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->''"Literature/{{Frankenstein}} was the creator, not the monster. It's a common misconception held by all truly stupid people."''
-->-- '''Kryten''', ''Series/RedDwarf''

A form of unintentional [[TitleConfusion title confusion]] that occurs when a story's [[NamingConventions naming conventions]] confuse the audience about what the characters' names are, or [[RoleCalled who certain titles refer to]]. Most frequently, people will assume that [[ProtagonistTitle the title of the work is the name of the main character]].

This confusion is especially likely when one actor's name is billed alone above a title that sounds like it might be the name of his character, when it actually refers to, say, his racehorse.

Can lead to things like CowboyBebopAtHisComputer when people [[CriticalResearchFailure don't do research]] on the subject. Depending on the circumstances, it may also become a [[FandomBerserkButton fandom berserk button]]. Not to be confused with IAmNotSpock, though it would be funny. RefrainFromAssuming sometimes is related to this.

This trope's title originated with the character [[ComicBook/{{Shazam}} Captain Marvel]], whose comic was originally published under the same name by Fawcett Comics. Following a lawsuit by Creator/DCComics, which alleged that Captain Marvel infringed upon the copyrights of Franchise/{{Superman}}, Fawcett went out of the comics business and their trademarks lapsed. Nineteen years later, DC revived Captain Marvel. Ironically, by this point, however, Creator/MarvelComics had already created [[ComicBook/CaptainMarVell a new character]] and publication titled ''Captain Marvel''. Due to issues with copyright and trademark law, the character could continue to be called Captain Marvel, but any magazines or merchandise would be titled ''Shazam!'' After [[ComicBook/{{New 52}} the 2011/2012 relaunch of DC]], Captain Marvel is now officially named "Shazam" because of this.

Contrast IconicCharacterForgottenTitle and ProtagonistTitleFallacy. See also RefrainFromAssuming and BrandNameTakeover. Not to be confused with IAmNotWeasel, which is about species confusion rather than naming confusion.

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!!Other examples:


[[folder: Professional Wrestling ]]

* Lucha Libre Internacional was a Mexican based promotion whose title matches were sanctioned by the the Universal Wrestling Association. Since all the belts were known as the UWA ___, most foreign observers would see the visiting champion defending one of them and conclude he wrestled for the UWA directly.
* Los Perros Del Mal is a CardCarryingVillain PowerStable that has ran through several Mexican promotions, such as Wrestling/{{CMLL}} and Wrestling/{{AAA}}. Perros Del Mal Producciones is a promotion owned by said power stable.
* Some people refer to Wrestling/{{WWE}}, or pro wrestling in general, as "Wrestling/WrestleMania", WWE's biggest event.