddlyNamedSequel Industrial 2: Electric Boogaloo]]". If you want to know what happened in the first one, click [[{{Industrial}} here]].

Anyway, assuming you're up-to-date on this... After Music/SkinnyPuppy brought {{industrial}} music a slight amount of recognition in not-underground-but-not-mainstream-either circles, a man named Al Jourgenson took note. He was a member of the SynthPop band Music/{{Ministry}}, and he was incredibly bored and contemptuous of the music his band was making. So, at some point, he rediscovered his old passion, the electric guitar, and decided to combine metal with this "industrial music" he'd heard so much about. And so, Ministry drastically changed their style from SynthPop to... industrial metal.

Ministry weren't the only ones who kickstarted the industrial metal genre, however. The German band Music/{{KMFDM}} were one other early pioneer (albeit less influential than Ministry), as was the British Music/{{Godflesh}} (who, while not as successful as Ministry, had a larger impact on the genre than KMFDM did). The genre really kicked off, however, when one man took note of all this and decided to get involved. This man was named Trent Reznor, and, having left his previous band, he decided to form a solo project. This solo project was called "Music/NineInchNails", and had a similar musical style to Ministry except with more angsty lyrics, production wizardry, and, at first, slightly less metal content (but only on ''Pretty Hate Machine''; TheNineties brought massive guitar assaults). Nine Inch Nails was the band that brought industrial music into the mainstream with their/his album, ''The Downward Spiral'', in 1994 (the album with that "I-wanna-fuck-you-like-an-animal" song [[RefrainFromAssuming which is known as "Closer" to some people]]). Ministry also got a lot more recognition with their album, ''Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs'', in 1992.

And so, industrial became massively popular. One band, Music/MarilynManson and the Spooky Kids, opened for Nine Inch Nails and, thanks to Trent Reznor's mentorship (if that's a word), dropped the "and the Spooky Kids" bit and basically stuck with the name of its frontman. Thanks to that, people confuse the band with the guy. Initially, Marilyn Manson were (we're talking about the band here) very popular amongst goths, but in recent times have become a joke within the goth scene.

Industrial music, particularly Marilyn Manson, got more focus in the mainstream thanks to the controversy caused by the Columbine killings. The news spread rumours that the two teens responsible for the massacre were "convinced" to do it by Marilyn Manson's music. This idea kept spreading even after it transpired that the two teens listened not to Manson but to KMFDM and Music/{{Rammstein}}, neither of whom were picked on as much. And, given that KMFDM and Rammstein [[AllGermansAreNazis are German]], you can guess [[MusicToInvadePolandTo what the next allegation that the press threw at these bands happened to be]].

In recent times, industrial seems to have fallen out of favour. Ministry have broken up, Nine Inch Nails is/are moving in entirely different directions, Manson are jokes, so on and so forth. Only Rammstein seem to be that popular anymore. Newer bands seem to be moving towards the upgraded version of Electronic Body Music: Aggro EBM / Hellectro, unless they go in a [[FollowTheLeader similar direction as Rammstein]] ([[OlderThanTheyThink though it was actually Oomph! that created Rammstein's style]]) into the sub-genre of ''Neue Deutsche Härte'' ("New German Loudness")[[note]]named as a ShoutOut to the genre that in the late Seventies spawned the seminal Industrial group [[Music/EinsturzendeNeubauten Einstürzende Neubauten]], ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neue_Deutsche_Welle Neue Deutsche Welle]]''[[/note]] with bands such as Eisbrecher, Megaherz and ASP leading the way. This genre also seems to be the go-to genre for GothicMetal and BlackMetal acts to change to when they undergo a GenreShift, like Music/TheatreOfTragedy, Music/TheKovenant and to an extent Music/CradleOfFilth eventually did.

Oh, the music, right. Well, industrial metal is a fusion of industrial music and metal. It's characterised by frequent use of samples, synthesizers and keyboards, and repetitive guitar riffs. Vocals are often distorted, and drum machines are sometimes used. There are two main styles of industrial metal: one with a greater emphasis on ''industrial'' with slightly less guitars and a more prominent use of keyboards, synths and drum machines -- good examples being Nine Inch Nails, Angelspit and KMFDM; and one with a greater emphasis on ''metal'', which is far-and-away the most common type of this genre -- with good examples being Fear Factory, Marilyn Manson and Godflesh.

Often used interchangeably with the term "Industrial Rock", which is, for the most part, just less abrasive Industrial Metal.

!!Industrial metal artists include:

* Music/{{Aborym}} (Industrial BlackMetal)
* Music/AcumenNation
* Music/TheAmenta (Industrial DeathMetal)
* Music/AmericanHeadCharge (Industrial NuMetal)
* Music/AnaalNathrakh (Industrial BlackMetal; also incorporate elements of {{Grindcore}} and DeathMetal)
* Music/{{Angelspit}}
* Music/{{ASP}}
* Music/TheAxisOfPerdition (Industrial BlackMetal)
* Music/TheBerzerker (mixed with {{Grindcore}})
* Music/BigBlack (another possible UrExample)
** ''Music/SongsAboutFucking'' (1987)
* BILE (Credited as pioneers of the genre during their earliest years.)
* Music/BlackLightBurns (Wes Borland's post-Music/LimpBizkit project, and generally better-received)
* Music/BloodStainChild (a bizarre example, mixing MelodicDeathMetal with {{Trance}} and JPop)
* Music/{{BlueStahli}}
* Music/BlutAusNord (Industrial BlackMetal)
* Music/{{Celldweller}}
** Circle of Dust (Klayton's former project before Celldweller, also ChristianMetal up until its return with ''Machines of Our Disgrace'')
* Music/{{Chemlab}}
* Music/{{Chimaira}} (mostly GrooveMetal, ThrashMetal, and {{Metalcore}}, but the industrial influence is obvious on both their first and latest albums)
* Music/{{Crash}} (Also ThrashMetal and GrooveMetal with RapMetal influences)
* Combichrist (Starting on We Love You. Previous work was Aggrotech.)
* Music/{{Cubanate}}
* Music/{{Daath}} (Industrial GrooveMetal with DeathMetal influences)
* Music/DavidBowie (decided to take a stab at this with 1995's ''Music/{{Outside}}'', see in particular "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" and the original version of "Hallo Spaceboy")
* Music/DeadWorld
* Music/{{Deathstars}}
* Deceptionist (Industrial TechnicalDeathMetal)
* Music/{{Device}} ({{Supergroup}} with {{Music/Disturbed}}'s David Draiman and {{Music/Dope}}'s guitarist Virus)
* [[Music/DEspairsray D'Espairsray]] (Industrial HardRock)
* Music/DieKrupps (Their work in the 90s especially- their early work was [[Music/{{Industrial}} EBM]])
* Music/{{Dope}} (also borders on NuMetal)
* Music/EconolineCrush
* Music/{{Eisbrecher}} (Neue Deutsche Härte)
* Music/ElectricHellfireClub
* Music/FallOfBecause (along with Head of David, one of the bands from which Music/{{Godflesh}} evolved, and a clear precursor musically)
* Music/FrankKlepacki
* Music/FearFactory (overlaps with GrooveMetal and AlternativeMetal, with some elements of DeathMetal)
* Music/{{Filter}} (formed by ex-NIN member Richard Patrick, basically Industrial Metal mixed with PostGrunge)
* Music/FrontLineAssembly (typically {{Industrial}} (although they usually have one or two songs with metal guitar on each album) but their ''Millennium'' album is IndustrialMetal)
* Music/TheGazette
* Music/{{Genitorturers}}
* Music/GodLivesUnderwater
* Music/{{Godflesh}} (either a TropeMaker or a TropeCodifier; they've been on the scene since the late 80s)
* Music/{{Godhead}}
* Music/GravityKills
* Music/GunsNRoses ( on Chinese Democracy surprisingly enough, mixed with traditional styled HardRock)
* Music/HanzelUndGretyl
* Music/HateDept
* Music/HeadOfDavid (one of the bands from which Music/{{Godflesh}} mutated)
* Music/TheILYS (basically Music/DeathGrips [[TheBandMinusTheFace sans MC Ride]])
* Music/{{Innerpartysystem}}
* Music/JulienK (mixed with Synthpop, until their second album where they dropped the industrial and the metal entirely)
* Music/KidneyThieves
* Music/KillingJoke (UrExample)
* Music/{{KMFDM}}
** Music/{{MDFMK}}
** Music/ExcessiveForce
** Music/SlickIdiot
* Music/{{Korn}} (''See You On the Other Side'' primarily; also NuMetal)
* Music/TheKovenant (Industrial BlackMetal after a GenreShift)
* Music/{{Lard}} (collaboration between [[Music/{{Ministry}} Al Jourgensen]] and Music/JelloBiafra; currently, tropes found in their work can be found on Biafra's page)
* Music/LordMantis (along with [[DoomMetal sludge]] and BlackMetal)
* Music/MarilynManson
* Music/{{Mechina}}
* Music/{{Megaherz}}
* Music/MegLeeChin
* Music/{{MindlessSelfIndulgence}}
* Music/{{Ministry}} (TropeMaker)
* Music/{{Mortiis}} (After being dark ambient, and then borderline SynthPop)
* Music/{{Mnemic}}
* Music/{{Mushroomhead}}
* Music/MyLifeWithTheThrillKillKult (On the fence between this and Electro-{{Industrial}})
* Music/{{Nailbomb}}
* Music/NineInchNails (TropeCodifier)
* Music/{{Oomph}}! (TropeMaker and UrExample of Neue Deutsche Härte)
* ''Orgy'' (They also border on NuMetal)
* Music/{{PAIN}} (Side project of Music/{{Hypocrisy}} frontman Peter Tagtgren)
* Music/ParadiseLost (for a while, anyways; they eventually went back to being GothicMetal)
* Music/{{Pig}}
* Music/{{Pigface}} ({{Supergroup}})
* Music/{{PitchShifter}}
* Music/{{Powerman 5000}} ( Industrial NuMetal)
* Music/{{Prick}}
* Music/{{PROSTATECANCER}} (Mixed with Speedcore)
* Music/PsyclonNine (mixed with BlackMetal)
* Music/{{Rammstein}} (TropeCodifier of Neue Deutsche Härte)
* Music/RazedInBlack (Also Electro-{{Industrial}})
* Music/RevoltingCocks (Ministry side project, with a heavy emphasis on absurdist humour)
* Music/{{Samael}} (Industrial BlackMetal; first two albums were straight black metal)
* Music/SeraphimShock
* [[Music/ShiningNorway Shining (Norway)]] (more than a slight case of NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly, as they also incorporate elements of ProgressiveMetal, BlackMetal, fusion jazz, and numerous other styles. ''Blackjazz'' marks the point where their material becomes consistently metal-oriented; before that, most of their material was acoustic jazz or progressive rock, although their live shows had always incorporated quite a lot of metal influence)
* Music/SistermachineGun
* [[Music/SpectrumX Spectrum-X]]
* Music/StabbingWestward ( Industrial AlternativeMetal )
* [[Music/StaticX Static-X]] (Industrial NuMetal)
* Music/{{Swans}} (Possible UrExample)
* [[Music/DevinTownsend Strapping Young Lad]] (Industrial DeathMetal)
* Music/{{Sybreed}} (Mixed with MelodicDeathMetal and GrooveMetal)
* Music/TheatreOfTragedy (After a GenreShift)
* Music/TheMonolithDeathcult (Industrial TechnicalDeathMetal)
* Music/TheProjectHateMCMXCIX (Industrial DeathMetal)
* Music/TheBirthdayMassacre
* Music/TheUnchained
* Music/TreponemPal
* [[Music/TurmionKatilot Turmion Kätilöt]]
* Music/VerticalSection
* [[Music/RobZombie White Zombie]]
** The Music/RobZombie solo albums count as well
* ''The Young Gods'' (Swiss band around since TheEighties, cited by Music/NineInchNails and Music/{{Ministry}} as an influence)
* Music/{{Zardonic}} (Mixed with DrumAndBass)
* Music/{{Zyklon}}

!!The Industrial Metal genre contains the following tropes:

* AlternativeMetal: there's a lot of overlap between the two genres.
* ConceptAlbum: not at all uncommon, surprisingly. Music/NineInchNails, Music/MarilynManson and Fear Factory have all done more than one album of this type.
* HarshVocals: not universal, but pretty common in the genre, and done a variety of different ways- from DeathMetal style growling to straight-up CarefulWithThatAxe to electronically distorted weirdness.
* MohsScaleOfLyricalHardness: usually tends towards the darker end of the spectrum here, though some bands (ie Music/{{KMFDM}}) have an evident sense of humor. Though even that tends to be somewhat towards the cynical end of the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism...
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: falls all over the upper half of the scale, with 6-8 being typical (9-10 is primarily the domain of DeathMetal and BlackMetal -influenced bands). Some bands drop a bit lower from time to time as well, but not all that often.
* MusicToInvadePolandTo: another (false) accusation thrown at certain bands due to the band in question either being [[AllGermansAreNazis German]] or using totalitarian imagery in a subversive way. Or both, in the case of Music/{{KMFDM}}.
* NuMetal: some bands, like Dope, Orgy, Static-X and Powerman 5000, combine these two genres to some degree. Not surprising, since many NuMetal bands were influenced by IndustrialMetal to begin with.
* {{Sampling}}: very common, and, like in {{Industrial}} Music, more likely to be movies or found sounds than other songs, though the latter has been known to happen from time to time.
* SubduedSection: popularized in this genre by Music/NineInchNails, but common for many other bands in the genre as well.
* TheNewRockAndRoll: a number of bands in the genre got accused by MoralGuardians of being responsible for school shootings, suicides and the like, with Music/MarilynManson being the biggest target of them all.
* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth: some bands favor simple riffs and rhythms. Also, solos are rarer than in most other subgenres of HeavyMetal, though not completely unheard of. However, the often dense production makes for an odd variation of this trope, and some bands (Music/NineInchNails, for example) make use of numerous tempo and time changes.
* TropeCodifier: Music/NineInchNails and to some extent Music/MarilynManson and Music/FearFactory; Music/{{Rammstein}} for the Neue Deutsche Härte subgenre.
* TropeMaker: Music/{{Ministry}} and/or Music/{{Godflesh}}; Music/{{Oomph}} for the Neue Deutsch Härte.
* UrExample: Music/KillingJoke, Music/{{Swans}}, Music/BigBlack and The Young Gods can be thought of as this.