This is a StockPhrase used at the closing of series/film/work/franchise, where you had to fight tooth and nail to EarnYourHappyEnding.

Usually this trope is quoted at the summit of a spectacular view, overlooking the metropolis in question to the glow of a brilliant golden sunset/sunrise.

The hero/heroine muses over the journey that took the cast from the begining to their final triumph; all the laughter, tears, joys and heartaches. And with a warm smile says/muses/shouts:
''"I Love This Town!"'' as a summation of joy and satisfaction for the adventure he or she just had.

Almost never used ironically, this trope is invariably a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming that closes off the current chapter in a saga.

Not to be confused with the BonJovi song of the same-name.

See also ManOfTheCity, for the character most likely to come to this conclusion.
!! Examples:


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Misaka Mikoto, the eponymous heroine of the hit Action {{Anime}} ''Manga/ACertainScientificRailgun'' has just waded through a Machiavalean conspiracy of scientific callousness to help a former rival rescue a band of comatose orphans from a life as guinea pigs and lab rats. She warmly muses over a heartwarming sunset that it was all worth it for the laughter, love and friendship made amongst the way, and quotes this as a summation of her happiness living in Academy City.



* ''ComicBook/ThePunisher''
** Officer Soap, who was promoted to Chief Inspector at the end of the "ComicBook/WelcomeBackFrank" story arc, proudly looks out of his office to the Golden Sunset of New York..... only to have a passing pidgeon defecate on his head. Nevertheless, he warmly quotes this trope, for compared to all the hardships he endured trying to catch The Punisher, he was not going to let something as trivial as bird poop rain on his parade.
** Frank himself echoes this sentiment a bit more darkly at [[BookEnds the beginning and end of Ennis's run.]]
* SpiderMan says this every once in a while, particularly when [[ApatheticCitizens a bystander to a supervillain attack is completely unfazed and goes about their daily routine.]]
* Played ''literally'' in the {{Superman}} arc when {{Brainiac}}'s nanotechnology causes [[GeniusLoci the entire city of Metropolis to become sentient.]] It manifests a [[RobotGirl female personality,]] and she and JimmyOlsen fall in love. It's all weirdly very sweet. Naturally, StatusQuoIsGod and Metropolis goes back to being just a city.



* Winston Zeddemore, covered in the molten-marshmallow remains of Gozer the Gozerian in the finale of Film/{{Ghostbusters}}, shouts this trope on the top of his lungs, summing up the awesome time we had watching this kickass movie.
* The landmark FilmNoir ''SweetSmellOfSuccess'' has Burt Lancaster's J.J. Hunsecker remarking "I love this dirty, dirty town."



* At the end of ''Literature/The15Keys'' story Nightfall, Zach says this himself after flashbacking on what he has been through in the past two years. He also said it in one chapter of The 15 Keys Rising when Minnie asked why he does not leave.

[[folder: Western Animation]]

* In the JusticeLeague episode "Wild Cards", TheJoker has announced he put a bomb in a [[UsefulNotes/LasVegas Vegas]] casino. Everyone evacuates but one old lady won't leave her slot machine because it "has to pay off sooner or later":
-->'''Joker''': Man, I love this town.
* [[FriskyDingo I love Chinatown!]]
** I hate Chinatown!
*** [[CrossesTheLineTwice I wanna teabag Chinatown!]]