->'''Goodvibes: '''I have Billy's IQ test right here. I'm afraid Billy only scored a negative 5.
->'''Hoss: '''What's wrong with -5?
->'''Goodvibes: '''Well, we gave the same test to a shovel and two candy bracelets, they each scored a positive 17.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy''

Your typical dunce (at least in fiction) has the intellect of a snail. But attaching numbers to everything is fun, so why not stick him or her with a lower IQ score to prove his or her stupidity?

Unlike [[ImprobablyHighIQ the opposite end of the spectrum]], it's much more rare to see one of these scores reach ridiculous levels that don't match up with real world IQ testing. Of course, when it does get ridiculous (to the point of giving negative scores), it's much more jarring. On the other hand, most ''really'' ridiculously low [=IQs=] - single digits, or negative numbers - are found in comedies, where the RuleOfFunny can be blamed, or in-character hyperbole.

IQ test scores are designed to follow a normal (bell curve) distribution with a mean of 100 points and a standard deviation of 15 points. The table below shows the expected statistics of below average [=IQs=].
||align=center border=1 width=100%
|| IQ|| Occurrence|| Frequency|| On Earth (of 7 000 000 000)||
|| ≤100||50%|| 1 in              2|| 3 500 000 000
|| ≤ 95||37%|| 1 in              3|| 2 586 089 381
|| ≤ 90||25%|| 1 in              4|| 1 767 447 763
|| ≤ 85||16%|| 1 in              6|| 1 110 586 778
|| ≤ 80||09.1%|| 1 in             11|| 638 478 538
|| ≤ 75||04.8%|| 1 in             21|| 334 532 466
|| ≤ 70||02.3%|| 1 in             44|| 159 250 924
|| ≤ 65||00.98%|| 1 in            102|| 68 707 300
|| ≤ 60||00.38%|| 1 in            261|| 26 812 664
|| ≤ 55||00.13%|| 1 in            741|| 9 449 286
|| ≤ 50||00.043%|| 1 in          2 331|| 3 003 422
|| ≤ 45||00.012%|| 1 in          8 139|| 860 065
|| ≤ 40||00.003 2%|| 1 in         31 574|| 221 699
|| ≤ 35||00.000 73%|| 1 in        136 176|| 51 404
|| ≤ 30||00.000 15%|| 1 in        653 327|| 10 714
|| ≤ 25||00.000 029%|| 1 in      3 488 556|| 2 007
|| ≤ 20||00.000 004 8%|| 1 in     20 741 279|| 337
|| ≤ 15||00.000 000 73%|| 1 in    137 360 561|| 51
|| ≤ 10||00.000 000 10%|| 1 in  1 013 594 635|| 7
|| ≤  5||00.000 000 012%|| 1 in  8 336 093 696|| 1
|| ≤  0||00.000 000 001 3%|| 1 in 76 429 353 031|| 0

See IdiotHero, TheDitz, and TheFool for character concepts that may invoke this. If the character isn't managed properly, this may be an InformedFlaw and result in fans calling ObfuscatingStupidity.

Contrast ImprobablyHighIQ. For more information about IQ testing, go [[UsefulNotes/IQTesting here]].



[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The French comic ''ComicBook/LesBlondes'' had a strip with a [[BrainlessBeauty pretty but dim]] [[DumbBlonde blonde]] discussing her employee evaluation results with her boss.
-->'''Employee:''' "The test said I had an IQ of 27. I don't understand..."
-->'''Boss:''' "With an IQ of 27 it is normal you don't understand."

* Brick Tamland from ''Film/AnchormanTheReturnOfRonBurgundy'' has an IQ of 48.
* In ''Film/ForrestGump'', Forrest has a somewhat more probable IQ of about 75, which is considered the lowest for "normal" intelligence, or mildly retarded. While low, someone with an IQ of 75 could still go to school, get a job, get married, etc., just as Forrest did. It's notable that in the old days with harsher (or one might say [[ValuesDissonance different]]) terminology, one wasn't considered a "moron" until an IQ of 70, psychologically speaking.
* ''Film/{{Alien 3}}'' also averts this. Aaron, Superintendent Andrews' assistant, is commonly known by the nickname "85", which is his IQ. He demonstrates some noticeably stupid behavior, but manages to avoid lapsing into complete idiot territory.
* ''Film/{{Idiocracy}}'' demonstrates this. The two intelligent people who never bred had a believable IQ of about 130, while the football player and the trailer park people, had scores in seventies and eighties, which are believably low-average. However, five hundred years later, the average score was five. Granted these people were so stupid that their society was collapsing around them and most of them probably would qualify as retarded, but given how IQ is defined, it's impossible for the ''average'' IQ to be anything other than 100, since the norms are adjusted to ensure that average. Justified, as they may be too stupid to realize that.
* In one of the spoof trailers for ''Film/TropicThunder'', the main character of Simple Jack is stated to have an IQ of five.
* From ''Film/WillyWonkaAndTheChocolateFactory'':
-->''What do you get from a glut of TV?''\\
''A pain in the neck and an IQ of 3''

* In the Literature/{{Discworld}} novel ''Discworld/{{Thud}}'', the rather drug addled troll named Brick is described at one point as having a possibly negative IQ for comedic effect. Sergeant Detritus is at least once jokingly commented to have a room temperature IQ, but in fact he is no fool and an excellent policeman, if not especially bright. Also subverted in that the comment can be taken literally, as [[AllTrollsAreDifferent Troll's brains]] in Discworld work faster in low temperatures, so his intelligence really is likely to be affected by the room temperature.
** However, with trolls, there's an ''inverse'' relationship between temperature and intelligence. Detritus is '''brilliant''' when he's about to freeze to death in the Pork Futures Warehouse, and Mr. Shine is considerably sharper than the run-of-the-mill Discworldian even in "normal" temperatures, being composed of stuff that naturally refracts light instead of absorbing it.
** It has been theorized that if a troll would actually sit down in a chair and take an IQ test, it would score lower than ''the chair it was sitting in''.
** The Tsumi wrestlers in "Interesting Times" are apparently chosen in part for their savage lack of intelligence; One Big River (a guard who is dim but functional) supposedly failed the application test when he didn't try to eat the table.
** Note to American readers: the UK uses the Celsius scale, not Fahrenheit. "Room temperature" therefore means about 20, not 70.
* In ''Literature/TheWestingGame'', in Sandy's notes of the other heirs to Westing's will, a note on Otis Joseph Amber is that his I.Q is 50 (Mild to moderate mental retardation, depending on the scale you're looking at). A person with this I.Q would have difficulties on their own, but it's stated that Amber is a delivery boy [[spoiler:and even marries Berthe Erica Crowe after the contest ends.]] When he's around, he acts more [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} nutty]] yet competent than mentally impaired
** [[spoiler: There is a reason for this.]]
* In C. M. Kornbluth's ''The Marching Morons'', a character states that "the average IQ is now 45". As TheOtherWiki (and [[UsefulNotes/IQTesting our Useful Notes page]]) point out, this is nonsense.
** Less so if it's interpreted as a shorthand way of saying "the average (contemporary for the speaker) person would, on a (contemporary for the protagonist) Stanford-Binet IQ test, score somewhere around the point at which the results become too low to be reliable, say 45." This still seems awfully low, though.
* The narrator of ''Stuck in Neutral'' has no conscious control of his muscles, and is typically assumed to be mindless, so his IQ was once measured at 3. (From his narration, he seems to be of above-average intelligence--he's just completely uneducated.)

[[folder:Live Action Television]]
* Hazel Wassername of ''Series/ThirtyRock'' has an IQ of 70 - which she seems to think is pretty high.
* ''Series/RedDwarf'': Holly the computer, once said to have an IQ of 6000 (equivalent to that of 6000 P.E. teachers or 12000 car-park attendants), has succumbed to computer senility. While trying to prove he's not completely gone, he [[spoiler:he fabricates a back-up computer program called Queeg, who "takes over" ''Red Dwarf'']] in the episode "Queeg". In the episode, Queeg claimed that Holly's IQ was actually 6. ("It's got a six ''in'' it, but it's not six thousand...")
* On the Israeli sitcom ''Shemesh'', the eponymous lead character asks [[TheDitz Sasi]], the cook in his restaurant, if he knows what ‘ICQ’ is.[[note]]This was in an episode that aired in the early [[TheNoughties Noughties]], when ICQ, the first modern instant messaging software, was invented in Israel and became popular; it was later bought by Microsoft and adapted, in a sense, into MSN Messenger.[[/note]] Sasi answers, ‘Of course I do, it’s what I have 12 of!’
* ''MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' presents a documentary on penguins and a graph displaying the results of an IQ test taken by the penguins against two other demographic groups. The penguins were inferior to the bushmen of the Kalahari but fared better than BBC programme planners.
-->'''Prof. Passeral:''' The BBC programme planners' surprisingly high total here can be explained away as being within the ordinary limits of statistical error. One particularly dim programme planner can cock the whole thing up.
-->'''Title card:''' You can say that again!

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''{{Garfield}}'' once gave us this list of beings, in order of intelligence (from 0 to [[ImprobablyHighIQ 1000]]): Amoeba - slug - dog - stone - ape - human - kitchen machine - cat.
** Even further, a special anniversary edition printing of Garfield told us that Odie's IQ is so low, "you can't test it, you have to dig for it." Despite these claims, Odie actually HAS beaten Garfield on rare occasions.
* In the Dutch comic Dirkjan an extra has this to say about Marini: "You gotta keep an eye on that one. He has an IQ in negative numbers"

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Averted in ''VideoGame/{{Tropico}}''. Having certain hindrances puts El Presidente's IQ at "just below room temperature", which, if one measures temperature on the Fahrenheit scale, puts him near the cutoff for "profound retardation".
** In a tropical banana republic, room temperature sans air conditioning could well be around 90 to 95, so the implied IQ of 85 to 90 is really just.. kind of dumb.
** Played straight, if the country measures in Celsius, though (likely around 20-25).
* ''VideoGame/{{Awesomenauts}}'' has [[MeaningfulName Derpl]] [[TheIdiot Zork]], a character so dumb he scored lower than ''plankton'' on a galactic IQ test.
** Possibly averted, as Plankton are incidentally [[IntelligentGerbil a species of mildly intelligent aliens]].

* When not under the effects of her "boost intelligence 12 fold" AppliedPhlebotinum, the main character of ''Webcomic/MindMistress'' has an IQ of 66.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The animation "Tramps Just Wanna Have Fun" reveals "an IQ of 1".
* Suzaku from ''WebVideo/CodeMENT'' scored negative on his IQ test and is surprised when Lelouch tells him that´s a bad thing.

[[folder:Web Video]]
* In a parody of Music/IggyAzalea's song "Fancy" by WebVideo/BartBaker, [[DumbBlonde Iggy]] spells her name as Iccy, Iegi, and HRT5, because she "can't spell because her IQ is negative ten"

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* Homer Simpson of ''TheSimpsons'' has an IQ of 55 (taking a crayon out of his brain raised it 50 points to 105), but lives in a normal (not really, but within the show, yes) suburban home without any assistance.
** The logical conclusion of this score is that Homer is actually ''dumber than ForrestGump''. (The writers have claimed they started him as average, but [[{{Flanderization}} he loses about 5 IQ points a year from radiation]], and now he's basically "a dog who can talk").
** Interestingly, his 105 IQ is portrayed as ungodly high, to the point where he devises a mathematical equation that flawlessly disproves the existence of God. Of course, 105 is actually only barely above average. FridgeBrilliance sets in when you realize that compared to [[CloudCuckooLand everyone else around him]], 105 probably would look downright brilliant.
* Billy of ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'' has an IQ of -5.
** "[[RuleOfFunny We gave the same test to a shovel and two candy bracelets... They scored a positive 17.]]"
* Another character with ridiculously low IQ: [[TinyToonAdventures Elmyra Duff]], who has "no detectable IQ" (presumed to mean an IQ of 0). This in comparison with a jar of mayonnaise, which is stated to have an IQ of 1.
* As identified [[AllThereInTheManual on the wiki]], Scratch and Grounder of ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog'' have [=IQs=] of 40 and 25, respectively.
* Peter Griffin of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' has an IQ of 40. (The episode "Petarded" puts him on a graph below both normal people and the line for retarded, [[TakeThat but above creationists]].) The episode in which this is revealed blatantly said Peter was retarded, and he can't live without assistance, temporarily losing custody of his kids after Lois was injured. However, he still does a little more than he should be able to. While his job performance is very poor, he apparently is good enough to keep it. Also, he's legally allowed to drive and consent to major surgery, even though his "informed consent" to the latter is complete guesswork.
* Played with in ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' episode "Him Diddle Riddle." As part of a series of tasks on the Professor's behalf, Him has the girls take their SAT tests. Buttercup's score is 35, Blossom's is 10 (which pisses her off big time). Bubbles--who drew a pattern of a flower on her test--scored a whopping 1075. (Head writer Amy Rogers mentioned on a message board that it showed that Bubbles was actually the smartest of the three. Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek comment.)
** Bubbles, being aware that the test is meant to hinder them, simply refused to take it at all seriously. Buttercup just did it without considering what Him was sure to do in grading the test, and Blossom took it way, way too seriously--her rage proving the point. Him graded accordingly.