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->''"What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to the mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive."''
-->-- '''The Many''', ''VideoGame/SystemShock2''

Two or more characters (frequently [[TwinTelepathy twins]]) are in such perfect harmony that they seem almost to be one person with two bodies. They [[FinishingEachOthersSentences finish each other's sentences]], never seem to need to talk to communicate, and may even know what is happening to each other from far away.

In SciFi or Fantasy series, the [[PsychicLink connection]] may actually ''be'' a [[MentalFusion true shared mind]], either with each member contributing to the whole, or the separate bodies being puppets which some central mind controls remotely. It makes sense that usually the first variant is sensitive to losses and avoids overt violence, but in the second, it's only the question of whether lost bodies will be replenished and it's inclined to expand itself. Expect "individuals" in such hives to be considered [[WhatMeasureIsANonUnique very killable]] by everyone else as well. It is not unusual for it to start out as the former and then slip into the latter as a series progresses and the writing staff changes. TheVirus is often a HiveMind (e.g., the Borg) and the EvilMatriarch becomes its HiveQueen.

There is a traditional tendency in SF and fantasy shows for Hive Mind species to be xenophobic, aggressive, and evil, even when they aren't a HordeOfAlienLocusts. This may well be due to a perceived metaphorical overlap with DirtyCommunists, or a residual, primal fear relating to eusocial insects, which are the closest thing to Hive Minds in RealLife. It could be justified, however, as it's possible that a truly hive-minded species may literally never encounter another sentient entity until it achieves interstellar travel, and so have a distinct lack of social skills. This trope is particularly common among [[{{Transhuman}} transhumanist]] works, however, where an advanced level of technology is assumed.

Hive minds are not known to exist in reality -- hive insects, upon which the idea is based, communicate intentions and commands through scent and body language. The closest approach to them would be the controversial [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superorganism superorganism]] concept.

Related to, but separate, from {{Synchronization}}, where each individual ''experiences'' what the other does without necessarily being in rapport with each other. Contrast both MindHive and ManySpiritsInsideOfOne, both its complete opposites, when multiple minds or SplitPersonalities are sharing one body (differentiated by the level of accord between them and/or their "host"); and PiecesOfGod, where a CosmicEntity is split into several pieces, which may or may not be living entities themselves. May be controlled by a HiveQueen, which serves as the titular keystone of a KeystoneArmy of {{Hive Drone}}s. See also PsychicLink for other connections between minds. A related plot is TheEvilsOfFreeWill. Compare SplitPersonalityMerge, where two or more SplitPersonalities become one. When the person speaks in plural, see IAmLegion. If the hive mind is controlling many smaller creatures that forms the shape of a larger creature, you may be dealing with TheWormThatWalks.

See MentalFusion for the comparatively less identity-diluting and usually temporary version.

A conscious goal of ''Wiki/TVTropes''. (See also [[Administrivia/TipsWorksheet Edit Tip #1]].) On this wiki, you will often see this term used as a nickname for the TV Tropes community, especially our [[CombinedEnergyAttack collective power]] to invoke the WikiMagic.


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