Idea Wiki is a Wikia site, where users can "Post their ideas and hope that one day they come true". It soon becomes apparent that the only people who contributed to the site were users who were banned from {{Wikipedia}} and other Wikia sites for posting made-up nonsense, mostly relating to their {{Disney}} fan fic ideas and other random brain farts which are too ridiculous for most normal folks to consider. It can be found [[ here]].
!!This page contains examples of

* CommonKnowledge- Tons of it!
* {{Defictionalization}} - What many posters on this site think will happen to their ideas.
* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover - Lots. The worst offender has to be the [[ Kingdom Hearts 3]] page.
* RougeAnglesOfSatin - Most of the pages, especially those of the aforementioned Magnus User.
* SmallReferencePools
* SpinOff-[[ Nick Plus Wiki]] which the idea of NickPlus had a page on the original site and statesto be the hopeful future of NicktoonsNetwork. It even includes shows that wasn't on Nicktoons us to begin with such as OggyAndTheCockroaches, MegaManNTWarrior and VivaPinata.