[[caption-width:225:The [[MemeticMutation (In)famous]] O RLY Owl]]
One of the most common pastimes available on the Internet. Take a fairly representative image of some kind, slap a redundant caption on it in a [[UsefulNotes/{{Fonts}} bold stark font]], and upload it somewhere to share with people. [[HilarityEnsues It's as simple as that!]]

Most {{image macro}}s are photographs of cats, called {{lolcats}}, but they don't even have to be photographs. Captions are typically word replacements (called snowclones) of [[MemeticMutation Internet memes]], such as "Im in ur X, Ying ur Z", "I has a X", "X has a flavor", and "invisible X".

The term comes from the Something Awful {{fora}} where certain keywords were replaced with funny pictures, or "images", by an automatic script, or "macro". The vast majority of lol* are not actually used that way anymore, but it's the term that most people know.


* [[ I Can Has Cheezburger]] primarily has {{lolcats}}, and also has many other lol____s.
** [[ I Has A Hotdog]] specializes in loldogs.
** [[ I Can Has Rats]] has rats and other lolrodents.
* [[ The Complete Walrus Bucket Saga]] -- the lolrus is a crowd favorite.
* [[ Memegenerator]] is dedicated entirely to the ImageMacro sub-concept of the more general MemeticMutation kind of Internet phenomena. The usual layout of such an image, at least on said site, is usually one single image, with some text on its top followed by another one at its bottom. The below-described Courage Wolf and the like are some of the best known memes on that site.
* [[ LolBuffy]] has an extensive set of links to lolfriends.
* [[ This thread]] contains lolerfs based on the {{webcomic}} ''{{Erfworld}}'', as well as some faux motivators and other {{remix comic}}s.
* Another famous theme is "[[ Demotivators]]", [[FauxtivationalPoster parodies of the old motivational phrase posters]] of corporate lore. It's gotten to the point there are [[ motivator generators for convenient creation]].
* [[ this XKCD comic]] takes a shot at the phenomenon.
* [[ LolSecrets]], in the vein of [[ PostSecret]]. The meme just keeps growing...
* [[ ihasatardis]], for the Series/DoctorWho stuff. This includes stuff in foreign languages, including the entire "O RLY" meme in Russian.
** [[ ihazastopwatch]], the Livejournal for Torchwood macros.
* [[ Halolz]] for video game stuff.
* The FacePalm is an image of a person or character holding their hand on their face as if embarrassed or disappointed. It typically goes without text because it alone symbolizes just how bad someone [[EpicFail failed]].
* [[MemeticMutation DO NOT WANT]] originated from a [[BlindIdiotTranslation mistranslation]] of ''StarWars Episode III''.
* [[ Pundit Kitchen]] for political lulz.
* [[DropThehammer Ban-hammers]]: many moderators and [=GMs=] wield them.
* [[ ihasafreezeray]], or Dr. Horrible's Evil Macro Community of Evil, is the go-to place for [[DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible]] macros. Take for example [[ these two]]. Affiliate with the example below.
* I have no idea what you're talking about ... so [[ here]]'s a bunny with a pancake on its head.
* [[ YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID]]. Seen on 4chan, especially the NicolasCage one.
* Some ''[[ Heroes]]'' [[ macros.]]
* [[ Lolthulhu]] : Cthulhu and the rest of the Lovecraftian mythos
* [[ DRGBLZ]] : [[ Airships]]
* Over at the Ficcing_Seeds lj comm: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds macros [[ here]], [[ here]] and [[ here]].
* [[ Happy Snake is happy to learn of this!]]
* [[ Advice Dog]]. It would be a good idea ''not'' to follow his advice.
** [[ Courage Wolf]]. HE'LL INSPIRE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!
** [[ Insanity Wolf]]. Scariest, most fucking insane advice you'll hear.
** [[ Socially Awkward Penguin]]. Hits closer to home than you'd like.
** And countless others. Expect various fandoms to have some with characters from the show.
** In fact, advice dog variants have become so common that the term "meme" has almost replaced "image macro" because of it.
* [[ High Expectations Asian Father]]. YOU SLEPT FOR 5 HOURS. WHY YOU SO LAZY?