->''"In a World...''"
-->-- '''Creator/DonLaFontaine''' on everything.

[[DescribeTopicHere In a world where movie trailers and common phrases collide... one article describes the practice.]]

[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQRtuxdfQHw There are certain conventions]] when creating movie trailers; these differ depending on whether the trailer is for comedy or for drama. Usually, you can tell which kind you're going to get depending on the first few voice-over lines of the trailer; if it starts with "In a World" or no voiceover whatsoever, you can expect drama, especially SpeculativeFiction. However, if it begins with cheery music, it's going to be a comedy, even if the soundtrack turns sour as the narrator discusses the plot's primary conflict. In both cases, the voiceover is AlwaysMale.

Since their creation these archetypes have been increasingly [[PlayingWithATrope played with]] and may even be leaning toward [[DiscreditedTrope being discredited]] or even a DeadHorseTrope, as 21st century movie trailers usually don't have any narration at all.

[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVDzuT0fXro The trailer for ''Comedian'']] (yep, that's really him) does a good job of showing how certain styles of trailer-talk are not always appropriate. See TheyFightCrime for this kind of plot-pitching used for {{UsefulNotes/Television}}.

Named for a line commonly attributed to "That Guy from the Movies", the late Creator/DonLaFontaine, who very likely [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QPMvj_xejg single-handedly]] [[TropeMaker brought this trope into being]].

Common Dramatic Elements, in order:
* "In A World [Where]"
** And its related forms, "In a Land", "In a Time", etc.
** Often (immediately) followed with "...where [[JustForFun/XMeetsY X and Y]] collide"
** [[http://www.ranker.com/list/best-in-a-world-voice-over-trailers/chaz-fletcher This page]] lists several examples of real-life "in a world" trailers, most of which are not parodies and most of which are by Don Lafontaine, though few actually ''begin'' with the phrase in question. This is just to officially prove, if such proof be needed, that the "in a world" trope is not entirely a DeadUnicornTrope.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVDzuT0fXro In a world where Don can't use any of the usual phrases...]] (not Don, but other trailer voice guy Hal Douglas)
* "When your life is no longer your own"
* "[[http://youtu.be/SmWPf1RK8II One man]]/woman/boy/girl [must]"
* "Will change the world"
* "Will [[PurpleProse embark on]] [[WalkingTheEarth a journey"]]
* "Things are about to get..."
** Or: "...until NOW".
* "A hero will rise"
** Often followed by "... and an Empire will fall."
** Or the other way, "[[AfterTheEnd An Empire/Civilization will fall]]... and a Hero will rise."
* Darker lighting, tends to feature very few speaking portions of the film
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Taglines said/shown one word at a time]], interspersed with kickass clips.
* Monologue from the lead character will summarize their struggles.
** It's been 42 Days since...
** I keep on running...
** But I can't...
* "One Woman's Journey"
** [[Series/{{Seinfeld}} "from Milan to Minsk..."]]
* An increasingly frantic soundtrack for action/adventure movies, abruptly silencing for a character to make an [[TheStinger ironic remark]], then finishing with one last '''BUM-BUM-BUM BUMM!!!'''
* A fairly recent addition has been the use of whooshes (as in sound effects) and plenty of them, usually punctuating cuts from scene to scene or scenery pans. Expect on occasion a boom hit to mix things up.
* Chanting or cheering (often gradually increasing in volume as a fade-in happens). Especially common for sports and political movies.
* Montage increases in speed as the trailer progresses, until what you get is a succession of one-second shots, often followed by a FadeToBlack, and then the movie title.
* StockTrailerMusic
** ''Music/CarminaBurana'', ''[[Film/RequiemForADream Lux Aeterna]]'' or scratchy, tension-filled electronic music are common
** Though it's fallen out of favor, many, many action films of TheNineties used ''Bishop's Countdown'' from ''{{Film/Aliens}}'' for their trailers. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlzkGd7qaMY See if this sounds familiar]].
** If it's a {{sequel}}, it will usually use the first film's soundtrack.
** Guitar-heavy rock songs, that don't appear on the soundtrack, playing over action-packed, fast-cut footage from the movie. Often done in TV commercials for the movie instead of the full trailer.
** A popular choice in films made since 2004 has been the track "Hello Zepp" from the ''Film/SawI'' soundtrack. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhSHXGM7kgE You'll know it when you hear it.]]
** Elastica's track "Connection" was popular duing the 80's and 90's. The song has a heavy, high-energy chorus appropriate for frenetic action sequences. Then at a moment of tension [[DramaticPause everything stops]] except a vocal solo singing "the vital connection is made"...and the instrumentation coincides with the climax of the onscreen stunt.
* Paramount/Columbia/Whatever Pictures [proudly] presents...
* When is the film coming?
** ''Coming soon...''
** ''Now in theaters [everywhere]''.
** '''''[[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: [[Creator/Don La Fontaine This summer/year/etc... ]]
** Some dramatic display of the date, especially when the date is something like [[Film/TheOmen2006 6/6/2006.]]
* Often finished with one final tagline and possibly a split-second shot of the monster/[[TheHero hero]].
* "....and this time, it's war/{{serious|Business}}/[[ItsPersonal personal]]...."

Common Comedic Elements:
* "Meet [Character's Name]!"
* "[Character's Name] was just an average [name of profession/title]"
* "...until, one day..."
* More footage of the actual film to TrailersAlwaysSpoil levels.
* Any of the Dramatic Elements used in a way that is [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]]
* The RecordNeedleScratch.
* The OverlyLongGag has become surprisingly common, too. ''Film/AustinPowers'' might have had something to do with it...
* "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPUmE-tne5U Walkin' On Sunshine]]" or "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FZbcoWrUsw Let My Love Open the Door]]" are frequently used for the music.
* If you want to see all of these piled on at once, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF0ws2vpSw4 watch the trailer]] for ''Film/ByeByeLove''.
* The music will usually cut out a few times to show gags from the film.

Common for both:
* "(Coming) this year/summer/fall/winter/soon (to a (movie) theatre near you)"
** This has since been condensed to simply 'This summer/fall/July/whathaveyou'; in particularly poisonous cases, this is followed several cuts later by an exhortation for the audience to [[TheyFightCrime PUNCH CRIME]], or "Discover", or otherwise do something that the characters in the film will be doing (rather than, more sincerely, exhorting them to purchase a ticket and see their film) They may also be asked to go on an adventure "beyond imagination", or beyond something similar. This was perhaps a fair cop in ''Film/{{Zardoz}}'''s advertising campaign (well, it was in keeping with the lunatic bombast of the film, at least), but when attributed to the ''Film/TheMummyTrilogy'' films, it just looks desperate.
* The trailer often ends in a shot of the movie's title; it may or may not be spoken by the narrator.
** For comedy movies, the letters might individually fall down from above the screen, with at least one word zooming in from the side and crashing into the rest of the words. Optionally, one of the letters will then tilt slightly and become crooked. These letters are predominantly red or black.
** For high-budget blockbusters heavy on CG, the letters might slowly tumble over from behind the camera from different directions in such a way that they'll perfectly align themselves into the movie's title. Sometimes, one of these letters will float by extremely close to the camera, allowing you to see the texture in the letter. Creator/WarnerBros and Creator/{{Marvel}} use these for their VanityPlate logos too, with metallic reflections of the studio and pages from the comic books, respectively, revealing they're the companies' logos as the camera dramatically zooms out.
** Music/NeilYoung created [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4kTnP5VJ1k a parody of this]] for his ''Living With War'' music videos and films.
* If the title shot isn't the end, there'll be TheStinger with a particularly cool or funny moment from the movie.
* For suspense pictures, the title shot may be accompanied by a particularly chilling line from the film.
* The suggestion that "If you only see one movie this summer/fall/winter/spring, make it..." A DeadHorseTrope.
* "All [character, often a child] ever wanted was..."
* "From the creators/producers/director of (movie title) comes a story..."
* Starring [Academy Award winner/nominee] X, [Academy Award winner/nominee] Y, [Academy Award winner/nominee] Z...
** [[YouMightRememberMeFrom Famous]] comedian/international action hero/star W1
** [[AndStarring And]] W2, as [[Main/OnlyOneName Fu Manchu/Bunny/The Witch/Dr. Whatever...]]
* A display of Sundance Film Festival Awards, for that indie look.
* ''Someone'' from RollingStone/Time/Whatever magazine says it's "Stunning/[[MomentOfAwesome Awesome]] / [[ItsAllAboutMe The best film of the year]]".
* "If you liked (title), you'll love (other title)."
* Sometimes seen in remakes, or sequels of really old moves (Often promising the Duke Nukem effect), Several dark, quiet, or shaky camera shots, followed by a very quick glimpse of something recognizable from the previous film.
** The best example would be the ''Film/StarTrek'' movie (2009) teaser, where you couldn't see much, until the last shot showed that it was the Enterprise.
** It was also used for the Music/CrosbyStillsNashAndYoung documentary ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiPM1-rTf0k Deja Vu]].


* Parodied by Geico Insurance with Creator/DonLaFontaine. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJMGS7l0wT8 Both our cars were under water...]]
* Used by MittRomney in a [[http://youtu.be/26AMgycOWoU campaign ad]].

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Played mostly straight in the English dub of ''Anime/BurstAngel'', where a movie trailer seen by some characters gets an "In a world of violence, one man got a second chance..." narration.
* Played straight by John Avner's narration of ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'', where every episode begins with Void's "In this world...".
** Also parodied in the HilariousOuttakes.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* This is lampshaded in an issue of ''Comicbook/FantasticFour'', where Ben and Sue go to the movies and are ready to count all the "In A World"s they hear when the MonsterOfTheWeek attacks them.

* A 2013 comedy starring Lake Bell, about a young lady seeking to follow her father's footsteps into the trailer voiceover business, is titled, naturally, ''Film/InAWorld...''.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8JPEq0Qp4Q The Mother of All Trailers]].
* The aforementioned trailer for ''Comedian'', which actually features Hal Douglas, the other movie trailer guy.
** Later, some Internet jokester [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCkczm0L2oc interspersed it with appropriate clips]] from ''Anime/CowboyBebop: TheMovie''. It totally makes sense.
* ''Film/FiveMenAndALimo''.
* The trailer for {{the film of|TheBook}} ''Film/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'' was narrated by the ''Guide'', as an entry in the ''Guide'' on movie trailers, spoken by Creator/StephenFry. It consisted of one continuous LampshadeHanging and parody of science fiction action movie tropes. It can be found [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3i9PKbnRvo here]].
--> "Often, this section is preceded by the words, 'In a world' ...[earth explodes] but sometimes not."
--> Trailers also normally employ '''[[Creator/DonLaFontaine A DEEP VOICE]] that sounds like a seven foot tall man who has been smoking cigarettes since childhood.'''
--> "The goal is to provide a piece of advertising that is original and exciting, yet intelligent and provactive - in other words: [[StuffBlowingUp lots of things blowing up]]." ''(cue rapid series of clips of explosions from other films)'' "Occasionally interrupted by [[MsFanservice a girl in a bikini]]."
* Subtly invoked by the Australian trailer for ''Film/TheProposition'', which starts with a stark shot of the outback and Creator/RayWinstone saying "Australia. [[Creator/DorothyParker What fresh hell is this?]]"
* The "trailer" at the end of ''Film/KungPowEnterTheFist'' was just scenes cut from the film along with this kind of narration.
* The trailer for ''Film/AustinPowersTheSpyWhoShaggedMe'', which came out the same summer as ''Franchise/StarWars Episode I'', after doing a fake out bit about ''Star Wars'', had the narrator say, "If you only see one movie this year... make it ''Star Wars''. But, if you see ''two'' movies this year..."
* In ''Film/TheHoliday'', Cameron Diaz's character Amanda works in Hollywood editing movie trailers, and even when she gets away on vacation a voice in her head (Hal Douglas!) sometimes reflexively narrates her emotional ups and downs using trailer-voiceover-speak, laden with this trope. The whole movie has numerous affectionate shout-outs to the film industry.
* Done straight ''and'' with a twist (by La Fontaine Himself) in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-vUl-1FJ9E the trailer]] for ''Film/HeavenlyCreatures'': "In a world where dreamers and believers are miraculously transformed..." "But ours is not a world that believes in magic..."
* Like virtually every other Hollywood cliche, ''Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice'' (specifically, its trailer) [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R5dk0JY2xc satirizes this mercilessly]].
* The trailer for ''Film/{{Borat}}'' was narrated by the main character himself. [[YouNoTakeCandle ("See my moviefilm. If it is no success, I will be execute!")]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnQ9Vp4fV4I trailer]] for ''Film/KnightsOfBadassdom'':
-->In a world within our world they've created a world unlike any other world!
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBBab1eOKxA trailer]] for ''AngelsAndInsects'':
-->In a world of wealth and privilege, he was an outsider ...
* The trailer for CyberTracker:
-->In a world where laws are held by cyborg police officers...

* In ''Discworld/MovingPictures'', the standard phrase is "Against The Backdrop Of A World Gone Mad!" At one point Soll is attempting to negotiate with a group of dwarfs who [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame object to being stereotyped as miners]] ("But most dwarfs ''are'' miners!" "Yes, but we're not happy about it."), a troll who wants to play the leading man, and various other people nitpicking the plot, when someone asks him why all Mr Dibbler's pictures are set against the backdrop of a world gone mad. His response is "Because Mr Dibbler is a very observant person."
* In ''Literature/TheOrphanMastersSon'', a novel about life in dystopian UsefulNotes/NorthKorea, a producer in the state film industry uses this exact phrase while telling an actress about her next project.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Parodied on ''Series/TheColbertReport'' in the intro to a segment on movies. "In a world... ''[RecordNeedleScratch]'' until he met her!"
* On the pilot for Frank Caliendo's short-lived show, ''Frank TV'', there is a segment parodying the Three Tenors where three movie announcers go on tour. It guest stars Pablo Francisco and Don La Fontaine, and begins, "In a world..."
* The opening narration for ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess''.
* Played with in a commercial for ''Series/HogansHeroes'' which was written by Creator/StanFreberg. During a TV commercial where Freberg interviews star Bob Crane:
-->'''Freberg''': Shall we say, "If you liked UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, you'll love ''Hogan's Heroes''?"\\
'''Crane''': No, let's not say that, no.
* When Series/{{Chuck}} kinda almost proposed to Sarah.
-->'''Morgan''': "In a world full of awkward Chuck and Sarah moments, comes a moment so awkward..."
* Lampshaded in ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}''.
--> '''Topher''': "In a world where all men are guilty until proven dead, one man stands as our only hope in the fight against..."
* In ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' when Lily was forced to paint Barney nude. He imagined it would begin with "In a world that needed a hero..."
* Parodied in ''Series/NedsDeclassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide''.
* "In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name... Series/{{Merlin|2008}}." ("Young man" as of Season 4.)
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''. Parodied in the promo for "The French Mistake".

* {{Negativland}} once collaged a couple dozen snippets from various La Fontaine trailers for HighFantasy films. It's on track 6 of ''Moribund Music of the 70s''. [[http://www.dreamshore.net/bluejay/don_lafontaine_razortape_epic_adventure.mp3 Listen to it here]].
* Parodied in [[Radio/GlennBeck The Glenn Beck Program]] when he asked a friend to "make [[ChristmasSongs Christmas Carols]] sung by kids [[CreepyChildrenSinging Spo]][[DarkerAndEdgier oky]]." During their "[[DarkerAndEdgier spookier]]" remix of "SantaClaus is Coming to town", Pat says this... "In a world...(laughter from Glenn) where SantaClaus only comes once a year...("Stop! Ha ha ha!") [[BadSanta You'll wish he'd never come..]] [[NightmareFuel AT ALL]]!" Can be found [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lOxfAmWAnM here]]

[[folder:Stand Up Comedy]]
* Pablo Francisco's half-hour Creator/ComedyCentral special featured an act based around this trope.
* Creator/JaneaneGarofalo once pointed out all trailers seem to start with "In a world..." She then did her impression of a movie trailer in UsefulNotes/SanFrancisco: "In a world..." "HSSSSS!"
* Mexican comedian [[Series/OtroRollo Adal Ramones]] makes fun of trailers in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu5wUy7ay_g one of his monologues]] (starts at 17:00).

[[folder:Table Top Games]]
* In [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} a world]] of [[DarkerAndEdgier Grim Darkness]]... [[CrapsackWorld there is only war]]

* The short play ''Check Please, Take 3'' features a character [[{{Expy}} named Dan]] who ''[[CantStayNormal cannot stop talking like this.]]'' Right down to being unable to say the phrase "inside this planet."

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''{{Whiplash}}'' has this as one of its first jokes. A bunny starts with "IN A WORLD, WHERE A VOICE FROM THE HEAVENS TELLS YOU TO ''CUT LOOSE''--", but he's promptly attacked by guards.
* ''[[VideoGame/DukeNukem IN A WORLD GONE BAD...]]'' Text example, not to ruin your happiness from listening ''The Thing I Hate'' in the intro of ''Time to Kill''.
* The Narrator in ''VideoGame/HouseOfTheDeadOverkill'' speaks every single one of his lines in this style, which is appropriate considering the game is a pastiche of seventies exploitation films.
* The Borderlands series. The moon dance trailer for "VideoGame/BorderlandsThePreSequel" specifically was the ""Main/PunctuatedForEmphasis" interspersed with kickass clips" type
* The ''VideoGame/BionicCommando Rearmed'' soundtrack has an audio track called "One Man, One Bionic Arm," which is the audio track for the game and its premise as if it were a typical blockbuster film.
* The Onion Knight's story path in ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' begins with a dramatic narration that includes the phrase "In a world that was slowly decaying around them..."
* "[[VideoGame/MegamanLegends In a world covered by endless water..."]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6V0JDyHoAU trailer]] for ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4''.
* A Gamestop ad for ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' had this style, to show off the Valkyrie rifle you get as a preorder bonus. [[spoiler: [[FourthWallPsych At least until Shepard tells Garrus to cut the cheesy narration and help him shoot things.]] ]]
* ''{{VideoGame/Deadpool}}'', executing his enemies with his [[DropTheHammer twin hammers]], occasionally quips "In a world, where dipshits get killed with hammers...".
* An InUniverse example in ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime''. On the radio, you may hear [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhcwt8Ju3Cc an ad]] for the holo-film "My Blaster Runs Hot", which uses this phrase twice.
-->'''Narrator:''' In a world where greed and corruption rule the streets...
-->'''Evil Mastermind Gabriel Von Cabindish''' (played by Captain Romulus Slag)''':''' Ahoy there, young scalywags! This be a holdup! Nobody moves, and nobody gets hurt!
-->'''Narrator:''' ...where lawlessness and chaos have seeped into every fiber of our society...
-->'''Woman:''' My baby! Someone stole my baby!
-->'''Narrator:''' ...in a world where people steal babies, one man has the courage to stand up for what's right.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' spoofed this repeatedly in the Strong Bad Email [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail144.html narrator]], where Strong Bad went around narrating the everyday lives of his friends and neighbors as if they were movie trailers: an argument between Bubs and Coach Z over napkins becomes a trailer for a post-apocalyptic action film, a tiff between Marzipan and Homestar over a goofy novelty chef's hat becomes a trailer for a romantic dramedy, the Poopsmith shoveling... whatsit becomes a trailer for a snooty French art film, and Strong Mad and The Cheat playing Battleship becomes a trailer for a buddy comedy. ButtMonkey Strong Sad is "fortunate" enough to get two trailers: one for a comedy where he gets hit in the face with an octopus, and one for a horror movie where he gets hit in the face with a dead Canada goose.
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO0kRE5OTZI Here Comes ]] WebAnimation/DrTran'' revolves around a five year-old boy getting harassed by a movie trailer narrator.
--->'''Narrator:''' ''He...is a man of action... He...is a man of honor...''\\
'''Tran:''' Who is that?\\
'''Narrator:''' ''He...is a man of duty...''\\
'''Tran:''' Are you talking to me?

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Evoked by Liquid in ''Webcomic/TheLastDaysOfFoxhound'': [[http://www.gigaville.com/comic.php?id=290 "He's a man. A man... who is covered in bees." "In a world gone mad, only one man had the courage to cover himself in bees. These are his stories."]]
* Well, it was only a matter of time before someone started making theater-style commercials for webcomics. Since the comic in question is ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'', saying 'in a world where anything can happen' is rather an understatement. May be viewed [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBRc6rynjF4 here.]]
* This piece of narration form ''Webcomic/{{Roommates}}'' ([[http://asherhyder.deviantart.com/art/Roommates-61-Lundi-99389187 Here]]) which is also the current page quote for it: "Somewhere, there is a place where all stories are real and all dreams are truth..." but it also promptly subverts/parodies the trope "...This is not that place..." just to make it a double subversion at the end "...This is not quite that place, but it's close."
* Zadok in ''Webcomic/OneOverZero'' does a Don [=LaFontaine=] impersonation in [[http://www.undefined.net/1/0/?strip=818 strip 818]], complete with underlined text.
-->'''Zadok:''' Beyond known space. An ancient evil lurks. Now, six friends must join forces to do the impossible.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The trailer for ''[[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Movie]]'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqU6Ajl63os started out]] this way. It ends, "By the way, does anyone have a throat lozenge? This voice is killing me."
* ''PacMan: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWL6j0SvqV0 The Movie.]]''
* Go ahead and browse Website/YouTube for recut trailers. People are [[GenreSavvy familiar enough with this trope]] that they rearrange a movie's content to pitch it as the wrong genre. Some films, by merit of their quality lend themselves to this, such as the {{Narm}}alicious ''Film/TheWickerMan2006'' becoming [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_mW8mBzmHo a comedy]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1kqqMXWEFs Ten Things I Hate About Commandments]] being an example of said culture jamming.
* Parodied by the intro to Episode 50 of [[http://www.allmovietalk.com AllMovieTalk]], because that week's Top 6 list was on movie trailers.
* The "trailers" for ''Webcomic/TheWayOfTheMetagamer 2: InNameOnly''.
* Website/{{Cracked}} has a trailer of [[OscarBait Every Academy Award Move Ever]] [[http://www.cracked.com/video_18156_a-trailer-every-academy-award-winning-movie-ever.html Here]].
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAzxnJKCEdU This]] trailer for "Pit of Death", a PlatformHell ''VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld'' hack.
* Psychedelic Eyeball [[http://www.viddler.com/explore/PsychedelicSA/videos/30/ parodies this]] in the final video of his LetsPlay for ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersia3D''.
* WebVideo/HonestTrailers is a mix of this and AccentuateTheNegative. The announcer voice is further spoofed when they added as TheStinger him saying user-suggested things such as [[InherentlyFunnyWords "glockenspiel"]] and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} "Pikachu, I choose you".]]
-->"In a world full of movies and television..." -- ''Honest Trailer - Screen Junkies Channel Trailer''.
* All the movie ads in the commercial breaks while the Literature/WhateleyUniverse characters are watching "Tales of the [=MCO=]", including ads for Oliver Stone's "Foucault's Pendulum" and the Merchant-Ivory production of "Hulk 1809".
* Some of WebVideo/ThomasSanders' early Vines were based on using this for humor.
-->In a world where your parents try video games for the first time...and it's ''hilarious''.
* In a Creator/FoilArmsAndHog sketch, the premise of “Movie Voice”.
* Link [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN3bFGJzY9s&list=PLSQLREUw9vwlh8bzgvZCt_WS8615trN5H&index=5 gearing up for combat]] receives this treatment. Zelda doesn't approve.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode, "The Biggest Douche in the Universe": While the boys are on a flight to Chef's parents' house to release Kenny's soul from Cartman's body, they are subjected to a handful of trailers for Rob Schneider movies, most modeled after roles he played in ''The Animal'' and ''The Hot Chick'', and given similarly ridiculous titles such as ''Rob Schneider is...A STAPLER!" and "A CARROT!" One particularly ridiculous trailer starts out like this:
-->"Rob Schneider [[BlahBlahBlah derp de derp. Derp de derpity derp a-derp]], until one day...a-derp a-derp a-derpa-derp."
** The later episode "Stanley's Cup" takes it even further. Stan is forced to coach a Peewee hockey team to pay off a ticket, living out many Sports Movie tropes in the process. Meanwhile, the court clerk is following him around with a record player, narrating everything he does in the In A World voice.
* In a tragically hard-to-find-online clip, the ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends'' episode "One False Movie" climaxes with the NinjaPirateZombieRobot opening of Bloo and Mac's ColonCancer-patient film, which appears to be a trailer for ''itself''. "In a world where chaos reigns like cats and dogs in a hailstorm of... ''passion'', a retired cop must settle one last score. [Against {{ninja}}.]"
* A trailer for ''Disney/BrotherBear'' starring a moose where the moose and his friend narrated the trailer. It begin with, "If you only see one movie this year-" "Wait, hold on, if they only see one movie, [[LampshadeHanging wouldn't it be the movie they're watching right now]]?" And then a plea to stop watching the current movie and then watch ''their'' movie... or just watch two movies this year.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'': "The Chronicles of Meap" did [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1g53zVVELw this little send-up trailer]] as a tribute to the late Don [=LaFontaine=]: "One Man, In A Land, In A Time, In A World... All His Own."
** Then parodied by [=LaFontaine=] himself: "In a world...there, I said it. Happy?"
* Played straight (well, sort of) on ''WesternAnimation/{{Fillmore}}'' when they have [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_LaFontaine the man himself]] do the opening voice-over for every episode and every "chapter."
* In the DVDCommentary for ''WesternAnimation/{{Hoodwinked}}'', the creators mention how trailers always seem to start with the phrase "IN A WORLD..." They go on to joke that all they know about the planned sequel to their movie is that it will take place "IN A WORLD."
* Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest''. [[MadScientist Susan and Mary]] build a machine that allows people to warp reality by beginning a sentence with "In A World..." and speaking into it. Things get ''way'' out of hand.
* ''WesternAnimation/HomeMovies'' incorporated this in Brendon's first movie ever shown on the show, ''Dark Side of the Law'': "In a world gone mad, there stands one cop fighting against evil and injustice!".
* The commercial for Cartoon Network's ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7uDvSITrlY seen here]] has one of its characters doing this over the trailer.
--->'''Darwin''': In a world in chaos...where love has no place...two heroes fight for the power of friendship.\\
'''Gumball''': Dude, what's with the voice?\\
'''Darwin''': It's my movie voice.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}}'''s ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMjpl64Tpco Blood Ocean]]'' starts with this very line. It has something to do with [[SpacePirates Space Vikings]].
* In the ''WesternAnimation/RatedAForAwesome'' episode "Voice of Lars" Lars gains a deep movie trailer voice and finds [[CompellingVoice he can control people with it]]. He words all his commands this way.
* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'': Spoofed by a drunk Roger, complete with a mock dramatic voice.
-->'''Roger:''' In a world where vomit comes out of my mouth...(throws up)
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'', in the episode "Hank's Cowboy Movie".
-->'''Boomhauer''': Hey, man, all you need is a dang ol' narrator, you know, like that movie trailer guy, dang ol'\\
In a world where love is against the law.\\
Something like that.
* ''WesternAnimation/SonicBoom'' manages to spoof this as well in the second TV trailer.
-->'''Narrator''': In a world where speed is survival... and evil never surrenders... ...only one man... *{{record needle scratch}}*\\
'''Sonic''' (to Tails in actual clip): "Yeah, um... about that..."

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Frequently parodied by British film critic Creator/MarkKermode, eg "in a world of queens, she was her majesty..."
** And now for the trailer for ''Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins'':
--->"In a world in which narrative coherence is under threat, it takes a real hero not to lose the plot, and in a world in which holding onto a penguin can mean holding onto the woman you love, one boy better make sure he doesn't lose the plot."
* The 76th UsefulNotes/{{Academy Award}}s present [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTisxNTqACA The Return Of The Host]].
* On the Cineworld hompage is the byline [[http://www.cineworld.co.uk/ Welcome to a world without booking fees]].

->[[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb "...There, I said it. Happy?"]]