Robbie Finch and Orson Kurt met, well, on the Internet, and for four years, the Internet was their sole connection. But now Robbie Finch is moving from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Glory, Maryland, Orson's hometown and local haunt, to attend Godeliff University. Now they can be best friends in Real Life, too!
Finch always thought that Orson's wild and fantastic short stories came from some mysterious Creative Void--but it would appear that many of the stories are true. According to Orson and his friends (a bunch of dirty punks and Riot Grrls), the city is a treasure trove of secrets. Why leave them unknown? Robbie sets aside his paintbrush and joins them on the other side of reality, the one ruled by the Fey in all their terrible beauty, although many of them seem prone to the same insecurities and personality flaws as the next human. Still, they've got to protect Ivory, who may be the very spirit of the city, from falling into the wrong hands, a task which isn't without danger.
As one might expect, being together in Real Life seems only to bring the two friends closer. And closer. One might expect them to burst into a full-on makeout session any moment...except for one thing: both boys are asexual. But if you think that will stop them from falling in love, you're fantastically wrong. There are many kinds of love, as the other characters will show you, if you ignore what you've been told and give in to how you feel.

"Ignition Zero" is a webcomic by Noel Arthur Heimpel. It's notable for having characters all across the LGBTQ spectrum, without specifically focusing on LGBTQ issues (such as coming out, etc.) for plot.
!This webcomic provides examples of:
* {{Asexuality}}: Both Orson and Robbie are asexual
* BigOlUnibrow: Orson has one
* CoolShades: Martin never takes them off
* DragQueen: The heroes go to a drag show. [[spoiler:Neve]] participates as Sno*White
* EyeScream: [[spoiler: Vaidya takes five of Eryl's six eyes]]
* GeniusLoci: Ivory is this for Glory. [[spoiler: although Eryl implies Ivory has more power than we have seen]]
* GenkiGirl[=/=]{{Keet}}: The loud, colorful Neve
* LittleBitBeastly: Dan looks normal except for rabbit ears
* PointyEars: Most of the faeries have pointy ears
* RedOniBlueOni: Neve and Martin. They are even introduced with fire and water (respectively) backgrounds.
* TechnicolorFire: Neve and Robbie's hands, as Ivory's avatars
* TrueSight: [[spoiler: Martin]] has it.
* UrbanFantasy: set in the city of Glory