Identifying a [[{{Shipping}} ship]] with both characters' names is functional but not catchy, and even {{Portmanteau Couple Name}}s aren't always colorful enough for the purposes of shipping communities. Therefore, a lot of ships are named in ways that aren't obvious except to those familiar with all the intricacies of the show's fandom.

Usually, a word vaguely related to the two characters is combined with the suffix "-shipping" to create a name for the couple. The suffix "-cest" is commonly used for incestuous pairings.

Not related to idiosyncratic ''starship'' naming in Literature/TheCulture.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' fandom, if you even think about it, good luck on trying to find a pairing that doesn't have a "____{{Shipping}}" name attached to it, the blank space filled by a word or phrase that applies to both characters, or combines different aspects of them. For example, the first ship that started the show's naming phenomenon was "[=RocketShipping=]", which pairs Jessie and James of Team Rocket. Others include Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty), Advanceshipping (Ash/May), Pearlshipping (Ash/Dawn), Palletshipping (Gary/Ash), Orangeshipping (Tracy/Misty), Contestshipping (Drew/May), [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Ikarishipping]] (Paul/Dawn), Egoshipping (Misty/Gary), Wishfulshipping (Iris/Cilan), Imaginationshipping (Ash/Bianca), and many more. Most recently updated list [[ here]].
** The Pokémon fandom actually claims to have invented this form of ship naming in western fandoms. Given their records showing this form of ship naming in use as early as 1997 or 1998, even if they weren't the first to use it, they're certainly one of the first.
** Also, especially at the beginning of the fandom, some people called the Ash/Misty relationship "[=AAML=]" (acronym for "Ash and Misty Love"), a blend of this and PortmanteauCoupleName. Similar versions were used for some other ships, such as [=JAJL=] for James/Jessie, and they lasted a while, but they eventually failed for two reasons:
### The major shipping groups of the era, like OPS and PI, adopted the Idiosyncratic names, and successfully managed to associate the AAML style names with the so-called "Gakishippers" (gaki meaning something akin to "immature" in Japanese, a name that was applied to shippers who insisted on using dub-added hints).
### By the time the prominence of these groups had passed, the main characters had been rotated. Did M stand for Misty or for May (or [[HoYay Max]])?[[note]]Fans of the Ash/May relationship adopted the term [=AAMayL=].[[/note]] Triple-A-L for [[MentorShip Ash & Anabel]]? (or for the later Ash & Angie?) Essentially, idiosyncratic names just became easier to use than these initializations.
** ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'' also uses this type of naming. Franticshipping (Ruby/Sapphire), Oldrivalshipping (Green/Blue), and specialshipping (Red/Yellow) come to mind.
** There are even ____ Shipping for [=OT3s=], like Scarfshipping (Diamond/Pearl/Platina)
* Same for ''Franchise/YuGiOh'': Mobiumshipping, Mischiefshipping, Puzzleshipping, Azureshipping, etc. [[ Here]] is a gigantic list. It's not even complete; Thief King Bakura x Shizuka (yes, there are fics) doesn't have a name (yet).
** ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'' mentions Thiefshipping explicitly, and then starts beautifully indulging in it.
*** [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries The above]] voiced a comic that mentioned Psychoshipping which is... less beautiful to indulge. It's aptly named. [[note]]Psychoshipping is Florence (Yami Bakura) x Melvin (Yami Marik), in case you were wondering.[[/note]] Marik does try to steal rare cards. And Bakura was a thief in the past. All shipnames make sense, but sometimes, you have to dig even a bit deeper. A good example is Danceshipping (Mai/Anzu). Anzu likes dancing, Mai's name means "dance". Another example is Silentshipping ([[ShrinkingViolet Shizuka]]/Kaiba). Shizuka seems to mean "quiet" or something similar, and Kaiba never says a single word to her, even when she directly addresses him. Contrast Screamshipping (Shizuka/Yami Marik).
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' has "Elricest" for Edward/Alphonse.
** Also, the Edward/Winry relationship, beside their usual portmanteau "[=EdWin=]", are also known as "503." This is a rather obscure reference to a Japanese brand of jeans of the same number that are produced by a company called Edwin. This name got so popular that [[AscendedMeme it was even featured in the manga/anime at one point]].
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' has Hyuugacest for Neji/Hinata pairings... may involve other Hyuuga members too, though.
** Plus Uchihacest for Itachi/Sasuke and Sandcest for any combination of the [[FanNickname Sand Siblings]].
*** Likewise, Inuzukacest is the term of choice for those who ship [[BrotherSisterIncest Kiba and his sister Hana]], or any other Inuzuka for that matter.
*** It was recently revealed that [[spoiler: Karin is an Uzumaki, though we don't know how closely she is related to Naruto. The possibility that she is his first cousin (or even his aunt, considering that the Uzumaki's long lifespans could also conceivably extend their reproductive years dramatically) has not been ruled out.]]
** Naruto/Sakura or [=NaruSaku=] is also called Heaven and Earth due to a chapter of Naruto when Naruto is compared to Earth and Sakura was compared to Heaven and how both were needed to be whole.
* ''Manga/ThePrinceOfTennis'' fandom [[ typically uses]] "____ Pair" for ship names. For example: Golden Pair (the canon nickname), Silver Pair (Ohtori/Shishido), Dirty Pair (Mukahi/Oshitari), Data Pair (Inui/Renji), Ah-Un Pair (Momoshiro/Ryouma), etc.
* ''OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' has "Hitachiincest" for Hikaru/Kaoru.
* The Japanese fandom of ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' call [[DrillSergeantNasty Germany]] / [[{{Keet}} N. Italy]] "Gnocchi".
** There's also 'the chick pair' for [[HotBlooded Prussia]] / [[{{Keet}} Italy]].
** 'Itacest' is used to refer to the fairly rare incest pairing of [[TheDitz N.Italy]] and [[HairTriggerTemper S.Italy]]. Some circles also refer to [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold America]] and Canada as 'Americest'.
** And let's not forget "the communist pair"/"[[RedScare The Red Couple]] for [[HuskyRusskie Russia]] / [[{{Bishonen}} China]].
** The 'Germancest' pairing.
** The Cold War pairing.
** The Special Relationship.
** [[OT3 Austria/Prussia/Hungary]] is often called ''The Frying Pangle''.
** There's also Dover in the Japanese fandom for England/France (which in the Western fandom is usually called [=FrUK=]). The name refers to the strait of Dover, the narrowest place to cross the Channel.
** [[ A bigger list here]] (although it does lack several names commonly seen at {{Pixiv}}).
** [[ Here's]] an ''extremely'' comprehensive list for pairing names used at {{Pixiv}}. There's a ''lot'' of idiosycratic ship naming going on over there, to put it lightly (that site tends to go down at least once monthly when bandwidth is exceeded; if you happened to check it in this state, try the [[ LiveJournal archive]] instead). Fun fact: some of the pairing names are based on Japanese language puns; for example, Turkey/Japan is called the "Weekend Couple" because their Japanese country names put side-by-side together can be literally translated as "weekend".
** "Kimchiburger" for [[ChronicHeroSyndrome America]] / [[CloudCuckooLander Korea]] and "the bunny pair" for [[CuteAndPsycho Russia]] / [[AttentionWhore Prussia]].
* ''Anime/DigimonSavers'' has ''Tomato'' for the [[HotBlooded Masaru]] / [[TeenGenius Tohma]] pairing.
* ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'' characters' {{Goroawase Number}}s often get used as ship names, leading to such things as 5927 (Goku/Tsuna). Even if you do know the fandom it's sometimes a bit tricky to work out.
* ''JunjouRomantica'' uses this a lot, with the eponymous "Romantica" pairing being Misaki/Usagi. Note that these ship names are ''canon''.
* [[XxxHoLic Doumeki/Watanuki]] is usually rendered as "Donuts", presumably as a portmanteau of ''Do''umeki, Wata''nu''ki, and "go nuts" (alternatively, it's because the rampant HoYay of the series makes them seem about as straight as donuts).
** Also 104.
* "Inucest" usually refers to {{Inuyasha}}/Sesshoumaru, but can also apply to any relationship in the series wherein both members are at least part dog {{youkai}}.
* ''SchoolRumble'' -- a giant LoveDodecahedron -- naturally has a number of factions, mostly named after key scenes the characters shared. Eri/Harima is the "Flag Faction", because their interactions so often resemble "flag" events from {{Dating Sim}}s. Yakumo/Harima is the "Onigiri Faction", because of the onigiri Yakumo offered to Harima. Other factions include the Kids Meal Faction ([[OT3 Eri/Yakumo/Harima]]), Oudou/"Correct Path" Faction (Tenma/Harima), True Oudou (Tenma/Karasuma), Flute Faction (Mikoto/Hanai), and Basketball Faction (Mikoto/Asou)
* ''CodeGeass'' has the catchy name "Homolust" for Lelouch/Suzaku.
* ''GundamWing'' combines ThemeNaming with this trope, resulting in ship labels that look like they belong on an algebra test. Since most of the male cast uses NumericalThemeNaming, pairings will be written in the formula of YXZ, where Y and Z are the "number" or the first letter of the character's name -- hence 1X2 for [[HoYay Heero/Duo]] and 1XR for [[BodyguardCrush Heero/Relena]].
** The order of the "name" is important too, sometimes determining how the characters act (1X2 is [=Heero/Duo=] acting as normal, 2X1 is mopey Duo and cheerful Heero) and sometimes denoting the more active party or the one who makes the first move (1XR means Heero instigates the relationship, [=RX1=] means Relena does, 1XRX1 means they both go for each other).
* ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'' takes a page from Gundam Wing on the number front, the four main characters having their pairings broken down into numbers determined by their names (san = 3; go = 5; hachi = 8; kyu = 9), making two of the more prevalent couples 9x3 (Sanzo x Goku) and 5x8 (Gojyo x Hakkai).
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' has "[[ColorCodedForYourConvenience Red x Blue]]" for Kyoko/Sayaka and "Tea Cake" for Mami/Charlotte.
* {{Eyeshield21}}: Agon and Unsui are called A-Un when shipped together. Interestingly, the actual meaning behind A-Un is a religious and architectural one, so that just adds another weird layer to the term.
* In ''{{Shuffle}}'', three of the heroines have in-story fan clubs with patterned acronyms: KKK[[note]](not the BirthOfANation guys; it stands for Kitto Kitto Kaede)[[/note]] for Kaede, SSS[[note]](Suki Suki Sia)[[/note]] for Sia, and RRR[[note]](Ran Ran Rin-chan)[[/note]] for Nerine. By extension, real-life fans who favour one of these heroines consider themselves members of her club. Other fans have created the AAA[[note]](Ai Ai Asa)[[/note]], the PPP[[note]](Puri Puri Primula)[[/note]], and even, God help us, the [[BoysLove III]][[note]](Ikiru Ikiru Itsuki)[[/note]]. Since someone who likes one heroine the best will usually think she deserves to get Rin, these double as names for the 'ships.
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' fandom, in a sort-of blend with PortmanteauCoupleName[[labelnote:*]]Springer being Connie's last name, Pringles being a stand-in for Sasha "Potato Girl" Blause[[/labelnote]], has taken to calling the pairing of Connie and Sasha "Springles."
* ''Manga/DeathNote'' has "the Handcuff Duo" or "Lawlight" for L x Light and M&M for Matt x Mello.

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* ''Disney/WreckItRalph'' fans have taken to calling the pairing of Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun "Hero's Cuties" as a play on words on Calhoun's video game of origin, "Hero's Duty."
** The Wreck-it-Ralph/Vanellope Von Schweetz pairing is usually called "Jawbreakers", possibly as a reference to the scene where Ralph manages to crack open one of these giant, seemingly unbreakable candies.
** Rancis/Gloyd is called "Peanut Butter Pumpkin", due to Rancis' theme being based around peanut butter cups and Gloyd's around mellowcreme pumpkins. For slightly more obvious reasons, Rancis/Vanellope is "Vanilla Butter". Other less commonly used ones are "Pumpkin Cherry Tart" (Gloyd/Jubileena), "Peanut Taffy" (Rancis/Taffyta), "Vanilla Taffy" (Taffyta/Vanellope), "Vanilla Pumpkin" (Vanellope/Gloyd) get the idea.
*** The Candlehead/Jubileena pairing is often called Cherry Bomb, named for the power-up in Sugar Rush that Candlehead activates by lighting the stems of cherries, which are Jubileena's theme.
* The ''RiseOfTheGuardians'' fandom is practically famous for this, and are astoundingly creative with their shipping names (most of them involving [[MemeticSexGod Jack]] [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Frost]]). The only [[PortmanteauCoupleName usual shipping name]] of the bunch is Bennefrost (Jack/Jamie). The others include Frost Bite/Rainbow Snow Cone (Jack/Tooth), Sweet Tooth (Bunnymund/Tooth), Jack Rabbit/Snow Bunny (Jack/Bunnymund), Black Ice (Pitch/Jack), Cavity (Tooth/Pitch), White Christmas (North/Jack), Black Christmas (Pitch/North), Dark Chocolate/Rotten Eggs (Pitch/Bunnymund), Eggnog (Bunnymund/North), Dust Bunnies (Bunnymund/Sandman)...
* ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'''s fandom mostly uses [[PortmanteauCoupleName Portmanteau Couple Names]], but there are a couple exceptions. The [[IncestYayShipping Elsa/Anna]] ship is often referred to as simply Elsanna, but it is also known as Icest, or (less frequently) Wincest or Arencest.
** Pairing Hans and Elsa has been called "Iceburns", since she has [[AnIcePerson ice powers]] and he has sideburns. (If you want to get meta about it, the fandom sometimes likes depicting him as having fire powers in contrast to Elsa's ice powers so that could also represent "burns". Plus [[spoiler: he's a bad guy and he hurts people, and burns hurt.]])
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBookOfLife'':
** The pairing of married, but estranged couple Xibalba and La Muerte is now referred to as "Gravepainters".
** Manolo/Maria/Joaquin has been tentatively dubbed "Tres Leches".

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* In the MarvelCinematicUniverse, a number of pairings have cropped up according to various Kink Memes. These include:
** [=FrostIron=]: Tony Stark[=/=]Loki
** [=TaserTricks=]: Darcy Lewis[=/=]Loki
** Pepperony: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
** Angry Birds: Clint Barton/Bruce Banner
** [[JustForPun StarkSpangledBanner]]: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers/Bruce Banner
** The Cold War: Steve/Natasha
** Science Boyfriends: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
** Clint/Sam is "Birds of a Feather".
** [=ThunderShield=]: Thor/Steve Rogers
** [=FreeBird=]: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
** [=FrostShield=]: Loki/Steve Rogers
** Strike Team Delta: Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton
** Starbucks: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

* Many of the main ships of the ''Literature/HarryPotter'' series are named with the HMS title, most notably the HMS Harmony (Harry/Hermione), which doubles as a Portmanteau and Idiosyncratic Ship name. For those of you unfamiliar with the British navy, each British ship has the letters "HMS" (for "Her (His) Majesty's Ship") before the actual ship name.
** Harry/Hermione, or H/Hr, also goes by Pumpkin Pie and occasionally "Buckbeak" (after the hippogriff they rode together, once). "Harmonians" is still the accepted term for the shippers, though.
** Remus/Sirius is often called [=WolfStar=] as a play on "Sirius," the dog star, and Remus, the wolf. Puppyshipping is also a common name for the pairing before Sirius was sent to Azkaban.
** Albus Severus/Scorpius is generally known as The ASS Ship, or ASS shipping. Scorpius/Rose is sometimes known as Scorrow.
** [[ See the more comprehensive list of pairing names here]]. There's still the disturbing question of what to call Ron/Snape...
*** Snapon. As in, "snap-on", or "[[IncrediblyLamePun Snapron]". ([[KinkMeme Focus: apron kink]]).
*** [[ Another, more extensive list of ship names]].
** Harry/Ginny is generally HMS Orange Crush (as Ginny is a redhead with a crush, or because one famous fic had her put a love potion into Harry's Fanta) or associated with Chocolate, after a scene where they shared chocolate in ''Order Of The Phoenix''.
** Ron/Hermione eschews the convention entirely when it goes by The Good Ship. As ShipMates with Harry/Ginny, it's often called OBHWF(one big happy Weasley family).
** The HMS convention is parodied by the name of the community [[ The HMS STFU]], which had the stated mission of mocking shipping FanDumb but in practice was an outlet for the {{Fan Hater}}s of the infamously zealous Harmony shippers (Harmonians).
** The Ginny/Tom Riddle ship is called the SS Gin-and-Tonic, or at least it used to be.
*** Neville/Luna -- better known as "HMS The Government Stole My Toad."
** Fans of the Lupin/Tonks ship took a name from (supposedly) somebody jokingly saying that Sirius and Lupin couldn't get together because Lupin had to marry Tonks and have little color changing puppies. Thus, "Pink Puppies" was born.
** One weird ship name in the ''Harry Potter'' universe is "Scottish Fire", which means Oliver/Ginny.
** In addition to all of the above variations, an old (and apparently out-dated) form would be to simply squish the two characters being focused on's initials together. Ex: HPDM (Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy), HPRW (Harry Potter, Ron Weasley), etc.
* In addition to using {{Portmanteau Couple Name}}s, ''Literature/WarriorCats'' has a lot of these. [[ Here's a list]].
* ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' has "Closet Fan" for Visser 1/Visser 3. Anyone know why?
** Just a guess, but it could be because they are both closet fans of an alien species that their people would look down on them for liking? The only thing they have in common is this closet fannishness. Esplin (Visser Three/ New Visser One) likes Andalites and Edriss (original Visser One) likes humans.
* In ''Literature/TheHungerGames,'' all the likely combinations of Katniss/Peeta are unfortunate to some degree or another. Some fans reverted back to Idiosyncratic naming by combining "The Girl Who Was On Fire" with the baker's son and getting "Toast". In addition to the "girl on fire"/"boy with bread" connection it also connects to the District Twelve ritual of a bride and groom toasting a piece of bread as part of the wedding.
** Not a very widespread name, but "Arrows and Snares" has been used for Gale/Katniss.
** A non-{{Squick}}y name for Katniss/Peeta was "Everlark", after their last names.
*** Following suit, "Everthorne" has since been used for Katniss/Gale.
* Based on a comment in the ''Series/GameOfThrones'' tv series that compared his personality with that of a lobster, the ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' ship between Stannis and his LadyInRed HotWitch (literally) Melisandre has been labeled "Red Lobster" or "Lobster Flambé"
* ''GoodOmens'' has many, many idiosyncratic ship names, most of which are in regular use (though this depends where you go in the fandom).
** Crowley/Aziraphale is "Air Conditioning" or "Ineffable Husbands."
** Hastur/Ligur is "Lurking Homos" or "Satanic Jehovah's Witnesses."
** Famine/Pollution is "Food Poisoning."
** Aziraphale/Ligur is "Fire & Water."
** Crowley/Hastur is "Central Heating."
** Aziraphale/Famine is "Angel Food Cake."
** Aziraphale/Lucifer is "The Devil Wears Tartan."

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''{{Series/Once Upon A Time}}'' has loads. Emma/Regina is Swan Queen, taken from Emma's last name and the fact that Regina is the Evil Queen.
** Most pairings with Emma go this way. Mad Swan is Emma/Jefferson(the Mad Hatter), Wooden Swan is Emma/August(Pinocchio), HuntSwan is for Emma/Graham, Golden Swan for Emma/Mr Gold(Rumpelstiltskin), Red Swan for Emma/Ruby(Little Red Riding Hood), Captain Swan for Emma/ get the idea.
*** Mad Queen for Regina/Jefferson, Evil Charming or Charming Queen for Regina/David(Prince Charming), Gold Queen for Regina/Mr Gold, Stable Queen is Regina and her true love, Daniel, who was a stable-boy, Outlaw Queen for Regina and Robin Hood, destined to be her ''second'' true love, Snow Queen is Regina/Mary Margaret(Snow White), and Red Queen is Regina/Ruby. Regal Believer is for the mother/son relationship between [[TheNotLoveInterest Henry]] ("True Believer") and Regina.
**** Red Snow is for Ruby/Mary Margaret, but it might not count as in the fairytale world it's a portmanteau name.
**** Hell, almost all the ship names in the Once Upon A Time fandom are idiosyncratic shipping names. Just take any character, and pair them with another character, you're guaranteed to come up with a clever ship name.
* ''Series/{{Castle}}'' has "Caskett" for the Castle x Beckett shippers, which is one of the most apt shipping names due to their solving MURDERS.
** In the same fandom, fans of Ryan/Esposito occassionally refer to themselves as Roach shippers, after the portmanteau ''team'' name of Raley and Ochoa, their fictional counterparts in [[ShowWithinAShow Castle's novels]], .
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'': Sam/Dean Winchester is more popularly known as Wincest. When John is involved, it becomes Daddycest. If the Winchesters are underage at the time it becomes Wee-cest (not to be confused with genfic featuring young Winchesters -- Wee-chesters).
** Although Wincest is largely the most popular, other ships exist but typically have [[PortmanteauCoupleName portmanteau]] variety names. The only other exception being the foursome of Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel which is called Team Free Love.
** Gabriel/Anna is known as Strawberry Cheesecake - she has red hair, he likes sweet things. Equivalent Sam/Gabriel ship names would be Fruit Salad or - hilariously - Chocolate Moose.
** Due to [[spoiler: Dean's current demonicness,]] some fans have taken to calling Destiel "Holy Hell".
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' has "Petrellicest" for Peter/Nathan.
** Don't forget [[ColdBloodedTorture S&M]] for Sylar/Mohinder.
* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' has "Sparky" for John/Elizabeth.
** Also "Spanky" for Ronon/Teyla, especially when it's in conjunction with Sparky.
* ''ICarly'': Fatcakes YEAH!! for Principal Franklin/Sam based off a combination between his computer password and her love for fatcakes.
* ''{{Firefly}}'' has "Tamcest," which [[BrotherSisterIncest ships Simon and River with each other]], and which among the fandom is also known as CSI or "Crazy Space Incest."
** A lot of other ''Firefly'' 'shipper names are largely of the [[PortmanteauCoupleName portmanteau]] variety. "Rayne" (for River/Jayne), "Jaylee" (for Jayne/Kaylee), and "Maliver" (for Mal/River) are just a few examples.
* For the discerning ''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]]'' and ''Series/{{Angel}}'' fan, there's this (admittedly less popular) Aureliuscest. [[note]]Describes relationships between members of the Order of Aurelius -- such as Darla and her sire The Master -- who are all of the same vampiric bloodline and tend to fall into familial archetype roles. Also includes relationships between any of the Order and Connor.[[/note]]
** Some also use Summerscest for Buffy/Dawn. At least it finally ''has'' a name. ([[ Dares not speak it, though.]])
* In the CSIVerse, Grissom/Sara is known as GSR (Grissom-Sara Romance) or 'geek love' (it helps that GSR is used frequently in-universe as an acronym for gunshot residue); and Lindsay/Danny as M&M (Monroe & Messer) or DL(Danny and Lindsay)
** Not forgetting Yo!Bling (Catherine/Warrick) and [=CatNip=] (Catherine/Nick).
** And [=SMACked=] (Mac/Stella), and [=DnA=] (Danny/Aiden)
** And [=HipHuggers=] (Eric/Calleigh), and [=CaRWash=] (Calleigh/Ryan).
** And GCR is an alternate Grillows title (Grissom Catherine Romance.) Grissom/Lady Heather can be either GLH or CoolWhip.
*** The full list of ship names can be found at the main CSI forum, Talk CSI, in the Shipper Central area.
* Barney/Robin fans in ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' fandom call this pairing [=BrOTP=] -- refering to the two being "bros", being their OneTruePairing and "BR" being their initials.
** Additionally, some Barney/Robin fans prefer the name "Swarkles," referring to Robin's history as Robin Sparkles, Canadian pop-star, and Swarley, a nickname for Barney after a name mess-up at Starbucks
** There's also LAME for Marshall/Lily -- "LA" standing for Lily Aldrin and "ME" standing for Marshall Eriksen.
* The motto of [[Series/{{NCIS}} Gibbs/Jen]] shippers everywhere is "Because Paris never ended..." It should be noted that there is a reason for this one -- it's the last place where they were together as lovers. Paris is actually used at least once by them to refer to their past.
* Fans of Mulder/Scully on ''Series/TheXFiles'' tended to just call themselves "Shippers". A lot of other pairing names then evolved out of "Shipper" including "Dipper" (Doggett/Scully), "Skipper" (Krycek/Scully), "Dripper" (Doggett/Reyes), "Skamper" (Krycek/Marita), etc. Since they are somewhat derived from the characters' names, but still not immediately obvious to people unfamiliar with fandom, this probably qualifies as the half-way point between IdiosyncraticShipNaming and PortmanteauCoupleName.
* ''GilmoreGirls'' had a few including:
** [=JavaJunkie=] -- Luke and Lorelai.
** Narcoleptics -- Rory and Dean -- taken from Lorelai calling Dean Narcolepsy Boy
** Literati -- Rory and Jess -- from the two's mutual love for books
** Trory -- Rory and Tristan -- this is actually more of a PortmanteauCoupleName
** Nudist -- Rory and Marty -- taken by how they met, where Rory found Marty passed out and naked in the hallway after their first Yale party
** Balcony Buddies -- Lorelai and Christopher -- name refers to balcony of Lorelai's childhood bedroom where Rory was conceived
** Sophies -- Rory and Logan -- name taken from a Master and Commander reference made between the two. Later viewers of reruns have taken the PCN name Rogan though (older fans loathe it because it reminds them of [[FearFactor Joe Rogan]] and the LA sportscaster Fred Roggin)
** PDLD -- Rory and Finn -- this is mostly a CrackPairing named from the acronym Punch Drunk Love Duo
* ''Series/TwentyFour'': The minuscule Ethan Kanin/Allison Taylor shipper fandom coined "Ethanberry," due to actress Creator/CherryJones' first name.
* There is [[TastesLikeDiabetes infamously]], [[YouCantFightFate sweetly]] or [[NarmCharm both]], "[=LoVe=]" for Logan/Veronica off ''Series/VeronicaMars''. The pun doesn't work with other pairings, but they mostly follow the same pattern anyway (eg. [=DuVe=], [=MaDi=], [=DoVe=]...)
* Arthur/Morgana shippers from the ''Series/{{Merlin}}'' fandom get brownie points for their ship name is both a PortmanteauCoupleName and IdiosyncraticShipNaming at the same time. The name, [=ArMor=], comes from joining the two characters' names ('''Ar'''thur and '''Mor'''gana), but it's also a throwback to a particular scene in episode 2 of series 1, which deals with ''actual'' armor, and is arguably the biggest Arthur/Morgana scene in the show so far.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'' has a semi-official one. For fans of shipping Shoutaro and Phillip you might as well call the pairing Doublecest. However, on TVN [[spoiler:fans of Phillip/Wakana, after learning that the two are related, call the pairing Wincest]]. Several even lamented the [[spoiler:fact that it's Wincest]] but said they didn't really care.
** ''Series/KamenRiderKiva'' has Kivacest for Wataru and [[spoiler: Taiga, who turns out to be his brother, among other things.]] Of course, it'd still be technically accurate if it was the pairing of Wataru and Otoya (who get to meet a few times via TimeTravel) but no one uses the term that way. Of course, ParentalIncest is more {{squick}}y.
* The pairing of Charlie Pace and Claire Littleton on ''{{Lost}}'' was known as [=PB&J=]. The nickname is grounded in both IdiosyncraticShipNaming and is a type of PortmanteauCoupleName. Idiosyncratically it's referential to the first season episode "Confidence Men" when Charlie convinces Claire to share some "imaginary peanut butter" with him to satisfy her pregnancy-driven peanut butter craving. As a portmanteau, however, the initials "PB&J" stand for "Pregnant Babe" and "Junkie," respectively, referring of course to Claire's pregnancy and Charlie's heroin addiction.
* The television show ''{{Roswell}}'' had shipper names up the ying-yang, a mix of idiosyncratic and portmanteau alike, but the two most prominent ones were the [=Dreamers=] and the [=Candies=].
** "Dreamers" was the shipper name for the lead characters, Max and Liz. This is largely an instance of IdiosyncraticShipNaming, inspired by the fans' shared dream of Max and Liz becoming a couple and living happily ever after in the name of true love. It was also in part a reference to a moment during the first season episode "Blind Date" when Max referred to Liz as his "dream girl."
** "Candies," on the other hand, was a [[PortmanteauCoupleName portmanteau]] of the initials of the show's secondary couple, Michael and Maria. Unlike the idiosyncratic origin of "Dreamers," the "Candy Couple" were so-called because their combined initials are "M&M," like the candy.
** Don't forget "Stargazers." That was the shipper name for Alex/Isabel, due to an episode where, you guessed it, Alex and Isabel went stargazing.
** Run amok on soap operas. Examples include: "S&C" for Sonny/Carly, "S&B" for Sonny/Brenda, "Skate" for Sonny/Kate, "L&L" for Luke/Laura, "L&L2" for Lucky/Liz, "Phick" for Phyllis/Nicholas, "Dalily" for Daniel/Lily, "Jovan" for John/Van, etc.
* Anything having to do with [[NoodleIncident stopwatches or naked hide-and-go seek]] is likely about Jack/Ianto from ''Series/{{Torchwood}}''
* Series/DoctorWho has the Doctor/Clara ship christened as "Whouffle" (Who/[[ItMakesSenseInContext Soufflé]]). Fans are called "Whoufflepuffs". In a strange development, with a new regeneration the ship name has branched out two "sub-catagories"; When talking specifically about Twelve/Clara, it's known as "Whouffaldi" (in reference to Creator/PeterCapaldi, who plays Twelve), and Eleven/Clara is known as "Souffez" (Souffle/Fez), though the over-all Doctor/Clara pairing (referring to any incarnation of the Doctor and Clara) is still called "Whouffle". It has a regular portmanteau pairing name as well, "Cloctor".
** [[FoeYay Doctor/Master]] is called [[FriendlyEnemy "Best Enemies"]], after the Master called the Doctor his "best enemy" once. (On Livejournal and Tumblr, "Timecock" is also popular as their ship name... but then the Master regenerated as a woman and the "cock" bit no longer applied.)
* ''Series/OrphanBlack'' has Science Girlfriends for Cosima/Delphine, which eventually becomes canon. There's also Soccer Cop for Alison/Beth, ProPunk for Rachel/Sarah, Lumberpunk for Cal/Sarah, Proscience for Rachel/Cosima, Militarypunk for Paul/Sarah, among others.
* Some fans who preferred the Janeway/Chakotay pairing on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' referred to it as "Jetski", a pun based on the French "J et C".
** The Kirk/Spock pairing is also known as "Space Husbands" in some circles (due to [[HoYay occasionally acting like a married couple]]).
*** The original name for the pairing? Kirk/Spock came to be shortened to simply "slash." Yes, this was the genesis of the term "SlashFic", making "slash" the UrExample.
** As play off the above and their respective [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine series name]], the Garak/Bashir ship is called 'Deep Space Husbands'.
* ''Series/{{House}}'' has a PortmanteauCoupleName with a twist in the form of "14" for the Eric Foreman/Remy "Thirteen" Hadley ship.
* Where almost every ''{{Glee}}'' couple is referred to - both in-universe and as out - by a rather twee PortmanteauCoupleName such as 'Finchel', 'Samcedes', or 'Klaine', Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang (called Tike by fans) are in-universe known as Chitty-Chitty-Chang-Chang.
* ''Series/LostGirl'' has "Doccubus" for the Bo/Lauren pairing, so called because Lauren is a doctor and Bo is a succubus.
* Almost as soon as ''{{Sanctuary}}'' fans got their hands on [[ this promo]], the small-but-devoted Helen/Will contingent coined "British Charm" as their Idiosyncratic Ship Name.
* Korean reality show ''We Got Married'' features couples known as the Sweet Potato Couple (Yonghwa and [[GirlsGeneration Seohyun]], also [=YongSeo=]), the Adam Couple (Jo Kwon and Ga In), the Dimple Couple (Kang Sora and [[SuperJunior Leeteuk]], also [=TeukSo=]), and more.
* ''Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined'' has the catchphrase "Sine Qua Non" for Roslin and Adama, off the episode of the same name and the phrase's English translation, which Adama actually said aloud during the episode in question.
-->'''Adama''': Because I can't live without her.
* In Series/{{Degrassi}}, the [[{{Twincest}} twincestual]] pairing of Fiona and Declan Coyne is referred to as Coynecest.
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' fandom mostly uses portmanteaus, but romantic/sexual shipping of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes is often referred to as Holmescest (in addition to the portmanteau Mylock), while gen fic and art is often marked as "Holmes bros" or "Holmes brothers."
* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'' mostly has portmanteau couple names (Skyeward for Skye/Agent Ward, Fitzsimmons for Agent Fitz/Agent Simmons, Fitzward for Agent Ward/Agent Fitz, and so on), but there is one exception which is Ward/Simmons, who are known as Biospecialist among fans due to their professions (biologist for Simmons, specialist for Ward).
* Will Graham[[note]]who regularly adopts stray dogs[[/note]]/Beverly Katz on ''Series/{{Hannibal}}'' is known as ‘Katz and Dogs’.

* Look no further than TheShipYard.

* Although generally pairing names are just portmanteaus (e.g. [=KaiMei=] for Kaito/Meiko, [=LukaGaku=] for Luka/Gakupo, etc), {{slash}} pairings in ''{{Vocaloid}}'' are more likely to get odd.
** Some refer to Kaito/Len as 'Banana Split', due to their respective character items of ice cream and bananas (although it does make one wonder if the former is a {{Shotacon}}, Len being 14 with Kaito at an estimated 21, and is somewhat parodied in the aptly named ''Shotarella''). In addition Kaito/Gakupo is referred to as "naisu", a clever merging of "nasu" (eggplant) and "aisu" (ice cream), and Kaito/Gakupo/Len as OT3 often has "bananaisu".
** The pairing of Miku/Luka is sometimes dubbed "negitoro", referring to their respective food items of "negi" (leek) and "toro" (tuna).
** The only het pairing with a common idiosyncratic name would be Rin/Len in "Kagaminecest", occassionally referred to as [[ScrewYourself Mirrorcest]].
* MyChemicalRomance has [[IncestYayShipping Waycest]], AKA Gerard and Mikey Way.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* "Hardycest". Nuff said.
* The original ISN in wrestling fandom was "Smoochy Dreamers", for the fans of Wrestling/ChrisJericho[=/=]Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon. The name was taken from an infamous promo in which they [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial proclaimed they were NOT having "smoochy dreams" about each other]].

* Some ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' fans refer to Galinda/Elphaba (also known as Gelphie) as "Pink Goes Good With Green."

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'' fandom is known for [[ShipToShipCombat fierce protectiveness]] of one's own favorite ships, all of which are named according to characteristics of the shipped characters (or fanfiction in-jokes) rather than their names. Notable examples include Valeshipping ([[OfficialCouple Isaac/Jenna]]), Mudshipping ([[HeroicMime Isaac]]/Mia), Spikeydomeshipping ([[TheBigGuy Garet]] / [[MysteriousWaif Sheba]]), Laundryshipping (Garet/Dora), Flameshipping (Garet/Jenna), Hotplasmashipping or Burnshipping ([[GlassCannon Ivan]]/Jenna), Windshipping (Ivan/Sheba), Lighthouseshipping ([[HeroicMime Felix]]/Sheba), Oopsiesshipping ([[BrotherSisterIncest Felix/Jenna]]), Duskshipping (Felix/Karst), Aquashipping ([[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld Piers]]/Mia), Blazeshipping ([[TheChessmaster Alex]]/Jenna), and [[VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn Spiritshipping]] (Matthew/Sveta). See [[ here]] for a partial list, as well as a good guide as to how to name a new pairing.
* Even though the ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' fandom tends to much more often use {{Portmanteau Couple Name}}s, (very) rarely there are times when "____Shipping" has been used. There is "Airshipping", now known as "Sylvashipping", or more commonly, [[PortmanteauCoupleName Col]][[OfficialCouple loyd]]. Other non-{{Portmanteau Couple Name}}s for pairings are "Sagecest" (Genis x Raine), and "Chosenshipping" (Zelos x Colette). Of note, while it would fall under PortmanteauCoupleName, Kratos x Raine is sometimes referred to as "The [=UKraine=]."
* The most obvious example to come out of ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'' is also the most spoilertastic: Luke/Asch is usually called [[spoiler: [[ScrewYourself Replicacest]]]]. The term is also less frequently applied to [[spoiler: Ion and Sync.]]
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', when it doesn't [[PortmanteauCoupleName portmanteau]], uses some strange names: "Helmet Party" (Soldier/Engineer) and "Wincest" (RED Spy/BLU Scout).
** "Wincest" is a MemeticMutation presumably originating on [[ImageBoards 4chan]], unsurprisingly adopted by the [=TF2=] community. Usually delivered in the form of "Incest? More like WINCEST, amiright?"
*** Additionally, it's only "Wincest" if RED Spy is BLU Scout's father. You can have a non-incest RED Spy/BLU Scout pairing, because RED Spy fathering BLU Scout has neither been confirmed or denied by Valve.
** There's also "Classcest", which is one class paired with another of the same class. Ex. RED Spy x BLU Spy, or BLU Sniper x BLU Female!Sniper.
** Scout/Pyro is occasionally known as "Flashfire." Because Scout's fast and Pyro...yeah.
* As previously mentioned, ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' has an absurd number of these-pretty much every couple, canon or not, game, anime this manga, that manga, or a combination of all of the above, has one.
* The ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fandom came up with a number of appropriate titles or description for different pairings. An interesting subversion is made on this case; rather than just using the title itself, the fans actually tag it behind the respective [[PortmanteauCoupleName Portmanteau Couple Names]] to form a phrase. For example, "[=MariAli=] is [[OneTruePairing my justice]]" for Marisa/Alice, "[=YukaRei=] is my way" for Yukari/Reimu, "[=MokoKene=] is the reign of god" for Mokou/Keine, and so on. These are popular among Japanese ''Touhou'' fans and are recognized as creative ways to say a certain pairing is their [[OneTruePairing OTP]].
** And here's [[ this video.]]
** Mokou/Keine is also coined as "Mocha Cake" by some fans because "Mokou Keine" sounds a lot like it.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'': The Fang/Vanille/Lightning OneTrueThreesome is "Neapolitan." The brunette Fang -- chocolate, pink-haired Lightning = strawberry, and Vanille... well, duh.
* ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' has given rise to Voidshipping ([[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV Exdeath]][=/=][[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIII Cloud of Darkness]]). If you've ever heard them speak, [[PowerOfTheVoid the reasons behind this should be]] [[CargoShip very]], ''[[BrokenRecord very]]'' [[NarmCharm clear]].
** Since ''Duodecim'', Roseshipping ([[VideoGame/FinalFantasyII Firion]][=/=][[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Lightning]]) has gained quite a bit of popularity as well. There's more than just SomethingAboutARose here.
** There's also 589, which refers to the original games of [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV Bartz]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII Squall]] and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX Zidane]] respectively. It's more frequently used in fanworks about their awesome ''Dissidia''-canon friendship, but using it to describe a OneTrueThreesome situation is not unheard of.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' series has a small yet growing group of Linkcest shippers, people who ship all variants of Link together. This especially made popular with the ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaFourSwords Four Swords]]'' manga, where Red/Blue was hinted. Other common ships is [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Time]]/[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight]], Time/[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Sky]], Twilight/Sky, or simply Time/Twilight/Sky. [[ It even has a group on deviantART.]]
* In ''Franchise/MassEffect'', "Talibrations" is the name given to the relationship between Tali/Garrus, who hook up near the end of ''3'' if [[PairTheSpares neither were previously romanced]] by Shepard. The name is a reference to Garrus' infamous [[MemeticMutation "Can it wait? I'm in the middle of some calibrations"]] line in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', which turned into a RunningGag in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3''.
** Though the majority of fans refer to the Shepard/Liara relationship as "Shiara," a minority prefers "Little Blue Children" instead.
* In the 2013 reboot of ''VideoGame/{{Tomb Raider|2013}}'', [[LesYay Lara and Sam's]] ship is dubbed S.S. Endurance (Same-Sex Endurance). The name of the ship is a play on their research vessel Endurance that shipwrecked on Yamatai island.


[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The ''VisualNovel/AceAttorney'' series has a few like this -- Gavincest, Feycest, Marshallcest.
* While the ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa''/''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'' fandom usually uses {{Portmanteau Couple Name}}s, some ships have these.
** "Bubblegum Rock" for Souda/Kuwata (Souda has pink hair, Kuwata wants to be a rock star).
** "Soapies" for Saionji/Koizumi (Orenronen translates Saionji's suggestion to shower with Koizumi as "Let's give each other soapies!")
** [[spoiler:"Despaircest" for Mukuro Ikusaba/Junko Enoshima, the "Despair Sisters"]]
** "Heir Guitar" or "K-Ton" for Mioda/Fat Togami (Mioda is a guitarist and a walking homage to Manga/KOn, and [[FanNickname Twogami]] is fat and a SHSL Heir).

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Since the four main characters of ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' were introduced by their color themes, the fandom has taken to using these colors in the ship names:
** Pink, Candy Cane, or White Rose for Ruby/Weiss (red/white)
** Bumblebee or Bumbleby (with the 'by' at the end referencing the fact that they're the B and Y of RWBY) for Yang/Blake (yellow/black)
** Maroon, Black Rose, or Ladybug for Ruby/Blake
** Orange or Strawberry Sunrise for Ruby/Yang. They are also called Enabler, referring to the fact that the two are an incestuous pairing and that many have to encourage others to ship it, making them enablers.
** Grey, Monochrome, and Checkmating for Weiss/Blake
** Freezerburn or White Gold for Weiss/Yang
** Rainbow for [[{{Polyamory}} everyone/everyone]]. Or Pollination, for White Rose + Bumblebee.
** For other pairings, refer to the [[ fanmade chart]].
** And just to show how much [[TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything the creators of the show]] love the fans and appreciate the shipping, they used these names for Team RWBY's [[AttackPatternAlpha combo attacks]].

* ''Webcomic/TemplarArizona'' fans who ship E.J. and Biggs are committing an act of Elliot-cest
* Standard practice in the ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}'' fandom is to refer to a ship by the first initials of the characters, separated an "x" (e.g. Piro/Miho > [=PxM=]=, Piro/Kimiko > [=PxK=], Largo/Erika > [=LxM=], etc).
* ''Webcomic/HedoneHigh'' fans affectionatly dubbed [[HoYay A.E.D and Izm]] "A.A.I.R". (A.E.D And Izm Romance.) Their catchphrase is "How can you breathe/live without your A.A.I.R?"
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'''s incredibly convoluted approach to romance requires fans to use this [[IncrediblyLamePun in spades]]. It uses ♥ (<3) to represent a ship where the two love each other (e.g. "Rose♥Kanaya"), a ♠ (<3<) for when they want to bonk each other out of hate (e.g. "John♠Karkat"), a ♦ (<>) for a kind of friendship where they keep each other in line (e.g. "Nepeta♦Equius") and a ♣ (c3<) for an unstable relationship being mediated by the person written in the middle (e.g. "Past Karkat♣Jade♣[[IHatePastMe Current Karkat]]"). Since the trolls are all represented by astrological symbols, people sometimes use those as a kind of classy shorthand for troll ships - so ♑♥♉ would mean Gamzee♥Tavros, and 69♥II would mean Karkat (♋)♥Sollux (♊).
** Homestuck also has an ''insane'' number of more...creative ship names, ranging from widely-used to off-hand jokes and the serious to the completely ridiculous. If you can think of a pairing, no matter how [[CrackShip cracky]], it probably has a pairing name. There's even [[ a whole tumblr]] dedicated to coming up with new, funny pairing names. [[ Homestuck Resources has a good list of some of them here]]. Below are some of the most common:
*** "Peanut Butter and Jelly" for Gamzee/Tavros, based on [[AlienBlood their blood colors]]
*** "Strawberry Jam" for Dave/Gamzee, after Gamzee referred to Dave's blood as this
*** "Communism" for John/Karkat (based on their [[WeaponOfChoice Weapons of Choice]] - a hammer and a sickle, respectively)
*** "Stridercest" for Bro/Dave, Dirk/Dave or [[ScrewYourself Dirk/Bro]]
*** "Dersecest" for Dave/Rose and "Prospitcest" for John/Jade (based on their shared dream planets); Dave/Rose is also known as Knightlight, based on their class and aspect respectively
*** "Grimdorks" for Rose/John (John is a [[LovableNerd dork]], and Rose once [[ItMakesSenseInContext went grimdark]])
*** "Con Heir" and "Spider8reath" for John/Vriska
*** "Rosemary" for Rose/Kanaya (a [[PortmanteauCoupleName portmanteau]] using part of Kanaya's surname)
*** "Spaceshipping" for Kanaya/Jade and "Timeshipping" for Aradia/Dave (based on their shared Sburb aspects)
*** "Spacetime" for Jade/Dave
*** "Hammertime" for John/Dave. Also "Pepsicola" for their associated colors.
*** "Guns n' Roses" for Rose/Jade, since Jade likes guns and Rose... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin yeah]].
*** "Meowrails" for [[{{Catgirl}} Nepeta]]♦Equius (members of a ♦ relationship are known as moirails)
*** "Scourgecest" for Terezi/Vriska, who are not related but were known as Team Scourge/the Scourge Sisters when they played Flarp together.
*** "Cotton Candy" for Jane/Roxy (based on their chat colors: light blue and pink, respectively). The name got a couple of {{Fandom Nod}}s in the comic.
*** "Cotton Condy" for Roxy/Meenah (the pre-Scratch Condesce)
*** "Pumpkin Patch" for Dirk/Jake (based on uu's comment on their orange and green chat colors), though the significantly more ridiculous "Pistol Pony Rodeo" is arguably even more common.
*** "Les8ifins" for Aranea/Meenah, combining their typing quirks, or "Gillfronds".
*** "Windicuffs" for John/Jake, as breath is John's aspect and Jake is fond of GoodOldFisticuffs
*** "[[PunBasedTitle Whip My Heir]]" for [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight Aradia/John]], combining John's class and Aradia's pre-death [[WhipItGood preferred weapon]].
*** "Subglub" for Grand Highblood/Condesce; GH is the leader of the Subjugglators, and the Condesce is an aquatic troll.
*** "Kanned Tuna" for '''Kan'''kri/Mi'''tuna'''
*** "2% Milk" for Sollux/Equius (2 is Sollux's [[NumerologicalMotif number motif]] and Equius likes milk and uses "%" in his typing quirk.)
*** "I Just Had A Social Justice Aneurysm" for [[StraightGay Dirk]]/[[LipstickLesbian Kanaya]].
*** "[surname]cest" for pairings with the trolls and their ancestors or the kids and their guardians (e.g. "Vantascest" for Karkat/Kankri)
*** This has been evolved to an art form in the fandom, with creative names like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" being a ship name for Dirk (who was born in what amounts to Texas) and Caliborn - the BigBad who has no qualms about murder in massive numbers, going as far as to annihilate the afterlife, being auspiced by Kanaya - whose main weapon is a chainsaw.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** For the BrotherSisterIncest ships, "Zucest" or "Fireshipping" for Zuko/Azula and "Kacest" or "Watercest" for Katara/Sokka shipping.
** On, The fandom couldn't decide between [[PortmanteauCoupleName Sokki and Sukka]] for Sokka/Suki because they both sounded too much like either character's name, so a compromise was made. They call it [[FanNickname George]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'': Ben/Gwen is referred to as "Bwen", "Bencest" or [[KissingCousins "Cousinshipping"]]. Kevin/Gwen has also been named "Forceshipping" (after ''WesternAnimation/Ben10AlienForce'', the sequel series where it inexplicably became {{canon}}).
* Despite not being all that popular, even the ''A.T.O.M.'' fandom has a term for at least the Hawk/Shark pairing -- Seabird. Yet the only hinted pairing, Axel/Lioness, remains blank.
* ''{{Invader ZIM}}'' fandom seems to prefer four-letter acronyms of the form XAYR -- (Character '''X''') '''A'''nd (Character '''Y''') '''R'''omance. For example, ZAGR stands for "[[HarmlessVillain ZIM]] and [[CreepyChild Gaz]] romance," ZADR for "[[FoeYayShipping Zim and Dib romance]]," etc. Generally the more important character's initial is put first.
** Although this generally works, it becomes an issue when more obscure pairings are brought into the picture, since a lot of the ''InvaderZim'' characters tend to have the same first letters in their names. Does "DAGR" stand for Dib/[[FlatCharacter Gretchen]], [[BrotherSisterIncest Dib/Gaz]] or Dib/GIR?
*** [[CrackPairing Dwicky/Gashloog for the win!]]
** ''{{Invader ZIM}}'' also uses a similar system for friendships by replacing the "R" with an "F." This is almost exclusively done with Zim and Dib friendship, aka ZADF, but rarely you'll see it used for another term.
*** Same with E at the end, standing for Enmity, when two characters are enemies. This is not commonly seen, though.
* ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'' is rifled with this. [[FirstGirlWins Danny/Sam]] is Ameythst Ocean (referring to their eye colors), [[DatingCatwoman Danny/Valerie]] is Gray Ghost, [[AllGuysWantCheerleaders Danny/Paulina]] is Shallow Sapphire, [[OfficialCouple Johnny/Kitty]] is Black Cat, Jack/Maddie is Moronic Genius, [[FoeYayShipping Danny/Vlad]] is Pompous Pep or Endangered Species, Tucker/Sam is Veggie Burger and so forth. This includes pairings with characters that barely interact with or share little to no romantic interests such as: Jazz/Clockwork is Timely Intelligence, Danny/Star is Phantom Satellite and so on and on. There's even one for the Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom pairing (Pitch Pearl). And this is just the icing on the cake. Here's a more detailed [[ list]].
** If it helps, the ones that are most commonly used are Pompous Pep, Pitch Pearl, and on occasion Swagger Bishie (DannyxDash). Most of the other ones are rarely seen in the fandom (and if they are, they're called by the character's names - DannyxSam is more common than Amethyst Ocean).
* The [[FanPreferredCouple more popular]] ''{{Ninjago}}'' ships among the pairings [[HoYay between the ninjas]] (or at least the ones with obvious word connections between the partners) have names combining their respective [[ElementalPowers elements]]. It's slightly ironic that the [[OfficialCouple only canon ninja-concerned pairing in the show, Jay and Nya,]] despite being quite popular, doesn't have anything past the typical characterXcharacter notation, although that might be justified considering how short and similar their names are.
** [[DishingOutDirt Cole]] and [[PlayingWithFire Kai]] = Lava Shipping
** Cole and [[AnIcePerson Zane]] = Glacier Shipping
** [[ShockAndAwe Jay]] and Zane = Techno Shipping (Technically, not an element-related name. Rather, it's [[GadgeteerGenius Inventor]] + [[spoiler:Robot]])
** Kai and [[AllYourPowersCombined Lloyd]] = [[LawOfChromaticSuperiority Green]]fire Shipping
* In ''CodenameKidsNextDoor'', we have these for [[ToyShip shippers of the following couplings]]:
** Cherry Luvers: Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 5.
** Courting Commanders: Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 362.
** Closet Keepers: Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 86.
** Panda Warriors: Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4.
** Soda Junkies: Numbuh 23 and Numbuh 35.
** Desk Jockeys: Numbuh 60 and Numbuh 362.
* For ''[[PowerpuffGirls The Powerpuff Girls]]'', shippers of the Powerpuffs and the Rowdyruffs name them by their colour sceme (with the occasional Powerpunk Girl thrown in).
** Reds for Blossom and Brick (and/or Berserk)
** Blues for Bubbles and Boomer (and/or Brat)
** Greens for Buttercup and Butch (and/or Brute)
* ''CodeLyoko'''s naming theme is much simpler, using the first initials of the characters involved: [=UxY=] (Ulrich and Yumi), [=JxA=] (Jeremie and Aelita) and the like.
** Though the Jeremie and Aelita [[{{Shipping}} ship]] did get dubbed Jerlita by their [[TalkingToHimself common]] [[CrossDressingVoices voice actress]].
* Two schools of thought in ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' fandom: either squish two words related to their superhero personas, or use a single word that somehow relates to the ship. So M'gann and Conner is [=SuperMartian=], after their superhero codenames, "Superboy" and "Miss Martian."
** There is an episode where [[DoctorFate Kent Nelson]] tells Wally he needs to find a "spitfire" girlfriend to keep him in line, and starts to suggest Artemis before being cut off. When they're not Wall/Art, the Wally and Artemis ship is known as "Spitfire."
** In "Humanity," after Robin spends most of the episode politely hitting on {{Zatanna}}, he starts to say "I'm trying to be all nonchalant here," and she responds with "be as chalant as you like." Hence, they are often called Chalant. Alternatively, some use [=BirdMagic=].
*** Given the way Zatanna's powers work, other ships with her are often a particular word backwards: like "[[LesYay Snaibsel]]" with Artemis and "[[{{Shazam}} Mazahs]]" with Billy.
** [[HoYay Robin and Kid Flash]] were mostly known as [=BirdFlash=] up until a scene in the tie-in comic where Wally complains about having to change costumes even though he's not "fresh." While Miss Martian's response was arguably funnier ("Oh, [[HandsomeLech Wally]], you're always [[DoubleEntendre fresh]]"), fangirls latched on Robin's "Whatever you say, ''freshness''," and rechristened their ship.
** Robin/Artemis is often referred to as "Traught" after the infamous scene where Robin snapped at Artemis "Well, get traught or get dead!"
** Dick and Barbara are sometimes referred to as "Dibs", which serves as both a PortmanteauCoupleName, and to signify that the FirstGirlWins.
** The most idiosyncratic of the show's ship names is the one for the Robin/Wally/Artemis OneTrueThreesome: "Museum Heist." It makes absolutely no sense within the context of the show, but if you shorten their names, what do you do during a museum heist? You '''Rob''' the '''Wall Art'''.
*** Sometimes, it gets expanded to "Museum Heist on Fire", to include the red-headed Batgirl.
** M'Gann and Lagoon Boy is usually "Angelfish", because that's L'gann's pet name for her, and it fits with M'gann being a beautiful flier and LB being rather fish-like in appearance.
** Superboy/Wendy is often called "Neverland" because... well, ''Literature/PeterPan'' reference.
** Impulse/Blue Beetle has become fairly popular, gaining the name Speed Buggy, since Bart's a speedster and Jamie's alter ego is based on a scarab.
** [[spoiler: Wonder Girl/Robin]] has been referred to as "Left Field," as in "this ship came out of left field" given that it suddenly appears with no buildup [[LastMinuteHookUp at the end of the final episode]].
* The ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' ship Bubbline (Princess Bubblegum/Marceline) also goes by "Sugarless Gum", thanks to lyrics in one of Marceline's song about her not being sugary and the fact that Princess Bubblegum is made of gum.
** There's also Finn/Flame Princess, which is known as Righteous Flame.
** Lemongrab + Princess Bubblegum = Pink Lemonade.
* While most ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' shippers follow the {{Portmanteau|CoupleName}} rubric, some [[{{Bookworm}} Twilight Sparkle]]/Rainbow Dash shippers like to call it ReadingRainbow.
** Shipping Derpy Hooves with [[{{DoctorWho}} Doctor Whooves]] is often called [[{{TimeyWimeyBall}} Time Bubbles]]
** There's the highly-amusing "Marshmallow Coco" for Rarity/Coco Pommel.
** Celestia/Luna shipping is often referred to as "Princest" (in that they're both Princesses as well as sisters)
* In GravityFalls, Dipper and Mabel shippers call it Pinecest.
* {{Detentionaire}} has a lot of punny ship names, like Synchro N' Kitty for Biffy/Lee, Heart of Glam for Biffy/Kimmie and Silver Martini for Cam/Brandy. There's even [[ a list]].
* The WanderOverYonder fandom is full of these:
** Wander/Hater: Skeleton Dance
** Sylvia/Hater: Zboneak
** Hater/Peepers: Death Glare
** Sylvia/Peepers: Black Eye
** Wander/Peepers: Wandering Eye
** Hater/Awesome: Conquering Boyfriends
** Awesome/Sylvia: Seahorse
** Cashmere/Sylvia: Zbaaanak
** And the pairing name for our two main protagonists is... [[PortmanteauCoupleName Sylander]].
* The WesternAnimation/DudeThatsMyGhost has come up with "ectofeature" and "bromighost" to refer to Billy/Spencer, although the latter might refer more to their bromance.