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[[caption-width-right:350:[[CargoShip Jayne and Vera,]] {{OTP}}.]]

->''"Six men came to kill me one time, and the best of them carried this. It's a Callahan Full-bore Auto-lock. Customized trigger, double cartridge, thorough gauge. This is my very favorite gun... I call it 'Vera'."''
-->-- '''Jayne Cobb''', ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' (pictured to the right)
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Some people have really strong emotions about their weapons. So much so, they give it a name. When people name their body parts – particularly their arms – they’re probably saying MeetMyGoodFriendsLeftyAndRighty. Well, this trope is where people name their “arms.”

Anyone who does this either has a [[CompanionCube sentimental attachment to said weapon]], is a [[ShellShockedVeteran veteran from some war]], is a major GunNut, is a person [[TheLostLenore who lost their love and still remembered them]], is [[PsychoForHire generally insane]], or is some combination of the above. In any case, someone who gives a name to their gun or knife is usually someone to watch out for and generally not one to mess with. Naturally, anyone who does this is considered fair game for CargoShip jokes.

Compare NamedWeapons (in which this is the practice of a whole culture), StockWeaponNames, and CuteAsABouncingBetty. Contrast TheyCallHimSword, which occurs when somebody gets nicknamed for a weapon. {{Empathic Weapon}}s and {{Evil Weapon}}s are a different issue. Ships and planes nearly always have a name. ICallHimMisterHappy is a different named "weapon". No relation to AndCallHimGeorge.

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[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Maya from the [[AlternateContinuity various incarnations]] of ''Anime/BurnUp'' does this with her [[GirlsWithGuns entire arsenal]]. She's even been known to say [[DoubleEntendre some pretty suggestive things to them]].
* [[AllThereInTheManual Character profiles]] for ''Anime/WeissKreuz'' reveal that Aya's katana is named Shion, after his former teacher. [[spoiler: Weiss being the sort of series that it is, Aya is eventually obliged to kill his weapon's namesake.]]
* Kino of ''LightNovel/KinosJourney'' names her guns. "The Woodsman", "The Cannon", and "The Flute".
* Guts in ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' has his sword, the Dragon Slayer. This wouldn't count except that there ''are'' no dragons in the ''Berserk'' universe (unless you count Grunbeld in [[OneWingedAngel Apostle form]]); the sword was merely designed so that it ''could'' slay one if there were. Later chapters showed [[spoiler:a dragon sitting on a castle tower, so the Dragon Slayer might eventually come to earn its name.]]
* In ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Try'', Filia has a mace named "Mace-sama".
* In ''LightNovel/BludgeoningAngelDokurochan'', the bat that can do anything, Excalibolg.
* Revy from ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' refers to both of her custom Berettas as her Sword Cutlasses, which is fitting, seeing as she is a modern-day pirate.
* In ''Anime/{{K}}'', the current Blue King, Reisi Munakata, introduced the policy of giving the Clansmen's sabers names instead of serial numbers, which has previously been the practice. He names his own sword Tenro, which is the Japanese name for the star Sirius. When Saruhiko, a new recruit who is already his favorite, refuses to come up with a name for his sword, Reisi gives him one - Subaru (the Pleiades). Theirs are the only two with celestial references.
** Awashima's is named after a flower. All of the main squads' sword names are revealed, and some are video game/fandom references and other {{Adorkable}} [[AscendedFanboy nerdery]].
* Genkaku from ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland'' calls his double machine gun electric guitar "Flying V" very affectionately. It receives better treatment than pretty much all other humans he interacts with.
** Which is a bit redundant, since Flying V is the model of the guitar.
* In the ''Anime/{{Patlabor}}'' anime, Police Officer Noa Izumi affectionately names her giant police robot 'Alphonse' for some unspecified reason. Her fellow police officers are quite dismayed by her naming choice and her loving devotion to her mecha. It's what she's named all her childhood pets. Labor Alphonse is Alphonse III, with the first two being her cat and dog.
* Continuing the named vehicular weapon example, Leona of ''Anime/DominionTankPolice'' named her micro-tank Bonaparte. She also appears to be [[CargoShip more attached to the tank than she is to her partner/would-be boyfriend]].
* In ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'', Kenichi's father has a shotgun he calls "Sebastian".
** Not to mention Hunting Rifle Maximilian and the Double-Barreled Rotwoski.
* In ''Manga/DoubleArts'', the resident BloodKnight Sui had a hoola hoop made of solid iron that she uses in battle. She calls it Avis.
* ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' is all up in this trope. Every single [[SuperPrototype Gundam]] has its own unique name, and a ton of the weapons get names in the [[AllThereInTheManual profile pages.]]
** In ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Gundam 00]]'', Graham Aker (AKA Mister Bushido) named the [[LaserBlade beam]] {{katana|sAreJustBetter}} wielded by his mobile suit Masurao "Howard" and "Daryl" in honor of his former wingmen.
** Modern Vehicles do all have official names (Abrahms, Osprey, Blackhawk, etc.) and the mass-production MS are named similarly. Gundams just happen to be unique custom high-performance units with a unique name.
** Justified in ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Gundam SEED]]'' where ''all'' the Gundams are treated (or at least labeled) as Prototypes, and their names are likely intended to be the official name of that series. Of course, with the exception of the Strike, [[AllThereInTheManual Duel, Buster, and the Astray Red Frame]], none of the other Gundam designs are mass produced, though some of the others get (very) limited-production derivatives.
** Chang Wufei of ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Gundam Wing]]'' is particularly notable, in that he gave his Mobile Suit an ''additional'', personal name [[spoiler:after his dead wife]] besides its official one. In fact, he uses it so often that some fans think that "Nataku" is the mobile suit's actual name, rather than Shenlong (original MS) or Altron (upgraded MS).
* Not really a weapon, but in ''Manga/SoulEater'', Death the Kid has named his [[HoverBoard hovering skateboard]] "Beelzebub". On the other hand, his ''real'' weapons, the guns Liz and Patti are [[VoluntaryShapeshifting a whole]] [[EquippableAlly other story]].
* In ''[[Manga/{{Gunnm}} Battle Angel Alita: Last Order]]'', one character in the Zenith Tournament uses a {{BFS}} which he named Dizaster. It does live up to its name, given that it is capable of taking down SPACESHIPS.
* The main character Train from ''Manga/BlackCat'' wields the Hades, a revolver made of Orihalcon, capable of blocking regular bullets and later [[spoiler: functioning as a RAILGUN]]
* Midvalley the Hornfreak on ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'' named his saxophone Sylvia. And even without the machine-gun capacity, she is the deadliest sax ever.
* Several of the girls of ''Manga/KOn'' names their instruments. Yui, being [[SarcasmMode very original]], names her guitar "Gitah," Mio calls her bass "Elizabass" (taking up a name originated by Yui), and Azusa names her mustang guitar "Mu-tan". No word yet on Ritsu's drums or Mugi's keyboard.
* In ''Anime/StrikeWitches'' Season 2, Mio Sakamoto has "Reppumaru". It's a [[LaserBlade Katana]] she forged using magic, capable of slicing through Neuroi attacks to compensate for her lack of shields.
* ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'': To keep with the ThemeNaming, their car is called ''See-through'', Panty's panties are named as ''[[SpellMyNameWithAnS backlace/backless]]'' and Stocking's Stockings are named ''Stripes I and II''.
* ''Anime/FullMetalPanicFumoffu'' plays it for laughs. Sousuke becomes the coach to the high school's rugby team, whose members are all of the GentleGiant type, and takes them to the woods and puts them through TheSpartanWay. In a ShoutOut to ''Film/FullMetalJacket'', each member is given a rugby ball and told that they must love the rugby ball as a girlfriend. They all start to carefully clean the balls calling then foreign female names, in an absolutely creepy scene.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Subverted. Ichigo ''[[WrongGenreSavvy thinks]]'' this trope is in effect when Renji asks him his sword's name, regarding it as ridiculous sentimentality. However, he learns the hard way the trope that's actually in effect is NamedWeapons, as it's extremely important for all shinigami to [[TalkingWeapon commune]] with their named swords to achieve their full potential. Once Ichigo learns his own sword's name, he becomes far more powerful.
* In ''Anime/KillLaKill'', Ryuuko's sailor uniform, Senketsu, is actually sentient. However, it veers into this trope since she's the only person able to properly communicate with him, so it initially comes off as a very lonely girl talking to a piece of clothing to her adoptive family.
* In ''LightNovel/FateZero'', all of Gilgamesh's [[HyperspaceArsenal innumerable weapons]] are famous [[InfinityPlusOneSword Infinity+1 Swords]], except one; the prototype, old enough that it predates the very concept of "sword," which has no name. Gil refers to it as Ea. [[IAmNotShazam It is not called "Enuma Elish,'']] that is just the activation phrase for its SwordBeam.
* Akane in ''LightNovel/AndYouThoughtThereIsNeverAGirlOnline'' calls her gaming computer at school “War Machine” since its specs are a lot more powerful than what she has at home.
* ''Manga/SgtFrog'': Creator/JMichaelTatum has admitted to naming Dororo's katana "Stephen". This made it into an episode when Dororo broke his sword against an indestructible spaceship hull and cried its name out in grief.
* In ''Manga/Brave10'', after their battle with Seikai, the Braves notice Kakei has gone unusually quiet and looks stricken. When they ask if he's alright, all he does is look tragically at his damaged matchlock and say, "Saaya," to their incredulity.
* In ''LightNovel/MagicalGirlRaisingProject'', Swim Swim names her halberd "Ruler" after her deceased mentor. [[spoiler:Swim Swim was the one who arranged Ruler's death, but she still admired her.]]

* One of Puke and Snot's routines involves the two men in a duel.
-->'''Puke:''' Name your weapon.\\
'''Snot:''' (''looks at his sword for a second'') Alright, I name mine Wally. (''{{beat}}'') Now you name yours.\\
'''Puke:''' I will not. [[{{Beat}} (Beat)]] Mainly because I can't beat Wally.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Marv from ''ComicBook/SinCity'' has a Colt 1911A1 by the name of Gladys, which he named after one of the nuns from his school days. According to Marv, the gun has '''almost''' lived up to its name.
* ''ComicBook/BuckGodotZapGunForHire'': Buck Godot calls his pistol "Junior". So do Smith and Wesson, a pair of entirely sentient A.I. zap guns belonging to a SpacePirate who goes by the name "the Pistol Packin' Polaris Packrat". It's probably the gun's actual name, although it isn't an A.I. and therefore doesn't talk (or if it is, it [[TheVoiceless doesn't have much to say]]. Well, other than [[BangBangBANG ZOWNT]]). A [[{{BFG}} distinctly imposing rifle]] with "Senior" inscribed on its side is also shown to be in his possession, although if there's ever been a situation where Junior wasn't sufficient, we haven't seen it yet.
* The Dragunov sniper rifle of Natalya Zamyatin from ''ComicBook/YTheLastMan'' is named Rodya, after her husband killed in the plague.
* Nuke, the drug-fueled SuperSoldier from ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'', had a {{BFG}} he called "Betsy", which had a ''kill counter''.
* ''ComicBook/CableAndDeadpool'':
** In one of the comics, Comicbook/{{Deadpool}} is in Rumekistan shooting people and his gun says "Deadpool's Gun" on it, with the little Deadpool emblem. So... well, he didn't really ''name'' it, but he did label it.
** In one of the issues, ComicBook/{{Cable}} has a {{BFG}} named after Liefeld, as an in-joke on the way Liefeld used to draw ridiculously giant guns.
* ComicBook/CaptainAmerica's shield seems to be named Shield in Steve's head. He loves that shield. He also once referred to it as "she", but when a rescued scientist asked about its name, Cap retorted, "Do you have a name for your right arm?" Naturally, the shield was lost at the end of the issue and later destroyed. It got better.
* In ''ComicBook/MsTree'', Dan Green nicknames his HookHand "Nellie".
* In ''ComicBook/SuicideSquad'', Briscoe nicknames the team's helicopter gunship 'Sheba'. After his dead daughter.
* In ''ComicBook/SwampThing'', when the plant-human hybrid the Floronic Man goes on a homicidal rampage in Louisiana, a Houma resident attempts to cut him down with his chainsaw, nicknamed "Evangeline."
* Negan, the new villain of ''ComicBook/TheWalkingDead'', carries a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat that he affectionately calls "Lucille" (possibly as a B.B. King reference.) [[spoiler: He then cements his role as the bad guy by bashing longtime fan favorite Glenn's skull into the pavement with "her."]]
** He's also insanely protective of it, and holds a makeshift funeral for it when it finally ends up destroyed. [[spoiler: Lucille turns out to be the name of Negan's wife, who died of cancer before the zombie outbreak.]]
* ComicBook/{{Disney}} comics have Scrooge who sometimes names his old cannon (which he uses to chase away [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking witches, gangsters and door-to-door salesmen]]) Berta.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* Bob Hertzog in ''ComicStrip/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable'' names pretty much every single one of his (numerous) dice. At least, every die that has stood out in some manner. Knowing the behavior of rather hardcore gamers, this probably isn't too much of an exaggeration from real life.
* In the ''Spacehack'' back-up strip that ran in ''ComicStrip/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable'', the security officer had a {{BFG}} he called "Suzy".

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'': Asuka called her [[TransformingMecha Star Strider]] "Der Roter Wirbelsturm" (meaning "The Red Whirlwind" in German); later [[spoiler:Toji and Kensuke]] called their [[HumongousMecha Black Knights]] "Pride Of Osaka" and "Yamato" respectively.
* ''Fanfic/FalloutEquestria'':
** Littlepip discovers [[spoiler: Applejack]]'s personal weapon- an expertly-crafted, custom-made revolver named Lil' Macintosh- in a ruined building. It quickly becomes her weapon of choice.
** She later discovers a perfectly-preserved, custom-made anti-machine rifle named ''Spitfire's Thunder'', which she gives to Deadshot Calamity, her best friend and the team's resident sniper. He loves it so much, it ends up becoming his go-to weapon when he has the ammo for it.
** Butcher of Blackwing's Talons carries a [[RemovableTurretGun dismounted]] [[ImprobableUseOfAWeapon anti-air cannon]] as her main weapon and refers to it as ''Little Gilda''.
** Averted when Reggie Grimfeathers snarkly responds to the qualities of a crossbow being silent and deadly with "Like a fart?". Her eyes light up almost immediately, but thankfully her mother puts a stop to it.
--->'''Gawdyna "Gawd" Grimfeathers:''' No.\\
'''Regina "Reggie" Grimfeathers:''' "No" what? I haven't--\\
'''Gawd:''' No. I ain't lettin' you have a crossbow so you can name it ''The Fart''.\\
'''Reggie:''' (''whining'') But ''Mo-om''...!
* In the ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' fanfic "Bad Little Girl" a twenty year old Marceline carries around a big stick to defend herself with, but since she's lonely she names it (heck it's implied she TALKS to it) and what's it's name? Vera.
* ''Fanfic/KyonBigDamnHero'' has Kyon naming his {{Morph Weapon}}s Altair and Vega.
* In ''ThirtyHs'', Harry's demonic guitar is named Fuckslayer. That probably tells you everything you could possibly wish to know about the fic.
* In ''FanFic/TheRules'', Switzerland calls his guns Urs and Verena.
* In ''Fanfic/{{Uplifted}}'', Tank Commander Dieter Hertzer affectionately calls his Tiger Prototype "Sigrid". Sigrid is later sacrificed, causing Hetzer to shed some tears. In the next fic it's revealed that Rommel assigned him a New Tiger, which is called 'Sigrid II'. This is not so much out of the goodness of Rommel's heart, but because he has no use for clunky over engineered tanks.
* Referenced but ultimately subverted in Lantern Prime. Optimus tells Ganthet he misses his VERA, and then explains it is his gun, not another Autobot. When the Guardian asks if he named his weapon, Optimus explains VERA is an acronym for Variable Energy Release Armament.
* In ''[[FanFic/EakinsHardReset Hard Reset]]'', Twilight names the baseball she uses to kill changelings "Home Run".
* In ''Fanfic/FieldOfInnocence,'' [[BigBrotherMentor Lu Ten]] names his dual dao swords Jianhuren - [[MeaningfulName Chinese for "guardian."]]
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10256543/24/Nymphadora-s-Beau Nymphadora's Beau]]'' Ted Tonks' shotgun is called Betsy.
* In ''Fanfic/NewReality'', Brit named her first sword "Loki", and her second sword "Kerberos".
* ''WebVideo/FalloutNukaBreak'' carries on the ''Fallout'' tradition of unique weapon variants named this way with "Artemis", [[spoiler:the Fat Man that the BigBad uses to nuke Eastwood.]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''/''Franchise/StarWars'' crossover fic ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/wholestory.php?no=7119 Jedi Harris]]'': Xander receives a sword he names "Aquila", Latin for "eagle", since it has an eagle on its hilt. When he throws it to kill a demon, Buffy (who didn't know he was there) recovers it from the corpse and temporarily renames it "Birdy", switching back after she learns its original name. She also has an axe called "Edge". And, as in baseline, she inherits Kendra's lucky stake "Mr. Pointy".
* ''FanFic/ProjectSunflower'': In the sequel, ''Project Sunflower: Harmony'', Pinkie Pie and Rarity both name the tablets Erin gave them. Rarity names hers "François". Pinkie's is called "Mr. Hugglebunny".
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3882344/51/Not-the-Only-Redhead Not the Only Redhead]]'' Frank Bones has a rifle called Ol' Bella.
* Referenced in ''[[http://ficwad.com/story/150430 Jedi Potter]]'' when Harry teases Hermione's father about having made a lightsaber with a purple blade.
-->'''Harry:''' What’re you gonna call your lightsaber...[[WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite Shy Violet]]?
* In ''Fanfic/XCOMRWBYWithin'', addition to the team's canon weapons, Ruby names [[ColonelBadass Colonel Zhang's]] [[HandCannon revolver]] from when he was a Triad "Aureate Mercy" after [[spoiler: he ends up in hospital after using it to distract a Ethereal that was using it's powers to cause so much pain that most of the strike team couldn't stand]]. In the epilogue, [[spoiler: following his [[HeroicSacrifice death defending the labs]], it is given to Ruby to [[TragicKeepsake remember him]].]]
* In ''[[http://jeconais.fanficauthors.net/White_Knight_Grey_Queen/8__Finishing/ White Knight, Grey Queen]]'' Paddy has a Magnum called Betsy.
* Nappa from ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' named the Saibamen Snoogums, Foofoo, Cabbagehead, Other Cabbagehead, and Vegeta Junior.
* In ''WebVideo/ImAMarvelAndImADC'', ComicBook/{{Deadpool}}'s guitar is called Lucille (a ShoutOut to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucille_%28guitar%29 B. B. King's guitar]]). In its latest appearance, [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]] shoots it.
* In ''Fanfic/OutOfTheCornerOfTheEye'', Kepler calls the missile launcher [[spoiler: in Captain Black's [[ArtificialLimbs robot arm]]]] "Michelle", after his ex-wife. Black finds this a little disturbing.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Trigger from Disney's ''Disney/RobinHood'' carries a crossbow named Betsy, with a [[RuleOfFunny comically faulty]] [[ReliablyUnreliableGuns safety]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* [[DrillSergeantNasty Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann]] from ''Film/FullMetalJacket'', in one memorable scene, forces his recruits to give girls' names to their rifles. The first indication we get of Pvt. Pyle's [[SanitySlippage decaying mental state]] is when we see him cleaning his gun (Charlene) delicately and whispering to it like a lover.
* In ''Film/{{Aliens}}'', Drake the smart gunner seems to have named his weapon "My Bitch". He kisses it at one point.
* ''Film/{{Predator}}'s'' "Old Painless".
* In ''Film/VampiresLosMuertos'', the scary black guy calls his gun "Miss P".
* ''Film/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'': "Bruce? Matilda!"
* Since [[Administrivia/TropesAreFlexible non-weapon examples have made it onto this page]], we might as well mention [[ItWasHisSled Rosebud]] from ''Film/CitizenKane''. What do you mean [[http://xkcd.com/109/ rosebud isn't a weapon?]]
* ''Film/{{Hackers}}''. Joey gives the name "Lucy" to his computer, which the character would consider a weapon.
* ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'''s weapon of choice is a huge gun, which shoots bullets containing Holy water, Garlic or silver. He calls it The Good Samaritan.
* In ''Film/HellboyIITheGoldenArmy'', Hellboy's new weapon is the 'Big Baby,' which is a large shotgun with six barrels. "Aww, you woke up the Baby!"
* The sheriff of the town of Deliverance in ''Film/BloodrayneIIDeliverance'' calls his double-barrel shotgun "Sadie".
* In the movie ''Film/MasterAndCommander: The Far Side of the World'', two of the cannons on the HMS Surprise have names scribed on their side, "Jumping Billy" and "Sudden Death".
* During filming of ''Film/SpiderMan2'', Alfred Molina nicknamed Dr. Octopus' four tentacles (clockwise from top left) Larry, Harry, Moe, and Flo to help him keep the action straight.
* ''Film/DearWendy'', a film written by Creator/LarsVonTrier, is ALL about this trope. Every member of the Dandies weapon club names their gun/s and treats their gun/s as if it is their partner - if a Dandy uses another's gun instead of his/her own, it's like adultery. The film is structured with an ongoing narrator in the form of a letter to Wendy. About halfway through the movie we realize Wendy is the main character's pistol.
* ''Film/IronMan2'' has Hammer's bunker-buster mini-missile he calls "the Ex-wife".
* In ''Film/{{Dragonslayer}}'', the title spear's name in Latin is ''Sicarious Dracorum''.
* In ''Film/TheSingingNun'', the protagonist named her Spanish guitar Adele.
* ''Film/FromParisWithLove'': Charlie Wax calls his Sig Sauer X-5 ''Mrs. Jones''. He goes through a lot of trouble to smuggle it into France at the beginning of the film even though he could have requested any weapon he wanted once he met up with his local CIA contact.
* Played for laughs in ''Film/TheRundown'', wherein Travis attempts to intimidate his foes by implying phenomenal martial arts skills by wriggling his feet, first one, then the other, while telling them that the one is called Thunder and the Other is Lightning. In reality, he's trying to intimidate them enough that they won't fight him because he doesn't know any martial arts at all.
* In ''Film/SherlockHolmesAGameOfShadows'', the commander of the soldiers stationed at the Heilbronn arms factory refers to one of his [[{{BFG}} artillery cannons]] as 'Little Hansel'.
* In ''Film/DeepRising'', the charter boat's twin ''engines'' are named "Jezebel" and "Hercules".
* In ''Film/{{Pi}}'', (borderline) MadMathematician Max Cohen called his home-made super-computer "Euclid".
* In ''Film/CasAndDylan'', following an apparent hit-and-run, the title couple trade Cas' SUV for a vintage VW Beetle convertible painted bright orange, which Dylan promptly names "Jennifer." Subverted in that it was the ''original'' car that was the weapon...
* In ''Film/TheMagnificentSeven2016'', Faraday's revolvers are named Ethel [[spoiler: His Wife]] and Maria [[spoiler: Ethel doesn't know about her]]. [[spoiler: Do NOT touch his ladies]].

* In the ''Literature/GauntsGhosts'' novel ''The Armour of Contempt'', [[DrillSergeantNasty driller Kexie]]'s best friend is Saroo, his shock maul aka cattle prod. Used to encourage discipline in the cadets. A lot.
* In ''[[Literature/TheThreeMusketeers Twenty Years After]]'', Porthos's favorite rapier is called "Balizarde", after the hero's sword in ''Literature/TheSongOfRoland''. Which is strange, since Roland wielded [[SadlyMythtaken Durendal]] and the word Balizarde never appears in the poem.
* In Stephen King's ''Firestarter'', one of the government operatives (his nickname is "O.J." or "The Juice") names his gun The Windsucker.
* Despite leaning heavily towards the RealRobot side of the mecha genre, this is fairly common in the ''{{TabletopGame/BattleTech}}'' universe, especially the novels. This is probably inspired by the nicknaming of vehicles in the military during real world wars. In the novels focused on the Gray Death Legion, conspicuously Scottish Davis [=McCall=] has named his ''Rifleman'' 'Mech "Bannockburn"; Lori Kalmar-Carlyle's ancient but faithful ''Shadow Hawk'' goes by "Boss Lady". There's also the "Yen Lo Wan", a ''Centurion''. Somewhat subverted in ''Endgame'' when Katrina Steiner snidely comments on her brother Victor Steiner-Davion having named his ''Dire Wolf''/''Daishi'' "Prometheus". (She then mocks a nearby guard who commented he named his gun Tabitha.) This is less common in the Clans, probably because most Clan [=MechWarriors=] don't so much own their own 'Mechs (which technically belong to the Clan as a whole) and are likely to get assigned different ones from a common pool over the course of their career. Natasha Kerensky, the legendary Black Widow, does dub the custom ''Daishi'' she earns after returning to Clan Wolf "Widowmaker", but by that point she's already spent much of her life in the Inner Sphere and had time to "go native".
* Jean Tannen, TheLancer in ''[[Literature/GentlemanBastard The Lies of Locke Lamora]]'', names his paired hatchets the Wicked Sisters. He makes a joke about the name when he has to fight a pair of female twins.
* Although no actual names are mentioned, the [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy proud warrior race]] of the Fremen in the ''Franchise/{{Dune}}'' series have ''very'' close relationships with their knives. When the main character mentions they sound "pretty ferocious" prior to meeting any, his father responds "By all accounts. They compose poems to their knives". It is later revealed that a stranger who carries a fremen knife would be accepted in any fremen community.
* According to ''El Cantar del Mio Cid'', Rodrigo Diaz had two swords: "La Tizona" and "La Colada".
* Averted by Creator/MercedesLackey in her ''Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar'' series. Fighters operate under the philosophy that one weapon is as good as another; the only sword which has a name is an EmpathicWeapon which turns out to be a woman's spirit contained in a sword. Several main characters give their musical instruments names, however.
** Defied in ''Exile's Honor,'' when Alberich thinks of his old weapons instructor in Karse. If a student ever named his weapon, the weapon was either melted down (if it belonged to the school) or returned to the student's home (if it belonged to the student), the student being prohibited from using it. Alberich makes a note to do the same now that he's a weapons instructor himself.
** Somewhat subverted but mostly played straight in her ''Literature/TalesOfTheFiveHundredKingdoms'' series, where having a named weapon (say, Galgraling the Wyrm Slayer) will invoke Tradition (the ambient magic in the land) and give you an advantage should you meet an actual Wyrm. [[MagicKnight Champions]], however, do not name their swords -- they can make any blade magical.
* In Saberhagen's Literature/BookOfSwords series, the swords have names, though this is more a case of NamedWeapons, since the names are not personal nicknames but were given by their creator (the god Vulcan) before distributing them throughout the world.
* A JustifiedTrope in Literature/{{Dragaera}}'s ''Taltos'' series; [[spoiler:Vlad calls his [[EmpathicWeapon Great Weapon, Godslayer]] "Lady Teldra".]] The reason, in addition to the fact that he considers the actual name melodramatic, is that [[spoiler:it contains the soul of its namesake.]]
** There's also "Spellbreaker", a length of chain with the AntiMagic property of [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin breaking any spell it hits]]. Vlad named it not because of sentimental attachment or mental instability, but because he was told that it would be a good idea to give it a name.
* ''Literature/TheLongShips'' by Frans G. Bengtsson features a pair of vikings who name their favorite swords "Bluetongue" and "Redbeak".
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' often uses NamedWeapons instead of this trope. The child's fencing blade (Needle) would be an exception and follow this trope.
* In ''Literature/PeterPan'', Mr Smee has named his sword "Johnny Corkscrew", because of the way he uses it.
** Also featured is the pirates' massive cannon "Long Tom", said to be large enough to launch a fully grown Indian out of. Also mentioned in passing in the movie ''Film/{{Hook}}'', and shown many times in the animated ''WesternAnimation/PeterPanAndThePirates'' series, where it is portrayed as being decorated in the style of a white tiger.
* In the Creator/DaveBarry[=/=]Ridley Pearson PeterPan novel Peter and the Starcatchers, Captain Hook deployed a special sail rigging he named "The Ladies". This specific sail was modeled after a woman's bustier, and supposedly increased his ship's speed.
* Creator/JRRTolkien's Middle-earth mostly uses NamedWeapons instead of this trope. But "Sting" is only a nickname for the elven knife Bilbo found back in ''Literature/TheHobbit''; after killing some {{Giant Spider}}s with it, he decided that a weapon that formidable should be named. (In the [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings movie adaptation]] of ''The Lord of the Rings'', it was apparently named and the short poem ''Sting is my name, I am the spider's bane'' written on it in runes at some point, presumably by Bilbo, as the inscription is not there in the film adaptation of ''The Hobbit'')
* In the ''[[Literature/SymphonyOfAges Rhapsody]]'' series of books, Elizabeth Haydon has Grunthor -- a giant [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Bolg]] -- name ''all'' of his weapons, because he says it makes them work better. With the exception of "Friendmaker," a huge polearm that gets its name because "When people see it, they'd much rather be my friend than my enemy," most of his weapons are named after various prostitutes he's known.
* In the famous Civil War memoir ''Company H'', the author mentions a fellow soldier who "had the brightest gun in the army, and always called Florence Fleming".
* This has appeared in the ''Literature/MalazanBookOfTheFallen'' series, though it isn't very common ("Grief", "Chance", etc.)
* Mona and Delilah are the cars owned by Joanna in the Literature/WeatherWardens series by Rachel Caine.
* ''Reason'' in Neal Stephenson's ''Literature/SnowCrash''. Used as a source of wordplay: "I know they'll listen to Reason".
* This trope is out in force in the ''Literature/MemorySorrowAndThorn'' series by Creator/TadWilliams. Besides the titular swords themselves, just about every major character has a name for their favorite sword, spear, or miscellaneous implement of death.
* Brandon Sanderson's ''Literature/{{Warbreaker}}'' also has a sentient sword called "Nightblood".
* In [[Creator/RobertAHeinlein Heinlein's]] ''Literature/TunnelInTheSky'' both the main protagonist and his sister have foot-long Bowie-knives that they've named. The sister's is "Lady Macbeth". The protagonist's knife is called Colonel Bowie, showing an unfortunate lack of creativity on his part. ''Literature/GloryRoad'' has Lady Vivamus, explicitly introduced as being just like the next example.
** A more creative example from ''Literature/TunnelInTheSky'': A knife called "Occam's Razor."
* Another Heinlein example, though not about a weapon this time. In his Juvenile novel ''Literature/HaveSpacesuitWillTravel'', the main character names his titular suit Oscar and has conversations with it. In one particular case, it even gives him a pep talk as he [[spoiler: lies dying on the surface of Pluto]]. Note that, though it's never mentioned outright, there's no indication that he actually believes he's talking to his suit.
* In Creator/FritzLeiber's ''Literature/FafhrdAndTheGrayMouser'' series, Fafhrd wields a sword he calls Greywand, while his partner, the Grey Mouser, wields a sword and a dagger he calls Scalpel and Cat's Claw. However, Fafhrd calls ''any'' sword he happens to be carrying Greywand, and whatever sword and dagger The Mouser wields become Scalpel and Cat's Claw. They go through many, many, many of these over the course of the stories, and therefore this is perhaps a purer example of the trope than many of the other examples: Fafhrd's sword is called "Graywand" not because of any special properties it has, but simply because that's what he calls it.
* In Creator/GarthNix's ''Literature/OldKingdom'' series, Lirael's sword Nehima keeps ''changing its own inscription'' every time she looks at it.
* The ''Bazil Broketail'' series seems to take the military training route; humans don't name any of their weapons, but nearly every dragon soldier seems to have named their personal blade, whether or not it's enchanted.
* The ''[[Literature/TheHeirChronicles Heir]]'' series by Cinda Williams Chima has Warrior hero Jack uncover the legendary magical sword of his ancestor, which is named Shadowslayer. His girlfriend Ellen, also a Warrior, later acquires a similar one named Waymaker.
* Literature/{{Beowulf}} used the sword Hrunting against Grendel's mother, given to him by Unferth.
* In ''Literature/TheExecutioner'' books, Mack Bolan's preferred hand weapons are named "Big Thunder" (a stainless steel [[HandCannon .44 AutoMag]]), and "Belle", his silenced Beretta Brigadier (a civilian Beretta 92S). The spin-off series ''Able Team'' has "Lyon's Crowd-Killing Device", a modified Atchisson Assault Shotgun wielded by 'Ironman' Carl Lyons.
* ''Literature/TheAvenger'', pulp hero, late 30s - early 40s: Ike (throwing knife) and Mike (revolver).
* ''Literature/NickCarter'' has three main weapons, all of which he's named. Wilhelmina is his stripped-down German Luger, Hugo is his stiletto, and the gas-bomb that he uses is called Pierre.
* [[Literature/TheSaint Hoppy Uniatz]] uses his Betsy to bop people. And yes, he genuinely talks like that.
* In ''Literature/SongOfTheLioness'', Alanna names her sword Lightning. She found it in some ruins and it used its own magic to save her and Sir Myles, and she's very attached to it. When it breaks in the desert, she's very upset.
** In the sequel quartet ''Literature/ProtectorOfTheSmall'', Keladry names the sword that Alanna gives her upon achieving knighthood 'Griffin'.
* For a brief while near the (publishing-order) beginning of the ''Literature/{{Redwall}}'' series, the Sword of Martin the Warrior was dubbed "Ratdeath". Apparently Brian Jacques realized that really isn't a good name, and thus it underwent {{retcon}}. In later books, it has no real name, but "Sword" tends to be capitalized when you talk about it.
* Steven Boyette's ''Literature/{{Ariel|Boyette}}'', set in post-civilization, the young hero considers several poetic names for the sword he finds and learns to use, but ultimately settles on "Fred". It's short, sweet, and does the job.
* ArcWords in ''The Way of the Sword'' by Henry Lion Oldie: [[spoiler:for a reason, as it's all about {{empathic weapon}}s.]]
-->Be damned that day when the weapons began to get names!
* In the Literature/{{Discworld}} book ''Discworld/UnseenAcademicals'', Mightily Oats makes an appearance during the BackStory, where we find he's nicknamed the axe he used [[spoiler: to lop off the head of Count Magpyr]] in ''Discworld/CarpeJugulum'' "Forgiveness".
** ''Discworld/NightWatch'' referenced the above "Smith and Wesson" line when Vimes pulls a crossbow and says "Meet my friends, Mr. Burleigh and Mr. Stronginthearm." The threat falls flat, however, because Vimes is back in time before those weapon-makers went into business, so nobody has any idea what he's talking about.
** Sergeant Detritus, a troll officer of the watch, commonly carries a weapon that Vimes refers to as The Piecemaker. It's a siege crossbow and fires many, ''many'' bolts at once. The name is descriptive of what happens to anything Detritus discharges it at... and also to anything that happens to be near what he's aiming at. Vimes notes that it's the one weapon the Watch has that can blow a house's front and back doors open ''with the same shot''.
* In Laurell Hamilton's ''Literature/MerryGentry'' series all of the magical weapons are named: Winter's Kiss, Mortal Dread, a couple magical rings and Doyle's twin daggers (which are only known by their ''nick''names--snick and snack).
* In ''Literature/TheRiftwarCycle'', there's a throwaway line about the type of crossbow used by the Hadati hill people, which is called the Bessie Mauler. No one's quite sure why it's named after Bessie, but it's certainly a [[{{BFG}} mauler]]. They're normally used to hunt wyverns, the smaller, less fire-breathing-y cousins of dragons. You'd expect some other named weapons in a fantasy series, but if any have names, they're never mentioned.
* Literature/{{Percy Jackson|and the Olympians}}'s sword is named Riptide.
** Luke's sword [[spoiler: Actually Kronos' scythe]] is named Backbiter. Parodied with Clarisse's second spear, Maimer, which everyone jokingly calls "Lamer".
** In the Norse spin-off series, Magnus's sword is called Sumarbrander. [[spoiler: However, the sword is revealed to be sentient, and tells Magnus that it's not a fan of the name. Magnus names it Jack instead.]]
* [[Literature/InheritanceCycle Eragon]] has this with Murtagh's sword, Zar'rok, Brom's sword, Undbitr, and [[spoiler: Eragon's sword is Brisinger]]
* In an early ''Literature/TheSaint'' book, Simon Templar has a favorite throwing-knife named Anna.
* Israeli satirist Creator/EphraimKishon once had a French car "Madeleine" and a black motor bike "Dr. Kaltenbrunner"
* Oddly enough, Alexia never gives a name to her [[ParasolOfPain favorite accessory]] in ''Literature/TheParasolProtectorate''. She does, however, add a small handgun to her arsenal which is affectionately dubbed "Ethel".
* In the Literature/PhryneFisher novel ''Murder in the Dark'', the assassin known as the Joker has named all of his knives. The one he attempts to use on Phryne is named 'Eleanor', after his mother.
* In ''Slaughter's Way'' by Creator/JTEdson, Coonskin has a double-barrelled eight-gauge shotgun he calls 'Betsy Two-Eyes'.
* [[CuteBruiser Havilar]] in ''Literature/BrimstoneAngels'' ''really'' like her [[BladeOnAStick glaive]] and keeps trying to come up with a cool-sounding name for it. She starts out with "Kidney Carver" (too mundane), switches to "Eater of Her Enemies' Livers" (too much of a mouthful) and ends up settling on "Devilslayer".
* Averted in the ''StarTrek'' novel ''Time for Yesterday''; when Kirk asks the name of a sword, the wielder says that it doesn't have one, and, cynically, that if he were so inclined he'd just call it Killer, since that's what it's for.
* In ''Literature/TheHoundOfTheDUrbervilles'', Moran reminisces about a custom-made rifle he used to own named "Prometheus". He buried it after he was forced to use it as crutch while trekking injured out of the jungle.
* ''Literature/TheReynardCycle'': Reynard calls his sword Cut-Throat. ''It ends up living up to the name.''
* In the ''Literature/ParadoxTrilogy'', Devi has a habit of naming her weapons. She calls her guns Sasha and Mia, and her swords Phoebe and Elsie.
* ''Literature/DamselsOfDistress'': Anya names her twin auto-revolvers Mister Shots O'Plenty and Sir Caps Assalot.
* In Peter Phillips' "Dreams Are Sacred" the narrator's father calls his Service Colt .45 Billy.
* ''Literature/WaxAndWayne'' has Wax's tricked-out DepletedPhlebotinumShells-firing revolver [[PunnyName Vindication]] - named for the heroine of [[Literature/{{Mistborn}} the previous series]]. By the second volume, he's thinking of it as "she."
* ''Literature/TheDragonslayers'': Brian names his sword Dragonwhacker.
* In ''Literature/TheDinosaurLords'', Rob has an axe he calls Wanda. He sometimes talks to it as if it was a woman.
* Druss's battle axe Snaga, "The Sender", in the Literature/{{Drenai}} saga.
* In the ''Literature/DeadSix'' series, Katerina favors a sawed-off M-79 grenade launcher she calls Mr. Perkins.
* In the ''Creator/JackChalker'' ''Literature/RiverOfDancingGods'' series, the hero, 'Joe' is gifted with the last elf-made sword in existence. He names it 'Irving', after his son, and it proves to not respond well to enemies being astonished at it's name.
* In the Paradox series by Rachel Bach, the heroine names both her guns, her sword, and her powered armour, but she's a Paradoxian and they're all armour-crazy.
* In ''Literature/AllOurYesterdays'', James names his time machine Cassandra.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The trope is named for Jayne's very favorite gun from ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. It has extreme sentimental value. The fact that he views his own proposal to swap it for Mal's "[[AccidentalMarriage wife]]" in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" as ''theft'' is pretty telling. "Vera" itself is an [[CoolGuns Izhmash Saiga-12]] conversion originally built for the movie ''Showtime''.
-->'''Jayne:''' It's miles better'n what you got!\\
'''Mal:''' "''What I got''?" She has a name!\\
'''Jayne:''' So does this!
** The fact that in "Heart of Gold" he snuggles up with ''his gun'' instead of a real woman is pretty telling.
** In one interview, Creator/AdamBaldwin, Jayne's actor, stated that Jayne's knife is named "Binky" and his pistol "Boo", though neither name is used in the series proper, probably because the series got [[ScrewedByTheNetwork canceled]] before he got around to letting others know.
** In ''Film/{{Serenity}}'', Jayne uses another gun with a name, a submachine gun by the name of "Lux". It was named after a poster on the Firefly message boards, [=LuxLucre=], who died of pneumonia shortly after the feature film ''Serenity'' was announced. According to the novelization, that submachine gun was called "Phoebe".
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** The ancestral greatsword of House Stark is called "Ice".
** Arya's castle-forged CoolSword "Needle", a gift from her brother Jon Snow, and she gets very pissed off when it gets confiscated by Lannister men. She retrieves it later in the story.
** Jon Snow receives the sword "Longclaw" after saving Lord Commander Mormont's life.
** BoisterousWeakling Joffrey chooses pompous names like "Hearteater" and "Widow's Wail" for his swords.
** Brienne names the sword Jaime gives her "Oathkeeper."
** The Hound disapproves of this practice.
--> '''Arya:''' Lots of people name their swords.
--> '''Sandor:''' Lots of cunts.
* In ''Series/HappyEndings'', while they're not a weapon, Brad reveals that he's named his sweatpants 'Karen'.
-->'''Dave:''' You named your sweatpants Karen?
-->'''Brad:''' ([[ScaryBlackMan Deep voice]]) I name what I name, man.
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Xander gets threatened by Jack, who reveals his knife is called "Katie".
-->'''Xander:''' You gave it a girl's name. How very serial killer of you.
** ''Buffy'' was, of course, made by the same creator as ''Firefly'', the TropeNamer, and Jack o'Toole himself is very similar in personality to Jayne Cobb. He was almost like a dry-run for this trope.
** Kendra's favourite stake is called "Mr. Pointy".
* In ''Series/GoodEats'', Alton Brown named his favorite pizza peel "[[Series/TheAvengers Emma]]".
* In ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', John Crichton names his most reliable pulse pistol "Winona". It gets to the point where if Winona misfires he automatically assumes it's because ''he'' didn't properly maintain her (which, as any gun enthusiast can probably tell you, isn't that unreasonable a belief). A {{lampshade|Hanging}} is hung about this at one point in the episode "John Quixote": "That's a nice sword... You should give it a name, like 'Cameron' or 'Uma'."
** It also becomes a recurring joke that Winona is the ONLY pulse pistol John uses that doesn't jam or otherwise fail him during a gunfight to the point where when it apparantly ran out of shots on him he correctly guesses he'd accidentally grabbed a different gun because "Winona wouldn't do this to me because she's very reliable."
* Ernie "Turtleman" Brown, Jr. on ''CallOfTheWildman'' carries a huge Bowie knife he calls "Thunder", which he uses for everything from shaving to prying open the jaws of a snapping turtle when bitten by them.
* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' serial ''[[Recap/DoctorWhoS4E1TheSmugglers The Smugglers]]'', Cherub has a knife named Tommy Tickler.
** During the early Creator/JonPertwee years, the Doctor often drove a canary-yellow Edwardian roadster which he called Bessie.
* In ''Series/AshesToAshes'', Gene Hunt has a crowbar that he calls [[CowboyCop "The Search Warrant"]].
* In ''[[Series/TheRomanMysteries Roman Mysteries]]'', the door-slave (and former gladiator) Caudex has a gladius he calls "Flora"; named, we are told, after an ex-girlfriend with a sharp tongue.
* In an episode of the sitcom ''Series/UnhappilyEverAfter,'' the mother gets a glass table, which she makes everyone call Sheila.
* When doing cannon-related myths, the ''Series/{{MythBusters}}'' crew usually borrows a cannon that the owner has named "Old Moses", as it "speaks with a great voice and lays down the Law". This is a common thing to do with cannons - one [[ChurchMilitant preacher-turned-artilleryman]] during the Civil War named four guns [[Literature/TheFourGospels "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke", and "John"]] for the same reason. The [=MythBusters=] themselves engage this trope when they acquire a car (for doing car myths, naturally) and name it "Earl," named just because it seemed like an appropriate name for a large, black Cadillac.
** The "Leather Cannon" myth had them borrow a different cannon from Old Moses. This one was named "Bonnie Blue".
** Jamie Hyneman constructed a two-handled revolver in order to test tingItOutOfTheirHands. He named it '''Newton's Law'''.
** The Build Team also occasionally names the devices/props they build to test their myths, such as Lucy the Moosey, a 600 pound rubber moose replica that they built to test a myth about animal/motor vehicle collisions.
* Creator/StephenColbert has a Colt Detective Special that he calls "Sweetness" that he frequently is seen talking to...and that he sometimes thinks is [[CompanionCube talking to him]]. He's had some... [[CargoShip interesting...]] conversations with it. (Inside joke: Colbert is deaf in his right ear IRL; he always listens to "Sweetness" on that side.)
* Played with in ''Series/SledgeHammer'' The title character talks to his gun, sleeps with it, and is generally in love with it... but it's named [[ADogNamedDog Gun]], where it isn't affectionately referred to as The Amigo. In the German dub, however, he calls it Suzie.
* Not ''quite'' a weapon, but it ''is'' involved in a duel. In the "pool shark" episode of ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'', Philip Banks [[ObfuscatingStupidity deliberately screws up]] [[BatmanGambit to get the pool sharks to bet more money on the second game]], at which point he promptly drops the act:
-->'''Uncle Phil''': Geoffrey? ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7u1SGsT51w Break out Lucille.]]''
* Tara's SplitPersonality "Buck" in ''Series/UnitedStatesOfTara'' has a gun called Persephone.
* In ''Series/CornerGas'', Davis named his billyclub "Billy". He encourages her Karen to name hers and she ends up calling it "Jennifer".
* On ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'', in the "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" episode, Tom Servo had a gun that he names Lucille.
* ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'': "Stella is my knife. You're about to get yanked." Although it was an imaginary knife conjured from a random quote...
* ''Series/NinjaTurtlesTheNextMutation'' had the hunter Bonesteel, who had a wide array of weapons such as Betty the doublebarreled shotgun or Mary Lou the crossbow.
* Pete, a recurring villain on ''Series/TheAdventuresOfBriscoCountyJr'', refers to his gun as Pete's Piece.
* ''Mickey Spillane's Literature/MikeHammer''. Not sure if it was in the novels, but Stacy Keach (playing Mike Hammer) refers to his Colt [=M1911A1=] as 'Betsy'.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'', a guard calls the tranquiliser rifle he is preparing to use to shoot JD out of tree 'Megan Fox' and kisses it.
* Otoya from ''Series/KamenRiderKiva'' gave the name ''Bloody Rose'' to his violin.
* Oddly subverted on ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'': Dean's beloved [[CoolCar 1967 Chevy Impala]] doesn't have an exact name, but he often calls her "Baby" and more occasionally, "Sweetheart".
** It is considered a real cast-member by some fans, appearing in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE to date.
** Additionally, it has been given a name by the fans: "The Metallicar"
* In a Season 3 episode of ''Series/TheATeam'', "The Sheriffs of Rivertown," Murdock gets two pistols and states, "I call these babies 'Betsy' and 'Bertha'."
* ''Series/{{Psych}}''. In the episode "Viagra Falls," Lassiter, the [[PoliceAreUseless somewhat incompetent cop]], hears that a retired cop has named his weapon and considers dubbing his own “Mr. Thunderstick.” [[TheChick Juliet]] quickly vetoes the idea.
** The retired cop's gun was named Darla Saidman. His gun was Jewish?
* In an episode of ''Series/BurnNotice'' Sam is using his Chuck Finley persona to scare information out of a villian, and he threatens him with his knife "Mr. Slicey."
* In ''Series/AlloAllo'' Lt. Gruber named his tank Hubert. He asked if he could be buried with it as well.
* In ''Series/{{Glee}}'', Dave Karofsky nicknames ''his own fist'' 'The Fury' and then proceeds to threaten Kurt with it. Yes, Karofsky has issues. Well, actually, it's more like he has ''subscriptions''.
* In an episode of ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', Ted offers to make Sandy Rivers (who had been embarrassing Robin at work) listen to "Common Sense" and "Reasonable Discourse". When Robin asks Ted if those are his fists, he replies that they're his feet. Ted's a kicker.
** "The Limo" gives us Not-Moby's gun which he refers to as "Janice".
* In ''Series/{{Primeval}}'', Danny reveals he has a club named "Molly". Makes sense, as Danny was stranded in the Pleistocene Epoch with no human company (at least, no human company capable of understanding English or even intelligent enough to hold a conversation) and spent six months being hunted by phorusrachids. He almost took it to CompanionCube levels.
* In the episode "The Fighting Irish" of ''Series/ThirtyRock'', Jack Donaghy, his dad, and his brother announce their fist-names before fighting.
* Ignacio from ''Series/{{Weeds}}'' has a stun gun named Mr. Zappy.
* Henry from ''Series/{{Sanctuary}}'' named a weapon Molly, short for Modified O-wave Linear Expeller.
--> '''Will''': Uh, doesn't that acronym spell "mole"?\\
'''Henry''': Molly's hotter.\\
'''Will''': Dude, it's a weapon, not a woman.
* ''Series/DeadliestCatch'''s captain Phil named his engines Good Girl and Bad Girl because one of them was reliable and the other seemed to want him and his boat to be unable to cope with the Bering Sea's... [[GiantWallOfWateryDoom bad moods]].
* The title character from ''Series/ToddAndTheBookOfPureEvil'' forges a sword during the Season 1 finale in the school's industrial arts lab. Season 2 reveals that he names the sword "Sanddragon".
* ''TheMiddle'': Mike's father nicknamed his belt 'The Enforcer'.
* [[PerkyGoth Abby Sciuto]] of ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' names her lab equipment. Her favorite is her mass spectrometer, known as "Major Mass Spec".
* Sam Hanna of ''Series/NCISLosAngeles'' calls his father's '70s Dodge Challenger "Charlene". In the big {{crossover}} with ''Series/HawaiiFive0'', he dubs Danno's Camaro "Winifred".
* In ''Series/{{Pixelface}}'', Sgt. Riley's plasmatronic laser is named 'Mary Jane'.
* ''PairOfKings'': Mikayla calls her machete "Stabitha".
* In ''Series/TheLatestBuzz'', Michael names his fancy new desk 'Betsy' (just before he has to return it).
* ''Franchise/{{Dragnet}}'' had a villain of the week who called his shotgun 'Big Mama'.
* ''Series/CougarTown'' has "Big Carl", "Big Lou", and "Big Tippi". This being ''Cougar Town'', it shouldn't surprise you these are rather large wine glasses of Jules.
* ''Series/MurdochMysteries'':
** A replacement for missing Detective Murdoch is a tough detective who calls his gun Betsy. Not to be confused with his dog Betty.
** In the FishOutOfTemporalWater SpinOff ''The Murdoch Effect'', PresentDay Crabtree calls his gun "Aunt Daisy", a parody of 1900s Crabtree's large number of [[FloralThemeNaming florally named]] aunts.
* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'':
** "Don't touch [[CoolCar Lola]]".
** Later on, Coulson names the {{BFG}} that he shot Loki with in ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' "The Bambino".
* In ''Series/LostGirl'', Kenzi named her katana Geraldine.
* ''Series/Bluestone42'' has the bomb-defusing robot Arthur, named (secretly) by Corporal Bird. After Arthur makes the ultimate sacrifice (and receives a military burial) he is replaced by Graham.
* ''Series/NewTricks'': Brain calls his prized bicycle "Matilda".
* In ''Series/DeathInParadise'', Poole has a telescope he calls 'Lucy'. Camille is incredulous that he named it.
* In ''Series/TheGlades'' episode "Honey", Honey is the nickname of a legendary blues guitar stolen from a casino.
* In ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', Bashir tells O'Brien about how Davy Crockett and other frontiersmen used to name their weapons. O'Brien jokingly considers naming his tricorder "Sally."
* Parodied/lampshaded in ''Series/DarkMatter''. BloodKnight Three has given his numerous guns names out of love, but when One asks what his knife is called, Three gets offended and declares "I didn't ''name'' the knife, [[BlatantLies I'm not a psychopath]]!"
* In ''Series/VeronicaMars'' Veronica will refer to her taser as "Mr. Shocky" from time to time.
* On ''Series/AshVsEvilDead'', Ash eventually reveals that he refers to his boomstick and chainsaw as "Moe and Larry".
* In ''Series/HellOnWheels'', Thor "The Swede" Gunderson wields a sawed-off double barreled shotgun named "Beauty", with her name carved on the barrel.
* ''Series/{{Leverage}}'': In "The Boost Job", TheMark's prized racecar is named 'Veronica'. Nate wins her off him in a bet as the opening gambit in TheCon.
* On ''Series/SweetVicious'', Ophelia refers to her [[TheStoner gigantic six-foot bong]] as "[=LeBong=] James".
* Series/GraceAndFrankie : Grace has a (secret) gun named Louise.

* Devo Spice apparently named [[http://thefump.com/fump.php?id=144 his Atari]] "Heather".
* Music/BBKing's famous guitar, Lucille. According to King, early in his career, a fight broke out in the club he was playing at. This fight quickly got out of hand, and somehow a fire started. Naturally, everyone immediately ran out, but King had left his guitar behind in his haste. Realizing that he couldn't afford to replace it, he reentered the burning club and retrieved his instrument. When he learned that the fight had started over a woman named Lucille, King decided to name all of his guitars in the future "Lucille", "to remind myself never to be that stupid again." King also famously refuses to ship Lucille in a plane's cargo hold; he buys two seat tickets. One for him and one for Lucille.
** This is likely why a number of examples on this page (such as Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir above) use Lucille for their named weapons as well.
* Music/GreenDay leader Billie Joe Armstrong's "Blue" - his first guitar ''which he still plays today''.
** Also, A 1950's Gibson Les Paul Junior named "Floyd". He states that this is his favorite guitar.
* Bo Diddley's guitar, the Twang Machine.
* Music/WillieNelson's guitar, Trigger.
* Music/BruceSpringsteen's Esquire, Excalibur.
* Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitars. The most famous is First wife also known as #1. Others include Lenny for example, after then his wife who gave it to him.
* Music/LedZeppelin's Jimmy Page played a black Les Paul custom known as "Black Beauty" (until it was stolen). Since then, his number one guitar has been a Les Paul sunburst known simply as "Number One".
** Black Beauty is actually what the model was called, not his name for it. He named his other Les Paul "Number Two". This had more to do with him having an easier time to separete them, since they were setup differently. Similar thing with the numbers put on Pete Townshend's Les Pauls in the 70's.
* Music/EricClapton's guitar, Blackie. He also has a Brownie (which he used with Derek & The Dominoes).
* Rory Gallagher's Stratocaster, supposedly one of the first bought in Ireland and his lifelong favourite instrument, was simply called "The Strat".
* Mason Williams's guitar (which he named a song after, too), $13 Stella.
* Vadim Pruzhanov, of [=DragonForce=], plays a ''keytar'' named "Batman".
* [[Music/{{Queen}} Brian May's]] guitar, the Red Special. It is actually quite [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Special#Unusual_features unique]].
** Well, he did make it himself!
* Music/NeilYoung's primary guitar, Old Black. He has another guitar named Hank, since it used to belong to Hank Williams.
* [[Music/ZZTop Billy Gibbons]]' Pearly Gates. ''Miss'' Pearly Gates.
** Given a ShoutOut on ''Series/{{Bones}}'', where Angela is Billy Gibbons' daughter. Her full name is Angela Pearly Gates Montenegro.
* Music/SteveVai has names for the various prototypes and one-off guitars Ibanez has made for him. Most notable is his go-to guitar for almost twenty years, Evo, and Evo's bastardized-Charvel predecessor from his time with Music/FrankZappa and Music/DavidLeeRoth, The Green Meanie.
* As can be seen above, a lot of [[IncrediblyLamePun axes]].
* Music/TheSistersOfMercy always call their current drum machine "Doktor Avalanche". The Doktor has been swapped out a few times for newer models over the last three decades.
* Many famous string instruments, especially any built by a member of the famous Stradivari family, have unique names. TheOtherWiki [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Stradivarius_instruments lists some]].
* New York rapper Qadir has released a single, featured in VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV, called "Nickname", which is, you guessed it, about having a nickname for your guns.
-->"I got a nickname for all my guns: a Desert Eagle that I call Music/BigPun, a two-shot that I call [[Music/TupacShakur Tupac]]... my TEC-9 I'm-a call T-Pain, my .38 snub I'm-a call LilWayne..."
* Lemmy Kilmister of [[Music/{{Motorhead}} Motörhead]] calls his Rickenbacker bass "Rickenbastard".
* Eddie Music/VanHalen's striped guitar, [[Music/FrankenX Frankenstrat]]. A FanNickname in the guitar community for guitars that are made of pieces of different guitars is to call them Frankensteins.
** Made all the more awesome by the fact that Eddie, by his own admission, didn't really know what he was doing when he threw all the parts together. Turned out just fine.
** The black-and-yellow striped guitar Eddie is holding on the back cover of the Van Halen II album was called "the Bumblebee". The guitar was placed in the casket of Dimebag Darrell Abbott of Music/{{Pantera}} and buried with him.
* [[Music/{{Garbage}} Shirley Manson]] owns an orange Fender Stratocaster named 'Rita'
* Music/RaymondScott named most of the instruments he built: "Karloff", "Bandito the Bongo Bandit," etc. Of course, he needed names like that so his employees would know which one he was talking about, since telling them to go switch on "the one with all the knobs on the top and the buttons--no, to the left--down--right" would get in the way at ol Manhattan Research Inc.
* Though not name per se, Woody Guthrie was famed for having "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" on the body of his guitar.
** In tribute, folk singer Donovan had a sticker that read, "THIS MACHINE KILLS" on his guitar.
* [[Music/{{Gorillaz}} Murdoc Niccals]]' bass guitar, "El Diablo", which was in fact given to him by the Devil.
* Music/TomCochrane names all his guitars after hockey players.
* Music/TheDecemberists' "Apology Song" is about losing a friend's beloved bicycle, which is named Madeline.
* Music/{{Angelspit}} call their modular synth 'The Middle Finger Of God'.
* Tom Morello of Music/RageAgainstTheMachine and Audioslave calls his super-customized guitar "Arm The Homeless." It's written on the face of the instrument, in big red letters. He also has a customized Fender Stratocaster called "Soul Power."
* Music/YngwieMalmsteen almost always plays cream-colored Fender Stratocasters modeled after his first guitar The Duck, named for the WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck sticker he put on it as a teenager. He still plays The Duck from time to time.
* Tony Iommi of Music/BlackSabbath calls his prized Gibson SG-copy "The Old Boy", and his first Gibson SG "The Monkey", thanks to the monkey decal on it.
* Zakk Wylde of Music/BlackLabelSociety and Music/OzzyOsbourne has a bunch of these. His white and black bullseye Gibson Les Paul Custom is The Grail. His red-on-natural bullseye Les Paul Standard is Red. His Confederate flag Les Paul Custom is The Rebel (his guitar tech has another name for it, The Tetanus Special, thanks to the large number of rusty bottlecaps nailed to it). His black and green camoflauge bullseye Les Paul Custom is Stormin' Norman. His orange and black spiral pattern Les Paul Custom is The Buzzsaw. And to top it off, Gibson gave him a few guitars from early on in his signature guitar run and he named them after Yankees based on their serial numbers. Number 15 is Thurman Munson, Number 4 is Lou Gehrig and Number 5 is Joe [=DiMaggio=].
* Music/MyChemicalRomance:
** Supposedly, this was originally the idea for Danger Days album. Instead of Killjoy names, the nicknames they selected were going to be the names of their rayguns.
** Rhythm guitarist Frank Iero used to have a guitar named Pansy.
* Naming of instruments isn't just for guitars. Sax player Bobby Keys (most famous for playing with Music/TheRollingStones and Music/JoeCocker) had names for all of his saxes. His main one was a tenor sax named "Elmer".
* Music/LindseyStirling names each of her violins. She has a Roth violin called Excalibur, a [[StuntDouble stunt violin]] for videos called Ingrid, a carbon-fiber violin called Nero, a blinged-out electric called Cleopatra, and an "LS"-monogram-shaped violin called Paris ([[HeartwarmingMoments after the city that gifted it to her]]).
* J Mascis of Music/DinosaurJr has a particular acoustic guitar that he's named Martin - thus, his solo acoustic live album was called ''Martin + Me''.
* Former Music/{{Whitesnake}} guitarist Bernie Marsden has a 1959 Les Paul called "The Beast".
* Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa has a huge collection of guitars, many of which have names such as "Spot", "Runt", "Magellan" and [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons "Principal Skinner"]].
* In Music/BruceSpringsteen 's song ''Youngstown'', the moniker "sweet Jenny" does not refer to the protagonist steelworker's girlfriend or wife, but to Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. blast furnace named "Jeannette", which was demolished in 1997.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/MickFoley calls his favorite baseball-bat-wrapped-in-barbed-wire "Barbie". His [[ImprobableWeaponUser tube sock]] is Mr. Socko, which he uses to apply the dreaded Mandible Claw. [[AxCrazy He even drew a face on it]]
* Ron Bass carried a bullwhip that he called "Miss Betsy." He also had a pair of spurs with which he once attacked Wrestling/BrutusBeefcake, and which, on at least one occasion, he referred to as "Bret" and "Bart". (Probably after the brothers in ''Series/{{Maverick}}''.)
* Dutch Mantel also carried a whip, which he called "Shoo Baby".
* [[Website/{{WrestleCrap}} T. L. Hopper]], the [[WrestlingDoesntPay wrestling plumber]], carried a plunger named "Bessie".
* Manager "Playboy" Gary Hart used to carry a loaded sock he called "Sweet Lucy."
* The Wrestling/JunkyardDog's chain, Ruby.
* [[Characters/{{TNA}} Abyss]] named his nail-laden 2x4 "Janice."
* Back when he was [[Wrestling/RingOfHonor ROH]] Commissioner, Wrestling/JimCornette would threaten anyone who messed with him with his faithful Louisville Slugger, "Ol' Thelma Lou".
* Frank Stone referred to the Future Of Wrestling Heavyweight Title belt as "Goldie White" and sometimes called it "her".

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the ''TabletopGame/IronKingdoms'' setting, Orsus "TheButcher of Khardov" Zoktavir calls his axe "Lola". As long as we're talking IK, there's also Ashlynn's ''Nemesis'', Croe's ''Hiss'', Gorten's ''Forge Father'', Seige's ''Ground Pounder'', Vlad's ''Skirmisher'' & ''Ruin'', Magnus' ''Foecleaver'', Bart's ''Red Tide'' & ''Ace'', Fiona's ''Viper'', and Brocker's ''Thrasher'', and that only covers the some of the mercenaries and a few faction combatants. Naming your weapon is pretty common in the Iron Kingdoms.
** Special note should be made for Liche Lord Asphyxious, who's spear ''Daemortus'' is named after the previous Liche Lord, who Asphyxious killed and turned into said spear.
* Mr. Welch, of ''[[http://theglen.livejournal.com/16735.html (Increasingly Large Number)]] Blog/ThingsMrWelchIsNoLongerAllowedToDoInAnRPG'' fame, is forbidden from this, even if suggested by the game, per rule number 1359.
* In the ''TabletopGame/IronHeroes'' setting, the Weaponmaster class is required to name his weapon at 11th level. Doing so causes his reputation to precede him.
* Dita (and her sexy twin Rita) the tricked out sample Colt [=M4A1=] from ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}: Gun Fu''. Twin-drum magazine, reflex sight, night sight, targeting laser and, tactical light, all held on with aftermarket accessory rails. It's intentionally ridiculous.
* Sigmar's warhammer, from which ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' takes its name, is named Ghal-Maraz (Skull-splitter in [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame Khazalid]]). The game's second most famous weapons, the twelve swords forged for the rulers of what became the Empire's provinces, are something of an aversion, being known simply as "The (Name of Province) Runefang". A great many other examples exist in the setting.
** A lot of Chaos weapons tend to have names in BlackSpeech, not so much as a nickname, but because a daemon of that name is literally bound into the blade and will probably suck your soul out through your hand if you don't treat it with respect.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'' includes several visual gags of tough mercenaries carrying guns with odd names written on them. In one example, an Orc who looks for all the world like Creator/DannyTrejo has two pistols bearing the names Meat and Potatoes.
* In ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' most notable magic items are named, including weapons. Some of the more famous include the paladin blade Holy Avenger, the cursed sword Nine-Lives Slayer, and the soul-stealing axe Life-Drinker.
** TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms canonically have few "swords +2": weapons of significant power are made for people of significant power and usually with specific purpose in mind -- so they usually have names and stories.
** Salvatore's [[Literature/TheLegendOfDrizzt Drizzt books]]: Drizzt Do'Urden got two scimitars, Icingdeath and Twinkle. Wulfgar's war hammer, Aegis-fang, named by its maker; Cattie-brie's bow, Taulmaril the Heartseeker; and her sword, Khazid'hea (translated from Drow, 'Cutter'; although as a sentient sword, being named is justified). Similarly, Artemis Entreri eventually acquires the sentient sword Charon's Claw. Though never named in the novels, game rule information gives names to the twin longswords of Zaknafein, Drizzt's father: one is called Reaper, the other Reaver. As they are borderline epic in their abilities, and he was epic level, they no doubt earned their name. Averted with Enteri's dagger, which despite its impressive power, is only known by the rubies on it. That is enough.
** ''Violet Dawn'' / ''The Broken Isles'' campaign setting (d20) has feat "Named Weapon", which means that the character got the single "very special" bonded weapon; mechanically this gives +2 to attacks with it and -1 with anything else, including weapons of the same type. Replacing / changing the bonded weapon is rather hard.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}} XP'' supplement "Service, Service". Vulture Squadron Warriors can carry most weapons that exist in Alpha Complex, and usually do. They give nicknames to not only each weapon they carry but each piece of ammunition as well.
* While individual instances of this trope are generally rare in ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'', encountering an example is usually a good shorthand for "AcePilot at the controls." They also double as NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast, given named 'Mechs such as Widowmaker, Ebony Dragon, and Yen-Lo-Wang (essentially China's answer to Hades himself).

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''Videogame/DevilMayCry 3'', Lady has a ''rocket launcher'' named Kalina Ann.
** Dante's weapons tend to have proper names too, but it's because they're ''alive''. Then there's Ebony and Ivory, his twin pistols; while they're black and gunmetal-gray, those are also female names. As well as Sparda's two guns, Luce and Ombra ("Light" and "Shadow" in Italian).
** Ebony and Ivory are named after the Stevie Wonder/Paul [=McCartney=] song. All of Dante's weapons are named, including an electric guitar that's actually a succubus.
** Going one step further: In the [=PS2=] port of ''VideoGame/ViewtifulJoe'', it's revealed that Blade Master Alastor is also Dante's sword.
** The SawedOffShotgun that appears in every game in the series earns the name "Coyote-A" in the fourth game.
* The game ''The Fall: Last Days of Gaia'' actually allows you to name every weapon. This is useful to mark which gun is whose since the more a character uses a certain weapon (the EXACT weapon, not another of the same name) the more accurate s/he becomes when using it
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'': Vincent Valentine's main sidearm is called "Cerberus" which is fitting as it has three barrels, each one with a sculpted dog head on the end of the barrel.
* The ''Videogame/CallOfDuty'' series assigns callsigns to many of its vehicles, which you can see by looking in their general direction. Some are dynamically assigned from a pool of names while others are worked into the plot.
** ''Call of Duty 2'' has some dynamically named tanks called names such as "Hole In One", "Queen of Diamonds", etc.
** ''Call of Duty 3'' features a Jeep affectionately named Vera with a twin named Lynn.
** ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare'' has a couple of levels revolving around escorting a tank named "War Pig" out of danger.
** ''Modern Warfare 2'' features some neighborhood clearing with a Stryker Armored Vehicle named "Honey Badger." In addition, many vehicles in the Afghanistan convoy are named - including "Curb Stomper", "Punta Gorda", and bridge-layer "Bigfoot."
** ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps Black Ops]]'''s cover shows that [[PlayerCharacter Mason's]] Colt M1911 is called "Sally".
*** In the Zombies mode, upgrading it pairs it with a second pistol named "Mustang" that shoots grenades. This is actually one of three sets of "woman's name for first gun/matching adjective for second gun" sets in Zombies: the others are "Jane"/"Calamity" and "Mary"/"Typhoid".
*** In multiplayer, players can scratch a clantag onto the side of their guns, allowing you to actually name your gun "Vera" if you so choose.
* Heavy Weapons Guy from ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' calls his eponymous heavy weapon "Sasha". See this trope in full galore in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY5qJHZCz2I Meet the Heavy]]. Additionally, Valve has introduced a second Heavy unlockable weapon: an alternate minigun by the name of "Natascha". [[http://steamgames.com/tf2/heavy/natascha.htm Check out]] her guns (the others have special names for many of their weapons, too, but those are more on the level of model names, as opposed to individuals).
** Amusingly, Sasha is [[HoYay not actually a girl's name]], being the Russian diminutive for Aleksandr/Alexander. [[SubvertedTrope Despite this,]] Heavy refers to it as 'she'.
** Mocked by [[{{Jerkass}} The Scout]] who, if he manages to dominate a Heavy player, will sometimes taunt "I think I'll take Sasha out for a steak dinner tonight. What d'ya think of that?"
** The Sniper's kukri knife is named "Sharpy", though he treats this name as a one-off joke.
** Players can do this too, with the addition of Name Tags, a one-use item, from the Mann Co. store. Use it, and you can call any item in your inventory anything you want! "Vera" has predictably become one of the more common names.
* In the first ''VideoGame/MaxPayne'', two mooks discuss the tendency of their more intense co-workers to name their guns. One mook sheepishly admits he too named his gun. In a possible subversion, he didn't give it a girly name but instead named it 'Dick Justice'. The other mooks also point out how weird it is to name your weapon.
* A variation: Elzam Branstein in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' usually calls whatever HumongousMecha he's currently riding "Trombe", after his favorite horse. This includes the battleship ''Kurogane''.
** Barbiel the Needle gave the An Ares its current name in ''Third VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsZ: Tengoku-hen'' because [[spoiler:Gun (like in Gunbuster and Gundam) was a thing used everywhere in his world and it makes him saaad]].
* [[BadassPreacher Father Grigori's]] Winchester rifle in ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' is named "Annabelle", according to the game files.
* According to [[WordOfGod supplemental material]], I-No from ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' calls her guitar "Marlene". I-No being a MusicalAssassin, this fits particularly well into the trope.
* One tribe in ''VideoGame/{{Suikoden}}'' named their swords after the most important person in their life. Then there's Flik, who named his sword Odessa, after the QuicklyDemotedWoman he was attached to. He's from that tribe too.
* One of Matthias' lines when he picks up an assault rifle in ''{{Mercenaries}} 2'' has him giving a name to the rifle he just picked up then declare "[[AxCrazy Let's go kill a lot of people!]]".
* All the customized weapons ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'' gets at The Gates of Hell are named. In most cases, it's a result of Rodin making them [[LivingWeapon out of demons' souls]], so one assumes they share the names of the demons in question, but her four-piece handgun sets have no such excuse: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme (collectively known as Scarborough Fair) in ''Bayo 1''; Prelude, Minuet, Toccata, and Nocturne (collectively known as Love is Blue) in ''Bayo 2''.
* The [[MightyGlacier Heavy Knight]] from [[VideoGame/PiratesVikingsAndKnights Pirates Vikings and Knights II]] would like to introduce you to his sword, Beatrice.
* A staple of the ''VideoGame/{{Fallout}}'' series are the named unique weapons. Ranging from the typical NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin matter-of-fact-descriptors]] or women's names.
** ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 2}}'' has "Little Jesus", a Combat Knife owned by Lil' Jesus Mordino.
** ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'':
*** Brick of Reilly's Rangers introduces her minigun as "Eugene", in a southern drawl no less.
*** "Ol' Painless" a hunting rifle owned by Dave, president of the Republic of Dave, an homage to a couple of other guns of the same name. Not to mention the epitome of BoringButPractical.
*** The Terrible Shotgun, Smiling Jack's Combat Shotgun.
*** The Gatling Laser "Vengeance" the [[ChainsawGood Ripper]] Jack, both found in the Deathclaw Sanctuary.
** ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'':
** From the base game: "That Gun"[[note]]short for "That Gun From ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 2}}''"; the non-unique .223 Pistol came with DLC later[[/note]], Pew-Pew[[note]]laser pistol[[/note]], Knock-Knock[[note]]pulaski/fire axe[[/note]], Pushy[[note]]displacer glove[[/note]], Lucky[[note]].357 Revolver[[/note]], Maria[[note]]Benny's 9mm pistol[[/note]], This Machine[[note]]Battle Rifle, though like That Gun above the base version wasn't in the game proper until DLC[[/note]], Dinner Bell[[note]]Hunting Shotgun obtained by completing "Bleed Me Dry" for Red Lucy in The Thorn[[/note]], Annabelle[[note]]missile launcher[[/note]], All-American[[note]]Marksman Rifle[[/note]], La Longue Carabine[[note]]cowboy repeater[[/note]], Ratslayer[[note]]varmit rifle[[/note]], and a multitude other weapons to be found (or stolen) in the Mojave.
*** The Gun Runner's Arsenal expansion pack adds Esther[[note]]a modified Fat Man[[/note]], Medicine Stick[[note]]Brush Gun[[/note]], [[WebVideo/FalloutNukaBreak The Nuka Breaker]][[note]]a huge club made from a Nuka-Cola sign[[/note]], Greased Lightning[[note]]a modified PowerFist[[/note]], Sleepytyme[[note]]a powerful suppressed 9mm SMG[[/note]], Sprtel-Wood 9700[[note]]a SuperPrototype to the Gatling Lasers[[/note]], Li'l Devil[[note]]a cleaned up and shortened 12.7mm pistol[[/note]], The Smitty Special[[note]]a heavily modified Winchester P94 plasma caster[[/note]], Two-Step Goodbye[[note]]a ballistic fist with contact-triggered explosives[[/note]], the Embrace of the Mantis King![[note]]a mantis gauntlet made with a much deadlier forearm[[/note]], Gehenna[[note]]a shishkebab with a bright yellow flame[[/note]], the Cleansing Flame[[note]]a Flamer with a bright blue flame[[/note]], and Paciencia[[note]]an old Mexican hunting rifle tied with an old world flag at the butt[[/note]].
*** ''Honest Hearts'' has Joshua Graham's "A Light Shining in Darkness" .45 Pistol/Joshua's Pistol Whippin' .45, and the Survivalist's Rifle [[note]]A Service Rifle chambered with 12.7mm ammo and used during the U.S.-Canadian Conflict by [[spoiler:Randal Clark, the Survivalist]][[/note]].
*** ''Old World Blues'' has FIDO, the bigger and meaner upgrade to the K-9000.
*** ''Lonesome Road'' has Ulysses's "Old Glory" flag pole/quarterstaff, the Red Glare rocket launcher and your "Fist of Rawr", or alternatively with the Wild Wasteland perk, [[Anime/FistOfTheNorthStar Fist of the North Rawr]].
** ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'' now allows you to ''give your own names'' to any gun (along with melee weapons and ''most'' armor pieces) in your possession.
*** Reba and Reba II are in-universe examples carried by Barney Rook, a gunsmith who hunts Mirelurks in Salem for a living, he sees the Rebas as sisters and should you helped him, he gifts you Reba II.
** ''VideoGame/FalloutShelter'' has the Henrietta, a unique lever action rifle carried by the Old Longfellow, his ''Fallout 4'' counterpart didn't give a name to his rifle, however.
* Many of the better weapons in the ''FireEmblem'' series, such as Ike's sword Ragnell and his father's greataxe Urvan in Fire Emblems 9 and 10. The player can also name the custom made weapons in FE 9 and 10.
** Owain, a character in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'', firmly believes naming your weapons adds more power to it. He comes up with ridiculous names for the most mundane of weapons, naturally. This gets lampshaded by Lissa.
-->'''Lissa:''' That Holy Slayer, Saintly Dragon blah-blah kinda stuff you're always talking about. I was wondering if you really didn't know the word "Staff"! Hee hee!
-->'''Owain:''' ...I'm pretty sure I should be offended by both of those statements.
*** Owain also appears in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' (using the name Odin). His special ability? His crit chance goes up by 10 if you give him a custom weapon with a name at least eleven characters long.
* In ''VideoGame/DestroyAllHumans'', when you read a soldier's mind, you may hear the following phrase "I have a rifle, her name is Sue!"
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** One of the marines in ''VideoGame/{{Halo 3}}'' is voiced by Creator/AdamBaldwin; the actor who played Jayne in ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. In a ShoutOut to ''Firefly'', he will occasionally yell "Say hello to Vera!" during combat. As well as "Me and Vera have a little life-lesson for ya'!"
** Edward Buck's personal magnum is named "Whispered Truth".
** Played with by Kelly-087. Her self-customized shotgun is named "Oathsworn", but she's actually had several such guns; every time one "Oathsworn" becomes unusable for whatever reason, she simply gets another one.
* Many of the pistols in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' are given actual names rather than their model number or manufacturer in their inventory listing (Matilda, Broken Butterfly, Killer 7, etc). The Matilda is named after the DistressedDamsel in ''Film/TheProfessional''.
* From ''Videogame/JadeEmpire'': Sir Roderick Von Fauntlebottom the MagnificentBastard's rifle is named Mirabelle.
* ''VideoGame/NetHack'' features a variety of named magical weapons mostly from other sources, such as Excalibur, Stormblade, and Snickersnee. It also allows you to give a name to any item, and in some cases naming a normal weapon after a magical one causes it to become magic.
* ''VideoGame/TacticsOgreTheKnightOfLodis'' features four Snap Dragon scrolls which seal the soul of the character that uses them in a sword which bears the name of the user. In addition to being powerful in their own right, the swords also carry over a portion of the unit's stats to buff the person wielding it, copy the unit's element (each element has a different design for the sword as well), and certain classes grant special effects (a snapped Sword Master would give an Instant Kill effect, a Fairy would increase luck, [[GameBreaker Angel Knights increase morale for units within a certain range of the wielder]], ect.).
* From ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'', as soon as Bartolomeo gets back to his home after being freed from prison by Ezio, he goes around the thrashed place looking for Bianca, who turns out to be a [[{{BFS}} claymore]].
** Referenced in ''[[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood Brotherhood]]'', where he starts searching for Pantasilea and Ezio asks if he looked behind the table. Then it turns out Pantasilea [[UglyGuyHotWife is Bartolomeo's wife]][[note]]And decidedly ''not'' another weapon[[/note]], much to Ezio's shock.
* In ''Videogame/BrutalLegend'' Eddie Riggs uses a guitar he calls Clementine which can [[ThePowerOfRock summon lightning, fire, melt faces, inspire legions of headbangers and bring down giant flaming zeppelins on top of people]]. Of course he couples it with an axe called the "Separator" (he didn't name that one, though).
-->'''Mittens:''' Allow me to introduce you to my enforcers, ''Fear'', (holds up fist) and ''Pain''. ''(holds up other fist)''
* Zaeed Massani from ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' carries a worn-out old rifle around with him affectionately named "Jessie", although he was forced to retire it about five years beforehand when it was damaged beyond repair. Zaeed's essentially a walking ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' ShoutOut. However, in ''Videogame/MassEffect3'', Shepard can learn that Zaeed has custom-ordered replacement parts to repair Jessie and carry her in the war against [[PrecursorKillers the Reapers]].
** There is also [[WrenchWench Tali's]] non-sentient combat drone, [[ShoutOut Chikktika]] [[VideoGame/BaldursGate vas Paus]], whom she shouts encouragement and advice to in combat, and praises after the fighting's done.
* In ''VideoGame/NeoQuest 2'', you find a yellow skeith named Bledynn, who happens to call his BFS [[http://i50.tinypic.com/2uptlsi.png Vera]].
* In ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'', you can rename your weapons and items in their Item Worlds.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', Sten names his sword Asala (according to him it means 'soul'), which he sees as a part of himself, and actually murdered an entire family because he lost it.
** Note that they had not stolen it and he did not believe that they had, he simply ''went insane from grief'' (his religion really does consider the weapon to be part of him, and he has no way of legally returning home without it). When he recovered he turned himself in and he's refusing food in a drawn-out suicide attempt when you meet him.
** Another example in Dragon Age would be in the download Witch Hunt, in which Finn has a staff [[ShoutOut named Vera]].
** ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' gives us Varric, the dwarf rogue. He has a super-duper custom crossbow named Bianca, but he won't tell you where or how she got the name.
** ''The Legacy'' DLC reveals that Bianca is a unique repeating crossbow designed by a friend of his in the Carta. Apparently, Bianca is the only one that he has managed to get working. Retconned in ''Inquisition'', as the real creator is [[spoiler:Varric's ex-girlfriend, Bianca Davri]].
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' has a few examples of named weapons floating about, most are unattainable by [=PCs=].
** Frostmourne, the blade of the Lich King. This one ''was'' usable in ''VideoGame/WarcraftIII,'' by the player-controlled Prince Arthas.
** The Ashbringer, sword wielded by holy paladins of legend.
** Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
** Thori'dal, The Star's Fury
** Quel'Serrar, The High Blade and its sister Quel'Delar
** Gorehowl, axe of Grom Hellscream
** Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
* In ''VideoGame/StarcraftII'''s campaign mission "Belly of the Beast", [[TheEngineer Rory Swann]] carries around a portable [[KillItWithFire flamethrower turret]] called Flaming Betty. It's subtitled "Swann's [[{{BFG}} BFF]]", [[DontExplainTheJoke which is a]] DoubleEntendre [[DontExplainTheJoke for "Best Friend Forever"]].
* ''Videogame/{{Touhou}}'' has an example (of course): Youmu Konpaku's swords, Roukanken and Hakurouken.
* Irvine Kinneas, the resident sharpshooter and gunslinger from "Videogame/FinalFantasyVIII" used four specialized rifles throughout the game, named the Valiant, the Ulysses, the Bismarck and the Exeter, all named after real-world Battleships.
* ''Videogame/FableIII'' gives the hero a set of {{evolving weapon}}s, and lets you name them.
** In the novel tie-in "Blood Ties", it's revealed Ben Finn's rifle is named Vanessa. [[spoiler: He had named it after the prostitute who took his virginity.]]
* In the ''VideoGame/GuildWars'' Factions campaign there is a boss named [[Series/{{Firefly}} Jayne]] Forestlight who drops a hammer called Vera.
* The protagonist of ''VideoGame/ActionDoom2UrbanBrawl'' refers to his pistol as "Sarah, the only woman left in my life".
* [[VideoGame/{{Bulletstorm}} He was called]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-RPItMYcyY "Waggleton P. Tallylicker".]] [[FunnyMoments And we never got to tell him. *sniff*.]]
* ''VideoGame/LastAlert'':
--> '''Black:''' Hey, Guy! Let my baby Betty throw you a kiss!
--> '''Guy Kazama:''' [[LampshadeHanging You're some weirdo, naming your helicopter!]]
* Dwarves in ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' may get very attached to their tools and weapons of the trade. If such thing happens, they are likely to give them names.
* The second mission of the original ''VideoGame/MedalOfHonor'' has Patterson destroy a railroad-borne artillery piece named Greta.
* In ''Iron Tank'', many of the tanks and other vehicles are named Louis, Walter, Fritz, etc. [[AllThereInTheManual in the manual]].
* [[AllThereInTheManual Apparently]], VideoGame/SeriousSam's [[GunsAkimbo dual revolvers]] in ''The First Encounter'' are named "Smith" and "Wesson". He jokes about meeting Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson again in the third game upon picking up its [[AKA47 not-a-Deagle]].
* The end game of ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve'' allows you to give a name a gun and piece of armor of your choice. Naming them lets you use them in NewGamePlus.
* ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'' gives us Corso Riggs, the Smuggler's first companion, who has no less than ''six'' named weapons (and provides DescriptionPorn for most!): a deluxe heavy blaster (which gets stolen by [[spoiler: Skavak]]) named "Torchy," a customizable blaster (which he gives to the PlayerCharacter) named "Flashy," another blaster pistol offered to the PlayerCharacter later named "Sparkles," a blaster rifle named "Sergeant Boom Boom," a blaster pistol named "Sparky," and a vibroblade named "Hewie". Which goes to show that he is a GiverOfLameNames.
** Invoked during a conversation between the Sith Inquisitor and Andronikos Revel, where the latter averts this trope, claiming the reason he ''doesn't'' give his weapons names is ''because'' he's afraid he might get too attached to them.
** Additionally, in Knights of the Fallen Empire [[spoiler: Vette]] picks up an assault cannon that she names "Spewie"
* ''VideoGame/EVEOnline'' always starts the ship name as 's . You have the option to change it. Depending on what you do this may be important to you or not. If you're in RVB, naming ships is generally pointless as you'll probably lose in 5 minutes anyway. This has led to people doing interesting things such as naming the combat ship Primary----> or Don't Shoot Me. Among other more colorful names.
* ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'' allows you to name your weapons after enchanting them. [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential This can be taken further]] if you trap a named enemy in a black soul gem, use their soul to enchant a weapon and name the weapon after the soul you used to create it.
* ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'''s weapon-naming system is similar to that of ''Skyrim'', allowing the player to spend experience levels that would otherwise be spent on imbuing weapons (and other items) with actual enchantments in order to give them in-game names. Not a complete waste as this does prevent the cost of [[BuffySpeak anvil-ing]] the weapon from increasing with each go on said anvil, however. Apart from the increase from naming it in the first place that is.
* Every character in ''VideoGame/ExitFate'' has a personal weapon (you employ blacksmiths to upgrade the weapon rather than trading up), and while some have simple, descriptive names (hatchet, red pen, handbag) many are named poetically and/or after people. The amnesiac former assassin Frore named his blade "Kella" after his friend/lover/companion/rival/? (They both lost parts of their memories, so neither is fully certain how they relate.)
* From ''VideoGame/{{Interstate 76}}'', we have Taurus' car "Eloise".
* [[ColdSniper Raelynn]] from ''VideoGame/{{Awesomenauts}}'' has a [[{{BFG}} pulserifle]] which she names Cuddles.
* Several of the marksman champions from ''VideoGame/{{League of Legends}}'' have affectionate names for their weapons.
** [[AxCrazy Jinx]] names her minigun Pow-Pow and her shark-shaped rocket launcher Fishbones.
** Miss Fortune refers to her dual blunderbuss pistols as Shock and Awe.
** Graves liberally uses a huge shotgun which he names Destiny.
** Jhin carries a massive four-round revolver he calls Whisper.
* Wonder-Green, from ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101'', wields a proton gun he's dubbed "[[Franchise/ThePhantomOfTheOpera Christine Daaé]]".
* ''VideoGame/ShowByRock'': The instruments of all the members of both Plasmagica and Shingencrimsonz all have names. [[Anime/ShowByRock The Anime]] adds another layer of this trope to Cyan's Strawberry Heart, by making it a floating sentient guitar [[spoiler: as a result of being possessed by the previous owner in a bid to stop the villain.]]
* The {{Infinity Plus One Sword}}s of ''VideoGame/TelepathTactics'' get special names: the rapier Aravel, the bow Lyrio, and the mace Fangiss Ka. The last one is explicitly named by one character, and translates to something of a BadassBoast in [[ConLang their native tongue]].
* The rather odd name of "Nikita" for the fictional [[PlayerGuidedMissile steerable-missile]] launcher in the ''Franchise/MetalGear'' series suggests it's a callsign or affectionate nickname.
* ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' has Avelyn, an AutomaticCrossbow left in the Duke's Archive, it was once belonged to Domhnall of Zena according to WordOfGod.
* ''VideoGame/{{Bloodborne}}'' has Evelyn, a pistol named after a woman.
* Axton in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' is a [[TheTurretMaster Turret Master]] whose beloved (non-sentient) turret is a CompanionCube that he [[CargoShip outright calls his girlfriend]]. She doesn't have an actual name, but he often refers to her as "honey", "sweetheart", "beautiful", etc.
-->'''Axton:''' ''[summoning turret]'' You fellas meet the missus?
* Played with in ''VideoGame/SandsOfDestruction''. Morte's starting weapon is The Nameless Blade, but she's definitely the [[AxCrazy craziest]] of your team members. It's just that the smith who forged her sword didn't give it a name, so she never bothered coming up with one, either. If you find him, he'll ask you to give him the sword because he now sees it as an OldShame and offers to make a new one if you can bring him the materials. This sword just ends up being named the Zephyr Blade, as it's a wind element weapon; apparently he's not a very creative dude (and all Morte cares is that her sword can destroy things, not what it's called). Everyone's respective InfinityPlusOneSword (or gun or whip or whatever) has a name, however it's more likely a case of NamedWeapons.
* While most guns in ''VideoGame/{{PAYDAY 2}}'' get the AKA47 treatment, a select few get Vera-esque names, like the double-barrelled Joceline. Once you own a gun you can also give it another name; it's ostensibly supposed to be for telling differently-modified versions of the same weapon apart from one another at a glance, since the names are only visible to you in your inventory before a heist, but you can give a gun whatever name you want.
* Cowboy-esque gunslingin' vigilante [=McCree=] in ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' carries a [[RevolversAreJustBetter huge revolver]] he calls the Peacekeeper.
* In ''VideoGame/HealthyWeapon'', each character is listed with the name of the weapon they wield. For all of them it's a descriptive, except for Anna Ban's firearm, listed as "Caroline".

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* In ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' Marzipan's acoustic guitar is called "Carol".
* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'':
** We have the Blue Team's Tank named "Sheila". Although that's not the name of the tank, it's the name of the AI that runs the tutorial program.
--->'''Tucker:''' Dude! I knew you could pick up chicks in a tank!
** Grif calls his Brute Shot "The Grif Shot".
** In season 11, Caboose finds a giant MANTIS robot that he calls "Freckles" (For the spots on its nose). After Freckles is irreparably damaged, Freckles' AI chip is loaded into Caboose's rifle in season 12. This results in Caboose calling his rifle Freckles.
* Dewey (and later, Phooie) uses a rocket launcher named "Captain Satan" in the ''WebAnimation/{{Ducktalez}}'' series.
* Every ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' character names their weapon/s, though some names are AllThereInTheScript. The one who fits closest is Ruby Rose herself, who names her scythe ''Crescent'' Rose and shows more affection to it than she does some main characters.
* In ''Machinima/ChellsMind'', [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Chell]] names her Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device [=ASHPoD=]. (Well, Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device ''is'' a long name.)

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Atieus from ''Webcomic/TheSilverEye'' loves his magic axe. Her name is Gwladys.
* Spoofed in ''Webcomic/{{Concerned}}'', when Frohman remembers going completely nuts with the Gravity Gun:
-->'''Dr. Judith Mossman:''' Is that you, Gordon? Come inside, it's getting late.\\
'''Gordon Frohman:''' There is no Gordon, Judith. There is only... The Claw.
* Frank from ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'' has a gun nicknamed "Mabel". Then again, Frank is a spoof of the ShellShockedVeteran archetype anyway, taken ''way'' over-the-top and then put in charge of an EB Games.
-->"Will you face me? [[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2003/03/10/ This tube goes by many names, some you are not worthy to hear.]]"
** In the ShowWithinAShow ''[[StylisticSuck The Song of the Sorcelator]]'' that Gabe reads, a character carries twin wands, called "Hurt" and "Burn". [[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/05/19/ Exhibit A]].
* ''Comedity'': Hello again, Natalya."
* ''Webcomic/AModestDestiny'' has Maxim naming his [[WithThisHerring flimsy 1d4 stick]] Lucile.
* In ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'' Fighter named the swords he got from Drizzl "Stabby" and "Slashy".
* Mae from ''Webcomic/DandyAndCompany'' [[http://www.dandyandcompany.com/2008/04/17/it-is-her-very-favorite-gun/ has a gun named "Vera"]], apparently.
* Ben's character 'Nameless' from ''Webcomic/FuzzyKnights'' actually sleeps with his weapons, I just hope he didn't mean the knives as well.
* In ''Webcomic/FullFrontalNerdity'' [[http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/ffn/index.php?date=