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[[caption-width-right:253:[[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic You know, when you said we were having the other white meat, this isn't what I had in mind.]]]]

->''"The number of incidents of the use of human flesh in cooking decreased this month to 56."''
-->-- '''NKVD (Police) Archive for the Leningrad District''', [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII June 1942]]

If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

No, [[WellThisIsNotThatTrope this trope]] [[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant is not about]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humanitarianism humanitarianism]]. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Cannibalism is considered one of the greatest taboos, so, naturally, it's become a trope. One idea which stands out is that human flesh is superficially similar to swine flesh, hence the nickname "long pig" and the phrase "eating the long pork". [[note]]It's also sometimes called "the other white meat", but it is in fact red, as all mammalian meat is.[[/note]] [[http://blog.wired.com/tableofmalcontents/2006/11/robot_identifie.html A robot designed to taste wine corroborates this idea]]. Thus, it should be delicious, which is reflected both in Franchise/HannibalLecter's [[WickedCultured gourmet tastes]], and in the idea in ''Theatre/SweeneyTodd'' that pies with this ingredient would sell like hot cakes. Or hot pies.

You'll often have people eat something and not know what it is, and [[TheSecretOfLongPorkPies then discover the ghastly truth]], such as in many an InnOfNoReturn.

A mostly DiscreditedTrope (see ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest'' for an exception) is a variation that portrays members of non-European societies as cannibalistic, often attempting to [[CapturedByCannibals cook visiting Europeans in a pot]] (see CannibalFilm for the {{Exploitation|Film}} subgenre based on this).

In SpeculativeFiction, cannibalism is generally extended to include all sapient or humanoid creatures, even if they aren't technically human. Any species that includes humans (or other humanoids) [[ToServeMan in its diet]] is usually portrayed as [[AlwaysChaoticEvil villainous]], as is any species that routinely [[MonstrousCannibalism eats members of its own social group]]. Likewise, humans treating other sapient species as food are rarely treated sympathetically (unless WhatMeasureIsANonHuman is in effect). If an alien or monster race make a practice of eating their own (as well as or instead of humans), then we have a case of MonstrousCannibalism.

[[OurZombiesAreDifferent To various]] [[NoZombieCannibals degrees]], anthropophagy[[note]]This, and related, terms are technically more appropriate than "cannibalism" for a non-human species that eats humans. It's actually more common for works to get this wrong than for them to get it right, possibly because Greek is no longer commonly taught and therefore "anthropophage" just doesn't have that same ''frisson'' of terror that "cannibal" does.[[/note]] is usually expected of ZombieMooks.

If the cannibal systematically hunts down people on a regular basis so he/she can eat them, they'll be a SerialKiller as well.

A subtrope of IAteWhat and HumanResources. Can also involve CarnivoreConfusion without furries (or maybe with furries - see the paragraph on SpeculativeFiction above.) See ToServeMan for the AlienInvasion version of eating people. PickyPeopleEater and BrainFood is for those not interested in mere muscles. See also LetsMeetTheMeat. Compare NoPartyLikeADonnerParty, in which persons are forced into cannibalism due to starvation, or TheSecretOfLongPorkPies, for when someone is unknowingly tricked into it. And when you get down to the bitter dregs, there's AutoCannibalism. Also see FatteningTheVictim, where people are fattened before being eaten.

Note that this trope applies to non-humans who are sentient or otherwise capable of independent thought or communication even if they only eat their own kind. Likewise this trope is ''not'' about anyone eating humans. It's about ''cannibalism''.

TruthInTelevision, and often so disturbing we ask '''Administrivia/NoRealLifeExamplesPlease''' [[noreallife]]
* {{Autocannibalism}}: The act of eating ''yourself''.
** {{Ouroboros}}: A symbol of a serpent eating itself.
* BlackComedyCannibalism: When the horrific act of cannibalism is [[BlackComedy treated as a sick joke]].
* CannibalClan: A family of cannibals.
** CannibalTribe: A group of people who eat other people.
*** CapturedByCannibals: When [[HollywoodNatives primitive tribesmen]] kidnap foreigners, they are in danger of being eaten by them.
* CannibalLarder: Where a cannibal keeps their "leftovers".
* CannibalismSuperpower: Someone [[PowerCopying takes on someone else's superpowers]] by eating them.
** YouAreWhoYouEat: Some can even [[VoluntaryShapeshifting take on the appearance]] of whoever they ate.
* ChildEater: Someone who eats young children.
** EatsBabies: They have a specific preference for infants.
* ConsumingPassion: Someone eats people for sexual reasons.
** LiteralManeater: A [[FemmeFatale female]] [[TheVamp monster]] who seduces unwitting human men before eating them.
* DevouredByTheHorde: Someone is eaten by a group of people.
* EatenAlive: Someone gets devoured while still alive.
* EatingTheEnemy: If you can't beat them, ''just eat them''!
* EatMe: Someone wants to be swallowed (whole) by a monster, so they can kill the beast from inside their belly.
* EatTheRich: When starving peasants eat wealthy people.
* FamilialCannibalismSurprise: Tricking people into eating their own family members.
* FoodChainOfEvil: Monsters who eat other types of monsters.
** MonstrousCannibalism: When monstrous creatures eat their own kind.
* FoodEatsYou: When {{anthropomorphic food}} decide to [[RussianReversal turn the tables]] on humans ''by trying to eat them''.
* HorrorHunger: A character who's been [[DemonicPossession possessed by]] (or [[TheVirus transformed into]]) a monster begins to feel hungry for other people.
** VampiricDraining: [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Certain kinds of monsters]] prefer to consume {{blood|y Tropes}} instead of flesh.
*** VoluntaryVampireVictim: Someone willingly acts as a living food source to regularly satisfy a monster's appetite.
** {{Wendigo}}: [[Myth/NativeAmericanMythology According to Algonquin legends]], eating human flesh will cause you to turn into a man-eating monster.
* HumanResources: Getting resources from a person's body.
* HungryMenace: Someone who eats people or eats from them.
* InvitedAsDinner: A character is invited to dinner, and they end up ''being'' dinner.
* NoPartyLikeADonnerParty: Cannibalism as a desperate measure against starvation.
* PickyPeopleEater: A cannibal is picky over what part of the human to eat.
** BrainFood: Eating brains. This is often a [[OurZombiesAreDifferent walking corpse]]'s favorite body part.
*** YourBrainWontBeMuchOfAMeal: Zombies want to eat someone's brain, but it's unfit for them as that person is [[TheDitz too stupid]].
* SapientEatSapient: Two individuals of sapient (though not necessarily human) species are smart enough to be considered people. But one person wants to eat the other anyways.
* TheSecretOfLongPorkPies: Someone cooks human meat as a secret ingredient in their food.
* StewedAlive: A character gets put into a cooking soup while still alive.
* ToServeMan: Predatory non-human creatures that prey on people.
** FedToTheBeast: Serving up your enemies as a feast for a hungry animal or monster.
*** FedToPigs: Feeding a ([[DisposingOfABody usually dead]]) human body to domestic pigs.
* ImAHumanitarian/AnimeAndManga
* ImAHumanitarian/ComicBooks
* ImAHumanitarian/{{Literature}}
* ImAHumanitarian/LiveActionFilms
* ImAHumanitarian/LiveActionTV
* ImAHumanitarian/TabletopGames
* ImAHumanitarian/VideoGames
* ImAHumanitarian/WebComics
* ImAHumanitarian/WesternAnimation


[[folder:Fairy Tales]]
* ''Literature/LittleRedRidingHood'' used to have more gruesome elements to it. In certain once-common tellings, the Big Bad Wolf didn't just eat Red Riding Hood's grandmother -- he fed her the leftovers.
** The Newgrounds flash animation Red Riding Hood features this.
** ''WesternAnimation/{{Hoodwinked}}'', the 2006 animated adaptation of this story, features a FridgeLogic example: a few police officers seen at Granny's house are pigs. But at the same time, we learn that Kirk sells schnitzel on a stick out of a truck. Schnitzel, for the record, is created from pork, which comes from pigs. Unless we to assume there are two different kinds of pigs - sentient and non-sentient types - existing in this part of the forest, you wonder what would happen if a pig ate something from Kirk's truck.
* In some versions of ''Literature/SnowWhite'', the evil queen wants Snow White's heart returned to her by the woodsman to eat (and also possibly regain youth and beauty, like historical pseudo-vampire Elizabeth Bathory, who [[BloodBath bathed in young girls' blood for this reason]], following local folklore).
** In the original version from Creator/TheBrothersGrimm, it's not the heart, but the lungs and the liver. The queen eats them (that really belonged to a young boar).
* In ''Literature/SunMoonAndTalia'' (a forerunner of "Literature/SleepingBeauty"), the King (not Prince) already has a wife who, in jealousy, has Talia's (Sleeping Beauty's) children sent to the palace chef to be killed. The chef takes pity on them and kills a couple of goat kids instead and passes them off as the children to the evil Queen, who then feeds them to the King. When the King finds out he kills his wife and marries Talia. Incidentally, the children are his... [[{{Squick}} through rape/necrophilia.]]
** In Perrault's ''Literature/SleepingBeauty'', the only difference is the woman trying to eat them is her mother-in-law (and there is no rape and the kids are born in wedlock). The mother-in-law even insists on having Sleeping Beauty and her children cooked in ''sauce Robert''.
** There's one variation that's arguably even worse, where Sleeping Beauty, realizing she's got two [[ChildByRape children by rape]], '''eats them'''.
* In ''The Juniper Tree'', a stepmother kills her stepson by chopping off his head with a chest lid. She then hides the body by cutting it up and using it to make a stew. And her husband spends the meal saying how tasty the meat is!
* In ''[[http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/cinderella/stories/birch.html The Wonderful Birch]]'' the girl's biological mother is turned into a sheep by a witch. The witch then takes the mother's form and convinces the girl's father to kill the sheep and have it for dinner. The mother-turned-sheep instructs her daughter not to eat the meat but instead bury the bones under a tree, so she can later help the girl.
* According to many Russian fairy tales, the witch Literature/BabaYaga is a cannibal.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Ron in ''Fanfic/HarryPotterAndThePortraitOfWhatLookedLikeALargePileOfAsh'', apparently. One of the first, and most oft-quoted sentences is: "He saw Harry and immediately began to eat Hermione's family."
* Many members of the dezban species (post Great War) feast on the flesh of their fallen soldiers, comrades that have antagonized them, and their enemies in the ''Franchise/MassEffect'' fanfic ''The Council Era''.
* Being a SnakePerson, the titular character of the Fanfic/TaleOfSolaron has shades of this. While he hasn't eaten anyone yet, he often responds to the obnoxious rogue by threatening to eat him. Fans of the story speculate that Solaron is entirely capable of swallowing a full grown human whole.
* While the characters aren't human, anyone who knows about ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' knows about ''FanFic/{{Cupcakes}}'', even if they never read it. The titular cupcakes have ponies [[spoiler:that an insane Pinkie tortured to death in her basement]] as an ingredient.
** Likewise in ''FanFic/FalloutEquestria'', [[spoiler: the ponies of Arbu turn out to be cannibals.]] After finding out, [[UnstoppableRage Littlepip doesn't take it well.]]
** In another example, Fanfic/PagesOfHarmony, [[spoiler: Rainbow Dash]] becomes a [[{{Autocannibalism}} self-cannibal]] when her sense of loyalty is completely warped as a result of [[spoiler: Twilight extracting her Element]]. She also takes a bite out of Pinkie's hoof [[spoiler: in their AfterlifeAntechamber]] to emphasize the fact that they can still feel pain.
** [[TheDragon General Esteem]] from ''FanFic/TheImmortalGame'' is a hardcore SocialDarwinist to such a degree that he considers anyone or anything weaker than himself to be nothing but food. [[spoiler: Including baby dragons.]] [[note]]Or so he [[BlatantLies claims]].[[/note]]
* Null Metal Alchemist plays with this, with Ed Elric declaring his intention to eat various characters, either to claim their powers for himself (like Father Cornello in Liore) or as a form of revenge (Shou Tucker).
** As of Episode 9, he hasn't actually eaten anyone.
* The monitor lizards from ''FanFic/WhatLiesBeyondTheWalls''. Nearly all of them feast on other beasts for food, and some of them (such as Ulwort) will go as far as eating other monitor lizards just because they can.
* In ''FanFic/{{Hivefled}}'', it's mentioned that baby trolls hatch in batches of millions at a time and if they all survived the planet would be stripped bare, so they've become a staple food source for older trolls. Adult trolls also aren't too bothered about eating each other.
* ''FanFic/QueenOfShadows'': General Tsume and his tribe enjoy eating human slaves (a little ''[[EvenEvilHasStandards too]]'' much in the opinions of the other Oni), and Tsume himself is apparently not above eating other Shadowkhan (but only with the permission of the Queen).
* In the WesternAnimation/MonstersInc fan fiction ''{{Fanfic/Monstrous}}'': Suel hunts humans for their fear because that's what he eats, but he eats ''them'' because it's fun.
* ''FanFic/YoungJusticeDarknessFalls'': King Shark is unapologetically a cannibal. Then again, being an underwater humanoid, his cases aren't quite the same, though since he ate atlanteans, it still counts. His cannibalism is actually responsible for the reason why we never saw [[spoiler: Ocean Master]] in season 2.
* From ''LightNovel/AnotherNote'', Beyond Birthday has this reputation among the fandom, probably because InUniverse he took his [[spoiler: second-to-]] last victim's left arm away from the crime scene for unknown reasons. (The story itself never says he ''isn't'' a cannibal, but it never says that he is, either.)
* Ashley [=McFly=][=/=]Leather Ashes appears at the end of episode 48 of ''FanFic/PrettyCurePerfumePreppy'', chowing down on a bit of one of her victims' corpses.
* The vocaloid fanfic ''Fanfic/RottingCamellias'' features Kaito, who is very much implied to be a cannibal. He has sharp teeth, and his cage is often littered with unidentifiable bones and meat. He launches himself at anyone who gets to close, and there are a few comments about him biting people.
* ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'' features [[http://lovecraft.wikia.com/wiki/Deep_One The Deep Ones,]] a race of man-eating FishPeople.
* In the ''FanFic/AdoptedDisplaced'' story, ''Dressed To Steal'', this is revealed to be what Clockwerk did to [[VideoGame/SlyCooper Sly's father.]]
* In the WesternAnimation/KimPossible fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12763003/1/Dead-Man-Switch Dead Man Switch]], the Lorwardians don't just behead 15 teenage girls each year, they also feast on their headless bodies.
* In The ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' fic ''Fanfic/OnTheEdgeOfAKnife'', Dr. Gaster shows Wander and Sara a glimpse of what the Chosen are like. One woman, the Yellow Chosen, casually bites and eats the head of a young child who brought her a serving of food mere seconds after she ate the offering. From the way the others around her react in dragging the headless body away, this was not new.

* Reoccuring theme of rapper Music/BrothaLynchHung.
-->Guess what daddy's bringing home for supper?
-->Nigga nuts and guts and slabs of human meat, muthaf*cka, now eat.
* "Cannibal" by Music/{{Kesha}}.
* ANY version of the song 'King of the Cannibal Islands' addresses this trope.
* C.W. [=McCall=], otherwise best known for trucking songs like 'Convoy', did a song about the legendary cannibal killer Al Packer, titled 'Comin' Back For More (Al's Cafe)'.
* The German punk band Die Ärzte has a slow power ballad titled "Baby", which starts out as a plea to stop killing animals for food and directly proceeds to suggest eating people as an alternative for several verses. Quite likely a spoof of PETA-like activism.
* Music/{{Voltaire}}'s song "Cannibal Buffet" consists of a HurricaneOfPuns on the subject:
-->I'm in the middle of the Cannibal Buffet\\
I'm feeling well -- they like me that way!\\
So if you really wanna know what's eatin' me\\
It's the man-eaters on the coast of Barbary
* "Cannibal's Hymn" by Music/NickCave & the Bad Seeds.
* "Mein Teil" by Music/{{Rammstein}}, about [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armin_Meiwes that famous German cannibal a few years back]]. "You are what you eat, and you know what it is."
** Taken one step further in the Volkerball tour, where Till Lindemann dresses up as an EvilChef (complete with a microphone disguised as the handle of a meat cleaver) and proceeds to cook [[TheChewToy Flake Lorenz]].
** "Du Riechst So Gut" has cannibalistic references as well.
* Walpurgisnacht, Neuruppin and Ich esse Reiche ("I eat rich people") by the German band KIZ. They're famous for posing with meat...
* "To Serve Man" by Creature Feature.
* Slightly played straight with GWAR.
* "The Chainsaw Buffet" and "Candy For The Cannibal" by Music/{{Lordi}}.
* "Cannibal" by Static-X.
* The 1970s hit "Timothy" by the Buoys, in which three men are trapped in a mine and only two come out.
-->Timothy, Timothy, where on earth did you go?\\
Timothy, Timothy, God why don't I know?
** When Creator/DaveBarry held a survey for what his readers considered the worst songs ever made, this was one of the top finishers, despite being nowhere near as big a hit as the others. Barry noted that it made up for a lack of success with its extremely memorable subject matter.
* Music/FlandersAndSwann did a song called [[http://www.thurb.com/humour/cannibal.htm "The Reluctant Cannibal."]] Being from 1956, it has a political edge to it, satirizing the Cold War.
-->Going around saying "don't eat people", that's the way to make people hate you!\\
We always have eaten people, always will eat people -- you can't change human nature.\\
You might as well say don't ''fight'' people!\\
"Don't fight people?.... That's ridiculous!\\
My boy!
* The Celtic song ''Jesuitmont''. While the lord of the castle is out hunting with his knights, his wife and the cook kill his daughter and bake her into a pie for no adequately explained reason. They probably should have thought the whole thing through more, as the first thing the lord asks when he gets home is where his daughter is, inevitably uncovering the horrible truth--and ensuring a slow and painful death for the murderers.
** The English ballad "Fair Ellen of Ratcliffe" has the same plot.
* Propagandhi's ''Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz)'' is a satirical vegan response to some of the writings of the culinary author Sandor Katz. It's about eating him.
* There's a very well-known, very cheerful French nursery rhyme about a little boat. Most children only know the first verse and the chorus of it, and then discover years later that the song actually goes on to say the crew got short on food and
-->They had to draw lots, they had to draw lots
-->To choose who, who, who would get eaten
-->To choose who, who, who would get eaten

-->Oheeey oheeey ! Ohey, ohey, ohey little sailor
-->Little sailor, sail on the waves

-->Fate designated the youngest, fate designated the youngest
-->Though he wasn't, wasn't, wasn't very thick
-->Though he wasn't, wasn't, wasn't very thick
** All that very cheerfully. To be fair, in ''some'' versions of the song the boy is saved by something like thousands of fish magically dropping on the deck from the sky.
* "Cannibal" by Music/ReelBigFish.
* "Where I End and You Begin" by Music/{{Radiohead}} concludes with this as a MadnessMantra:
--> I will eat you all alive and I will eat you all alive and I will eat you all alive and I will eat you all alive...
** Another Radiohead example: "Knives Out" appears to be about getting lost in the wild and being forced to eat other members of your traveling group to stay alive.
* A lot of DeathMetal bands write songs about this, with special mention going to Music/CannibalCorpse for [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin reasons that should be obvious]].
** "Eaten" by Swedish death metal group Bloodbath was written with the exact same concept for [[Music/{{Rammstein}} "Mein Teil"]] (see above). And it's much, much, '''MUCH''' more blatant and [[NightmareFuel horrifying]] than the German band's song. [[CaptainObvious Obviously]], the lyrics are well-hidden with the trademark [[HarshVocals death metal growls.]]
* Music/WarrenZevon's "Werewolves of London"
-->I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand
-->walkin through the streets of Soho in the rain.
-->He was lookin for the place called Lee Ho Fooks
-->gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein
** This becomes really creepy when you find out that there is a restaurant called Lee Ho Fooks in Soho... but beef chow mein isn't on the menu.
*** But did it have that as a menu item before the song came out?
* Music/{{Angelspit}} ''love'' this trope, and it shows up in a lot of their songs. ''100%'', ''Juicy'', ''Devilicious'', ''Meat''...
* Get Set Go has a [[LyricalDissonance very cheery]] little tune called "Cannibalism is the Cure", which suggests that eating others will solve all of society's problems.
* Music/HotHotHeat's "Island of the Honest Man" seems like it is going to be this at first, until it subverts it, completely changing the tone from edgy to cheery with the opening line of the chorus.
-->But right then the clouds parted in the sky / The horizon took us all a little by surprise / Watch the sky / And as the howling winds subsided, the locals ran out, all waving their hands and singing / [[{{Utopia}} Welcome to the]] [[TitleDrop island of the honest man]]
* The video for "Feathers" by Music/CoheedAndCambria features a suburban family set roughly in the 1950's where the mother abducts and grinds local milkmen, mailmen, etc into meat for her family (the eaten are played by the band). Despite the description, the song and video's tone are [[SoundtrackDissonance very cheerful.]]
* How did we get this far with no mention of Music/{{Aerosmith}}'s "Eat the Rich"?
** Because it's hard to tell if the cannibalism is literal or figurative?
* PlayedForLaughs in Ellen Hikuki's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tomaV72TY4I "I Ate The Who."]]
* Goober and the Peas "Cordially Invited"
** I'm sure you're all wondering why I invited you all here tonight, and more importantly, what was that meat? Well, I've chosen a particularly flavorful poison, and now you're all mairinating for next year's SHISH-KABOB!
* In Music/{{Necro}}'s "Human Consumption".
* [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Hatsune Miku]] in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRVx9rrmHhM The Full Course For Candy Addicts]]
** Masa's [[{{Gorn}} extremely gory]] [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy5_-vo8WyI_GwXx9s0uKuNdO1YMaBb4X Onibi]] series has Gumi becoming a cannibal thanks to Miku cursing her while being tortured to death by her.
* PlayedForLaughs with [[Music/TallyHall Rob Cantor's]] [[MemeticMutation song]] [[http://soundcloud.com/rob-cantor/shia-labeouf "Shia LaBeouf"]]
* Music/{{Slayer}}'s "Piece By Piece".
-->As soon as life has left your corpse I'll make you part of me!
* Club Moral's song "In Tirol"
-->Eating limbs is my kind.
-->Flesh and blood are in my mind
* The music video for "Sick ,Sick, Sick" by Music/QueensOfTheStoneAge.
** Also there's "Mosquito Song."
* The song "Maneater" by Blue Eyed Blondes. At first the title refers to the heroine's status as as a heartbreaker. [[LadykillerInLove Then she falls in love]]. [[{{Yandere}} And then]] [[CuteAndPsycho she catches]] [[WomanScorned her boyfriend]] [[YourCheatingHeart cheating on her]]...
-->And then I cut him up in pieces,''\\
''my handsome charming midge.''\\
''I sorted him in big black bags,''\\
''and put him in the fridge.''\\
''Now I am a maneater, in more than just one way...''\\
''He tastes like pig, but that's okay,''\\
''I eat him every day.''

[[folder: Music Videos]]
* At the end of the music video for "Miserable" the band ({{Music/Lit}}) is running away from a [[AttackOfThe50ftWhatever giantess]] (played by Pamela Anderson) who is trying to eat them (having already eaten one of the guitarists). By the end of the video she has devoured most of the band leaving only the lead singer, who she tosses into her mouth and swallows.

* OlderThanFeudalism: Myth/ClassicalMythology has several examples:
** The gods had heard such wonderful things about the kitchens of Tantalus that they invited themselves to dinner (they also wanted to give him a chance to redeem himself for the time he'd [[SacredHospitality misbehaved while a guest]] at a banquet on Olympus). Tantalus found himself a bit short on meat, so he had his son Pelops slaughtered and boiled in a stew. The gods noticed and refused to eat--except for Demeter, who at the time was so overwrought over the kidnapping of her daughter, Persephone that she absentmindedly took a bite out of his shoulder. While dear little Pelops was brought back to life, his shoulder replaced by an ivory one by Demeter, he then went on to spawn the cursed House of Atreides. Tantalus was [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment punished in such a way as to give us the word "tantalizing."]]
** Pelops had twin sons: Atreus and Thyestes. Thyestes was having an affair with Atreus's wife, so as revenge Atreus killed and cooked Thyestes's toddlers and fed them ''to their own father'' before stealing the throne of Mycenae ''(back)'' and kicking Thyestes out. For more {{Squick}}, Thyestes has one more son, Aegisthus, with ''his own daughter'', Pelopia (it was a condition of a prophecy to get revenge...). So then Aegisthus kills Atreus and rules Mycenae with his dad until Atreus's sons come back for their own revenge. These sons are Agamemnon (later killed by Aegisthus and Agamemnon's wife, Clytemnestra) and Menelaus.
** There's also Philomela, who was raped and had her tongue cut off by her brother-in-law, King Thereus. In revenge, Philomela's sister Queen Procne killed her baby son Ithys and roasted the body, serving it to her rapist asshole of a husband. The three were, according to the myths, turned into birds; Procne became a nightingale (forever calling "Ithys, Ithys"), Thereus became a hawk or owl (calling "Where? Where?"), and Philomela was made into a songless swallow.
** And Lycaon, who fed his son to the god Zeus and was turned into a wolf as punishment. This is the origin of the word [[WolfMan lycanthropy]].
*** One version of this myth has it so that it's not own his son, but that of his cook. Zeus, visting Lycaon in disguise, boasts that he can identify any meat regardless of how it is prepared. Not knowing his guest's true identity, Lycaon decides to really mess with him, and, rather than go with the typical goat, or lamb, or even horse, forces his cook to kill and roast his own son as a meal for Lycaon's boastful guest. For tricking him into eating human flesh, Zeus turns Lycaon into a wolf. Nothing is said of how Zeus treated the cook for his (unwilling) role in the deception, however.
** In some versions of Athena's birth, Zeus eats her mother to avoid having Hera find out he knocked someone else up. (The lengths which he'll go to to disguise his affairs is just ludicrous sometimes.) He apparently didn't learn the lesson from his father. And in Zeus' case, Athena is born by bursting out of her father's skull. Something that could have been avoided by not eating her mom in the first pace.
* In the Norse ''Lay of Atli'', UsefulNotes/AttilaTheHun invites his brothers-in-law, one of who is the king of the Burgundians. Attila's wife, their sister, warns them that its a trap to gain their immense wealth, but they come anyway. After an impressive amount of badass from the Burgundian heroes they're killed. In revenge Attila's wife kills her own children the sons of Attila and has him unknowingly use their heads as drinking vessels and eat their hearts. Then depending on what version you read, she either kills him and sets free his dogs and burns down his house, or attempts suicide herself (and fails).
* Cannibalism was one of the biggest taboos to the First Nation peoples. According to their mythology, if you eat a person, you will turn into a {{wendigo}}.
* Kumiho, the AlwaysChaoticEvil Korean counterpart of the {{kitsune}}, were infamous for this, and sometimes they'd trick the humans they encountered into [[IAteWhat eating]] [[{{Squick}} one of their own]] too. There's at least one story where a Kumiho claims she'll [[PinocchioSyndrome become human herself]] if she eats enough human livers, though this doesn't seem to be the motivation for most of them.
* Baba Yaga, a Slavic witch, is sometimes said to use her iron teeth to consume human flesh.
* According to [[Myth/AboriginalAustralianMyths Adnyamathanha mythology]], [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bila_(sun) the sun is a cannibal goddess that roasts people over the fire place]]. That's the origin of sunlight.
* Myth/NartSagas: The Bitch-Witch of the Flying Wagon threatens to eat Warzameg if he loses any of her horses.
* Nautical folklore holds that pit barbecues were originally meant to cook human flesh. It would seem that humans have a lot of gristle and connective tissue, so we're hard to cook without drying out and getting chewy.

* Podcast/DiceFunk: Leon wonders aloud if the creepily kind townsfolk are feeding them human meat. Austin responds that it's not cannibalism for Anne, since she is a halfling.
* ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'': Cecil has to share an announcement from the Sheriff's Secret Police about how ''no one'' in Night Vale is engaging in consensual cannibalism or the "definitely-not-increasing-popular" trend of "grill parties."
* In ''Podcast/SoylentScrooge'', surprising absolutely no one, Soylent Scrooge is made out of people. Scrooge also helps himself to a tin of Marley early on.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* CRUSH had "Annabelle the Cannibal"
* During her Wrestling/{{TNA}} run, [[Wrestling/KatarinaWaters Winter]] entertained the idea of draining Wrestling/MickieJames of all her blood and then eating her bones after the rest of her body rotted away. Wrestling/AngelinaLove was too heavily drugged to comment.
* Kris Wolf of Wonder Ring STARDOM is apologetic about her desire to eat humans(is that so wrong?) and tendency to claw and bite at her opponents during matches.
* In one promo video of his for Wrestling/{{Progress Wrestling}}, Jimmy Havoc is seen cannibalising a body, in gruesome detail.

* In ''Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'', the murder victims are baked in meat pies, which become very popular among the unsuspecting populace.
* Even Creator/WilliamShakespeare [[JustForFun/ZerothLawOfTropeExamples uses this one]]. In ''Theatre/TitusAndronicus'', Titus' daughter Lavinia is raped by Chiron and Demetrius, with their mother's help. To get revenge, Titus kills the two brothers, bakes them into a pie, and feeds them to their unwitting mother. This is based on the Thyestes and Philomela myths mentioned above.
** In the 1999 film adaptation, Titus was played by [[Film/TheSilenceOfTheLambs Anthony Hopkins]], which makes it even better.
** When they visit Titus, Tamora introduces herself as "Revenge" and her two sons as "Rape" and "Murder". Literary critic John Sutherland observed that therefore, when Tamora eats the pie, [[GeniusBonus Revenge has consumed Rape and Murder.]]
** Caliban's name is (allowing for Elizabethan spelling) an anagram of Cannibal and he is a savage on a remote island. While he doesn't actually eat humans (indeed, he was the only corporeal being on the island before Prospero and Miranda arrived), he owes his name and characterization to Michel de Montaigne's essay "Of the Cannibals," which describes indigenous peoples of the New World -- although Caliban is a villainous character, he has sympathetic moments, in keeping with Montaigne's point that eating people after they are dead is no worse than the kinds of torture and violence people in Europe regularly inflict on one another.
* ''Theatre/SuddenlyLastSummer'' climaxes with its main character recounting her cousin's murder and cannibalization at the hands of a gang of young boys.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''Literature/TheIronTeeth'' web serialís ghouls eat human flesh, preferably fresh. They hunt and ambush people for food. The protagonist Blacknail the goblin has also made several remarks about how human blood and flesh tastes.
* PlayedForLaughs at the end of ''Machinima/TheStrangerhood'', with [[spoiler: Tovar]]. With his place back home filled by [[spoiler: his EvilTwin]], that makes "quantum crap", so it's said that they'll liquefy his DNA and drink it. It's okay because "genetic cannibalism is totally in, in the future."
* Comes up a couple of times in ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest''. Warning, not only spoilers here but excessively horrible.
** [[spoiler:Viktor Kurchatov cannibalises a corpse - and its genitals at that. Later the pregnant Mary [=McKay=] does the exact same thing to Guy Rapide, although the former is played as Viktor's fetish and the latter as symbolic. (It was Guy who got Mary pregnant.)]]
** In Version Five, [[spoiler: Summer Simms, after killing [[ClassRepresentative Naomi Bell]] does this in hopes of gaining favour with the terrorists, fearing retribution from her classmates due to Naomi's esteemed status.]]
* [[WebVideo/TheMusicVideoShow The Music Video Show]] has turned this into a [[Main/RunningGag Running Gag]] as of season four. "Hey, Sugar. It's me."
* PlayedForLaughs in WebAnimation/ASDFMovie.
-->'''Man:''' Excuse me, are you gonna eat that?
-->'''*camera pans out to reveal a woman with a baby*'''
-->'''Woman:''' No... '''*gives baby to man*''' You can have it!
-->'''Man:''' Thank you! '''*walks away with baby*'''
* VideoGame/{{Kirby}} in ''WebVideo/ThereWillBeBrawl'' is part Franchise/HannibalLecter {{Expy}} and part {{Deconstruction}} of the normally-adorable hero.
* There are numerous characters to whom this applies in ''Literature/TalesOfMU''. In fact, the {{pun}}ny title used here is directly referenced in Mack's second dream featuring [[spoiler:the Man]]. Dragons (especially [[spoiler:Embries]] within the story) can get away with this, no legal repercussions.
** Humans also make up a chunk of the diet of [[spoiler:merfolk]], which Mack discovers to her disgust and continued terror.
** Ogres do this, and Steff has partaken. [[spoiler:When she tries to eat manflesh with Mack, however, she chickens out]].
** Mercy operates a shop to specifically cater to the many man-eaters of the setting.
* Lund and Shanks in ''WebVideo/DoomsdayArcade'' had to eat a human NPC to get his knowledge. [[spoiler: It worked.]]
* The WebAnimation/YoutubePoop [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbTArdTy1Rk Dinner at Ganon's]] ends with [[spoiler: the CD-I cast [[RefugeInAudacity eating Morshu]] [[DisproportionateRetribution for eating all the spaghetti.]]]]
* [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 I AM]] [[VideoGame/GarrysMod PAINIS]] [[WebAnimation/RubberFruit CUPCAKE. I WILL EAT YOU.]]
* [[http://failblog.org/2010/09/05/epic-fail-photos-key-ingredient-fail/ Our People Are The Key Ingredient At Hardee's.]]
* Cannibalism is just one of the many, ''many'' ways GoodThingYouCanHeal is used and abused in ''BartlebyTales''. Apparently, being eaten is actually quite pleasurable.
* EldritchAbomination Carmilla of the Literature/WhateleyUniverse was certainly human up until her first point-of-view story. And she has eaten people more than once.
* In ''{{Website/Neopets}},'' there are foods a user can buy that are (supposedly) made out of Neopets themselves, such as Grundo Stix or Meerca Pie. Neopets can eat nearly any food you give them, and will find it delicious by default unless it's classified as a gross food. Do the math.
* Alucard in ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged'':
-->'''Alucard:''' ''"[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH]] I EAT PEOPLE!"''
** This line [[http://sharkrobot.com/products/bitch-i-eat-people now comes in T-shirt form.]]
* After an ill-advised creation of a "Spider-Tram" ''Website/TlfTravelAlerts'' discovered their error when it started [[https://twitter.com/TlfTravelAlerts/status/514852967124828160 devouring the commuters within it.]] Delays Due To Spider Tram.
* In the ''Podcast/AliceIsntDead'' episode "Omelet" by way of revealing his nature, HumanoidAbomination the Thistle Man invites the truck driver {{Narrator}} to "see sumthin' funny," [[spoiler:then bites off hapless fellow trucker Earl's flesh at the site of an artery, and keeps digging more out from the wound to eat in a rote, automatic manner as poor Earl bleeds out.]] Making matters worse is the Narrator's realization that there's no element of biological necessity in this. The Thistle Man is simply [[AndShowItToYou showing off]].
* [[http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/hoaxes/manbeef.asp The now-defunct hoax website, ManBeef.com]] was a site that purported to sell cuts of human meat to (vetted, exclusive) buyers. There was no way to ''actually'' order anything from the site...[[PoesLaw although quite a few did try]].
* In ''Podcast/TheOrbitingHumanCircusOfTheAir'' the eponymous fictional radio variety show airs a story segment, "Goolsby and Rue" where an Englishwoman recounts discovering as a girl that her mother's employers, prominent barristers, indulged in secret cannibalism during celebratory dinners held after they exonerate truly vile, wealthy, guilty clients. They have their clients for dinner.
* A RunningGag in ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' is how Yajirobe is considering invoking this trope: a deleted scene reveals he showed up during the battle with Vegeta because he smelled Yamcha's body cooking and ''almost'' considered eating him. Later, in the Androids saga, he agrees that Bulma's right not to hand her baby to him, as he's pissed and hungry, implying that he would eat baby Trunks. Later, he's confirmed to have eaten [[spoiler: the fetal clones of Mrs. Briefs.]]
** The talking pig Oolong is horrified when Krillin tries to serve him pork. Later, when Chiaotzu accidentally served him pork, he realizes to his own horror that he's delicious. In the BadFuture, Oolong tells Puar that he's 'made his peace' with the fact that at some point he'll have to eat pork, as all that's left to eat is pork rinds.
* ''Wiki/SCPFoundation''
** [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-082 SCP-082 Fernand the Cannibal,]] [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-352 SCP-352 Baba Yaga,]] [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-604 SCP-604 a dining set,]] the [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-861 SCP-861 Tar Baby,]] [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-974 SCP-974 Treehouse Predator]] and [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1227 SCP-1227 The Family Man.]]
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1305 SCP-1305 ("Cat Lure")]] uses a lure to bring human subjects to it in order to kill and eat them.
** [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1359 SCP-1359]] is a woman that compels any animal (including humans) that sees her to try to eat her. While affected humans can intellectually identify their actions as wrong, they can't attach any negative emotions to their attempts (successful or not) to eat her flesh. Humans who only have access to photographs of the woman will eventually eat the photos.
* Jessica of ''Podcast/FatFrenchAndFabulous'' has an unsettling obsession with cannibalism, even owning a cannibalism cookbook titled "To Serve Man" signed by Mads Mikkelsen, despite the fact that she is, apparently, a vegetarian.
-->"Technically, human is the only meat that can consent."