A Household Name is the term for a common work known in even the smallest of SmallReferencePools.

It may seem that a list of these would be the sort of thing that Wiki/TVTropes [[Administrivia/ShouldWeHaveThis should have]], but the truth is that it's not. What one person may perceive as the most common subject of conversation in the world may be seen as rampant FanMyopia to anybody who hasn't heard of it (and yes, there's somebody who hasn't heard of it for ''everything''). This list of HouseholdNames already exists for each individual that visits this site: it's your household. Ask for names, and type them into that Google form above this post. Use your browser's bookmark capability and mark down the ones you come back to the most.

Additionally, for some more narrow tropes we do already feature lists and indexes of this sort:
* TheOldestOnesInTheBook, an index of the most universal and recurrent tropes.
* IconicLogo, a trope for Household Brand Names.
* SugarWiki/SoCoolItsAwesome, a catch-all page for just listing shows you like, which would be the inevitable fate of any such page to aspire to listing "the most well-known" anything.

Incidentally, the term "Household Names" comes from Creator/WilliamShakespeare, making this trope OlderThanSteam.