''I, Robot'' may refer to:

* "I, Robot", 1939 short story by Eando Binder, first in the ''Literature/AdamLink'' series
** "I, Robot", 1964 episode of ''Series/TheOuterLimits1963'', based on the Eando Binder story
** "I, Robot", 1995 episode of ''Series/TheOuterLimits1995'', also based on the Eando Binder story

* ''Literature/IRobot'', 1950 short story collection by Creator/IsaacAsimov
** ''Music/IRobot'', 1977 album by Music/TheAlanParsonsProject inspired by the Asimov stories
** ''Film/IRobot'', 2004 movie with a superficial connection to the Asimov stories, starring Creator/WillSmith.
** "I, Robot", 2005 short story by Creator/CoryDoctorow riffing on some of the themes of the Asimov stories.

* ''VideoGame/IRobot'', 1983 arcade game with no connection to any of the above