[[quoteright:350:[[LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/BakemonogatariAhoge.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[- [[SomethingElseAlsoRises No points for guessing what's going through his head]].-] ]]
->''"What the hell is going on with that hair? Everything else about him is fine, but that single strand of his hair is defying all laws of gravity. You could tie him to the end of a rope and use him to catch fish."''
-->-- '''WebVideo/ProJared''' on [[VideoGame/{{Quest 64}} Brian]], "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6lzitHLfMM Quest 64]]"

''Ahoge''[[note]]Not to be confused with ''Eroge''. Or ''Ahegao'', a similarly risque concept.[[/note]] (literally ''idiot hair'') refers to the noticeable slim forelock of hair that sticks straight up from a character's head. Originally a hairdresser term for the "stupid hairs" or cowlicks that will not comb down, it later {{m|emeticMutation}}utated into a literal reflection of a person's intelligence. Thus IdiotHair suggests that a character is stupid, naive, or [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} strange]]. (This suggestion is usually accurate, but not always - sometimes a serious character just has funny hair.)

Even if a character is not specifically stupid, naive, or particularly odd, the ahoge also usually represents a general ''mischievous'' quality about them in general. Goes hand in hand with the CatSmile. It can also be used to show that SomethingElseAlsoRises.

IdiotHair is not to be confused with the [[HairAntennae two-stranded antennae-style hair]], popularized by ''LoveHina'' or ''Manga/AhMyGoddess''.

Can be TruthInTelevision, as people with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowlick cowlicks]] can attest to.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* The top image comes from ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}''. The depicted Koyomi as well as his sisters Karen and Tsukihi have ahoge, but Koyomi's is the tallest.
** While Koyomi has the "idiot hair" and does occasionally act the fool, let it be said that he's less an idiot than a DeadpanSnarker hero type with ExpressiveHair. His ''ahoge'' manages to add amusing sequences to some episodes (like the page picture's source) that are less image-based and more talky.
** It manages to forms question marks when he's confused and he even blushes through it in episode 13.
** In episode 1 of Nisemonogatari, it formed the kanji for love.
* ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' subverts this. He has an IdiotHair at the ''back'' of his head. In keeping with that, he is sometimes an idiot (say, [[CluelessChickMagnet dealing with the girls]]), and sometimes [[BrokenAce hyper-competent]].
* Himeko from ''PaniPoniDash'' is given the nickname "Ahoge", for both mentioned reasons. Her cowlick even [[ExpressiveHair moves around of its own accord]].
** In episode 3, Becky briefly gets one, and she gets so frustrated with hers that she rips Himeko's cowlick right out of her head.
* Haré and Weda in ''[[JungleWaItsumoHaleNochiGuu Haré+ Guu]]''. Weda isn't really an idiot but acts irresponsible and care-free because it's a more fun way to live life [[spoiler:and to avoid facing her issues]]. Haré is pretty smart and the show's OnlySaneMan, but this frequently causes him to run around like an idiot out of stress since he's the only one who can't [[WorldGoneMad go with the flow.]]
** Interesting to note: [[spoiler:Weda's mom]] has no ahoge. Weda has one. Haré has two. [[spoiler:Weda's second child Ame]] has three. We can only imagine what Haré's own kids might look like.
* Fuyuki in ''KeroroGunsou'', who's something of a genius in geography and the paranormal. Not Keroro, Fuyuki.
** In the closing credits for episode 231 it's hinted that NPG bodyguard [[OverlyLongName Yoshiokadaira Masayoshi]] has been hiding one under his helmet.
* Kazuma Azuma in ''[[YakitateJapan Yakitate!! Japan]]'', though they looked more like HairAntennae.
* Konata in ''LuckyStar'' is definitely not an idiot, but she ''is'' BookDumb and loves to annoy Kagami.
** Interestingly, Kagami had an ahoge early on in the manga.
** Akira from [[ShowWithinAShow Lucky Channel]] also has an ahoge, but if you respect your own life, ''[[CuteAndPsycho do NOT call her an idiot]]''.
** And Yui Narumi, Konata's cousin, has a tiny ahoge.
* Several characters in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' have this, although it's almost never indicative of their intelligence.
** Ed is the most obvious example. He can be seen {{invok|edTrope}}ing this trope in one scene after he gets out of the shower, in which he sticks up his hair before putting on any clothes. He probably does this because of [[TheNapoleon how short he is]].
** It also seems to be one of many traits '''PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!''', as every single Armstrong has this (even Olivier, but she [[DefiedTrope grew it out to make it not stick up]]).
* ''Anime/{{Mai-HiME}}'''s Mai is a borderline case -- her ahoge runs across her forehead instead of sticking up. On the other hand, Arika in ''Anime/{{Mai-Otome}}'' has one serious ahoge (among other hair oddities).
** For Arika, it's more HairAntennae. She even earns the nickname ''Arinko-chan'', i.e. ''Anty''.
* Kitsune in ''LoveHina''.
* Ahiru/Duck in ''Anime/PrincessTutu'' has an ahoge roughly as tall as her head. This has botched a few of her attempts at stealth. Small birds have been spotted sitting on it and ''pecking'' it.
* ''Anime/JubeiChan'' has two characters with these. When engaged in a shouting match at one point, they came close enough for their Ahoge antennas to actually do battle with each other.
* Sumi in ''{{Moetan}}'' has this, and it overlaps with ExpressiveHair, changing shape to represent her feelings (such as a heart, a [[TheSweatDrop sweatdrop]], and many more.)
* Sakura Nankyoku (''PenguinMusumeHeart'') is a classic example of the trope. Her mother also has an ahoge.
* Slightly ditzy [[BridgeBunnies Bridge Bunny]] Amy of ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' had one pop up on her head. Chrono responded by trying to comb it down with a hairbrush and a can of hairspray [[TheComicallySerious while wearing his usual stoic expression]].
* Yue Ayase from ''MahouSenseiNegima'' has one running across her head, and is a member of Class 3-A's "Baka Rangers" clique for the students who consistently get the lowest grades.
** Nodoka also had an IdiotHair, but she's ranked something like 23rd in her grade of over 700 students.
** Chisame Hasegawa also has one, and she's the only class member without a WeirdnessCensor.
** A more straight example is Nagi "[[strike:Five, Maybe Six Spells Tops]] Thousand Master" Springfield, Negi's [[DisappearedDad missing father]]. Not to mention Negi himself, who is "an idiot in reverse" due to overthinking, and his obliviousness about girls.
* Moritaka Mashiro from ''Manga/{{Bakuman}}''.
* In ''BlueDrop'', Mari's chemistry teacher Yuuko puts up her hair in this fashion to cheer Mari up. She also does it to Mari herself, [[LuminescentBlush much to the latter's delight]].
* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'':
** Taniguchi has one.
** Sometimes, Suzumiya has one, too, depending on how she's doing her hair. It may just be the wind, but it's amazing how much her hair does that.
** Played straight in ''Manga/HaruhiChan''. It's a tiny strand, but it appears when she's more genki than usual.
* Nori, from ''RozenMaiden'', has an ahoge too.
* Chiaki from ''MinamiKe'' has one, even though she's a LittleMissSnarker and not an idiot.
* In ''AxisPowersHetalia'', several characters have them.
** And it seems some of these idiot hairs have meaning, representing several places (America's is Nantucket, Korea's is supposed to be Seoul, Austria's is Mariazell, etc.)
** Several pictures of Roman Empire show that he has several idiot hairs, and that they may have been passed on to his descendents (Both Italy brothers, Greece, and possibly Egypt.)
*** The Italy brothers are mirror images of each other. North Italy's is on his left side while South's is on his right.
**** One comic revealed that they get flustered when people touch them, because they're erogenous zones for them.
**** The Principality of Seborga has a curl similar to North Italy's, but it has a more rumpled and bent appearance.
**** When the two curls overlap, they form a heart. [[http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/334/4/c/italy_brothers_mopo_by_spyrosdyingwish00-d33y6zh.jpg See here]].
*** Greece has one that splits into ''two'' on the top of his head. The ends curl round in the style of an Ionic column.
** Korea has one too. It's sometimes drawn [[ExpressiveHair with a face]].
*** According to the [[WordOfGod notes]], it's his soul, not Seoul. Hence the face. StealthPun?
** Austria, normally TheStoic, will sometimes express emotion through his ahoge.
** Taiwan has the longest of any known country, which seems to fit with her being the only girl with one.
** America and Canada both have them.
*** It's no surprise that they both have one, being brothers. What is interesting is how different they are. America's is short, thick, and curves back over his hair. Canada's is long, thin, has a loop, and falls forward in front of his face.
** Australia has two. AND England's eyebrows.
** Norway's ''floats''.
*** He also a [[http://images.wikia.com/hetalia/images/7/74/Norway001.jpg strange dot]] that floats alongside his idiot hair.
** Turkey's splits into two at the nape of his neck.
** Not only that, but in the few times Italian and Austrian citizens are represented, they have the very same ahoge style of their respective countries.
* Kaname from ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'' occasionally sports this style.
* Suzuna from ''{{Eyeshield 21}}'' will suddenly '''develop''' it whenever another character's romantic subplot is brought up. It then homes in on them like radar.
* Athena from ''Manga/{{ARIA}}'' has one, though she's more of a [[GeniusDitz space case]] than an outright idiot. Akatsuki also has one.
* The eponymous character of ''LightNovel/ShakuganNoShana'' is certainly not an idiot, but she can be very [[HotBlooded hot-blooded]], and Yuji is almost always [[AwesomenessByAnalysis the better tactician]].
* The eponymous Iono from ''IonoTheFanatics'' also has one. She's not really an idiot, but she's a [[GirlsLove lesbian]] [[BunnyEarsLawyer Bunny Ears Queen]] who [[LovableSexManiac is very much led by her hormones]].
* Ayano Kannagi from ''LightNovel/KazeNoStigma''. In episode 13 you can see her putting a great deal of work into [[InvokedTrope making sure]] she has an IdiotHair, including combing her hair a certain way and liberal amounts of hairspray. Why? Who knows. It fits, though.
* Tadase from ''Manga/ShugoChara'' has one of these, though he's not an idiot; just oblivious.
* Rip van Winkle from ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' subverts this: she has a very long ahoge, but is far from a fool. She's a Nazi vampire with a single-shot flintlock musket that can shoot down multiple targets (including missiles) with a single shot.
* In ''CrimsonGrave'' the two heroes go dungeon-exploring with a treasure hunter whose [[ExpressiveHair expressive ahoge]] is apparently smarter than she is. It always points in the direction she should go, and she follows it without realizing.
* In the manga ''{{Inukami}}'' Youko's idiot hair pops up from time to time, usually when she's acting like a ditz.
* ''GundamSeedDestiny'': Lunamaria Hawke's ahoge is really quite subdued. Some have suggested that it's a MythologyGag reference to the commander antenna possessed by Zeon mobile suits in the Universal Century timeline; Luna's ZAKU Warrior doesn't have one, so she got it instead.
* Meg in ''BurstAngel''.
* ''DieBuster'': Nono's ahoge is ''epic'', and it's certainly a good indicator of her personality in this case. It even stays in place (with a slightly more angular shape) after [[spoiler:she goes into Buster Machine mode]].
* [[ClubPresident Takei Hisa]] of ''Manga/{{Saki}}''. There's also Touka and her [[ExpressiveHair expressive idiot hair]].
* ''ToAruMajutsuNoIndex'': [[ThirdPersonPerson MISAKA]] [[TokenMiniMoe has]] [[VerbalTic MISAKA has]] [[IdiotHair one]]! (though she denies that it's an ahoge in volume 15.) Her 20,000 Sisters (+ 1) don't, though.
* Lala of ''Manga/ToLoveRu'', [[TheDitz fittingly enough]].
* Maria from ''{{Canaan}}'', which at one point even gets commented on by Canaan herself.
* Hayate of ''HayateCrossBlade'' has one, which the creator {{lampshades}} [[http://i41.tinypic.com/yypew.gif here]] and [[http://i41.tinypic.com/2v2a5pi.jpg here]].
* Loretta Oratorio from ''WildArms: Twilight Venom''.
* Kosukegawa in ''{{Change 123}}'' has [[ExpressiveHair expressive idiot hair]]. It was also used at least once for the SomethingElseAlsoRises trope.
* Kurimu in ''SeitokaiNoIchizon''.
* The appropriately ditzy Miki Motokura of ''{{Mo-Retsu Boin Sensei}}'' ([[{{Hentai}} yeah, it's that kind of manga]]) has the side-oriented ''ahoge'' similar to [[AxisPowersHetalia the Italies.]] A LiveActionAdaptation reproduces it faithfully.
* Ruby from the ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' manga has something resembling an ahoge, but it's only visible without his trademark cap, and doesn't seem indicative of any particular personality traits.
* Peeply Lulu from ''OnePiece'' has a pretty stubborn lock of hair. Whenever he tries to hold it down, it immediately pops up somewhere else. Eventually it starts popping up on ''other'' people.
* Rufus Barma in ''PandoraHearts''. Break actually calls him "ahoge."
* Nagasumi in ''SetoNoHanayome''.
* Death the Kid in ''SoulEater''. You'd think he'd notice that he only has one cowlick on one side of his head, [[SuperOCD considering his obsession with symmetry]] and how much he freaks about the white lines.
* Oddly enough, [[BigBad Cain]] from ''TrinityBlood'' in [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/trinity_blood/v13/c047/36.html this]] picture of him in the manga. He's certainly acting like an idiot...
* Three characters, including both main characters, have ahoge in ''Anime/ALittleSnowFairySugar''. It is played straight with Sugar, but is slightly subverted with Saga, who likes to keep to schedules and only appears to be an idiot because no one else can see season fairies.
* Both Ronald Knox and Snake from ''Manga/BlackButler''.
* ''MacrossFrontier'': Ranka Lee has one as well, to go with her ExpressiveHair.
* Yuuri has one in ''LightNovel/KyoKaraMaoh''.
* Kyoko in ''HeatGuyJ'' to show her innocence. (i.e. she's one of very few characters that don't come from a [[DysfunctionJunction dysfunctional family]] and didn't experience loss of a friend or family member).
* Kururu and Hororo in ''Anime/BottleFairy'', but it's more about not knowing human's customs, and the other two aren't better at it either, [[spoiler: and when all four combine into one girl, she gets one that goes all around her head ]]
* Moka of ''RosarioToVampire'' has one, though it's not always easily visible. Also, [[SplitPersonality neither of her personalities is an idiot]], though Outer Moka can be a bit of a [[TheDitz ditz]].
* Yumeji from ''YumekuiMerry''. Merry, after falling out of a tree onto him (again), recognizes him by the "antenna".
* [[TenshiNiNarumon Noelle]]. Not her hair per se (though it is flipped up), but the ribbons from her bows seriously defy gravity.
* Many, many characters from ''MedakaBox'', including the titular heroine. Particular styles seem to run in the family.
* Hanajima from ''FruitsBasket'' grows one and uses it as an antenna when she's using her psychic powers.
* Kazumi of ''Manga/PuellaMagiKazumiMagica'' has one. It doubles as a [[MonsterOfTheWeek witch]] detector. [[spoiler: Airi also has one, in her original appearance.]]
* Haruna from ''KoreWaZombieDesuKa'' has one that is [[ExpressiveHair expressive]].
* ''Manga/DragonBall'': Goku's entire head of hair is this.
* ''SpecialA'' Kei has this, which has been commented upon by some.
* Miyuki in ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure''. When she turns into Cure Happy, she grows another!
* Inverted with Shirai-sensei of ''Kodomo no Jikan'', who's the utterly stern and strict teacher with a thin but prominent hair over her head. It's still there after her ImportantHaircut during her DefrostingIceQueen phase.
* Mephisto in ''[[Manga/BlueExorcist Ao No Exorcist]]'' has a spectacular one under his NiceHat.
* Both protagonists in the ''WanderingSon'' anime have small IdiotHair's.
* ''Manga/AcchiKocchi'' has the main couple have ahoges. Neither of them are exactly idiots, but Io's known to be a bit...dense.
* ''Manga/KimiNiTodoke'': Sawako also displays this trait, though it is uncommon.
* Nikaidou from ''Manga/SangatsuNoLion'' is the only character that has one. Its lampshaded when his appearance reverting from a slightly more realistic style due to an ArtShift; it swings right back up from his bangs during the one-panel transformation.
* Rikka of ''LightNovel/ChuunibyouDemoKoiGaShitai'' sports one, which is also [[ExpressiveHair expressive]].
** Most of the main cast as well.
* ''Anime/IxionSagaDT'': Princess Ecarlate grows one in her "hyperactivity period".
** She can grow up to three, and horrible things happen if she does. [[spoiler:So naturally, it happens.]]
* ''Anime/NeoRanga'': Ushio has a curled version of this.
* Papi from ''Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl'' has this, [[TheDitz to no]] [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny one's surprise.]]
** As does [[BlobMonster Suu]], [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Zombina]], [[PlantPerson Kii]] and [[spoiler:[[HeadlessHorseman Lala]]]].
* Kotori from ''Franchise/LoveLive'' has a quite gigantic ahoge.
* Lucy of ''Manga/ServantXService'' is actually born with one. Yutaka loves grabbing it. Hers is also {{expressive|hair}}.
* Child!Tintlet from ''Manga/DragonKnights''
* Tiara of ''Anime/ShamanicPrincess'' has a strand of hair that extends up, then sweeps across her face. She does not fit the character type at all, but her design may be an artifact of an earlier stage of the series' development. [[ToneShift In the beginning, it wasn't planned to be as]] [[DarkerAndEdgier dark]] [[ToneShift as it ended up.]]
* Musubi, Hikari, Shijime, Kujika, Mikogami, and Karasuba of ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}''. Karasuba's is the mischievous version.
* Pretty much the entire significant female cast of ''LightNovel/RokujyoumaNoShinryakusha'' has the same hair hanging from the side of their head.

* {{Tintin}} has one.
* Franco-Belgian comics character Titeuf. ''All'' his hair is IdiotHair, which is [[PingPongNaivete sometimes representative of him, sometimes not]].
* Fantasio from ''ComicBook/SpirouAndFantasio'' has eight stray hairs which pop up on top of his head.
* It's more curled than sticking straight up, but every incarnation of {{Superman}} has a very distinctive hairdo, though it's more indicative of his staunch optimism (that, perhaps, borders on naivete) than idiocy.

* ''TheresSomethingAboutMary'', as seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf0HHY7pZKY here]].
** There's also something a bit [[{{Squick}} more]] to that one, though.
* Kyoami in ''Film/{{Ran}}''; being [[TheJester court jester]] to Lord Ichimonji, this makes sense. Subverted in that (like most jesters), he's actually very intelligent, using his humorous facade to speak (horrible) truth to power.
* Alfalfa from the ''[[Film/TheLittleRascals Our Gang]]'' shorts.

* Nyarko from ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan''; since she's [[CthulhuMythos Nyarlathotep]], it's [[PrehensileHair prehensile]] to act as a stand-in for a tentacle. It's also a [[MySignificanceSenseIsTingling Malign Deity Radar]], in addition to being able to form complex shapes like kanji and an at-mark (at least in the anime). Rather than outright stupidity though (she graduated top of her class and went to a prestigious university), it reflects the fact that she's TheDitz.
** Hasta from the same series has the twin antenna version, but he's neither stupid nor especially ditzy.
* Yamagi Noriko's design from ''Literature/ProjectNRI'' gives her an ahoge. According to her, she has been teased about it in the past.
--> "Um... It wasn't. Don't worry. That's the first time anybody's ever said it was cute, though. Usually I get 'why is it up like that?' or 'haha, Noriko, are you a unicorn?'"
** Noriko's example could be a mild subversion of the trope, because Noriko is a brilliant mathematician and one of the more level-headed characters in the story.

* Recurring ''SaturdayNightLive'' character, Ed Grimley.
* This is the equivalent of a bad hair day for Saki in ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger''. To be fair, her personal policy is summed up with two words: [[GratuitousEnglish "Smile Smile!"]]
* Schemer's curl in ''ShiningTimeStation'' could count. His [[{{Nephewism}} nephew]] Schemie has one to match.
* Whenever Ryotaro gets possessed by Momotaros in ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'', a strand of red hair would appear, and it sometimes literally stands out from the rest.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl'': Starly has an ahoge which develops into a heavy crest as it evolves.
** Your ''VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver'' and ''Crystal'' rival, Silver, also gains one in the remakes. Oddly he is the series {{Jerkass}} and anything but naive even after his HeelFaceTurn.
** Aaron, the Elite Four member, has one and it's freaking ''huge''.
** In ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'', Deino has an ahoge, and its evolved form Zweilous has two [[MultipleHeadCase per head]]. They're blind, and navigate by [[TheKlutz bumping into things]], according to the Pokedex. Zweilous is also known for [[HilarityEnsues picking fights with itself]].
* Adell from ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'', who certainly qualifies for the title of IdiotHero.
** Almaz from ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 3|AbsenceOfJustice}}'', for a similar reason.
* The Fighter/Knight's sprite in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'' on the ''Dawn Of Souls'' [=GBA=] remake.
* Ramza from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'', and Marche from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance''.
* Heart Aino from ''VideoGame/ArcanaHeart'' has '''heart-shaped''' ahoge. Just ''guess'' [[TheFool what kind]] [[IdiotHero of character]] [[LoveFreak she is.]]
* Chairperson/Iincho from ''VideoGame/RivalSchools''. Though not really dumb as far as intelligence goes, she did [[IKnowKarate "learn" Karate]] over a very short period of time and without any actual training, and [[JokeCharacter it shows]].
* Appropriately enough, her "teacher" Dan Hibiki from ''StreetFighter'' has a similar forelock.
* Marona in ''PhantomBrave'', to match her {{Pollyanna}} optimism.
* One of the portraits for the Medic class from ''VideoGame/EtrianOdyssey'' has just this strand of idiot hair. And while there's no actual personality given to her (or any playable character) in-game, official comics from the game creators portray her as a bit of a ditz.
* The main characters from ''HarvestMoon: Tree of Tranquility'' have these as well.
** Celia from "A Wonderful Life", "Another Wonderful Life", "A Wonderful Life: Special Edition", "DS" and "Cute".
* Emil Castagnier from ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld''.
** Milla Maxwell from ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia'' and its sequel has a really long one. It's her crowning glory and she swishes it like a cow's tail.
* Johnny Garland from ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts: From the New World'' has this. Definitely the naive one of the group.
* A frequent design feature of ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'' characters, especially playables, and it means ''nothing'' about their intelligence. In fact, it tends to show up more on brainier characters, as the more conventionally dumb ones usually have spikey hair instead. [[ManipulativeBastard A]][[HiddenAgendaVillain l]][[EvilGenius e]][[TheChessmaster x]] has an ahoge, as does [[CoolOldGuy Kraden]].
* Brian of ''VideoGame/{{Quest 64}}'' has one of these. We [[SilentProtagonist can't tell what, if anything, it indicates about his personality, though]].
* Marina Wulfstan from ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'' has this. She's a ColdSniper though.
* Nikki, a {{Catgirl}} player character from ''ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlRevis''. The manual {{lampshade|Hanging}}s this by measuring her height with ''and'' without it (4'9 or 5'1, respectively).
** Her {{Leitmotif}} is called 'Stupid Hair Saga'.
* Sarah Jerand from ''StarOceanTheLastHope'' has an especially swirly and feminine version. Considering her personality makes one wonder if bird brain would be considered an ethnic slur...
* Link in ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' subverts the trope. He is depicted with bangs that won't stand up, but they won't stay down either. In short, his hair looks kind of like the blast from a gun.
** Groose from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]]'' plays this straight with his giant pompadour of idiot hair.
* [[BadassAdorable Makoto]] [[MsFanservice Nanaya]] in ''VideoGame/BlazBlue''. She's an interesting example, as she has two strands of IdiotHair and [[BigEater acts]] [[IdiotHero like]] an [[TheDitz idiot]], but further character review reveals that she's actually [[ObfuscatingStupidity rather intelligent]] [[GeniusDitz and even competent at her job]].
** Nu 13 and Lambda 11, though neither are idiots per se; Lambda was an "empty shell", while Nu only spoke like a ditz when talking with Ragna, [[{{Yandere}} a very scary ditz.]]
** Carl Clover also has an ahoge beneath his hat, most typically seen during the Academy days. Like Makoto, he's not an idiot; unlike her, he doesn't ''pretend'' to be one.
* Tita Nium, from ''VideoGame/{{Otomedius}}'' features an ahoge and a spacey personality. The ahoge itself might not actually ''be'' an ahoge, though. ''It moves on its own''...
* Even though he is a WellIntentionedExtremist and not at all an idiot, Psaro the Manslayer from ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIV'' has a quite a long ahoge near his forehead...
* Rue from ''VideoGame/ThreadsOfFate'' has this sort of hairstyle, revealed only when he takes off his hat.
* Demon-goddess Shinki from ''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Mystic Square]]'' has a small ponytail high on her head, which is [[MemeticMutation often joked]] to be an ahoge by the fandom.
* The (canon) female Reyva from ''SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'' has a large one, although she's not particularly stupid.
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'''s Medic has a prominent curl in his hair, although it kind of looks like he styled his hair that way on purpose (it pulls double duty to cover for an obviously retreating hairline and to evoke that Superman look). It's even [[JigglePhysics jiggleboned]] in "Meet the Medic". He's intelligent, but that doesn't mean he knows what he's doing.
* In ''VideoGame/PokerNight2'', [[Franchise/EvilDead Ash]] has this, too. It's also jiggleboned.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Ini Miney when she takes off her hat in ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney - Justice for All''.
** Like Apollo, WordOfGod says that [[VisualNovel/AceAttorneyInvestigationsMilesEdgeworth Yumihiko Ichiyanagi's]] question-mark curl is not natural either; he styles it that way every morning.
** Phoenix Wright himself developed an ahoge in ''[[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyDualDestinies Dual Destinies]]''.
* Saber in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''. A non-indicative one for the most part, but for God's sake don't pull it [[CarnivalPhantasm like what Gilgamesh did]]; [[spoiler:she'll turn into [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Saber Alter]]]].
** ''FateNuovoGuerra'' seems to have made this a family trait of sorts. Her '[[CloningBlues son]]' has it, and so does her father (both are summoned as Saber-class Servants too). The latter's profile even lampshades it.
** Probably notable, is that due to the serious nature of the series, the canon stories themselves never points out her ahoge; however, like [[{{Tsukihime}} Akiha's]] small bust size, the fandom likes to play with it.
* From ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'', both Sekai Saionji, whose ahoge pretty much [[IdiotPlot speaks for the entire cast]], and Makoto Ito have one. Sekai's is larger and much more noticeable, and Makoto's is on the back of his head.
* Jun Kitagawa from ''VisualNovel/{{Kanon}}''.
* Yukine Miyazawa from ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}'' has the physical aspect of ahoge.
* Hisao, the protagonist of ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'' has a prominent ahoge. His personality does not correspond with his hairstyle, however.
* In ''VisualNovel/KiraKira'', both Kirari, and the crosdressing Shikanosuke have one.
* HandicappedBadass Snake, from ''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors'' is a massive subversion. He's certainly the most intelligent of the characters, particularly book-smarts-wise.
* Orpha and Aselia in ''EienNoAselia.'' The first is a genki girl loli driven entirely by id and the latter is an EmotionlessGirl CloudCuckoolander with a questionable grasp of reason when her character gets flashed out.
* ''VisualNovel/MajiDeWatashiNiKoiShinasai'' has at least three: [[DumbMuscle Momoyo]], [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Koyuki]], and [[SleepyHead Tatsuko]].
* Komari from ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'' has one and is the [[WideEyedIdealist naive]] type.
* ''YoJinBo'' has Bo, whose hair is otherwise sleek and well-behaved, except for one strand that always hangs in his face. However, he's arguably one of the smarter guys.
* ''VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend'''s Sakazaki Yuuya's faux-human appearance comes with ''two'' ahoges. He's far from stupid, but rather easygoing and flirtatious, and kind of the ButtMonkey. In the manga, he seems unhappy about [[http://mangafox.me/manga/hatoful_kareshi/c004/4.html getting one]] to help differentiate him from the other two white fantail doves.
* In ''VisualNovel/{{Danganronpa}}'', protagonist Makoto Naegi has this hair. The protagonist of ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'', Hajime Hinata, has it as well. In ''VideoGame/AbsoluteDespairGirls'', Naegi's younger sister Komaru is the main character, and has also developed this hair. In ''LightNovel/DanganRonpaZero'', Yasuke Matsuda has it as well. The fandom often refers to the hairstyle as "Protagonist Hair".
* Yukino in ''VisualNovel/MyGirlfriendIsThePresident'' has a rather large one AND a smaller one ''right next to it''. It pulls double duty as ExpressiveHair as well.

* PlayedForLaughs in ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' in an interlude where Agatha tries to bring her three idiot hairs from the top of her head [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20131023 under control]] with increasingly [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20131025 violent and crazy]] means.
* ''Webcomic/{{Miamaska}}'' might as well be called Amity and the Perpetual Cowlick.
* {{Minus}}, the titular [[RealityWarper omnipotent]] little girl from the [[http://www.kiwisbybeat.com/minus1.html webcomic of the same name]] hosted on KiwisByBeat.
* ME-tan, the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS-tan OS-tan]] AnthropomorphicPersonification of [[MicrosoftWindows Windows ME]].
* Most characters in ''KnowledgeIsPower'', with the exception of those whose hair is too uniformly short (like Colin) or long (like David) for it to make any sense. This extends to Ironychan's other webcomics as well, although it wasn't as obvious in ''Webcomic/GetMedieval''.
* The main character of TwoKinds, [[http://2kinds.com/characters.htm Trace Legacy]], who also has [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair blue hair]]! This character fits the exception of the rule in that he's not technically stupid. It's humored at in [[http://twokinds.deviantart.com/art/Minikinds-Haircut-96172022 this picture]] that it's the source of his magical powers.
* [[NaiveNewcomer A-san]] from ''OverlordAcademy''.
* Quite common in ''FiyoraNya'', with Ayako and Kyuuke probably being the most obvious examples.
* While it isn't on a specific character, the website Gaia Online has an equippable avatar item known as the Idiot Hair (specifically modeled after the Hetalia ahoges).
* Baxter's hair from {{Sins}} [[http://sincomics.com/index.php?1349 does this.]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebAnimation/BeeAndPuppycat's'' Bee has one of these.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Something of an inversion: ''everyone'' in CyberSix has huge, thick forelocks of hair which are perpetually hanging in front of their faces. If you started selling hairpins in Meridiana, you could probably make millions.
* Taran has one in the animated adaptation of ''TheBlackCauldron''. Considering [[IdiotHero his disposition]], it coincidentally fits perfectly.
* FairlyOddParents: While not an idiot, but just a baby, Poof has one dark violet idiot hair that [[MagicHair grows back a few seconds after it is trimmed]].
* ''InvaderZim'': Dib's is [[http://obsessedwithzim.webs.com/photos/Zim/dib-pointing.jpg a borderline example]], but he's not stupid... relatively.
* ''TeenTitansGo!'': Beast Boy has one hair that perpetually sticks out even when he makes the effort to gel his hair down to look dapper.
* In the ''FamilyGuy'' short "Li'l Griffins", Quagmire gets one for the rest of the episode in a SomethingElseAlsoRises moment after seeing Lois.
* Rudy Tabootie from ''WesternAnimation/ChalkZone'' has one, but he's more BookDumb and naïve than actually stupid.